Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

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This hour show show aired on VH1 and unlike most of their shows, it's not a stupid competition, it's a real look on getting sober.

Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 Intake 1/10/08
102 Detox 1/17/08
103 New Arrival 1/24/08
104 Sex and Trauma 1/31/08
105 Bye Bye Baldwin 2/7/08
106 Friends and Family 2/14/08
107 Retreat 2/21/08
108 Graduation 2/28/08
109 Boot Camp - The season ends with the celebs participating in an Outward Bound program, in which they look to test their newfound ability to deal with personal challenges in a healthy manner. In the end, they return to their homes and families. After the celebs participate in an Outward Bound program, they return to their homes and families in the season finale. 3/6/08
110 Reunion - Cast members return to discuss their experiences in treatment. 90 mins 3/13/08
  The Tyra Banks Show - Celebrity Rehab Cast w/Brigitte Nielsen, Jessica Sierra, Seth Binzer 1/9/08
  Celebrity Addiction Special with Dr. Drew 7/08

Season 2 (2008)

# Description
201 Intake - Dr. Drew meets one-on-one with celebrities about their addictions; patients include Gary Busey, Amber Smith, Rodney King, Tawny Kitaen, Steven Adler, Sean Stewart, Nikki McKibbin and Jeff Conaway. 10/23/08
201.1  Gary Busey intake
201.2 Dr. Drew on each cast members intake
202 Gary Busey is insecure about his place amongst the patients; friends and family are allowed to visit for the first time.10/30/08
202.1  The woman talk about Gary
202.2 Day 2 of withdrawal
203 The patients begin to come back from withdrawal; Dr. Drew investigates the type of community the group is forming. 11/6/08
203.1  Amber can't express emotions
203.2 Jeff & Steven's suicide attempts
204 Cranky Jeff and Bad Mothers #204. 11/13/08
204.1  Jeff talks about suicide
204.2 Jeff wants Vickie to apologize for kicking him
205 Jeff Breaks Down - Conaway calls 911 to report he is being held against his will; the group is sent to art therapy. 11/20/08
205.1  Jeff talks about suicide
205.2 Jeff wants Vickie to apologize for kicking him
206 The patients participate in Family Weekend, then begin to move into the next stage of treatment. 11/27/08
206.1  Jeff won't stay on the beach
206.2 Drew's commentary on Friends & Family day
207 The Mission - patients begin to feel better; Dr. Drew volunteers Sean, Tawny, Amber and Steven at Midnight Mission, serving food to the homeless. 12/4/08
208 Tonight Shifty Returns - The group seems unsure about continuing treatment so Dr. Drew takes them to a surprise location. 12/11/08
208.1  Seth talks to Shelly from the roof
208.2  Amber & Tawny's stand up routine
209 Graduation - Jeff is dismissed from the program after assaulting Vicki; the patients graduate and prepare for sober living. 12/18/08
209.1 What will Steven do after rehab?
209.2 Shelly vs. Sean Stewart
  Partnership for a Drug Free America Ad with Dr. Drew 11/08

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