Animal Cops Phoenix

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Season 1

Animal Planet's seventh show in the Cops series after Animal Cops, Animal Cops Detroit, Animal Cops HoustonAnimal Cops San Francisco, Animal Cops Philadelphia & Animal Cops South Africa. For the first 2 seasons it was called Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix.

Season 1 (2009)

# Description/Airdate
1 Missing Leg Mystery - 7am weekly briefing of 23 staff by Stacy. Melissa goes to the call of Tracy the dog tied in a front yard with one of it's legs severed. She calls police and a neighbor says the owner is in the hospital. 3/9/09
2 Breeding Trouble - It's the 5th largest city in the US. Melissa is meeting Andy in the south about a house full of sick animals they have been to before. The crazy woman used to breed dogs. Disease and deformities are uncovered in fifty animals found at the home of a former breeder. 3/16/09
3 Trailer Park Tragedy - Marlin goes to a housing complex about two neglected dogs found tied on short leases in backyard heat without shade. One has an embedded collar and PJ has an open wound with an exposed jugular vein. 3/23/09
4 Highway Patrol - Stacy goes to the call of a dog fight in the south where 1 was killed. Police are on scene where 3 dogs are chained. Don says the dead one was being eaten. A dog is found dead and two others severely emaciated and suffering from tick fever. 3/30/09
5 Born in an Alley - Monday morning meeting with Stacy. Each investigator has reports to check. AJ Meadows gets a call from police about a homeless man's dog having puppies. A dog gives birth in an alley and the pups struggle to survive; Tamie Kinsel pleads for the life of an injured bird. #5. 4/6/09

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