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This Animal Planet show goes to the southeastern corner of Michigan which beats the industrial heart of America's "Motor City" - Detroit. And on the outskirts of town is the headquarters of the city's primary animal welfare agency, run by the nonprofit Michigan Humane Society (MHS). Follow the MHS's animal cruelty investigators as they track down animal abusers and bring them to justice. Introducing an exceptional team of investigators and dozens of astonishing cases, Animal Cops transports viewers to the heart of Detroit - a city where animal crimes revolve around dog-fighting, pets exposed to the elements and animal neglect. The 4 MHS investigators in the Detroit area respond to more than 4,000 animal cruelty incidents a year and Animal Cops has unprecedented access to each story, as well as follow-ups on the fate of the perpetrators and their animal victims. Agents include: Debby MacDonald, Mark Ramos, Shawn Hairston & Mike Dowe Jr.  This show is over as no new episodes have aired since 2005.

Season 1 (2002)

Episode Description
Silent Victims Dog is shot after attacking a little girl; abandoned dog needs urgent help. #101. 11/27/02
The Raid The temperature is 15 below and Debby & Mark go to a call of a dog thrown into the Detroit river that is in danger of drowning. Rescue diver Rob goes out to rescue it. Raid on illegal dogfighting. #102. 5/13/02

Season 2 (2003-04)

Backyard Battle Debby & Mark go to a call of an unwanted, injured dog. It has an embedded collar and can barely breathe. She doesn't known how anyone can look at the dog and smell it and just walk away. Dog has gaping neck wound; dog falls into a manhole; dog is severely underweight. #201. 8/2/03
A Cause for Outrage In snowy winter weather Shawn Hairston & Mike Dowe go to a call of 2 dogs outside abandoned and it looks like one is in bad shape, the other is in a garage. He's underweight, too weak to stand up. Neglected dogs; kitten trapped outdoors. #202. 8/3/03
Rush Hour Rescue On the East Side of Detroit, MHS Investigators Kevin Jones and Shawn Hairston are called to rescue two dogs seen living in squalor in a backyard, one is a Rottwieler, property owner is Mrs. Jones who says they belong to her son who is 13. Gunman wounds dog; dogs live in squalor; runaway dog brings freeway to a standstill. 8/17/03
From the Brink In the bitter cold Shawn Hairston & Mike Dowe rush to a call of a brown dog in a backyard close to death. It's a deserted house with a yard full of trash and the dog is near death chained in the back. Malnourished dog; dog-fighting. 8/18/03
Wild Goose Chase On the East Side Shawn Hairston & Mike Dowe go to the house of an old man that is full of mice, rats & birds. A female cop was there and called them. The floor is covered in seed and filth. Pet birds living in poor conditions; injured Canada goose. 8/19/03
Stray Bullets Shawn Hairston & Mike Dowe go to call of a dog that appears to be shot and find out if that is the case, find the owner and the caller. With 10s of 1000s of straws many just shoot them as a nuisance. He has been shot 3 times. Abandoned dog; animals left behind after squatters are evicted. #3. 8/20/03
Task Force Action Debby went to call of a pitbull with scars. The next day they have a meeting to execute a search warrant with police to go back to combat illegal dogfighting. They are to remove the dogs they want unless shots are fired by police, then it becomes a crime scene. Investigators identify a location used for illegal dog-fighting; an injured, terrified dog wanders in the city. 9/2/03
House of Cats Shawn Hairston & David McCloud are going to the east side for a call of numerous cats being let outside of a possible collector. House is overrun with cats; woman beats dog; illegal dog-fighting. 9/4/03
Heat Wave The height of summer, the city is sweltering with temperatures in the 90s. A man brought in 2 dogs and 6 puppies. He said they were strays and had them in his garage for 2 weeks. They are brought to the Michigan Humane Society that are all suffering from heat stroke and are on death's door. Agents then respond to a call about a dog with serious burns and a sick dog with a severe case of mange. 9/5/03
Intentional Cruelty On the west side Debby & Mark go to a call of an ex-boyfriend who stabbed a woman's puppy to death in her backyard. Police have been involved. The ex gave her the dog, she saw him over the dog. He broke her windows too. A man stabs a puppy to death; a man allegedly beats a dog and locks it in the trunk of his car. 9/15/03
Fowl Play On the West side Debby & Mark go to a call of a pet owner has gone away and left a dog behind without food and water, there is a live and dead dog. Owner went to Arkansas. No one is home. Pet abandonment; alligator kept as a pet. 9/16/03
Reptile Raid As night falls the team is heading out on a tough assignment. Debby MacDonald has been called by the police to assist on a raid known to have drugs and exotic animals likes snakes being kept in a house and they must be removed. Next, they follow up on a call about nine dogs being kept in a house. The dogs are well cared for but nine is too many to cope with. 9/17/03
Seeking Justice On the west side of the city Debby & Mark go to case where the owner of a dog bit a girl and the neighbors tied the dog up and beat it to death. They are going to meet up with witnesses. Investigators Ramos and Jones team up to deal with an eight-foot long Burmese python and a tank full of rats. Investigator MacDonald and Jones are confronted by a chow whose thick coat is in such a mess that her health could be threatened. 9/18/03
Abandoned Puppies On the west side Mark Ramos helped removed 8 pit-bulls who are severely injured in a dog-fight and bring them back for evaluation. He is disgusted by it, it's a sickness, but people look at it as big money; a dog and puppies live in an abandoned house; a man sells sick puppies. 10/14/03
Cold Calls On the west side Debby & Mark go to a call of an unknown amount of dogs under a collapsed porch. Rescue driver William Borden is also there. A mother dog and her pups become trapped under a porch; wild cats and dogs overrun an abandoned house. 10/28/03
Puppy Litter Investigators Ramos and MacDonald help retrieve a stray dog and her huge litter of puppies from underneath a house. It's difficult and dirty work. 03
Dog Tired On the west side Debby & Mark investigate a call of a cat thrown out of an apartment window. They will get the cat and hopefully talk to a witness. The owner says he had it a day and a half, it didn't bite him, he just found it. Others say the owner threatened to throw it out the third floor window. They take an injured cat to the Humane Society's Detroit shelter for complex surgery. 1/12/04
Territorial Dispute On the East side Max Sharpe and Mike Dowe went to a house about a dog used in a fight. They couldn't find anything, but an hour later they get a call to return because of a kennel fight. They find a pit bull terrier and two white American bulldogs with several wounds. The owner isn't there, but the brother is and has a pitbull. They must establish what happened and get the dogs treated. 1/13/04
Trapped in Trash On the West side Debby & Mark are doing routine calls until they get a dog fight call. A chow mix puppy is on the porch covered in blood. The homeowner says the dog is a stray and they take it with them. It got in his yard and his dog attacked it. Investigators receive a report of a dog fight in progress. AKA Patches 1/14/04
Embedded Chain MacDonald and Ramos have to deal with a dog left home alone. She hasn't been groomed for a very long time. They take her back to the shelter for grooming, hoping that the fur isn't concealing any medical problems. A chain embedded in a dog's neck has caused severe wounds. AKA Disheveled Fur. 1/15/04
A Real Champ Mark Ramos and Debby MacDonald check out a report of a dog with a collar injury. The dog, Champ, is taken to the Humane Society's Detroit shelter for treatment. A snapping turtle; ill puppies. 1/16/04

Season 3 (2004)

Duck Emergency MacDonald and Ramos receive an urgent call about a duck. It has sustained a serious injury and is bleeding heavily, so they rush it back to the shelter. The veterinary team goes into action to save the duck. Vets investigate a dog's death; a dog is unable to walk. 8/30/04
Cat Trap On the West side Debby & Mark go to a call of a lady who died, they removed the body and there is 50 cats in the house and they have to check it out. If it's that bad they'll come back with help. Cats run wild; dogs rescued from squalid conditions; alligator and turtle relocated. 8/31/04
Soft-Hearted Boxer On the West side Debby & Mark go to a call of a cruelty complaint about a brown boxer chained behind a garage. The owner is home and they've been there before. The dog is very skinny. 9/1/04
Canine Squatters A small team of rescue drivers assist MHS. The job can be dangerous and it keeps them going because it's very exciting. Deandre Folks goes to a call by himself about a drug raid in progress and there are dogs. Sgt. Rodney Jackson wants him to remove the dogs so they can search the yard for drugs. Aggressive stray dogs elude rescuers. 9/2/04
Hoarder House On the West side Debby & Mark are doing routine calls until they get an emergency dog fight call. A woman saw something, but details are vague. Two cops have arrived and stopped the fight. It's 3 juveniles using a stray dog as bait A woman keeps many animals in atrocious living conditions. 9/3/04
Incredible Rescues On the West side Debby & Mark go to a call of a cruelty complaint, a house with a lot of animals - ducks, birds, dogs squirrels that have been abandoned by the owner. They have dealt with her before. She leaves for 2-3 weeks at a time and comes by to feed them. Aggressive pit bulls; goose with an arrow lodged in its neck; dog who has been shot in the head. 11/29/04
Feline Frenzy Just outside the city a house is overrun by cats. Debby briefs the team that is it 50-100 cats, everyone gets a mask, keep your hair covered. Mark & Shawn will go in to evaluate. A puppy has a fish hook stuck in his nose; dogs are living in deplorable conditions. 11/30/04
Cold as Ice On the East Side Shawn Hairston & Mike Dowe go to the call of a Rottweiler left out in frigid temperatures chained to a pole. They find it lethargic and underweight, it can't get up to eat; dog fight; stray-filled home. 12/1/04
Wounded by Wire On the West side Debby & Mark go to a house they've been to before. A dog has sores all over and wire-cord around it, it's supposed to be loose. Mark recognizes one dog. The owner says it's a stray dog. A kitten's partial paralysis; house full of reptiles. 12/2/04
Left in the Cold The team works with the Detroit PD on a search warrant of the home of an illegal dogfighter. Shawn Hairston says cops found a fighting pit in the basement and they will remove dogs and equipment. Lt. James Tolbert briefs them. Organized dog fights; negligent dog owner; 11-foot snake. 12/3/04

Season 4 (2005)

Cat Catching The team loads cat catching equipments, masks and more for a special job. Shawn Hairston is in charge, he went to the house and found a large number of cats and went back and got everyone they have to go back. They expect 75-100 cats in one house. Shelia Carroll will evaluate; dog is stranded on an island; kittens get stuck in a drainpipe. 4/25/05
Mysterious Injuries On the West side Debby & David McCloud got a call of someone beating a Husky with pipe in front of a house, then picked it up and brought it inside. Reports of a dog beating; abandoned dogs have a mysterious condition; cats live in an abandoned house; dogs kept in appalling conditions. #7. 4/26/05
Deserted Dogs On the west side Debbie & Mark go to a complaint of 2 dogs in bad shape with serious hair loss, they don't know why, a lot of reason why, but could be fleas, allergy or mange. Mangy pit bulls; starving, dehydrated puppy; pit bulls attack each other. #8. 4/27/05
Amazing Recoveries In the bitter cold Shawn Hairston & Mike Dowe rush to a call of a brown dog in a backyard close to death (From the Brink). Emaciated, almost frozen dog; puppy used as bait in a pit-bull fight; dog with severe burns and a gunshot wound. 4/28/05
Most Unforgettable Cases Shawn Hairston would never have thought there would be that many cats in one house. The smell of urine was so bad he couldn't breath outside. David McCloud was with him. Investigators at the Michigan Humane Society look back on unforgettable cases. 4/29/05
Darling Diesel On the west side Mark Ramos & David McCloud investigate a complaint about a dog named Diesel that has been shot in a woman's yard last night, but still alive, owner has a gun and is upset. He wasn't loose, she doesn't know the guy who did it. At 4am a guy asked for her son, she didn't know where he was so he shot the dog. She called the police, can't afford to have it looked at. Skinny, neglected dog; dogs in appalling living-conditions. #402. 5/9/05
Piglet's Got to Go On the west side Debby MacDonald & David McCloud go to the call of a dog with a broken front leg that needs medical attention. It happened eight months but the owner has left the injury untreated though she says she loves the dog. 12/12/05
Hungry to Happy On the west side Mark Ramos and Debby MacDonald are returning to an address Mark has been to a number of times. This time it's about skinny dogs that might have to be removed. David McCloud assists. The owner remembers Mark. An owner doesn't understand that her extremely underweight dogs have a problem. 12/12/05

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