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This half hour Bravo TV series from the UK is narrated by Michael Greco and follows a 6 man Bounty Hunter team from Indianapolis, IN run by ex-military members and led by Agent Fred Slack from the Fugitive Recovery Agency. The show focuses on the SWAT type raids, but also does little profiles on the members of the team. They are real professionals with experience in law enforcement unlike phonies like Duane Dog Chapman.

# Description
101 Indianapolis, IN - Agent Fred Slack, Rob Slack, Benny Hoppes, Don, Matthew Tellez, James Calvert & Mark Snell make up the team. You have to have heart, be patient, have compassion, be thorough, have drive, read people, think like a criminal and have courage. You need them all to do the job. 302514 - James Adams (23) is on a $25,000 bond. James says he sold drugs and wasn't good at it. 5/12/04 briefing - he's a loudmouth rowdy kid at a gang hangout and they could be outnumbered. They hit the house hard and start taking people down who are all over. James wasn't there so they search all over the house and find him in the back bedroom. A naked woman jumps out of bed, she's heavy and flopping all around saying "No, no!" as James tries to get out the window. Dallas Vest Jr. says he got 10 years. 106254B - Ron Klein (46)/Geoff Klein (22) $50,000 bond. Fred became a hunter because 11 years ago he was robbed and left for dead and wanted to catch them. It's a rush, his high is coming after the man. It's a father & son team in FL wanted for driving violations. They spot them both and move in. The son runs at them and they tackle him. He says he didn't do nothing. It takes 4 of them to get him under control since he is so big. Dad runs into the garage and they get the door open. He's fat, has no shirt and says he has nothing on him. In the van the son kicks the cameraman. He does it again and they grab him and go to detain him. Then the father starts fighting though both are cuffed. They yank them outside and hogtie them. They still struggle and want to fight. They separate them and tie the son up. They kept making threats so they took him to jail to wait a month to get extradited from IN to FL. They have a party for James. 117002 - James Cole (34) $20,000 for DWI. They've tried to get him a couple of times. Robert Webb says a CI was to leave the door open for them. At the briefing they are told no one else is home. The house is a disaster, everything is broken and boarded up. They find them having sex on the couch. The guy jumps up naked and they have to push him down with his butt in their face. The place stunk and they smelled like they hadn't showered in days. It smelled like ass and animals. They have his wife get dressed and help him get his pants over his small penis. Outside he tries to run and they tackle him in the street. He says he wasn't ready to go, caught him in the middle of something. 2005
102 Death comes for everybody and there were times they thought they were dead when they had guns pointed at them, twisted wrists, fractured arms, dog attacks, getting jumped and outnumbered. 120001-A - Vincent Cupe (43) $100,000 for drug dealing. 2005
103 They practice entry training with a front door and back door team. The front team is the most experienced. They have to be ready to shoot, but don't want to shoot anyone by accident. They can hide anywhere and no one wants to get hurt. . 344125 - James Lee (46) $10,000 for drugs. 2005
104 Many of them have been victims of crime. Don's brother was murdered, so he got into the business. James house was robbed on Christmas Eve. Rob's girlfriend was raped. 29844-B - Chris Johnson (23) $40,000 for domestic. 2005
105 Matt is 6'3" and 380 pounds. He used to work with a construction company and had to translate Spanish to get guys out of jail and the hunters offered him a job. He loves everything about the job, they call him the breaker because he broke a few guys bones. He has no life outside the job. 111509 - Antonio Sanchez (39) $42,000 for dealing and is facing life. 2005
106 O'Sweeney says if they don't show up for court they get a notice and they decide to rearrest them or find out what happened to them. They use bounty hunters because they have all day to track them down. It saves them money since they get a portion of it. 155387 - Steve Keller (27) $25,000 for theft & battery facing 20 years. 2005
107 They have wanted to beat people up lots of times, but they canít, especially if itís a molester, domestic or an ass. They want to resist and wrestle and you have to rough them up. You are there to get your warrant. 114826 Ė James Jones (32) wanted for drug dealing $50,000. 2005
108 They have no feelings about those they go after, no sympathy, donít care what they did, itís a job, a paycheck. Once the cuffs are on itís over. The rapists and molesters are the worst, itís their job to get them. 258455 Ė Matthew Stewart (29) wanted for $50,000 for drug possession. 2005
109 James has been there 6 years. He used to be a cop, but likes this better. He has an edge with driving and firearms training. He doesnít have to be nice. He can kick ass if he needs to and is 300 pounds. He will wrestle and take them to the ground. 131512 - Ronald Drain (56) driving violations for $12,000. 2005
110 Murder went down from 2003-4, same with assaults, but rapes went up. Crime as a whole is down, they are doing a good job keeping them down. 1114-B - Eric Hibbler (39) aggravated battery/murder for $50,000. 2005
111 Charles Ingram is their martial arts instructor who makes them work out in the gym. They learn knife removal and do a scenario with a father and daughter who attacks them. 324577-B - Mark Roberts (32) possession & dealing $30,000 facing 20 years. 2005
112 Their families worry about them and hate the job, worry about not coming home, that they are gone all the time, think that they are going to get hurt and that itís crazy. 522812-A Joe Mason (25) dealing drugs for $10,000 facing 10 years. 2005
113 Don Wadsworth started 3 years ago. He had a paintball business, but went under because of 9/11. His friend was doing it for 10 years and talked him into it. Some cases can take 3 hours, some 1 Ĺ years. Heís hunted for years and hunting people is the best. 115002 Ė Robert Jenkins (27) possession for $2,000 facing 1 year. 2005
114 Rob & Matt spar at the martial arts school. Then they do knife removal training with wrist twisting. 118001-A Coleen Aherne (43) car theft for $40,000 facing 6 years. 2005
115 Only 10% of bounty hunters make a living from it. You have to get a license, work, then stop. Only 30 are really working in their town. The companies only hire the ones who can catch fugitives. There are people who shouldnít do it and give them a bad name. 345129 - Henry Wells (38) drugs for $20,000 facing 12 years. 2005

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