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Season 1

Animal Planet enters "The City" to bring the tireless work of San Francisco Animal Care and Control (ACC) to the forefront in Animal Cops: San Francisco. San Francisco ACC, with a team of 10 investigators and two full-time police officers, receives over 10,000 calls a year including animal-related emergencies, dog-fighting calls and animals in distress. The team covers the metropolitan district of San Francisco and responds to calls as unique as the town they are in. Capt. Vicky Guldbech and Lt. Michael Scott lead the San Francisco ACC team on the important mission of protecting the city's animal population. Agents: Officer Andy O'Brien, Officer Andrea Runge, Dr. Bing Dilts, Sergeant Charmion Forrester, Officer Ellie Sadler, Sergeant Jason Kent, Officer Peter Flores, Officer Larry Johnson, Officer Le-Ellis Brown, Officer John Denny, Sergeant Bill Herndon.

Season 1 (2005)

Episode Description
Not-So-Abandoned House An officer is called to contain a dangerous pit-bull after a vicious biting incident. #1. 1/31/05
The Snake Collector  When a dog is admitted to the SPCA animal hospital in critical condition, an officer asks the owner some tough questions. #2. 2/1/05
The Hunt for a Dog-Fight Kingpin Officer Andrea Runge rescues two pit bulls from a dog-fighting ring. #3. 2/2/05
Overcrowded and Unwanted A locked apartment is full of caged animals left for days without food or water. #4. 2/3/05
Unneighborly Behavior Two escaped Rottweilers brutally kill much-loved pets. #5. 2/4/05
Unlawful Shot? Puppies with parvo virus; police shoot a dog. #6. 5/12/05
Animal Traffic Cops Dog suffers from multiple tumors; dog causes chaos in heavy traffic. #7. 6/6/05
Foul Contenders Neglected dog; alleged cock-fighting. #8. 6/7/05
Apartment Search Dead puppy; apartment overrun with cats. #9. 6/8/05
Ugly Ring Around the Collar A much-loved pet is savaged by another dog; a dog's collar becomes embedded. #10. 6/9/05
Fire Escape A dog escapes from a burning apartment; a critically ill cat; rescued pitbull puppies; a hit and run. #11. 6/10/05
Bridge Rescue and the Aftermath Fighting cocks in the back of a truck; an apartment is overrun with cats; bridge rescue. 12/14/05
Unwanted Backyard Discovery Two dogs left to starve to death in a backyard; tracking down the owner of fighting cocks; fire-damaged apartment building. 12/14/05
Double Doggie Bite A Labrador is accused of biting two mail men; an injured owl is rescued; a cat is removed from inside a wall. 12/16/05
Clip Show Officers of the San Francisco Animal Protection and Care unit remember their most unforgettable stories. 12/19/05

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