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This hour syndicated show ran 8 seasons from 1989-96 and then returned to NBC in 2008, was cancelled and started in the UK in 2008-09

Hosts: Mike Adamle, Todd Christensen, Larry Csonka, Lisa Malosky & Joe Theismann. Referee: Larry Thompson, Announcer:  John Harlan, Contender Coach: Wesley Berry
Gladiators: Blaze/Jade (Sha-Ri Pendleton), Bronco, Cyclone (Barry Turner), Dallas (Shannon Hall), Diamond (Erika Andersch), Elektra (Salina Bartunek), Gemini (Michael M. Horton), Gold (Tonya Knight), Havoc, Hawk (Lee Reherman), Ice (Lori Fetrick), Jazz (Victoria Gay), Lace (Marisa Pare), Lace #2 (Natalie Lennox), Laser (Jim Starr), Malibu (Deron McBee), Nitro (Danny Lee Clark), Rebel (Mark Tucker), Sabre (Lynn 'Red' Williams), Siren (Shelley Beattie), Sky (Shirley Eson), Storm (Debbie Clark), Sunny (Cheryl Barldinger), Tank (Ed Radcliffe) Thunder (Billy Smith), Titan (David Nelson), Tower (Steve Henneberry), Turbo (Galen Tomlinson), Viper (Chuck Berlinger) & Zap (Raye Hollitt)
Events: Assault, Atlasphere, Breakthrough & Conquer, The Eliminator, The Gauntlet, Hang Tough, Human Cannonball, Joust, The Maze, Pyramid, Powerball, Skytrack, Snapback, Super Powerball, Swingshot, Tug-o-War & The Wall
International Gladiators: Angel (Verina Stuwe), Astra (Julia Tarasenko), Delilah (Louise Burnette), Dynamite (Vladimir Turchinsky), Flame (Linda Byrnes), Flash (Frank Scholz), Fury (Julie Saunders-Melksham), Giant (Martin Seiz), Hammer (Mark McGaw), Hunter (James Crossley), Impi (Bible Mhizha), Jet (Diane Youdale Mayhew), Lightning (Kim Betts), Lynx (Julia Stefanovitch), Panther (Helen O'Reilly), Power (Uschi Teply), Rhino (Mark Smith), Sahara (Christy Skoglund), Samson (Bob Dahmen), Titan (Oleg Panferov), Tower (Ron Reeve), Trojan (Mark Griffin), Vulcan (John Seru), Wolf (Michael Van Wijk), Zodiac (Kate Staples) 
International Events: Duel, The Pendulum, Pole-Axe, Suspension Bridge


Season 1 (1989-90)

This season doesn't look like the others as it was very low budget, nearly every aspect of the show would change later and it's hard to believe the show was popular enough for another season. For example in Human Cannonball contestants could go in feet first; Assault was like a military game with a bunk, trees and grenades; Gladiators were like wrestlers as the stuck to the personality of their name like Malibu the surfer and Gemini with 2 personalities who would switch from happy to angry, there was almost no protection in many events like Powerball & Assault no one had any head gear or chest protection, you could get up to 100 points in an event, Joust had a long catwalk that was connected and if you want backwards the floor would drop - you got get points for staying up as little as 5 seconds and most times people would just push each other off, Powerball was in half course in a semi-circle and to keep scoring you had to go back to the start every time. Gladiators - Nitro, Gemini, Malibu/Bronco, Lace, Sunny/Jade & Zap

1 Round 1 - Craig Williams vs. John Shumski/Brenda Hund vs. Frankie Perry 9/89
2 Round 2 - Terry Moore vs. Billy Wirth/Ashleh Jorge vs. Ursula Henry 9/89
3 Round 3 - Brian Hutson vs. Hosea Simmons/Joanna Needham vs. Adelaide McCarthy 9/89
5 Round 5 - Joe Rogers vs. Bernard Todd/Tracy Phillips vs. Christy Cotton 10/89
6 Quarterfinal 1 - Craig Williams vs. John Shumski/Christy Cotten vs. Brenda Hund 10/89
9 Quarterfinal 4 - Bernard Todd vs. Phil Carroll/Adelaide McCarthy vs. Tracy Phillips 11/89
10 Semifinal 1 - Craig Williams vs. Phil Carroll/John Shumski/Joanna Needham vs. Nancy Petitto 11/89
11 Semifinal 2 - Brian Hutson vs. Billy Wirth/Christy Cotton vs. Tracy Phillips 11/89
13 Best of the Best Highlights 1/90

Season 2 (1990)

Gladiators - Nitro, Gemini, Laser, Titan, Blaze, Gold, Lace & Zap

14 Round 1 - Richard Seymour vs. J.C. Love Jordan/Zimbob Schwartze vs. Susan Farwell 3/90
15 Round 2 - Carl Allen vs. Rick Herbst/Joni Podesta vs. Gina Harrison 3/90
16 Round 3 - Lucian Anderson vs. Jim Brady/Suzanne Rampe vs. Bridget Venturi 3/90
17 Round 4 - Erick Sutton vs. Jean Cueva/Cheryl Ann Silich vs. Christine Lakatos 3/90
18 Round 5 - Bruce Stinson vs. Elden Kidd/Christine Koeberle vs. Wendy Brown 4/90
19 Quarterfinal 1 - Elden Kidd vs. Rick Herbst/Joni Podesta vs. Christine Koeberle 4/90
25 Finals - Lucian Anderson vs. Elden Kidd/Wendy Brown vs. Bridget Venturi #25. 6/90

Season 3 (1990-91)

Gladiators - Gemini, Lace, Nitro, Gold, Laser, Blaze, Thunder, Ice, Turbo & Diamond

27 Round 1 - Rico Costantino vs. John Adams/Sheila Mercer vs. Trish Tillotson 9/90
29 Dale Thompson vs. Rob Bottiggi/Marla Smith vs. Kelley Peacock 9/90
30 Dwayne Thomas/Nate Foster vs. Lincoln Simonds/Maria Nichting vs. Esther Ratner 9/90
31 Round 5 - Wesley Keck vs. Scott Reiff/Samantha Bryant vs. Cinda Mentzer 10/90
32 Quarterfinal 1 - Rico Costantino vs. Nate Foster/Sheila Mercer vs. Trish Tillotson #32. 10/90
39 Alumni Show - Terry Moore vs. Lucian Anderson/Aimee Ross vs. Cheryl Ann Silich 11/90

Season 4 (1991-92)

Gladiators - Tower, Storm, Gemini, Lace, Nitro, Gold, Laser, Blaze, Turbo, Ice, Thunder, Diamond, Viper & Zap

53 Preliminary 1 - Gary Wilson vs. Coz Worthington/Toril Torjesen Kristi vs. Kropp 9/91
54 Preliminary 2 - Alex Engmann & Johnny Vineyard vs. James Long/Elise Johnson vs. Ericca Alstead 9/91
55 Preliminary 3 - Randy Jones vs. Keith Collins/Patti Stevenson vs. Jonnie Jonckowski 9/91
56 Preliminary 4 - Eric Monostori & Tim Goldrick vs. Greg Petrie/Rose Ann Torres vs. Densie Chase 9/91
57 Preliminary 5 - Craig Charles vs. Mark Anthony/Jill Schenk vs. Kimberly Lentz 10/91
59 Quarterfinal 1 - Coz Worthington vs. Johnny Vineyard/Kristi Kropp vs. Kimberley Lentz 10/91
60 Quarterfinal 2 - Craig Charles vs. Mark Ortega/Sherry Giardina vs. Jonnie Jonckowski 10/91
61 Quarterfinal 3 - Randy Jones vs. Tim Goldrick/Ericca Alstead vs. Denise Chase 10/91
62 Pro Football Challenge of Champions - Jack Ham, Cliff Branch, Charles White, Phil Villapiano, Greg Pruitt, Jim Kiick 11/91
63 Semifinal 1 - Johnny Vineyard vs. Mark Ortega/Jonnie Jonckowski vs. Kimberley Lentz 11/91
64 Semifinal 2 - Tim Goldrick vs. Coz Worthington/Kristi Kropp vs. Denise Chase #64. 11/91
65 Finals - Mark Ortega vs. Tim Goldrick/ Kimberly Lentz vs. Kristi Kropp 11/91
66 Preliminary 1 - Robert Bender vs. Kevin Cleary/Angela Shepard vs. A.J. Perling 1/92
67 Preliminary 2 - George Blasius vs. Chris Parisi/Kathy Mollica vs. Tracee Wolf. #67. 1/92
68 Preliminary 3 - Dennis Watts vs. Joseph Mauro/Terri Plunkett/Susan Stencil vs. Patricia Murray 1/92
70 Preliminary 5 - Jay McCormack/Anthony Jackson vs. Darrell Gholar/Lisa Sierra vs. Vivian Riley 2/92
71 Preliminary 6 - Marek Wilczynski vs. Tony Curella/Stephanie Violante vs. Tracy Paaso 2/92
72 Quarterfinal 1 - Tommy Knox vs. Kevin Cleary/Susan Stencil vs. Vivian Riley/Angela Stearns 2/92
73 Quarterfinal 2 - Tony Curella vs. Darrell Gholar/Tracy Paaso vs. Talpha Lehnen 2/92
74 Quarterfinal 3 - George Blasius vs. Joseph Mauro/A.J. Perling vs. Kathy Mollica 3/92
75 Semifinal 1 - Tommy Knox vs. Darrell Gholar/Tracy Paaso vs. Susan Stencil 3/92
76 Semifinal 2 - Tony Curella vs. Joseph Mauro/A.J. Perling vs. Kathy Mollica 3/92
77 Finals - Joseph Mauro vs. Darrell Gholar/Susan Stencil vs. Kathy Mollica 3/92
78 Grand Championship - Mark Ortega vs. Joseph Mauro/Kimberly Lentz vs. Kathy Mollica 4/92

Season 5 (1992-93)

Gladiators - Sky, Sabre, Elektra, Siren, Lace #2, Cyclone, Havoc, Zap, Laser, Diamond, Turbo, Tower, Storm & Viper

79 Preliminary 1 - Cliff Miller vs. Lance Sellers/Darryl Moore/Jeannine Micheletti vs. Betsy Erickson 9/92
80 Preliminary 2 - Tony Bettendorf vs. Elbert Gray/Tracy Jernegan vs. Lisa Langston 9/92
82 Preliminary 4 - Spencer Street vs. Willie Cooley/Elizabeth Pepe vs. Yvonne Montalvo 9/92
83 Preliminary 5 - Ted LePage vs. Rodger Hughes/Shannon Williams vs. Cathy Marshall 10/92
85 Quarterfinal 1 - Tony Bettendorf vs. Willie Cooley/Lisa Langston vs. Shannon Williams 10/92
86 Quarterfinal 2 - Ted LePage vs. Joseph Kettle/Cathy Marshall vs. Annette McBride 10/92
87 Quarterfinal 3 - Spencer Street vs. Cliff Miller/Jennifer Walz vs. Betsy Erickson 11/92
88 Semifinal 1 - Spencer Street vs. Ted LePage/Betsy Erickson vs. Lisa Langston 11/92
89 Semifinal 2 - Cliff Miller vs. Tony Bettendorf/Annette McBride vs. Jennifer Walz 11/92
90 Finals - Cliff Miller vs. Ted LePage/Betsy Erickson vs. Annette McBride 11/92
92 Preliminary 1 - Marty DePaoli vs. Jerry Burrell/Melissa Liberman vs. Cheryl Wilson 1/93
93 Preliminary 2 - Michael Coulson vs. Kevin Weber/Paula Perry vs. Christine Richard/Michelle Ramelot 1/93
94 Preliminary 3 - Bernie Miller vs. Don Marcus Bailey/Julie Padelford vs. Brenda Moss 1/93
95 Preliminary 4 - Michael Small vs. Carlton Fluker/Lynn Bell vs. Carolyn Dean 1/93
96 Preliminary 5 - Jayson Yao vs. Vince Granger/ Katy Ramsey vs. Cherrise Traylor 2/93
98 Quarterfinal 1 - Jayson Yao vs. Kevin Weber/Melissa Liberman vs. Katy Ramsey 2/93
99 Quarterfinal 2 - Bernie Miller vs. Vince Granger/Brenda Moss/Julie Padelford vs. Cheryl Wilson 2/93
100 Quarterfinal 3 - Marty DePaoli vs. Carlton Fluker/Lisa Wojciechowski vs. Paula Perry 3/93
101 Semifinal 1 - Bernie Miller/Vince Granger vs. Marty DePaoli/Melissa Liberman vs. Cheryl Wilson 3/93

Season 6 (1993-94)

Gladiators - Tank, Sabre, Ice, Hawk, Laser, Turbo, Jazz, Tower, Sky, Siren & Zap

118 Armed Forces Challenge of Champions - Freddie Thompson & Loretta Vandenberg (Marines) vs. Max McDonald & Katherine Smith (Air Force) vs. James Sparrow & Laura Kerr (Army) vs. Carl Packer & Kristin Keidel (Navy) 11/93
128 Semifinal 2 - Troy Jackson vs. Mark Kibort/D'onna Toyebo vs. Carla Shares 1/94
129 Finals - Joseph Edwards vs. Troy Jackson/Peggy Odita vs. D'onna Toyebo 1/94
130 Grand Championship - Wesley '2 Scoops' Berry vs. Troy Jackson/Kimberly Tyler vs. Peggy Odita 1/94

Season 7 (1994-95)

Gladiators - Nitro, Sabre, Ice, Hawk, Laser, Turbo, Jazz, Tower, Sky, Siren & Zap

134 Round 2 - Guy Deiuliis vs. Smiley Elmore, Jr./Jen Smith vs. Latonya Watson 9/94
135 Round 3 - Thomas Mercante/Theron Rucker vs. Daniel Cunningham/Susan Falvey vs. Michelle Ishio 9/94
136 Round 4 - Dave Sagaert vs. Jorge Sanchez/Susannah Rowe vs. Adrienne Sullivan 9/94
137 Round 5 - Howard Glass vs. Sean O'Brien/Stacey Boles vs. Fiona Dunbar 10/94
138 Round 6 - Stewart Nolan vs. Doug Limbaugh/Curt Gibson/Sonya La Bar vs. Shirley Van de Wetering Buys 10/94
139 Round 7 - Jonathan Hunt vs. Ron Hall/Tiffanie Dorrough vs. Beth Baird 10/94
140 Round 8 - Earl Pruitt vs. David White/Katie Lewis vs. Liz Ragland 10/94
141 Round 9 - Lazarus Jackson vs. Kyler Storm/Robin Croom vs. Lorraine Howard 11/94
142 Round 10 - Jesus Fragoso vs. Ponch Bafidis/Sandra Smith vs. Toni Oppliger 11/94
143 Round 11 - Ray Valesco vs. Erik Betts/Katy Haller vs. Cindy Leroy 11/94
144 Round 12 - Andrew Hawkins, Jr. vs. Troy Le Blanc/Ingrid Johnson vs. Gina Beloro 1/95
145 Round 13 - Daniel Downs vs. Chuck Licata/Suzanne Himka vs. Karen Downey 1/95
146 Round 14 - Gregory Mack, Jr. vs. Anthony Wyatt/Karen Miller vs. Deb Ruehle 1/95
149 Semifinal 2 - Troy Le Blanc vs. Kyler Storm/Liz Ragland vs. Suzan Falvey 3/95
150 Grand Championship - Daniel Cunningham vs. Kyler Storm/Adrienne Sullivan vs. Liz Ragland 3/95
151 Armed Forces Challenge of Champions II - John Winn, Jr. vs. Bruce Pham vs. Lawrence Jarrett, Jr. vs. Armaund Fowler 3/95
152 Gold Medal Challenge III - Mitch Gaylord vs. Bob Ctvrtlik/Picabo Street vs. Debi Thomas 3/95
153 Celebrity All-Star Challenge - Dean Cain vs. John McGinley vs. Mike Adamle/Debbe Dunning vs. Heidi Mark 3/95
155 USC vs. Notre Dame - Anthony Davis & Charles White vs. Alan Pinkett & Vagas Ferguson 4/95
156 Battle of the Best - Wesley Berry vs. Mark Ortega vs. Cliff Miller/Peggy Odita vs. Kathy Mollica vs. Cheryl Wilson 4/95

Season 8 (1995-96)

Gladiators - Sabre, Ice, Hawk, Laser, Turbo, Jazz, Sky & Siren

164 Round 1 - Furaha Bryant vs. Pat Csizmazia/Charmane Lewis vs. Cheryl Lee Sandy. 9/95
166 Round 3 - Russell Oleyer vs. Mike Ryan/Dawn Africano vs. Celeste Delia 9/95
167 Round 4 - Alex Chatman vs. Michael Norman/Julie Wolfe vs. Donna Stubbs 9/95
168 Round 5 - Anthony Daniels vs. Dylan Bruno/Cindy Chavez vs. Tizana 'Tee' Sorge 10/95
170 Semifinal 1 - Russell Oleyer vs. Pat Csizmazia/Carla Zeitlin vs. Cheryl Lee Sandy 10/95
171 Semifinal 2 - Richard McCormick vs. Dylan Bruno/Tee Sorge vs. Christine Lydon 10/95
172 Grand Championship - Richard McCormick vs. Pat Csizmazia/Carla Zeitlin vs. Tee Sorge 11/95
173 Baywatch Challenge - David Chokachi & Gena Lee Nolin vs. Remy Smith & Jenny Susser 11/95
174 Playboy Challenge - Renee Tenison vs. Rebecca Ferratt/Tom Hintnaus vs. Tracy James 11/95
175 Celebrity Pro Football Challenge - Chris Mims vs. Roger Craig/Jennifer Flavin vs. Debbe Dunning 11/95
176 Battle of the Best II - Wesley Berry vs. Kyler Storm/Peggy Odita vs. Adrienne Sullivan 12/95
177 Alumni - Simon Kim vs. James Kim/Dallas vs. Zap 12/95
178 International 1 - Mark Everitt vs. Alexander Maltsev/Peggy Odita vs. Myriam Losch 1/96
180 International 3 - Pat Csizmazia vs. Prince Sunney/Lourene Bevaart vs. Ludmila Machtchenko 1/96
182 International Semifinal 1 - Sean Clay vs. Andrew Halliday/Janet Allen/Jackie Kinsella vs. Peggy Odita 2/96
183 International Semifinal 2 - Pat Csizmazia vs. Peter Brits/Elena Levedenko/Luda Machtchenko vs. Lourene Bevaart 2/96
184 International Grand Championship - Pat Csizmazia vs. Andrew Halliday/Shane Saltmarsh/Lourene Bevaart vs. Peggy Odita 3/96


9/18/92 Family Matters - Surely You Joust. Feuding neighbors Urkel and Carl appear on American Gladiators because Waldo's cousin is Sabre. They compete in Joust, The Wall and The Eliminator, but it ends in a tie. Mike Adamle, Larry Csonka, Larry Thompson, Sabre, Turbo, Siren & Elektra appear. #73
1993 Hot Shots! Part Deux w/Siren
6/19/96 Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Surprise w/Ice & Tower
8/22/97 Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Pilot w/Ice & Tower
4/1/07 ESPN Marathon hosted by Dan Nitro Clark - 30 second clips - you had to watch more than one marathon to get them all.
1-Ready for a hard pumping reality show? ESPN Classic has it. This is Dan Clark, my fans know me as Nitro. Make no mistake, this was a real sports competition and gave you weekend warriors a chance to put your money where you mouth is.
2- I played Nitro. During the trails we were tested against college kids on Breakthrough and conquer and I piledrived some kid into the concrete, knocked him out cold. For $40 a day. I thought I was fired until the uttered those sweet words, I was hired.
3 - Malibu looked like a God with his long blond hair and muscles that went for days. He played racquetball and couldn't take a hit. Gemini came from a football backround. He was built like Hercules and, but whenever he got hit he blinked so he got blinked right off the show.
4-For season 1 they took people off the backlot tour to tell them they were watching a live TV show being filmed. After they realized t.hey were missing out on E.T. and Jaws so they started to revolt. Eventually they painted figures on the back of the set to make it look like people, ha if they only knew.
5-People always asked him why Nitro never changed being cocky and in your face. He told them he wasn't playing a character.
6-The only time he was knocked out was when Gemini tackled Craig William from the Patriots and they both crashed into him at 500 pounds. Out cold.
7-He got into a beef with Gemini over doing their jobs and they were almost ready to fight and Gemini told him man he was crazy. I told him he was big and was glad he didn't throwdown.
8-He shows his action figure (still in package). This means you have an audience. It's not the figure, he's so proud of all the people who told him they started exercising after watching the gladiators.
9-Human cannonball is the worst event ever. They had a guy the size of the Refrigerator Perry swing into you. They got so many bruises & injuries they decided not to do it anymore. That was one game that was tougher than the gladiators.
10-You wanna know know strong the American Gladiator woman were? Zap was an original gladiator and somewhat of a celebrity when she starred beside John Ritter in Skin Deep. I was carrying Zap backstage and she asks if I wanted to see how strong she was. She squeezed and me to the floor, those girls are strong.

NBC Series

Hosts: Hulk Hogan, Laila Ali, Referee: Al Kaplon, Announcer: Van Earl Wright
Gladiators: Beast (Matt Morgan), Crush (Gina Carano), Fury (Jamie Kovac), Hellga (Robin Coleman), Hurricane (Breaux Greer), Jet (Monica Carlson), Justice (Justice Smith), Mayhem (William Romeo), Militia (Alex Castro), Panther (Corinne Van Ryck de Groot), Phoenix (Jennifer Wilderstrom), Rocket (Evan Dollard), Siren (Valerie Waugaman), Stealth (Tanji Johnson), Steel (Erin Toughill), Titan (Michael O'Hearn), Toa (Tanoai Reed), Venom (Beth Horn), Wolf (Don Hollywood Yates), Zen (Xin Wuku)
Events: Assault, Atlasphere, Earthquake, The Eliminator, The Gauntlet, Hang Tough, Hit and Run, Joust, Pyramid, Powerball, Rocket Ball, Sideswipe, Skytrack, Snapback, Tilt, Vertigo & The Wall

Season 1 (2008)

101 Chad Knight vs. Anthony Abbatemarco/Koya Webb vs. Jessie Adams/Venus Ramos, Molivann Duy vs. Jeff Keller/Shanay Norvell vs. Bonnie Blanco. 2 hours 1/6/08
102 Jeff Chapman vs. Adonis Lockett/Christine Philips vs. Siene Silva 1/7/08
103 Sharaud Moore vs. Adam Levin then Andy Konigsmark/Belinda Gavin vs. Monica Carlson 1/14/08
104 Evan Dollard vs. Son Nguyen/Christine Kim vs. Jennifer Blum 1/21/08
105 Alex Rai vs. Mark Baker/Kim Marciniak vs. Toni Oppliger 1/28/08
106 Evan Dollard vs. Anthony Abbatemarco/Shanay Norvell vs. Siene Silva 90 mins 2/4/08
107 Alex Rai vs. Andy Konigsmark/Venus Ramos vs. Monica Carlson. 90 mins 2/11/08
108 Finale - Alex Rai vs. Evan Dollard/Monica Carlson vs. Shanay Norvell. 2 hours 2/17/08

Season 2 (2008)

201 Randee Haynes vs. Jay Martinez/Elena Maskalak vs. Melissa Trinidad, Gerry Garcia vs. John Siciliano/Vanessa Warren vs. Nikki Key/Nikki Smith. 2 hours 5/12/08
202 Cops - Melvin Davis vs. David Moore/Abbe Dorn vs. Vicki Ferrari. 90 mins 5/19/08
203 Brick Reilly vs. Toby Gordin/Tiffaney Florentine vs. De Day. 90 mins 5/26/08
204 Hulk Theme - Landon Jones vs. Tony Tolbert/Rochelle Gilken vs. Chaunda Mason. Lou Ferrigno in crowd 6/9/08
205 Mike Gamble vs. Adam Hill/Clinessa Burch vs. Lillian Thomassen 6/16/08
206 Married Couples - Jeff Davidson vs. Aaron Simpson/Ally Davidson vs. Kendra Sirig 6/23/08
207 Weight Loss - James Ruggiero vs. Sean Hetherington/Jessica Garcia vs. Patti Franklin 6/30/08
208 Young vs. Old - Tim Oliphant vs. Alejandro Soto/Annie Castellano vs. Yoko Ohigashi 7/7/08
209 Anthony Pagnotta vs. Alexander Coates/Andriana Posadas vs. Tatum Yount 7/14/08
210 Tim Oliphant vs. Alexander Coates & Brick Reilly/Ally Davidson vs. Vanessa Warren 7/21/08
211 Jeff Davidson vs. James Ruggiero/Lillian Thomassen vs. Tiffaney Florentine 7/28/08
212 Randee Haynes vs. Mike Gamble/Abbe Dorn vs. Annie Castellano/Grand Finale - Tim Oliphant vs. Mike Gamble/Tiffaney Florentine vs. Ally Davidson 8/4/08


5/08 Season 2 Ads - Bigger, I Donít Think So & New Twists
5/08 Attack of the Show - Siren & Hellga workout
5/08 InFANity - American Gladiators on the set & Behind the scenes at the tryouts with the original Ice. 
5/31/08 Elite XL Saturday Night Fights - Gina 'Crush' Carino vs. Kaitlyn Young
7/7/08 Wolf Meets Hellboy Commercial
8/7/08 Reality Bites Back - Almost American Gladiators 
8/31/08 Brooke Knows Best - Tattoo Me - Brooke and company visit the set during season 2 and meet Justice & Wolf. #108

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