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This half hour long show is like In Living Color which DAG also starred on meets The Colbert Report which is also on Comedy Central. Also with Chris Tallman, Tangie Ambrose & Alica Saunders. After 10 episodes the show was cancelled so DAG did Black to the Futire and Dancing with the Stars.

Ep# Description
101 Hip Hop is Dead/Maya Angelou shares her Inaugural poetry for Barack Obama and John McCain/Roger Dunn remembered/ Rapper Phat Man - No Child Left Behind PSA/N-word peace treaty/Lucius Johnson 1st black presidential campaign of 1932. 10/16/08
102 A message to white America about electing a black president - Obama is half white, vote for that part/Thugs in the hood deal with the national gas shortage/Roids boosting black participation in professional baseball/Candelabra the transgender/Racist voting machine. 10/23/08
103 Black people need to tone it down/The De-negrofication Institute for wiggers/Licorice Stick breaks the black porno barrier/ McCain's laundry man/Fat Black Momma Syndrome/Say Word - McCain's prison time does not qualify him for the presidency or Obama's lack of prison. 10/30/08
104 Election Special - Shock over the election of Obama/A message to white America about electing a black president/Suggestions for Obama/Peanut Wiggins the polling place worker/KKK - Yes We Klan for Obama/Poots Walker/The new most oppressed minority/Say Word - is it the end of racism? 11/5/08
105 Barack you can't relax/Vivien Thomas Empowerment Clinic/Where the babies at? Foundation for adopting African babies/Death row inmate Harland Mathers eats an all you can eat buffet as a last meal to avoid execution/NHL rookie hockey goalie Black Ice/Say Word - what will Obama do with Oprah? 11/12/08
106 Dog the Bounty Hunter is back on the air/Johnny Tapp Just Say Yes to Sex Program/DAG's family tree/Nat Turner Rebellion re-enactment/Black & white conjoined twins/Say Word - Darius Rucker goes country. 11/19/08
107 L'Oreal makes Beyonce white/Phat Man's Nickelodeon show/Thanksgiving video kiosks/Ghetto Beatdown DVDs - real vs. fake/Thelonius Brown's African spring water/Say Word - where are all the black retard roles? 11/26/08
108 Obama quit while you are ahead/Black Daddy the R&B singer/US Army urban campaign/NFL Veteran head trauma summit/First black executed in a white man's electric chair/Mixing it up? Getting interracial/Say Word - Who do black celebrities carry guns?  12/3/08
109 Death is a racist/Blomicon 08 Comic Convention/America's Next Top Black Preacher/The band Kiss was originally black/ Obama inauguration party planner/Say Word - what is next for Condoleezza Rice? 12/10/08
110 Other things white people can give up/Jet Magazine downsizes/What is Kwanzaa?/Requirements for an Obama administration job/Man of the Year - Licorice Stick/Thank You list/Kwanzaa Carols/Say Word - what story most affected black people?  12/17/08

2008-09 Thrawn for Thrawn's Realm