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Recycled Jokes | BBC Episode Guide

I recently started watching the show for the first time in 25 years and it still holds up. The only problem of watching them back to back is you see how many jokes are recycled. They only made around 3 shows a year over a 20 year period, so it was easy to forget what was done before and the audiences wouldn't remember anyway. Now TV, DVD and easy instant access, you can see the amount of reused stuff is quite a lot, so I decided to make a list of them. Sometimes I don't have all the sketches listed because you don't know it's recycled until you see it again. They aren't always word for word, but give you the gist.

Recycled Jokes

98 so far.

# Joke (Alphabetical) Sketches
2 Alone - Song line about a woman not to be left with the house, to be left alone Pepy's diary
2 Bait - a man goes into the water, punchline: Look what they are using for bait. Limerick/The Dolly Fins
2 Bank Robbery - men in pantyhose robbery rob a bank, but it's not a bank. Ned Kelly's Funeral & Gang Story
2 Bathroom - He asks for directions to the bathroom. The directions end with 'you can't miss it' and he says 'I'll try not to.' The Great Pretender
2 Bend Over - A drawing is turned around to make it look like a woman in a dress bending over. The Short Happy Life of Maurice Dribble/Mastermind
3 Bicycle - 2 people on a bike go behind a bush, then switch places when they come out the other side. President Fartas chase/Archie's Angels/The Short Unhappy Marriage of Ted Tingle
2 Bicycle Seat - the seat falls off and he sits on the pole World of Sport with Dickie Davies – Cycling Tour
2 Boat Horn - the horn covers dialogue to make it seem dirty. Police Raid in Waterloo Station/Passengers of Love
3 Bollocks - an interviewer says a word that sounds like bollocks (Bolivians for example). He says no, it's true. Gaston & Louise Leclaire/Friends to Tea with Henry McGee - Chow Min's Opera/Vulture meets Joey
2 Born - I never asked to be born. Did you want to stay where you were? Long Dry Summer/Chester the Chirpy Jester
2 BP - A nurse puts a blood pressure band around Benny's throat instead of his arm. Bum hit by car makeover
2 Breast Bells - a woman shakes her chest to ring bells for a song Hill's Angels with Otto Schtuk/WC Fields Song - Lulubelle
2 Brains - You've got the brains of an idiot. Want them back? France TV Presente Carmen
2 Buckets - when the camera pulls back at the end, the person's feet are soaking in buckets The South Blank Show w/Melvyn Dragg - Mary O'Hairy harpist
2 Butcher - how can you kiss the butcher when we owe the milkman so much Roy Orbison – I Can See Clearly 
2 Chaperone - Benny thinks he's getting a young girl, but she's really chaperoning for her ugly mother. Actor going for a job/Western Beauty Queen
2 Chastity Belt - a man goes away to war, puts a belt on his wife and leaves the key with the butler and he tells him the key didn't fit before he leaves - you're telling me! The Minstrel Boy/Pepy's diary
2 Clothesline - someone hangs clothes from band instruments while they are playing. Woodstick/Hill's Angels with Otto Schtuk
2 Coffin - a doctor making a house call comments that it'll be tough getting a coffin down the stairs. The Man and His Music
2 Comfortable - A woman Benny is kissing on a sofa says she wants to slip into something more comfortable and switches to a chair. Yield to the Dawn
2 Couscous - Is it Couscous? More like Puss Puss! Fannee Claddock/Industrial Tribunal with Chow Min
3 Crapping - in a Chinese accent crapping is said  instead of clapping Mastermind/Fannee Claddock Chinese Cooking/Friends to Tea with Henry McGee - Chow Min's Opera
2 Doggie - Please don't blame my doggie, it's not his fault at all, someone left a wet umbrella standing in the hall! Song - Jack & the Gypsy Girl 
2 Dr. Octor - is used instead of doctor. Doctor's Albert Office
2 Elephant - a fake trunk sprays Benny in the face. Explorer caught by jungle woman
2 Evel - Evel Kneivel is glad when he misses his last bus. Pub Philosopher
3 Face Plant - Benny lying down does a test of strength holding women up and he lets their butts fall on his face until a fat woman or man in kilt arrives. Fred Scuttle’s Health Farm/Love Me in the NightBeach Routine - Play the Music
6 Fart - a balloon, beachball or mattress is manipulated to make a fart sound. Sam Speiler Talks to Lesley Goldie/Gaston & Louise Leclaire/At the Beach - stuck babysitting/Captain's Song - A Girl in Every Port/Fred Atlas Body building course/Roy Orbison – I’ll never know 
4 Fake Arms - Benny has fake arms up to his head or in a cast so he can use his real arms to pick pockets, fondle women or shoot someone. Agent Mervin/Butch Cafferty & the Fundance Kid/Les 3 Musquateers/ Woodstick
2 Falling through a stage - to end a performance Woodstick/Song - I'm Glad to Be Home for the Summer
2 Father Down - was farther down. Chester the Chirpy Jester
2 Father's Eyes - a doctor says to a woman her baby has her husband's now and she says yes, but he has his father's eyes. Pepy's diary
2 Fishing Hat - he doesn't catch any fish and throws his hat in the water and catches many fish on the lures attached to it. Fishing with Harry Hooker
2 Food - musicians use their instruments to steal food from customers. Welcome to Cabaret
2 Four - A pair of women make 4. Chester the Chirpy Jester
2 Fruit Bowl - Benny dresses as a woman servant to get a job and has to sleep with young women at night. He can't let them see him undress so he spills a bowl of fruit and changes while they pick it up. Robin Hood/The Lover
2 Gate - a man slides down a gate arm and crunches his nuts. Les 3 Musquateers
2 Giant - 2 people standing on different levels make it look like a giant person. Western Theme - Hey Lady Godiva
2 Globes - during a sexual innuendo glass globes fall off light a pole and break. Carmen/Hot Gossamer
2 German Salute - an officer with a spiked helmet salutes and the spike goes through his hand. The Man and His Music/The Widow
2 Guitar - Benny is playing guitar for a female singer. Then it cuts to a close up of hands doing an intricate solo, the camera pulls back and it's another guy playing. Spanish Song – Que Sas
2 Guns & Birds - guns are fired in air and bird or ostrich falls Ned Kelly's Funeral & Gang Story
2 Hankie - Benny drops his hankie to get a girl to pick it up and hand it to him and she uses it to blow her nose. How to Pick Up Girls at the Beach
2 Hat - he puts his hat on a chair and moves it to avoid it getting sat on by someone, then he winds up sitting on it himself. At the Beach - stuck babysitting/Chez When w/Hill's Angels
- Head Slap - Benny slaps Jack Wright on his bald head. (Too Many to Count) Spot Black/Hill's Angeles - Hottest Girls/Clown in Clothes Shop
2 Heaven’s Above – a woman standing over a man says heaven's above, he says 'I know but I’ve got to get back to my tea.' Spanish Limericks
2 Hose - he is hosing the ground and the angle make is look like he's urinating or a bucket is shot for the same effect. Langley Hall Gardens - Amos/The Bucket/Ned Kelly's Funeral & Gang Story
2 House Wine - on a restaurant menu the house wine is $100 less than the name brand wine and he serves it from a hose or used glasses. Tanya and her performing men
2 I'm Shirts - girls wear shirts with their names like "I'm Sue" then the last girl doesn't have her name but a sexual joke like "I'm Easy." Western Theme - Hey Lady Godiva/Song - I'm Glad to Be Home for the Summer
2 Jewish -  if they aren't Jewish why do Spanish called their son Sol. Pub Philosopher
2 King Edward - they're KE potatoes. It looks like King Kong! France TV Presente Carmen
2 Kneels - Rolls up pants leg, then kneels on the other leg. Carmen
4 Marching - Benny is in the army and at the end of a row. When they go in circles he gets left behind, when they all put their arms out, he hits the Sgt., he also drops his gun on him. The Short Happy Life of Maurice Dribble/ Carmen/The Man and His Music/Ned Kelly's Funeral & Gang Story
2 Leg rub - while playing guitar the singer rubs a man's leg. Benny is also playing and puts his leg out too, but gets nothing. Spanish Song – Que Sas
2 Loose Change - a man tips the hat check girl with coins in her cleavage. Club Bizarre
2 Man & Women's voices reversed - during a song. Song – Lovely Bianca
2 Mating - An animal has only 1 mating season that lasts 12 months. Fannee Claddock Chinese Cooking/Forward Walking Crab
2 May - Do you know Ellie May? Thanks for the tip. Shucks Comedian
2 May find gold - by the look of your hands you've started digging. The Minstrel Boy/Is there Anything in it? - palmistry with Emily Grimly
3 Medicine - or booze is poured from a bottle into a spoon or shot glass, then the man drinks the bottle and pours the spoonful back. Fred Scuttle's Channel Tunnel/Opera Singer: Marriage Fantasy
5 Melons - a woman sits in front of melons so it looks like she's bare breasted. The same effect is used with a women in front of a Roman pillar. Song - When I Was a Lad/Madame Louise Summer Collection/Police Raid in Waterloo Station/Song – So Many Girls in this Great Big World
2 Microphone - A woman pulls a microphone stand from in front of a statue, so it looks like she's grabbing it's penis. Bloopers – Inglenook Hampendick sketch
2 Mouth to Mouth -Benny fakes injury to get a pretty girl to give him mouth to mouth. Woodstick
5 Naked - A naked woman's body is painted on something so when a person stands in front of it only their head shows with the painting underneath. School/Spanish Jail/Artist with nude painting/The Short Happy Life of Maurice Dribble/Ned Kelly's Funeral & Gang Story
2 Needle - Benny squirts a hypodermic on a chalkboard to clean it. Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Hospital Service
2 Newspaper - a drink is poured down a newspaper into a glass. Butler goes to Work/Butch Cafferty & the Fundance Kid
5 Ointment - She put ointment on my arm, I said it smarts, so she put it on my head. Song – Colleen/The B-Team/Teacher - the trouble with our language
2 Open Gate - He tries to open a gate and can't thinking it's locked, so he climbs over and then it swings open the other way. Home is the Hero (N.B.G.)/Superteech
2 Pair - while showing a picture of a woman with large breasts the innuendo narration is "a lovely pair or a remarkable pair." Agent Mervin/Barney & Miriam meet the new swinging neighbors
2 Pants Ripped - He tears fabric a person thinks their pants ripped. Cross Country Race/Fred Scuttle Tipton Amenities Officer
2 Parakeets - the word is used instead of teat Song – So Many Girls in this Great Big World
2 Peace - I was out fighting for peace, now I wanted a piece of what I was fighting for. Home is the Hero (N.B.G.)
2 Peeping Tom George the peeping Tom/Man at window catches wife Thelma cheating
3 Photographer - an old style camera with the hood is used and when the photographer leaves, a woman in a dress or a monk in a robe looks and the man comes back and looks up their clothes instead The Short Happy Life of Maurice Dribble/How to Pick Up Girls at the Beach/The Short Unhappy Marriage of Ted Tingle
2 Pianos - ladies are like pianos - when they are upright they're grand. Pub Philosopher
2 Picnic - he runs through a group having a picnic or rides his by through a cake they are planning on eating. Rembrandt's Cottage
2 Pluck a duck - wordplay joke that sounds like the F word. Senor Benny - Café Ole
2 Popular Price - Fred gives a high price for something. The interviewer says 'that's not a popular price' and Fred says 'I like it.' Fred Scuttle Tipton Amenities Officer
2 Prison escape - they use a see saw/rope falls over wall/makes hole in wall and grabs toilet handle on the other side Nor Iron Bars a Cage…!
2 Privilege - he says 'it's an honor & privilege for me to be here', the interviewer says 'It is for me too.' He says 'That's what I meant.' Gaston & Louise Leclaire/Director
2 Privy - he says privy of their own homes instead of privacy. Gaston & Louise Leclaire
2 Queen Vic - She was named after your Queen Victoria and not long after. Hollywood Grates - Chubby Dodds
2 Raiders of the Lost Ark - a joke made famous in that film actually got it's start with Benny. A man attacking with a sword is shot. Charlene's Angels - stolen paintings (2x)
2 Relatives - She got her job through relatives, like the queen. Film Time at the National Film Theatre
2 Rolling ship - the rolling of a ship at sea causes a man lose his balance and pass by a woman ripping her dress off. Holiday w/Cliff Mitchelmoore
2 Shoulders - It looks like women are standing on Benny's shoulders, but they are really standing on something behind him. Fred Scuttle’s Health Farm
2 Sleep - Who does the (Vicar) sleep with? (Mrs. Vicar) Madame Louise Summer Collection
4 Skirt Lift - an umbrella, a cane or air is used to lift a woman's dress up. Weather Boy & Girl/Rembrandt's Cottage/Clown in Clothes Shop/Roy Orbison – I’ll never know 
2 Smoke - comes out his ears. Carmen/Hot Gossamer
2 Stealing - a line of people steal from table by passing objects with their hands in their pockets. Ned Kelly's Funeral & Gang Story/Carmen
4 Steak - A woman goes to the butcher for 9 pounds of steak in a clump, she doesn't want to buy it, she just lost the weight and wanted to see it all in 1 lump. Roger Twitaker – Nothing Worries Me/Song - I'm Glad to Be Home for the Summer
2 Tablecloths - Benny pulls out tablecloths without moving the silverware on it. Hill's Angeles - Hottest Girls
2 Tattoo - a fat woman has the world tattooed on her. Song – Lovely Bianca
2 Teeth - Spits his teeth out. Butch Cafferty & the Fundance Kid
2 Tennis - Benny man runs all over while other barely moves. Tennis Fantasy
3 Train - a man says the train kept him up all night. He explains it wasn't a train, it was polite Germans working construction. Every time one man hands the other something he says Danke schoen, the other says Bitte schoen - Danke schoen/Bitte schoen. German Comedian
2 Tree - A woman lures men to a tree and then they are bonked over the head. The Scarlet Pimple
2 Tupperware - She wears a tupperware bra, it keeps what you got fresh. Western Limericks
2 TV Newsman - he can see through the TV and is distracted by a sexy woman at home. Goodnight from Thames
2 Vegetables - are used in the shape of a penis and testicles. Explorer caught by jungle woman
2 Voice - a man's voice is heard and he says, 'I know that voice' and says a woman's name. Home is the Hero (N.B.G.)
2 Warts - if it wasn't for 2 warts on her chest she would have no figure at all. Song - Maria/Song – Zenduna
2 Watch & Chain - his grandpa on his death bed sold him his watch & chain. Senor Benny - Café Ole
2 Wet Paint - 2 people race to be first to a bench. After the first person sits, the second person pulls out a sign with 'Wet Paint (or varnish)' Bum races to lay on bench/Butler goes to Work
2 Wheelchair goes over a cliff - a fake body crashes, then cuts to the live person Joggers
3 Wheelchair Switch - someone in a wheelchair wants to chase someone and the person pushing doesn't move fast enough so they switch places 2 Old men with 1 wheelchair chasing 2 girls/Joggers/Song – So Many Girls in this Great Big World

Benny just got back from London - he steals the infamous cigar joke attributed to Groucho Marx on his You Bet Your Life radio show  - he asks a woman why she has so many kids. She says 'I love my husband.' He says 'I love my cigar too, but I take it out once in a while.'

Episode Guide

From the BBC Versions that are re-edited from the originals.

Ep Description of sketches
1 1-Billy Ecclestein, Chocolate Crème ad #1, Liberace dances, In England we Drink Tea, Hi Karachi, Chocolate Crème ad #2, The Crimson Shadow #2/Peter Seymour new political correspondent/Nor Iron Bars a Cage…!/Chimpy Dog Food Ad/Poetry Corner/Benny thanks the cast – knife in the back/Fred Atlas Body building course (mattress fart)/Dueling Slide Whistles, Song - Jack & the Gypsy Girl w/Ladybirds/Spot Black - Hill vs. McGee billiards championship/ Prisoner - you have any sexy pictures of your wife/Put my hand through a window/Give me a hand/Gypsy crystal ball - stopped again/Son dresses peculiar/Prisoner - Sorry wrong number/Red China-Blue Tablecloth/Making fish cakes/Does no mean yes/Prisoner - are you still engaged/Cheating wife - Avon calling/Prisoner - I haven't tasted food for 4 days/Singing housepainters/Sunbright cleaner – parroting/ Short & Tall woman dance/The Great British Dancing Finals - Terry Wobegone, Fred & Leslie Wilcox, Ted & Tina Tingle, Jean & John Thomas/Ring for Batman/Hillbillies - how's my wife/He's got his father's eyes/Hillbillies - how did you come to hurt your leg/Can you fill that glass/Hillbillies - she hates to see me enjoy myself/Mrs. Dimpton on C/Goodbye
1 (30 min) Bar - I like them big/Dueling Slide Whistles, Song - Jack & the Gypsy Girl/Spot Black - Hill vs. McGee billiards championship/Prisoner - you have any sexy pictures of your wife/Put my hand through a window/Give me a hand/Gypsy crystal ball - stopped again/Son dresses funny/Sorry wrong number/Tablecloth/Fish cakes/Does no mean yes/Prisoner - you still engaged/Cheating wife - Avon calling/Prisoner - no food for 4 days/Singing housepainters/Sunblight cleaner - parrot/Short & Tall woman dance/The Great British Dancing Finals - Terry Woebegone, Fred Wilcox, Ted & Tina Tingle, Gene & John Thomas/Ring for Batman/Hillbillies - how's my wife/He's got his father's eyes/Hillbillies - how did you come to hurt your leg/Can you fill that glass/Hillbillies - she hates to see me enjoy myself/Mrs. Dimpton on C/Following female cops chase
2 Well jump then!/Cinema the Vintage Years - Passengers of Love/Autumn Fashion/Fly me to Miami/Swimsuit fashions/Fly me to Miami #2/Woodstick/WC Fields Song - My Lovely Lulubelle/Shopping Centre - Jock Trapp Sports, Fred Wick Dance Academy, Fin's Chinese, Coppem & Catchem Used Cars/Your husband left you 10 years ago?/Firing squad death judged/Leave the mustache the way it was/Dalton Abbott Railway Choir with Jack Wright - Baby Lover, Ted Krumble - Put them in a Pot, Slow March of the Railway/Ever heard of Candid Camera?/Age of Aquarius - Man chased in department store/Opera Song Gone Wrong - Lover Come Back to Me
3 (30 min) Well jump then!/Cinema the Vintage Years - Passengers of Love/Autumn Fashion Parade/Fly me to Miami/Swimsuit fashions/Fly me to Miami #2/Woodstick/Opera Song Gone Wrong - Lover Come Back to Me/2 Old men with 1 wheelchair chasing 2 girls
3 Amazing Queskin/Annual Gala Dance Song - Tango, the Dance of Love/The Messenger - Sussex 1640/Benny explains how he rode on the old lady in the last sketch, if you get your hand in the shot they have to pay 5 pounds, he shows what a script looks like and gets the wrong one/French for Starters/Berlin Youth Choir Recital - Hickory Dickory Dock, Little Bo Peep, Mozart/Homes to Let - Hommes Toilet/Vance Juggler Vane, Lana and Her Performing Men/Eddie Buchanon - Going Nowhere with Fred Scuttle & Arsenic and Old Lace, There's something about you baby tonight, Dibbles Health Farm, car breaks down/Are you the girl with the shining hair?/The British Army - Join the Professionals/Dimton Palace Midnight in Soho - Love for Sale, Three Weeks Later - You Stepped Out of a Dream/Spanish Discos - toilet paper/Women gets shot in the butt/Umbrella confrontation/Safari Park chase
4 My shoelace is undone/Spanish Song w/Eddie Buchanon - Eyes that Shine/Dancing Couples - tell jokes back and forth/Scuttle's Security with Fred Scuttle, Rex, Elsie & Caesar of Scuttleycorp/Bloopers - Is that my contact lens?, Man & Woman sing wrong parts, QE TU - man jumps off, ceiling collapses on singing man, man's pants split, Webster can't hit high note, skipping frame, dancing woman knocks over mirror, you've changed & crew in mirror/Song - Ashes of the Dustbin of You Mind w/Ladybirds & title cards/Bloopers - Fairly Liquid Commercial with Tony Blackborne - she squirts him, Benny falls while sliding in a police sketch, clanking mugs break, Benny slides too far/Fairly Liquid Take #2 - he squirts the new girl, mug poured on Bob, Fairly Liquid with girl witch/Brooklyn Harry talks about his kids - Lovelace, Helen & wife Miriam/Casanova/Song - At the Streakers Ball & March/Goodbye
4 4-(30 min) Man goes to the bus stop forgets his hat and finds the wife cheating/WC Fields Song - My Lovely Lulubelle/Pearl & Plain prevents Shopping Centre - Jock Trapp Sports, Fred Wick Art & Dance Academy, Fung's Chinese, Coppem & Catchem Used Car Dealers/Your husband left you 10 years ago?/Firing squad death judged/Leave the mustache the way it was/Dalton Abbott Railway Choir with The Train She Blew, Jack Wright - Baby Lover, Ted Krumble - Put them in a Pot, Slow March of the Railway Board/You never heard of Candid Camera?/Age of Aquarius - Man chased in department store
5 Matches Salesman - 5 pounds each/Drunken newscaster/Starsky & Hutch - Slimy Sallie/Bloopers from around the world - A man's life in the German Army, Mein Campfe, Fur Sporte, Housing project - pointing at woman, Little dolls need winding up, Commercial - man eats brillo pad, Dolls need winding - man grabs soldier, Otto Stuk - tennis pro ad for smooth skin, Flamenco guitarist foot goes through chair, German cross you heart bra ad - on mannequin's butt/Songs & Fantasies - Girls Girls Girls with man having affair & Walking Down the Avenue in Department store & Big Daddy's Alabama Bound April Fools Wedding, When the Saints Go Marching In with the New Teacher/Song - Mad About You w/Benny on accompaniment/Beach - I have to watch my figure until she gets married/Widescreen vs. Pan and Scan Fish about for the action - Deep in My Heart/Victorian Scandals - sleep with servant Benson/Scouts and Guides Annual Fete
6 Nazi spies in an English pub/Song - Red Rose of El Paso/Whose gonna suck the poison out/Lost a 1000 pounds at the races/Digger Blue Private Eye - The Case of the Missing Microfilm/Adjudicating Panel - zoom in/Western guy - first time on an airplane & Song w/Ladybird - Those Days are Far Behind Me/State of the Nation/Jack & Jill - Kojak/Mighty Deodorant for men/Song w/Ladybirds - Give Me an Older Woman Every Time/Charlie Grey's 92nd Birthday medley in the hospital/The Deputy Dan vs. Fiery Fred, Chief Running Bare & Dirty Dave/Ballerina in front of a mirror/Goodbye/Dimton Health Club
7 Wanted Tree Fellers/Polynesia story & Song - She was a stockbroker's daughter - manuna/Runaway groom fantasy/Pam's People - gingerbread man/Bionic Boy vs. Idi Amin/Western Song - Wild, Wild Women w/Ladybirds/Continental Capers Band - Hello Mother w/gardeners, Clean up crew w/bullfight, Boyscouts, Food servers, French Dance/Nicholas Parsons and Solomon School Children/Song & routine - Little Things Mean a lot/Lakeside Park fishing trespassers/Song - Reap the Harvest of Love/Prison break chase
8 Dearest Heart - leather suit/Song - Portable TV set w/man let go in wheelchair, chef stuffing, preacher's letter on 25th anniversary, the guys as The Ladybirds, television he wants?/Bloopers - Woodcock head of research/St. Evil/Difficult stains just wash off, blow on dandelion, wash off #2, dandelion 2, Captain Hook, housetraining a dog/Church Mission/Song - Fever w/Manuel on mouth instruments/George the peeping Tom/Hotel Sordide - French waiter caught in the middle of an affair/Aquarium Zoo wage office, God is Dead, Model with large chest for sale, Suzie's Sauna/Diana Darvey Song - My Love for you w/Spanish Brothers/Limericks - Birds & the Bees/S.S. Rumpo/Rogue Nudist/Bloopers - intro, Roman duel, Indigestion commercial, Please Release Me, Tiny Tim and ham, Peeping tom at disco, Song too slow
9 The Musical Monk/French Song - On the Beach of St. Tropez/Bloopers - French police, man's pants come off at door, King Henry's kiss, bristles are nice and firm, Calais skin crème, Heart to Heart - Rev Lambtree farting chair, mountain climbers/Benny vs. Duffo Tours/Luke & Tinker's Nursery Rhymes Song/Marriage Advice Bureau - Mr. & Mrs. Dodd/Billposters - fancy Nancy girdles/Song w/Ladybirds - Juanita Bonita Delores/News - Movin' On, Who's Afraid of Virgin Wool/14th Wedding Anniversary/Tommy Tupper in Tupper-Time - 107 year old man, Vicar with fly down, Rodney, Liza Moon/I want to by a bra for my wife/Boutique – masks
10 10-Man at window catches wife Thelma cheating/Song – So Many Girls in this Great Big World with Man chasing a woman on a bike (board in nuts/man falls trying to get on bike not there/dress lifted/man helps woman escape from police station by wearing he boots on his feet and dancing)/Foreign bloopers – French woman’s intro, Spanish man dancing, French lesson, French TV Presents Bonanza, Stuck Margarine taste test, German Beer varnish/Supersonic – Please Be Gentle with Me, Roy Wood, Roy Orbison – I Can See Clearly, I’ll never know/French Ventriloquist with Turtle/Songs w/Shirley Bassie & Eucalyptus Tree/Song – Lovely Bianca/The Short Unhappy Marriage of Ted Tingle (man runs faster than car)/World of Sport with Dickie Davies – Cycling Tour, Dimton athletics, Fishing with Harry Hooker, Showjumpers – Mrs. Biscuit, Tennis – Clunk Sisters, Goodbye fight/Disco one liners
11 The Elevator Women/Construction Musical/Police Station Dance/Twitt’s Used Cars - Car Doctor delivers Baby Car/Subio’s Sauna & Massage Parlour/Violin Story/Reporter sucked into bog/Fireman’s Version of Robin Hood/Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade Sings/Preacher – Do Unto Others/Magician with Balloon Animals/The Underworld Water of Jacques Custard – Forward Walking Crab/Captain Fred Scuttle’s Rocket Ship/Song – Keep Away from the Girls of the Suza Bar w/Ladybirds
12 Paris By Night Tour in many languages/Song – Colleen w/Ladybirds/Actor going for a job thinking he’s working with a young woman/Blooper – All Alone on a Night Like This/Waiter kills customers instead of a fly/How they Make a Girl in a bathtub Commercial/The Sound of Frankenstein/Bloopers – Western Movie/Song – Garden of Love/The Hitch Hiker/Wrestling Match – Ben vs. Tom/Supermarket Ballet/German Cooking Show w/Drunk Husband/Poster Hanger – Fancy a Feel
13 Bum races to lay on bench with wet paint/African Explorer translates jungle song/Fun in the Kitchen – free range hen/Couple comments on a ballet w/mime/Murder on the Oregon Express/Song - Zenduna w/Ladybirds/The Short Happy Life of Maurice Dribble/Brenda Arnau – Tell it like it is/Bloopers – Camera too close, Words of Comfort, Singer w/mic behind statue, Inglenook Hampendick, Singer with bad teeth, Matchstick commercial, gondolier, Shakespeare, Artist with nude painting/Opportunitie Knokkes
14 Important Question – Gondor/Hotel Sordide/Limerick – Look what they are using for bait/Movie – Big Eddie/Benovite/New England 1635 – Ely Todd’s Wicked Thoughts/The Man and His Music – Gavin Blod/Song – George & the Hippy/Look #7 – Sadness & Surprise examples/Wind of Change – black and white/It’s a Boy/Spanish Song – La La Lie w/Ladybirds
15 Groom Carrying a heavy bride who keeps screwing up her lines/Fred Scuttle’s Health Farm/Chocolate Chess/Western Song – Leroy in El Paso/Roger Twitaker – Nothing Worries Me/Bloopers - I Didn’t Use My Deodorant Today, Western Beauty Queen, Hill’s Spaghetti, What’s that in the road, a head?, Mrs. Jenny sharpshooter; What’s this thing called, love?; Whip the pipe, Benvril, Mrs. Jenny’s Knife Throwing/The Widow/Strangers in the Night – Bonnie & Clyde/Spanish Song – Que Sas & Spanish Limericks /Butler goes to Work (Autumn leaves JK Lynch Painting)/Country Duet Song – Those Golden Days are Over
16 Man shoots couple in wrong room/Canonneers shoot down nuclear power plant/Song - Benny’s Place/The Coliseum Comedian/Leprechaun TV/Bloopers - Angela O’Rippon reads the Nightly News, Fair Deal Ben Detergent, People Like Bolo, Duffo Cold Medicine, Programme Parade w/The Signing Dentist Phil MeCavity, Newsman loses an arm wrestle to woman, Soccer referee, Gangster snitch in the wrong chair/Masterbrane – Fred Needle plays, Set falls on Programme Parade/Hawaii or Havaia?/That wasn’t a penalty/Spanish Jail/Tennis Fantasy/Ernest Putz’s Gang tries to commit the perfect crime/Diana Darvey from Madrid sings A Simple Story & Benny plays the bongos and comments on the lyrics/Fred Scuttle for Scuttle’s Escorts/The Ladybirds Sing – Every Sha La La/Golden Goalies and their Silver Saves
17 Sale of the Half-Century/Hospital – National Health Patients vs. Private Patients/The Avengers – Russian Microfilm, St. John Thomas’s Hospital, Library/Naughty Bits Intro/Hot Gossamer – disco dancing/Wild Animals as Pets – crocodile, tortoise & elephant/Villain of the Year Award w/Fred Scuttle
18 Ye Olde Wishing Well (David Prowse)/Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Hospital Service/Song – When I Was a Lad/Fate by EM Barrister/Age of Aquarius – Peeping Tom Trees/Newlywed Couple’s honeymoon suite split in the Russian Sector/Agent Mervin must retrieve microfilm in a Russian agent’s snuffbox/The Ladybirds Sing – Abba Dabba/Thoroughly Modern Millie Medley/How’s the wife?/Coalpits – German WWII prison escape
19 Have you been faithful?/Who would hire her as a secretary?/Man v's Machine - Fred Scuttle's Superbrain/Wonder Granny Meets Dracula/Song - Coconut Milk/Dr. Octor Cosmetic Surgery/Noise Abatement Society Dinner/S&M Lady at the door/Association of Dentists Annual Dinner/Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent/Woman marries a rich man just to cause him to die so she gets his money/Song - Maria/Phone tube operator speaks to the queen/Yield to the Dawn/Lean on My Crutch/Western Limericks/Cross Country Race
20 Changing Signs - Orgies & Tarts/Flamenco Song - Valentina/Edith Clackett Interviewed in France/European Song Contest/Mr. TV Times Contest/Fred Scuttle TV Programmer/Marcel’s Barbershop/Getting to know You/Grand Wheelchair Race
22 The Randy Milkman/Fred Scuttle's Channel Tunnel/Archie's Angels/Awards - Mastermind/Fannee Claddock Chinese Cooking/Song - Meaning of Love/Meeting People with Nicholas Parsons/Sun Brite Cleaner/No Means Yes/Bum hit by car makeover
23 Opera Singer at Home/Long Dry Summer/Chester the Chirpy Jester/Madame Louise Summer Collection/Shucks Comedian/Film Time at the National Film Theatre with Sam & Lulubelle/Women's Lib Television/Disco Love/Opera Singer and the stuck gondolier
24 Fred Scuttle for Thames TV/Cottonmill Boys - Orange Blossom Special/Ethnic Jokes offend everyone in the crowd/Year to Live/The Scarlet Pimple/Appliances Revolt/Cut Out the Middleman/Song - Johnny & Sadie City Girls/Hollywood Grates - Chubby Dodds
25 Shakespeare - She forgot her lines/Zipper Martin - Quick Change/Canadian Mounty sings - Nell/Marvin Luptish Pianist songs Law of Graffiti/Fait, Ope & Carity by Winhcell/Butch Cafferty & the Fundance Kid/La Discotechque - Boogie Wonderland/ Blowing on a Dandelion/Industrial Tribunal with Chow Min/How to Pick Up Girls at the Beach
26 Pregnant Wedding/Sam Speiler Talks to Lesley Goldie - Baby Boy/Jemmy Hill for Soccer/Fred Scuttle at the International Television Festival/Hungry man at art gallery walks into a painting/Charlene's Angels - stolen paintings/Television he wants?/The Minstrel Boy/France TV Presente Carmen/Is there Anything in it? - palmistry with Emily Grimly
27 Old People's Home Strip Poker/Song & Dance - Les Girls/Irish TV Prevents O'Jack/The Great Pretender/Fred Scuttle Tipton Amenities Officer - T.V. Romania Te Rose/Home is the Hero (N.B.G.)/The Fudpuckers - God Bless My Father Whoever He is/The South Blank Show with Melvyn Dragg - Mary O'Hairy harpist
28 Man in wheelchair left to roll while 3 friends leave him/French Avant Guard cinema w/Pierre Deterr - Lonely Boy /Striptease - the Best I Yet to Come & The Flash/Cyril with blow up doll Sandra under the couch/The Police Raid in Waterloo Station/Langley Hall Gardens w/Amos/Les 3 Musquateers /Show Jumping with Granny Riding & Mountie Musical Ride/TV Programme Planner - Selling Shakespeare
29 Night Nurse/The Dream Makers - Clyde Jarrow w/That Family/Ned Kelly's Funeral & Gang Story/TV's most loyal viewer Mrs. Rita Prim/Lady Godiva's horse groom prepares her for her ride/Spanish Song - You know what you are?/Tische und Sonn Clothing/Beach Routine - Play the Music/Stain remover bloopers
30 Cheating man stuck on ledge in snow/Gaston & Louise Leclaire - interview & song/Disco tap dance routine - through the roof/Los Zafiros from Spain - Isabelle/The Poster Girl/Big Poppa w/Goose thief, Jed's Hillybilly Family, Sheriff Billy's Office, Doctor's Albert Office/Diana Darvey - It's Nicer to Come Home/Valentina/Climb Up the Wall/Viva Espania/News at Ten - News Flash/Nathon Whiteperch for The Country of Amanda/Man with Flowers
31 Interview with director Butch Cafferty/Disco - Hill's Angels Way Down & New York/Yackanory - Goldilocks & de dries bears/Name that Tune? Barney vs. Vera/Fred Scuttle's Fun Boy Striptease Club/The Ladybirds - Don't Stop the Music/Emperor Claudius
32 Man facing the wrong way at a Bus Stop/Pregnant again?/Dalton Abbott Railway Choir w/Ted Crumble - Song & Dance/The Georgian Dancers/Poem - Pets/Phone in with Ludovic - Humphrey Bumphrey/Love Machine disco dance/Song - Big Fat Bianca/Fad Eyed Fal/Love Will Find a Way/Three escaped convicts/Eddie Buchanon & Love Machine - Dancing in the Nude
33 African Blowgun/Song - Dance again with Me/Dribble's Sights of London Tour/Lying Weatherman/Harry & Ruth's Double Blind Date/Love Machine - You Gotta Love Your Man/Band in the Park/Departure Lounge - Mervin Cruddy/Limericks - Relatives/7 children under the age of 10/Firing squad judges/Leave it the way it was/Jack & Jill - At the Crossings, That's Life, Cyril's Scrap Book/Is there Anything in it? Mind Reading with Fred Scuttle & Prince Mebody Revelations for 1980
34 Jackie in the soup/Don't throw cigarettes out the window/News at Ten - Remote Control/Hill's Angels - I Will Survive & Enough is Enough/Faul Pinch's Last Poem - Fatricia and Feter/Man Wanted - The Grange gets rich/Is this Your Life? - George Podmoor w/Fred Scuttle/Song - Going back to the Wife/Reflection - Higher & Higher/Son dresses peculiar/C&W Singer Dickie Dido/Meeting People with Hugh Paddock - Colonel Eatwell
35 Beach - It's a bee/Hill's Angels - Ease on Down the Road/Fred Marceau in The Statue argues with viewer/News at Ten - watches a woman undress & shot in a robbery/Great Mysteries with Orson Buggy - Ernest Potts in The Catch/Hill's Angels - New York, New York/Oh, Rosie/Way Down/At Home with Henry McGee - Chow Min & Chew Em Gum/Does Thames Need a Fourth Channel w/Fred Scuttle/Limerick - Prunilla
36 Nuts Graffiti/Ugly Prostitute in Window/Have the horse shod/Police Enquiries - stolen firetruck/Kitty loves whiskers/Song - Paradise Island/Schoolteacher - roll call/Song - Maria the Gypsy/Hotel Splendide at the Beach w/Chow Min & My Baby Loves to Dance & An Everlasting Love/Arresting a Peeping Tom/Meeting People with Henry McGee - 8 year old Gaston poem winner/Limericks - Not a lot of people know that/Circus - Circus Clown w/Acupuncture Clinic
37 Birdcatcher/Casectomy Clinic/Can't make up mind at Dinner/Pregnant in Dungeon/Doctor collapses/The Video Machine/Henry Walks the Dog & the Remote Control/Learning All the Time/Clean Up this Town - Traffic Wardens vs. Street Cleaners/Cops and Robbers in Dimpton/The Monte Carbolic Show w/Les Girls, Nola Sisters, Hamburg Black Theatre Group, Kenny Rogers - I Wanna Be in Your Band
38 Postmen Wanted/Sign Erectors Wanted/Just Married - watch TV instead/Hill's Angels Workout - Del Shannon's Runaway, Bartender, police station escape, restaurant - man sets menu on fire, bad waiter/Boats for hire - one oar/Bedpan in the fridge/Teacher doesn't want to go to school/Me and My Shadow/Superteech meets Wanda the wicked whip woman/Take 2 when you go to bed/Sit Up & Listen - Rev John McFudpucker - Please Pass Fart her down the Bus/Wondergran meets Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hyde
39 Egyptian Flu/Sheep Shearing Dream/Can't find the oven gloves/Song - We are the Lifeguards/That's not me - it's mom/Traffic School Judges/Friends to Tea with Henry McGee - Chow Min's Opera/Chin Wu Opera Company Excerpts/Western Theme - Hey Lady Godiva/Hill's Angels Revue, Gunslinger Magician, Organ Grinder/Cruise Ship - just married, Hill's Angeles - Hottest Girls, Steward, Tea Dance/Clown in Clothes Shop/Cruise Ship - Hill's Angels - It's Paradise, Avec Toi & Casanova
40 Man shot by arrows at doctor/Personal letter/The Gay Cabellero's Song/Personnel Office - close enough/Goodnight from Thames /Personnel Office - I'm not a monkey/Kid with a slingshot goes to a strip club/Song - I'm Glad to Be Home for the Summer, Jed must fight Herbie for Maria/Fred Scuttle for Scuttlevision Cable TV/Holiday - Cliff Mitchelmoore, John Carter, Anne Gregg - Cruise, Club Jolly Face w/Updikes, Chez Gaston, Son of a Beach/The Hot Shoe Show w/Wayne Sleep, Stuffed my bra with tissues, Ballet with short top, Women in dancing partner outfits, I Speak English Well, Baby Shoes, Song - Primavera
41 Zipper undone on briefcase/Sure you can support a family?/Benny just got back from London, song about he girls he met, library, Mrs. Buttercup, Square Dance call/Milkman wants his ceiling the same color/I'm a compulsive liar/You'll drop the eggs/Doing it the fridge again/What god says before each meal/Crystal Ball - you are going to be a druid/Don't bite your fingers/Rover just bit your mother/Hill's Angel's country dance, Bronco Benny - in love with the screen stars/Benny's late for dinner banquet - can't eat during speech & has to speak when his mouth is full/Vulture meets Joey the Jailbird/President Fartas - paint the wall white/The Daily Scuttle - Fred Scuttle /Hill's Angels Sport - boxing glove dance, foxy boxing, cricket, human billiards
42 Just Married - I wear a wig/Directions to Bath/Brooklyn Benny Coming Out Party - It's a Hard Life, Father O'Brien's Poetry, Brooklyn's Son/50s Songs - I'll Never Know & I Know it's True/Lower my sex drive/Dream - Passion Flower Hotel/Celebrity Menu/Hill's Angels - I'm Still Standing/R. Dibble Handyman at St. Phillips School for Girls/National Smile Week, Dropped in Sewer, fixing the car, Kicking the teacher, Reaching for briefcase, Punk child, Man at bus stop/Benny's Swedish story - sexist & All the woman I've known/If you kissed me like that 10 years ago/A record player in the kitchen
43 At the spinning wheel/Spying on girls will give you a headache/Hill's Angels - Holding Out for a Hero in a prison camp, Cavemen fight over a woman, 2 Vikings invade a village/Renaissance Duel/English vs. German - WWI Grenade/Commando tries to assassinate Hitler and is captured/Holding Out for a Hero finale/Explorer caught by jungle woman to cook/Reverend drinks from dog's bowl/Squire Benny - Pepy's diary/Just Married - couples undress into Joggers/Little Angels - Is Stinky Jones there?/Senor Benny - Café Ole/Little Angels - How I Made My First Billion/Little Angels - Going Fishing & Picnic leads to prisoner escape and Ghost Train ride
46 A woman covers the TV with a birdcage cover when Benny Hill comes on/Husband pulls up a stuck zipper on his wife and finds out she cheated/Forever Love with James Gaulstone/Costa Coco/Punk gives a Priest Directions/The Lover/Weather Boy & Girl/Arab gives a handbag gift and the woman wants what the other woman got/The Feminine Dictionary/Group looks up with Be Kind to Animals/Just Married - the usual room service/Parrot talks dirty in front of Priest/Woman goes to doctor and is pregnant for the seventh time but not married/Flush Clive James/Man is under a couple's bed and she hands him stuff/Bum asks Do You Drink?
47 I'll Tell You in the Morning/Carmen/The B-Team/Remote Control Hand/Just Married - Sleeping Pills/Love Me in the Night/Hill's Angels - Shake Your Tambourine
48 Drunk man comes home late, wife thinks he just got up/Cagney & Lacey/Questions Benny are asked about working on TV/A Summer Romance with Bad Subtitles/The Hero with Kirk Dales/Stupid Cupid (David Prowse)/Club Bizarre/The Dolly Fins/German Comedian/Hill's Angels - Me Lord/Shrinking Chauvinistic Executive/At the Beach - stuck babysitting
49 Sneezing Russian Ambassador/Bring in the big hypodermic/Just Marries - War and Peace/Bijou Burlesque w/WC Fields style comedian & beautiful girls of the world/Rembrandt's Cottage/Chez When w/Hill's Angels - Girls Girls Girls: Park fantasy, Opera Singer: Marriage Fantasy, Where Do They Go: Spanish Dance Fantasy, Stage Door/1986 Cannes TV & Film Festival - Old Testament Soap Opera/Barney & Miriam meet the new swinging neighbors
50 The music really frightens me/Palm reading with gloves/Tattooist - I Love Elizabeth/Graffiti - Why do Elephant have 4 feet/Rapping - Funny Old World: Café Ole, Bum knocks over statute & tries to fix it, Ace Sports living display, JV girl, Andre Fashions dance, Tap Dance, Chef's Salad/Captain's Song - A Girl in Every Port & I Didn't Want to Do it/The Bucket/Pub Philosopher/Café - The General, Nearsighted Man, Welcome to Cabaret, Money Makes the World Go Around/Don't wake up my roommate/No racism in the army/You Got here just in time/Hospital - Heel!
55 Male nun looking for a job/Can you lend me $50?/Why is Benny single?/Hill's Angels - TV Show Titles/Tales of the Unexpected - shadow play/Hill's Angels - Happy Days/The Bill/Boon w/Hills Angels - Lone Ranger/Making Your Marriage Work - Mr. & Mrs. Treddar/Cabaret Chic A Go Go - Jacket & Tie, Orange Haired Comedian, One Lung Ho & Elsie, Baldinni, Lizette, Tanya and her performing men/Do you have the sex life of a tiger?/The ugliest baby I've ever seen/Potato thieves/Little Angels wants job/Throw the salmon/Paddy is dead/Can I use the stairs again?/Tax inspector - want these books too?/A night out with the boys/Man the superior sex book/Bank raid in fish shop/Butcher Shop - I want a Norfolk Turkey/Little Angels - field trip, too much TV, cricket, arm wrestling, golf, bull/Replacement Butler - Chow Min
56 Alcohol is to blame/I've never kept any secrets from my wife/The Halitosis Kid w/Thunderclap & the Gay Cabellero/More sleeping pills/Hill's Angels Photocall - Lorraine, Sara, Sue Upton, Helen, Susie Waring & Nicola Bacon/Spuds You Like - live luggage/The Good Guys - Dimton Abbott Police/Hill's Angels with Otto Schtuk and the Bavarian Schtompers - German slap dance, Bell song & dance/My wife says if I don't stop drinking she'll leave me/Playgirl Club - It's Raining Men, How Will I Know, I'm Still Standing/You won't forget to post that parcel?/When was the last time the TV broke/I wish this night would never end/I like your company/Just Married - it ought to be soft/It won't be long - she's making a pizza/I don't normally mix business with pleasure/Why couldn't it have been Fred?/Laurel & Hardy musical sketch/Teacher - the trouble with our language/Sammy & Milton - can you lend me $5/Cheater pretends to be a window washer
x Benny Hill in New York - 1991 television special.
x Documentary - The World's Favorite Clown (1992)
x A&E Biography - Benny Hill - Laugher and Controversy: the Life of the British comedian. Among those commenting are Dave Freeman, Henry McGee, Louise English, Sue Upton & Reg Varney. 2000

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