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This National Geographic show follows real life bounty hunters and the show is much more about the chase than they personalities like a certain Dog.. Each episode is an hour. Leonard Padilla is known as the ĎGodfather of Bailí. With Americaís big money renegades in his sights, this professional bounty hunter has captured 4,000 fugitives over 30 years, caring little what he has to do to get the job done. Narrated by Rob Lund

Episode Description
On the Run Sacramento, CA - Leonard Padilla & Robert Dick are 2 of the most successful hunters in the country. They competed for 5 years and are now back to together looking for the most hardcore people. They can get 40% of bond, they are the last chance to get the worst quick. Samuel Gonzalez has run for 2 months after missing court. #101. 1/13/08
Cat and Mouse Leonard says he can find anyone in 72 hours. Steven Osmond (21) fled court on multiple assault charges of $37,000 bail and heís supposed to be in Marysville. They are not law enforcement and donít have to follow the rules. He calls him up about a job asking for an address and he gives him one around the corner, but they donít buy it. They knock on the original door and he runs out the back. They drive around the back and a guy is walking saying he ran from some Mexicans, but his ID isnít Steven. #102. 1/14/08
Manhunt Leonard has been doing this for 32 years, after 17 years he was up to 4000 captures and stopped counting. Heís neglected most of his family and social life. Tina Chavez is wanted on a $10,000 bond. He knows her and has arrested her sister 6 times. She thinks the court will just lose her file. They go to her house and are allowed to break in to on the warrant. Cops canít do that. They call for her, she wonít answer so they pull a window open and go in. Rob heads to Oklahoma in hopes of tracking down a fugitive. #103. 1/21/08
Trouble in Paradise You have to be able to think and you canít let adversity deny you the capture. It costs more when they wait too long because they have to mobilize. They are looking for 2 fugitives on the run a year. They have 2 weeks to find one, the other 4 weeks. Oroville Ė they go to his old address, but itís up in the mountains and hard to find. It has a for sale sign so they call the real estate agent. They are told the place burned down. When a fugitive is rumored to be hiding out in Guam, its a race against time as the team flies to the island to catch a skip others would consider impossible. Then in Hawaii, the duo must navigate through a maze of lies from would-be informants. As the search leads to a dead end, the bounty hunters struggle to reorganize their strategy before the bond is up. #104.1/28/08

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