Busted & Disgusted

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Season 1

This hour long Fox Reality Channel series features real hidden camera footage like Most Daring, but of people caught doing mostly gross things. Narrated by the old staple cornball Mark Thomspon.

Season 1 (2009)

# Description
101 Grossed Out! - Germany - a man washes his butt in the sink at a gym and dries off, then a man comes in and washes his face and uses the towel the other guy used on his butt. A woman leaves for a cigarette break and a coworker pours ashes in her purse. Pittsburgh, PA - a restaurant has ants and a man sprays them all around the food and on all the condiments and orders. A man is caught picking his nose and wiping it on his desk and thighs. A CEO picks his nose and wipes it on a guy. In a restaurant a man picks his nose and puts it on his tongue and washes it down. Detroit, MI - Caroline the crossing guard smokes weed instead of helping kids walk across the street. When she gets up she only walks a couple feet into the street. She thinks it was no big deal. Philadelphia, PA - at an office a woman goes to the bathroom and her coworker goes over and spits in her coffee a few times. At a snowy airport 3 men unload the baggage by throwing them all into a bin, missing, crashing, doing them behind the back and slamming them. A man is given a FST and while walking whips it out and pees on the cop and is tackled. A man goes to rent a DVD and is short of change and steals quarters from a donation standee. Burger King - a man takes a bath in the kitchen sink. Canada - a man photocopies porn at the office. A woman goes into a convenience store on the phone in a bikini and leaves a dump on the floor. Sarasota, FL - a man drops his pants and tries to climb onto the copy machine. He goes around and lays on it. Dick says he left the copies all around the office. In a hotel a woman brings room service and drops it by the door. A woman cleaning the other room sweeps and dusts a rug right over it. A man makes doughnuts and injects them with sperm. In a grocery store an old woman drops trousers and pees on the floor. San Francisco, CA 12/12/07 - a businessman sticks a dead trout in a vent of a building. Seattle, WA - a chef spits in 2 coffees. A chef cooks, pees under the sink and goes back to cooking. A bum in a park washes his gross socks in the drinking fountain. He tells the cameraman to f—off. Manhattan, NY 2/4/94 - a business man washes his feet in the water cooler. NE 3/12/08 - a janitor pees in the water cooler. A UPS man tosses a package over a fence to a house. At a hospital a man throws a full bedpan on a woman. NC - at a funeral home a director knocks over ashes and he vacuums them up. OR - a Spanish nanny is caught doing a devil worshipping ceremony with a child offering the baby up to the devil. At a store a cashier takes a cigar tube, grabs money out of the register, sticks it in the tube and inserts it in her vagina. At a packing store a man spits in a package he is filling. Austin, TX - at a restaurant a man hacks and coughs into food. A man is caught urinating on a political sign on the neighbor’s lawn. Then he kicks it down. TX 7/24/05 - at a grocery store an ex-employee comes back and spreads feces on the pastries. He runs in the back and police arrest him. PA - At a doctor’s office a man goes through medical containers and steals a bag of blood. 6/20/08 - an old woman walking with grandkids takes a dump on the sidewalk. Pete the security guard gambled away his money at the casino and stole presents from a charity drop off for his kids. Rev Steve from Notre Dame pours paint on his ex-girlfriend’s car in a garage. In an office a man smells a secretaries shoes and then puts them on. An angry man didn’t pay the bill on his PO box and pees in it. At a burger restaurant a man picks his nose and wipes it in a burger. At a mall a man takes a dump in a flower pot. Cheyenne, WY - at a Chinese restaurant a chef spits in the wok. WI - at an office a woman lays her breasts on the copier. At a Mexican restaurant a woman changes a dog’s diaper on the food prep table and leaves it there. 4/1/09
102 Rude & Crude - a waitress drops a salad on the floor and puts it back on the plate and serves it. UK - a pizza delivery guy drops a pizza and puts it back in the box. Topeka, KS - a woman sets her ex-boyfriend's clothes on fire on the line. San Antonio, TX - a gardener takes a dump outside. TX - a cook puts a spoon under his armpits. A maid steals pills and pours change into her shoes. A cleaning lady steals diamonds and has her boyfriend replace them with fake rocks. At college Mike throws up on his birthday cake at his party and the dog eats it. A man goes into a liquor store and pours booze down a funnel into a bag in his pants. At a plant a man pours lead acetate into the coffee. A man has a camera in his car after his radio gets stolen. A guy breaks into his car and takes the radio that is hooked up to the battery and the shock knocks him out. Phoenix, AZ - a woman sticks a dead wasp into a coworkers lunch for taking her parking place. In a warehouse Phil breaks the sprinkler with his forklift. He gets a ladder too short, then a bigger one and makes it worse and falls in the flood. A chef tosses meatballs into a pot. A convenience store - a woman comes in to buy something and the clerk knocks something over and she picks it up and he steals money from her purse. Then the owner comes out and makes him give the money back and fires him. A chef smokes and knocks and ashtray into the soup. 3/28/98 - a man gets coffee then pees in it. At an apartment a woman is in the laundry room and the washer breaks with all her stuff inside soaking wet. She comes back with a large plant and shoves it in. At a Wal*Mart in Louisiana a man takes a dump in the water fountain. Ken the chef pulls his hair out and puts it salad. A man goes to the bathroom in a car gas tank and bike cops catch him. A man steals women’s underwear from a clothesline. A carpet cleaner steals jewelry in a house. A man dressed as santa throws up on himself. At a restaurant a couple pays, leaves a tip and Bruce the manager comes out and steals the tip. He says he does all the work and blames it on the busboy. 4/8/09
103 That's so Wrong - A man is caught going through a restaurant dumpster and comes back, takes a dump on the ground and smears it on the wall. A woman puts a camera in her apartment and catches the plumber going through her drawers and putting on her bra. At a sandwich shop a boyfriend leaves his girl and she blows him off. She goes to the bathroom and he sticks something in her sandwich. San Joaquin Co CA 2/12/00 - a man is caught ripping down political signs and replacing them with his own and cutting the others. Luke delivers a pizza and is stuck waiting a long time and he shakes his hair into the pie. He gives him a small tip. At an office a guy eats pens the whole time. His coworker takes the pen and sticks in his pants, butt and armpit and he eats it when he comes back. Two city workers go into a store, grab beer, check porn mags and pass out on picnic tables. Memphis, TN - a woman goes into a laundry room and everything is taken, so she unloads the clothing to the side. The first woman finds it, gets mad and pours ink in the washer. A cook keeps sneezing and washes it on his apron and sneezes on the food. A man comes to a closed videostore and gets mad and pees in the return slot. Charlotte, NC - A man limps into a gift shop with a cane and neckbrace and sticks items in the brace. Tulsa, OK - Tiny the chef makes burgers, then drops his pants and jumps on the burgers. A woman is working at the prep table in a restaurant and a guy comes up from behind, and throws her around on the table and has sex with her. At a bar the female bartender rings her wash rag into a guys’ drink. Salt Lake City, UT - A woman with MS in wheelchair has a table selling candy and a guard steals candy and money from her when she drops a magazine. A man goes into the office fridge and sprays cleaner on someone’s sandwich. 4/15/09
104 The Vile Files - Houston, TX - Dirk pulls into a parking garage and spots a car in a handicapped spot that shouldn't be there. He covers the car in whipped crčme and horse manure. The woman comes out and then runs away. FBI Sting - at a telemarketing center they secretly record scams and a guy says a woman is a big loser and always will be. San Dimas, CA - a woman tapes a plumber spitting into their orange juice. A man has a camera on a bag he slides under women's dresses. At an office a man and woman work side by side and she is smoking and it bothers him. When she leaves he pours the ashes on her keyboard. At a restaurant a chef drops an omelet on the floor and puts it back on the plate. Milwaukee, WI - a man steals a handicap placard from a car so he can park in a handicap spot next to him.
105 Nice 'N Nasty - a police sting of a hotel catches a bellhop going into a room with a luggage bag, going through it, stealing a wallet and camcorder wrapping it in a towel. St. Louis - a big black councilwoman holds a filibuster and can't leave so they use maps to make walls for a bathroom for her on the stage. 3/12/01 - A lawyer steals coffee from work twice a week and is caught. A guy goes to do his laundry after getting kicked out and his ex follows him and spray paints his clothes. Portland, OR - a janitor at an office finds a tampon in the trash, sits down and sniffs it. 3/05 - at a massage parlor a man works on a woman's back with one hand and steals from her purse with the other. A hungover man comes to work at a nuclear power plant and keeps nodding off at his desk until he falls over. OH - a woman goes to the breakroom at work, eats from a valentine's box on the table only licking the chocolates and putting them back.

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