City Cops (2002-04)

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This TLC show only goes to big cities and then does shows based on each of the main crime districts. Episodes are one hour and features a narrator. It is very similar to Cops starting out with the exact same warning then having cameras following cops on their rounds day and night, the major difference being the narrator. In the San Francisco episodes there is all together way too much narrating and very little comments from the cops. When there is they interview them in the station with little commentary on the spot as the action happens. For Las Vegas the narration was scaled back drastically which made for a better show in other words, much more similar to Cops. Another big difference in this show is they tell you want each person is charged with or if they are let go which is cool. Sometimes it is extremely frustrating when case after case is dismissed. Of course Cops is a far better show, but this is good to watch when Cops is in reruns. I contacted the channel in 2004 and they said they show was finished. 

Episode Description
San Francisco Blue - The Mission District  With a dynamic mix of urban cultures, San Francisco's Mission District is also home to prostitution, drugs and gangs. Teams of highly-trained officers patrol the streets, keeping their skills sharply honed for the surprises thrown at them each day. 10/18/02
San Francisco Blue - The Southern District With commerce generated from the San Francisco Giants new ball park in the city's Southern District comes a ten-fold leap in police work. The area includes the untamed Sixth Street Corridor, known for the highest concentration of parolees in the state. 1/3/03
San Francisco Blue - The Tenderloin District An influx of immigrants, and the opening of theaters, restaurants and music venues, transforms the district, historically crowded with drug dealers, addicts, prostitutes and the mentally unstable. 1/10/03
San Francisco Blue - The Central District Police defend their city from party-atmosphere misdemeanors and deadly felonies. Kevin Richards, Mary Godfrey, Brian Oliver, Catherine Daily, Neil Swenson, Ed Browne, Phil Welsh, Vince Neeson, Mark Alvarez, John Torise, Kim Lotzoff. 7/31/03
Off the Vegas Strip Officer Shane Gifford has been on the force for more than five years and works in one of the city's oldest and most dangerous areas west of the Strip. When the sun goes down, Officer Gifford's shift heats up. For Vegas police, it's a high stakes job. The show centers on the run down area outside of the main tourist casino strip. #301. 2/12/04
Vegas Law and Order Follow the police officers who patrol downtown Las Vegas. These officers are must keep cool when faced with the toughest situations on the streets, from drug sales and robberies to brawls and domestic violence. 5/13/04
Back Streets of Vegas Officers Doug Pearson and Andrew McDermott patrol the streets just southeast of the Strip. Their shift begins with a vehicle stop that results in a drug arrest, and then they head out for an unusual domestic violence call. 5/27/04

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