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This Virgin 1 show from the UK is shown in the US on  truTV, is an hour long and focuses on customs, beach police and detectives in the islands of Jamaica, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago. They continue to attract bustling tourist business, but those affluent travelers also attract the attention of drug smugglers, thieves and other criminals - who in turn draw the stern focus of local police forces, the men and women who face difficult odds in maintaining order and safety.

Season 1 (2008)

Ep# Description
101 Jamaica - Cpl. Rudi Smith makes sure tourists donít bring drugs back onto tour ships. They can be charged with possession and smuggling. At customs he stops Joe McGibb with a backwards hat, a man says thatís his son. He finds pot on him, says he has no more, didnít know it was illegal, he bought it here. Joe gets possession and could get trafficking. His dad asks if he can pay a fine today. No, tomorrow. Heís afraid and angry. St. Lucia - Allison Simei patrols the beach looking for anything unusual. She asks if people are OK and makes sure they have fun. Unlicensed vendors arenít allowed on the beach and she tells one to leave. She hasnít made an arrest in 7 years. Alex says he drank a whole case of beer. Why? My brain is not good right now. She wants him to calm down and stop spitting. Heís a regular who canít hold his liquor. PC Casey Charles is with the marine unit. They get a call of a smuggling boat and race out there. They cut the boat off and open fire. They give up and find the drugs have been tossed over in bags. They fish it out, but have to wait to take it back to open it up. Jamaica Spring Break - girls get ready for a wet t-shirt contest. They get wet and dirty and the runner up is disqualified for showing her breasts. The winner gets $100 and free trip back. Tobago - a house was robbed when they came back from dinner. Cpl Oliver Clarke investigates. There is a hole cut in the fence. All kinds of things were stolen, even food. They call them pipers - drug addicts. Jamaica - at customs Joe says he paid $20 for it and they say he got ripped off. They search his room on the Carnival Conquest ship for more drugs. He doesnít want to go to jail. His dad says they are doing their job, but you canít walk anywhere without people selling it. There is nothing in his room, so they cut him loose with a fine. Tobago - there are only 50,000 in the population, more people visit each year. Cpl. Samuel Quamina meets people from all over the world. He likes getting to see all the ladies. They find 3 guys hiding in a cave where drugs are used. They smell weed, but donít find any. St. Lucia - boat drug bust. Itís 136 kilos of pot worth half a million. Sgt. Terry Bradley comes in to charge them. They are French smugglers. Port of Spain - Trinidad - Cpl. Ingar Mangla goes to a gun fight that turns to murder. A woman is also hit, her son is a cop. The man ambushed them with an assault rifle and shotguns and chased him up the stairs and finished him off. Jamaica - PC Oral Small goes to Rickís where they have cliff jumping. Clinton & Chris from South Africa had their rental car stolen. They gave their keys to a lifeguard who worked there. The police already have it, it sits destroyed in their lot. Cops ask who was driving. Not us. They gave their keys to a total stranger? They say he worked there, but they wonít tell them who. They are going to have to pay for it then. They thought insurance covered that. It doesn't. St. Lucia - Michael Lee from England just left the army in Iraq and is there for his bachelor party. They go out drinking and fishing. All they catch is a small barracuda. When they get back his friends throw him overboard. Jamaica - Oral goes looking for the lifeguard after getting his name. Streets have no names, houses arenít numbered and they donít have to carry ID. People can move and change their names. Oral never had a case that big before. Michael is taken out to drink and his friends ply him with vodka. He strips down and throws up. Joe didnít have his charges reported to the US. The smugglers got 3 years, the South Africans had to pay $1000, the murder is unsolved and Mike got married. 11/16/08
102 St. Lucia - Gros-islet on Friday night, the whole town turns into a block party. There is music and dancing with 1000s of people. PC Fernand Xavier doesnít expect trouble, but have to be aware. If not they have a cell for them. Sarah & Vicki are from England and getting Winding dirty dancing lessons from a local named Erin. They stop a guy from smoking weed and he says they are all doing it. He searches him then gets a report of a stolen motorcycle. They investigate it and find the bike down the block. Prince Charles & Camilla are there for a visit. Superintendent Victor Layzell is in charge. Heís from Britain and oversees everything. WPC Alison Simei is in charge of the crowd. They have to keep people back. A woman in the crowd collapses. It starts to rain, but the royals still come out and greet the crowd. Then they drive off. Vieux Fort Hills - a drug squad goes in the mountains looking for a pot farm. Sgt. Terry Bradley says they have no air support. They can tell when the capture of drugs in town is local and then look for it. 11/23/08
103 Many young tourists are there for the first time looking to get a good tan. St. Lucia - SSU Special Service Unit is the elite force. Cpl Hugh Darcheville has been there 10 years. They get a call of a woman taking hostage by a man with a machete. They race over and the man wants her to drink poison. Itís 7 miles away and the woman has been released by then. She says he came in, was scared, he said he was hungry, wanted money and had a knife. He ran away and fled into the forest. 300,000 tourists visit the beaches each year. Old people come all the time. PC Alison Simei patrols the beaches and markets. Two cars crash, one takes off and the other sinks into the harbor. The driver got out, he says the guy was speeding, felt the hit, he went in the water, it popped up, he jumped out the sunroof and got out. A diver and a tow truck hook up to pull it out. They pull it out and the lift breaks and the car drops back in. Tobago - PC Samuel Quamina rides a bike in the day. At night he goes to an armed raid for drugs. They surround the first house. They find a half naked fat man inside and bring in the K9s. Jamaica - men vs. women all day booze a thon. Algehany College says they will win. They drink real fast, run over, spin around and come back to pass it off. Women have trouble with their tops coming off. The men win. Tobago - K9s lead them to a guest house with 3 kilos of compressed pot. Itís a huge find. Cpl Anthony Duke check people at the airport for drugs with K9s. 11/30/08
104 Jamaica - itís a 7 day non stop party of college students. Adam & Scott are from England and think they can drink better than Americans. They all want to get drunk and laid. It turns into a foam party. Cops are on the lookout for illegal drugs. Montigo Bay - clubs are filled with people. PC Christopher Price loves the job, he gets to serve his country. They have the highest murder rate in the world, even his brother was killed. PC Shelden Channa is with him following a car. Jamaica - 300 cruise ships land a year with a million tourists. Pot is illegal and there is a zero tolerance policy. Cpl Rudi Smith checks the ships for drugs. People always have excuses. He can spot the people in customs. If they try to run to the bathroom they are trying to ditch it. They search a guy who has none. Shane McGuinness (42) from Houston, TX is caught with pot. He says he bought it outside, thought it was tobacco. He has no ID, says his wife has it. They have to find her. Trinidad - during Carnival 100s of 1000s of people flock to the streets. Itís the busiest day of the year. Cpl Donald Humphrey (44) & Cpl Robert Ramirez are ready to go. They come up to a street fight between a couple. He says she wants to go home and leave him with no money. Cops tell him to calm down. He says take your time with me. The brother in law starts slapping him and they make them leave. 12/7/08
105 Trinidad - it's Carnival time with 100,000 in the streets with 4000 police. Officer Donald Humphrey & Cpl Ronald Ramirez are the answer to the bad boys. A cop gets in the middle of a brawl and they get stuck in traffic and yell at people to get out of the way. Katie and her friends want to see crocodiles on the Black River. Sexy Rexy is their drinking captain. Jamaica - people are selling everything on the beach. Negril - Det Warren Smith investigates a robbery of an American tourist. The guy was approached to buy weed, he only has $1 and they took it and his cell phone. He gets a tip about the phone and busts the guy, but he doesnít have it, but he does have a big bag of weed. Tobago - Cpl Samuel Quamina stops cars at night checking paperwork. He goes to stop another car who takes off. She tries to run on foot and they catch her since she is fat. Sheís a thief and has no license. She doesnít want to go to jail, but she has to. Now she will be suspended a long time. Her car is falling apart and they have trouble moving it and it dies. Trinidad - Humphrey hears gunfire and they get their equipment. The cop canít be found, but a man and woman are bleeding. They were caught in the middle of a gang fight. Port of Spain - Cpl Mangla is first on the scene of robberies, murders and fights. They go to a robbery in progress and the house is ransacked. They broke through the window, trashed the place and it looks like they took nothing. St. Lucia - 3000 people a year come to get married. Paul & Olga are from the UK to get married on the beach. Trinidad - Humphrey goes to a call of a cell phone theft. The thief ran into police and they grabbed him. They ask if he took it. He saw it and picked it up. They arrest him. Tony the coconut vendor who has a bike stolen. The kids chase them down, but lose them. They give a description to look for him. The father calls them that he spotted him and they go there. 12/13/08
106 Trinidad Port of Spain - the murder rate has tripled in the last 5 years, 400 in the last year. PC Marcus Pitt is on rapid response. They work 24 hour shifts. Field workers found a body and he goes out. He was shot and dumped. In town a man says he was working in his garden and a man came up and yanked his chain off him. They ask what he is wearing. He went to a dead end and they hear dogs barking and check it out. The house is abandoned and a man says he jumped the wall. They go through back alleys and spot a man taking off in the back. They are told he went over there. They pull a man from a house and he says he didnít do anything, but his heart is beating fast. They bring him back to the victim, but he didnít get a good look at him. He only saw him running away, so they let him go. People from England come there and wind up staying. Jamaica - Dusty came 4 years ago, got married and had a kid. He does web design and was doing consulting work and the people got mad and kidnapped him thinking he would steal their site. He goes to the police crying. He wants them to help get his stuff back including paperwork. Police take him there and the woman denies doing anything. They canít find his papers which include birth certificates and passports. They got threats and want to leave the country fast. He hopes to go back to the US. 12/20/08

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