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On October 24, 2008 the show turned into The Soup and is now hosted by Paul F. Tompkins. Regulars include: Doug Benson, Judah Friedlander, Rob Huebel, The Modern Humorist, Chuck Nice, Melissa Rauch & Jessica St. Clair. The show went off the air from June 09 to Jan 2010 for no announced reason. So there's always The Soup.

2006 Season

11/10/06 Celebrity Defender: Britney Spears Divorce/Desperate Housewives/outing gay celebrities on the Internet/Sizzler - Matthew McConaughey/Shanna Moakler/Denise Richards/Mark Littel/Pop Culture Bachelor/In Case You Missed It - Bank of America & U2/Secret gay husbands/New York City Marathon announcers/Separated at Birth/Winner - Too Much Information #908
11/17/06 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding/Dancing With the Stars finale/PS3/William Shatner/OJ Simpson/Sizzler - Hillary Swank/Kevin Federline/ Madonna/Borat backlash/In Case You Missed It - Tom Cruise stares at injured girl/Tyra Banks/K.T. Tunstall/Winner - Deja Vu #909
12/1/06 Britney Spears & Paris Hilton/Michael Richards/Pam & Kid Rock/Holiday Gifts/Sizzler - Sienna Miller/Lindsay Lohan/Snoop Dogg/Kevin Federline/Michael Richards/In Case You Missed It - Heidi Klum/Bachelor Rome/Cheyenne/Danny DeVito drunk/Remote control/Winner - Nintendo Wii #910
12/15/06 Best Year Ever - Celebrity Babies/Borat/Mel Gibson/Pop Culture Bachelor – Fergie/Clay Aiken/Maury Povich/Leslie Nielsen/Project Runway/Celebrity Junk/Holy Crap/In Case You Missed it/Little Superstar/Paris Hilton/Tim Gunn/Tom Cruise/Matthew McConaughey’s Shirt/Pedophiles/Flavor of Love/Guy Goma/Halloween/Oprah’s Friends/McConaughey/Mac vs. PC/The View/Matt Lauer & Al Roker fall/The World Cup Elmo/Celebrity Divorces - McCartney vs. Mills, Spears vs. Federline, Houston vs. Brown, Anderson vs. Rock, Witherspoon vs. Phillipe, Navaro vs. Electra, Swank vs. Lowe/Weird Al/David Hasselhoff/ When Politicians Attack!/Scared weatherman/Chris Angel/Isaac Mizrahi/Kevin Federline/Dustin Diamond/Winner - Celebrity Junk (private parts) 

2007 Season

1/19/07 American Idol/Britney Spears/Golden Globes, Pop Culture Bachelor - Armed & Famous/All My Children/Gwen Stefani/Steve Jobs/Tigger/Sizzler - Isaiah Washington, Lindsay Lohan in rehab, Whitney Houston, Zach Braff, Holy Crap TV - 24/In Case You Missed It - I Love New York, Leo Sayer walks off Big Brother, Ryan Seacrest tries to gossip, Orville Redenbacher reborn/The View/Winner - Bindi Irwin. #1001
1/26/07  Gay Ludovico Technique/Paris Hilton exposed/Lindsay Lohan, American Idol/Oscar nominations/Sizzler - Rachel Ray, Restaurants vs. Federline, Brad Pitt, LaToya Jackson - Armed & Famous/In Case You Missed It - Trading Spouses, Tara Reid, Beauty & the Geek/Winner - Old Ladies. #1002
2/2/07 Adult Swim 911 Calls/Tyra Banks/Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton/American Idol/TSI: Trailer Scene Investigation - Black Snake Moan/Sizzler - Kate Moss & Pete Dougherty, Anne Heche, Mike Tyson/PSA - Quit Smoking/In Case You Missed It - Good Morning America, Kevin Federline ad, Miss America, Barbaro, Boston Terrorism/Winner - Daniel Radcliffe. #1003
2/9/07 Astronauts - Lisa Nowak/Britney Spears/American Idol nipples/Prince at the Superbowl/Celebrity Rehab/Anna Nicole Smith/Sizzler - Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Black History Moment - guys in fat women suits, Snickers/In Case You Missed It - Trading Spouses, Engaged, Tyra Banks/Winner - Self Absorbed Celebrities. #1004
2/23/07 Britney Spears/Anna Nicole Smith/Grey’s Anatomy/Tyra Banks/Oscars Preview - Joan Rivers/Sizzler - Alex Rodriguez, Kim Mathers, Cameron Diaz, TV Eulogist - The OC/In Case You Missed It - Tim Hardaway, The View, Disconnected, The Morning Show, Chris Henson/Winner - Esther Tognozzi. #1005
3/2/07 Race to the Grave - James Brown vs. Anna Nicole Smith/American Idol/Oscars/Paris Hilton/ Jesus’ Tomb/Oscars Montage/Sizzler - Hugh Hefner, Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz, Diddy, Angelina Jolie, The Winner/In Case You Missed It - Tyra grabs Katherine McPhee’s breasts, Von Smith, Mary Kate Olsen, American Idol/Winner - Girls with Great Personalities. #1006
3/9/07 Antonella/American Idol Surprises/The Other F Word/Pussycat Dolls/TSI: Trailer Scene Investigator - Spiderman 3/Sizzler - Jared Leto, Jason Wahler, John Popper, Diddy, The Secret DVD/In Case You Missed It - The Apprentice, Deal or No Deal, Sneezing Girl/Winner - Frenchie Davis. #1007
3/23/07 Sanjaya/Angelina Jolie/Heather Mills/Naomi Campbell/Idol Worship/ Sizzler - DJ Lindsay Lohan, Elton John, Tom Cruise calls David Beckham/In Case You Missed it - Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, My Games Fever/Winner - Phil Spector’s Hair. #1008
3/30/07 Sanjaya/Anna Nicole/Rehab/Amy Winehouse/Kourtney - Daytime TV Star/Sizzler - Bruce Willis & Courtney Love, Thora Birch, Gay choreographers/ In Case You Missed It - Extreme Makeover , 24, Meredith Vieira falls while skating, Dancing with the Stars, Karl Rove, Macy Gray/Winner - The Great American Dream Vote. #1009
4/6/07 Jack Osbourne Look-a-like/Britney Spears/I Love New York finale/Gossip Gap - no juicy news/Dancing with the Starts/Grindhouse/Sizzler - Amazing Race, Kermit the Frog sings Hurt, Stephon Marbury, In Case You Missed It - Cincinnati Mayor’s opening pitch, The Bachelor/Winner - Alanis Morisette. #1010
4/20/07 Sanjaya/Alec Baldwin message/Britney Spears Rant/The Beckhams/Don Imus/Sizzler - Richard Gere, Lily Allen/In Case You Missed It - Heather Mills falls, Charm School thong, Apprentice cliche advice, Rock 105FM mother & daughter make out/Retiring - Haley’s hot pants from American Idol/Winner - Shaun Ellis: a man among wolves. #1011
4/27/07 American Idol/Hip Hop fallout/Rosie O'Donnell/Alec Baldwin vs. Kim Basinger/Sheryl Crow TP/Sizzler - Paris Hilton/Anderson Cooper/Scary Spice/Birthday/Sanjaya Malakar visits/Tyra Banks/In Case You Missed It - Amazing Race/Akon/Illegal Aliens - Anna Nicole Smith's final movie/Winner - People who don't deserve it. #1012
5/11/07 Paris Hilton is going to jail/Britney Spears/David Hasselhoff drunk tape/Dancing with the Stars mumbling/Poster Scene Investigator - Surfer, Dude/Sizzler - Ty Pennington/President Bush/AI Castoffs/Larry King/Celebrity Defender - Paris Hilton/In Case You Missed It - Hooters/America's Next Top Model/Winner - Summer Reality Shows #1101
5/18/07 American Idol Special - The Freaks – Freakest Link/Judges - Judging Lame-y/Musical Guests – Old Schoolers/Sanjaya – Perm Limits/Jordin vs. Blake – Pop Culture Debate Club/Sizzler – Hot or Not Hot or Muy Caliente/After Dark/Lakeesa Jones/In Case You Missed it – Simon touches himself/Let’s get it on/Jimmy Walker Blue/Elvis/Winner – Kelly Clarkson #1102
5/25/07 The View Fight – Rosie O’Donell vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck/Britney Spears – Plane-Sunset Tan-Idol/Idol Finale/Nick Carter – Backstreet Buoy for Dolphins/Sylvester Stallone hormones/Pop Culture Bachelor Season Finales/Ana Ortiz Raising Awareness for Nick Carter/Sizzler – Jessica Simpson & John Mayer/Sharon Stone/Lost’s Michael Emerson/In Case You Missed it – Matthew McConaughey crazy on a beach/Dr. Phil Make Me a Star/Testicular Cancer UK/Winner – Heroes: TV & Real Life #1103
6/8/07 Paris Hilton in and out of jail/Hell’s Kitchen – Aaron/Google street level maps – Mary Calin Casey/Sopranos finale/TSI - Die Hard 4/Sizzler – Nicole Richie pregnant/Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, JonBenet Ramsey & Natalie Holloway/Chris Angel/In Case – Akon throws a fan/Bindi Irwin/Man tries to get on the pope mobile/Lindsay Logan & Vanessa Minnillo with knives/Winner - Phillip Wellman. #1104
6/15/07 Paris Hilton & Barbara Walters/Sopranos Finale/Isaiah Washington talks about being fired/Sunset Tan goes downhill/Tylenol ad Campaign/Sizzler - Mark McGrath hosts/Sharon Stone’s firecrotch/Patrick Dempsey in drag/Father’s Day - Larry Birkhead/In Case You Missed it - Brandon Davis/Oprah’s bed test/Hell’s Kitchen fainting/Akon’s apology/Winner - Bob Barker. #1105
6/22/07 Paritney Spohan - Paris writes from jail, Britney’s nuts billboard, Lindsay out of jail/Obama Girl - internet political videos/Age of Love - aged cheese/Condom Ad - Rubber banned Trojan pigs ad/Paris in Prison - Father 90210/Sizzler - Tyra Banks sex tape, Celebrity Bumpologist - pregnant celebs, OJ’s Book, Scott Baio & Liza Minelli, Matthew McConaughey, Blind Item - Rosie O’Donnell, Crazy White People - Kristy Swanson/ In Case You Missed it - Bai Ling dances, Johnny Depp on Japanese TV/Clean Butt - Happy Butt/Winner - Star Parker. #1106
6/29/07 Paris Hilton is Free/Yes, More Paris on Larry King/iPhone/John Stamos slurred Australian interviews/R. Kelly & Usher Hip Hoperetta/Sizzler - Paris loves tmz/Nancy Grace pregnancy/Justin Timberlake in Sweden/Hot dog champion no more/ In Case You Missed it - Laser guided pepper spray flashlight/Passions - evil midget/Vagisil - animal smells/Ex-Wives Club - Marla Maples/Winner - dramatic chipmunk. #1107
7/13/07 Harry Potter - Dirty Harry/Nicole Richie - Almost Famous & Lionel Richie/Live Earth - Warm-up Acts/Hell’s Kitchen - Rock Lobster/Sizzler - Clay Aiken’s feet/Extreme! - Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Aaron Eckart/Birthdays - Julius Caesar, OJ Simpson, Lil Kim/Hot - Lindsay Lohan Lesbian, Not Hot - Rosie O’Donnell, Pissed off Queen - Queen Elizabeth/World Series of Pop Culture/In Case You Missed it - Big Brother 8 - Jen cries/Maury - dancing whore/Paris Hilton’s 4 year old fan/Amazing Race - man drinks own urine/America’s Got Talent - Urban Action Figure falls/Amy Polumbo Blackmail/Winner - JJ Abrams Fans. #1108
7/20/07 Harry Potter - Book Ends/Lindsay Lohan - Booze Clues/Chuck and Larry - Pride & Prejudice/Beckhams - Victoria’s Secret/Think You Can Dance - Twist and Shout Mary Murphy/Sizzler - Taylor Hick Books/Jon Lovitz vs. Andy Dick/Mel Gibson/Paris Hilton/Patton Oswalt/In Case You Missed it - Britney Spears fan fight/Lily Allen’s third nipple/Diddy’s assistant search/Daniel Baldwin/Winner - Dogs. #1109
7/27/07 Lindsay Lohan - Promises, Promises/Britney Spears - Brit Fit/Boy Britney - Talented Mr. Britney/Youtube Debates - Test Tube/The Simpsons - Yellow Fever/Sizzler - Nicole Brown Simpson Foundation/Hot - Lindsay in swimsuit, Not Hot - Perez Hilton, Tone Deaf - Hayden Panettiere sings/Beckhams, Pete Doherty/Billy Dee Williams Still Got it on Drew Carey, Short Circuit Robot (How’s the weather on Cloud City)/In Case You Missed it - Vagasil itch ad/Lionel Richie Sculpture/Beyonce falls/Holly Hunter interview gone bad/Boogie Ad/Winner - The Filipino Prisoners do Thriller dance. #1110
8/3/07 Week in Duh - Nicole Richie pregnant, Star Jones gastric bypass. Britney’s a bad mom/Hey Paula Abdul - Truly Madly Deeply/OJ Simpson - Fresh Squeeze/Nudity!!! - Flesh Prince of Bel Aire Von Anhalt/Sizzler - Billy Dee Williams/Gary Coleman/ Matthew McConaughey/Whoopi Goldberg/Shark Weak/Halloween TV spot/In Case You Missed it - Faith Hill, Michael Bublé, Simple Life goes black, Viva Viagara, Two Coreys/Winner - Tay Zonday. #1111
9/14/07 Boy Britney/Britney Spears - Belly Flop/Hip-Hop Dishonors on 9/11/Man Meat Mania - Curb Your Enthusiasm, TMZ/Vanessa Hudgens - Immodest Mouse/Madonna - Boy Toy/Pop Culture Bachelor - Miss SC, Jerry Lewis, Doug Benson/Sizzler - Trender Benders - Paris Hilton, Dr. Dre, Big Red Fingers, Purple Penetrator/The Hills/Kid Rock vs. Tommy Lee/In Case You Missed it - Steve Wilkos Show/Today Show Fourth Hour/Temptation Game Show/I Wanna Be a Soap Star/Decision House/Winner - Chris Crocker. #1201
9/21/07 Arresting Development - OJ Simpson/Flop Tart - Britney Spears/Global Warning - Flat World on The View/Shock and Ow - Tazed at Kerry Speech/Drama School - Gossip Girl Date Rape/Mild West - Kid Nation/Statue of Limitations - The Emmys/OJ Simpson Trail Part II - Vegas Vacation/The Sizzler - Paris Hilton has AIDS/Barry Manilow vs. The View/Amy Winehouse/In Case - Nashville reality show break up/Rock of Love - Lacey’s Dad/WBKO-TV Breast Milk Weatherman Chris Allen/Vanessa Hudgens on Tyra/Winner - The Censor Ball at The Emmys. #1202
9/28/07 Almost Famous - Dancing with the Stars nobodies/Knockout - Oscar De la Hoya in fishnets/Kiefer Madness - DWI/Blunderground Railroad - Adrienne Curry vs. BET/Lady Schtick - The Bachelor icebreakers/Falsies - rumors of Meg White, Miley Cyrus, Maureen McCormick, Zac Efron/Finnegander - Justin Timberlake, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad/Sizzler - George Clooney bike crash, Paris Hilton to Rwanda, Heidi Montag implants, Bill O’Reilly on blacks, Marcel Marceau/Comedy Death Ray/In Case You Missed it - Swedish TV host throws up/Marie Osmond on Dancing with the Stars/Tyra’s Martina McBride dreams/Bones cannibal/Today Show - Ann Curry busts a move/Winner - Boner Killerz: Oprah, Margaret Cho, Tell Me You Love Me. #1203
10/12/07 Britney Spears - Gimme Less!/R. Kelly - Love, Factually/Kid Nation - Bawl Boy/Lindsay Lohan - Re-cover Girl/Fred Thompson Lizard Leadership/Frank TV - Worst Impressions/Celebrity Courage - Kiefer Southerland/The Sizzler - Pamela Anderson’s wedding/ Hayden Panettiere pumps gas/Hugh Grant and girls/Charlie Sheen’s tattoos/Fetus some gossip - Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera/ In Case You Missed it - Eric Clapton’s Book/I Love New York 2 midget/Miracle Spring Water/Beauty and the Geek massage/Democratic pranked about Clinton on Norwegian TV/Survivor China stereotypes/Winner - Soujla Boy. #1204
10/19/07 How to do the show when you’ve had a bad day like Ellen/Ellen Degeneres - Puppy Love/Celebrity Defender Music Edition - Britney Spears, Diddy, T.I., Foxy Brown/Larry Craig - Stall Tactics/Kardashians - House of Cards/Viva Laughlin - Oh No Hugh Didn’t/How I Met Your Mother interviews on the set/The Sizzler - Amy Winehouse’s hair, Tara Reid’s not stupid, John Aboud & Michael Colton with Melora Hardin/ In Case You Missed it - CNN Teenspeak, I Love New York 2 drowning midget, Dangerous Encounters python attack, Model falls through hole/Winner - Overly Excited People: Price is Right, Extreme Home Makeover, Deal or No Deal, Ellen. #1205
10/26/07 Marie Osmond passes out on Dancing with the Stars/Excess Hollywood - Celebrities in the line of California fires/Latter Day Faint - Marie Osmond passes out/Fab-racadabra! - Gay Dumbledore/Halle’s Comment - Jewish Cousin on Jay Leno/Social Notwork - Myspace TV Roommates & Tom Hanks electric car/Celebrity Costume Critic - Kim Kardashian, Oscar de la Hoya, Ellen Degeneres, Prince Von Anhalt, Frank from 30 Rock/The Sizzler - Chris Judd on Jennifer Lopez/Kid Rock brawl/Larry King’s Hair/Heidi Klum on Seal/Hills music video/In Case You Missed it - I Love New York 2 toe sucking/Vaseline ad with Dave Navarro/The Price is Right - E.L.T./Bill Maher removes a protestor/Maury - curing phobias/Winner - Anderson Cooper. #1206
11/9/07 Going green in the studio/Duane Chapman - Dog Collared/Britney Spears - Wrinkle in Time/Tyra Banks - Vagisilly/Open Letter to Jamie Foxx - stop singing/NBC - Mixed Greens (Days of Our Lives/Journeyman/30 Rock/Deal or No Deal)/Katie Holmes - Foot Shocker/TSI - The Bucket List/Best Year Ever Promo/Sizzler - George Clooney vs. Fabio/Christina Aguilera pregnant/Hot - Rihanna, Not Hot - David Beckam, Sock Puppet - Lauren Conrad/ Shia LaBeouf trespasses/Heather Mills mad at Paul/In Case You Missed it - Look-a-Like Doris Roberts/Rip Away 1000 wedgie proof underwear/The View - Sherri’s Caravan ad/Winner - Midget Mac. #1207
11/16/07 Special Message TV Writers Strike/Sweatin’ with an Oldie - Jenny Garth & Richard Simmons on Dancing with the Stars/Sex Attic - Heidi Klum & Seal/Dancing in the Dark - Ellen ignores the strike/A Message for Celebrities - Save Britney Spears/Trunk and Disorderly - Paris Hilton & Elephants/Quarter Pounder - Quarterlife on myspace/Inside the Non Actors Studio - New York/The Sizzler - Boy George chains a man to a wall, Lindsay Lohan in prison, Sharon Stone cameltoe, The Hills in 30 seconds, John Stamos harassed on airplane, Rihanna shows boobs at wedding/In Case You Missed it - The Amazing Race Donald’s pole vault, Martha Stewart’s turkey stuffing, Tyra talks to Chinese Lion puppet/Winner - Moral Bankruptcy - viral video of 2 women doing gross things. #1208
11/30/07 Welcome to the Dollhouse - Dancing with the Stars Marie Osmond/Behind the Music - Michael Buble/Breaking News - Britney Spears stories/Rumor Mills - Heather Mills publicist/Assault N’ Pepper - Miss Peurto Rico’s clothes spiked/Wary Christmas - sick toys: Make you own bear, horse costume, Rock Band game/TSI - Major Movie Star/Sizzler - Hulk Hogan’s Divorce, Kid Rock’s Hair, Ellen Page on Juno, Kevin Dubrow dies/In Case You Missed it - TMX Special Edition Elmo ad, NC Football #69 giving him the business, Today Show Xtreme Sports - Al Roker’s butt, PSA - girls’ face gets burned/Winner - Aspiring MC’s - Bindi Irwin, Asians, Kevin Federline. #1209
12/14/07 Intro - To Catch Chris Hansen/Paris is Yearning - Hilton in & out of Jail/Sanjaya Malakar/Breast in Peace - Anna Nicole Smith/Melissa Rauch tries to make her anus remarkable/Priceline/Judging Paula - Abdul Goes Crazy/Numbing to America - David & Victoria Beckham/John Mulaney goes to Green Bay to get people interested in soccer/(he calls himself dressed as Nick Fury Han Solo)/Britney Shears/In Case You Missed it - Armed & Famous Latoya Jackson/Veira falls on the ice with Will Ferrell/Don’t Tase Me Bro/Orlando Doom - Lisa Nowak/Doug Benson sets out to kidnap Buzz Aldrin/Flavor Flav’s Look at Reality TV 2007/What the Other F? Faggot - Washington, Coulter, Lewis/Daniel Radcliffe/The People who Knew the People Who Made the News - Esther Tognozzi of Britney’s shaving/Amazing Racists - Halle Berry, Duane Chapman, Adrianne Curry/Dancing with the Stars Samatha can’t speak/Weird Weatherman/The View - Sherry doesn’t know if the world is flat/Internet Sensations - dramatic chipmunk, Chocolate Rain, Leave Britney Alone/Christian sets out to be an internet star with Tom Bergeron/Missed Congeniality - Tara Connor, Miss NJ, Miss SC/Rehab - Keith Urban, Hasselhoff, Lohan, Winehouse/Prince Frederic Von Anhalt interview/Mcconnaugh-ciser w/Bonaduce/Spite Club - Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump/Aired America - Alec Baldwin chews out his daughter, Hasselhoff drunk eating, John Stamos on Australian TV/Iggy Goes Down - Ellen Degeneres/Frangela interviews Iggy/Winner - Rehab

2008 Season

1/18/08 American Gladiators Wolf stops Christian from coming into the studio/Mission Incomprehensible - Tom Cruise video/Katie Holmezzzzz - boring interviews/Paris Six months after prison - party your nuts off/Great Depression - American Idol Temptress Brown/Shudder Bug - Adnon Worst Person Ever/Tyra Banks all about herself interview/Pop Culture Bachelor - Hilary Clinton, Ellen, Golf Channel, Hannah Montana liar, Blue Angels/The Sizzler - Strike Beard/Celebrity Babies/Hip Hop Steroids/Panic at the Disco/Terrell Owens Crying/Bjork Attacks/In Case You Missed it - Hawaii chair/K-Fed on One Tree Hill/Richard Simmons court jester/Golden Globes Blonski/Sheri Shepherd like the black Patti LaBelle/Winner - Corey Worthington had a 500 person houseparty #1301
1/25/08 Bret Michaels intro/Unsolved Mysteries - American Idol sob stories/Movie Buff - Norbit up for Oscar/To Tell the Truth - Moment of Truth/Adnon Ghilab Moment of Truth/’Crat Scratch Fever - Obama vs. Clinton/Hardcore - Moldy Peaches on The View/Morbid Curiosity - Lindsay Lohan community service in the morgue/Britt on Mitt/The Sizzler - Amy Winehouse on Crack/Diddy - Sean John/Miley Cyrus not dating/Paul F. Tompkins interviews Bret Michaels/In Case You Missed it - Amazing Race love/Dangerous Encounters hippo/Bill Clinton falls asleep at MLK service/Dance War names/Winner - Ricky Lizalde wins and cries #1302
2/1/08 Statue of Limitations - awkward SAG speeches/The Lost Recaps/Shrink Rapped - Dr. Phil apologies/The Britney Spears Market money report/French Dissed - Rock of Love 2/The View - Sherri Shepherd gives up right to complain/Country Crock - Maureen McCormick/Sash & Burn - Miss America show/The Sizzler - Clay Aiken no sex/Lindsay Lohan drink/Matthew McConaughey no deodorant/Kathy Hilton/In Case You Missed it - Law & Order bathroom foot tap/Carol Channing’s bank was robbed/Guinness World Record - toe nail lady/Today Show Tasing/Winner - 80s Pop Stars - Paula Abdul, George Michael, New Kids #1303
2/8/08 Animal Planet Paparazzi Attack - Britney Spears/Beached Wail - Heidi from The Hills Video/Clothed Encounter - Matthew McConaughey/Stacked Ballot - Christina Aguilera/Celebrity Intervention - Oprah Winfrey/Offensive Line - Sales Genie Panda Ad/Patriot Games - American Idol Superbowl/TSI - The Hottie & the Nottie/The Sizzler - Christina Aguilera Bris/Fergie & John Legend/Hefner trying to have a baby/Jennifer Lopez having twins/In Case You Missed it - Snoop Dogg on Larry King/Doug Crickmer punched in face/Tyra Banks takes off her pants/Shep Smith gets mad/Winner - Our Girlfriends #1304
2/15/08 Zest in Show - Grammys/Amy Whinehouse/Punk Driving - Baron Hilton/Jamie Bell & Rachel Bilson interview/Reality Superstar - Ryan from Paradise Hotel 2/Photo or Photoshopped - World’s Strongest Dwarf/Lactose Intolerant - I Drink Your Milkshake/The Sizzler - Miley Cyrus no seatbelts/Olsen Twins don’t get along/Blind item - Britney Spears/Celebrity Injuries - Dolly Parton/Gang Members take shots of Britney/In Case You Missed it - Gone Country Bobby Brown peeing/Celine Dion raps/Tyra Banks leaves her show/One Tree Hill - Kevin Federline punched out/Winner - Gary Coleman #1305
2/29/08 Gary Coleman intro/Stage Fright - Academy Awards/Dread Carpet - Gary Busey/Rene’s Eyes/Hanging Judge - American Idol/Hot Topic - Valerie Bertanelli/True Romance - Moment of Truth/Street Couture - America’s Next Top Model/The Sizzler - Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, Jamie Lynn Spears GED, Natalie Portman wants to grab Scarlett’s boobs, Diablo Cody nude, Unhitched interview/In Case You Missed it - Girlicious Megan, Good Day New York Christina dances/Harris Couple wins $270 million in lottery/Barbara Walters shows leg/Winner - Man Emotions: Jimmy Kimmel, Oscars, Radcliffe, Biggest Loser #1306
3/7/08 Chris March lost/Santa’s Helper - American Idol/Ego Maniac- Gary Busey/Family Affair - Your Mama Don’t Dance/Jack & Hill - Jack Nicholson’s youtube video/Deadbeat Dad - My Dad is Better than Your Dad/Paula Abdul’s new single/The Sizzler - Jennifer Lopez’s twin masseuse/Christina Aguilera’s baby beaten by Nicole Richie’s/Kevin Federline gets fat/Hottest Topless Photo/Olivia Thirlby interview/In Case You Missed it - Paradise Hotel 2 flexible Tanya, GMA - Prince Harry is expendable, Rock of Love 2 Star Spangled Banner/Saphyr’s Lip Chap/Winner - Tyra’s Ego #1307
3/14/08 Elliott Spitzer Apology/Flavor of Gov - Elliott Spitzer/Twist and Doubt - American Idol/Great Moments in Meat Modeling/Looney Tunes - Britney Spears/Big Brother - Adam’s Eyes/Extreme Flakeover - Girlicious/Sleazy Does it - Ray J/The Sizzler - Britney’s allowance, Celebrity Doctor - Mickey Rourke & Patricia Heaton, Chad from Nickleback, Chuck Nice, Nikolaj Waldau interview/In Case You Missed it - Beauty and the Geek meltdown, Canterbury’s Law punch, Chester Sanchos card memory, Aria’s pleaser/Winner - Susan Mitchell trapped in the closet #1308
4/11/08 Pop Culture Bachelor -Big Brother, Kathie Lee Gifford, Decisions de/Extra Cheese - American Idol Gives Back/Wedded Singers - Jay-Z & Beyonce/The Hills in 30 Seconds/Ruff Cut - Groomer has it/About Face - Dancing with the Stars Priscilla Presley/Kathie Lee’s Sex Talk/Secret…out! - Secret Talents of the Stars/Stop Model - Tyra Banks/Handbook for Better Living - Oprah’s Big Give/The Sizzler - Paris Hilton wants a baby, Britney Spears in Streetcar, Pregnant Man, Olsen Twins masked, Adult babies for Obama, Blind Item - Rhea Perlman naked/In Case You Missed it - View Whoopi kisses Joy, Rosie O’Donnell gray all over, Bachelor London song, Rocky from I Know My Kid’s a Star/Winner - Sarah Jessica Porkher doll #1310
4/18/08 Cribs Polygamist Compound/Pop Springs Eternal - Pope Benedict XVI/Face Off - Priscilla Presley/Martha Stewart’s Dog Dies/Tyra Mail/Boob Tube - Tyra Banks & dwarf/Flow Down - Hip Hop is Dead/Nannygate 2008 - Rob Lowe/The Sizzler - Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian, Blind Item - American Idol on pot, Marilyn Monroe sex video, Robin Leech, Amy Winehouse, Jessica Gibson/In Case You Missed it - LA Newswoman sings Ice Ice Baby, I Can Make You Thin, Bachelor London, Top Chef Chicago/Winner - Tyler Hemmert #1311
4/21/08 Best Day Ever - Polygamist Women’s Hair/Enrique Iglesias’ Penis/Mike & Juliet Sex Tape/Olive Garden & Playboy
4/22/08  Earth Day - DVD giveaway/SC Church - Obama vs. Osama/Today Show - Women watch porn/Miley Cyrus & Emma Watson sexy photos
4/23/08 Miley Cyrus’s book/Nicole Kidman’s pregnant/Wife Swap rapping son/Matthew McConaughey’s trailer/Grey’s Anatomy intestines.
4/24/08 Wesley Snipes letter from Denzel/Early Show - Bored Harry Smith/Amy Winehouse headbutts/Orlando Brown is found/Breakfast
4/25/08 Phantom of the Flopera - American Idol/The Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Award - Chris Harrison/Passenger 1040 - Wesley Snipes/The Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Award - Nate Berkus/Green Screen - Earth Day/The Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Award - Hulk Hogan/The Color Green - Oprah Saves the Earth/Headlock of State - WWE Obama vs. Clinton/10 Most Flamboyant TV Moments - Insider’s Gossip Guys/Mad TV - Kathie Lee Gifford/The Sizzler - Lindsay Lohan Lesbian, Jamie Lynn Spears, Suri Cruise, Emma Watson, Jordin Sparks voice, Natalie Portman peed on, Star Jones single/In Case You Missed it - Grey’s Anatomy bear attack, Kimora’s cake, Obama Supporter/Winner - Inappropriate Behavior - CNN reported arrested, Tyra, Dutch TV #1312
4/28/08 Miley Cyrus photos/Deal or No Deal Star Wars/Mike & Juliet Nasal Sprays/Heather Locklear at the beach
4/29/08 Hulk Hogan & Brooke lotioning/Grand Theft Auto IV/The Hills Rolling Stone cover/Barrack Plays Basketball/Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape
4/30/08 John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston/Benji Madden & Paris Hilton/David Blaine/Farmer takes a Wife/Penis on Shoulder
5/1/08 Beyonce is pregnant?/Gary Coleman on Divorce Court/Rachel Ray tampon fire/Iron Man’s Preacher
5/2/08 Sausage Wench/Tween the Sheets - Miley Cyrus Photos/Back-Lash - Miley Cyrus discussion/Premature Evaluation - Paula Abdul/The Odd Father - Tom Cruise/Lost in Translation - Scarlett Johansson video/Bland Ambition - Hills on Tyra/David Blaine’s Oprah Warning/Correspondents Coarse - Celebs at White House/Wed Carpet - Made of Honor Wedding/The Sizzler - Mariah Carey married, Heather Locklear’s face, Hulk Hogan & Brooke, Sherrod/In Case You Missed it - Farmer takes a Wife dummies, One Tree Hill clowning, Tyra’s aspiring whore, Oprah’s Tom Cruise fan/Winner - Claymates #1313
5/5/08 Dinah Lohan nominated/Kanye West tour/Barack Obama calls Matt Lauer Tim/Tom Cruise on Oprah
5/6/08 Britney Spears/Couples/Bad Girls Club/Maxim Hot 100/Comic Book Movies/Lindsay Lohan
5/7/08 Mariah Carey/Britney Spears Custody/Divorce Court Rap/The Hills/Madonna’s lesbian kiss
5/8/08 Amy Winehouse/American Idol/Michael Lohan/R. Kelly Trial/Prince
5/9/08 Brook White Starts and Stops the Classics/You Got it Wrong America - Jason Castro/Cruise Controlled - Tom on Oprah/Hell’s Kitchen - Matt/Kanye Stressed - B+ Review/Shock and Gnaw - Bear eats larva/Blair Switch Project - BWE & Gossip Girl/The Sizzler - Olsen Twins in Maxim, Barbara Walters, Lindsay Lohan thief, Madonna in France, Sex in the City movie, Frangela vs. Caspian/In Case You Missed it - The Price is Right wrong, Snoop Dogg Soap Opera, Inside Edition GGW, Kitchen Boner/Winner - Terrible Moms #1314
5/12/08 Jennifer Aniston & Mayer/Hugh Hefner & Miley Cyrus/Kardashian PSA/Audriana Partridge
5/13/08 Britney Spears Car Crash/Mariah Carey Wedding at Six Flags/Squirrel in the City/Obama Ape Shirt/Al Reynolds myspace rant
5/14/08 Angelina Jolie’s Twins/Fantasia on Idol/Lost’s new character/Prince Caspian tryout
5/15/08 Ellen getting married/Shia Lebeouf craps himself/Heidi Montag fake pregnancy/New Kids
5/20/08 American Idol Davids/Britney Spears Sex Tape/Fergie dirty dance on GMA/Hell’s Kitchen finger chop/Penis Helicopter
5/21/08 Ashlee Simpson’s Dog/Tim Russert Brain Fart/Harrison Ford PSA/Michael Urie’s Jurassic Park
5/22/08 Simon Cowell Apologizes/Amy Winehouse’s Ghost/Denise Richards doesn’t want Charlie Sheen’s sperm/John McCain on Ellen
5/23/08 New Beverly Hills 90210/Rocky Start - American Idol Boxing/End Game - Idol Finale/Black-eye Puh-leeze - Fergie on GMA/Holy Hollywood Matrimony - Ashlee Simpson, Cynthia Nixon/Andy Rooney’s Desk/Elder Hostile - Indiana Jones & PSA/The Endy Awards - Desperate Housewives/The Sizzler - Jolie-Pitt, Nas N-word, Pregnant man, Bruce Jenner, Audience Choice - Michael Urie/In Case You Missed it - Taylor Swift strips, American Gladiators Vicki, Paradise Hotel 2 - Giving/Winner - Penis Copter Swatting Guy #1315
5/27/08 Michael Lohan on Linday’s lesbianism/Sex and the City Cattrall/Hills Fashions/Sharon Stone’s Karma
5/29/08 Ashlee Simpson Pregnant/George Clooney is Single/Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC/Lost finale
5/30/08 Clay Aiken’s baby/Mysteries of the Cosmos - Sex and the City movie/Denise Suxtable - Denise Richards Show/Celebrity Defender - R. Kelly Trial/Lo Maintenance - Dina Lohan watches a sex tape with her daughter/Idol Chit-Chat - David Cook’s hair/Endy Awards - Flavor of Love, Wildfire, Lost/The Sizzler - Lindsay Lohan Lesbian/Lance Armstrong/Trender Benders - Amy Winehouse diapers/Blind Item - Melanie Brown’s crack, Woody Harrelson starves, William Shatner’s book/In Case You Missed it - Canadian hockey trophy is broken, Sharon Stone’s Karma, Al Roker’s Willy, Taint Swatch, Hot steamy sexy talk with Martha Stewart/Winner - Arnel Pidela #1316
6/2/08 Tatum O’Neal buys crack/Lindsay Lohan won’t come out/Sherri Shepherd’s breast feeding/Clay Aiken is pregnant
6/3/08 Tatum O’Neal’s new excuse/Bill Clinton & Gina Gershon/Full Body Preparation H/Maria Menounos laughs/15 million for Angelina’s twin baby photos
6/4/08 Barack Obama calls Hilary/Kevin Federline father of the year/Marley & Me/Andy Dick & Lily Allen Drunk
6/5/08 Brad Pitt’s furniture/Hillary Clinton calls BET/Swingtown/Seann William Scott preview
6/6/08 In Case You Missed Everything - Amazon Tribe/Clay Mated - Clay Aiken attacks a camera/Pipe Dreams - Tatum O’Neal & Bonaduce/Stirring the Pot - Mtv Movie Awards/That 70s Show - Swingtown/Seann William Scott fires staff/Tool Time - Bachelorette Ron/TSI - Miss Conception/The Sizzler - We are Scientists, Lindsay vs. Angelina’s Baby, Charlie Sheen’s wedding, Kelsey Grammar, Lillith Breasts, Obama vs. Anderson, Pringles/In Case You Missed it - Battlestar Galactica Fight, Denise Richards Cword, She’s got the Look’s Ernestine, Woman behind Oprah/Winner - Humiliating Children #1317
6/13/08 Hulk Overboard/P. Did He? - Sean Combs/Paula Ab-Jewel - Nashville Star/Butt Seriously - Tyra Banks/Pregnant Man/Cable Dance - Master of Dance/Top 3 Music Video Countdown - New Kids, Amy Winehouse & Bachelorette/Adrien Green-ier - Rick/The Sizzler - Jessica Alba vs. Tori Spelling, Madonna’s Divorce, Spike Lee vs. Clint Eastwood, Naomi Campbell, Lindsay Leggins/In Case You Missed it - Terrorist Fist Jab, Potty Whisperer, Man vs. Wild Naked, Divorce Court Crossdresser/Winner - Barack Obama #1318
6/20/08 Bonnarude Festival - Kanye West/Final Frontier - Gay Marriage/Annual Theater Minute - Tony Awards/Mister Act - America’s Got Talent/Silly Ray Cyrus - Today Show/Sherrod Small Explains Lil Wayne/Ghost Host - Psychic Kids/Masi Oka in Get Smart/The Sizzler - Jessica Simpson’s t-shirt, Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck with blacks, Usher says not enough black men, Jamie Lynn Spears gives birth, Romany Malco interview/In Case You Missed it - Bachelorette loaded gun, American Gladiators Wolf Slap, Today Show woman loses weight in ham/Winner - Nether-Garments #1319
7/4/08 Method Man/Punch Drunk Shove - Amy Winehouse/Banana’s Foster - Monkey child/You Better See it! - Kit Kittredge/Pop Culture Bachelor - Larry King, Swingtown, Hillybilly Deluxe, Bachelorette, Baby Borrowers/Justin Kirk from Weeds/Bachelorete in Spanish/Celebrity Feud - Pratt vs. Olsen/The Sizzler - New Lohan child, Angelina Jolie giving birth, The Hills are gay, Junk in the Trunks, Method Man for The Wackness/In Case You Missed it - Design Star, Denise Richards on porn, Diddy on Hancock, Fattest Man/Winner - Trashing the British: Madonna, Jay-Z & Boy George #1320
7/18/08 Fall of Saigon - Miss USA Falls/Opening Knight - Regis Philbin on Batman/Straight Talk - Al Reynolds/TSI: HSM3 Senior Year/The Vain Event - Wendy Williams/Coming Up Next - Hurl/Joss Whedon interview/The Sizzler - Silverman & Kimmel break up, Jennifer Lopez’s kids, Helen Mirren in a bikini, Pat O’Brien engaged, Katy Perry interview/In Case You Missed it - Hulk Hogan’s Gay Scale, Kathy Lee wine bra, Aussie Kangaroo ad/Winner - Rudy Sandoval #1321
7/25/08 Ms. Demeanors - Girl Fights/Posting Bale - Dr. Doug diagnosis Verbal Abuse/Turning Dork - Corey Feldman Sings/Misadventures in Babysitting - Baby Borrowers/Wrong Said Ed - Ed McMahon Celebrity Feud/Musical Taste - Wanna Bet?/Home-School of Rock - HSM Get in/Mary Murphy - So You Think You Can Scream/The Sizzler - Britney Spear’s kid with cigarette lighter, Amy Winehouse in wax, Jerry O’Connell pregnant, Camila Parker Cabbage, Celebrity babies/In Case You Missed it - Jewel off key, Today show ventriloquist dog, Date My Ex, Brooke Knows Best woman voting, Flipping Out exorcism, View - vagina/Winner - Matthew McConaughey #1322
9/12/08 Kanye West vs. TMZ, Fall Things Considered - Fringe/Hole in the Wall/True Blood/John McCain, Attention Undecided Voters, Soft Sell - Microsoft Ad, America’s Got Talent - ZOOperstars, Television Bathroom Challenge - Sexiest Bathroom/Sibling Ribaldry - HSM Winner sings to sister/Girl likes step dad’s mullet, Crier’s Remorse - End of the World, Pop Culture Bachelor - Michael Phelps, Ocho Cinco, Piper Palin, Andrea Mitchell, Ernest Borgnine/The Sizzler - Gary Coleman’s accident, Daniel Radcliffe’s penis, Minnie Driver, Red Carpet - Mickey Rourke/In Case You Missed it - Slim Clip, Bryan Adams 69, Jeff Goldblum’s Big Chill/Winner - Britney Spears #1401
9/19/08 Celebrity Defender - R. Kelly Interview/Monday Night Goofball - Anthem/Spanish/High 5, Mike is Pissed - etrade/AIG/Kaitlyn Maher, How to Pick Up a Vampire - Trueblood, Best Acting Moment - America’s Top Model, Rob Huebel Hits on You - Igor/The Sizzler - Jennifer Hudson engaged, Celebrity Race, Miley Cyrus at church, Jack Coleman glasses interview/In Case You Missed it - Sex with Mom and Dad, UFOs Seeing is Believing jock strap, World’s shortest man, Downward Spiraling Charts, Winner - News Crashers - Lehman Bros Gay/Hurricane Ike Bear Suit #1402
9/26/08 Breaking News - Show is Suspended/Out and About - Clay Aiken & Lindsay Lohan are gay/Emmy Awards/Reality Superstar - Cloris Leachman/90210 girls too thin/Spencer Pratt’s Movie Review/Extra Cheese - Heroes/Early Show - Regis perve, Rachel Ray 40, Whoopi, BJ Clinton/Zacharay Levi & Josh Gomez from Chuck talents/The Sizzler - Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding photos, Jenna Jameson pregnant, Scandalous News of 1957/In Case You Missed it - One Life to Live shower scene, Rachel Zoe news, Martha Stewarts’s 15 foot wiener/The Winner - Disappointment - David Blaine #1403
10/13/08 Today Show Glassblowing Glory Hole/Gator Victim Gets New Arm/Britney Spears Womanizer Video/Angelina Jolie Breastfeeds/Who’s Nailin' Paylin? Porno
10/14/08 Maureen McCormick’s Autobiography/Angelina Jolie & Son’s Knives/Ringo Starr doesn’t want fan mail/Sex Change Hospital
10/15/08 Madonna & Guy Ritchie Divorce/Justin Timberlake Vote in the Box/Man names daughter Sarah McCain Palin/Holly’s Fake Boobs/Presidential Debate vs. Project Runway
10/16/08 Angelina Jolie wants more kids/Joe the Plumber/Colin Powell Dancing/Grey’s Anatomy Lesbo Geography
10/17/08 Madonna & Rob Huebel/Guy Problems - Madonna & Guy Ritchie Divorce/Britney Spears Womanizer Video/The Many Facial Expressions of Rachel Zoe/Maureen McCormick’s Autobiography/Pop Culture Bachelor - Wizzit, Girls Next Door, Direct TV/Ringo Starr doesn’t want fan mail/Heroes Bad Acting Moment of the Week - Peter/Reality Superstar - Anch BFF/Indiana Jones DVD Target Collectible Packaging Ad/The Sizzler - Angelina Jolie & Son’s Knives, Tara Reid on strike, Who’s Nailin Paylin’ Porno, Rock Band 2 Everlong, How Dumb are You? Ad/In Case You Missed it - The Pickup Artist Smoking Balls, Charm School 2 Ugly Whore Streetwalker, Today Show Glassblowing Glory Hole, Chris Bridges Rocknrolla/The Winner - Joe the Plumber #1404
10/20/08  Madonna’s adopted child’s father wants him back/Terry Tate vs. Sarah Palin/Jay Thomas & son he gave up/Nicole Richie Crush fight
10/21/08 Madonna & Guy Ritchie Divorce rumors/Kathy Lee on the Election/Living with the Wolfman feeding/Dirty Jobs Sheep ranch/Katie Holmes/British man dances with crane
10/22/08 John McCain on Pennsylvania/Florence Henderson vs. Cloris Leechman/David Beckam’s food/Stylista breakfast
10/23/08 Beyonce is Sasha Fierce/William Shatner vs. George Takei/Pain with David Hasselhoff/Paul F. Tompkins will be the new BWE host
10/24/08 Jerry dies & Paul F. Tompkins becomes the host/Cloris Leechman on Dancing with the stars/ Nicole Richie Crush fight/ Katie Holmes on Eli Stone/Madonna & Guy Ritchie Divorce/Paris Hilton BFF audition/Jay Thomas & son he gave up/Ghost Hunters finds Jay/America’s Top Model going to Amsterdam/Today Show Halloween Costumes/Scream Queens Sex with fruit/17 Children/Living with the Wolfman feeding/Dirty Jobs Sheep ranch/Gossip Girl food toss/The Sizzler - Jennifer Aniston pregnant, Terrence Howard replaced, Queen Elizabeth walks, What the hell is Donatella Versace saying, Kevin Smith promotes Zach and Miri, Saw V in 8 words or less/In Case You Missed it - Celebrity Rehab with Gary Busey, LSU referee makes a tackle, America’s Toughest Job mountain rescue, Today Show - climber survivor story, High School Musical 3 in 8 words or less/The Winner - Undecided Voters #1405
10/27/08 Paris Hilton for President video/Elizabeth Hasselback introduces Sarah Palin/P Diddy’s daughters in bow ties/World’s fattest man gets married in Mexico
10/28/08 P Diddy's daughter's message/Prince Charles meets Japanese Robot/Today Show - Jay Thomas's son on his knees/Britney Spears is Britney Spears
10/29/08  Joaquin Phoenix quits acting/Stylista panic attack/Why won't Suri Cruise wear a coat?/Willard Scott on possum
10/30/08 Zac Efron models his hair after Ellen/Maya Angelou won't run over kids/Joe the Plumber going country/Celebrity don't vote/vote video
11/1/08 Paul’s Campaign/Famous Actors Affected by the Economy - Bruce Campbell/Cloris Leechman voted off Dancing with the Stars/John McCain endorsements/Today Show - Captain Underpants/Stylista panic attack/Zac Efron on Ellen - Zac or smack/Britney Spears workout/Sex & Lies in Sin City stripping/Lisa Williams on dead people/Hilary Swank as Ellen/Harry Smith’s pumpkin sex/Paula Dean as butter/Martha Stewart makes bread crumbs for the poor/Rob Huebel hitting on the Dancing with the Stars set/The Sizzler - Jessica Simpson #1 in Russia, True Blood dirty sex, Donald Trump sues, Joaquin Phoenix quits acting, Amish Heaters, ITT Nipple Pixilator Institute/In Case You Missed it - One Tree Hill namedrops, Californication painting, Terri Hatcher hand acts, My Name is Bruce/Winner - Mario Lopez. #1406
11/3/08 Paris Hilton feels used/Joaquin Phoenix Bye Good!/Maury's Election - Man or Woman?/Dave Annabelle tries to prank McCain
11/4/08 Sarah Palin & Obama Vote/Real Housewives Stripper dance/Antonio Sabbata Jr. reality show
11/5/08 Ralph Nader calls Obama Uncle Tom/Obama Rally in LA smells like weed/Maury's Election - Man or Woman?/Paul F. Tompkins as a hologram.
11/6/08 Sarah Palin on Africa/Evan Rachel Wood dumps Marilyn Manson/Lisa Rena too much filler/50 Cent Money and the Power chains contestants
11/7/08 CNN Holograms/Sarah Palin thrown under the bus/Ron Paul alone/Michelle Obama eats Barack/Dancing with the Stars booed/Tyra - Natalie 22 year old virgin selling herself/Real Housewives Kim tries to sing/Scream Queens can’t emote/One Tree Hills slamball/Cast of 90210 green PSA/Cuomo and the Kiddie Cabinet on the elections/Ellen sad about no gay marriage/First Class All the Way/TLC - I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant & Purity Balls/PBS Vote 2008 - dazzling map/The Sizzler - Steve Guttenburg runs naked/Anthony Edwards returns to ER/David Wayne for Role Models/In Case You Missed it - Amazing Race: Dallas in India, CSI Miami killed on beach by ATVs, Regis tries to sing Rocky, English weatherman has map fall on him/Winner - Oprah Winfrey. #1407
11/10/08 Adrian from Cheetah Girls naked pics/Morning Joe uses the F word/Early Show goes B/W
11/11/08 World's Ugliest Dog Dies/Jennifer Aniston says Angelina Jolie is Uncool/Mickey Rourke dating Marilyn Manson's ex/William Shatner vs. George Takei/Ozzy Osbourne Propel Ad/Law & Order Jesse McCartney abstinence Club
11/12/08 Brad Pitt thrown out of his premiere/The Doctors prank/Steven Baldwin gets Hannah Montana tattoo/Joe Jonas dating again/Human Wrecking Balls
11/13/08 Muppets take over The Today Show/The View - the pregnant man/30 Rock - Jennifer Aniston/Robot than can mimic humans
11/14/08  Gossip Girls Dresses in Garbage Can/Morning Joe uses the F word/Lindsay Lohan calls Obama Colored/Kanye West assaults photographers in London/Outside the Actors Studio with Andy Richter/Muppets take over The Today Show & sexual harasses hosts/That Show Exists? Human Wrecking Balls, Cha$e, Blush/Inside Edition Devil Dog/90210 Karoake Saints Go Marching in/The Sizzler - William Shatner vs. George Takei, Jay Leno & Martha Stewart, Jennifer Aniston says Angelina Jolie is Uncool, Sarah Palin’s first interview times 3/Jeff Goldblum/In Case You Missed it - Desperate Housewives Terri Hatcher’s Painting of herself, Nicole Kidman on Oprah, Man with devil horns, Kay Jewelers for the deaf/Winner - The Pregnant Man. #1408
11/17/08 Lindsay Lohan hit by flour/Today Show from all ends of the earth/The Doctors - vaginal fight/Prince is a Jevohah's Witness/One Tree Hill 40s party
11/18/08 Today Show from all ends of the earth/Tyra Banks penis remover/Martha & Snoop Dogg/Cha$e - didn't open that door
11/19/08  Brad Pitt on Oprah/Angelina Jolie breastfeeding football hold/ Today Show from all ends of the earth - Anne Curry/Hugh Jackman Sexiest man alive/Estate of Panic
11/20/08 Miley giggling on Ellen/Ron Jeremy on Judge Pirro/Suri Cruise hottest tot/Grey's Anatomy unnecessary surgery
11/21/08 Pregnant Man on Larry King/Anne Curry on Kilamanjaro/Brad Pitt on Oprah/Gossip Girl walkways/Michelle Obama whips Barack/Blush - Cleopatra hat/Britney Spears for the record/Mad Men John Hodgman/Star Trek & Watchmen Trailers/Twilight premiere/Regis & Kelly sad random prize/Pushing Daises cancelled/The Sizzler - Lindsay Lohan hit by flower, Nicole Kidman & Chris Martin retires, Mad Men’s Elizabeth, Emma Thompson/In Case You Missed it - Extreme Makeover, Dancing with the Stars pressure, Antique Roadshow find, Judge Alex CGI fight reenactment/Winner - Single Lady Shane Mercado. #1409
12/12/08 Best Year Ever - Jeff Goldblum loves the show/January Campaigning/John McCain/Sarah Palin/Tyra with Joe Francis, Natalie sells her virginity, Tyra goes homeless/Gary Busey/Pop Culture Bachelor - Bachelorette/Tom Cruise's Scientology Video/Sports - Michael Phelps, Hockey trophy breaks, Shaq dissess Kobe Bryant in rap, man beats himself with tennis racket/In Case You Missed it - Fergie on Today show, Carol Channing was robbed, penis copter, celebrity births, Thomas Beatie pregnant man/Matthew McConaughy Beef ad/Animal Universe - The Outsiders monkey, bears, B harmony, Living with the Wolfman/Joe the Plummer/Priscilla Presley's Face/Top Design gays/Haley Lents swallows 30 magnets/Tyler with knife in his head/Corey Worthington/Keith Obberman/American Idol/David Cook/Rachel Maddow/New Shows - American Gladiators, Blush, The Moment of Truth/R. Kelly/Ellen - Freedom/Corey Feldman sings/Inside Edition vintage clip of Bill O'Reilly flipping out/The Hills - Heidi/They Year in Sexy Ladies - Sarah Palin, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Kathy Lee not sexy/Regis Philbin, Ernest Borgnine, Cloris Leachman/Winner - Corey Worthington

2009 Season

1/16/09 American Idol is back/24 torture premiere/CSI: Miami with Doug Benson/Biggest Loser Bob Harper flips/Golden Globes/The Dragon Chronicles gets whipped/The View Anne Coulter/The Bachelor shares a brain/As the World Turns gay sex/The Sizzler - Amy Winehouse divorce, Kanye West wants less fans, Jonas Brothers repulsed by bra thrown/Neil Flynn interview/In Case You Missed it - Oprah, Destroyed in Seconds, Al Roker chilly willy, Prayer Cross ad, Would what You’d Do?/Winner - President Bush & America. #1501
1/23/09 Obama messes up the oath/News fills in time at inauguration/Celebrities on the inauguration/America’s Song/American Idol’s Tatiana/Fringe worms/Lost time travel/Oscars Live Nomination/Tom Cruises’s Nazi teddybear/Pop Culture Bachelor - Stephanie, Natalie, Megan/Momma’s Boys - Penthouse Pet/The Sizzer - Rappin Joaquin Phoenix, Madonna’s new photos, Chirac mauled by poodle, Beat Corner - Inauguration, Jeannine Garafalo 24 hour interview/In Case You Missed it - The View Braille chocolate, Rock of Love Bus stolen socks, Paranormal State - ghost in the mirror, Bromance - I am enough/Winner - Joe Biden, Doug Benson Pepsi ad. #1502
1/30/09 American Idol singer knocks window down & ungrateful son/Real Housewifes of Orange County angry baseball son/Screen Actors Guild Awards for military/PETA sexy go veg ad/Jessica Simpson gains weight/TV Couples Therapy - The Bachelor, 24, Superstars of Dance/Toddlers & Tiaras - gay dad/Ashton Kutcher wines about neighbors/The Secret Life of the American Teenager - catchphrases & stomachs/Lost - water cooler talk/The Sizzler - Brad & Angelina’s twins debut, Kanye West’s red shoes, Prince Harry dumped on Facebook, 17 & Counting wedding/In Case You Missed it - Mickey Rourke won’t wrestle, Miss America shuns old winner, The L Word - pregnant man/Making Over America - breast blowing, Shatner’s Raw Nerve with Fran Drescher/The Winner - Rod Blagojevich. #1503
2/6/09 Michael Phelps bong hits/Christian Bale Terminator on set rant/American Idol rejects & winners/Super Bowl Wrap up - violent ads, Springsteen tea bags camera, Puppy Bowl V/Heroes - Claire goes to college/Katie Couric & Lil Wayne/What Would You Do? Coffee lady/Homeland Security - human skulls/Slumdog Millionaire cast won’t dance/The Sizzler - Miley Cyrus mocks Asians/Hot, Not Hot or ? - Tom Cruise, Mickey Rourke & Jude Law/David Archuleta phone line/Coraline the Book/In Case You Missed it - Al Roker gets fresh, For the Love of Ray J face tattoo, The Bachelor - completes sentences, The Biggest Loser - piggyback pigs, One Tree Hill - heart attack/The Winner - David after Dentist. #1504
2/9/09 Miley Cyrus at The Grammys with Asians/Octopulet Mom/The Miracle of the Hudson Song/Barry Gibb
2/10/09 Selma Hayek breastfeeds/Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue/Katherine Heigel & TR Knight Leaving ER/From G's to Gents premiere
2/11/09 Billy Bush Foot Fetishes on Today/Jennifer Anniston Turns 40/Toddlers & Tiaras/Lost Smoke Monster
2/12/09  Octopulet Mom Pregnant Pictures/The Millionaire Matchmaker/Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman/Grey's Anatomy Private Practice Event
2/13/09 Lost Smoke Monster/Octopulet Mom on the news/Tatiana on American Idol/Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman/Whitney Houston rambling speech/Bachelor - Naomi leaves/24 Baby Torture plus Toddlers & Tiaras/Jon Hamm takes over/Billy Bush Foot Fetishes on Today/Greg’s Anatomy - Hiegel’s death promo/The Sizzler - Jennifer Anniston John Mayer Birthday Song, Mickey Rourke dating Courtney Love, Selma Hayek breastfeeds, Miley Cyrus at The Grammys with Asians, Dollhouse - Joss Weddon & Eliza Dushku interview/Jon Hamm returns/In Case You Missed it - Top Chef - Fabio got so many kick in his ass, The City - Whitney & Olivia charity announcement, BAFTA Awards Sharon Stone presenting, True Beauty - my butt looks so good, Jon Hamm once again/The Winner - The Economy - News, Ryan Seacrest, Julio, Muzak. #1505
2/17/09 Alex Rodriguez apologizes/Michael Jackson Neverland auction/Hayden & Milo from Heroes breakup/Woman goes crazy in airport/Real Housewives of NY
2/18/09 Kayne West on gays/CNN nuts on planes/Hayden Christensen getting married/Lost makeout
2/19/09 Lindsay Lohan stay gold/Little Fockers/ER Dr. Carter returns/Tatiana kicked off American Idol.
2/20/09 Madea Goes to Jail on The View/Hayden & Milo pregnancy scare/Kate Winslett swears of nudity/Oscar predictions
2/25/09 Bobby Jindal insulted by reporter/Today Show Jedi Workout/Megan Fox & Brian Austin Greene breakup/Top Chef finale
2/26/09 Aging women's genitals - Kathy Lee Gifford sleeps naked/Jane Seymour sprayed milk on Richard Chamberlin/Fran Drescher post hysterectomy sex/Jamie Foxx celebrity video
2/27/09 American Idol's Nick goes home/Oscars - don't speak English, Miley Cyrus, recap, Hugh Jackman is gay/Octomom's Week & Billy Bush/The Biggest Loser - Bob Leaves/Lindsay Lohan's Spray Tan & Diamonds/UnbeWEAVEable - woman saved by weave/Tom Jones dreams of killing/The Sizzler - Mickey Rourke, Matthew McConaughey works out, Guy Ritchie's gay Sherlock Holmes, Richard Simmons at the airport, Ray J at the corporate retreat, Mickey Rourke's Hair/In Case You Missed it - German talking & smoking dog, Today Show Jedi Workout, Yaz new corrective commercial, Real World anger, Molly Sims interview, Winner - Bobby Jindal. #1506
3/2/09 Adam Lambert in drag/Today Show - woman swallows wedding ring/Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson eat dog biscuits/Axe hair/The Bad Girls Club cat fight
3/3/09 The Bachelor proposal take back/Regis Philbin Black Eyed Girl/Rob Lowe is too dark/Axe dandruff/Incendiary topless
3/4/09 Britney Spears back on tour/Octomom birth video/Bachelor new bachelorette/Axe poofy hair/America's Next Top Model politics/Make Me a Supermodel - Chris
3/5/09 Melissa from Bachelor on Ellen/Miley Cyrus autobiography/Star Trek cologne/Axe gelmet/Taylor Swift on CSI
3/6/09 American Idol Wildcard show/The Bachelor Finale/After the Finale Rose/Kanye West Storytellers/Rock of Love Bus - Kelsey/Watchmen Review/Last Call with Carson Daily/Axe Men can't drive/60 Minutes Andy Rooney rambles/America's Next Top Model Greek/The Sizzler - Pinky, Miley Cyrus bathing suit, Octomom video, Jessica Alba's melons, Brian Cranston from Breaking Bad PSA, Axe Tool Academy/In Case You Missed it - Dice Clay, Sleepwalking Dog, Tool Academy Pig Penis, Martin Bashir tidbits/Winner - People who just discovered twitter. #1506
3/9/09 Dancing with the Stars injury/Paris Hilton BFF around the world/Kardashians going to jail/Axe Mike overgelled/Michael Jackson website crashes
3/10/09 Diddy chicken test/Rachel Ray dog dancing/Donald Trump on Rihanna/Axe spiky hair/What would you do? Hazing
3/11/09 James Franco asleep in class/Brad Pitt and the nanny/Octomom on Dr. Phil/Turtle humps a shoe/Axe hair & Madonna/Make Me a Supermodel - painted like candy
3/12/09 Britney Spears If U Seek Amy/Joaquin Phoenix attacks heckler/ER Reunion/Axe gets it right/Chuck Norris for president of Texas
3/13/09 American Idol - Megan Joy howls & Judge's Save Rule/Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer/Biggest Loser Felipe flips/Dancing with the Stars Starless/Chris Brown & Rihanna - Trump, Osbournes, Diddy/Celebrity Apprentice - Tom Green & Scott Hamilton/Keeping Up with the Kardashians going to jail/Tyra Banks - you can't handle the truth/America's Next Top Model chink/The Sizzler - Paris Hilton can't lip sync, Celebrity Birthdays, James Franco asleep in class, Anniston & Mayer break up/In Case You Missed it - Brothers & Sisters bowling, War Wolves, Rachel Ray dog dancing, Today Show with Dali Lahma (I'm not Yoda), Bad Girls club kicked in the face/Winner - The Sound E
3/16/09 America's Next Top Model Stampede/Jay Mohr Cox/Ellen Lesbian Dance/Pussycat Dolls/Gossip Girl words in mouth
3/17/09 Today Show St. Patrick's Day/GMA - Nicholas Cage/Taylor Swift not naked/50 Cent rival porn
3/18/09 George Clooney in Darfur/American Idol cards/Christina Ricci & large boyfriend/A-Rod kisses himself/Barack Obama basketball picks
3/19/09 Randy Jackson flubs name/GMA - Real Life Desperate Housewives/Project Runway assault/Millionaire Matchmaker - the swinger
3/20/09 American Idol Ring of Fire & Randy Jackson flubs name/Obama on Jay Leno Bowls/Injuries - Jewel, Steve Wozniak, Bleinda Carlisle/Grey's Anatomy face lift/Secret Life of the American Teenager no birth canal/The City - Fire and air advice/Sunday's Best freakshow auditions/One Tree Hill son/What Would You Do? Attack on the beach/Tyra Banks Danish drop & Interview/The Sizzler - Bob Barker in porno, Prince Harry in nailpolish, Posh Spice, Brooke Hogan poledancing, A-Rod mirror workout/In Case You Missed it - George Clooney Andy Rooney, Sea Beast, The Real World deleted scenes, RuPaul's Drag Race penis tuck, St. Patrick's Day Parade goofs on elderly/Winner - Stampedes: Destroyed in Seconds Elephants, Top Model Stiletto Stampede, Octomom
4/10/09 The Hills - staring, crying, fight/Billy Bob Thornton angry radio interview/Hannah Montana Movie/America's Next Top Model - I know my lines/Mensa OK to hug, Dancing with the Stars hardon, One Tree Hill heart loss/Real Housewives - career advice/Toddlers & Tiaras - Taralyn in the future/The Celebrity Apprentice - Jesse James on little people/Good Morning America - objectosexual lady in love with a bridge/The Juicer - M.I.A./The Sizzler - Lindsay Lohan breakup on Twitter, Bobby Brown held hostage, Adventureland Martin Star interview/In Case You Missed it - Bully beatdown puke, 60 Minutes - Dolly Parton nurses with the pigs, Tough Love - Harry Potter wrote Carrie, Body Snake infomercial, Pretty Wicked - soup kitchen, A Message from Paul/Winner - Scott McIntire on American Idol - #1601
4/17/09 Jorge Garcia/Teabagging/Rock of Love Bus Finale/The Cougar Premiere/American Idol with Quentin Tarantino/Amazing Race Thailand Dentures/Glenn Beck's guest passes out/Real Housewives of NY running in traffic/Today Show Political Prodigy/My Car is My Lover/The Sizzler - Divorcing Mel Gibson, Sharon Stone at drugstore, Woody Harrleson attacked by zombies, Spencer Pratt for governor, Phil Spector's hair retrospective/Jorge Garcia Lost interview/In Case You Missed it - Kathie Lee & Zac Efron, Celebrity Apprentice - Melissa Rivers period, The Young and the Restless - I hate myself, Nora Roberts Tribute spitting, Cyberstalking woman in bunny suit/Winner - Britain's got Talent Susan Boyle - #1602
4/24/09 Message/Miss USA Pageant - Perez Hilton vs. Miss California/Britain's Got Talent - Shaheen/Sheperd Smith pro terrorist/Vivica A. Fox vs. Kathie Lee/The Cougar has 4 kids/The Young and the Restless - Kevin trapped in his mind/Paranormal State - Potpourri balls/Jerry O'Connell interview/The Sizzler - Matthew Perry video game injury, Burns - Kim Kardashian, Amy Winehouse, Madonna's Horse/In Case You Missed it - Celebrity Apprentice not gay firing, Cake Boss - no sugar, Stranger Among Bears - Charlie's bear rash, Wife Swap - hairy pitts/Winner - Setting the Record Straight: Susan Boyle, Beyonce, Paula Abdul - #1603
5/1/09 Obama's first 100 Days/Dancing with the Stars injuries & Beyonce dance/The Cougar Borat impression/The Hills Bible Study/Heidi & Spencer's 2nd Wedding/American Idol with Jamie Foxx/The Soloist in 8 Words/Gossip Girl Ascot Basketball/Jon & Kate plus 8 affair/Prince angry about History/Young & the Restless slaps the mind squirrel/The Sizzler - Octomom's tattoo, Michael Jackson's kids in Mardi Gras masks/Anute from American Idol interview/X-men Origins: Wolverine in 8 Words/In Case You Missed it - I Love Money crack Olympics, Stranger Among Bears - Casablanca quote, Ghost Whisperer - coughs up lies, Wild Weddings - bride on a stretcher, Jeopardy! Alex mocks contestant, Axe Men - baby Brad babied, Tommy and the Cool Mule in 8 Words/Winner - Kim Kardashian on every talk show & Tyra look alikes - #1604
5/8/09 Matt from American Idol Sketch again/Star Trek with Chewbacca/Kiefer Sutherland headbutts/Celebrity Apprentice - Brandy SRAP & Joan Rivers/Happy Mother's Day - True Life, Super Nanny, Shia Lebouf wants his mom, Real Housewives of NYC - kadoos/Top Model caught in a Jungle/Dogs - Groomer has it - Nemo/Jack humps everyone/Pet psychic/TLC - racists & black guest/Paula Abdul painkiller addiction & performance on American Idol/The Juicer - Sarah Jessica Parker/The Sizzler - Gyllenhaal weds, Van Gough cover-up, Madonna's scrunchy look/Matt as Chipmunk/In Case You Missed it - Donald Trump goes orange, Desperate Housewives - macaroons, Dateline NBC - mooseknuckle, One Live to Life cancer chant, Dallas DNA - fat, black, liberal, gay women can do well on jury/Winner - Restaurant Crashers - Free KFC chicken, Osama wants Dijon mustard or something, Stunt driver crashes into Sbarros - #1605
5/15/09 Katy Perry's Cape, Grey's Anatomy 2 deaths, Lost's Explosive Finale, Top Model Superhomo, Carrie Perjean Not Topless & Not Free, Celebrity Apprentice - Joan's Mafia, Jersey Shore Unleashed Fun in the Toilet, Real Housewives NY 7 Hour Reunion, Real Housewives of New Jersey bumped, Charm School with Ricki Lake hair pulling, Bill Hater Night at the Museum dream promo/The Sizzler - Katherine McPhee rescued by stranger, Naked News - Rihanna, Jessica Biel, Dolph Lundgren, Ice-T's Coco Magazine, Japanese Crazy Train, Ax Men Bucking Logs/In Case You Missed it - Meteorite Men, Dancing with the Stars Lil Kim fart lighted, TLC 18 and Counting, The Winner - Cat on a Keyboard dies - #1606
5/26/09 Doug Bensen: Jon & Kate plus 8 BBQing a rabbit maybe, Mel Gibson is now Octomom, Hitched or Ditched not getting married, TV 50 Funniest Phrases in TV history
5/29/09 Adam Lambert, Jon & Kate plus 8 can't take the media storm, Susan Boyle goes Berserk, So You Think You can Dance - brother & Sister fall, Bachelorrette & Globetrobbers, Janice Dickenson falls down the stairs, Today - Sara Jane Moore interview, Adam Lambert on Digital TV/The Sizzler - Kanye West doesn't like books, Brooke Shields lost virginity at 22, Brooke Hogan's new LP, Finales - Dancing with the Stars/24/90210/American Idol, Kris Allen/In Case You Missed it - Wearable Towel, Mr. T sings, The Tudors - drunk executioners, Out of the Wild - kill trophies/The Winner - sanctity of marriage/hitched or ditched/Tyra/Mel Gibson - #1608
6/1/09 Bruno teabaggs Eminem at MTV awards, Susan Boyle in rehab, Pint sized pool shark, Eclipse Gum w/Chuck Nice, Susan Pratt rap video
6/5/09 Jokes, Mtv Awards Bruno teabaggs Eminem, Unmade of Honor Spidie, I'm a Celebrity Get Out of of Here - fighting weird, no label, trapping rain/Bacherelotte - Tanner Toe Sucks/Real Housewives of New Jersey - crazy ass driver, The Cougar Finale - it's over, Cake Boss - CGI crazy eye cake, Obsessed - Trinia cuts therapist's throat, Anvil, Deadliest Weapons - Taliban vs. IRA, Conan, The Juiccer Gossip Brad wants 7, Ozzy Osbourne ad - Samsung Jack, Eclipse Germ Killing Gum/The Sizzler - Lady Gaga wants LL Jonas Brothers/Daniel Craig Popsicle/Susan Boyle loses Mind/Red Bull had cocaine in it. Ad Lambert spotted with guy/In Case You Missed it - Osama Hieroglyphics/Ice Road Trucks - Driver's Test/Pushing Daisies/Maneater gay waiter/Medium - waking up montage, Paris Hilton's My New BFF w/Paris as Gina/The Winner - God - Miley Cyrus, Rod Blagojevich, According to Jim, Spencer prays for Heidi and Steven Baldwin baptizes him - #1609
6/8/09 Tony Awards - Brett Michaels hit by the set/Twitter - Stephanie Pratt Celebrity Get Me Out of Here/Slumdog Millionaire 9 year old writer/Free Credit Report Pop Up Commercial/The Bacherelotte Curling party
6/9/09 Adam Lambert is gay/I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here - Sphedi is gone for good/Real Housewives of NJ - boob implants
6/10/09 The pregnant man gives birth again and the The View is still confused/Jessica Alba puts up fake posters over real charity posters/Jon & Katie 7th straight cover, Miley Cyrus breaks up with Justin, Miss California got fired/The World's strongest toddler
6/11/09 Early Show - Citizen Prime/Fox29 Danny Devtio drinking at 8am/Phil Spector mugshot/Raising Sextuplets
6/12/09 Miss California Prejean fired/Cake Boss/Tony Awards - Brett Michaels Crushed & Screaming Speech/I'm a Celebrity get Me out of Here - Heidi Sings/Bachelorette - Not Getting a Kiss/Barbara Bush Chorus Line Party w/Lorenzo Lamas/5/11/09 - Winklein 72 year old woman dares a cop to tase her and he does/Fox & Friends - right wing rap/The Sizzler - Darth Vader, Miley Cyrus breakups on twitter, Britney Spears nipple tattoos, Billy Elliot Coca Cola party, Chuck Nice Eclipse Gum Ad, Fox29 Danny Devtio drinking at 8am/In Case You Missed it - The College Life strip club, Barbara Walters doesn't know what auto erotic asphyxiation is. Ask Alex Trebek?, Masturbation music video, Today Show - host calls a woman Dr. Genitalia, New York Goes to Work and can't clean a dog's poo, Martha Stewart Cupcake h Mile and Juliet ends, Winner - Dan Moscehella #1610

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