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This hour long MSNBC show is like Most Amazing Videos or Shockwave. It shows real footage and interviews with those involved in it. Each episode has a theme and there is a lot of things not shown before. Hosted by Contessa Brewer

Season 1 (2008)

Episode Description
Witness to the Crime Statesville, NC 10/15/07 – at a KFC Mitch P is closing up and a man rushes him with a shotgun. He leads him back inside and the alarm goes off. He tells him to open the safe and he beats him with it for not opening it fast enough. He puts the gun to his head and he’s so nervous that he asks him if he wants the combination. No, you got one more spin. He cocks the gun and goes to shoot him and nothing happens. He goes to reload so Mitch he goes after him and gets a hold of the gun. They fight for it sliding on the wet floor and the crook wants him to give him the gun and let him go. They struggle out the back, to the front and into the lot. He ejects the last shot and the man gets away. He wasn’t caught. Orem UT 06 - Angie works at Cash Valley check cashing store when a large man in yellow comes flying over the counter and attacks her. They struggle and he wants money so she gives him all of it out of the safe. He goes to take her in the back and she warns him people work back there. He goes to tie her up and she struggles saying she’s a mom with two kids. The phone rings and the man rips it out of the wall, but it’s her husband Sy who hears it all. Junior Fey was in the store earlier and she caught him and got 5 years. The gun was fake. Sy works in the store now and put up bulletproof glass. Los Angeles, CA 2/4/04 – at the Mexican Consulate a man goes in with a gun. He comes out with hostage Dunia Gonzlaez and a large sign. Sgt. Feliciano talks to him. The hostage is pregnant and crying. SWAT comes in and blocks everything off. One cop distracts him and Fel shots him. Manuel Ortiz Gonzalez (19) died. Ruben Beltran says he wanted to talk to the media. The gun was a fake. 2 years later Fel gets an award. Dunia meets him and gives a speech, she lost her baby. #101. 6/28/08
Video Vigilantes New York City - Jimmy Justice records government officials and police doing traffic crimes, illegal u-turns and illegal parking and posts them on YouTube. He films a cop block a fire hydrant while a fire is taking place outside, a traffic cop who wants him to stop filming and wants to see a permit. A board of education man parks on the curb and attacks Jimmy, breaks his camera and is forced to give him a new camera. Oklahoma City, OK 9/17/07 - Brian Bates films prostitutes doing their dirty business in his neighborhood. He posts them on YouTube and on He catches a couple banging on the hood of a car in a park near kids. They run away when he approaches. He catches a Lowe’s delivery driver picking up a whore and has sex with her in the back of his delivery truck in a restaurant. The guy admits he was stupid and is married, but has no ring. He’s arrested and his truck is towed. He catches one couple and the police arrive. The cop pulls his gun on him and tries to take him down. He thinks he has something in his mouth and starts beating him. He turns it to the media and now cops hate him. 3/31/06 – he films 4 young whores on a corner, then they run when a girl and a pimp chase them away. Then they catch one and start beating her and Brian runs over and breaks it up. He then spots a group kidnapping a whore and goes after them and rams their car saving her though weeks earlier the same whore maced him. 1/6/08 – he takes MSNBC to a known whore area, an abandoned property. He sees a van and follows them and it takes off. 2/9/08 – he goes in again and catches a couple having sex in the abandoned house. There are condoms on the ground and a school is 1000 feet away. He spots a woman going from a truck to a car and follows them. One whore he catches comes up to him and takes a picture of him. Jackie Taylor sets up cameras in her house because her 90 year old father John is being treated at home by nurse Anastacia Olich. He has bruises from abuse at rehab, then catches her friend beating him at home over and over. Nothing happened for a few weeks then she saw the footage. The dad didn’t know anything and Anastacia says she liked working there. She was arrested right away. #102. 6/29/08
The Thin Blue Line Crisp Co. GA 2/4/06 - Deputy Steven Rankin (25) goes to pull over a car at 2am for blasting the radio. He walks up and is shot in the face. Deputy Ben Bray heard the static on the radio and went over. The thug tries to finish him off and his gun jams. He goes for Steven’s gun and he fights back and runs to his car and they start shooting at each other. Ben arrives and Steven is down, his face is bleeding and teeth are out. The next day Ben Westbrook (35) is caught and gets 68 years in prison. He lost 70% of his jawbone, had a brace for 18 weeks, lost teeth and the bullet is still in his spine. In 2007 he quits and becomes a fitness trainer. Perry, GA 4/26/04 – Ofc Chris Sutcliffe chases a speeding pickup truck with Ofc Chad Payne. They crashed the truck and went over, a girl can’t get out because the door is jammed. Chris calls EMS and goes to get a first aid kit. Chris saw 3 guys, 1 with his hands down. Then the guy starts firing and he’s hit. Chad turns and fires back. Chris goes down. Lots of shots are fired. Chris’s arm was bleeding. Ofc Eric Barnett arrives and starts firing under the truck at the suspect. They stole the truck in OH. Charles Brutus Wright the shooter got 107 years. Chris has a metal plate in his arm and lost mobility. Now it’s a training video for cops. Boston, MA 6/21/05 - Sgt. Mark Columbo is told someone is breaking into a car. He asked the guy to prove it was his car. He went to radio it in and the man attacked him. They fight and wrestle on the ground as many people walk by and don’t stop. He grabbed his nuts and told him to stop. He tried to cuff him and headlock him as hard as he could. Then he asks for help. Ruben Delgado gets 2 years from the tape. Pollock, LA 4/5/06 - murderer Richard Lee Mcnaire escaped from prison for the third time. It’s maximum security’s first escape in 15 years. Ofc Ball spots him running down the train tracks and stops him. He denies escaping and he asks for ID. He doesn’t have any, he’s Robert Jones, staying at a hotel doing roofing. My brother is staying there, call him. He asks why he’s all scratched up, from roofing in his shorts. He says his name is Jimmy Jones this time. The cop doesn’t know, says he matches the description and it sucks doesn’t it. He lets him go and he gets away for 2 years and was caught in Canada. #103. 7/6/08
On the Edge of Death Hong Kong 11/20/96 - their largest high rise fire. The fire goes up to the roof from the elevator. Captain Mike Ellis says they were worried about jumpers. A guy who went to the dentist jumped, hit and awning and survived. Mike flies a helicopter and drops a rescuer to pick 4 people up from the roof. It burns all night and 40 people die. Fort Wayne, IN 8/1/06 – the national magnesium foundry catches fire. Chief Peter Kelly says he knew it would be dangerous since they can’t use water on it. Chief Larry Fisher hopes they could control it, but don’t have enough foam. They pull back and it explodes all around them. Matt Armitage films it for the news. It was so bright it damaged his camera. Larry’s face was all bloody, but he wasn’t burned. New York City, 7/18/07 – at 41st & Lexington Gregory McCullough was in his tow truck when the street exploded. Smoke shoots up 80 feet. Greg’s truck launched in the air and slammed down into a hole. An 83 year old steam pipe got cold water in it and blew. Greg got out, fell into the steam and was burned over 80% of his body. He couldn’t get help. Junior Suarez helps him because he smelled burned, awful and he wouldn’t stop screaming. He was in the hospital 3 ˝ months. Judith Bailey was with him, but wasn’t as badly burned. Lois died of a heart attack. It was leaky rain that did it. Hinsdale, IL 1/29/08 – Chudzik his car gets stuck on the tracks, then gets hit by 2 trains. Dan Nugent told him to get away. Oxnard, CA 2/14/06 – a man films a dangerous intersection where an 18 wheeler is hit by a train. #104. 7/6/08
Sinister, Strange, Shocking San Diego, CA - Fox TV6 reporter John Mattis follows a case of a landlord involved in crime. The man calls him on his personal phone. BK Philips lives next door and says Sueluman got in his face and got a RO on him. He was interviewing him when Rosa Berasa pulls up, throws water on his face, smacks him with it and asks where he wants to be buried. She knocks the cameraman down and her husband shows up and punches him, jabs his ears and goes to tackle him while BK tries to pull him off. He tells his wife to get her gun, but she doesn’t have it. She sprays them with a hose and the police are called and take him down at gunpoint. John is covered in blood. People came up thinking it was a movie. He got a year in prison, said it’s not over. In court he blamed John for it. Niagara Falls, NY 3/19/03 - a man tries to kill himself and gets caught in rocks near the edge of the falls. Pat Moriarity & Corella goes down to rescue him, but can’t get close. A helicopter doesn’t work. It comes back, knocks him down and tosses him a ring. He gets dragged under an ice shelf and trapped and the men have to go over and pull him out. Stockton, CA - at a pee wee football game Brian Woods #13 gives a cheap hit and gets penalized. His dad Cory Pedero (36) is the coach. He runs out and slams Brian to the ground. Brian’s mom Denise Champion said it wasn’t right. Then all the parents flood the field and a brawl breaks out. Scott Smith is the reporter who covers it. Cory ran for it and went to court. He got 45 days community service. Los Angeles, CA – Pico Rivera vs. Downy Razorbacksteen football. A big play happens and a boy says a guy in the stands pushed him. His mom Rene Gamboa asked who did it and Tubbs said it was him and a group of parents start beating him. He says he didn’t do it. He tried to fight back. Gino & Joe Sarracho beat and kicked him and get 5 and 2 years in prison. #105. 7/13/08
Teens Gone Wild Glenbrook North High School, Chicago 5/03 – the girls senior football team hazes junior girls with beating and humiliation, punches, kicks and have fish guts and feces thrown on them. Some are hospitalized, one has her head cut open by a metal bucket. Murphy High School 5/07 – Randolph Parker gets suspended and waits outside the 61 year old teacher’s class as his friend records it with his phone. When she comes out he punches her in the face and she needs 20 stitches. He was 16 and tried as an adult and got 3 years. North Babylon, NY – a 13 year old girl is beaten by 4 girls and 3 guys film it. She told no one, but police found the video online and hunted them down. They are all charged. Madison Co. MO - 4 teens keep stealing extension cords from a company truck parked at the Hamilton’s house. They set up a surveillance camera and catch them on the third try and all are busted. Lakeland, FL - Victoria Tori Lindsay is lured to a house of friends and they beat and assault her for 30 minutes. Four girls attack and 2 guys hold the doors, then they kidnap her in a car and warn her of more beatings. She is badly wounded and all are charged. It was over her mouthing off on myspace. Flint, MI 3/6/02 - Danielle Taylor is a 19-year-old waitress who goes to her new friend Travis’s house known for its parties, booze and dope-smoking. He and his friends tie her up, kidnap her and tell her she’s going to die and take her out to a remote area at knife-point and put her in a shallow grave. The five friends who did this to recorded the whole thing. They tell her, "Hey, it hurts right? Well think about it, in an hour you'll never feel another thing. We are going to bury you alive. You are going to die." A doctor sees all the bruises and calls the police. She goes back and gets the tape and all are charged. They claim it was a prank, a joke and a horror movie they filmed. All are arrested and get 2 moths and years probation. Two years later Travis kills himself. Las Vegas, NV 7/03 - Tanner Hanson & his friend Craig go to a party and are assaulted by the 311 gang. They are in their truck and pelted with rocks. Tanner’s face is bashed in and he’s badly wounded. Craig calls 911 but doesn’t know the address. Cops arrest gang members and find tapes of many underground street fights of the gang. The gang is charged and many say they are innocent, but they all get 2 years, 1 is put under house arrest. #106. 7/13/08

Season 2 (2009)

Daredevils PA 5/02 - Andy Duty and his dad Tim go skydiving multiple times in 1 day. On the last jump they stand on the wheel to jump and Andy's leg gets caught on the wheel. Don Vick coordinates from the ground to rescue him. He said they had to land with him on the plane in the grass. Andy had no way to communicate with them and wasn’t in on the landing. He lands with no major injuries. Norway - Hans Lang wears a wing suit and jumps from a 5000 foot cliff at 110mph, gets too close to the rock wall, opens his chute, smacks into the rocks, kicks off, breaks his leg, tangles his lines and crashes into bushes. A helicopter airlifts him out to survival. North Shore, Oahu Hawaii - Larry Haynes & Ray Holloway film surfers from the water during low tide and a huge waves knocks them down, Ray slams into the reef on the bottom and is knocked out. He fills with water and Larry and others grab him and pull him out. He was in a coma for 2 days with a gallon of salt water in him. He had 2 brain contusions, bruised lung, shattered collarbone and chemical poisoning. It takes a year of recovery. South Africa - Jerry Loman takes a vacation to dive in a shark tank that was modified for a film crew and they didn’t put the bars back. A massive great white gets stuck in the hole and thrashes around. It knocks his air off and he has to squeeze through the hole and go up. Then they shake the cage to free it. Valdez, AK - Bridgette Mead skis a rocky run and wipes out right away and tumbles down the mountain hitting rocks for a mile. Her father Guy Mead was watching. Tom films it. Paramedics work on her for 20 minutes before she moves. Dr. Janet Smalley works on her and found no broken bones. She had amnesia and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. West Yellowstone, MT - Trennis Baer snowmobiles up a 1000 foot mountain, makes a turn near the top and he starts an avalanche. It overtakes him tossing him in the air and burying him alive. He left he coat with his transceiver in it. He was able to get his hand out and they found him. #201. 1/3/09
What Would You Do? Los Angeles, CA 10/16/05 - Jack Klian is filming on the I17. A car hit the center divider and the man was yelling his foot was stuck. Alexis Renesso (22) was stuck. Cops arrived and tried to put the fire out and pull Officer Paul Waymire pulled him. He was hit from the side and his door was damaged, they couldn’t get it open. It was hot, smoky and the guy was having trouble breathing. The engine caught fire. Jack got extinguishers and came back, but they ran out. He stops a Greyhound bus and gets a big one. Underneath the car was on fire and that was it, had to get him out before it blew up. All the guys grab him and get him out in agony as the car blows. He fractured his pelvis in 3 places. King’s County Hospital Brooklyn, NY 6/19/08 - Esmin Green came from Jamaica in 1995. Donna Lieberman says she had 6 kids and worked in New York to pay them. Marilyn Johnson says she loved kids. David Ebahns says she had psychological problems. She lost her job and was out of control. They took her to the unit and once you are in, there is no way out without a doctor. She was waiting there 24 hours for a bed and then collapsed. After 20 minutes a guard looks at her, but does nothing. Other people in the room don’t pay attention, they might’ve been on medication. Another guard wheels over, then leaves. A half hour later a doctor comes by and leaves. A few minutes later a nurse kicks her to see what happens. Then they load her up to take her away, but she is dead. It’s from blood clots. Her medical records don’t match what really happened. Seven employees were fired or suspended. It lead to sweeping reform at the hospital. Linden TX 5/11/03 - Sharon Gillespie pulls over a car. Alton McWaters says she’s smart. The large male driver walks away and she calls him back and asks for ID. He says he doesn’t have any, he’s Grey. They are looking for an Andrew Lee Grey for assault. She goes to cuff him and he pulls her off and goes for her gun. They fight for it and he goes for the safety. She has a vest so he tries to aim in her face and pushed it back which locked it. Patrick Dennis Coughlan pulled it and saw him hit her so he ran over and grabbed for the gun. He pulled the trigger twice on her. He got it loose and told him to get down. Licia Rector was mad at her husband and was with her 4 kids getting groceries. She waddled over and sat on Andrew until she could cuff him. Grey got 2 life sentences. Sharon is doing better, but won’t talk about it. #202. 1/10/09
Thieves and Thugs  Kent, WA - Days Inn Hotel - Tammarie Jones is the night clerk on the phone about a purse that was lost. A black man with a mask and knife said he wanted it, she backed off and he hopped the counter and came after her. She fought back, tried to call 911 and got his mask off so he would be on camera. She scratched his face to try to get DNA. He stabbed her in the leg, then punched her in the back. She lost her breath, but told him there is no key for the register. He puts his mask back on and leaves. She was stabbed in the back and face. She calls 911 and police and paramedics arrive. She was sorry. Det Bob Scholl has been there 18 years, thought way to go, was glad she’s not dead. They weren’t able to get an arrest, so she had to go back to work scared. A call came from jail that they knew who he is. Shannon Hill did 16 years in prison and was only out a few weeks. He’s going back to 10 years. Manchester, NH - Citizens Bank on Elm St. is robbed by a man dressed as a tree. Sgt. Ernie Goodno couldn’t believe it, thought it was a foam suit. But he just took branches and duct taped them to his body. The leaves distracted people and they didn’t notice his face. Terry Ollila says he stood on line for 5 minutes and no one paid any attention to them. They gave him a dye pack. 11 hours later they got a tip that it was James Coldwell and they went to his house and got him. He said he was expecting him. He was very down and hoped this would bring him up, but he was ashamed. He was in special forces in the army and used his training. He got 28 months. Boise, ID - Computer Center is robbed by Allen Darnell. Kelly Johnson says they specialize in surveillance cameras. Sgt. Dennis Tolan says most of the times the alarm will scare them off. He went in the back for PCs, but were too heavy. He got $250 in cash and only covered his head, not his face. ADL called and an employee was next door at the pool hall, went over and Allen was standing there saying to go in. He asked for his ID and gave it to him, then ran. Cops arrived and saw him down the road. They raced down and caught him. He got 5 years probation. #203. 1/17/09
Workplace Gone Wild USS Roosevelt 3/20/91 - a trainee works on a plane, JD Bridges checks the work and gets sucked into the intake. Mike McDonald was watching the screen and ran over. His helmet came off and stopped the engine. He broke his collarbone and was stuck. He did his 3 years of duty and retired. Stubbenville, OH - Antonio Clifford is in court for murder and the victims speak to him. Jane Hanlin was there when the father went at him yelling for his son Josh. Peter Olivio the lawyer walked away thinking he’d get a gun. A fat black family member antagonizes him and they clear the court. He wasn’t charged. Ant got 33 years. Zenia, OH - at a Burger King Timothy Tackett (25) takes a bath in the sink for his birthday. His girlfriend Macy filmed it for his myspace page Mr. Insoluable where he raps. The manager Karen Craig said it wasn’t good. When it got out, everyone was fired. Dayton, OH 6/26/08 - Keyshon Wilkins defends himself at his trial and has no idea what he’s doing. The judge has had it with him. Ofc Humphrey is the last witness when Wilkins fakes a heart attack. EMS said they knew he was faking, he was peeking at them, his vitals were fine. He won’t say anything in court after. He got 42 years. ATA Airlines - Kurt Stecker is a flight attendant who says people are so boring so he has fun with it. He gives silly announcements and puts them on myspace. The airline went under though. Blue Grass Airport, Lexington TN 3/5/07 - Delta Flight attendant Sarah Mills gets so drunk she has to be carried off. Derek Gordon says she threatened the pilot and was charged. She was under the limit, but illegal for flying. Mark Kennedy reported it. At jail she yells at cops, wants to go home, says they forced her to lose her job. She needs medical attention so she can punch people. They remove her ID and she fights them. She curses them, makes faces, crawls on the ground. The next day she says she is from MO and wants leniency. She gets out the next day. Her lawyer said it wasn’t good. They find she had been arrested before as a nurse and was put in a restraint chair. She is ordered to rehab, fined and fired. 8/3/06 - lawyer Joe Karamagno shows up drunk to court 90 minutes late. He says he was in an accident going east, then west from behind. He doesn't like calling 911. Cops say his car is fine. His client was facing life and was worried. Joe says he’s had many concussions and knows what it’s like. He says he was with his girlfriend and the girl there doesn’t know him. Judge Levitt asked about drinking. He did 3 shots of tequila at 3am. He refuses a BAC test, but they force him. He blows a .007 then says he drank beer at lunch for court. It was declared a mistrial. Later he says he didn’t have enough sleep. His client got a plea deal. Joe was disbarred. #204. 1/24/09
Close Encounters with Death Brisbaine, Australia - Damien Leshke goes to a construction zone that is flooded. David Winter goes into the water to pull sandbags blocking a drain. He unclogs the drain and gets sucked under. Men pull him out, but he goes back down a minute. He’s pulled back for air. Steve Waterworth held him up and pulled his legs out of the hole. Mulvane, KS - baby Jesse Krauss falls 16 feet down a backyard well. 50 firemen and rescue arrive. They have to dig down around and under to get to him. Tim Denine cut over and got him after 5 hours. Jerry & Karen Kruass thank them after. Queens, NY - Officer Betty Hayes saw 5 kids fall into a frozen pond. Officer Michael Lamanche, Bill Fisher & Mike McNamara go over with a raft. They are yelling and can’t hold on. They pull the police down into the ice and it breaks. They get 3 of them. Lt. Greg Picone comes over and 6 FD, 2 cops and the kids all sink. Dr. Elliot says they were all close to death. The girl went in because of her bookbag. South Africa 4/8/91 - the Oceanos ship sinks and the captain and crew abandon ship. Moss Hills & Julian Butler the ship's entertainers are forced to lead the rescue after a crash that took in water. They ran out of lifeboats with 226 left on board. Choppers arrive after 10 hours and the captain wanted nothing to do with it and just harnessed himself off. Zodiac boats are able to pull people who jumped. Moss was the last one off. All 571 lived. Kona, HI - Lisa Costello decides to dive with pilot whales that show up. Prof Lee Teplett films as a whale goes for her, grabs her ankle and takes her down where she couldn’t get up. Then it suddenly shot her to the surface. Cobb Co. GA - Brian Hooker (31) becomes a pilot and flies 600 miles from GA. On the way home he takes Darryl Robertson with him. He thought he had extra fuel and avoided a fillup. One tank went empty so he went to land, then the other tank just died. They went into land at night and got caught 80 feet up on powerlines upside down. They called from up there. It is cold and takes 2 hours to get the power off. It took another 3 hours to get them out. #205. 1/31/09

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