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This hour long History Channel show has been lost to History. It is the precursor to shows like Lockup, Lockdown and Locked Up. Each episode covers the history of a single prison from it's opening to modern day. Paul Sorvino narrates.

Episode Description
Alcatraz The idea was to put the worst together, make it escape proof and break them. Jim Quillen #586 was there and says it was to break you mentally. It was made to punish and it made them psychotic. Leon ‘Whitey’ Thompson #1465 says you don’t give someone a chance to get you, get them first. The Spanish called it the Island of Pelicans, locals called it Guano Island. 1998
Folsom Warden Glenn Mueller says they had 200 stabbings in a year. Tom Hickey worked there and they had bloody days where ambulances were lined up around the block. Charles Manson was there when he first came to prison. Rev Dennis Keaney says he knew Charlie’s game. They called it the end of the world. It was the second CA prison after San Quentin, which was overcrowded in 6 years. It was made on granite to be escape proof and was to be a workers prison. 1998
Attica It opened in NY 70 years ago. Reginald Goldsmith has been there 13 years and says you could get stabbed over anything. The Son of Sam and Mark David Chapman have been there. Paul R. Weisser was an inmate during the riot. John Stockholm worked there and was scared to death. In 1926 there were only 4 prisons and were overcrowded and built on forced silence and labor with no electricity and plumbing. It was built near the railroad and reservoirs. In 1929 construction started. 1999
Joliet Correctional Center - John Shivers says they are 40 miles from Chicago. Warden Ron Matrisciano says it sets the tone for Illinois prisons. Montrell Miller is doing 4 years and won’t cry. Delbert Reed (18) & Ledon Reese (20) both have kids. George Babyface Nelson was there. The Blues Brothers was filmed there. 1100 inamtes are there, most for only 2 weeks before they are sent elsewhere. It’s a hard place to do time. 1999

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