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This is the Mythbusters for hard rock music. With Drew Bell - The Maestro, Abby Gennet - The Rock Chick from Slunt, John Law - The Maniac from Statues of Liberty, Mike Senese - The Mastermind & Doyle S. Huge - The Shop Master

Ep# Title - tests
101 Body Damage - Can a mosh pit kill? Yes. Can music kill your voice? Yes. Can music damage hearing? Yes. 6/17/08 
102 Dazed and Confused - Can you rip on stage while stripping on LSD? No. Can you get high on life? Yes. Can you snort ants like Ozzy? Yes. 6/24/08
103 Light 'Em Up - Can rocking in the rain kill you? Yes. Is electricity an instrument? Yes. Can music make enough power to run a concert? No. 7/1/08
104 Moved by Music - Can music blow you away? Yes. Can you find the best seat in the house? No. What music gets you highest? Hip Hop 7/8/08
105 Appetite for Destruction - Is a rock band more destructive than a wrecking ball? Yes. Could Jim Morrison survive hanging from a ledge? Can roadies fix anything in 15 minutes? Yes. 7/8/08
106 Let's Get it on - Do dancers inspire the best songs? Yes. Are clubs as dangerous as they are sexy? Yes. Can music really get you in the mood? Yes. 7/22/08
107 Music Made Me Do it - Can music control your mind? Yes. Can a DJ really control the crowd? Yes. Can music pump you up? Yes. 7/29/08
108 Road Kill - Does the lifestyle you lead affect your musical performance? Yes. Can you build a crash proof guitar case? Yes. How safe is sex with groupies? Not safe. #108. 8/5/08

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