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Season 1

Animal Planets first new show in the Cops series in 3 years following in the footsteps of Animal Cops Detroit, Animal Cops Houston &
Animal Cops San Francisco. Based in Grassy Park, Capetown the Cape of Good Hope Society has 10 inspectors who cover 9000 square miles.  Narrator - Diriki Mack. The show was recorded mostly between June and November 2007 for 15 episodes.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is the founding society of the SPCA movement in South Africa and is the oldest animal welfare organization in the country. Itís affiliated to the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA) and is an Executive Member of the National Council of SPCAs South Africa (NSPCA). Itís also a member of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

Season 1 (2008-09)

Ep# Description/Airdate
101 Andries Venter gets a call to go 80 miles away to Caledin about a house with 100-150 cats. James Murphy helps him by climbing through an upstairs window to let them in. Nelson goes to a burned dog named stroller Cats - many are dead and diseased, chicken heads are in the microwave. After 2 hours an old woman is found upstairs who didn't know they were there. Her daughter comes home and is charged. After 4 hours they leave with 20 live cats and 8 dead ones. Dr. Miles Penford works on stroller. Cats are brought back to HQ. Return to a house to seize dogs. They go to a shantytown to educate and remove animals. Malcolm trains dogs for adoption. 5/30/08
102 The team is briefed on their assignments for the day by Andries. He goes with James AKA Fox about a case he went to yesterday with 9 dogs hidden on the property. Also a seal. 6/6/08
103 Andries Venter assembles his team for a briefing about street vendors selling live chickens. They think they are being treated cruelly and they will not listen to them, so they are going in with police to hit them fast, load them and go. James Murphy goes with him. 6/13/08
104 Cops return to a man's house who was arrested for having a bloody dog fighting ring at his house four months earlier to check on him. Last time he was fined, now that he has dogs again he will go to jail. 6/20/08
105 In Capetown they cover 9000 square miles with 10 inspectors. Inspector Andries Venter goes to a call of a cat trapped and in pain. 6/27/08
106 Baboons live in the mountains and Keira Joshua goes to the call of a large one that came into town they have to chase down.  7/4/08
107 Keira & Wayne go to the Czech consulate about a large porcupine in their garden. Two horses in a garage and yard. Man selling puppies by the road. Murphy goes to a neglected sheep farm. 1/6/09
108 Grassy Park - Andries has a confidential briefing about a man prescribing drugs and doing surgery on animals and he isn't a vet. 1/7/09
109 Capetown - Wayne Hector goes to a sewage plant where 2 dogs climbed out into the middle of a support beam on a settling tank. Conchita rescues a wounded porcupine. Boys are got dogfighting. Seal in a yard. Cows are left at a muddy farm after their owner was killed. 1/8/09
110 At the water front in Capetown James & Deidre go to the docks about 2 seals trapped in a net. 1/9/09
111 Grassy Park - a dog is caught in a sewage pipe for 2 days. Kiera tries to push it out or catch it and have firemen flush the pipe with water. A man raises goats in his garden; a dog is attacked by Straffordshire terriers; a mongoose is loose in a conference room.1/12/09
112 Mid afternoon Andries is called by police to a raid of an armed gangster's property to remove pit bulls that are there and he's nervous about not knowing what to expect. He finds an aggressive pitbull that has wounds. The owner says the wounds are from it being in heat. A cat is stuck in a tree; an emaciated and tick infested dog. 1/13/09
113 Andries starts the day with a sheriff's request about removing horses from an evicted property because the some stables are being bulldozed for a new building after being there 30 years; a Maltese poodle is attacked by another dog. 1/14/09
114 Several months ago James Murphy went to a farm with pigs, cows and chickens in Penhill that was a disaster. He returns with Andries to find the place has burned down. 1/15/09
115 Baboons on the western cape are scavengers who will climb into second floor windows. Andries goes to a group baboon fight on a roof in the rain as a crowd watches it. 1/20/09

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