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This half hour Investigation Discovery show reenacts actual 911 calls using the actual call and the people who made and answers the calls and it get pretty exciting on some shows. Each show has a title and 3 segments. Call 911 tells the stories of real heroes who are on the phone daily with people in need of emergency help. The calls are recorded so future operators can learn what to do in an emergency and portions of the calls are used in this series to show how the system works.

Season 1 (2008)

Ep# Title - segments/Airdate
100 Pilot
101 Saved by a Siren - 1. Breckenridge Fire - Buffalo NY 10:27pm - Lynda Hughes-Davis is the fire dispatcher who takes a called of a few garbage cans set on fire. FD Patrick Lalley Engine 37 didn't think it was a big deal. It's on Breckenridge & Gelston. John Manning says it spread to 2 houses. When they got there it was so bad they called everyone out. John Colligon went in the first house, but it was empty. Maureen DeSabio's Aunt Mica Zendano was 86 and inside and freaked out. She's in 88 and there is no way out, not realizing they were there. They ask her where she is. Dining room, first floor. The stairs to the place were burned down. They had to break in, she wouldn't open the door. They heard her yelling into the phone on the floor and wouldn't let go of the phone. They finally pulled her out and she made it. She lived another 6 years after. 2. Domestic Disturbance - Tacoma, WA 3:30pm - Doug Turner was the com officer says Autumn Barrington (10) called that her dad has a restraining order, but he came in to her mom. He opens the sliding glass door, she grabbed her cell phone and ran outside. She called, he's Gerald, black, 46, short, blue jacket, he's skinny. She yells for them to hurry up and for mom to hold on. He has a vacuum stick, but it was a long taser. He's yelling, doesn't know if he hit her. She closed the blinds to shut her out. Shadow Lutz the mother saw his daughter was on the phone and told her to say everything was OK. He closed his eyes and walked out as the police arrived. It only took 6 minutes for them to bust him. 3. Woman in Labor - Los Angeles, CA 10:24am - Michelle Hogelund is the fire dispatcher who took the call. Chris Dulan called Jamila Dulan is his wife giving birth. It was minor contractions when she went into the shower and it sped up the labor process. She went down and was bleeding. He was on North Poppyseed Lane Apt O. They have to ask questions to get it right though people don't want to answer. She was on the floor hanging out of the tub worried it was clean enough since she wasn't going to be the hospital. They have to give him instructions for birth. She screams like she is being brutally killed. She wants to make sure the cord wasn't around the neck, he couldn't see it, then saw it was and thought she was choking. He just pushed it off and put the phone down. She picked it up to say she's not breathing. Use your pinky finger to wipe the mouth out of blood and she starts to cough. They don't want them to cut the court in cash. Paramedics did it and everyone cheered calling Michelle mom. She met the kid 6 months later. #101. 7/30/08
102 Please Hurry - Man Crushed by Car - Bucks County, PA 11:27 am - Lisa Reed was dispatcher it was all screaming, something catastrophic for a man to yell like that. A man was hit by a car in a Pick a Part, it fell on him and there's 1000s of cars there. Officer Sven Beauchmin was on the way, she told him to stop talking, she'll do the talking. Spit blood out, turn to breathe. Almost everything he says is unintelligible. He has him listen for the siren and she hears it on the phone until it gets loud. Sven finds it on his head. Four guys helped lifted the car. Mark Wassum Jr. has no memory of calling. 2. Armed Robbery Call - Simi Valley, CA 10:00pm - Janet Steinhoff is the Simi valley dispatcher and took a call from someone who said a man saw a robbery at a 7-11. At 2654 East Cochran. Rudy Mazzella says he saw him and wants to chase him. Officer Adam Darough says there was a robbery before, gotta be the same guy. Officer Rich Lamb got a description of the guy from the Arab clerk. Rudy was following him in this car. There was a blond female driver a guy in the back, robbery in the front. It's a Toyota Corolla and he gives the plate. He backs off, suddenly the suspect jumps out and runs for an Albertson's. The guy looked back known he was followed. A great when they finally got him Officer Cesar Zuniga describes a felony stop. They got the car and he went to the Albertson's and a man ran across into Del Taco in the bathroom. He came out when they surrounded him. 3. House Fire - Tampa, FL 2:00am - Joyce McAllister was the dispatcher who says it was fairly quiet until his call came in. He's trapped inside a fire with his mom, FD Julian Mullis, Brian Mintzer says they were asleep. His mom can get out. He says they can kick the door or chop the burglar bars. Mom is in a back bedroom. He says he's trapped on the kitchen side, he can't walk, he's disabled and can't walk. 2:11am - they are chopping and can't se anything. Brian stepped on him and they were able to pick him up and carry him out. Wayne DeMatthews Jr. says mom got out back. The fire was put out, everything was OK. Later he says he was going anywhere they were taking him, 911 works and he's living proof it works. #102. 7/30/08
103 No Way Out - 1. Car Jacking Call - Houston, TX 11:45pm - Yolanda Mingo was the dispatcher. Debbie Zaharis was at a nightclub and a man took her and put her in the trunk. The carjacker hears her and ask who is she talking to, she says praying. She stopped speaking, they are able to track her through because the phone its on. She stops speaking and then they get worried. They can't call back or he'll know she has a phone. Jessica says the car hasn't moved in a while and have a helicopter in the area. They have her listen and she hears, loses it and back track until she finds it. She has been there 20 minutes, hasn't heard the guy in a while. It's 2003 and they later car has glow in the dark trunk releases. They want to pop it and run. Anna Hernandez says to when she hears the shopper. Jessica Bulkley ran until she found houses and Main and Standford, They found her and everyone was excited. She wouldn't have been found if it wasn't for them. Later she meets them all and is thrilled to put the faces to the voices. She goes to their job to see how it works and they are thrilled. It makes their jobs worth it. 2. Apartment Fire - Orlando, FL 7:3oam - Matthew King is the FD dispatcher, has routine - Edward Torres was ready for bed. He went back to work. Robert Anctil says she was is Apt J with her kid and they wanted to get her first. She has no bathroom window. Daniel the kid new they would die. Thy knew there was 2 kids. All the letters were burned on the outside, then they get disconnected. Daniel called back. Mark Austin got the call. They saw a way went in, got Nadege Nicolas out and got all 4 kid under their jackets an got them out fast. They went out in a line. Everything went perfect. #103. 8/6/08
104 The Glendale Shootout - Shots Fired - Glendale, CA 11:12am - Marie Brouwers says it was a typical morning, nothing special, parking stuff. A gun is usually fireworks or a backfire. She heard 20 shots at 400 Paula through a wall. Joshua Luna got the same the call. They have a headset with handsfree. They train to listen what shots sound like over the phone. Christy Costello dispatched the officers. Officer Keith Soboleski got there first. Jorge Beeton is the security guard who is shooting. He' Mexican, young. People yell to stay back and get inside. He's shooting through all the walls. There are bullet hits all over the walls, big sizes. Keith has a motorcycle. Two girls were hiding behind a car and called over and then shots rang out. They hid and ran. 11:26AM - he was hitting the trees where he stood. Backup arrives and he starts shooting again. It looks like an AK-47. People were calling asking what to do from all around town. Two cops are pinned and cops with rifles get Richard and Lassie out. They have to wait for SWAT. 1070AM a news report Megan Reyes lives there and reports on the air live. She thought it was construction. The calls kept coming. Scott Bickle says there was an 8 foot concrete wall and wanders how they'd get in. They used a ladder to get above them. Megan plays the gunshots on the air for over 75 minutes. They shut down the 5 freeway at the 134 both directions. They start cursing about it on the phone. 3:18pm - they are shooting tear gas and it's in the radio. They throw in a box of explosives and go in. They find him dead, he killed himself. They were locked don for 5 hours as dispatchers. You train for it, but never think you'll be in the middle of it She won 2 awards from reporting. #104. 8/6/08
105 A Cry for Help - 1. Suspicious Noise Call - Denver, CO 10:06pm - Lucy Sprigg was the dispatcher, says it was really late, the call says her dogs were barking and someone was trying to get in with a bat. She was 7 months pregnant, in a bad car accident and can barely move. Chief John Franks says it's like the worst nightmare. Matt Maillaro says Michelle Fanganello told him the doors wouldn't do that. The house is house, 5 doors downstairs and right on the river that's 50 miles long and only 10 feet across there. She screams Hello, who is in my house. She keeps screaming to go away and to stop, then the phone goes down so they can her the sounds of fighting and struggling. He says you will die slowly. He throws her to the ground to rape her. He was huge 6'5" and a pile of deputies jumped him to stop him. He didn't have a criminal history, so he didn't get as many years as they would've liked. 2. Cardiac Arrest - Newport Beach, CA 7:56pm - FD Kat Serrano says she is the dispatcher. Laura Basenese was on vacation with Lou her husband and went to walk to the beach. She yelled for help. Peter Algazi heard her, grabbed the phone and ran our. Glenn White EMT only had a cross street. He's 57, He fainted while walking and whacked him head. Laura wanted CPR and Gregg Dunlevie helped and he was stone dead. He kept working on him harder and got a pulse and no breathing. They are told to give 400 compressions, twice per second, then give him 2 deep breathes. He stars to cough and have him keep going They can't hang up until EMS is right there. EMT Erin Brown says they choked him and the heart stopped and they he was down to 91 degrees. Then they worked on h to a week to safe him. Kat loves her job. 8/13/08
107 Pulled From the Brink - 1. Home Break-in - Arlington, TX 12:20am -Lupe Nunez was the dispatcher heard a woman. Amanda Davis called, thought might be raccoons on roof. Susan Buxton says footsteps. They decided to clear the house since they had a gun. They call 911. He opened to door to get out, they told him to stay out and she shoots him. He fell out the door and was on the lawn and he is white, tattoos. Officer Clint Adam chased him 45 minutes earlier and he ran from a stolen car and they were looking for him. She yells how dare you come into my house. Gigi keeps cursing him out and he runs for it and fires again. There are worried she might shoot a cop. They put the gun down. He's not going home, he's going to jail. He climbing out a balcony and wasn't going to let him go. They called off the search, but Clint kept looking. Susan apologizes for the foul language. It's not like here. It's not a crime in Texas to protect your home with a licensed gun. She wasn't charged. The intruder got 2 ˝ years. 2. Cold Water Drowning - El Paso, TX 3:28pm - Rene Sanchez says they get fire or medical. Janetee Saucedo, Rosalina Horvath was looking for her 18 month daughter. The door was open, she wasn't carry her dog. They found her face down in the pool. She jumps out and yanks her out. She never did CPR before. He has to explain the depth based on the age. Mom is giving CPR and Jan was on the phone giving the instructions. He had to keep telling her to continue counting, but they weren't focused. Jan was on the phone and was unable to focus, he tells her to slow down. Ruben Aparicio Jr FD arrives expecting the worst, but he said to let her keep giving CPS. When they got her into the until they finally got the pulse. After they all sit around and listen to the tape. Pricilla has to go through a lot of therapy. She's learning to walk and talk again. #107. 8/27/08
108 Lifeline - 1. Woman thrown from Horse - Anderson County, SC 3:16pm - Tracy Bowman was working dayshift, it was busy dispatching and contacting same time. Amee Jenkins and her mom rode horses on a trail they never did before. They were in Fat's grove on the Orange trail by the lake and the mom fell, his her head, lots of blood and confused. Angela Kelly got the call for the ambulance. Jeffrey Byrd was paramedic who knew the area, but it was a dense area about 2 miles. Mom wanted to get on the horse and ride out. They hold her back and she couldn't remember anything, heart rate dropped, pal, crying, thought they wouldn't find her in time. She went into shock. They pulled up with sirens and could hear them, but them lost them. Then they turned and heard them again. They tell mom not to move and for her to walk toward the sirens. It turned out they were on a homemade trail. Steven Kelly was in the helicopter and she could hear it and see them. See jumps around until they spot her. They hovered above so the medics could follow. She yells Jeff and he finds her. He has to lead her back to the mom. The horse stepped on her and she was turning blue. He called for a boat to pick her up. On the way back the mom died and they brought her back. They next they hospital cleared her. Sheila Gray was fine. 2. Lifeline - El Paso, TX - Norma Estrada got a call of a man saying his baby was choking on a tissue. He's 6 months, gives him to him mom and calls 911. They can't get it and not sure if he's breathing. She pulls a little to the side to get air, he's trying to cry. Don't hit the baby on the back. EMT Justin Ramirez, David Beltram went there. They are on a corner and he has to go out to tell him where to go. They take the kid and put the parents out of the room. They have forceps that go all the way down and the gag reflex make him go unconscious. He went totally limp. They took him to the hospital, but he was OK. 3. Woman in Labor - Austin, TX 3:53am - Javi Trujillo answered, it was a slow part of the night. A woman is going into labor faster than they thought. Amy Nevland says the contractions were fast. Dave Nelvand says the first one took 12 hours, thought he had plenty of time. Was due any time. She laid on her side, didn't want to move anymore. Contractions were down to 30 seconds, waters broke, EMTs are on the way now. He has to go unlock the door. A neighbor Rebecca is there and he sends her up to help. He lives in a townhouse, so it's hard to find. If the head comes too fast she could ripped in half. The head is out fast and he just shot out. EMS Cheryl Bakhtiari said it was wrapped up by they time she walked in. 9/3/08
110 Struggle to Survive - 1. Baby Delivery - Canby, OR 12:00am - Tammy Shaver dispatcher takes the call of Burner "Bo" Ellis. His wife was having contractions, screaming in sheer pain in the bathroom, her water broke, there is the head coming on. She screams, she says to clean the baby's mouth with a towel. He says she's not breathing. She says to slap the baby's feet. You need to surprise it into breathing. He says there is no green fluid in the mouth and for Sharon to calm down. He couldn't fit between her legs and had to move her around. He can't get air from mouth to mouth. He does CPR and she coughed and breathed and the blue faded. More pink. EMT arrives. Val Codino went to work on the kid and had to get it to the hospital in a different ride that Sharon Ellis took. 2. Car Crash - Canby, OR 8:42am - Jodi Edmeier Clackamas dispatcher took a call on 170 and Bale Gordon for fires. It was a horse trailer that hit black ice. Clay Baggerly found a pickup with a trailer on and off and the road, a van in water, and another van. It was the 170 and Markham/Canby-Markham Hwy, the main roan. A woman in the van was on the side, said 2 kids were in the van. Troy Buzalsky EMT got lots of calls, knew it was serious. He found one the kids belted and the other kid was still in the car seat upside down in wheel well outside. They call multiple ambulances in. 9:17am - more calls keep coming in. They work on the girl by bending metal back. They got her out, but lifeflight had nowhere to land. They stopped at a school and drove there. Kim Myers her mom says she is so full of life now. 10/29/08
111 Terror at the Mall - Mall Shooting - Tacoma, WA 12:08pm - Jodi Maier was the communications supervisor as was David Lovrak. It was quiet, they the a call comes in from a man with a Tech9 and a Chinese rifle. He says follow the screams. Then 100s of calls come from the Tacoma Mall of gunshots, they were overwhelmed. Larry Holter says they didn't see anything, they just heard shots. FD Joe Gagnon says a guy was running around shooting. They had 6 people Joseph Severino was in the military and knew it was automatic weapons fire so he ran out. an old lady got shot in the leg and they whisked her off to the hospital. A man says he was a white kid, around 19, black trenchcoat, vest, near Santa. 12:24pm - Officer Wayne Beals arrives and they call out where the victims were. People were hiding in stores. They had 6 callers, could've used 200. He calls back that he has 3 hostages at Sam Goody and wants a negotiator fast. He Dominic Sergio Maldanando born 1982. People are injured, you need EMTs out here. All the doors were coming down and the only way out is a long black hallway. Tiffany Robinson his ex-girlfriend calls, he called her for breakfast. She needed him and he says he's going to go to where good people go or bad people go. She says he has mental issues, needs to be put away. He sent her a txt the world would feel his pain today. He called from Sam Goody too. 1:03 pm - Kits Camera Center has someone down. That makes 6 they know of. Sandra Johnson calls from right next door. SWAT said for everyone not to move. Joe talks to here to help with the medical side. His stomach was out, his legs can't move. Crystal gets on the phone, they want to run him out the back door when the police show up. They use a table as a gurney. One of the hostages calls because he's told to. James Black says he wants all the lights back on. She says to tell him they are working on it. 3:16pm - Jodi talks to him, her son James worked at the mall and it freaked her out to call him James. He wants a negotiator now. The hostages jump him and get the guns away. They make him walk out and leave the guns in the back. An undercover cop decided to play negotiator. He doesn't want to get tackles and get hurt, he wants to go peacefully. He tells him to walk out and it will be OK. Then Jodi's son calls who was OK. Seven people were wounded 11/20/05 and all survived. Dominick got 163 years in prison. 11/5/08
113 Under Fire - 1. Officer Down - Capac, MI 2:32pm - David Ponke says the Chief Raymond Hawks went out to a reckless driving call. He called for backup to town and impound his truck. Mary Ann Adams got the call and Mike Thorpe was the tow truck driver and hooked the car up. Then a man came out shooting and the chief went down 517 William G. Dr. William Klobnock was next door, heard it and saw him down. When he stopped they thought he was reloading. Deputy Tim O'Boyle pulled up and was hit in the head calling for backup. Cherie Bartram said they didn't realize the deputy was hit. They won't send an ambulance because of the shooter in the area. Sandy Jaros worked on the chief and said he would be OK. You would never expect being shot at while talking to a cop. Andrew Kokoszka saw the .22 bullet hole through his arm into his chest. Boyle was giving most info. He finally got their attention he was hit. Mike got the chief's wife Vickie Hawks on the phone to say he loved her. She says not to full around with her. She hung up and raced over. Ray says he's dying and wants FD. Nothing they can do yet. 2:52pm - FD was a block away. Ray was too heavy to lift so they loaded him with the tow truck, Vickie jumped up to block his open side and they drove him to EMS. Cops were racing from all over. Tim was hit so hard he thought he was dead. It bounced off the front of hi head. Ray is grateful to Mike from getting him out of there. They stormed his house and the shooter wasn't gone, he ran to a produce store and was there when they got him. 911 really came through for all of them. 2. Child Calls 911 - Petosky, MI 12:38pm - Kris Ellis was dispatcher when she got a call 'granny's hurt'. She fell and got hurt. She says to come here, you have to see here. First he said an adult it there, then there wasn't. Usually they verify the info, but couldn't. Erik Hoig was EMS and had little info. Victor is 3 ˝ and says she fell on a big hill outside. She wants to talk to granny, but he hung up. She calls back and he answers. He says she's ready to die because she fell. She says her friends were on the way. He hung up again. EMS arrives and finds her 150 feet from the house and Wendy Goodin is his mom. Grace Break had a special phone with a 911 button she taught him to use if she fell and he did. 11/19/08
115 Under the Cover of Night - Unconscious Mother - Charlotte, MI 2:40am - Alexis Davis says nothing much was happening. A boy calls that his mom is not breathing. Dad says she is 46 and tries to wake her. Jonathan Owens was 11. Lara Gillentine was supervising. Dad yells to hurry up, she wants to tell him CPR, but he won't listen. FD Scott Martze thought it was typical cardiac arrest. The dad calls on his cell phone screaming, still won't listen. They are able to go get the dad to listen. They get the kid go outside and trying to wave them down. Jonathan Ownes the dad says he a wreck, doesn't want to hear the tape. Jonathan Owens Jr. says it was scary to watch. Ethel Owens the mom says he did well with CPR. 2. Breaking and Entering - Fort Wayne, IN 2am - Katrina Mace does license plates, then gets a call of a B&E from a woman. She is alone upstairs hiding under the desk upstairs, sounds like glass breaking, hears voices. Det Andrew Irick knew he had to hurry. Her husband is at work. They walk right up to the desk and Kat is yelling to Amy the police dispatcher to give the police info. Andrew had a chase out the back door. She is told to stay put, quiet ant move if they are chasing someone. They are clearing the house. Officer Bowers found a suspect hiding behind the furnace. Then she wanted to call her husband. Myra Lassen the victim didn't want her hang up at the end. The found a knife the suspects brought. Later Myra and Katrina meet for the first time and laugh and cry. 1/14/09

Season 2 (2009)

203 Lives in the Balance - Home Break in - Surprise, AZ 11:22am - Kimberly Murphy called Wendy Klarkowski the PD dispatcher. She was at work and her daughter called that a man was knocking on the door and wouldn’t stop. Nicole says he had a pitbull and went in the back yard. Mom calls from work, he’s breaking the window. They need her to calm down. The kid is 15. Sgt. Norman Owens was in the area and had to turn around. He gets in the house and mom is freaking out. She’s in the master bedroom and she told her to hide and lock herself in the bathroom and be quiet. She hears the sirens, not the guy. Dennis Murphy the stepdad was at work when he was told and he raced to get home. Officer Christopher R. Tovar drives as a UC and was nearby so he went. She thinks he left the house, but isn’t sure. As Chris was heading there he saw the guy walking down the street and got out. He told him not to let go of the dog. Cops arrive all around. He secures the suspect. They tell her the cops are coming in and to stay where she is. Kim had an hour drive to get home. Nicole Clark says the worst was to be quiet and have no emotions so he didn’t hear her. They all met up later. Wendy didn’t know if she could’ve done it. 2. The “Phantom” Call - Scottsdale, AZ - 3:12pm - Christina Trott had an open line call. A dog had the phone and was trying to help. Garrett Ward arrived with an ambulance. Police opened the door. Todd Nuckles worked on the man and they put the dog outside and it tried to force it’s way back inside. Joe was having a Seizure and trained his dog Buddy to get the phone for him. 3. Three kids are at the beach when then the tide went in. David Jankens knows it was Seneca Boat Landing pad. There are 30 feet up, Michael fell. Michelle Woodroow called fore and rescue. Andy Graham, Steve Lerspm, Sgt. Kelly Busey were asking for boats along the way. They find 3 kids on the cliff at 3 different levels. They grabbed Ashley, Tristan & Michael and got her to the boat and the others were OK. Starla Hauser the mom warned him not to go there. Michael Hasuer learning not to do it now. A working woman places an emergency call for her endangered daughter/a dog makes a rescue call/Firemen rescue three children trapped on a cliff. 6/12/09
204 Split-Second Decision - Bank Robbery - Dallas Township, MI - Diana Baur saw a guy coming out of a bank with a shotgun wearing camo. Andrea Melzer took to the call. He walked to the north of the bank and was picked up wit by a Chevy truck in the back. Fairly tall, Citizens bank, ski masks, camo gear. Linda Epkey took a call from inside Diane Mussell. She was at lunch and gave him the key to get in the register. She says she was alone and drove around back toward M21. Sgt. Kyle Night heard the call, came to the back and it was clear, no one was hurt. A green Chevy was just stolen 9/16 and the robbery was 9/17. 2. House Fire - Dewdit township, MD - Anna said 911 wasn't working, her grandparents are inside. Jared Spears was on the phone, no fire, lots of Smoke. FD David DeKorte arrived, Christopher Dinsdale went upstairs with zero visibility. He felt down and found the woman on the floor. They pulled her out and did CPR. The man upstairs was covered in fire. It was a faulty rotating stand van. Virginian Heeringer didn't expect to make it. 3. Roadside Delivery - Clinton County, MI - Jean Kemp took the call of a man driving in the snow trying to his wife to the hospital. He gets to freeway 59 and the head is popping out. Douglas Verney says they had false starts and it was going. He wanted someone to get there. He decided to just pull over. It's their second kid, she's doesn't want to push until she sees the ambulance. He thought the ambulance wasn't any hope it would get there and Sarah was flipping out. She has to walk him through it all the steps and he drops out, but wasn't breathing. They told him to wipe his face an pull the mucus out of his mouth an he started to scream. He let her hold the kid and he used a shoelace lace to cut off the umbilical court. They drove by him a couple times. 6/12/09
204 When Seconds Count - 1. Breaking and Entering - Suzzette Bugge took the call of James O. Elliott who saw a man break out of his house. His friend Edward Lonier came up, saw him and chased the red car at over 100mph. He took his TV and a shotgun. He went 5 miles, couldn't make the turn, got stuck. He asked why he was following him. He wanted his license plate. 6/5/08 Chad G, Vorge found him and made a felony stop on Washington and Market. He was worried about the gun. He got him and no one to hurt. 2. Mountain Rescue - Phoenix, AZ - Daniel Taylor talks to a woman who wandered off the path a half mile who nothing to drink. FD James Frazier says there is no GPS info from the phone. Trever Tyree says they were waiting for choppers. Yolanda Cooper called back and Lat Long came up so they could find it. She can't hear them, it's in the back. Then it comes back and she waves a pink towel. They find her and 4 men gave her water and brought her to the chopper, put her on the ambulance and took her in. 3. Full Arrest - Clinton County - Audrey Smith found her 55 year dad on the floor. Andrea Melzer gives CPR instructions. Her 4 year old Caemron is there freaking out while she is giving him CPR. Ofc Kip Harmon came in. No pulse, he was dead. Jamie Brown EMT shocked him back. Christopher Dinsdale said he was in and out and had brain damage and pulled the plug4 days later. They were able to save his organs. 6/19/09
205 Matters of Life and Death - 1. Shark Attack - San Luis Obispo, CA Teri Cox takes the call of shark attack on Avila Pier. He man says she's down in the water. Rich Griguoli was a guard nearby. Jeff Fesker didn't see anything until the water was red. A woman called in that it was an a dolphin. They find a large triangular wound on the leg and side. John Dunkel says her hip was eviscerated and lost all the blood from her leg. 2.Imminent Birth - Curt Peddicord took the call in the middle of the night. FD James Schlessser says it was 5am. Jeremey Cruz says he was giving birth. He could see he hear and their 18 month baby was screaming. The dispatcher gives him instructions. Wipe out the mouth the mouth and nose, wrap her up, keep her warm. EMS is on the way. Judy Cruz took over when it came to the cord. EMS walked in when it was over. 3. Shower CPR - Tampa, FL - Susie LaPorte says her husband Wayne fells in the shower. Bruce Graham talks to him on the phone. He is 56 and took big to get him out. Richard Terry was driving by and she brought hi in. Amy Scandrett was brought in because she knew CPR. She called her nurse friend for help and then relayed the instructions. They keep working until EMS show up. Bobby Kostopoulos says he was in cardiac arrest. He expired twice. He now has a pacemaker. 6/19/09
207 Moments of Terror - 1. Thin Ice - Washtucna, WA - Sherwin Broome says it was Onstar, but there was no voice at all so they knew it was bad when there was no voice. He calls 911, it looks like the car is in the water on his map. Melissa Shepherd took the call. Lisa Sorenson sent EMS in the area out. Brain Dianty FD got the call and thought it was bad. Finally the man wakes up, he ran off the road, he's offroad. Neal Kroll was looking for geese, then it got dark. A train was coming right at him and he floored it to miss it. He went 30 feet and it down the embankment, feels broken ribs. He's in the river, was knocked out. Not sure where he was heading toward Hwy26, under a bridge. Sharron Hammas found him first. Two people pointed where he went and tied her to a rope and she went down to him. They were worried he could flip over and go under water. They saw he needed to be stabilized before he could be moved. Dean Wigen from EMS went down, they have chains to secure it. Dispatch hangs up and Onstar waits. They pull him out and put him on a board vertically. Neal says it was amazing Onstar knew where he was, wherever he was somewhere they could find him. 2. Motorcycle Getaway - Loudon, TN - Melanie Smith gets a call of a woman working at a Citgo gas station and she was robbed with a knife. Barbara Starritt thought it was a joke. He was a regular customer she recognized. She hit the rob button. He has a boxcutter and the manager came and closed the store. It was a small white guy, 5'1", you hear it on the tape. It's a black and silver bike, black helmet. Officer Samuel Harrison went to the store, then found him and he took off. They have footage of him outrunning him past big rigs. He went into down and they lost him after 5 miles. Cops split up and a woman calls that he went on Shaw Ferry and almost got hit. They changed direction and he was hiding and they found him. He said times were hard and he has a baby on the way. He was a 18 and felt safe going back to work. It was only $300. 6/26/09
208 Heroes of All Kinds - 1.Violence Threatened - Searcy, AR - Marla Guinn rakes a call of a man named Silas with 3 kids was coming to shoot him. He's Johnny Barnes, it's his wife's ex is after him. Tammy Clements was on the phone. He ran out to confront him and he gets stabbed repeatedly. Officer David Lock knows him and went there. The kids saw all it. He is all on dope. Dav picked him up and put him in car. Officer Eric Fleming knew he was coming down Bald Knobs. He stopped him at gunpoint and he gave up. Danny Knight worked on him with gauze and tape. It was 2 inches deep so it healed from the inside. 911 saved him. 2. CPR Surprise - Arlington Heights, IL - Jeb Lyons was dispatcher. Susan Stewart says at her 3 month child went into seizures at 2:30am. He had to go through procedure to make sure it's breathing, put it on the ground, he's turning blue. Use two fingers between nipples and breastbone. It was actually a kitten, she never said it, she kept saying baby. EMS and police arrive and he was in disbelieve it was a kitten. He had to listen to the tape, they thought kid, not kitten. She thought she was going to jail. They were upset until they found out she was in the special Olympics. She got poison, instead of a vaccine. 3. Dad is Having a Seizure - San Luis Obispo, CA - Nikki Liponvich answers the girl from a girl who says her dad is down. Lily Hawkins (9) says his hands are shaking and stuff is coming out of his mouth. She wants to call her mom. She says to wait until the deputy came. She knew he had one in Feb, knew address, meds history, big help. Dep Neil Clayton was worried for the girl and the guy. They told her to go to the side door and let her in. They did first aid until EMS arrive. She moved all things out of the way so he was save. Geoff Hawkins had a brain injury on a motorcycle that messed him up. He doesn't remember anything. 6/26/09
209 When Every Moment Counts - 1. Gunshot Victim - Romance, AR - Amber Fortune gets a call of a man shot in the leg deep in the woods across from his house. FD Justin Allen went out there. They weren't sure if he was shot by someone else. The went to his house. William Simon, JR went squirrel hunting, he saw a squirrel, fired and the gun hit him in the leg. He doesn't know where he was or who he was. He was trying to crawl to them. They find him and he's covered in blood and dirt. They called a house with an ATV to help get him out. He had nerve damage and tendon damage, it's going to hurt. 2. Break-in Call - Loudon Co. TN - Amanda Johnson got a call of a woman hiding in the closet and called a different county instead of the country she was in. The dispatcher replays info to the right dispatcher Amanda. Cpl Chas Estes says he stole a truck, was on the run from the police and he wanted supplies. Christina Wasko was in the closet. Cpl Paul E. Curtis approached first and they surrounded the house and could hear him for a half hour. The mom said se was too old to drive and gave him the keys. He took the keys and left and cops tackled him. Patricia & John Wasko says he broke the window to get in and he made them get down or they would kill him. 3. Man Goes Berserk - San Luis Obispo 8/8/06 - Teri Cox takes a call of a man beating a car with a crowbar and thinks she heard a shot. Jamie doesn't know him, it's just cursing. Officer Douglas K. Scotto was training someone for their 7th day. Another call comes in from William Gerwe of a man smashing his car with a rifle and firing. Cops arrived with dashcam footage. They yell to put the gun down, he won't and advances at them. They hit him and called for an ambulance. J. Taylor Rubatzky approached him went backup arrived. He was hit in the chest once. He yells to kill him and they say no. He was drinking, he wrists were cut. He screams, doesn't understand why they'd help him after he tried to kill him. He was the next door neighbor 19 years old, on pills and taking Vodka, lost his job. 7/10/09
210 High Tech Safety - 1. Webcam Burglary - Boynton Beach, FL - Jeanne Thomas called Jameka Lubin the PD dispatcher. He watches her home from her office, she has a webcam surveillance system in Fort Lauderdale. She had to be transferred a couple times to get to her home area. It was a black man she didn't know. He just walks around with a long black shirt over a white shirt. Leslie Yanes was tells the cops what was going on. Officer Nathan Winland went to the house. She has a cat and dogs who do nothing. A second man then entered. She has no weapons and I upset they are eating her food. They came through the doggy door and couldn't get out. Nathan was excited since there were still inside. They kept looking all over for a way to get out and arrested them when they walked out. She has the whole thing save. Cops got there in 4 minutes, thy didn't steal anything. It was all piled on the bed. 2. Dangerous Joyride - Muncie City, IN - Joella Francis is dispatcher for Delaware County 911 Center and took a call from Matthew Sands who saw a kid driving a car. He says it's a GM Tracker, looks 7-8, knew he was too young. He was going home and saw him. Lt. Steve Cox said he was on Broadway as the caller was following and relaying info. He went through the first red light, stopped at the second. Officer Michael Scroggins got the call he was at the Muncie Mall and he was at the mall. He saw him go right by him. He turned into the bushes off the outback, then backed up into his car. He ran over and got the keys. You couldn't even see him, was barefoot, in PJs. He said nothing. He just smiled when asked if hurt and they gave him a stuffed animal. Lindy Smeltzer the grandma says she fell asleep, but he didn't, just took her keys and took off, learned from watching her. 3. Struck by Tornado - Clinton, AR - Susan Lilly worked for Onstar and got a call about a tornado and powerlines laying across his truck in his 2007 Silverado. He windows blew out and was sitting in the middle of truck terrified. She called Terry Blankenship the dispatcher from Van Buren County. Kimberly Manville was his supervisor. They put out warnings and then it. Officer Wesley Potts says it kept getting closer and worse. It was the first one he saw. The man says his window was ripped right out. He doesn't know what to do, he couldn't get out and run. He's worried about his house and the 911 calls was overworked. They put him as a lower priority, which is good and bad for him. They keep calling 922, but they get nowhere. He's on Hwy 65 by County Road 16. Wes arrived and treated them as live. The power went out and they told him to just back up and he did and the wires fell off. He was safe and they kept him calm. 7/17/09

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