Bronx Crime and Justice

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This hour show shows 2 or 3 cases each episode. What happened from each persons side and they long journey through the overburdened court system. It was a joint BBC TV/Discovery Channel series. Narrated by Lewis Arlt.

# Description
1 1.2 million live there, 1000 are arrested each week, 100 are domestic violence. Barbara Fernandez for assault. She got pregnant twice, really loved him, met Jesus in a club, moved in a month later, then the screaming started. She was pregnant and he beat her badly, then said he was sorry and she forgave him. 176 Street Subway - Barbara Fernandez vs. Jesus Polanco - accused of assaulting him with a bottle. Tabitha Walrond (19) vs. Robert Holdman - accused of starving her child to death. 2000
2 Guilty or Innocent - Selvin Gabriel is charged with threatening a neighbor. Rawle Hoyte is trying to overturn a drug conviction. Anthony Hall is up for murder from 4/17/97. He was hiding in NC and brought back. He was playing basketball in the Patterson housing project and Jabbar Edmond was bugging him a while. He came at him on a bike about his girl and he shot him dead. Christine Scaccia is trying the case and it is so easy, all the evidence is there. Anthony Dellicarri is Hall's lawyer and is working for free. It's hard to convince a jury not to make him pay. He pleads guilty - 15 years, a trial - could get life. 2000
3 Orlando Burgos (16) is accused of assaulting a cop. Robert Hardy (16) is accused of murder. Jonathan Karo (17) committed armed robbery. Three kids in the system. Jon is facing his third robbery. He and a friend followed a guy with a gold necklace and took it. He was there, but denies taking it. Mary Deandrea the DA says he used a knife, they planned it. Sam Howell is Jon's lawyer who will say he's a good kid, his mom needs him. He wants his PO to keep him out of jail until the trial. His dad says he was there, shouldn't have been there though. His parents are divorced, but they come together for the trial. 2000

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