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Season 1
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This series follows in the footsteps of the Animal Cops and Animal Precinct series. The series ended in 2007 and in 2099 came back under the Animal Cops Phoenix title.

Season 1 (2005-06)

Episode Description/#/Airdate
Desert Rescue EAMT Dave White follows a report of a stray dog with cactus spines stuck in its mouth. EAMTs Marisa McHugh and Guy Bell are called out to a house where a litter of stray kittens has been heard crying in the attic space. Field Operations Manager Racelle Carlson and other AHS staff members visit a man said to have neglected his angora goats and his 12 dogs. EAMT Cheri Roth brings in a dog believed to have been injured in a road accident. And finally, Guy Bell and Racelle Carlson come to the aid of a pigeon that has become tangled in fishing line - at the top of a 100-foot palm tree. #1. 05
Promise to Mother EAMT Marlynn Barkley decides to crack down on a rabbit breeder whose animals are living in squalid conditions. EAMT Andy Starr comes to the aid of a Schnauzer found lying at the side of a road with what looks like a broken leg. Guy Bell's climbing skills are called upon when a cat needs rescuing from a tree, where she's been stuck for the past five days. EAMT Lori Cooper is called to help a dog the fire department has rescued from an apartment fire. It takes the expert touch of Andy Starr to release an overly curious puppy's head from a hole in a garden wall. EAMT Tamie Kinsel rescues a community's favorite duck, which has a hook stuck in its throat. #2. 05
Trapped Underground Racelle Carlson and Guy Bell have a dramatic rescue on their hands when a 14-year-old spaniel becomes trapped in a sinkhole that has opened up in the yard of a Phoenix property. Racelle and Guy are also involved in the case of an elderly woman who has 27 Brussels Griffon dogs. The woman will not let anyone inside the house, but the few dogs she allows them to see confirm fears that conditions inside are unhealthy for both the woman and her pets. Tamie Kinsel faces an exceptionally challenging situation when a dog and its litter of puppies are attacked by a swarm of bees. There is a happier outcome for Tamie Kinsel when she rescues a tiny kitten that has become trapped inside the air conditioning unit of an apartment block. #3. 05
Wandering Bridge EAMTs Dave White and Andy Starr attempt to rescue an elderly beagle from a storm drain. AHS Field Operations Manager Racelle Carlson leads a team of EAMTs to round up a number of dogs roaming free on a property at the edge of the desert. Then Racelle Carlson and EAMT Marlynn Barkley help relieve an elderly couple of several dogs and cats that they can no longer cope with. EAMT Liz Truitt helps a Doberman that has fallen into a deep trench on a construction site. EAMTs Guy Bell and Rick Valenzuela come to the aid of a kitten that has set up home in a storm drain. Finally, EAMT Tamie Kinsel rescues another kitten that has found itself in danger high up above a window, trapped behind anti-pigeon spikes. #4. 05
The Dog House A dramatic rescue: When a cat falls off a garden wall into a cactus, EAMT Marisa McHugh comes to the rescue. Racelle Carlson faces the challenge of checking on a house full of dogs; to her surprise she discovers 44 of them, many with severe medical and behavioral problems. Guy Bell shares his tree-climbing knowledge with Andy Starr, who rescues a stranded cat from a palm tree. Marisa McHugh comes to the rescue of a cat that has tried to make its home in a library under construction. Finally, EAMT Cheri Roth steps in when a feral cat tries to raise its kittens in a storm drain. #5. 05
House of 60 Cats EAMT Traci Pepper faces an unusual problem when a puppy is found with its head jammed into the middle of a spare car wheel. Racelle Carlson has received information that a woman and her elderly mother are living in unhealthy conditions in a house full of cats. They find 60 semi-feral felines, many with serious illnesses, among the clutter and trash. Cheri Roth helps a tiny sparrow covered in some kind of glue, believed to have spilled from a garbage truck. Marlynn Barkley investigates a report that a dog has a broken leg that has been left untreated. Kittens like to explore, and Tamie Kinsel is called out to rescue one that has become trapped behind a chimney. #6. 4/06
Stuck! EAMTs Marisa McHugh, Guy Bell and Rick Valenzuela struggle to free a retriever from a drain pipe before the storms hit. Marisa McHugh is also involved in the case of a puppy who has taken refuge under a car after being attacked by another dog. EAMT Mike Moore is called in by the Phoenix Police Department to investigate a report of neglect, and discovers a number of dogs in horrifying living conditions. EAMT Lori Cooper comes to the rescue of a stray cat that is trapped inside the giant fan of an air conditioning unit. Guy Bell and Marisa McHugh rescue another cat that has managed to get itself stuck inside a stove vent. Finally, EAMT Laura Hackett has to climb into a dirty drain to rescue a tiny kitten. #7. 4/06
The Arizona Heat EAMTs Traci Pepper and Andy Starr attempt to remove a tiny puppy from the middle of a narrow sewer pipe. EAMT Cheri Roth discovers a dog living in a dirty yard on a short chain, its food crawling with ants. When Marisa McHugh calls back the following week there is no sign of improvement in the dog's conditions. Marisa McHugh then comes to the aid of a stray dog suffering from heatstroke. Meanwhile Andy Starr helps out a stray Shar-Pei whose chain has become entangled in a chainlink fence. EAMT Tamie Kinsel is called out to help a cat that has been hit by a car. Finally, EAMTs Valerie Newman and Guy Bell rescue several cats whose owner has been evicted from his apartment. #8. 4/06
Outside the Crosswalk EAMT AmyJo Meadows spots a little dog in trouble, crisscrossing the five lanes of traffic on busy Seventh Street. AmyJo then assists Racelle Carlson in investigating a report of a house so overrun with cats that the owner sleeps in his car. AmyJo Meadows, accompanied by Guy Bell, is also involved in the rescue of a cat that is trapped inside a pipe. Marisa McHugh comes to the aid of another dog who has tangled with the Phoenix traffic, but this one was not so lucky she appears to have a broken leg. Finally, Tamie Kinsel comes to the rescue of a stray pup wearing a collar that has become embedded in his neck. #9. 4/06
Filth Breeds Big Problems EAMTs Tamie Kinsel and Guy Bell attempt to rescue a cat that has climbed a tall palm tree but can't get back down again. AHS Field Operations Manager Racelle Carlson investigates reports that a puppy breeder is allowing dogs to live in filthy and unhealthy conditions. EAMT Laura Hackett gets a call about a kitten trapped in a drain. Laura then has another case of a trapped animal, this time a young dog whose curiosity has gotten the better of it. EAMT Traci Pepper investigates a disturbing case of a dog who has lost the use of its rear legs and is dragging them around behind it. Helped by Racelle Carlson and EAMT AmyJo Meadows, Traci seizes the dog, along with a litter of puppies who are dehydrated and tick-infested. #10. 8/20/06
Staying Out of Traffic AMTs Marisa McHugh, Rick Valenzuela, AmyJo Meadows and Guy Bell attempt to rescue a dog with a limp but who can still run away when approached. AmyJo Meadows assists Racelle Carlson in an investigation into a man who has been taking in stray cats and trying to help them. Guy Bell answers an unusual call: a goat that has broken its leg while trying to jump a fence. EAMT Liz Truitt rescues a dog lying on the side of the road with a heavy tick infestation. Traci Pepper has a mystery to solve when she responds to a report of a dog that's been attacked by a coyote. Finally, Guy Bell and Laura Hackett rescue a cat stuck up a tree. #11. 8/21/06
My Wandering Pony AmyJo Meadows investigates a complaint of dogs being neglected, finding five dogs in poor health, tied on short leashes and without adequate shelter or food. The owner refuses to cooperate, but then gives away all but one dog. Upon discovering severe signs of neglect, Racelle Carlson insists on taking the final dog and pressing criminal charges. An unusual call comes in to the AHS from a police officer who has spotted a pony wandering on the highway. EAMT Marlynn Barkley and Racelle Carlson investigate a report that a breeder of Basenji dogs is neglecting her animals. Guy Bell is sent out to help a man who thinks a cat is trapped in the wall cavity of his home. Another cat is in trouble until EAMTs Cheri Roth and Liz Truitt come to the rescue. #12. 8/22/06
Constructing a Recovery EAMT Marisa McHugh is called out to a construction site where she finds an injured dog and a pot-bellied pig that is unable to stand. EAMT AmyJo Meadows checks the site later and finds a woman living in a mobile home with two dogs and a litter of neglected puppies. EAMT Laura Hackett investigates a report of a dog abandoned at a property in Phoenix. EAMT Tamie Kinsel comes to the aid of a Corgi who has been hit by a car and has open wounds on its belly. Tamie is also involved in the attempted rescue of a cat apparently trapped in a drain underneath a road. EAMT Supervisor Guy Bell is called out to a house fire, where he finds a dog with the remains of melted Christmas lights in its fur. #13. 8/23/06
The Desert Special edition focuses on the impact of Phoenix's location in the Sonoran Desert and how the AHS often has to step in to help the animals who live there. We look back over a year of rescues in which the desert backdrop has played a part. New interviews with the EAMTs give us a fresh insight into their work, and we get the latest news on the rescued animals. This episode features Marisa McHugh's rescue of a cat who's fallen into a cactus; Marisa McHugh, Guy Bell and Rick Valenzuela's rescue of a dog from a storm drain; Dave White's rescue of a dog with cactus spines in its mouth; Marisa McHugh's rescue of a stray dog suffering from heatstroke; Andy Starr's rescue of a dog tangled in a chainlink fence; and Racelle Carlson, Marlynn Barkley and Laura Hackett's roundup of dogs roaming free on a property at the edge of the desert. #14. 8/24/06
Growing Pains A focus on the rescues of very young animals. The AHS often comes to the aid of puppies and kittens, sometimes because their curiosity has landed them in trouble, sometimes because they are the victims of neglect. We look back at some of the most dramatic rescues, and in new interviews, the EAMTs share their thoughts and feelings about them. We also catch up with the rescued animals now that they are not so young. This episode features Traci Pepper and Andy Starr's rescue of a puppy from a sewer pipe; Marisa McHugh and Guy Bell's rescue of kittens from an attack and wall cavity; Racelle Carlson's negotiations with a neglectful puppy breeder; Traci Pepper's rescue of a puppy with its head jammed in a car wheel; and Racelle Carlson's discovery of a house full of cats, kittens, clutter and trash. #15. 8/25/06

Season 2 (2007)

Molding Clay Two dogs are rescued from a man allegedly posing as a licensed vet; a kitten impaled by razor wire is freed; the team rescues 11 cats trapped in a burned-out building. #16. 3/19/07
Three-Legged Chase With the temperature at 110 two dogs trapped in the midday sun are rescued; on-the-spot emergency treatment for a cat near death; amputation for neglected pit bull likely. #17. 3/20/07
Pepe Loves Chachee Two aging dogs abandoned in a kennel are saved from dying in the heat; fight to save a cat that has suffered a 20-foot fall from a tree; a German shepherd with a bizarre wooden frame stuck around its neck is freed. #18. 3/21/07
Down The Drain A tiny Shitzu is hit by a car and rushed in for treatment; an AHS team battles to save a kitten trapped in a maze of underground pipes; a dog with a life-threatening injury becomes the center of a shocking case. #19. 3/22/07
Flagstaff Fire Rescue Amid raging forest fires in Flagstaff, the AHS team risks their lives to rescue the animals left behind when parts of the city are evacuated; a curious cat is trapped and it's a race against time. #20. 3/23/07
Not So Pot-Bellied Pigs EAMT Andy Starr rescues a cat that is trapped behind a BBQ grill. Field Operations Manager Racelle Carlson leads a team of EAMTS when they move in to rescue seventeen emaciated pigs from a 90 year old woman's yard. #21. 7/9/07
Happy Endings EAMT AJ Meadows has a fight on her hands when she battles to save seven dogs locked in a hot car. The dogs have been abandoned with no food or water and the temperature inside the car is over ninety degrees. #22. 7/10/07
Kitten Rescue When a kitten is trapped and in desperate need of help, EAMT Traci Pepper risks her own life to save him. #23. 7/11/07
Soft-Shell Turtle When two dogs are badly injured, EAMT Marissa McHugh and EAMT AJ Meadows are called to their rescue. Both dogs are rushed to the Second Chance Animal Hospital where the AHS vets battle to save them. #24. 7/12/07
Rocky Beats the Odds The Arizona Humane Society helps a boxer fight for life. The dog's rescuer, Emergency Animal Medical Technician Traci Pepper, takes her home and nurses her back to health. #25. 7/13/07
Playful Pit Puppy Early evening, 25 miles east of Chandler they go to a call of Duke the puppy who got it's head stick in a concrete block in a wall. Medical staff members fight to save the life of a black cat that was attacked by a pack of dogs. #26. 12/17/07
Desert Junkyard Liz Truitti & Stephanie Johnson rescue an injured cat from a drainage tunnel. The Arizona Humane Society rescues 30 dogs living in a desert junkyard. #27. 12/19/07
Comanche Tamie Kinsal goes to a call of an injured cat wandering around on the north side. #28. 12/20/07

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