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Season 1

Animal Planet's fifth show in the Cops series following in the footsteps of Animal Cops Detroit, Animal Cops HoustonAnimal Cops San Francisco & Animal Cops South Africa. Pennsylvania SPCA's humane law enforcement officers cover an area of over 46,000 square miles from their headquarters in the in Juniata section of Philadelphia. The six officers with full police powers and six agent trainees are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week protecting the city's one and a half million pets. 10 episodes were filmed.
Agents: George Bengal, Greg Jordan, Leonard Knox, Chris Martin, Juan Martinez, Riba McDonald, Ashley Mutch, Wayne Smith, Elizabeth "Betty" Sorrel, Darlene Sosa & Chad Weaver

Season 1 (2008)

# Description/Airdate
1 Undercover Sting - Wayne Smith goes undercover to buy a fighting pitbull they found on craigslist for $800. A dog's life is in danger when it's abandoned in a back yard in freezing temperatures - and can the rescue team save Piper the cat who is trapped in a sewer drain 34 feet below ground? 7/16/08
2 Midnight Raid - At 2am Darlene Sosa goes to a call where cops did a drug raid and found fighting dogs and roosters. They seize 112 birds & dogs from a Philadelphia property, including a red-tailed hawk, a puppy with brutally cropped ears and nearly 100 roosters they suspect are being trained to fight. 7/17/08
3 A Fresh Start - Pennsylvania SPCA agent Greg Jordan goes to an injured dog call on the north side. The hardest thing is knocking on a doors and the owner doesn't want to hear it. He gets a nasty shock when he discovers a Doberman who nails are so long they've started to grow into the pads on its feet and is hoping on 1 leg. 10/6/08
4 Zeus' Battle For Survival - Wayne Smith & George Bengal go to the north side for the call of a tiger, bull and more in the basement of a house which is illegal. The owner says he only had a baby bull he rescued from slaughter for his daughter, but it's gone now and they can check. The medical team works through the night to save a German shepherd that arrived at the shelter with a deeply embedded collar. 10/7/08
5 Machete Attack - Sosa & Hernandez go to a 1 year old pitbull that was attacked with a machete during a robbery attempt; dog suffers from heatstroke. 12/8/08
6 Hole-in-the-Neck Cat - Officer Wayne Smith checks out Molly the dog and a cat turned in by the owner that are severely neglected, near dead and need emergency surgery. The cat has a large hole in its neck. Stray dog with a matted coat. #6. 12/9/08
7 Helping Hands - Morning shift begins with the first emergency case. An emaciated dog named Champ can't walk. The woman had it 7 years and turned it in to the shelter weighing a third of it's normal body weight. George Bengal will investigate her; a cat suffers a large wound. 1/19/09
8 Chained Dogs - Wayne Smith is going undercover. George Bengal tells him it's a dog fighting area and he'll go with him about some dogs at a house. They hope to catch them fighting. Investigators find eight dogs tied to 50-pound metal chains. 1/26/09
9 Bonnie and Clyde - Betty Sorel brings in a lab with multiple bite wounds named Clyde who was chained in a backyard and covered with maggots. He was attacked by another dog and left for dead; the vets try to help Clyde's housemate, Bonnie. #9. 2/2/09
10 Rescued Just in Time - 10 new agents are brought in. Wayne Smith goes to an embedded chain call that is bloody and nasty. A man says the owner lives in the basement. A girl says she owns it. Two dogs Chewbacca & Wookiee are abandoned in a backyard without shelter during a storm. #10. 2/9/09

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