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This Court TV show episode guide started out as Beach Patrol: San Diego. Then for season 2 they went to Miami, so now it's just Beach Patrol. Season 3 went back to San Diego, then for Season 4 they went to Honolulu, HI. A day at the beach can be a matter of life and death. The San Diego Life Guard Service is involved in saving more lives than the police and fire departments combined. Their scuba team not only rescues people but goes down deep to examine underwater crime scenes. This job is not about soaking up some rays. 50% cop, 50% lifeguard, 100% action.

Season 1 - San Diego (2006)

# Description
101 Lifeguards must diffuse a potentially violent altercation on the beach where 2 guys fought. One said the other was too close to his spot and the other says he hit on him, both are let go, attend to an injured marine whose shoulder popped out and keep control of rowdy crowds taking advantage of the liberal alcohol laws on San Diego's Mission Beach including off duty marines who are drinking out of prohibited glass containers. But their biggest undertaking is the race to locate a missing diver at the Yukon Wreck. After 2 days Lt Nick Lerma finds him dead in the ceiling of the wreck. Also with Lt. John Greenhalgh, Ed Harris, Officer Lloyd Sentinela, Sgt. Rich Stopky, Katherine Jackson, Officer Dave Maley and Officer Sean Bannon. 1/2/06
102 One lifeguard team races to save a man in danger of dying on the beach, while the specialized river rescue team is called upon to investigate a mysterious death. And as others deal with an angry jet skier, a desperate search is on - can the lifeguards find a missing child before it's too late? 1/9/06
103 On the 4th of July Ė Lifeguard Kolo Green-Rosenthal says there is lots of drinking and problems. A girl says sheís with her dad and binge drinks through a huge tube. Lifeguard Mat Jackson pulls a 20 year old woman from Lithuania out of the water after she was skimboarding while intoxicated. She freaks out and hyperventilates/A guy and a girl wrestle in a large crowd and she gets him down and people kick sand on them/A group of mounted police including Officer Aaron Frodente watch a bar for trouble. A drunk man is thrown out of a bar and cops arrest him. Sgt. Mark Saunders explains heís going to jail for 36 hours/La Hoya cove Ė people spot a seal wounded by a shark. Lifeguard Bryan Chadwell says itís a large bite. Kathryn Eichelberger and Rob Brown say it looks like a great white. It has a ring of bites and a large piece missing. The law is not to touch it/Pacific Beach Ė over 200,000 people gather and most are drinking. Cops tell them to look for minors and pull them out of the crowd. One girl is caught and says sheíll be 21 next week. Officer Patrick Lynch says itís a $250 fine and loss of license for a year. Sgt. Patrick Vision spots a beer luge where they pour beer down a large block of ice and drink it as it spills down. One girl says they are hot so they stop them. They find a minor there and take her away. The guy says he didnít know she was a minor/Back to the hysterical skimboarder. Sheís crying and freaking out. A friend says she had 5-6 beers. EMS arrives to give her a morphine IV. There really isnít any drugs in the IV though/Guards look for the shark that bit a seal, but canít find one. They start warning people and send a helicopter up to look for one. Lt Nick Lerma spreads the word. Some swimmers go out 3-4 miles and they have to go out there and get them. Some people donít believe them and keep swimming, some get out of the water/Back to the 17 year old beer luge girl. She says her mom knows sheís there. If they are under 18 they call their parents. She cries not to call her stepdad/A fight starts after an argument between a white and a black guy. It gets more violent and crazy before police arrive. A huge crowd is around them and the black guy says he wasnít fighting, he was stopping the fight. They both are taken to detox/Blackís Beach Ė itís less crowed and. Sgt. John Vipond explains itís under a 300 foot cliff and a nude beach. A guy says he went out to a volleyball court and the girl cursed him out and told him to get out. He claims the girl has sex with multiple guys on the beach and tells him to run her name, sheís wanted. John tells him heíll have to make a citizens arrest and he says he will/Pacific Beach Ė Officer Richard Bullette talks to a 17 year old says her sister is with her and she feels horrible and cries. She gets on the phone and curses that itís wrong what they did. He says she has a piss poor attitude and gives her a ticket/La Hoya Ė the beach is covered with huge jellyfish. Lifeguard Sumalyah Alazzawi says to stay away from them. A large group of people come up after getting stung and they spray them with vinegar and water, itís really a placebo. A young girl says the spray hurts and doesnít want it, so he sprays it on her hand to show it doesnít hurt/Back to the nude beach Ė John calls it in, but they tell him they are short handed, canít send anyone and just get their info. The nude couple says they have no Ids and they donít want to be filmed. They say the guy must be on speed since he keeps talking so fast. He says the guy is hot for his wife. The victim says the woman threatened to kick his ass and he was scared, so he backed off/Back to the 17 year old. Rich tells her to calm down or sheíll go to juvenile. She finally calms down and they release her to her sister/The girl is still freaking out about the spray bottle. Her mom holds her while he sprays him. A fat shirtless man comes up and says he got stung on the chest and was going to have his brother pee on him. Then thereís fireworks and the weekend is over.  1/9/06
104 Police check on the report of squatters in a beachside condo. The guys say they've been there two months, are packing and leaving today since the owners have changed/Torey Pines - paragliders land on the hill over the nude beach. One glider hits the side of the rocks. Brian Haupt ran down to help, secure and help him breath/Officer Eric Driling and Hans Zingham question all the squatters. They say they terminated the lease yesterday at $6,000 a month/Glider - EMS arrives. John Bahl assists, but he's down so far it'll be tough to bring him up. If they can't get him out in the first hour he could die. A paramedic is lowered down and a helicopter is called in to lift him/Squatters - 12 to 15 people lived there, but there were only 4 on the lease. They claim the landlord said it was OK. Eric calls the landlord to check their story. One guy wants to check a pizza in the oven. The landlord is worried they will trash the place when they leave and it's already in bad shape. They are from Ireland and say the USA doesn't allow them to have fun/Glider - he has injuries that seem like spinal cord and head trauma/Lahoya Beach - Two divers speared 6 lobsters and Eric Meech caught them. Five lobsters were under the legal size, it's not the season and it's illegal to spear them. The fish and game warden is called in/Glider - helicopter lands/Dave Rains shows up to check the lobsters. They have one guy, but his friend took off and he only knows him as John. He says he has a truck right there and wants his jacket. He lets him go to his truck and he has a lobster contest flyer inside. Dave checks the truck and finds John's wallet and more lobsters in a cooler. He's being charged with poaching and they will confiscate his dive gear. The guy says he's getting screwed and didn't know it was wrong/Sgt. John Sandmeyer spots kids around a large jellyfish and warns them not to step on the colored parts that'll sting them/A man walks on the beach naked to the horror of kids who see him/Glider - they get ready to hoist him up and have to clear the area because of all the dust the chopper kicks up. The sled is carried below the chopper over the ocean. Then they have to haul up all the people who assisted the wounded pilot. The pilot survived and is expected to fully recover/Poacher - it's up to the judge whether he gets his stuff back. They tell him to take the fish he caught with him. If he tosses it in the trash he'll get another ticket/Lahoya - a girl surfer got hit in the head with her board and has a gaping head wound. She comes to the tower for help. Lifeguard Sumalyah Alazzawi assists. They bandage her up and take her to the hospital. She was panicked because of all the blood, but it wasn't a big cut. 1/2/06
105 On Mission Bay guards stop speeding jetskiers who claim they didnít realize they were speeding. They explain itís a 5mph area and no one else is speeding/Sgt. Mark Heacox says alcohol is not allowed on the boardwalk, the rule is 12pm-8pm on the sand only. They stop a drunk who runs and is caught/The guys on the boat get a call, then itís cancelled. Jim Birdsell says they never know what will get thrown at them. They get a call about a lost child in the water, then another call at the yacht club for a medical emergency. It turns out the calls are the same. The boy was found face down in the water/Back to the drunk guy Ė he had a beer on the boardwalk and ran. They are going to give him an open container ticket. He says heís on vacation and doesnít really know the rules and if beer is in a cup itís not an open container. They say anything open is open, as long as there is a broken seal. Officer Sean Bannan gets fed up with him. He tampers with the form and they recuff him and tell him he needs a change of attitude or heís going to jail/Back to the drowning child. Paul Trigg pulled Jake out of the water and is having trouble breathing. Lifeguard Jeff Jordan tries to treat him/Back to the drunk guy Ė he says heís had 4 beers. They donít want to take him to jail if he can behave himself, give him a ticket and say he must go back to his hotel room and sober up. Sean says on the weekends itís a drinkfest/Back to the child Ė backup arrives. Sgt. Eric Care says it was worst-case scenario, a sick child effects everyone. They put him on a stretcher and he cries so they know heís better/A band tries to rehearse and is told they suck/Mission Beach Ė A girl is celebrating her 17th birthday with three friends who have a large drinking party and all of them are underage. They are arrested and one girl says they are going to be stars on Cops and Most Wanted and laugh. They have to call their parents since they are minors. The girls laugh like idiots while waiting for the parents to arrive and cops have to babysit them. The cop says they have to go to court in 3 weeks, theyíll get a $250 fine and lose their license until they are 21. One girl is on probation and will go to jail for 180 days/Blacks Beach - Aaron Robinson tells a woman to keep her clothes on, but it turns out she had a clear colored bathing suit and heís embarrassed/Back to babysitting - cops have had enough and tell them itís serious. One girl says it was just possession, you canít prove they were drinking/Lifeguard Jackson gets mad at a fat kid pretending heís drowning/Back to babysitting Ė the parents arrive and they say goodbye to Robin who is going to jail. They drank the booze fast and said they had nothing. Gabrielle says she was 15, they had 2 coolers, one full of Smirnoff. The father is thankful and they leave 1/23/06
106 SWAT team members throughout Texas are forced to demonstrate their flexibility as they tackle a wide variety of difficult tasks. In San Antonio, the SWAT team launches an elaborate assault on a suspected crack house with Officer Leo Gonzales. In Lewisville, the team takes to the streets, confronting drug dealers out in the open with Officer Scott Pedigo 10/11/05. In Austin, SWAT with Officer Jeff Crawford teams up with the Secret Service, riding shotgun for the President himself. Also in Austin they deal with a barricaded man who fired a shotgun. Irving buy/bust operation. 1/18/06
107 On Mission Beach, a report of a gun sends lifeguards scrambling, while out of town teenagers on Wind Ní Sea Beach clash with the local kids who treat the secluded spot as their own private surf club. But the real action is occurring out in the water, as lifeguards race to save the life of a kayaker in distress and respond to the call of a family frantically trying to stay afloat after their catamaran overturns.
108 Sgt. John Sandmeyer is on La Hoya Beach playing volleyball. When he goes to move his car he gets a 911 call right next to him. Two guys collided at the volleyball net and got hurt. EMS arrives and one guy has a protruding leg bone/Pacific Beach - a kiddie pool is turned into a female wrestling ring and a huge crowd forms. Officer Troy White and crew come in and cut up the pool. The crowd curses them out and Officer Eric Drilling has to arrest a drunk guy down for being violent/La Hoya - Sgt. Jon Vipond goes to a kayaker who had a seizure and races out to pull him in. EMS treats him, but they don't know why it happened. His brother was with him, but they can't find him and start a search/Back to the volleyball injury - one guy knocked his head bad, but is OK. It is very hot on the sand and it got in his wound/Back to Pacific Beach - cops arrest more and more of the rowdy crowd/Back to La Hoya - they find the lost brother who says his injured brother was facedown in the water for a minute/Lifeguard Gavin McBride says it's an ecological environment. Lifeguard Greg Custenborder says the stingrays come up to the beach and cause trouble. Casey Owens tells surfers to shuffle their feet and watch for them. Lifeguard Rob Brown demonstrates what happens when you step on a ray. Sgt. Rich shows the sting ray sink. On a busy weekend they can get 30-40 stings and it looks like a triage ward there. One guy says it feels like getting stung by 10 bees. One girl gets stung bad and her foot is lacerated/Back to Pacific Beach - a drunk woman is fighting. Officer J.C. Clark tried to arrest her and her girlfriend broke in. Officer Richard Bulette went in and she spit on another girl and it almost started a riot/Back to the volleyball injury - the guy says he has no neck or back pain and they put him on a stretcher and take him out to an ambulance. John says even though it was his day off, it's a lifestyle and he felt like he was working/Back to Pacific - cops are still arresting the women and lots of drunk people fighting. During the summer the crowds get huge/Janalyn Yanover explains about rip currents. Near tower 13 a bad current sweeps out nearly 20 people and a mass rescue ensues and Lifeguard Neal Collins assists/The Make a Wish Foundation brings James Dykes from Missouri to the beach so he could go in the ocean and surf. Sgt. Rich Stropky and the lifeguards put him on a board and let him ride waves in. It was his lifelong dream to surf there and they are amazed since that is their job to be there. They tell him he's a surfer now. 1/30/06
109 Darkness brings danger to the beaches of San Diego, as the police department and evidence technicians investigate the scene of a sexual assault, while lifeguards search for a missing swimmer lost in the night. Meanwhile, down the coast a sport fishing boat has crashed into the rocks and may end up at the bottom of the bay. And when a sketchy call comes in about a small boat washing up on the shore, lifeguards wonder if they have a case of drug smuggling.
110 Lifeguards are in for a long day as a disturbed woman on Mission Beach threatens beachgoers with a weapon and a combative victim presents a double challenge for rescuers. Meanwhile, an already dangerous cliff rescue of a stranded surfer becomes even more difficult as darkness quickly falls. 2/6/06
SP Mission: Katrina Ė they got a call on 8/29/05 and Sgt. Troy Keach said to get ready to go.1/16/06

Season 2 - Miami (2006)

# Description
211 Spring Break - 1st street - during a football game a 19 year old man gets injured. When ominous weather creates rip currents, struggling swimmers become trapped in the waters and the lifeguards end up putting their own lives at risk. Can the beach patrol get the swimmers safely to shore? Meanwhile, will Spring Break mayhem make dry land as treacherous as the waters? 7/17/06
212 Spring Break - Lt. Gerry Falconer deals with a drunken man, he tells him to leave, but he comes back cursing at a guy. On Miami's famed Ocean Drive, Police respond to a report of a woman being abducted by two men in a truck. But will the woman's intoxication make it impossible to get to the truth? Plus, back on the beach there's no shortage of drama: A woman collapses and a reckless joyride leads to a hot pursuit with police. 7/10/06
213 1st street - police stop a guy for having a glass bottle. He says other people have them and is this a joke. Watch lifeguards jump into action when pleasure boaters find their maiden voyage has run aground. And back on land, the patrol deals with a mentally unstable woman who threatens the life of a two-year old boy and a surprise witness who makes a clear-cut dispute turn hazy. 7/17/06
214 South Jetty - a group of teens go out too far. Keith Keyes is called to go out to rescue them on a PWC. Lifeguards race to deal with two men in very different circumstances: one is a danger and the other is in danger. A disturbed man wreaks havoc on sunbathers while another man collapses and lies in critical condition. And further down the beach, can the Beach Patrol stop teenagers who are risking their lives on a jetty? 7/10/06
215 Lt. Gerry Falconer says kids get lost all the time. A kid is found at a jetty and they ask him when he last saw his mom. Lifeguards have their hands full as a Man O' War sting becomes a serious threat, and a woman makes a frantic call to police when her boyfriend becomes abusive. Meanwhile, lifeguards also try to figure out whether a small child is lost or if his mother is missing. 7/24/06
216 Lt. Seth Rosenthal goes to Jetty beach where a large group looks like they are going to fight. Lifeguards struggle to prevent a gang war from erupting and cameras are there to catch it all. Then further down the beach, a report of a heart attack sends lifeguards racing to the scene. To top it all off, will a low-flying plane jeopardize beachgoers? 7/24/06

Season 3 - San Diego (2007)

317 Lifeguards try to rescue two scuba divers who have serious injuries. Also: a swimmer declines aid from rescuers. 1/8/07
318 When a drunken boater runs aground on a crowded beach and refuses to leave his vessel, lifeguards remove the man by force. After a drowning swimmer is rescued below the dangerous Sunset Cliffs, lifeguards and paramedics must stage a daring cliff extraction to get him to safety. Police are called in to help search for a little girl who has been missing for over an hour, concerns are raised that she may have been swept out to sea. 1/1/07
319 A girl with a potential spinal injury calls for help after a jet ski accident, a surly surfer ignores the repeated calls by lifeguards to stop hanging ten on a "swimmers only" beach, he tries to argue his way out of a citation. A dog falls from the cliffs above La Jolla Shores onto the beach below 1/8/07
320 Lifeguards aid a distraught mother; medics help an injured bodysurfer; a lobster poacher is pursued. 1/15/07
321 Fourth of July - Mike Cranston says they canít drink until noon. Lifeguards try to keep order during the weekend, and one reveler tries to escape police custody. Also: a man is injured after jumping off of a cliff. 1/29/07
322 A collapsed hiker is stranded on a cliff; a surfer causes trouble for the police; a woman is arrested for an alleged theft. 1/1/07
323 Mission Bay - a jetskier blows across boatsí wakes. He wonít stop and they say heís reckless and negligent, he asks whatís that mean. Lifeguards help a woman who ran into a pier and may have a head injury; a man is treated for a possible drug overdose; a man appears to be intoxicated. 1/22/07
324 Lifeguards deal with a suspicious object in the ocean; a boardwalk altercation turns violent; a surfer is hurt in an accident; a boy is attacked by a stingray; and authorities search for a missing woman. 2/5/07
325 Mission Bay Ė people are jumping off the West Mission Bay Bridge, a 50 foot drop that can kill you. They go to the bridge, but they are gone. Lifeguards search for a boy after he falls off a Jet Ski; a beachgoer causes problems for the police; and authorities deal with a pit bull; a hit-and-run accident is investigated. 2/5/07
326 Mission Beach - Jason Yager says people who canít swim will get pulled out by rips. They find a woman who was unconscious before they could pull her in. Police officers deal with a knife-wielding woman; a missing child is sought; and lifeguards search for two missing kayakers. 2/12/07
327 Mission Bay - a woman on a jetski crashed hard, hurt her leg bad and might have a spinal injury. Dan Joss works on her. lifeguards help a struggling swimmer to shore and discover that he has a medical condition 2/12/07
328 Lifeguards try to rescue a scuba diver in distress; a surfer is injured after a wipeout; and a boater runs afoul of the law. 1/15/07
329 Mission Bay Ė a 56 year old male diver is lost. His partner canít find him and itís been 10 minutes, heís running out of air. Lifeguards deal with crime in the Mission Bay area; and authorities search for a missing diver. Also: A body washes ashore and the police try to determine the cause of death. 1/29/07
S1 Best of Beach Patrol Miami: Behaving Badly - Spring Break - 1st street - during a football game a 19 year old man gets injured from a hard tackle. Lt. Gerry Falconer arrives not knowing what went wrong. Keith Keyes says he got a blunt trauma to the chest. (211) 7/2/07
S2 Best of Beach Patrol San Diego 2: Hot and Bothered - Blacks Beach - Sgt. Casey Owens says the cliffs are steep. Sgt. Troy Keach arrives, itís over 100 degrees and a 600 foot incline. David falls down, heís fat, 47, diabetic, has high blood pressure, hasnít eaten. EMS arrives, canít get vitals, heís unconscious. Beach Ė a surfer gets into the swimming area. Guard Katherine Jackson stops him and he gets belligerent and cops are called. He says there is no freedom and people says heís a famous surfer. Cops are called in. He says heís not lying about his name. He wouldnít listen, thatís the problem. He didnít want to make anyone angry. Next time heíll be more calm, itís everyoneís ocean. He gets a ticket. Blacks Beach - Marcus Schreiber is trying to put an IV in. They have to airlift him out, but itís trouble since heís over 300 pounds and claustrophobic. They have to bag him up and he freaks out. (322) 7/9/07

Season 4 - Honolulu (2007)

430 Oahu South Shore Spitting Caves Ė David Loganbill goes to a call of a drunk man who jumped off a 40 foot cliff and is drowning. Lifeguards try to resuscitate a man. A struggling swimmer is helped, and a traffic stop turns dangerous for authorities. 7/16/07
431 Oahu. The North Shore has hardcore surfers. Waikiki has novices ones, but itís just as bad. Nicole (33) wipes out and the surfboard hits her in the head hard. She doesnít know where is. They give her ice and oxygen, sheís very dizzy and wants to get out of there. She starts to pass out waiting for the ambulance. A missing surfer is sought; lifeguards rush to help a troubled swimmer; and authorities deal with a fight in a park. 7/16/07
432 Oahuís Southern Tip - an old woman snorkeling ingested a lot of water. They take her on the beach and sheís struggling to breathe. The son doesnít know what pills she takes or if she has allergies. She says Iodine. Heíll call his dad, but she says he doesnít know either. She says she has lung problems then starts coughing up blood. Jellyfish cause problems for swimmers; and two instructors get into an argument. 7/23/07
433 Waikiki, Oahu Ė Guard Jimmy Barros says a body was found on the water. Keith Brown found him face down. Lt James Sloane tried to resuscitate him, but he died the night before. Heís stiff and beat up in a dangerous area. The medical examiner sees injuries that indicate foul play. A missing girl is sought; and lifeguards deal with a rip current at Hanauma Bay. 7/23/07
434 Oahuís Molaki Channel Ė a small fishing boat loses power and heads out to sea. Lt. Dwight Perkins finds it a mile out. A fire rescue boat races out to him. A sailboat throws him a towline and starts pulling him in since itís a rough area and could be trouble. Dave Loganbill arrives to help tow it in. Les Harris says no one was hurt. A missing person is sought; and a tourist takes a bad fall, and her condition worries lifeguards. 7/30/07
435 Oahuís Sandy Beach - Pomai says itís one of the harshest wave spots. A boy goes down hard off a boogie board dislocating his kneecap. The waves pound into his knee each time hurting him. Itís on the side now, one of the worst theyíve seen. A woman displays unusual symptoms after a fall; lifeguards try to stop a boat that's drifting out to sea; authorities search for a missing person. 7/30/07
436 Kahala Beach on Oahuís Southeast tip - Ian Forester goes to a call of a surfboard that was found. Itís a new board which wouldnít get left, so the surfer couldíve gone down and not come up. Jetskis and choppers are called in to search. The gathering of a large crowd on a beach creates security concerns. 8/13/07
437 Honama Bay - Jason Bitzer is going through lifeguard training. After 30 days they are put in rough water. Witchesí Brew is an off limits area with waves pounding on rocks. They slip on the steep rocks to get there. A surfer is missing; newlyweds attract unwanted attention; a tourist is injured in a bay. 8/13/07

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