Animal Cops

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Season 1

Animal Planet's sixth show in the Cops series is a best of compilation of Animal Cops Detroit, Animal Cops HoustonAnimal Cops San Francisco, Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix & Animal Precinct. When Detroit first started it was just called Animal Cops so this is the second time they've used the title.

Season 1 (2009)

# Description/Airdate
1 Back from the Brink - Animal Precinct - New York - Lucas & Sandano go to a dog named Shelia in a basement infested with big ticks and can barely stand. Animals are brought back from the brink of death. 2/16/09
2 Cats: Born to Survive - Animal Precinct - New York - Annemarie Lucas loves cats. Detroit - Shawn Hairston finds a cat hoarder. The owner say's it was 1 cat that got out of hand. All agents work in the suits the whole day to remove 200 cats. How instinct and anatomy help a cat to survive extreme conditions. #2. 4/10/09

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