Bait Car 

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This half hour Court TV now truTV series is all footage of criminals stealing bait cars - those rigged with cameras and killswitch ignitions by the police. Cops set up, leave the car, wait for a criminal to see it, steal it, let them go, cut the car ignition and bust them. After a year off new episodes arrived in 2009/

Season 1 (2007)

# Description
101 Oakland, CA - Mike Maskarich says 6000 cars were stolen last year. Sometimes they steal things, sometimes they use them for drivebys. Bob OíKeefe explains about a bait car. Chris Costigan briefs the group and tells them where to set up. Kelly Dixon leaves a black Acura with the keys inside. A couple minutes later a black girl jumps in, but doesnít know how to get it in gear.  8/6/07
102 Stockton, CA - Sgt. Rodney Ellison II briefs the team. Monty Stickels says they have a lot of stolen vehicles in the area, thatís why they set up there. The UC speeds by in a blue pickup and skids attracting attention. He gets out without a shirt sniffing like he has a drug problem. 8/6/07
103 Ontario, CA - Sgt. Patrick Rowe briefs them. The neighborhoods are bad, so stay back and wait to pick them up. David Yorkley says itís called Highland, lots of drugs in the area people who sell stolen cars for cash. A UC drives by and a woman follows chasing him down and she yells at him to get out of that damn car and get in her car calling him stupid. Itís all a setup. 8/13/07
104 Riverside, CA - Grady Stevens says it makes people think before they commit a crime. They drop a car off and a black couple on bikes loads them into the back. She says itís crazy, he knows he wants to get far away. 8/13/07
105 San Bernardino, CA - Sgt. Patrick Rowe briefs them. Officer Karie Mendoza says itís an area with a lot of thefts. Officer George Padilla drives the Acura bait car. He parked it and runs off leaving the lights on. 8/20/07
106 Richmond, CA - Ron Rogers says they have the highest number of thefts. Mike Maskarich says they have sound devices and cameras. Andrew Unsinger gets himself dirty to make it look good. He runs from cops in a silver Acura and pulls into a strip mall parking lot. Cops have him get out and give him a FST - follow my finger. He swats the cops arm and they arrest him. People all around watch and run over to his car. A woman gets in and asks who got the key. A guy has it. Sam Bailey gets into position. They leave and come back. The guy says let me drive, she says sheís got it and has trouble with the clutch. She says to put your seatbelt on. He says the police are on the way. She tells him to check whatís up in the glove. They kill the ignition and she says dammit, fók. If it wasnít their car it would be someone elseís. 8/20/07
107 Mantec, CA - Officer John Moody says every major freeway comes through like the 9 & 101. They park a red Acura and it only takes a few minutes for a black kids on a bike to check it out, then a black man walks up. Sgt. Rodney Ellison II says they have to watch it non-stop. Then a white woman jumps in and takes off. 8/27/07
108 Stockton, CA - Officer Monty Stickels sets up in a gang area. Thieves use the cars for robberies, drug running or a ride. A UC drives a silver 2000 Acura Integra. He parks badly, puts the hazards on and stumbles away acting drunk. 8/27/07

Season 2 (2009)

201 9/09


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