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A gripping behind-the-scenes look at class 355 as they enter the Los Angeles Sheriff's (LASD) Academy to train to become some of the city's badge-wearing, law-enforcing finest. Watch the recruits as they are put through some of the rawest training you'll ever see on TV. Raw. Arresting. Real. This show is Fox's Cops meets Full Metal Jacket, it's tougher than you would think. In fact Miley became an officer after watching Cops! Narrator: Holt McCallany

Season 1 (2007)

Ep# Description
101 Black Monday - Los Angeles County, CA - 111 people are entering recruit class 355 under Sgt. Mark Wilkins for 18 weeks before they can make it to graduation. Day 1 Black Monday - it's intense, meant to break them down. Lt. Steve McLean says the most important job he has is that they are mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for the job. It's a hard job and it will instill confidence you never though you had. Henry Marin is watched through the two way glass because he's falling asleep. They see he has no discipline and will work on him. Sgt. Mark Wilkins is an ex-marine and just like in Full Metal Jacket he says "sir" is the first and last words out of your mouth every time. He introduces the instructors: Officer Jeremiah Hart, Deputy Rene Garcia, Deputy Raymond Jones, Deputy Sidra Sherrod, Deputy Pete Enciso and Deputy Dwight Miley the ramrod are there because they are the best. Miley pulls up Marin (22) and they yell at him. He tells him he is weak and doesn't want to be there, so they make him class Sgt. He was working at a warehouse before this. He was breaking down, well that's what he's doing here. The Grinder - they make them do pushups in the yard and yell at them. Wilkins says Miley is the best. He makes them line up. He explains he's the lead staff instructor. He's trying to transform them from a civilian to a disciplined person. One guy is yelled at for being in the wrong place. They are supposed to be three steps apart in formation and they are 1 ˝. More pushups, more yelling, running. Mendoza is yelled at. Case (21) has trouble with pushups. One tall man is told he's like a Redwood tree in a land of mushrooms when he's in the wrong spot. "As you were" means you screwed up and to start again. Alejandra Diaz can't lead the class and is yelled at. She doesn't know the command, she forgot. Then says she doesn't know. They ask if she is a liar changing her story like that. Miley tells her the first word is 'class', then 'upon', but she still screws up. Beacham (44) was injured and came back. He went for 15 weeks before he screwed up. One girl is told if she can't wear it to court, she can't wear it here. They make them wear business suits the whole time to get used to do things in a uniform. Urika Turner (35) is ex army reserve, was 60 pounds heavier and has trouble with the physical tests. They need to know if they can function under stress. They are brought back in and Marin screws up. The point is to pick someone who needs to learn so they all can learn. They have to recite the core values. Alex Mustelier (35) is from Cuba, has wanted this for 10 years. He's sweating badly and screws up the values. Martinez (22) is made to help Marin, but she doesn't know either. Beacham wants to help and Miley tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about just because he was here before. If he things he's so hot that if he doesn't get it right, he goes home now. He refuses and sits down. 2:30pm - Kramer (49) says it's difficult. Marin says he was clueless and doesn't know why they called him. They eat in the yard. Miley says some think if they sit back and hide they won't be seen, but he'll find them. One guy is told it looks like he polished his shoes with a Hershey Bar, get someone to help you. One guy is 6'7" and can't do 15 pushups. Rubio (25) goes behind Miley and he yells at her, that's what convicts do, she might get taken down. She cries and is asked if she is going to cry at every call she goes to. She needs to be ready to go tomorrow. The objective isn't to wash them out, if you come with nothing you can't improve. You need to get to a point where you can succeed. Marin at home - he always wanted to be a deputy. He's going to start studying to do better. Day 2 - 6:00am - Marshall (25) says Martinez called him to say she was quitting. She couldn't cut it. Miley tells Marin to have everyone put their briefcases inside, but he doesn't say it loud enough. PT Session 1 - they have to do as many situps as they can 3 times a week. Marshall says he was an actor, a model and wants to be a deputy now. Beauregard (33) is yelled at for putting her shirt on backwards. How can she help anyone if she can't dress? Then they run and march. 2:30pm - back inside Miley asks who has the cell phone. Jimenez (25) finally stands up. It's an integrity check. She's yelled at for being arrogant. Miley tells Marin it's his lucky day, he's no longer class sgt. He agrees, but it's the wrong answer, he should want to lead, but he can't. Martinez (22) shows up with her bags to quit. She admits she can't cut it, it's not for her. Wilkins tries to talk her into staying. She is afraid she or her partner might screw up. He has her sign a paper and sends her on her way. She is happy to go since she is afraid to mess up. Jimenez now leads, she is weak in her commands and is made to do it again. Marin has to tell her what to say. Miley shows her how it's done. She starts crying and Sherrod gets in her face. If you don't pay attention you can end up dead. Tougher people will get in your face who want to hurt you. She's mad at herself. She needs to be able to do the tough job like carry a dead child out of a wreck. She can cry after work. She needs to soul search and find if she really wants to be here. 5/24/07
102 Tighten Your Bootstraps - Day 4 - PT 6:30am - they do a 2 mile distance run. After 100 yards Divinity (28) is barely moving. They need to be in good shape when they get there. Gonzales (28) took 48 minutes to run 2 miles. Then they have to do calisthenics, it's like fighting after catching a suspect. Divinity can't do 1 pushup. Kramer (49) can tell Jimenez is cracking. 5/31/07
103 My O’Miley - Week 2 - Esquival & Garcia are supposed to do jumping jacks as a team and can't do it. One fails, they both fail. Mustelier lost his badge while running and goes to Miley to tell him. He asks him if he has trouble hearing, he always cocks his head to the side. He didn't shave this morning because he did yesterday so he writes him another warning. Marin has his tie on backwards and is yelled at. He has a partner and wants to be an individual. He says he's a loner, there's no teamwork. They want to pick a new class Sgt. They think Mustelier is the worst as bad as Jimenez. 6/7/07
104 Hell is Coming to Breakfast - Week 4 - STARS training center. Miley says they were to be in business attire for morning report, but they all show up in PT attire. He's mad someone changed his order. Esquivel says he told them to wear PT. Then says she assumed it. Half the class didn't know what to wear and she told them PT. He says she's insubordinate. Benavidez went to Mexico over the weekend, went into a bar and a drunk guy bothered his sister and he got beat up. He says he didn't start it, they followed him outside and they jumped him. Miley says that's not good, he needs to grow up and be separated from the class. 6/14/07
105 Heart Stopping Action - Week 5 - Shooting Range. Miley brings Lam in and says she can't get it right, what have you ever gotten right? He asks why should she stay there, she can't do it. She says she's learning very hard. He says she can't get simple things right. She says they don't listen to her, she doesn't know what do to. People try to help, she won't listen. He wants her to bring all the platoon sgts in. Dobson (23) says they are all against her, she blames them for not liking her. Lam says we try to ask you questions, you won't answer. He asks what has she asked? She never asked anything. She is scared. Everyone else says they have no problem asking him questions. 6/21/07
106 Where the Rubber Meets the Road - Week 8 - Hernandez (27) talks about Kramer having chest pains. Sherrod went to the hospital and found out he had quintuple bypass surgery for his heart before he came. He never said anything because he was afraid they wouldn't let him in. He originally said the scars were from a motorcycle accident. He wasn't taking his medicine because he wanted the job real bad, but they need to have integrity and he doesn't. 6/28/07
107 Academy Fling - Week 9 - Shooting Range - Hassoldt (22) is brought in to see Miley and he asks him how he can improve the class. He wants to motivate them and pull them together. They want to know who he would fire. He says Brown, he has no respect, takes nothing serious. Brown says he's the class clown, he likes to crack people up, it gets him through. He doesn't want to turn it down a notch. Hassoldt says it's not personal. He wants to see everyone on board with the same ideas. 7/5/07
108 Back to Business - Week 12 - Sgt. Wilkins leads the group in PT running. Miley's in his car at the rear and tells Valenzuala that if anyone falls back to get someone to help him so they don't fall down. Diaz came back from the hospital, but is still tired. It was heat exhaustion, she must maintain the fluids. They tell them this all the time. They want to get them motivated on the grinder. They break down their bad habits, now they go from instructor to mentor. 7/12/07
109 Coming Together - Dep Bolanos & Lt McLean say Agcaoili took a blow to the head, but it was pretty light. Gardenas was sparring with him, he says he hit him light and shows Miley. Diaz says he told him he was tired before he boxed. They want to know why and need to find out what happened. Cardenas says there was nothing he complained about. Wilkins says it's serious, but they'll have to wait. Miley says he has a subdural hematoma, a bleed on the brain. They are trying to stop it before it's severe. No one is in trouble, accidents happen. It's a realization that you could you could lose a partner on the streets. It's never happened in the history of the academy. Everyone was shocked. They were all going at the same rate, it was more about technique than speed. Say your prayers. 7/19/07
110 Colors Run 7/26/07
111 Graduation 8/2/07

Season 2 (2008)

200 Where are They Now? - a followup with members of Class 355 who graduated and who didn't on where they are working today. 5/24/08
201 Another Black Monday - Deputy Miley and the other drill instructors return for the first day of training for recruit class 368. Deputy Rene Garcia, Deputy Raymond Jones, Deputy Sidra Sherrod, Deputy Pete Enciso return. 5/24/08
202 The Ultimatum - Recruit Paez struggles after Deputy Miley gives her an ultimatum; the drill instructors learn that recruit Villareal went to a club and got drunk instead of studying. 6/1/08
203 Soup Sandwich - Villareal keeps screwing up and decides he is class Sgt, so they let him be where he screws up some more by leaving his locker unlocked and allowing his gun to be taken. Underworld brings a cell phone to a test. 6/7/08
204 Trigger Happy - one recruit is dangerous on the firing line and they won't let him shoot anymore so he fails. 6/14/08
205 On the Line - 6/21/08
206 Command Presence - Santos isn't able to cut it as a leader and separated. 6/28/08
207 A Fatal Mistake - three recruits leave their van open with their guns inside and Miley takes them and won't admit he has them.  7/12/08
208 When the Smoke Clears - 2 recruits get their guns back after one has been separated from feeling guilty and failing tests. Crum, one of the best recruits is separated after failing the first aid test twice. 97 are left. 7/19/08
209 Graduation or Separation - a helicopter training scenario, graduation and the first day on the job for those who passed. 2 hours AKA The Uniform/Pomp & Circumstance 7/26/08

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