The Addams Family 1964-93

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Original TV Series

Season 1 (1964)
The Addams Family Goes to School
Morticia and the Psychiatrist
Fester's Punctured Romance
Gomez the Politician
The Addams Family Tree
Morticia Joins the Ladies League
Halloween With the Addams Family
Green Eyed Gomez
The New Neighbors Meet the Addams Family
Wednesday Leaves Home
The Addams Family Meets the VIPs
Morticia, the Matchmaker
Lurch Learns to Dance
Art and the Addams Family
The Addams Family Meets the Beatnik
The Addams Family Meets the Undercover Man
Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family
Uncle Fester's Illness
The Addams Family Splurges
Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family
The Addams Family in Court
Amnesia in the Addams Family
Thing Is Missing
Crisis In the Addams Family
Lurch and His Harpsichord
Morticia, the Breadwinner
The Addams Family and the Spacemen
My Son, the Chimp
Morticia's Favorite Charity
Progress and the Addams Family
Uncle Fester's Toupee
Cousin Itt and the Vocational Counselor
Lurch, the Teenage Idol
The Winning of Morticia Addams
Season 2 (1965)
My Fair Cousin Itt
Morticia's Romance (1)
Morticia's Romance (2)
Morticia Meets Royalty
Gomez, the People's Choice
Cousin Itt's Problem
Halloween, Addams Style
Morticia, the Writer
Morticia, the Sculptress
Gomez, the Reluctant Lover
Feud in the Addams Family
Gomez, the Cat Burglar
Portrait of Gomez
Morticia's Dilemma
Christmas with the Addams Family
Uncle Fester, Tycoon
Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama
Fester Goes on a Diet
The Great Treasure Hunt
Ophelia Finds Romance
Pugsley's Allowance
Happy Birthday, Grandma Frump
Morticia, the Decorator
Ophelia Visits Morticia
Addams Cum Laude
Cat Addams
Lurch's Little Helper
The Addams Policy
Lurch's Grand Romance
Ophelia's Career

Animated Series

1974 Series (I only have the ones in bold)
The Addams Family in New York
Follow That Loaf of Bread
Left in the Lurch

The Boola Boola
The Fastest Creepy Camper in the West
The Mardi Gras Story
Aloha Hoolamagoola

The Reluctant Astronauts - Trip to the Moon
The Great Balloon Race
The Circus Story
Ghost Town
The Addams Family at Sea
The Voodoo Story
The Roller Derby Story
The Addams Go West
The Addams Family at the Kentucky Derby

92/93 Series with John Astin
Season 1 (1992)

Happyester Fester
Dead and Breakfast
The Day Gomez Failed
Girlfriendstein/Pugsley By the Numbers/Beware of Thing
N.J. Addams
A Thing Is Born/Choke and Dagger/Fester's Diary
Sir Pugsley/Festerman/Art to Art
Itt's Over
Hide and Go Lurch/Hook, Line and Stinkers/A Sword Fightin' Thing
Addams Family PTA
Little Big Thing/Little Bad Riding Hood/Metamorphosister
At Sea
The Roller Derby Story
Season 2 (1993)
Color Me Addams
No Ifs ands or Butlers
Jack and Jill and the Beanstalk/Festerman Returns/Hand Delivered
Sweetheart of a Brother
Double O Honeymoon
Then Came Granny/Pet Show Thing/Fester Sings the Fester Way
Camp Addams/Little Doll Lost/King of the Polycotton Blues
A Girl and a Ghoul/A Little Bit of Pugsley/Ask Granny

Halloween With the Addams Family
Carolyn Jones - Morticia and More
Scooby Doo Meets The Addams Family
The Addams Family Movie (1991)
Addams Family Values (1993)
Trapped in TV Guide - Lawn of the Dead with The Addams Family (10/27/06)

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