American Dad! Episode Guide

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Too Late With Adam Carolla - Seth MacFarlane #128. 10/5/05

Season 1 (2005-06)
Pilot #101. 2/6/05
Threat Levels #102. 5/1/05
Stan Knows Best #103. 5/8/05
Rodger Codger #104. 6/5/05
Francine’s Flashback #105. 5/15/05
Homeland Insecurity #106. 6/12/05
Deacon Stan, Jesus Man #107. 6/19/05
All About Steve #108. 9/25/05
Bullocks to Stan #109. 9/11/05
A Smith in the Hand #110. 9/18/05
Con Heir #111. 10/2/05
Stan of Arabia Part I #112. 11/6/05
Stan of Arabia Part II #113. 11/13/05
Stannie Get Your Gun #114. 11/20/05
Star Trek #115. 11/27/05
Not Particularly Desperate Housewives #116. 12/18/05
Rough Trade #117. 1/8/06
Finances with Wolves #118. 1/29/06
It's Good to Be the Queen #119. 2/26/06
Roger N' Me #201. 4/23/06
Helping Handis #202. 4/30/06
With Friends Like Steve's #203. 5/7/06
Tears of a Clooney #204. 5/14/06

Season 2 (2006-07)
The American Dad After School Special - Stan constantly criticizes Steve's new fat girlfriend, but Steve really likes her. Then Stan decides that he's fat and soon becomes anorexic. If Steve wants to save him he has to get rid of the girl. #205. 9/17/06
Camp Refoogee - Stan tricks Steve into going to summer camp, but he ends up in a refugee camp. Stan goes along with it and organizes a camp Olympics with the rebels across the river. #206. 9/10/06
Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option - Stan loses his job after a car salesman gets the best of him in a deal. Meanwhile, Roger's love of 80s movies convinces him to set up a drive in against the side of the house so he can watch the films on the big screen and Steve and his friends hope to score there with older girls. #207. 9/24/06
Dungeons & Wagons - Stan gets involved in drag-racing to spice up his marriage; Hayley breaks up with Jeff, who joins Steve's online gaming world. #208. 11/12/06
Iced, Iced Babies - Steve's new relationship with his girlfriend gives Francine empty nest syndrome; Roger tries to enroll in college with Haley. #209. 11/19/06
Of Ice & Men - Francine supports Stan's long-suppressed love of competitive figure skating until he ditches her for a new partner. #210. 11/26/06
Lincoln Lover - Stan has his heart set on speaking at the Republican National Convention, but the only group willing to sponsor him is the local chapter of Gay Republicans. #211. 11/5/06
Irregarding Steve - Steve and Roger run away from home to make their fortunes in New York City (Steve as a TV writer; Roger in the stock market). They feel stifled living under the same roof as Stan and putting up with his "plebeian rodent brain." #212. 12/10/06
Bush Comes to Dinner - Guess who's coming to dinner? It's George W. Bush (voice of Dee Bradley Baker). It seems that Stan's essay saluting the president earned him the honor. Not surprisingly, Hayley doesn't think it's so great. #213. 1/7/07
The Best Christmas Story Never - A disconsolate Stan, upset because of a legal injunction against lighting Langley Falls' Christmas tree, tries to discover the true meaning of Christmas. To do it, he'll have to change the outcome of the Vietnam War. #214. 12/17/06
I Can't Stan You - Stan brings home CIA equipment to eavesdrop on his neighbors so he can find out what they think of him. He gets an earful, and a battle ensues. #215. 5/6/07
American Dream Factory - Stan turns entrepreneur and opens a teddy-bear factory (read: sweatshop) staffed by illegal aliens. Of course, Hayley is appalled and takes action. Guest voices include Iggy Pop #216. 1/28/07
A.T. the Abusive Terrestrial - After Steve tells Roger that he has outgrown him, Roger hooks up with a 9-year-old who wants an E.T.-type alien of his own. And Stan and Francine go crazy when they learn that their favorite soft drink is being discontinued. #217. 2/11/07
Four Little Words - Stan plays matchmaker for Bullock and a friend of Francine's, then gets everyone drunk so the evening will go well. Bad move. #218. 4/1/07
Apocalypse to Remember - Stan mistakes a CIA nuclear-war drill for the real thing and rushes his family to a mountain retreat to ride out the apocalypse. Then, when he finds out the truth, he doesn't tell anyone because he's having such a good time. #219. 3/25/07
Black Mystery Month - Steve becomes embroiled in a murderous conspiracy involving George Washington Carver while researching a Black History Month school paper on Carver. #220. 2/18/07
Magnificent Steven - Stan gets caught sending contaminated cattle to the slaughterhouse. The reason he did it, he says, was to make Steve "a man." Meanwhile, Roger's favoritism leads to a fight between Francine and Hayley. #221. 5/13/07
When a Stan Loves a Woman - Francine divorces Stan in order to rekindle their romance. She wants him to see what life is like for a bachelor. Meanwhile, Steve becomes addicted to an energy drink, and begs for money in the street to support his habit. #223. 4/29/07
Joint Custody - bounty hunters Roger and Stan chase Hayley's boyfriend, who is wanted for smuggling marijuana, across the country. And Steve is in for a shock when he tries to hot-wire Francine's car. #224. 5/20/07

Season 3 (2007-08)
Vacation Goo - Francine demands that Stan take the family on a vacation after she learns all of their previous vacations never actually happened. #222. 9/30/07
Meter Made - After Stan punches a male meter maid during a disagreement over a parking ticket, a judge sentences him to two weeks of community service as a meter maid. He finds it empowering. Meanwhile, Hayley poses in the nude for an art class. #301. 10/7/07
Dope and Faith - Stan prays for a friend and one is provided: a guy named Brett who's like him in every way but one - he's an atheist. So Stan has some evangelizing to do. Meanwhile, Steve is accepted into wizardry school. #302. 10/14/07
Big Trouble in Little Langley - Stan seeks out Francine's birth parents because her visiting adoptive parents annoy him so much. But they don't annoy Steve, especially after they give him fireworks. #303. 11/4/07
Haylias - Stan, who had Hayley brainwashed because he wanted her to be a sleeper CIA agent, activates her and orders her to marry a senator's son, who turns out to be gay. Meanwhile, Roger and Steve decide to open a detective agency. #304. 11/11/07
The 42-Year-Old Virgin - Although Stan is a veteran CIA agent, it turns out that he has never killed anyone, so three of his buddies from the agency (and Roger) take him out so he can bag his first kill. #305. 11/18/07
Franny 911 - Stan and Francine give the constantly nasty Roger an ultimatum: Be nice or ship out. Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley play truth or dare, and Steve decides to become a backup dancer. #306. 1/6/07
SurroGate - Terry and Greg, the Smiths' gay neighbors, want to have a baby, and Francine offers to be their surrogate. Not surprisingly, Stan objects. At first. Meanwhile, Steve and Roger play a practical joke on Klaus, who vows revenge. #307. 12/2/07
Tearjerker - A James Bond spoof casts Stan as a 007-type agent assigned by B (Bullock) to infiltrate the set of a movie producer named Tchochkie Schmear (Klaus), who's in cahoots with the diabolical villain Tearjerker (Roger). #308. 11/25/07
Oedipal Panties - When Stan's mom gets dumped by yet another boyfriend, she comes running to Stan for support, which he willingly provides (yet again). Francine, feeling threatened, seeks to loosen this umbilical cord, with Roger's help. #309. 1/27/08
Widowmaker - Francine urges Stan to open up emotionally but gets more than she bargained for when he reveals that he killed the husband of her best friend. #310. 2/17/08
Red October Sky - Stan hunts for an ex-KGB agent but can't find him---until he moves in next door. And Steve is building a rocket for a school science project, but can't get it to work - until he gets some help from his new next-door neighbor. #311. 4/27/08
Most Adequate Christmas Ever - Stan demands a better Christmas from his family and starts looking for the ultimate Christmas tree in the forest. His family leaves him behind and Stan dies in his search. While in Limbo, he has to prove himself for a second chance at life. #312. 12/16/07
Office Spaceman - After outing himself as an alien, Roger (in disguise) finagles his way into being appointed the CIA's chief alien hunter to take advantage of a lavish expense account---while coming up just short in attempts to catch himself. #313. 5/4/08
Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold - After almost dying in a car crash, Stan decides that he must do something important with his life, so he digs for the gold he claims Iran-contra figure Oliver North buried beneath his house (which Stan and Francine bought from North). #314. 5/11/08
Spring Break-Up - Francine is out of town, giving Roger an opportunity to host spring break at the Smith house for visiting college students, one of whom becomes the straying Stan's spring-break buddy. #317. 5/18/08

Season 4 (2008-09) 
1600 Candles - The Smith family gets ready to celebrate Roger's 1600th birthday, but gets sidetracked when Steve announces that he's going through puberty; Roger tries to make his own birthday fun when he gets the shaft from the family. #401. 9/28/08
The One That Got Away - Roger discovers that someone maxed out his credit card and decides to bring down the crook; the Smith family gets sucked into a mean game. #402. 10/5/08
One Little Word - Stan becomes his boss's go-to guy and feels he cannot say no to anything, including outrageous personal requests. #402. 10/19/08
Choosy Wives Choose Smith - Stan gets jealous when he discovers Francine was once engaged to a pilot whose plane crashed. #403. 11/2/08
Escape From Pearl Bailey - Steve decides to get revenge against the popular girls at school who tease losers. #404. 11/9/08
Pulling Double Booty - After breaking up with her boyfriend, Haley ends up in the arms of Stan's body double from the CIA. #405. 11/16/08
Phantom Telethon - Roger suggests that Stan hold a telethon to raise funds after the CIA's budget gets cut; when Stan takes credit for the idea, Roger is infuriated. #406. 11/30/08
Chimdale - Steve feels better about having to wear a back brace after Stan admits he has worn a toupee since he was Steve's age; Roger and Francine try to sneak in an unpaid guest on their spa retreat for two. #407. 1/25/09
Stan Time - Stan is ecstatic when a co-worker gives him pills that allow him to stay up all night but feel like he slept for eight hours. #408. 2/8/09
Family Affair - The Smiths try to plan a family game night, but Roger is full of excuses about prior commitments. #409. 2/15/09
Live and Let Fry - Stan is legally separated from his favorite foods when Langley Falls bans trans fats. #410. 3/1/09
Roy Rogers McFreely - When Stan forgets to get grenadine at the grocery store, Roger goes crazy and promises to get him back by taking over a project close to his heart. #411. 3/8/09
Jack's Back - Steve helps Stan reunite with his father; Roger hires Hayley to bartend at his bar in the attic. #412. 3/15/09
Bar Mitzvah Shuffle - Steve and company sabotage a stuck-up kid's bar mitzvah after he hits on Steve's girlfriend. #413. 3/22/09
Wife Insurance - Francine fears Stan is gone for good when he is kidnapped in Colombia. #414. 3/29/09
DeLorean Story-An - Stan and Steve set off on a cross-country search for a set of doors so Stan can finally build his dream car. #415. 4/19/09
Every Which Way But Lose - Steve joins a junior football team but when Stan becomes head coach, Steve is kicked off the team; Francine and Hayley compete for a blue ribbon at the Langley County Fair. #416. 4/26/09
Weiner of Our Discontent - Roger is crushed when he discovers why he was sent to earth. #417. 5/3/09
Daddy Queerest - Neighbor Terry is nervous when his father announces he will be coming to town; Steve goes on a bender. #418. 5/10/09
Stan's Night Out - Stan finds himself in compromising situations during a guys' night out; Hayley and Roger try to attract a frat boy. #419. 5/17/09

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