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Season 1 (2008)

# Description
ST Super Trailer 5 minutes
PSA1 Heather on not dressing like a street girl
PSA2 Jessica on remembering to keep your legs crossed
PSA3 Kristy Joe on how a lady avoids smelling like garbage
PSA4 Lacey on the art of war
PSA5 Destiney on the dangers of minimal fashion
PSA6 Brandi M on an end to all douchebaggery
101 One Bad Apple - 14 of Bret Michael's send-offs attend Charm School with head mistress Sharon Osbourne. 10/12/08
A1 Aftershow #1
X1.1 Time in the yard
X1.2 Megan wants to be a trophy wife
X1.3 Girls gone wild ultimate moments
X1.4 Words of wisdom
102 Quit Yer Beaching - A guest from the first Charm School surprises the women with a drill about teamwork. 10/19/08
A2 Aftershow #2
X2.1 Time in the yard
X2.2 Giving up at the beach
X2.3 Crabs
X2.4 Girls gone wild ultimate moments
103 The Trashion Show - The ladies try to give three of their classmates makeovers. 10/26/08
A3 Aftershow #3
X3.1 Megan never showers
X3.2 Sharon gets pissed at Meg
X3.3 Time in the yard
X3.4 Words of wisdom
104 Every Little Thing She Does is Tragic - The ladies must style and showcase a band for Miles Copeland; Sharon makes a shocking revelation. 11/2/08
A4 Aftershow #4
X4.1 Bands audition
X4.2 Brandi interrupts the band
X4.3 Rodeo's empire
105 Royally Screwed - The ladies test their etiquette while entertaining a Duchess; Sharon reveals a shocking twist. 11/9/08
A5 Aftershow #5
X5.1 The entertainer pregnancy call
X5.2 Trying to get changed off camera
X5.3 Instructions on meeting the duchess
106 T and A PSA - Sharon treats the ladies to wine, cigar and liquor-tasting followed by breathalyzer tests. 11/16/08
A6 Aftershow #6
X6.1 Phone call to Megan
X6.2 Taking out the trash
X6.3 Girls gone wild ultimate moments
107 Fugly Dating - Sharon teaches the ladies the right way to find love; a night of fun turns ugly. #107. 11/23/08
A7 Aftershow #7
X7.1 Time in the yard
X7.2 Help off the bus
X7.3 Phone calls
108 Poetic Justice - The ladies need a lesson in anger management, the final six must take their negative emotions to the stage. 11/30/08
A8 Aftershow #8
109 Battle of the Brands - The final four ladies create original t-shirts for designer Christian Audigier; long-kept secrets are exposed to Sharon. 12/7/08
A9 Aftershow #9
X9.1 Heather is sober and confused
X9.2 Girls gone wild ultimate moments
X9.3 Girls talk about Heather
110 Clip Show 12/14/08
111 Finale - The final three compete for charity on the streets of Hollywood paired with past enemies. 12/21/08
A11 Aftershow #11
X11.1 Megan collects pens
X11.2 Taking out the trash
X11.3 Words of wisdom
112 Reunion 1/4/09
  Inside Edition on the fight between Sharon Osbourne and Megan 1/5/09

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