North Hollywood Bank of America Shootout Episode Guide (1997-08)

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Because the infamous 2/28/97 shootout was caught live and broadcast all over TV it appeared on many real footage shows and specials. It was also used so much because with all the 1000s of rounds fired, only the gunmen, Larry Eugene Phillips, Jr. and Emil Matasareanu died that day. These are in order of airing.

Show Description
Real TV The North Hollywood Bank of America shootout with two robbers in body armor and AK-47s. New angles are shown by local people caught in the crossfire. #1145. 4/25/97
Worldís Scariest Police Shootouts Tracy Fisher is a witness. The two gunmen lock 30 employees in the vault. Armen was a hostage. Jorge Viera was a Spanish reporter, first on the scene, but thought the robbers were cops. He ducks down as armor piercing bullets hit the pole behind him and ricochet. He thought he was going to get hit. They shoot at the helicopters too. Jorge Montes is a doctor who treats two cops who come running in wounded. Tracy was shot in the foot and carried out. Officer Douglas Jones is on scene and says the suspects have been hit many times, but the body armor stops it. Then they realize their legs arenít protected. The gun is shot out of one's hand and he tries to carjack a truck, but it wonít start. Cops pull up and he unloads with his assault rifle. They hit him and he goes down. Tracy says it meant a lot to hear the cops voices. Jorge says cops were in danger, but still concerned for people. They believe the cops did a great job, thatís why no one got killed. Bunnell says most cops will never get in a shootout. If a gun gets pulled on them theyíll fight back. 5/15/97
I Survived a Disaster 2 Hosted by Dean Stockwell. North Hollywood Bank of America Shootout with recreation footage inside the bank. Bill Capizzi went in for $10. 5/15/97
What Went Wrong?  Episode #218 - Tracy Fisher and her dog Dioche go to the bank to get money and hear the gunshots. She calls 911 who tells her to find a cop. Cops are waiting for the gunmen to come out and when they do they open fire with AK-47s. She was pinned behind a car with 2 cops as the bullets rip through the car, windows and tires. Cops were pinned all around and open fire on the gunmen. This gives Tracy and the cops a chance to run, but are shoot at and she and a cop are hit. She holds a man and blood pours onto the street. No one can get to them. Jorge Viera from Telemundo TV races to the scene to broadcast. Then he's shot at and a bullet ricochets off the pole right behind him and he thought he was going to get killed. Mike Meadows is a stills photographer who was also there. One gunman gets in a car and the second walks beside him and fires. Then they spilt up and one walks and shoots and takes a shot to the head. The second man tries to carjack a pickup truck, but cops surround him and open fire. In a hail of gunfire he goes down. Tracy was hit in the foot and didn't need surgery. The cop made it through major surgery. WWR? - Prof Bruce Burg talks about how automatic gunfire will go through everything. Now officers carry semi-automatic weapons. They found her dog shot, but he survives too. 1998
LAPD: Life on the Beat The Rescue (SWAT) #246. 1998
Assault Rifle Training #267. 1998
All for One Pt. 1 #4081. 2/15/99
Conrad Torrez Story #4083. 2/17/99
SWAT #4084. 2/18/99
The Whole Story #4085. 3/3/99
LA S.W.A.T Mark Dunn was a KCBS reporter in a helicopter over the scene. They knew something was wrong when they saw a man firing a machine gun. They saw the car, his partner and them trying to leave until the cops arrived and the gun battle ensued. 11 cops and 7 people were injured since the cops were outgunned. The bad guys are getting badder, weapons are more powerful. Critics are against the big guns and the shootings. Deputy Roy Burns says they arenít out there killing people, they donít want to kill anyone. They are not militaristic. SWAT means Sit, Wait And Talk is the joke. Discovery Channel 2000
Captured: MSNBC Investigates 9am - David Shapiro and his son were in the bank when the gunmen races in and told everyone to get down. Larry (26) & Amil (27) fired into the door and a 79 year old woman was punched in the head. In 10 minutes they got $300,000. The robbery that evolved into a shoot-out with the police on the streets of North Hollywood is recalled in a minute-by-minute account featuring footage of the gun battle and interviews with the police officers and witnesses. AKA Terror in North Hollywood 2002
Impact: Stories of Survival Drag Race Disaster - Shootout 2/28/97 with Stewart Guy. #10. 9/23/02
Critical Rescue: Officer Down North Hollywood Bank of America Shootout by the Discovery Channel 2 hours. 2003
Critical Situation North Hollywood Shootout - On Feb. 28, 1997, Los Angeles police officers confront two heavily armed bank robbers w/Sgt. James Zboravan, John Villagrana, Ed Brentlinger, Kim Coleman, Tracy Fisher, Guadalupe De La Cruz, Don Anderson, Bill Marr & Martin Whitfield. NGC 6/12/07
Shockwave North Hollywood, CA 2/28/97 Ė Bank of America shootout. Lt. Michael Ranshaw says it was like a jackhammer, you could feel it. Glynn Martin says it was a viable enemy for the military. They had guns that could kill at 600 yards, it went through poles, concrete and cars. Greg Mayer says they were coming at them many rounds per second and all they had were handguns. 9 cops were down, 2 civilian. Twonja Bellard the dispatcher says she wanted to get Martin Whitfield help. Kim Whitfield says she was told she might not recognize him. They are told to take the shot if they have it. Thereís nothing they have that can stop them. Officers kept going down. Larry Phillips & Emil took over. They have a museum with artifacts now. They had watches over their gloves to be out in 8 minutes. They hadnít counted on being spotted. They show their armor and guns. Larry had 43 pounds of body armor he made himself from top to bottom. They show one of the cars that was shot up with huge holes in them from armor round. Martin was hit 4 times and lost half his blood. They needed to get to him, but everyone was pinned down. Kim heard it over the police scanner to train for dispatcher. She heard him say he was dying and she put the TV on and screamed. Jorge Viera says it was like a movie and he was ducking. When the police say they canít do anything who can? #129. 9/5/08

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