The Brady Bunch VHS/DVD Collection

I have been taping various appearances on TV for over 17 years of the show plus anything with Christopher Knight, Barry Williams, Susan Olsen, Robert Reed, Maureen McCormack & Florence Henderson. If you are looking for any shows on VHS or DVD email me.

The Brady Bunch (1969-74) | Specials and Misc
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The Brady Bunch (1969-74)

Season 1
The Honeymoon
Dear Libby
A Clubhouse Is Not A Home
Kitty Karry All is Missing
Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Father of the Year
The Grass is Always Greener
Sorry Right Number
Is There a Doctor in the House
54-40 and Fight
A Camping We Will Go
Vote for Brady
Every Boy Does It Once
The Voice of Christmas
Mike's Horrorscope
The Undergraduate
To Move or Not to Move
Tiger, Tiger
Brace Yourself
The Big Sprain
The Hero
Lost Locket, Found Locket
The Possible Dream
Season 2
Going, Going, Steady
The Dropout
The Babysitters
The Treasure of Sierra Avenue
The Un-underground Movie
The Slumber Caper
Confessions, Confessions
The Tattletale
Call Me Irresponsible
The Impractical Joker
A Fistful of Reasons
What Goes Up…
Coming-Out Party
The Not-So-Ugly Duckling
Tell It Like It Is
The Drummer Boy
Where There's Smoke
Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up
Our Son, the Man
The Liberation of Marcia Brady
Lights Out
The Winner
Double Parked
Alice's September Song
Season 3
Ghost Town USA
Grand Canyon or Bust
The Brady Braves
Juliet is the Sun
The Wheeler-Dealer
The Personality Kid
Her Sister's Shadow
The Teeter-Totter Caper
My Sister, Benedict Arnold
The Private Ear
And Now a Word from Our Sponsor
The Not-So Rose Colored Glasses
Big, Little Man
Getting Davy Jones
Dough Re Mi
The Big Bet
Jan's Aunt Jenny
Cindy Brady, Lady
The Power of the Press
Sergeant Emma
The Fender Bender
My Fair Opponent
Season 4
Hawaii Bound
Pass the Tabu
The Tiki Caves
Today I am a Freshman
Cyrano De Brady
Fright Night
Career Fever
Law & Disorder
Jan, the Only Child
The Show Must Go On
You Can't Win Em All
Goodbye Alice, Hello
Love & the Older Man
Everybody Can't be a George Washington
Greg's Triangle
Bobby's Hero
The Great Earring Caper
Greg Gets Grounded
The Subject was Noses
How to Succeed in Business
Amateur Night
You're Never too Old
A Room at the Top
Season 5
Snow White & the 7 Bradys
Mail Order Hero
The Elopement
Adios, Johnny Bravo
Never Too Young
Peter and the Wolf
Getting Greg's Goat
The Cincinnati Kids
Quarterback Sneak
Marcia Gets Creamed
My Brother's Keeper
Try, Try Again
Kelly's Kids
The Driver's Seat
Miss Popularity
Out of this World
Two Pete's in a Pod
Welcome Aboard
The Snooperstar
The Hustler
Top Secret
The Hair Brained Scheme

Specials and Misc.

1 vs 100 - Battle of the Sexes with Barry Williams (1/4/08)
70’s Music Explosion Infomercial with Barry Williams (2006)
100 Greatest Kid Stars Hosted by Christopher Knight w/Mike Lookinland, Susan Olsen, Barry Williams (2005)
A Very Brady Christmas (1988)
A&E Biography - Florence Henderson (5/11/01)
A&E Biography - The Brady Bunch (6/24/05)
Ab Lounge XL Commercial with Christopher Knight (3/06)
Ab Lounge XL Infomercial with Christopher Knight - 30 Minutes (5/06)
Access Hollywood - Maureen McCormick Pt 1 (10/14/08)
Access Hollywood - Maureen McCormick Pt 2 (10/15/08)
According to Jim - Sex Ed Fred w/Barry Williams #AJ118 (1/10/06)
Amanda Show - When Bradys Attack (1999)
Barry Williams Live Performance Brookdale College NJ w/Brady Mtv Awards Clips (3/19/97)
Blue Collar TV - Battle of the Sexes: Christopher Knight joins the cast in a skit called Brady Trash. #122 (1/3/07)
Brady Bunch Cast Back in Hawaii (3/17/05)
Brady Bunch Movie (1995)
Brady Bunch Reunion (1993)
Brady Bunch Variety Hour Show - Pilot Episode (11/28/76)
Brady Kids Live - The World of Sid & Marty Krofft at the Hollywood Bowl (1973)
Bradymania: A Very Brady Bunch Special (1993)
Caroline in the City - Caroline and the Balloon w/Florence Henderson #108 (11/16/95)
Celebrity Family Feud - American Chopper vs. Christopher Knight & Adrianne Curry's family (7/29/08)
Celebrity Paranormal Project - The Prisoners - Christopher Knight goes inside a maximum-security prison. #108 (12/7/06)
Click Five - Just the Girl w/Christopher Knight (2005)
Dean Martin Show - Volume 2 (1965-74) Florence Henderson 
Debbie Reynolds - Do it Debbie's Way w/Florence Henderson (1983)
Dennis Leary’s Merry F#%$in' Christmas w/Brady Size Me Parody (2005)
Dr. Keith Ablow - Christopher Knight and his wife Adrianne Curry, talk about their relationship. #1071 (11/10/06)
Dr. Keith Ablow - Model Adrianne Curry and actor Christopher Knight talk about their tumultuous childhoods #1080 (11/27/06)
Dr. Phil - McCormick Family - Maureen McCormick, The True Life of Marcia Brady, discusses the conflict with her father and brother Kevin (5/22/07)
E!'s 101 Best Kept Hollywood Secrets #96 - Robert Reed was gay w/Florence Henderson & Christopher Knight (2004)
E! Best of the Worst Red Carpet Moments w/Barry Williams (2006)
E! True Hollywood Story - The Brady Bunch (2003)
Ellen - Joe's Kept Secret w/Florence Henderson (1/15/97)
Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show w/Florence Henderson (3/23/05)
Eminem - My Name Is features a Shady Bunch parody (1999)
ET in TV Land - Behind the Bradys (1999)
EXTRA - Christopher Knight #12222W (5/20/06)
Fear Factory with Barry Williams (2002)
Florence Henderson Show - Susan Olsen shows off her foster kittens (2008)
Florence Henderson Show - Eve Plumb shoos her paintings (3/14/08)
Fox Reality Really Awards 2007 w/Christopher Knight (10/07)
Fox Reality Sizzlin Hot Summer Preview ad with Christopher Knight (5/07)
Full House - Making Out Is Hard to Do w/Barry Williams #171 (10/11/94)
Gunsmoke - A Man Called Smith w/Susan Olsen #1506 (10/27/69)
Howard Stern E! Show - Weakest Dink w/Barry Williams (8/20/02)
I Love the 70s - 1970 w/The Brady Bunch (2003)
I Love the 70’s Volume II – 1970-79 w/Christopher Knight (7/06)
Inside TV Land - TV’s Top 40 Theme Songs (2005)
Intimate Portrait - Florence Henderson (7/28/03)
Intimate Portrait - Judge Judy Sheindlin w/Florence Henderson (2001)
I've Got a Secret - Barry Williams #1039 (6/6/06)
Kids Healthworks - Step-Families: Beyond the Brady Bunch #18 (4/24/02)
King of Queens - Dark Meet w/Florence Henderson #308 (11/20/00)
Knight Rider - Sky Knight w/Robbie Rist (10/18/85)
Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - Maureen McCormick #05122007 (5/12/07)
Living in TV Land - Barry Williams' Big Night w/Christopher Knight #3 (4/5/06)
Living in TV Land - Dick Van Patten w/Barry Williams & Susan Olsen #1 (8/18/04)
Living Live! - Florence Henderson & Susan Olsen for Princess Cruise Ships on Mother’s Day (5/07)
Lost Brady 1 (9/04)
Lost Brady 2 (9/04)
Lost Brady 3 (9/04)
MAD TV w/Barry Williams #116 (3/16/96)
Martha Stewart - Florence Henderson #M1282 (3/21/06)
Moesha - Isn't She Lovely w/Maureen McCormick #091 (11/8/99)
The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet - Maureen McCormick (7/2/07)
The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet - Florence Henderson one-woman production, All the Lives of Me...A Musical Journey. (11/3/08)
The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet - Maureen McCormick/Chris Knight (12/29/08)
Murder, She Wrote - Night of the Headless Horseman w/Barry Williams (1987)
Murder, She Wrote - Ballad for a Blue Lady w/Florence Henderson #66322 (12/2/90)
Myths and Legends: Munchkins & Misbehavior - Barry Williams smoked pot before a scene of The Brady Bunch w/Barry & Florence #3 (1/24/07)
Myths and Legends: Film Frights & Red Scares - Barry Williams & Florence Henderson's date #4 (1/31/07)
Paula's Party - Decades: An ode to memorable foods from the past. Christopher Knight stops in to prepare a meal of meat and potatoes. #IP0210 (3/16/07)
Paula's Party - Gotta See TV Party w/Maureen McCormick #IP0311 (1/4/08)
Pink Lady & Jeff w/Florence Henderson (1980)
Polident Overnight Commercial w/Florence Henderson (7/06)
Pop Up - Big, Little Man (9/04)
Pop Up - Getting Davy Jones (9/04)
Pop Up - Her Sister's Shadow (9/04)
Pop Up - Our Son, the Man (9/04)
Pop Up - The Honeymoon (9/04)
Ready, Set, Change! - Brady Bunch/Boston Legal (2006)
Return to Horror High w/Maureen McCormick (1987)
Robert Reed - Unfinished Business (2001)
Roseanne - Suck Up or Shut Up w/Florence Henderson #9313 (1/4/94)
Shakes the Clown w/Florence Henderson (1992)
Showbiz Tonight/Hollywood Rehab - Maureen McCormick (7/2/07)
Speaking of Women's Health - Florence Henderson on Domestic Violence (2002)
Speaking of Women's Health - Florence Henderson on Osteoporosis (10/5/02)
Speaking of Women's Health - Actress Valerie Simpson discusses diabetes, cutting fat with calcium; dealing with tension at work; reducing stress before a wedding w/Florence Henderson (2003)
Speaking of Women's Health - Fountain of youth/Mayo/Cancer Loss - Joshua Clayton & Florence Henderson talks about losing her husband (2003)
Speaking of Women's Health - Obese Family & benefits of chocolate w/Florence Henderson
Star Dates w/Robbie Rist & Susan Olsen (8/29/03)
Still Brady After All These Years - 35th Anniversary Special (9/04)
Surreal Life Fame Games - V for Variety w/Christopher Knight #105 ( 2/11/07)
That '70s Show - We Will Rock You w/Christopher Knight & Barry Williams (5/4/06)
Three's Company - Up in the Air w/Barry Williams #127 (5/4/82)
Today Show - Maureen McCormick (10/14/08)
Top 10 - Brady Bunch Episodes #17 (7/22/06)
Top 10 TV Moms w/Carol Brady - Barry Williams & Susan Olsen #14 (5/10/06)
Trapped in TV Guide - Shady Bunch with The Brady Bunch w/Christopher Knight (11/10/06)
TV Guide Spot - Jump the Shark w/Christopher Knight (2007)
TV Land Awards: Fifth Annual Celebration of Classic TV - The Brady Bunch (4/22/07)
TV Land Awards 08 - Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Florence Henderson (6/15/08)
TV Land's The 100 Greatest TV Quotes & Catchphrases - #92 - Marcia's Oh my nose!, #74 Jan's Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! w/Christopher Knight & Barry Williams (12/11/06)
TV Land's Myths and Legends: Munchkins & Misbehavior - Barry Williams smoked pot before a scene of The Brady Bunch w/Barry & Florence #3 (1/24/07)
TV Land's Myths and Legends: Film Frights & Red Scares - Barry Williams & Florence Henderson's date #4 (1/31/07)
TV Land's Myths and Legends: Graves, Gilligan & Groucho w/Florence Henderson #6. (2/14/07)
Tyra Banks - Maureen McCormick (5/3/07)
VH1's 20 Greatest Celebreality Fights w/My Fair Brady (2008)
VH1's 20 Greatest Celebreality Moments w/Christopher Knight (3/06)
Weird Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise w/Florence Henderson (1996)
Whose Line is it Anyway? has a Brady gag in scenes from a hat #89. (4/26/01)
Whose Line is it Anyway? w/Florence Henderson #143 (9/30/02)
X-Files - Sunshine Days - Reyes' knowledge of "The Brady Bunch" proves valuable as the agents investigate the bizarre death of a man who was snooping in a private home he claimed was the set of the show. #9.18. 5/12/02

The Surreal Life 4 Episode Guide

With Christopher Knight
1. The Surreal Seven #401. 1/9/05
2. The Kids Are All Wrong #402. 1/16/05
3. Horses, Dwarves & Bears, Oh My! #403. 1/23/05
4. Three Crushes #404. 1/30/05
5. Celebrity Pitch Fest #405. 2/13/05
6. I'm With Cupid #406. 2/20/05
7. Seven Celebrities of Death Pt 1 #407. 3/6/05
8. Seven Celebrities of Death Pt 2 #408. 3/29/05
9. Dirty Laundry #409. 4/3/05
10. Get Out #410. 4/24/05
11. Lost Footage #411. 4/17/05
12. Reunion #412. 5/29/05

The Surreal Life 6 Episode Guide

With Florence Henderson
1. Movin' On In #601. 3/19/06
2. Making the Video #602. 3/26/06
3. Action News 1 #603. 4/2/06
4. Action News 2 #604. 4/9/06
5. Tawny Takes on Flo #605. 4/16/06
6. Tawny Takes on Flo 2 #606. 4/23/06
7. Battle of the '80s Hair Band #607. 4/30/06
8. Flo's Final Word #608. 5/7/06
9. Check Out is at Noon #609. 5/14/06

My Fair Brady 2005 Episode Guide

with Christopher Knight
1. A Brady, a Lady, a Kiss and a Flo w/Florence Henderson #101. 9/11/05
2. Valentine's Day #102. 9/18/05
3. Guess Who's Coming to Shower #103. 9/25/05
4. While the Brady's Away #104. 10/2/05
5. Daddy's Girl #105. 10/9/05
6. Meet My Mama #106. 10/16/05
7. Rico Suave #107. 10/23/05
8. The Ultimatum #108. 10/30/05
9. To Brady or Not to Brady #109. 11/6/05

Season 2 - We're Getting Married 2006

Musical Promo for the new season
Season 2 Special Sneak Peek
Promos - All I know is, Eating Cake, Changing Room

1. Cold Feet - At the end of the first season of My Fair Brady, she'd managed to get herself a ring, and now the two are racing to the altar. But first they will need to plan the wedding. First stop: Joliet. While Mom and Grandma are duly excited when they see the ring, Adrianne's dad has news of his own -- he's engaged, too! After Adrianne and her mom both freak out, Adrianne and Chris head out to find a church -- where it's Chris' turn to break down when he realizes that booking the church means setting a date. "It's not cold feet, just cold toes," insists Chris. But is that supposed to make a girl feel better? #201. 5/28/06
2. Tie the Knot, Tie the Tubes - While an ecstatic Adrianne focuses on finding a wedding dress with her mom and grandma, Chris is busy trying to put on the brakes before the big day. At lunch with his good friend Barry Williams aka "Greg Brady" he admits that he wants Adrianne to quit smoking...oh, and he wants to get a VASECTOMY! Barry seems to think he has some control issues. Birth control, maybe. When Chris gets up the nerve to tell Adrianne about his plan, she is furious. What about kids? And what makes him think vasectomies are reversible? But Chris doesn't trust Adrianne's 23 years of experience. He won't be satisfied till they consult with a professional. #202. 6/4/06
3. Family Values - After the trip to the vasectomy doctor, Adrianne runs crying to her mom and grandma, and tells them that Chris doesn't want to marry her. Chris tries to lighten things up, but he's in the doghouse. Later Adrianne's mom and grandma meet Chris' dad, Ed Knight, for the first time at dinner. Things get uncomfortable when Adrianne announces that she's "uncomfortable" because most of Chris' family isn't planning to come to the wedding. When Chris admits, "I've never lived my life for family, my friends are more important to me," it's strike two with Adrianne and her tight Italian clan. Although Chris should gain some brownie points when he finally decides to go shopping for his tuxedo, Adrianne is still upset that his sister refuses to even meet her. "You're naked in a magazine!" argues Chris in defense of his sister's values. "Well I'm still going to have her name." taunts Adrianne. And the fight is on. #203. 6/11/06
#204. 6/18/06
4. Love On The Rocks (Therapy Pt. 1) - When Adrianne and Chris wake up in separate beds for the first time since they got engaged, it's trouble in paradise. Over lunch, Chyna Doll gives her friend Adrianne a serious wakeup call. Chyna Doll tells her, "I wouldn't want somebody to marry me if they really didn't want to...I think you're making a mistake." When the minister calls to invite Chris and Adrianne to a couple's counseling retreat, the timing couldn't be better because they need help. Dr. Pam is the "therapist extraordinaire" and it's time for some tough love. While Chris has been convinced all along that Adrianne has all the problems, he's in for a surprise this time. Dr. Pam thinks he's the one who needs work! #204. 6/18/06
5. Dr. Pam (Therapy Pt. 2) - The last thing Christopher Knight wants is to be told he's wrong, and therapy with Dr. Pam leads to a deep depression. When Chris declares he's quitting and going home, Adrianne insists on talking about it first. "We're not ready for this," argues Chris. "I'm so totally amazed at how I'm lost in this relationship because the only logical impression I can reach from it is that we shouldn't be getting married!" he says. Surprisingly it's not Adrianne but Chris who breaks down in tears by the end of the day. He can't communicate with her, he doesn't know how to listen to her, and even worse, he feels like a schmuck for not believing anything she says! "I don't think you realize just how much I love you and how far I'll go for you," insists Adrianne. But will they be able to overcome their communication problems in time for the wedding? #205. 6/25/06
6. There's No Place Like Home (Joliet Part 1) - After an eye-opening trip to see Dr. Pam, Chris and Adrianne are more in love than ever. Now it's time to return to Joliet to finalize wedding plans - guest list, church, flowers - and our odd couple can't seem to agree on anything. Chris wants to work on the guest list but Adrianne couldn't care less. Adrianne loves the idea of getting married in the big empty unrenovated church, but Chris insists that it needs to be "feminized." While selecting the flowers, Chris is so picky that Adrianne declares, "Anything for my bride!" Of course what is really on Adrianne's mind is her parents. Frightened about the prospect of how they'll act at the wedding, and even more horrified at the thought of trying to get them together before then, she heads for her dad's house to set some ground rules for her big day. #206. 7/2/06
7. Something Old, Something New (Joliet Part 2) - After shopping for a wedding cake, Chris surprises Adrianne with a romantic tasting dinner at the Rialto - the old theatre in downtown Joliet where they will have their reception. Chris is in good form as he offers her "something blue" to wear for her wedding day and declares that he could easily say his vows to her now. Before wrapping up their trip to Joliet, Chris takes Adrianne's mom Christine out to breakfast to talk about the idea of getting her together with Adrianne's dad, Rick, before the wedding day. He's doing everything he can to avoid drama between them at the wedding, but will he succeed at bringing these estranged parents together before it's too late? #207. 7/9/06
8. It's My Party and I'll Strip If I Want To - Just days before the wedding, Chris and Adrianne head to Las Vegas for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. But Chris is in a bad mood because he knows Vegas means TROUBLE. While Adrianne and her girls flock to the High Roller Suite, strip down to bikinis, and start playing on the stripper pole and in the hot tub, Chris tries to stay on the straight and narrow by taking his friends to do some harmless indoor skydiving. But what's a bachelor party without peer pressure? Chris' friends and Adrianne's brother want to go to a strip club and they're not taking no for an answer! Chris and Adrianne have plans to ditch their friends and meet up in the middle of the night, but when the drinks start adding up, things spin out of control and nothing ends up the way they planned. #208. 7/16/06
9. Here Comes The Bride? Wedding Special - It has been a long rocky road to the altar. They return to Joliet for the three intense days leading up to their wedding. While Adrianne is already looking forward to the honeymoon, a stressed out Chris just wants to make sure his bride doesn't get too wild or embarrass him in front of friends and family. "I'm not looking at the wedding as a college frat party, if that's what you're asking." insists the bride to be. "I'm not gonna get sloppy drunk, at all!" Neither Chris nor Adrianne expects Chris' eccentric father, Ed Knight, to be the cause of all of their real problems. But when Ed Knight gets a little hammered at dinner and announces to Adrianne that she "creates too much conflict in the relationship" and even wonders aloud if Chris should go through with the wedding, all hell breaks loose! #209. 7/23/06

Season 3 - Maybe Baby? (2008)

Season 3 Special Sneak Peek - Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry are contemplating parenthood.
Episode 1 Aftershow
Extras 301.1 – Home on the Range
Extras 301.2 – Me and the Girls,
Extras 301.3 – Highway to Hell
Season 3 Ad
The Insider – Christopher Knight takes a lie detector test 2/18/08

1. Meet My Nude Wife - Adrianne arranges for a surprise birthday gift for Chris. #301. 1/20/08
2. A Very Brady Birthday - Adrianne and Chris go to the mountains for Chris' birthday. While there, Adrianne gives Chris a surprise gift: nude photos of herself and her friend Kelly. #302. 1/27/08 
3. On the Brink - Chris and Adrianne argue over her nude photos, and Chris meets with their marriage counselor to help understand his feelings. Later, Adrianne contemplates breast augmentation. #303. 2/3/08 
4. Father Knows Best - Chris and Adrianne consider having children after spending a day at the beach with their friends Don and Kathy and their two kids. Later, Adrianne's father and his fiancée come to visit and weigh in on the discussion. #304. 2/10/08 
5. Living in the Surreal Life - Adrianne decides she wants breast augmentation. Later, Chris realizes how much he wants a family, so he plans a romantic dinner at the "Surreal Life" house where the couple first met to tell Adrianne about his feelings. #305. 2/24/08 
6. Bring on the Boobs - Adrianne has second thoughts as her breast-augmentation surgery approaches, but Chris comforts her and promises to aid her recovery. Two months after the procedure, Adrianne invites her friend Dia to visit, so she can show off her new chest. #306. 3/2/08
7. Aloha Means I Love You - The season wraps up with Chris and Adrianne vacationing in Hawaii, where they renew their wedding vows and take a rainy kayak trip. Meanwhile, Chris uses the getaway to convince Adrianne that they should have children. #307. 3/9/08

Celebrity Fit Club 5 w/Maureen McCormick (2007)

Fireworks at the Series Premiere - The fifth season kicks off with teams being determined by gender. Contestants include Dustin Diamond, Maureen McCormick, Tiffany, Da Brat, Cledus T. Judd, Kimberley Locke, Ross "The Intern" Mathews and Warren G. #501. 4/30/07
Porn Tales - The contestants head to Angeles National Forest for a team-building camping trip. While there, Dustin discusses his sex tape and some of his fellow campers take issue. #502. 5/6/07
I'll Serve 10 Whip His Ass - The teams are pitted against one another in a kayak race. The winners land a Hawaii vacation. #503. 5/13/07
Fit Camp Hits the Slopes - The contestants travel to the Rocky Mountains for a ski trip. The excursion includes cross-country skiing and uphill snowshoeing. #504. 5/20/07
The Last Man Standing - Dustin continues to antagonize Kimberley, and is later confronted by Ant and Harvey. #505. 5/27/07
Will The Dust Settle? - With Dustin gone, the cast goes on a relaxing hike up a mountain in Malibu. But later, they find out they may still have to deal with Dustin. #506. 6/3/07
A Star Is Scorned - Dustin returns to fit camp and promises to be more agreeable. Before long, he's back to causing outrage among his fellow castmates. #507. 6/10/07
Finale - The winning team is named after contestants participate in one last fit camp and weigh-in. Also: Dustin does some ill-advised impersonations of Cledus and Da Brat. #508. 6/17/07
Bonus Segments
7. Harvey’s Outstanding Performance #2
8. Dustin’s battle with truth and logic #1
9. Ross tries Harvey’s iPod workout
10. Maureen & Stacy’s heart to heart
11. Harvey’s Outstanding Performance #3
12. Dustin’s battle with truth and logic #3
13. Warren G & Ross hit the boxing ring
14. Dr. Ian’s Diet truths & myths
15. Kimberly & Warren G weigh in
16. Tiffany & Da Brat Weigh in
17. Harvey’s Outstanding Performance #4 - Cledus
18. Dustin’s battle with truth and logic #4 – Mel’s Diner
19. Da Brat goes dogsledding
20. Maureen & Ross go Snowboarding
21. Hell Freezes Over

Gone Country w/Maureen McCormick (2008)

1. Comin' to My City - The cast members, including Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson, are delivered by tour bus to the house in Nashville, where they will spend the next two weeks being mentored by John Rich. #101. 1/25/08
2. Cooking Up a Muzik Mafia Showdown - Rich mentors the cast about the finer points of Southern hospitality and has them prepare a meal for the MuzikMafia. After dinner, the contestants perform each of their songs for the first time in front of an audience. #102. 2/1/08
3. Redneck Woman & the Hick Chick Challenge - The cast travels to Gretchen Wilson's ranch to learn how to tend to horses and skeet shoot. Later, the group competes in a "Hick Chick" challenge involving belching, watermelon-seed spitting and a toilet-seat toss. #103. 2/8/08
4. Washing Cars & Baring Souls - Cast members show their charitable side by hosting a car wash to raise money for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Later, the group meets with the hospital's patients. #104. 2/15/08
5. Image is Everything - The cast members meet with a stylist to design their new country personas. Later, they meet with journalists to learn how to handle the media. #105. 2/22/08
6. Demo Days & Critiques - The cast members head into the studio to record demos of their country singles under the tutelage of Alabama's Randy Owen. Also, the group race ATVs and prep for their final live performance in Nashville. #106. 2/29/08

Celebrity Circus (2008)

with Christopher Knight
Fire Clown #102. 6/18/08
Trapeze Bungee #103. 6/25/08
Chris drops out from a broken arm #104. 7/2/08

Outsider's Inn w/Maureen McCormick (2008)

Outsiders Get Inn - Bobby Brown, Maureen McCormick and Carnie Wilson operate a bed-and-breakfast in rural east Tennessee. #101. 8/15/08
Pigeon Idol - Ross the judge for a talent show convinces the three celebrities to serve as judges for the local Fiddler's Roost annual talent show. #102. 8/22/08
Redneck Honeymoon - A newlywed couple takes advantage of the Pigeon Manor Fantasy Package advertised in the local paper, with special requests that include a bathtub full of lime gelatin, a midnight dip in the river and an outdoor dinner. #103. 8/29/08
Easy as Pie - Maureen asks Bobby to escort guests of the manor on a bear hunt, so he enlists the aid of a local hunter. Meanwhile, the three proprietors prepare for a visit from the Cocke County Welcoming Committee and the mayor, hoping to land a liquor license. #104. 9/5/08
Coon Dogs - A reporter tries to get the scoop on why Maureen and her friends running the inn; a no dog policy is instituted at the inn after the previous animal experience; Maureen finds a trunk full of Southern Belle dresses. #105. 9/12/08
And You Are? - A therapist and her patients, who are celebrity impersonators, take over the inn. #106. 9/19/08
Night on the Town - Bobby goes to Detroit to give a concert, while Maureen and Carnie go to a salon to get their hair and makeup done. Then the ladies go out for a night on the town that winds up with them getting thrown in the slammer. #107. 9/26/08
Family Feud - Bobby is tasked with finding a preacher and a band for a wedding being held at the inn; tensions flare between the families of the bride and groom. #108. 10/3/08

Trivial Pursuit: America Plays (2008)

Christopher Knight hosts
Chris Rosenwig/Rene Orshowski/Kimberly Blagrove #101. 9/22/08
Icaryn Newbill/Rick Williams/Linda Williamson #102. 9/22/08
Rachel Anderson/Dave Cortenmott/Maria Lee #103. 9/23/08
Eric Mueller/Kate Moshore/John Becker #104. 9/23/08

Gimme My Reality Show w/Susan Olsen (2008)

Gimme My Online Video! - The celebrities attempt to create a shocking and titillating online video. Bobby Trendy is eliminated. #101. 10/7/08
Gimme My Publicity! - Susan Olsen with Barry Williams, Ryan Starr & AJ Benza each create a publicity event for their second challenge. #102. 10/14/08
Gimme My Pitch! - Kato Kaelin, Traci Bingham & Gretchen Bonaduce produce a video to pitch their reality show. #103. 10/21/08

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