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Go on call with investigators from the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (HSPCA) as they fight to combat cruelty across two and a half thousand square miles of Texas. Filmed inside the HSPCA's headquarters (and throughout the territory covered by the agents), the hour-long episodes of Animal Cops: Houston allow viewers to accompany the agents as they investigate some of the 9,000 animal cruelty crimes that are reported to them each year. Agents include: Jim Boller, Jennifer Francis, Kristie Franks, Charles Jantzen, Christine Kendrick, Sheila Kennedy, Max Mixson & Sage Halford. Also see Animal Cops Detroit, Animal Cops HoustonAnimal Cops San Francisco, Animal Cops Philadelphia & Animal Cops South Africa.

Season 1 (2003-04)

Episode Description
Hungry for Justice Horse neglect; 30 sick and injured dogs; Siberian tiger living in a trailer. #1. 8/11/03
The Wild Pack The chief investigator has the unusual and dangerous job of moving four black bears from a roadside zoo to the SPCA shelter. A team responds to a call of a pack of dogs running wild--these dogs don't look like they'll heel quietly. With Charlotte. #2. 8/12/03
Dirty Work Abandoned ostriches and wild boar; alleged ritual sacrifice. #3. 8/13/03
Little Miracle Fighting dogs; The rescue of a pregnant horse leads to a moving struggle for survival. #4. 9/25/03
Long and Sleepless Night  It's a long and sleepless night for Chief Animal Cruelty Investigator Jim Boller of the SPCA when the Houston police raid an illegal cockfight. #5. 10/26/03
Guarding Angel As the Texas temperatures soar, the heat is on for the Houston SPCA's animal cruelty squad. A struggle to free a house full of trapped dogs, and a race to save 16 horses puts the pressure on. #6. 11/9/03
Courtroom Drama Getting horses away from their owner requires a show of strength, police back-up...and a court warrant. There's a fight to save Rottweiller puppies and a call that sends senior investigator Max Mixson to the rescue of six homeless hamsters. #7. 12/1/03
Cruel Neglect The Houston SPCA fight to save a family of six rottweiller puppies who have been severely and cruelly neglected. Investigators rescues a newborn kitten that was entombed behind a brick wall. And the story of how the SPCA helped with the birth of a foal named Freedom. AKA A Foal Named Freedom #8. 12/2/03
The Most Unwanted Animal cruelty investigators and vets join forces to try to save dying puppies. Houston SPCA's senior investigator has the tricky task of rescuing parrots left home alone and there's a new life for an old, abandoned horse. AKA Parrot Rescue #9. 12/3/03
Deep Wounds When torrential rains cause flash flooding, a SPCA agent is called in to rescue horses that are danger of drowning. Across town, an animal cruelty investigator is confronted with a young dog suffering from a rusty metal chain embedded in its neck. AKA Torrential Rains #10. 1/26/04
Puppy Mill The SPCA team closes down a Texas puppy mill. #11. 1/27/04
A Soldier's Best Friend A soldier sends his family a puppy he found in war-torn Iraq. 6/14/04
Criminal Acts Lame horses; in an upscale neighborhood, someone puts meat laced with rat poison in a backyard to silence barking dogs. 6/15/04
Horse Quarantine Skinny horses bring a killer disease to the shelter; pregnant, abandoned dog. 6/16/04
Fighting Camp Investigators close down a suspected illegal dog-fighting operation. 6/17/04
Center of Chaos Assistant chief investigator Charles Jantzen sets out to save seventy cats and dogs in a filthy privately-owned animal rescue center. He spends weeks exerting pressure on the center's owner. An emaciated horse gets a new and healthy life. 6/18/04
Trouble A rookie's attempt to save a dog with a rusty metal chain embedded in his neck touches everyone at the Houston SPCA shelter. Potential occupational hazards arise when a monkey must be rescued. 8/2/04
Animal Round-Up Fifty dogs, cats, cows, donkeys, and goats must be removed from the home of a suspected hoarder in Fayette County, Texas. The rescue of two great Danes from a locked junkyard proves to be a test of patience and ingenuity for the Houston SPCA. 8/3/04
The Big Cases Special edition look back on some of their biggest cases. Abandoned ostriches; emaciated horses. 8/4/04
Deer Rescue An investigator gets a hostile reception; a deer runs through an office-building window; an angry owner wants to keep his six dogs. 8/5/04
Trailer Park Tears An investigator is injured during a raid; a Doberman is wounded; a teen faces a day in court on charges of abusing a stray dog. 8/6/04
Mission to Save Injured horse; deciding the fate of 17 wild cats. 10/4/04
Justice is Served Sheila Kennedy goes to a call from sheriff's about two horses in bad shape living on a rundown property. Loose dogs; a horse-abuser receives justice. AKA Justice Served #8. 10/5/04
Blessed Puppies A standoff with a neglectful dog-owner; a drain traps puppies. #9. 10/6/04

Season 2 (2005)

Survivors Life-and-death battle for a litter of pups; emaciated mare struggles to give birth. 2/21/05
Mini Horse Power Hungry horses; dead dog tied to a fence. 2/22/05
Exotic Cat House Raid on a dog fight; house contains more than 100 exotic hybrid cats. 2/23/05
Busted for Cruelty Emaciated dogs; starving chickens; horse is unable to stand up. 2/24/05
Intentionally Vicious When a cat is brought to the Houston SPCA suffering from severe burns, the case leads to the animal's 14-year-old owner and a bottle of lighter fuel. A dog is shot and a house is inhabited by 55 rampant rabbits. 2/25/05
Brutal Beating A pit bull is shot and beaten to death; a boxer dog has mysterious burns. 3/28/05
Down and in Danger Cruelty investigators seize 11 battle-scarred pit bulls. #20. 3/30/05
A Little Pixie Dust Three-legged Labrador; rescuing a missing dog in need of urgent medical attention. #21. 3/31/05
Super-Sized Seizures A rescue leads to an armed siege; seizure at the home of a cat collector. 4/1/05
Caught on Tape The Houston SPCA are determined to help get a collapsed horse back on all fours. Using a videotape as evidence, it's up to the police and the SPCA investigation team to bring a pet owner, who was caught on camera mistreating his puppy, to justice. 5/11/05
Thirty-Five's a Crowd An investigator responds to a call involving a house with 35 cats. 7/3/05
Wild-Eyed Stallion Horses are saved from slaughter at a livestock auction; starving cattle. 9/12/05
From the Horses Mouth An emaciated horse dies; the birth of a calf; 15 dogs disappear. 9/13/05
Charlie the Mule Max Mixon goes to see Charlie the mule who has been down 24 hours. An ill mule receives emergency medical treatment; a property with three starving horses is raided. 9/14/05
Bovine Burglary Cattle are stolen, then abandoned by thieves beside a freeway; a Chihuahua is put in storage. 9/15/05
Wet and Wild Seven horses are rescued from a dirty, waterlogged field; a kitten gets a new family. 9/16/05
To the Max SPCA investigators are called to a property with one horse dead and four in poor condition due to neglect. 12/13/05
Hard to Forget Houston SPCA investigators recall their most unforgettable cases. 12/13/05

Season 3 (2006)

Baby Love Investigators rescue an abandoned mare and her newly born foal. The baby is in serious condition, but the Houston SPCA team pulls out all the stops to save him. The SPCA also welcomes a new recruit to the team, Investigator Kristie Franks. #1. 3/13/06
Cody's Comeback A horse requires rescue while lying in a pool of water after a heavy rain. #2. 3/14/06
The Comeback Colt Two emaciated dogs; a family of cats is left home alone. #3. 3/15/06
Three-Legged Achilles The team seizes an emaciated boxer; surgeons battle to save a rescued dog with a life-threatening injury. #4. 3/16/06
Unexpected Delivery A young foal has a dislocated knee. #5. 3/17/06
No Longer Abandoned An abandoned dog wins the heart of an SPCA investigator; cops seize more than 200 dogs from an overcrowded puppy mill. 6/12/06
Jack Russell Rescue The veterinary staff struggles to save the life of a Jack Russell terrier. 7/3/06
Sweet as Sugar Owners leave two Great Danes home alone; team members rescue an emaciated mare. 7/17/06
Shining Star A young, underweight mare gets a second chance at a happy life. 7/18/06
Hurricane Rita Response In the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, the Houston SPCA launches one of the largest animal-rescue operations ever. 7/19/06
Grandma Grey A rescued gray mare finds a new home. 7/20/06
Stubborn Joe After Investigator Jennifer Francis discovers two horses and a donkey that have been neglected, the Houston SPCA fights for their custody in court. #10. 7/21/06
Baby Boom The shelter is already overflowing after an influx of sick animals, when a cat gives birth to a litter of kittens. 9/14/06
Pigpen The cruelty investigators fight to rescue more than 50 dogs and 50 other animals from some of the worst living conditions the investigators have ever seen. #12. 10/30/06
Tigers and Bears, Oh My The SPCA investigators go on a challenging rescue mission involving 11 bears and two tigers. 10/31/06
600 Dogs Too Many A privately owned animal-shelter houses 600 dogs over its maximum capacity. 11/1/06
Dirty Dozen The chief investigator fights to save the life of a sick horse. 11/2/06
Under Pressure Investigators relive the horrors of Hurricane Rita and one of the biggest animal-rescue operations ever to take place in the U.S. 1/3/06

Season 4 (2007)

Junkyard Dog Investigators and veterinary staff have to act quickly when a dog suffers a panic attack that sends her body temperature soaring. Their efforts to cool her down become a desperate life or death struggle. 1/22/07
Boris the Boar Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen goes to the rescue of Boris the boar. Boris and nine other pigs have been abandoned without food and water in the filthiest conditions imaginable. Jantzen is determined to get them out. 1/23/07
Engine Kitty With Texas temperatures soaring to 100 degrees, the heat is on when SPCA Investigator Sage Whitney is called to rescue a tiny kitten trapped in the engine of a car. The struggle to locate and free the kitten becomes a dramatic race against the clock. 1/24/07
The Stallion Survivor A clash between two warring stallions presents the veterinary staff with one of the biggest challenges they have ever faced. 1/25/07
Matted Murray A really bad case of neglect to deal with when Investigator Dana Moss brings in a tiny dog with a severely matted coat. 1/26/07
Catching Chickens In 100-degree heat, Houston SPCA investigators must catch scores of chickens that have not been fed or watered. 9/22/07
Perfect Angel Perfect Angel - Early Morning Frances goes 60 miles north of Houston about a dog breeder. Dogs are all over, no one answers, 15 or more inside and 15 more in the yard, some are fighting, some are pregnant. There is no food, the water is green, she leaves a note on the door. If they don't comply then they can get a seizure warrant. Dana Moss takes a dog from a woman that was abused. In a dramatic and moving episode of Animal Cops Houston, the Houston SPCA's animal cruelty investigators rescue a puppy in desperate need of saving. 9/24/07
Sanctuary Seizure SPCA has received an abuse complaint notified its detectives, medical workers and volunteers and they are commissioned to evacuate nearly two hundred birds and mammals from a sanctuary that has been accused of neglecting the animals. 9/25/07
Catahoula Puppies HSPCA's animal cruelty investigators rescue a puppy in desperate need of saving. HSPCA Investigators are also called in by police when a raid on an alleged drug smuggling operation reveals hundreds of fighting roosters. 9/26/07
Ferret Frenzy In the winter Dana Moss goes out in bad weather to a colt that has been down for two days 20 miles south of Houston. 9/27/07
Six Mangy Mutts Investigators Sage Halford and Enrique Castillo come to the aid of a litter of pups that has been callously dumped in a ditch in the countryside outside Houston. The pups all have mange. 9/28/07

Season 5 (2008)

Amazing Transformations Special Edition: The Houston SPCA revisits the cases in which animals' lives have been dramatically transformed. 1/7/08
From Cages to Comfort Special Edition: The Houston SPCA recalls one of its most dramatic rescues of eleven bears and two tigers that had been living in cramped cages in West Texas. A year after their rescue, there are updates to the stories of the bears and tigers. 1/21/08
Little Colt that Could SPCA Investigator Jennifer Francis seizes several starved and neglected animals from a property, including three horses. A colt later collapses. The Houston SPCA medical team works tirelessly to pull the young colt out of danger and through to recovery. 1/21/08
Fighting Birds A rooster fight is in full swing when it is raided by the police, and the investigators of the Houston SPCA are called in to gather evidence and handle the birds that are seized. 1/22/08
Desperate Measures Veteran investigator, Kristie Franks, has seen the downside of man and animal relationships, and has become, if not callous, used to the extremes of animal neglect and abuse; chasing Barney in order to remove his embedded collar, distresses her. 4/8/08
Saved from Misery While rescuing a neglected miniature horse from a careless owner, investigator Stephen Goldman exposes a mystery; two abandoned dogs are running loose, so Goldman is joined by Deputy Constable Kristine Kendrick as he tries to capture them. 4/11/08
Chance Encounters While on her way to an inspection, investigator Jennifer Francis notices two horses being dragged behind a truck on a chaotic highway, so she gets sidetracked; left in a backyard kennel, eight heavily matted Shih Tzus struggle to survive. 6/3/08
Beyond the Call of Duty The investigators at the Houston SPCA are needed to round up two dangerous emus with razor sharp claws and powerful kicks; an animal hoarder becomes the subject of an investigation when a routine seizure becomes an emergency rescue operation. 6/4/08
Extreme Rescues Shocked and dismayed by his disturbing findings, investigator Stephen Goldman checks in on a breeder's kennels near Houston where he observes close to 100 American bulldogs living in abhorrent conditions and struggling to survive. 6/5/08
Triumph Over Adversity Investigator Stephan Goldman takes a seemingly easy call about a dog that is stuck in a fence, but when he arrives on the scene to rescue the hound, he is shocked to see an animal that is so hungry he is unable to walk. 6/9/08
Rescued from the Brink Investigator Dana Almengor finds two dead dogs and six starving beagles left in a kennel and is determined to find out who was responsible, while a horse who has been left neglected and unable to walk leads to an arrest. 6/10/08
In the Nick of Time Investigators visit an animal hoarder in Montgomery County; two horses are found starving in a water-logged paddock; animal control workers rescue Buck, a golden retriever who was left home alone, suffers from a mysterious disease. 6/11/08
Helping the Helpless Investigator Sage Halford confiscates some pit-bulls who may have been bred to fight and later takes the owner to court; an old trailer houses neglected Tibetan Spaniels; two abandoned dogs are brought to the shelter. 6/12/08
Snakes Alive Snake investigator Dana Almengor answers a call about a boa constrictor that was found in Galveston; meanwhile, Senior Investigator Kristi Franks helps a dog mother that has recently given birth to a litter of puppies under a house. 6/16/08
Cats in Trouble Special Edition covering cat calls from all Animal Cops series. 6/26/08
Wild Cats Special Edition covering large cat calls from all Animal Cops series. 6/26/08
Fearless in Duty Debbie goes to a hoarder's house fire in the middle of the night and films it. Chief investigator Charles Jantzen rescues 37 dogs from the house. It takes all night to rescue and clean them up. The next morning another puppy is found in the rubble. Rescue technician Roman Leal saves puppies from a drain. 7/14/08
Fight for Survival 8am Trisha Price arrives for a house seizure. Debbie Michielson took photos on 12/11 & 12/22/07 to document the horse that can't eat because of bad teeth. 7/15/08
Outwitted Max Mixon goes to a call of a dead dog in a yard that might have been a fighting dog. On closer inspection he sees it was shot and beaten with a brick. 9/6/08
Rescue Me Investigator Kristie Franks leads a team for a seizure of 20 cats from female hoarder's house. Feral ones can be aggressive. They get many with ease, but it takes 4 hours to get them all and at the shelter one gives birth; a horse with a mysterious leg injury is rescued. 10/9/08
Lost But Not Forgotten Chief investigator Jantzen briefs his team on the biggest horse seizure of the year in Madison County. Kristie Franks has evidence on the 19 horses. Investigator Price saves a dog left home for weeks; kitten in a storm drain. 10/10/08

Season 6 (2008-09)

Kennel Seizure Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen leads a team to Orange County of a kennel with over 50 dogs from a kennel that he can't feed anymore. They have been fed rotting carcasses by the man who takes in strays. 12/10/08
Appaloosa Mare Investigators Jennifer Francis & Debbie go to investigate 2 cases in Harris County. Jen has a hard time with people who can't see their animals are abused. They go to 2 starving, emaciated horses. 12/11/08
Super Trooper Dr. Thurston can't believe people don't do basic care to animals. She goes to the barn to check on horses. She came to the country from Venezuela. They go to extremes to care for an emaciated horse and her prematurely born foal. 12/12/08
Backyard Breeder Debbie Michielson is called by Deputy Linda in Liberty County about a house with a yard full of dogs that are very loud. The fat male owner doesn't want to come out, wants a warrant and says he has 54 small dogs. They go in to check it out. 12/29/08
Hurricane Ike It's coming in 24 hours with speeds of 145mph and will be one of the worst to hit the island of Galveston. Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen of the Houston S.P.C.A. and his crew prepare to rescue as many animals as possible following Hurricane Ike. 1/5/09
Grumpy Wilma  Investigator Debbie Michielson goes to her first case, has to beat traffic to get to the Montgomery County courthouse about two emaciated horses. Investigator Jantzen helps with the removal of a grumpy, obese pot bellied pig. 1/12/09
Missing Puppies Debbie Michielson goes to Liberty County about a man who had 20 puppies and then he died. The neighbor can't take care of them as they are getting wild. 2/23/09

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