Vintage Commercials on DVD Database

If you are looking for any ads on VHS or R0 DVD or to trade just email me.
I have been taping commercials for over 25 years and while annoying when they are rammed down our throats when they are new, they are fun to look back on years later. I'm not making a list of everything ever made, just what I have. 1614 listed. Thrawn's Realm

$100 Challenge (9/90)
$100 Credit Card Challenge (11/90)
:08 Min. Abs VHS plus Buns & $5 off w/Vito Porpora (1995)
100% Pure Florida Orange Juice - are you drinking enough? (1996)
101 Number One Hits 4LP (7/90)
103.7FM The Mountain - quality rock, true variety (2/93)
15th Annual Northeast Truck Show NY (9/90)
1-800 Children - Stop Child Abuse (1995)
1-800 OK Cable (7/90)
1-800 Straight for an Orthodontist near you (1995)
1-800-TRY-A-Bed 2 hour express delivery (4/98)
1933 Double Eagle Coin - w/WTC (2002)
2 Fast 2 Furious TV Spot - has a line about keeping your 'Eyes Wide Shut.'
21 Jumpstreet Flashback episode (2/89)
24 - Stephen King Quotes (1/07)
2nd Annual Miss Teen USA (1984)
3 Musketeers - Bigger on Chocolate
7000 Party Line (9/90)
7-11 - Hop Thru Mart Keeps You Rewired (7/85)
7up - the 3 most popular soft drinks, make it the uncola (1970s)
900 Singles Club (8/90)
900# Choose Me Line (9/90)
900# Girl Talk (1/91)
900# Models Secret Lives (11/90)
900# Real Confessions (11/90)
900# The New 1-On-1 (11/90)
900-230 LIVE (1/91)
900-230-1313 Secrets Line (8/90)
900-230-1700 - Girl's Talk (9/90)
900-288-8888 Talk to Me (12/90)
900-370-1221 One on One (8/90)
900-370-1221 talk it out (10/90)
900-386-6900 Ladies Only Line (1991)
900-446-2002 Tele Friend (9/90)
900-468-0200 Fantasies (12/90)
900-468-FOXX - love to play (12/90)
900-500-5900 Get the Number (1991)
900-505-7666 Party Line - Getting Married (8/90)
900-535-0600 Ultimate Romance (10/90)
900-535-0600 Women for You (12/90)
900-535-1ON1 - I Call all the time (10/90)
900-535-1ON1 - Michael & Laurie are (8/90)
900-535-4800 Love Line (1/91)
900-640-8555 Live Line (1991)
900-646-7900 Love Line (8/90)
900-660-6666 What Turns Women on? (12/90)
900-660-8000 Fantasy Phone (8/90)
900-736-2929 Dream Girl Line (9/90)
900-737-LIVE Perfect Girls (12/90)
900-740-4744 Make a Friend (8/90)
900-740-8855 Live Line (10/90)
900-786-9025 Beautiful Women Line (9/90)
900-820-2828 - What women want (10/90)
900-820-2828 Women's secret line (8/90)
900-820-3111 National Singles Club Line (9/90)
900-847-2100 Call Me (8/90)
900-860-3214 Confidentially Yours (5/91)
900-884-4444 Psychic Advisors (12/90)
900-896-0600 Confessions Line (8/90)
900-896-0600 New Confessions (10/90)
900-933-2266 Personal Astrologer (9/90)
900-976-6000 One on One (5/91)
900-999-5372 Line (8/90)
900-999-7979 Party Line (8/90)
900-999-DUCK Party line (10/90)
900-999-WILD party line (1991)
900-Choose-Me (12/90)
900-HOT 1ON1 - select the girl (10/90)
900-USA-GIRL (8/90)
976-7666 Line (8/90)
A1 Sauce - Frankenstein's lab, experiment with it (1970s)
AARP - Jim Jordan (Fibber McGee) - your retirement consumer guide book (1970s)
Absolut Vodka - Citywide pillow fight
Academy of Art College - look at out problems (12/93)
Academy of Art College - Tetris (12/93)
Action Baseball Game with Roger Maris (1962)
Acutrim - Women in mall, helps you beat the cheating hours (12/88)
Acutrim II: Late Day/Night - one is right for you (10/90)
ADDIDAS Pong (1/07)
Adult Literary Program (8/90)
Advantage Dodge Spirit (7/90)
Advil - do what you love to do (4/98)
Air America on VHS Feb 21 (1/91)
Air America Trailer (7/90)
Air Explosion - farting squirrel
Airplane the Movie (8/90)
Ajax - Cleaning elves in tub animated (Color) 1960s
Ajax - Oiltown (1950s)
Ajax Foaming Cleanser - animated elves (1950s)
Al & Bobby Unser for Better Hearing Institute (9/90)
Al D'Amato care about education (4/98)
Alberto Hair Sculpture (3/86)
Alive TV spot - now playing (2/93)
Alka Seltzer - feel better fast in the office (12/92)
Alka Seltzer - Mounty hunting a fugitive (1950s)
Alka Seltzer - Speedy goes to Washington DC & Mardi Gras (B/W) 1950s
Alka Seltzer - Swedish women go to work and their husbands stays home (1970s)
Alka Seltzer - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - get rid of the uglies (1970s)
Alka-Seltzer - Mama Mia that’s a Spicy Meatball Bloopers (1971)
All About the Opposite Sex Show (7/90)
Alpha Bits - it's so good eating w/Frankenstein (1970s)
Always Ultra - new quick wraps (12/93)
Alyssa Milano Teen Steam Video
AMC Host talks about the preview (10/86)
Amedola’s Fence Centers (1991)
American Airlines - Ultimate Super Savers (7/85)
American Cancer Society - don't live dangerously (Color) 1960s
American Cancer Society - John Wayne - they may find a cure even without your hope (1970s)
American Cancer Society - John Wayne - want to invest in your families future, invest in ACS (1970s)
American Cancer Society - John Wayne - we're asking you for help this year, could be the other way around (1970s)
American Dad! Indiana Jones Parody Ad 5/08
American Express Card - Jerry Seinfeld at a gas station (1996)
American Express Card - Mel Blanc (1970s)
American Express Card - Roddick vs. Pong (9/4/06)
American Idol video game (1/07)
American Motors - biggest cars from Detroit (1970s)
American Tourister Luggage - in the ape cage (1971)
Ameriprise Financial - Dennis Hopper in the desert (1/07)
Ameriprise Financial - Dennis Hopper on the beach (1/07)
Amistad TV Spot - reviews (4/98)
AMW promo (12/92)
Andersen Split Pea Soup - animated man (B/W) 1950s
Andrew Dice Clay No Apologies Pay Per View w/Dice Boxing (1993)
Andy Griffith Show brought to you Post (1970s)
Angel Soft - Baby Angels, Happy Holidays (12/88)
Animal House Ad (1/91)
Anne Murray’s Winter Carnival (1984)
Annie Sez - not just a store (1991)
Apple Jacks w/Star Wars Offer (9/95)
Apprentice - Donald Trump Fires Chewbacca (10/31/05)
Aqueduct Race Track (1/91)
Aqueduct Run for the Sun Vacation Vouchers (1991)
Armour Hot Dog - pirate party offer (1950s)
Army - Get an edge on life (2/89)
Arsenio - Bo Jackson, Julio Iglesias & Steven Bauer (1/91)
Arsenio Weekend - Christopher Reeve/Tommy Chong & MC Hammer (7/90)
Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC) Ad - I Sort Glass (1991)
Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC) Ad - Lily Wants to Learn (1990)
AT&T - Reach Out and Touch Someone w/USA for Africa (7/85)
AT&T 00 Info (Pilot - Magic) (4/98)
AT&T True Rate Savings - better than MCI (1992)
AT&T True USA savings & reward - animated (1994)
Australia 1-800 Down Under (5/96)
Avis - I Hate to Wait/Wizard Number (7/85)
Avon Lipstick - colors in a rainbow (1960s)
Award Winning Ads (1994)
Axe Boost Shower Gel - ice cream man rub down
Bad Girls new season (1/07)
Ballantine Beer - at the baseball game (1950s)
Ballantine Beer - stop motion at a western tavern (B/W) 1950s
Ban Roll on - kiss me quick! (B/W) 1950s
Band-aid - in colors for kids (B/W) 1950s
Band-aid - super stick can pick up an egg (B/W) 1950s
Bank of America - ATM machines are all around like monoliths w/Thus Spake playing (2001)
Bank of America - instant money (B/W) 1950s
Banned in America - World’s Sexiest Commercials 2 Hosted by Carmen Electra (1999)
Barbara Bush Child Abuse Help (8/90)
Barbie Doll Color N' Curl - color changing wig (B/W) 1950s
Bardahl Oil - animated agents fills a car with it (B/W) 1950s
Bausch & Lomb - ReNu MultiPlus (12/97)
BBC America - Benny Hill B-Day Marathon (1/07)
BC Season Tickets - watch & Learn on the plane
Be Happy call 976-0690 (9/90)
Beaver Dam Hardware NJ (5/96)
Beetlejuice Lost Episodes (1992)
Behind Closed Doors 900 # (8/90)
Benson & Hedges filter tip 100's - the number of puffs you get depends on how you puff (1970s)
Best Catches/38th Annual Miss USA
Best of the West Week w/The Wild Bunch, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Desperado, Shane & Silverado all uncut (8/90)
Best Week Ever - Star Wars Parody May the Pop Culture be with You (1/5/06)
BET 19 Hour In Living Color Marathon (1/06)
Betrayed on VHS (2/89)
Betsy Palmer for Visiting Nurse Foundation of LA (10/90)
Better off Dead (9/90)
Beverly Hills Cop III TV spot (1994)
Bewitched brought to you by Clairol - exciting natural look (1970s)
Bic Pen - Frankenstein monster breaks out of ice (1970s)
Big Red - long lasting fresh breath
Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure
Biz - with bio-clean beyond the shadow of a stain - golfer's shirt (1970s)
Black Angus - Lobster Ranchers moved in (12/92)
Blockbuster - Star Wars (2/97)
Blockbuster with Richard Lewis - Animals Attack (12/97)
Blockbuster with Richard Lewis - Frosty & Silent Sparrow (12/97)
Bodyssage - Full Body Massager (1992)
Bold Hold (2/89)
Bon Jovi New Jersey Tour (12/88)
Bonanza Lost Episodes Marathon (1992)
Bonfire of the Vanities on VHS (1991)
Bongo Jeans - country girl in the heat (12/93)
Boomerang - Roadrunner Weekend Marathon (9/05)
Borders - Disney Classic Collection Box Set w/Song of the South (12/97)
Borrowers on VHS (4/98)
Bosco Syrup - extra magic (1950s)
Bounty - The Quick Picker Upper w/Rosie (1971)
Bounty Towels - Harry spills coffee every time he takes Ellen out w/Rosie (1970s)
Bounty Towels - what do you do for exercise Rosie? w/Liz Sheridan (1970s)
Bowflex Power Pro VHS Offer (1995)
Breakstone Yogurt with Rocky Graziano (1950s)
Breyers Ice Cream - Nothing gets in the way of Real Chocolate (1995)
British Airways 2001: a space odyssey Concorde (2001)
Brother is Word Processing (7/90)
Brother P-Touch at the psychiatrist (1/91)
Bruce Hornsby & the Range - The Way it is LP (10/86)
Bruce Lee in The Kato Show (1968)
Brylcreem - circus (1950s)
Brylcreem - effortless
Bud Bowl I (12/88)
Bud Light - apes at the zoo
Bud Light - fist pump out, slap is in
Bud Light - hitchhiker with an axe
Bud Light - opera singer breaks bottles
Bud Light - Shattered Pupils backstage (1/07)
Budweiser - football referee tunes out coach
Budweiser - For the Hustle (12/88)
Budweiser - let it roll w/3 girls
Budweiser Beer - where there's life there's bud at the beach (B/W) 1950s
Budweiser Frogs - Bud Frog finds female Wise Frog (10/95)
Budweiser Jazz band (10/86)
Budweiser Radar Love - Men's room man on sign tries to get to female (10/95)
Budweiser the King of Beers - Ed McMahon goes bowling (1970s)
Bufferin - into the blood stream twice as fast w/diagram (B/W) 1950s
Bugs Bunny on The Constitution (1990)
Buhler Acceptance Corporation - get the right car (12/93)
Buick - 1995 Riviera (1995)
Buick LeSabre - Stand By Me (1996)
Buitoni's Macaroni Dinner with Joe Dimaggio (1950s)
Bu-Puf Daily Cleanser (2/89)
Burger King - Big Mac the truck driver double supreme burger (2/93)
Burger King - Chewbacca gets a Job (5/05)
Burger King - Coach Bowden of Florida State (1996)
Burger King - King Ralph's Royal Deal (1991)
Burger King - martial arts chicken kick
Burger King - May the Fries Be with You/Toys (5/05)
Burger King Ad - Spongebob Squarepants I Like Square Butts 4/09
Burger King Star Wars Watches - Darth Vader Watch Rises (11/05)
Burger King Star Wars Watches - Stormtrooper Lights the Grill (11/05)
Burger King USA Motorsports Spectacular at the Tacoma Dome (12/92)
Butter-Nut Roast & Blend Coffee - made upside down (1970)
CA Uninspected Fruit Warning (8/90)
Cablevision name the stars contest (10/86)
Cablevision TV survey (10/86)
California Raisins with Michael Jackson raisin (1986)
Call Corey Haim 900 #
Call the Love Line (9/90)
Camay - Eddie the trucker at Rosie's truck stop - I feel it (1970s)
Camay - new creamier - helps get the soft sex softer (1970s)
Camay - new super lathering more creamier lather, the young girls ask me what I use (1970s)
Camay Clean & Creamy - She like to feel more than clean and lingers in the tub (1970s)
Camay Clean & Creamy - that's why I bathe with w/Jaclyn Smith (1970s)
Camay Oily Skin Formula (7/85)
Camel Cigarettes with Bob Lemon, Mike Garcia & Early Wynn (1950s)
Campbell's Home Cookin' Soup - Old Men with Jimmy Stewart impersonator (1990) - I work with a bunch of monkeys
Care-Free Bubblegum - Don’t Throw It (7/85)
Carefree Sugarless Bubblegum (7/85)
Carling Black Label Beer - animated man comes home from work to relax & wife does chores (B/W) 1950s
Carl's Jr. - Pattymelt flat buns rap video
Carpenters Behind the Music ad (12/97)
Cartoon Network - The Shining (2000)
Castrol GTX Motor Oil (9/90)
Cathedral - New CD (1993)
Cathy Lee Crosby Beauty Infomercial (5/96)
CBS2 WTC Special (8/7/06)
Center for the Media Arts (9/90)
Center for the Media Arts NYC (1/91)
Certs - woman comes through computer to a nerd (10/86)
CH9 News Gulf Peace (9/90)
Channel 4 for New York (1993)
Channel 7 - Roz Abrams Sonny & Cher movie tryouts (4/98)
Channel 7 Eyewitness News at Noon (4/98)
Charmin - Duffy the watchman doesn't do his job (1970s)
Charmin - Mr. Whipples' please don't squeeze the Charmin sign blows a fuse (B/W) (1960s)
Charmin - Olga the opera star helps Mr. Whipple (1970s)
Charmin - the sexy movie star squeezes the Charmin (B/W) (1960s)
Charmin Ultra - stopping women on the street (12/93)
Chase Bank - the right relationship is everything (1996)
Cheer - it's a white of another color (1970s)
Cheer - out of the future comes all temperature Cheer - I'll be watching (1970s)
Cheer All temperature - father & son two dirty boys building dog house (1970s)
Chef Boyardee - Granny Go for it! (12/88)
Chef Boyardee 99% fat free (12/97)
Chef Boyardee 99% fat free but inside is the classic taste (4/98)
Chemstrand Corp Stocking - not dressed until your legs are (B/W) 1950s
Cherry Poppin Daddies CD w/Zoot Suit Riot (4/98)
Chesterfield Kings Cigarettes - cattle ranchers (B/W) 1950s
Chevrolet - 59 Chevy preview w/Pat Boone & Dinah Shore (B/W) 1950s
Chevrolet - 59 Station Wagon (B/W) 1950s
Chevrolet - Cavalier (7/85)
Chevrolet - Corvette (7/85)
Chevrolet - New Cameros (7/85)
Chevrolet - the new 57 Chevy out now (B/W) 1950s
Chevrolet - Today’s Chevy Live it! (7/85)
Chevrolet - watch the Bob Hope & Dinah Shore shows (B/W) 1950s
Chevrolet Camero IROC-Z28 (7/85)
Chevrolet Impala - dad let's his son take it to the prom (B/W) 1950s
Chevrolet Salutes America (7/85)
Chevrolet Task Force '57 - champs of the Alcan Run (B/W) 1950s
Chevron Supreme Gas & Calso Stations - animated (B/W) 1950s
Chevy - MAL (7/85)
Chevy Blazer - only one with driver control system (1996)
Chevy S Series - Like a Rock, not like a pickup (1994)
Chevy S10 - coolest thing since Nutty Buddy (1996)
Chevy Vortek engines - Like a Rock (1996)
Chips Ahoy Softbaked Chunky - Monolith/Thus Spake 2001 Parody (9/05)
Christy - Your letters brought the TV series back (1992)
Chrysler Labaron 1991 (10/90)
Chuck Schummer for Senate 98 (4/98)
Chuck Schummer on guns in school for Senate 98 (4/98)
Chunky - animated open wide for new pecan (1950s)
Chunky’s Back (7/85)
Cimemax Kubrick Tribute - movie clips (1999)
Cingular Ad - Star Wars Ringtones with Chewbacca (5/05)
Cingular Go Phone - The Shining Twins (5/06)
Cinnaburst - The Record Store Howell - Whoot there it is (12/93)
Citroen C1 Car - Rubik's Cube
City of LA Pet Adoption (8/90)
Clackers Graham Cereal w/Alan Arbus (1970s)
Clanky Chocolate Syrup - animated kids pouring it (1963)
Clapper - Give it a big hand (1984)
Class of '96 series premiere tonight (2/93)
Clear Body Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard (9/90)
Clearasil - causes confidence, imagine me naked
Clive Barker Everville Book (10/94)
Clive Barker Great & Secret Show Novel (1990)
Clorox Lemon Fresh Bleach (1990)
Clorox Liquid Bleach - The Better Bleach (7/85)
Club Mtv - Camille speaks
Club Mtv - Karen & Eric (12/88)
Clue movie on TV (10/90)
Co Advil - New Advanced Formula (1990)
Coca Coca Classic - Surprise Party (12/88)
Coca Cola - Come on in song/it's the real thing (1970s)
Coca Cola - Earth Wind & Fire (12/88)
Coca Cola - party of 14 with Sandra Dee (1956)
Coca Cola Classic - Automatic Sensation (12/88)
Coke - it's the Real Thing song (1970s)
Cold MD - in the elevator (1/07)
Colgate - the tooth toughener w/MFP - Arthur Godfrey (1970s)
College Hill Medical Center - stop wasting time on drugs (12/88)
Collingwood Auction NJ Re-opening 12/3 (12/93)
Colonial Penn Insurance w/Ed McMahon (1995)
Colonial Williamsburg Vacation - Thomas Jefferson (5/96)
Colt 45 Malt Liquor - man at the beach/stand out above the dull (1970s)
Columbo Mystery Movie (1992)
Comet - Josephine knows cleansers (1970s)
Comet - new super formula in sink w/Josephine (1970s)
Comet - new super stain-remover w/Josephine (1970s)
Comet - what 3 cleaners would you keep, women are sold on Comet w/Sandy Becker (1970s)
Comet - with Josephine, it's best, no foolin' (1970s)
Comet Cleanser - Josephine says don't use comet sandwich board - use super comet w/Robby Benson (1970s)
Commercial - Ozzy - Don't Blame Me VHS/No More Tears CD
Conductor Batteries - School's Out (12/88)
Conductor Battery - Taxicab (12/88)
Connecticut School of Broadcasting (1/91)
Conservision by VA Power w/12 year old filmmaker (1994)
Contac - 3 men complete in a hayfever marathon - 12 hour hayfever reliever (1970s)
Contour Lounge Chair - same as the astronauts use (1984)
Control Freak - with HAL Computer (2004)
Converse Sneakers (4/94)
Cookie Crisp (9/95)
Cool Whip - have a little pie with yours (Color) 1960s
Cool Whip - if it works for him, it'll work for you w/Johnny Brown 'Bookman' (1970s)
Coors - where the legend began (9/90)
Coors Light - ice bowling/tap the Rockies (1996)
Coors Light - I'm an American Original
Coors Light - rock bands' tour bus breaks down in the country
Coors Light - Silver Bullet - bar & Laundromat
Coors Light Full Metal Jacket (2000)
Coors Light Super Score Challenge (1/91)
Coors Super Bowl Contest (1/91)
Coppertone QT Double tan - dancing teens (1960s)
Cops Court TV - 1812 Overture (8/05)
Cops Court TV - Blue Danube (8/05)
Cops Court TV - The Beat Goes On (8/05)
Cops FX - Frisky Thursday Cops & That 70’s Show All Night (11/05)
Cops FX - Labor Day Marathon (9/05)
Cops FX - New Year’s Day Cop Til You Drop Marathon (12/05)
Cops FX - Wild Wednesday Marathon (3/06)
Corn Pops w/Star Wars Offer (11/95)
Cosby Show (9/90)
Cosby Show Cooking Episode (7/90)
Country Time Lemonade (4/98)
Country Time Lemonade Ice Tea for Summer (4/98)
Cover Girl - Cybill Shepard - clean make-up in the snow (1970s)
Craft Corner (4/98)
Craftmatic Adjustable Bed - free catalog (1984)
Crank DVD (1/07)
Crazy Joe’s Furniture with Elvis (5/96)
Creepy Crawler Thing Maker (B/W) 1960s
Creepy Crawlers by Mattel - thing maker w/4 colors (B/W) (1960s)
Crest - black girl at the firehouse (1970s)
Crest - black kids come to their professor dad in the classroom, fighting cavities is the whole idea (1970s)
Crest - girl comes home, look mom no cavities (B/W) 1950s
Crest - kid comes to his dad the bus driver on the bus w/Marsha Wallace (1970s)
Crest - Matt comes to his dad in a helicopter (1970s)
Crest - Terry comes to his dad the football coach in the locker room (1970s)
Crest - the yardstick, all brands compare themselves (1970s)
Crest - Tommy comes to his dad while rehearsing a play (1970s)
Crisco - he loves cold, fried chicken, it doesn't taste greasy (1970s)
Crisco - Lillian, this cold chicken doesn't taste greasy (1970s)
Crisco Oil - choking boss/new oil that mixes with vinegar blends with other oils (1970s)
Crocodile Dundee II on VHS
Crossroads TV Spot (3/86)
Crystal Ford on Rt29 VA - a good deal (1984)
Cub Cadet Movers - old men (5/96)
Current Affair - camera vigilantes (12/92)
Cyloop - rapper drowns in a pool
Dad, the Angel & Me TV spot (1992)
Dairy Queen - chip Blizzard on the plane
Dallas - Sue Allen crashes JR's wedding
Dan Marino of the Dolphins for First Plus Financial (1996)
Danzig New CD (1990)
Dash Detergent - Mr. Purdy's big machine doesn't get clothes any cleaner w/Karl Malden (1970s)
Dash Detergent - new enzyme, the best for big machines (1970s)
Dave on VHS TV Spot (12/93)
David Lee Roth's July 4th BBQ (6/03)
David Lee Roth's July 4th BBQ 2/Tour Info (6/03)
David Lee Roth's July 4th BBQ 3 (6/03)
DCI - free diamond pack w/extra value certificate (12/97)
De Soto Plymouth Dealer - Groucho Marx (B/W) (1960s)
Dead Bang trailer
Dean Whitter - trust (1996)
Del Fuegos for Miller Beer (7/85)
Delco Battery - used by the Air Force to land a C-124 in arctic regions (B/W) 1950s
Dentyne - time to walk the dog
Dentyne Gum - Old Movies (7/85)
Der Wienerschnitzel Not a burger - Dracula (1970s)
Dial Gold Soap - carpool in Volkswagon, aren't you glad you used Dial? (1970s)
Dick Williams for the Air Force with Superman (Color) 1960s
Die Hard II, Young Guns II, Ford Fairlane used at Blockbuster (1991)
Diet Coke - Don Johnson & Wayne Gretzky (2/89)
Diet Coke - Sumu wrestlers looking good (4/98)
Diet Coke - The Invisible Man (12/97)
Diet Coke - today people don’t act their age (12/92)
Diet Coke w/Steve Guttenberg at the Grand Canyon (8/90)
Diet Pepsi - 1 million free cases with Ray Charles & Andy Dick (12/92)
Diet Rite Cola - Everybody Likes it song w/Eddie Burns (1970s)
Dingo Boots with Joe Namath in New York City (1960s)
Disco Fever CD set from the 70s Preservation Society (1995)
Disney MGM Studios New Theme Park with Star Tours (1990)
Distinguished Gentleman now playing (12/92)
Dixie Cups - strong enough to hold warm butter (Color) 1960s
Dodge - on the assembly line I built a Dodge (B/W) 1950s
Dodge Caravan 1991 as low as $13,311 (1/91)
Dole Bananas - disco woman, if you feel it peel it (1970s)
Domestic Life (1984)
Domino's desert pizza - chip mustache
Donald Sutherland for Cigna (1996)
Donkey Kong Country on Gameboy (6/00)
Don't throw stuff at school buses (8/90)
Doritos - Star Wars (2/97)
Doublemint Gum - twins look in mirror (1950s)
Dove Soap - thins it's a hand lotion w/animated dove (Color) 1960s
Dow Bathroom Cleaner w/Scrubbing Bubbles (1971)
Dr. Pepper - LeAnn Rimes & Reba McEntire (2002)
Dr. Pepper - try it Anthony - you've got to try it to love it (1970s)
Drake's Yodels - kids show how to yodel (1950s)
Drano Max - old woman with weapon's closet (4/98)
Dream a Little Dream trailer
Dream Girls trailer (1/07)
Dreft - with enriched borax, gets diapers clean, baby can feel it (1970s)
Drive-in Ad - Butter Nut Candy Intermission
Drive-in Ad - RC Cola (Animated)
Drive-in Ad - Refreshment Center
Drive-in Ad - Refreshments - Couples
Drive-in Ad - Tasty Tempting BBQ
Ducks Unlimited - Bing Crosby boating on a pond (1970s)
Duquesne Beer - Have a Duke at the baseball game (1950s)
Duracell Batteries - at the North Pole (1990)
Duz Detergent - with star glass inside in the box (B/W) (1960s)
Easy Glider (12/88)
Edsel - the 58 with teletouch drive (B/W) 1950s
Electric Horseman/The Four Musketeers Double Feature (1992)
Electro-Shot Shooting Gallery by Marx (B/W) (1960s)
Embassy Suites - doesn't finish my sentences
Energizer Batteries - Darth Vader vs. Energizer Bunny (10/94)
English Leather - Wear it or Nothing at All (7/85)
Entourage - Interview with Ari (8/06)
Epilepsy Foundation - Katie the skater (10/86)
Episode III Trailer - Critcs Agree (5/05)
EPT Pregnancy Test (12/97)
EPYX 500XJ Joystick (10/86)
ESPN - while getting his head shaved a guy says, “It’s like Full Metal Jacket”
Esso Extra Gas - stops cool weather stalling animated (B/W) 1950s
Exercise Your Choppers (1970s)
Expos vs. Mets (7/90)
Extra Strength Tylenol Geltabs - Wedding (12/97)
E-Z Pop Popcorn - animated doo wop father and son (B/W) 1950s
Fact Plus One step pregnancy test (4/98)
Fam AFTV on the Family Channel (1992)
Family Guy Star Wars DVD Ad - Hosted by Darth Stewie 12/07
Family Guy Star Wars DVD Ad - Own it Today 12/07
Family Handyman Helpful Hints Book offer (1995)
Farmer's Helpoint - it's a strange feeling when your car gets stolen
FDIC Credit Card (7/90)
FDS spray (3/86)
FedEx Kinkos - no more all nighters
FedEx Kinkos - useless office team
Fernwood Women's Health Club - hate gyms?
Fievel Goes West Two Pack on VHS (4/98)
Fig Newton - Colin Mochrie fairy in the Clasroom (9/05)
Fired Up! CD (1/07)
Fishbone - New CD (1993)
Fit TV - You are what you watch (1992)
Five-Star First Gear Zipper Planners - don't know what you are missing (12/97)
Flair Pens - want people to know who you really are w/Frankenstein monster (1970s)
Flight 93 Memorial (9/05)
Flintsones Vitamins - Dino stole the different vitamins (1970s)
Flintstones brought to you by Winston - tastes good like a cigarette should (B/W) (1960s)
Folgers Mountain Grown Coffee - good coffee is no problem. (1970s)
Folgers w/Randy Travis - On the Road (9/95)
Foot Locker - Breakdance (7/85)
Foot Locker - Get it Right for Your Body (7/85)
Foot Locker - Running (7/85)
Ford Escort 1991 - Drive into Summer (7/90)
Fortunoff total home sale (4/98)
Fox - Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones on Thanksgiving (11/19/05)
Fox NFL - Cowboys vs. Dolphins with song (1996)
Frank - nailing a woman half you age
Frankenberry Cereal & New Count Chocula with vitamins (Color) 1960s
Frankenberry/Count Chocula/Boo Berry - at the beach w/5 Mini monsters (1970s)
Franklin Mint - Woodland Surprises Porcelain Collection (1984)
Freddy Krueger (1989)
Freedom Rock (12/88)
Freedom Writers trailer (1/07)
Freehold Raceway - It’s OK to go crazy every 21 minutes (10/88)
French Quarter by Stella Cameron book (4/98)
Frito Corn Chips - Frito Bandio Eraser - animated w/Mel Blanc's voice (B/W) (1960s)
Frosted Flakes - Year of the Tiger picnic - animated (1969)
Furs by Vaukus (12/88)
G.I. Joe - land, sea & air - terrific equipment (1970s)
G4 Valentine’s Day Cheat-a-Thon (1/25/07)
Gain - complex stain/complex Gain remover can remove stains from a tablecloth (1970s)
Gallo Greanach Rose - the picnic wine (B/W) 1950s Ad - Star Wars (5/05)
Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center (9/90)
Geico - caveman at therapist offended
General Electric - The Power of Music Frees People from Ice in the Future (7/85)
Genesee Light - ingredients (12/88)
Genesee Light Beer - College (12/88)
Genuine Bayer Aspirin - not all aspirin are the same (1996)
George Lucas Japanese Red (1990s)
Ghost in the Machine TV Spot (12/93)
Gillette - Pee Wee Reese, Roy Camponella & Don Zimmer (B/W) 1950s
Gillette Aftra Plus - The Best a Man can Get (12/88)
Gillette Blue Blade Razors - Roy Camponella, Pee Wee Reese & Ken Boyer (1950s)
Gillette Blue Blades - how are you fixed for blades w/animated parrot (B/W) 1950s
Gillette Double Razors - Don Drysdale (1950s)
Gillette Foam - Three Stooges (10/86)
Gillette Heavy Razors - Casey Stengel, Hank Bauer & Jerry Coleman (1950s)
Gillette Super Razors - Willie Mays (1950s)
Girl Scouts - the girl comes first (12/90)
Globe Insurance Young American Policy (1992)
Gloria Gooding for CWLA (12/90)
Glowatch (10/86)
GM No Two Owners are Alike (1996)
GNC Victory Body Supplement (12/90)
Godfather’s Pizza - Jumbo Combo 5lbs (12/92)
Goebel Beer - animated Rooster pitches a baseball game (1950s)
Golden Fluffo with Mike Wallace and the Indiana baking champ (1950s)
Golden Voice of Jim Nabors LP plus Best Loved Favorites (1984)
Good Day NY (1996)
Goodwill Industries Job Training - handicapped (10/90)
Grain Belt Beer - does justice to pizza (Color) 1960s
Grain Belt Beer - you've created your own Frankenstein (1970s)
Grammy Awards 2001 - Nsync Walking Around Upside down like 2001 spacecraft (2001)
Gravy Train - Rin Tin Tin training school (1970s)
Great Expectations Dating Service (9/90)
Great Expectations long TV Spot (12/97)
Great Gorge Resort (1/91)
Great lash from Maybelline - maybe she's born that way (4/98)
Great Plymouth Sale - Wile E. Coyote & Roadrunner animated - it's great (1969)
Great Shakes - 60s dance party/any place can be a soda fountain song (B/W) (1960s)
Green Hornet - tune is for action packed scenes (1970s)
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance for Kids for only $1 (1992)
Guide to Federal Consumer Services - King Kong (B/W) (1960s)
Guitar World w/Steve Vai 10 Hour Course (1992)
Gulf No-Nox gas - people driving w/o cars (1970s)
Gulf No-Nox gas - you don't like to wait/for extra service (1970s)
Gunter Less' Journey to Adventure in the Bahamas (1984)
Hai Karate Aftershave - be careful how you use it (1970s)
Hai Karate Aftershave - be careful how you use it, woman attacks a nerd (Color) 1960s
Hair Club for men (1991)
Haircrafters - the best hair is your hair (12/92)
Halloween 4 TV Spot (10/88)
Hamm's Beer - a beer isn't a beer until (Color) 1970
Hamm's Beer - from sky blue waters w/animated bear (B/W) 1950s
Hamm's Beer- Laurel & Hardy in a bar (1970)
Hamm's the Beer Refreshing - From the land of Sky Blue Waters animated bear (B/W) (1960s)
Han Super Dry - man makes breasts in the sand
Handiwipes - 1001 uses (Color) 1960s
Hank Aaron Baseball Game (1960s)
Happy Holidays from General Hospital (12/88)
Hard Copy - Amy Fisher's X-rated tape (12/92)
Hard Copy - Axl Rose's girlfriend Stephanie Seymour in Playboy (2/93)
Hard Copy - custody battle (12/92)
Hard Copy - pouring water on homeless (12/92)
Hard Rain starts Friday TV Spot (12/97)
Hard Rain TV Spot 2 (12/97)
Harrah’s Marina Hotel Casino - Just Wild About (7/85)
Harts Athletic Club New Year's Sale (12/92)
Hasbro Star Wars Battleship (8/97)
Hasbro Star Wars Imperial Pursuit (10/97)
Hasbro Star Wars Voice Changer (10/97)
HBO - 2001: a space odyssey Apes Making HBO logo w/Thus Spake (2000)
HBO - cable running up to the Space Shuttle (1996)
Head & Shoulders - ski trip
Hearing Foundation - listening too music too loud, had sex with Sara last night
Heat Up the Night 900# (8/90)
Heaven Sent - You Don’t Have to be an Angel (7/85)
Heineken - so close that time (1996)
Heinz Crisp Pickles - house robbery (1971)
Heinz Ketchup - best things come to those who wait/kid in diner (2/89)
Heinz ketchup - is what ketchup tastes like song (1970s)
Heinz Worcestershire Sauce - animated announces goof up the name (B/W) 1950s
Hello Disaster - The Young and the Useless CD (12/90)
Hershey's Instant - makes milk taste like a Hershey bar - the cows are going home (1970s)
Hertz - New Orleans vacation (1950s)
Hertz - triple miles (1996)
Hewlett Packard - Cure - Pictures of You (2002)
Hexed Trailer (2/93)
Hidden Desires 900# (8/90)
Hidden Magic Hair Spray with conditioner - new, bet it was a woman who thought of it (B/W) (1960s)
Hidden Magic Hairspray with free Flip & Flirty Brush (1970s)
Hidden Valley Ranch - Tommy’s 1st Tomato (7/85)
Highway to Heaven w/Michael Landon, Jr. on his father (1995)
Hi-Lex - people in chicken costumes, strong but friendly (Color) 1960s
History Channel - R. Lee Ermey Does Full Metal Jacet lines (2002)
Hold Everything! Show (7/90)
Holiday Inn Express - Basketball Trainer
Honda Civic TRON (11/12/06)
Howard Stern Pay Per View (1993)
HP Laptops - What Santa Claus does the rest of the year (1/07)
Hydro - kids make a loop on the train tracks
Hydro - kids with remote controlled full size car
I Was a Mail Order Bride (1984)
ICS - Jackie Zieman from General Hospital (1992)
ID Watchdog - John Bunnell goes to the streets about identity theft 2min (10/08)
ID Watchdog with John Bunnell (4/08)
Ideal Shark Pack Boats - with 4 pilot discs (Color) 1960s
Ideal Wrestle Around Game - Samson, Marvin, Davey & Taka (1970s)
If you want Boar's Head you have to ask for it (1/91)
IKEA - old couple (9/90)
Ikea - time to leave home? Parents farm sex
Indian in the Cupboard TV Spot w/Darth Vader (7/95)
Infect Truth - you don't always die from tobacco song (1/07)
Inside Edition promo (12/92)
Instant Maxwell House - Rex Marshall shows how easy it is (B/W) 1950s
Instant Simoniz - Three Stooges (B/W) (1960s)
Intel Core 2 Duo - black guy dancing (1/07)
Intel Core 2 Duo - white guy dancing (1/07)
Intel Pentium Processor - The Computer Inside (1994) - man gets thrown around town
Investors Mortgage Company - you should have access to your equity (2/93)
Ipana - Bucky Beaver in space vs. K germ (1950s)
Isuzu Rodeo - it doesn't add up (1991)
ITT - new phone with speed dial, volume adjust & light up dial (1984)
ITT Advanced Technology Center in CT (1984)
ITT Courier Terminals at a former Church (1984)
ITT Shocks - French TGV Train (1984)
ITT shows all their companies (1984)
ITT System 12 - Designed for the City of Tomorrow (1984)
ITT System 12 - Ideas to Help People (1984)
ITT System 3100 Office Phone System (1984)
Ivory Liquid - Mrs. Shutan age 36, your hands will never give away your age (1970s)
Ivory Snow - Marty Huffney's Diaper test (1970s)
Ivory Soap - back to basics - no perfumes, creams or deodorants (1970s)
Ivory Soap - Susie, I wish I looked like that, the basic natural soap for healthy looking skin (1970s)
Ivory Soap - you look healthier, not gorgeous like Jean Huntely (B/W) (1960s)
Jack in the Box - let's get the monster (12/92)
Jade East - the new Polaris package - what the future holds $3.99 (1970s)
James Earl Jones for Walden Woods Project - Buy a Tree (6/93)
January Man (12/88)
Japanese Steak House in Rosslyn VA (1984)
Jeep Liberty - Rock Me Slowly
Jekyll & Hyde the Musical (4/98)
Jell-o - Chinese Baby ancient pantomime (1959)
Jell-o - Chinese Baby animated (B/W) 1950s
Jell-o - put it out tonight, western & football (Color) 1960s
Jell-o Gelatin - The 5th Dimension, the light snack (1970s)
Jell-o New Instant Pudding - animated how to make it (B/W) 1950s
Jennifer Convertibles will blown you away (4/98)
Jennifer Leather - Belissimo (4/98)
Jenny Craig - identical twins can do (4/98)
Jenny Craig - the Bridesmaid lost 42 Pounds (1992)
Jenny Craig - the Bridesmaid lost 42 Pounds short version (1992)
Jeno's Snack Tray Pizza - witch doctor wants a job shrinking them down (1970s)
Jessica Hahn tells all 900 number (1/91)
Jetix 2006 Awards w/Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (6/06)
Jif - new fine grind, even finer, tastes even better (1970s)
Jiffy Lube & Penzoil w/Arnold Palmer (1990)
Jingle All the Way TV Spot (1996)
Jingle Jump & Record (B/W 60s)
Joe Montana (11/94)
Joe Namath for Nobody Beats the Wiz - family integrity (1991)
Joe Namath for Nobody Beats the Wiz - Tracie Spencer (9/90)
Joe Weider Muscle Builder with Lou Ferrigno - Shirts & Skins (8/90)
John Cleese (1990)
John Cleese Robot (1993)
Johnny Eagle Guns - you get more Red River, Lieutenant, Magumba (B/W) (1960s)
Johnny Lightning Double Trouble - comes in Cheerios (Color) 1960s
Johnson Automotive - no more badgers
Johnson's New Soothing Vapor Bath - you are my sunshine (12/97)
Judas Priest - Metal Works 73-93 (1993)
Julie Brown Club Mtv Promo (12/88)
Just Add Rosie (4/98)
Just Say Julie - Julie Brown (2/89)
K Mart Music Center - Bobby Brown My Prerogative
K9 Cop (7/90)
Karate Fighters (9/95)
Karo Syrup with Mickey Mantle eating pancakes (1957)
Kawasaki - I'll take water with mine
Kawasaki Jetski new tandem sporty (2/89)
Kawasaki Ninja - let the good times roll (2/89)
Keds - animated Kedso the clown (1950s)
Keep America Beautiful - Crying Indian - 71 things you can do to stop pollution book (1970s)
Kellogg's Complete Bran Flakes for New Year's (1992)
Kellogg's Loe Fat Pop-Tarts - New Frosted Strawberry & Chocolate (1992)
Kellogg's Sugar Smacks with George Reeves, John Hamilton & Jack Larson (1950s)
Kent Cigarettes - Harvey's got a good time at a baseball game (1960s)
Kent Cigarettes - More taste, fine tobacco (Color) 1960s
Key West for gays (1/07)
KFC New Extra Crispy Chicken - 10 for $8.99 (4/98)
KFWB 98W - funhouse ride, the longer you listen, more you learn (1970s)
Kindness Heat Activity Conditioner - Droop proof curls w/Elizabeth Montgomery (1970s)
King of the Hill - Boomhauer Smoking (2/98)
Kingsford BBQ Summer 84 (7/85)
Kirk Hammett (1990)
Kleenex - let's take back that sneeze and cover it with a man size tissue (1970s)
Kleenex Table Napkins - won't slide off w/Manners the Butler (B/W) 1950s
Kmart - come to the saving place musical (1970s)
Knorr - Frozen doesn't have to be a bad world
Kodacolor 135 Film - Ozzie Nelson (B/W) (1960s)
Kodak - Golden Moments (7/85)
Kodak - Kodacolor VR Film - See America (7/85)
Kodak - My Best Friend (7/85)
Kodak - Summer Love VR Film (7/85)
Kodak Instamatic Movie Camera - easy to load film w/Dick Van Dyke (1970s)
Kodak Instamatic Movie Camera - filming cats (Color) 1960s
Kodak Pocket Instamatic Camera w/Dick Van Dyke (1971)
Kodak Signet 50 Camera - Ozzie & Harriet costs $82.50 (B/W) (1960s)
Kodak VR - Duck Til Dawn (7/85)
Koepplinger’s Bread w/Dom DeLuise (1971)
Kohler Toilet - class 5 flushing power, man tries to stop it up
Kool Aid - The Monkees & Bugs Bunny on the beach (1969)
Kool Cigarettes - snow fresh filtered (B/W) 1950s
Kool-Pops - freeze one today w/Bug Bunny offer box (Color) 1960s
KoRn - Live & Rare (5/06)
Kroger - animated chicken, cackling fresh eggs (B/W) 1950s
Kurt Thomas international gymnastics school (12/88)
L Ron Hubbard Dianetics - are you using your mind to the fullest? (1/91)
L.A. Gear Combat Gear B/W (12/93)
LA City Council Phone (8/90)
LA Tech - I can get a new pair (12/93)
Last Action Hero - Come Back Later (1993)
Last Action Hero - Extended Trailer (1993)
Last Action Hero - Sountrack (1993)
Last Starfighter TV (12/90)
Lava - cleans the first time, kids need something extra for the half hearted effort they put out (1970s)
Lava Soap - for kids, wash your hands Roger (1970s)
Lays Deli Style - Michael J. Fox and a cop (12/97)
Lazer Tag stadium (10/86)
Le Pont anti wrinkle patch (4/98)
Le Tigre dance (10/86)
Les Schwab - major brand tire deal (2/93)
Les Schwab Clean Sweep Sale (12/92)
Levi 501 - gonna look good in blues
Levi 501 Blues - Cajun
Leviathan trailer
Levis 501 - on their own
Levi's 501 Blues - black singing group (2/89)
Levi's 501 blues - gospel song (10/86)
Levi's 501 Blues gospel chorus (12/88)
Lexxus GS with “Baby did a Bad, Bad Thing” (1999)
License to Drive on VHS (12/88)
Life Magazine subscription w/Ultronic alarm clock phone
Life Savers - I Want the Red One (7/85)
Life Savers Butter Rum - You Bet (7/85)
Lifebuoy Soap - makes wives wicked (1960s)
Lightpath - 2001 A Space Odyssey Parody (2001)
Lightpath - HAL narrates and travels around (2001)
Lightpath - longer version of 2001 commercial (2001)
Lilco Service w/Matt Gerber (3/94)
Lincoln Technical Institute (10/88)
Lipozene (1/07)
Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup - Arthur Godfrey live on his show (B/W) 1950s
Listerine - Louise the car hop isn't getting any tips at work (1970s)
Listerine - marching band on the bus, guy wants Julie (1970s)
Lite Beer - Corky Caroll gives up surfing (3/86)
Little Caesars - Big Big Deal (12/97)
Little Caesars Cloning Sheep (3/97)
Little Richard (3/94)
Logo new for 2007 (1/07)
Logo online (1/07)
Long John Silvers w/Pat Harrington Jr. (9/95)
Loose Levis - kids in desert (12/93)
Lorus Vector Series Watches w/Mark Decarlo (12/93)
Love & Curses - eclipse (1991)
Love & Curses - new episode (9/90)
Loveline (8/90)
Lucille Roberts Wild, Wild Weekend Sale (1/91)
Lucky Strike Cigarettes - animated baseball game (1950s)
Lucky Strike Cigarettes - Square Dance (B/W) 1950s
Lucky Strike Cigarettes - supports the Brooklyn Dodgers (1950s)
Lucky Strike Cigarettes with Frank Gifford on a dune buggy (1950s)
Lung Line (5/96)
Lysol Disinfectant - mold & mildew in the shower (4/98)
M2 Promo - A-Z blue/flute playing (3/00)
M2 Promo - A-Z Letter M - circus (3/00)
M2 Promo - A-Z Letter M - miracle (3/00)
M2 Promo - A-Z Letter M - Typewriter ball (3/00)
M2 Promo - A-Z Letter O - Old School (3/00)
M2 Promo - Circus (3/00)
M2 Promo - Factoid: in the A-Z coutdown there are 29 videos that begin with Mr. (3/00)
M2 Promo - Green Revs (3/00)
M2 Promo - Happy it's all in your Head (3/00)
M2 Promo - Insects - The Melody of Speech (3/00)
M2 Promo - Octopus Burning (3/00)
Mace - Corbin Bernson (12/90)
Macy's Semi Annual Foundation Sale - bras (12/88)
Made in America on VHS TV Spot (12/93)
Magnavox - Smart TVs w/John Cleese (12/93)
Magnavox w/John Cleese #1 (1991)
Magnavox w/John Cleese #2 (1991)
Malibu Barbie - with tan & friends (B/W) 1971
Man for All Season w/Charlton Heston (1991)
Man w/Samuel L. Jackson’s Been a Jedi Knight (2005)
Mano a Mano Soho Clearance (1/91)
March of Dimes - Mark Hamill to protect the unborn and the newborn (1977)
Marlboro Cigarettes - work & cigarettes go together (B/W) 1950s
Mars Bar - Jamie Farr Rewards Himself (7/85)
Marshalls - the latest athletic look (4/98)
Marx Sound-Power M16 & Rifle (B/W 60s)
Mastercard - can make you a superhero (12/93)
MasterCard Priceless - with Lolita music (2001)
Mattel - Zzzoom it (B/W) 1971
Maximum Strength Clearasil (10/86)
Maxwell House - listen to good coffee (1950s)
Maypo - animated cowboy child wants his hat back (1950s)
Maytag - Vintage Family goes to Best Buy (1992)
Mazda 626 (1/91)
McDonald’s $1 Menu w/Space Ghost (2007)
McDonald’s 55 cent Anniversary Sale (5/96)
McDonald's - 2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun: Big Mac - can you say it? (1975)
McDonald's - Basketball Blimp w/Larry Bird (4/98)
McDonald's - How Do You Improve an Egg McMuffin? (1990)
McDonald's - New Cheddar Melt w/Australian guy (1990)
McDonalds Looney Tunes (1991)
Meadowlands - a whole new package (1/91)
Meadowlands - whole new package (9/90)
Megaloss 1000 - miracle diet pull program (12/92)
Mego 12” Kiss Dolls 1976
Melrose Place (1996)
Mennin Skin Bracer Aftershave - boxing match, works like a cold slap in the face w/Vincent Gardenia (1970s)
Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub - Frankenstein Monster catches cold - animated (1970s)
Mercator Insurance - everyone checks out a woman's butt
Merry Go Round - Dancing in the Streets (3/86)
Merv Griffin Atlantic City New Year's (12/90)
Meth - Janelle & Michael freeze to death in their car (2008
Michael J. Fox - Cocaine the big lie
Michael Jackson Leave Me Alone premiere (12/88)
Michelob Dry - What Dry Is (12/88)
Microsoft - David Bowie Heroes (12/97)
Microsoft - kids with computers in school to ABC (12/97)
Microsoft 1 - Bill Gates meets Jerry Seinfeld (9/08)
Microsoft 2 - Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld connecting with regular people (9/08)
Midas - why wait to fix your brakes if you have a baby (12/92)
Milk - 2 couples dancing in white/American Dairy Association (1970s)
Milk - Ballerina for Every Move You Make (7/85)
Millennium TV Series Episode 2 (1996)
Miller Genuine Draft - beer at its best (10/86)
Miller Lite (7/90)
Miller Lite Beer - Helga Piscapo (10/86)
Miller Lite Beer with Bob Eucker in Cantina (7/85)
Minute Maid Orange Juice - Bing Crosby’s family (1971)
Miracle Mop w/Joy Mangano & Jane Rudolph Treacy (1995)
Miss Clairol - mom with her baby in a park (B/W) 1950s
Miss USA 1990 Pageant (1990)
Mitsubishi - 10 best list 3 years in a row (1/91)
Mitsubishi Galant - top 5 for 2 years in a row (1/91)
Mitsubishi Montero (7/90)
Mitsubishi won 31 awards (8/90)
Money Store with Phil Rizzuto - 30 Days (7/90)
Montel Williams - Big Breasted Women (12/90)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail TV premiere (9/90)
Mood Makers Glasses by Foster Grant - girl in wig on phone (1971)
Mountain Dew - BMX Racing (7/85)
Mountain Dew - get that barefoot feeling (Color) 1960s
Mountain Dew - Watering Hole (7/85)
Mountain High Express & 7UP (9/90)
Movie Ad - 3 minutes to go clown
Movie Ad - 5 minutes to go clown
Movie Ad - 6 minutes to go clown
Movie Ad - 7 minutes to go clown
Movie Ad - 8 minutes to go clown
Movie Ad - 9 minutes to go clown
Movie Ad - Bic Lighters want refreshments
Movie Ad - Corn dogs
Movie Ad - Fanta Orange
Movie Ad - Flamer electric football
Movie Ad - Hamburgers to Go
Movie Ad - Hot Dogs & refreshments
Movie Ad - Hot Italian Meatball Sandwich
Movie Ad - Kerasotes Theatres - is the place
Movie Ad - Kerasotes Theatres has smoking in the outer lobby
Movie Ad - Our hot dogs are the best
Movie Ad - Rodeo Joe - Toddy Malt
Movie Ad - Shrimp rolls
Movie Ad - Smithfield barbeque sandwich
Movie Ad - Wizard of Oz clothing store - Kid does the Tony finger from The Shining and their logo is reversed in the mirror (2001)
Mr. Clean - cleans your whole house animated (B/W) 1950s
Mr. Coffee Maker - Joe Dimaagio at a bridge club (1960s)
Mr. Lube - hypnotist
Mrs. Butterworth’s - the secret is real butter (1971)
Mtn High - Learn to Ski for $25 (11/90)
Mtv - All Bands were New (12/88)
Mtv - Anthrax (1989)
Mtv - Changing head man (12/88)
Mtv - Cher from Clueless (1996)
Mtv - garden of delights (12/88)
Mtv - gas station
Mtv - Grammy Sunday 89
Mtv - Hey you - don't go away error screen (10/86)
Mtv - kid throwing food (12/88)
Mtv - MJtv Michael Jackson (1996)
Mtv - New Improved (12/88)
Mtv - new music first
Mtv - Now Hear This (12/88)
Mtv - Rooster
Mtv - Santa the Man, the Myth the Slamdancer (12/93)
Mtv - there's stereo and then there's stereo
Mtv - These are Words
Mtv - These are Words (12/88)
Mtv - Van Halen (1989)
Mtv - Week in Rock (2/89)
Mtv - Your favorite Music (2/89)
Mtv (7/85)
Mtv 2 Debuts (1996)
Mtv ad - around the world (12/88)
Mtv Ad - Bob Ross paints (12/93)
Mtv art through the ages promo (10/86)
Mtv Big Bang '89 New Year's Eve (12/88)
Mtv Boris Karloff promo (10/86)
Mtv Elvira promo (10/86)
Mtv Eurotube 86 concert (10/86)
Mtv Favorite Music - Big John (12/88)
Mtv graffiti on wall promo (10/86)
Mtv Half Hour Comedy Hour with Emo Phillips
Mtv hood ornament drives up to a wall promo (10/86)
Mtv Jackie Brown Contest (12/97)
Mtv Jackpot promo (10/86)
Mtv jumping cats promo (10/86)
Mtv Live/Janet Jackson New Year's Jam Ad (12/93)
Mtv Movie Awards 2005 Ad with Chewbacca (5/05)
Mtv painted log promo (10/86)
Mtv Plug In - Guns N' Roses/Aerosmith/U2/Metallica (12/93)
Mtv Rockumentary - David Lee Roth (2/89)
Mtv Stars - Joe Franklin (2/89)
Mtv Sunday Special ad (3/86)
Mtv The Future 2036 - Duran Duran (10/86)
Mtv The Future 2036 - missed music news 1 day (10/86)
Mtv The Grind Workout on 2 videos $19.95 (12/97)
MTV2 - HAL 2001: a space odyssey talking (2001)
MTV2 - New Year’s 2001 with HAL, Monolith and Planet’s aligning (2000)
Mums - with M3, get the message (B/W) 1950s
Muriel - small cigars, short films (Color) 1960s
Muriel Cigars - animated Mae West (B/W) 1950s
My Six Lives - Not The Bradys (1995)
Mylanta Liquid - Mom Didn't want to go to the Doctor (1995)
Nair - Short Shorts (7/85)
National Stuttering Project (5/91)
Nationwide - Kevin Federline fry cook dreams of being a star
Natural movie on UPN 9 (1991)
NBA 2K1 (6/00)
NBA Dazzling Dunks & Basketball Bloopers VHS w/Sports Illustrated subscription
NBA Playoffs on TNT w/Michael Jordan (1995)
Nestle Crunch w/Kareem Abdul Jabar (7/85)
Nestle Quik - boxing with Jimmy Nelson, Danny O'Day and Farfel (B/W) 1950s
New Adam 12 (7/90)
New Dragnet show (7/90)
New Dry Ban - a dry Yankee! (Color) 1960s
New Kids on the Block - Who is their #1 fan? (1990)
New Nordic Power (11/90)
News 4 - Who’s Watching the Police? (3/94)
Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy's 1-900 # (1989)
Nike Football - Dennis Hopper on Michael Irwin (12/93)
Nine Inch Nails Beside You in Time DVD (2/07)
Nine Inch Nails on Tour (3/06)
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth (4/05)
Nintendo - Dr. Mario the Witchdoctor (12/92)
Nintendo 64 N64 - Shadows of the Empire UK (1996)
Nintendo 64 N64 w/SOTE (1996)
Nintendo NES Ice Hockey
Nintendo NES RC Pro Am
Noah's Arc - new season (1/07)
Nobody Beats the Wiz - Home Entertainment Expo 90 (7/90)
Nordic Track - Feel the Beat w/Free VHS (1995)
Norelco Electric Shaver with Jim Taylor, Bart Starr & Paul Hornung (1960s)
North and South - Family Channel Premiere (1992)
Norwegian Jarlsberg Cheese - make it special (12/88)
NOW (8/90)
Now Heart This - Adam Curry (12/88)
Nowhere to Run Trailer (12/92)
Noxema - guy from art class at musuem w/Rebecca Gayheart (12/92)
Noxema Lime - take it all off, women strips a lime (1970s)
Numerology Hotline 1-800-621-3737 (12/92)
Nuprin - Menstrual Pain and Horses (7/85)
O'Gradys Potato Chips - More Cheese (7/85)
Oh God! TV spot (12/90)
Old Flames Never Die w/2001: a space odyssey (2002)
Old Gold Cigarettes - favorite dancing pair (1950s)
Old Gold Cigarettes - Red Barber (1948)
Old Gold Cigarettes - tap dancing treat (B/W) 1950s
Old Milwaukee - Mutiny on the Bounty (1970)
Old Milwaukee Beer - logrolling w/Tony Dow (1974)
Old Navy - Surplus pants w/Barbara Eden (4/98)
Oliver Dalkin - woman's stronger hair knocks out a man
Only in Vegas - voodoo lady (1/07)
Ontario Auto Center (8/90)
Oprah at 4 (4/98)
Orbit Raspberry Mint - cleans another dirty mouth
Orbitz TLC - Gay game show (1/07)
Oscar Mayer - Freddy & the big parade - animated (1970s)
Out for Justice TV spot (1991)
Outluagh Festival on wisecrack (1/07)
Ovaltine - Captain Midnight & the Secret Squadron decoder offer (1950s)
Ovaltine - Captain Midnight with Crazy Legs Hirsch (1950s)
Ovaltine - Captain Midnight with Duke Snider (1956)
Ovaltine - Get your autographed Joe Namath picture (1960s)
Ovaltine - Joe Namath drinks it at least once a day (1960s)
Ovaltine - Meet the Gang with Joe Namath (1960s)
Ovaltine - Your Old Pal Joe Namath (1960s)
Oxy Clean - Clean Sweep Gameshow
Oxydol Plus - it has to clean better - enzyme pre-soaker & bleach, man watching football game (1970s)
Ozzy Osbourne - Live & Loud CD Set (1993)
Pampers Baby-dry for growing toddlers (4/98)
Panasonic - Take the Music with You (7/85)
Panasonic CD Sound (10/86)
Panasonic Hi Fi VCR (10/86)
Panasonic Real 3DO - Get Real (12/93)
Panasonic VHS Hi Fi Is it Real Or VHS? (7/85)
Pantene Pro V w/Niki Tyler (12/93)
Pantene Pro Vitamins & sprays (12/93)
Pantene Pro-V w/Elaine Irwin - It'll Happen (12/93)
Parkay Margarine - Butter w/Vic Tayback (1971)
Partnership for a Drug Free America - Girls who smoke pot don’t get prom dates (1984)
Partnership for a Drug Free America - this is your brain on drugs/frying eggs (12/88)
Party Machine - Jasmine Guy (9/90)
Party Machine with Nia Peeples (8/90)
Paternity TV spot (9/90)
Pay Less - GE rechargable batteries for xmas (12/92)
Pearl Jam Target Exclusive CD (10/09)
Pedia Care - singing kids sneeze (12/92)
People's Court - Judge Wapner (12/90)
Pepcid AC - black father can’t sleep and his son gives him help (1996)
Pepe Jeans London - Skateboarding (12/93)
Peppermint LifeSavers at the beach w/Mark Linn-Baker (3/86)
Pepsi - 2001 Monolith and HAL Pepsi machine getting even with a guy (2001)
Pepsi - animated cows have a playoff party (12/92)
Pepsi - Coke driver: Your cheatin’ heart (1996)
Pepsi - come alive you're in the Pepsi generation/soda machine brought by helicopter (1970s)
Pepsi - How a Hard Rock Guitarist Opens a Pepsi (7/85)
Pepsi - Lionel Richie “Pepsi Feels So Right” (7/85)
Pepsi - Lionel Richie “We Made Our Choice” (7/85)
Pepsi - Robert Palmer Simply Irresistible
Pepsi - Space Shuttle Challenger - Can you talk me through that? (7/85) 30 sec
Pepsi - Spartacus (8/05)
Pepsi Cola - get into the stream of things (1970s)
Pepsi Cola - go all out - Pepsi pours it on/swing into watering hole (B/W) (1960s)
Pepsodent Toothpaste - song about Suzie, animated (B/W) 1950s
Perdue 1997 Staff Meeting - cutting the fat (4/98)
Perfect Strangers (9/90)
Pert Plus for Kids - boys in tub big boys don’t cry (12/92)
Pert Shampoo - Wash & Go (7/85)
Pet Milk - it's your baby (B/W) 1950s
Pete & Elda's Pizza - we take care of you (12/93)
Philip Morris - Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz - new king size carton in their safe (B/W) (1960s)
Philip Morris Cigarettes - Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz - see how easy it is to make your husband happy (B/W) (1960s)
Philip Morris King Size Cigarettes - before I Love Lucy (B/W) 1950s
Philip Morris King Size or Regular - the way a new song becomes a hit song, gentle on your throat (B/W) (1960s)
Phillies vs. Mets (1991)
Phillips 66 Gas - 3 for the money, the performance stop w/Tom Seaver (1970s)
Phillips 66 Gas - Gayle Sayers (1970s)
Physicians Mutual Total Senior Care w/Dennis James (1992)
Picachu N64 (6/00)
Piels Beer - animated sportscaster interviews French Hockey player at MSG (B/W) 1950s
Pier 1 winter clearance sale (12/97)
Pinocchio 3000 on DVD (10/05)
Pizza Hut - I've been to the edge (12/97)
Pizza Hut - Ready for the edge pizza? (12/97)
Pizza Hut - Star Wars (2/97)
Playboy subscription - you can't throw them away/start your collection
Playtex Bra Extras (B/W 60s)
Playtex Cotton Pretty Bra (B/W 60s)
Playtex Dacron Blindfold test (B/W 60s)
Playtex Golden 7 Way Living Long Life Bra (B/W 60s)
Playtex Living Bra (B/W 60s)
Playtex Living bra for Bowling (B/W 60s)
Playtex Living Bra for Summer (B/W 60s)
Playtex New Golden Girdle (B/W 60s)
Playtex Panty Brief for the beach (B/W 60s)
Playtex soft cotton girdle (B/W 60s)
Plug & Play Game Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith #1 (5/05)
Plug & Play Game Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith #2 (5/05)
PLUS (Project Literacy US) - give the gift of reading w/Joan Lunden (12/88)
Polident Overnight w/Florence Henderson (7/06)
Poltergeist III on VHS at Blockbuster "I love P3" (2/89) 15 sec
Ponderosa Boots - like kid gloves (Color) 1960s
Porky & Petunia Pig on The Constitution - even a woman can be president (1986) 30 sec
Post Bank - unexpected financial problems?
Post Grape Nuts - microwave it, helps keep you going in winter (12/92)
Post Grape Nuts Cereal - Andy Griffith & Barney Fife exercise (B/W) (1960s)
Post Grape Nuts Cereal - Euell Gibbons - back to nature (1970s)
Post Toasties Corn Flakes - Andy Griffith - you need a good basic breakfast (1970s)
Powerade - with Dr. Strangelove clip (2002)
Prell with Christie Brinkley (7/85)
President Nixon Campaign (1971)
Presidio on VHS (12/88) Ad - We’ll See you in 2001w/Thus Spake playing on guitar (2000)
Prilosec - want relief yes or no (4/98)
Pringels - new fangled potato chips - black family (1970s)
Pringles - Rap (7/85)
Prizzi's Honor Trailer (7/85)
Proactiv Solution - Alicia Keys (11/05)
Proctor & Gamble - use their coupons and they'll donate to the Special Olympics (12/88)
Prom - for hair Marx Brothers (B/W) (1960s)
Psychic Hotline 900-535-LIVE (1991)
Psycho Skate Video (12/88)
Publisher's Clearing House - Win a Jaguar (12/88)
Puffs - Mona in a hurry, practically smear proof (1970s)
Puffs - time for the party mom - practically smear proof (1970s)
Puffs prints - girl gets them from her mom, test it on the mirror (1970s)
Pure Blonde Beer - from a place more pure than yours
Purina Cat Chow - I was a weakling on the beach (1970s)
Purina Dog Chow - Leave it to Beaver with Beaver, Wally & Miss Landers (1959)
Puyallup Fair Home and Garden Show 1/93 (12/92)
Q13 Kids fun Fair at the Kingdom 4/93 (12/92)
Quaker Instant Grits - Chuck makes his own grits at the truck stop (1970s)
Quaker Instant Oatmeal w/Wilford Brimley (1990)
Quilted Northern - Sunnydale School Bus (10/90)
Quisp from Quaker - ball of yarn is blocking space - animated (1970s)
Radon - Denial Can Be Deadly with Elvis Impersonator (1994)
Raid - House & Garden bug killer (Color) 1960s
Raid - House & Garden w/biker fleas (1971)
Raid House & Garden Bug Killer - animated (1950s)
Rain Man (12/88)
Raisin Bran - men singing in a cereal bowl (Color) 1960s
Raisin Bran - New Fat Raisins (1971)
Rap it Up - Alicia Keys (2002)
Rapper saying 4 4 4 4 (1994)
Rayovac Maximum for your video games w/Michael Jordan (4/98)
RCA Victor Portable Radio - survives being thrown and is nonbreakable (B/W) 1950s
Real Momentum - Southern Comfort (1/07)
Red Bull - Desert island (1/07)
Red Bull - Moon Landing (1/07)
Red Cloud American Indian Society (12/90)
Red Cloud Indian Society (8/90)
Redman Solo album (12/92)
Remington Electric Shaver - can shave a peach & a brush (B/W) 1950s
Ren & Stimpy Fruit Roll Up (12/94)
Renault Dauphine - the small car from France (B/W) 1950s
Rev. James Cleveland (1991)
Rewards2K - Apes/Monolith/Thus Spake from 2001: a space odyssey (2001)
Rhinegold Extra Dry Beer - parade of cans (B/W) 1950s
Ricola Cough Drops - Tis the season (12/97)
Right Guard - 2 sided medicine cabinet (1971)
Right Guard - interview with officer & woman w/John Amos (1970s)
Rip Magazine w/Guns N' Roses (1989)
Rite Aid - have all the lipstick (4/98)
Ritz - only from Nabisco (B/W) 1950s
Riunite - natural peach (10/86)
RKO Warner Video Store sale - K9, Parenthood & Field of Dreams $17.99 (1/91)
Road to Superbowl XL Commercials (2006)
Roadrunner High Speed Online (2005)
Robert Burns Cigars - natural filter (B/W) 1950s
Robert Hall - family clothes, animated (B/W) 1950s
Robosaurus for the first time at the Kingdom (12/92)
Rock Against Drugs (RAD) w/Steve Jones (1989)
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 98 - Fleetwood Mac (4/98)
Rock em Sock em Robots by Marx - the world's only boxing robots (B/W) (1960s)
Rolling Rock - company with no pants
Rubik's Clock from Matchbox (2/89)
Ruffles Chips - Cheddar and Sour Cream (7/85)
Ruffles from the back of an 18 wheeler (7/85)
S.O.S. - live Viking opera w/Gary Moore (Color) 1960s
Safeguard Soap - the Gannon family band in towels, perfect (1970s)
Safeguard Soap - the Vanaways, sports family - the perfect family soap (1970s)
Safeguard's Family Album presents the traveling family - 6000 miles on one brand of soap (1970s)
Sailing World Magazine (5/96)
Salon Selective 20 (4/98)
Sanka Freeze dried - 1/15/69 home ground taste returns (1970s)
Saturn - 8 passenger Outlook (1/07)
Saturn - Aura 2007 (1/07)
Save America's Wetlands w/Daffy Duck (1991)
Saw III DVD (1/07)
Schick Super Chromium - a man pulls over to shave, but he did 5 miles ago (1970s)
Schiltz - a bull comes after a man who hides on top of a phonebooth (1969) (Color) 1960s
Schmidt's Beer - Settle Back (7/85)
Schmidt's Beer big mouth barrel - Big Jim is coming (1979)
Schmidts Big Mouth Barrel - politician played by Mike Farrell (Color) 1960s
Schweppes Lemon - more sophisticated fight
Schwepps - do tell where did we meet? (B/W) 1950s
Schwepps w/John Cleese #1 (1990)
Schwepps w/John Cleese #2 (1990)
Sci-fi Channel - Star Wars Night Ad UK (1997)
Sci-Fi Channel - Welcome to the Edge (12/93)
Sci-Fi Channel Tales from the Crypt Ad - Here’s Crypty from The Shining (1990s)
Scope - give it to the head librarian (B/W) (1960s)
Scope - who says the kissing has to end on Valentine's Day - Peter Max animated (B/W) (1960s)
Scorpio by Lincoln Mercury
Scott’s Victor Lawn Seed (1984)
Scotties Tissues - Jimmy Durante - the 3 sneezer (1970s)
Scream 2 has everyone screaming TV spot (12/97)
Scream 2 Music TV spot (12/97)
Screaming Yellow Zonkers - the ugly person found them- animated (1970s)
Scrubs DVD Ad with Star Wars parody scene (5/05)
Sea Breeze with Elle McPherson (7/85)
Secret Admirer Trailer (8/90)
Secret Solid Ph Balanced (7/85)
Seville STS NYPD Ad (5/96)
Shasta Cherry Cola - it took a long time, trucks crash (1970s)
Shasta Cola - just enough bubbles to tickle your tummy - animated (1970s)
Shasta Orange Soda - Frankenstein monster goes to grocery store w/Thom Bosley (1970s)
Sheep (11/94)
Shore Christian Center in Wall (12/93)
Show Drift Shortening - animated John & Marsha eating (B/W) 1950s
Showtime - The L Word free ladies top offer (1/07)
Showtime at the Apollo Contest (10/90)
Sierra Mist - catapulting monkeys to Thus Spake (2001)
Silkience - Chicks just hatched (2/89)
Silly Putty - The Admiral (B/W)
Silver Eagle Michael Jackson - The Motown Years Greatest Hits album
Simon Pure Beer - Buster Keaton draws a keg & chair (B/W) (1960s)
Simpsons - 400th Episode (4/07)
Simpsons - 400th Episode w/Celebrities (5/07)
Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XIX (10/08)
Simpsons Bart & Homer - This is Fox, like you didn't know that already (4/90) 10 sec
Simpsons Butterfinger Nugget (1992)
Simpsons Butterfinger w/Bart Simpson (4/90)
Simpsons In the Dark Butterfinger (1993)
Simpsons Karate (1992)
Simpsons Last Butterfinger (1992)
Simpsons PS3 Game Ad (11/07)
Simpsons Ride (5/08)
Simpsons Stolen Butterfinger (1993)
Simpsons Surprise Butterfinger (1992)
Simpsons Wired Butterfinger (1992)
Singles Connection 900 number (1/91)
Sirius Satellite - Howard Stern for their 5th Anniversary (12/05)
Six Flags Great Adventure w/Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck (1986)
Six Flags Magic Mountain savings from Ralph's (9/90)
Sixteen Candles Ad (8/90)
Ski it to Believe it: 1-800-362-SKI (1/91)
Skin Tight CD w/Funky Stuff & Soulsville Mag (12/92)
Skippy Peanut Butter - animated history, different since 1933 (B/W) 1950s
Sleep Country USA first 100 hours of 1993 sale (12/92)
Slinky & Mobile Slinky toys (Color 70s)
Slinky for under $1 plus Slinky Train & Dog (B/W 60s)
Slums of Beverly Hills TV Spot (4/98)
Smart Guy on WB (5/96) - “I feel a great jealousy Bob.” and then he shuts HAL down (2001) - “What are you doing Bob?” HAL style computer (2001)
Smirnoff - Imagea through a vodka bottle shows evil scenes to the tune of 'Midnight, the Stars and You.'
Smith’s Home Furnishings New Year’s Sale (12/92)
Smokey Bear disguised as a woman against forest fires (Color) 1960s
Smothers Brothers Magnavox CD Player
Snow River: The McGregor Saga - Josh Caught in a Battle (1992)
Sobakawa Pillow Infomercial w/Jenilee Harrison (5/96)
Soft & Dri - New Shower Fresh Scent (7/85)
Soft & Dri Sports Style formula - women at the beach (2/89)
Soft Scrub Bleach (1990)
Sonata Rubik’s Cube (1/19/07)
Soul Man TV Spot (10/86)
South Park - Cult of Cartman DVD Ad 7/08
Space Ghost with Tony Hawk (11/06)
Space Patrol - guess what's in this box (B/W) (1960s)
Space Patrol - March of Dimes iron lung bank (B/W) (1960s)
Space Patrol - now we can see what's in the box, space binoculars like Buzz Corey (B/W) (1960s)
Space Patrol - Rice Chex, Wheat Chex, Regular Ralston Cereal (B/W) (1960s)
Space Patrol - space binoculars cereal offer (B/W) (1960s)
Speedway 79 - power fuel animated (B/W) 1950s
Sportmart - wheels & deals (12/90)
Sports Illustrated 25th Swimsuit Issue VHS (2/89)
Sports Illustrated for Kids - get them to read (1992)
Sports Illustrated w/NFL Follies, Watch & Sweatshirt offer (1995)
Spray 'N Wash - let em go (4/98)
Sprint The Most - we'll split it with you w/Candace Bergin (12/93)
Sprite Zero - friends come and go: parasailer
Standard Oil Service Station - Laurel & Hardy (B/W) (1960s)
Star Trek 5K Run on June 26 (1994)
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Premiere 1/9/93 (12/92)
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Premiere tonight (1/93)
Star Trek Generations TV Spot (11/94)
Star Trek TNG Sarek causes violence (5/91)
Star Trek VI 900-463-TREK Game (12/90)
Star Wars - At Theaters Everywhere (2/97)
Star Wars - It all Began (2/97)
Star Wars - The Magic and the Mystery Ad UK (1997)
Star Wars ANH SE TV Premiere on CH 39 (2/98)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Be Prepared (12/20/05)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Buy it Now (11/1/05)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (10/05)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ad - Guy thinks he can do Jedi Moves (10/31/05)
Star Wars Burger King Episode III - Vader vs. Burger King (5/05)
Star Wars Burger King Episode III Ad - Vader vs. Mopman (5/05)
Star Wars CCG (2/96)
Star Wars Doritos Contest UK (1997)
Star Wars E1 Movie (5/99)
Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Special Edition (2/97)
Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Special Edition 1 UK - Coming 3/11 (1997)
Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Special Edition 2 UK (1997)
Star Wars Episode I on Fox (5/05)
Star Wars Episode I Racer N64 (5/99)
Star Wars Episode II First Time on TV Fox Channel (5/05)
Star Wars Episode III at 7-11 Darth Dew Slurpee (5/05)
Star Wars Episode III Burger King - Chose Your Destiny w/Vader - I Am Your Father (5/05)
Star Wars Episode III Diet Pepsi - Yoda (5/05)
Star Wars Episode III DVD - Buy It Today (11/1/05)
Star Wars Episode III DVD - Buy It Tomorrow (10/31/05)
Star Wars Episode III DVD - Get it for the Holidays (12/13/05)
Star Wars Episode III DVD - In Time for the Holidays (12/20/05)
Star Wars Episode III DVD - SciFi Countdown 2 Hours to Go (10/31/05)
Star Wars Episode III DVD - This Fall There's Only 1 Apprentice (11/10/05)
Star Wars Episode III DVD Circuit City (10/05)
Star Wars Episode III DVD on Tuesday w/Battlefront 2 (10/05)
Star Wars Episode III In Demand (1/12/06)
Star Wars Episode III on DVD (10/05)
Star Wars Episode III Trailer - New Apprentice (5/05)
Star Wars Episode III Trailer - Sense a Plot (5/05)
Star Wars Force Action Lightsabers (11/06)
Star Wars Galaxies (6/05)
Star Wars Galaxies Starter Kit - Exclusive TV Offer (12/22/05)
Star Wars Galaxies Starter Kit (11/29/05)
Star Wars Galoob Action Fleet Playsets (11/96)
Star Wars Galoob Micro Machines (2/96)
Star Wars Galoob Micro Machines Mini Heads (1996)
Star Wars Hasbro POTF2 Beast Packs (2/98)
Star Wars Hasbro POTF2 Figures w/The Emperor Wave (7/97)
Star Wars Kenner POTF Action Figures (2/96)
Star Wars KFC Bucket Ad (5/99)
Star Wars KFC Kids Meal Toys (1997)
Star Wars Kmart Episode I (5/99)
Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Game (10/05)
Star Wars M&M’s - The New Dark Side Flavor (5/05)
Star Wars Marf E1 on Video (5/00)
Star Wars Pepsi 1 (5/99)
Star Wars Pepsi 2 (5/99)
Star Wars Pepsi Marf (5/99)
Star Wars Pepsi Tricon #1 (5/99)
Star Wars Pepsi Tricon #2 (5/99)
Star Wars Pepsi Tricon #3 (5/99)
Star Wars Pizza Hut Pan Pizza - Son won’t take off Vader Mask UK (1997)
Star Wars POTF Big Size, Big Action (11/96)
Star Wars POTF Deluxe Action Figures (11/96)
Star Wars POTF Lightsabers (11/96)
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Special Edition UK - Coming Friday (1997)
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Special Edition w/Original Date (2/97)
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Paperback (3/97)
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire SOTE (11/96)
Star Wars Sneak Preview (1/97)
Star Wars Special Edition - Germany (1997)
Star Wars Special Edition - Starts Friday (1/97)
Star Wars Special Edition #1 UK (1997)
Star Wars Special Edition #2 UK (1997)
Star Wars Special Edition (12/96)
Star Wars Super Bowl Ad - Darth Vader vs. Usher (1/97)
Star Wars Super Bowl Ad - Taco Bell (1/97)
Star Wars Sweepstakes (1/97)
Star Wars Taco Bell E1 Poster (5/99)
Star Wars Taco Bell Star Wars Toy (2/97)
Star Wars Taco Bell Toys (5/99)
Star Wars Toy Commercials - 55 Different (1978-83)
Star Wars Transformers - Millennium Falcon vs. Boba Fett (10/06)
Star Wars Trilogy DVDs - father grew up with the films (9/12/06)
Star Wars Trilogy DVDs - with original versions (9/12/06)
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition - Listen Carefully (8/97)
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition - Out Now (8/97)
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition - See the Difference (8/97)
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Coming to Video August 26, 1997 (8/97)
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition on VHS 10/6 1 UK (1997)
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition on VHS 2 UK (1997)
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition on VHS Out Now 3 UK (1997)
Star Wars Trilogy THX VHS - The Original One Last Time US (1996)
Star Wars Trilogy THX VHS Ad - The Original One Last Time UK #1 (1996)
Star Wars Trilogy THX VHS Ad - The Original One Last Time UK #2 (1996)
Star Wars VHS Holiday Offer (12/95)
Star Wars Walkers Tazos UK (1997)
Star Wars X-Ray Fleet (2/96)
Star Wars: The Magic and the Mystery (2/97)
Statoil - man scrapes snow off the wrong car
STD Program Pad controller (12/93)
Steak-umm - after the party
Stephen King Library (1990)
Stephen King's Pet Semetary TV Spot (1989)
Stick-it Floor Roller w/free upholstery & clothing rollers (1995)
Stohlman Used Car Blowout (1984)
Stolen Memories TV Movie Premiere (1992)
Stolichanta - Stoli Blueberi (1/07)
Street Legal Show (11/90)
Stretch 'N Seal Food Wrap - cover a bowl and test it against the others (1970s)
Stridex - wipe out pimples
Strum Fun Getar from Mattell w/8 discs (B/W)
Stuttering Resource Foundation - man on phone (12/90)
Stuttering Resource Foundation (8/90)
Suburban Auto Group - Trunk monkey knocks road rager out
Suburban Auto Group - Trunk monkey on date
Suburu - Rock Me Amadeus
Suburu race through snow Judge Reinhold (12/97)
Subway - Whopper has 39 grams of fat (12/97)
Sudafed - Animated male medicine head (12/97)
Sudafed Sinus - female animated (4/98)
Sugardale Singing Sandwiches (1971)
Sun America - time marches on (1996)
Sun Country Cooler with Dancing Bear (7/85)
Sunbeam Batter Whipped Bread - good living (1950s)
Super 70s 2 CD set from the 70s Preservation Society (1992)
Super Dave Osborne (1990)
Super Looney Tunes #1 (1991)
Super Looney Tunes #2 (1991)
Super Magic Diary (9/95)
Super Nintendo Super Set - Get 5 Super Mario Games (12/93)
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Super Scary Skeleton King Marathon (10/05)
Super Step Ladder by Telmark (1986)
Superbowl XL - 16 Blocks (2006)
Superbowl XL - 2007 Escalade (2006)
Superbowl XL - Ameriquest: Don’t Judge - Daughter looks like a hooker (2006)
Superbowl XL - Ameriquest: Don’t Judge - Man in hospital (2006)
Superbowl XL - Ameriquest: Don’t Judge - Woman on Plane (2006)
Superbowl XL - Burger King Dance (2006)
Superbowl XL - Career (2006)
Superbowl XL - Degree (2006)
Superbowl XL - Diet Pepsi - Diddy (2006)
Superbowl XL - Diet Pepsi - Jackie Chan (2006)
Superbowl XL - Dove - Self Esteem (2006)
Superbowl XL - Fantasy Football (2006)
Superbowl XL - FedEx - Caveman (2006)
Superbowl XL - Go (2006)
Superbowl XL - Honda Ridgeline with Yosemite Sam (2006)
Superbowl XL - Hummer3 - Monster (2006)
Superbowl XL - Mastercard - Macguyver (2006)
Superbowl XL - Mission Impossible 3 #2 (2006)
Superbowl XL - Mission Impossible 3 (2006)
Superbowl XL - Mobile ESPN (2006)
Superbowl XL - Nationwide - Fabio (2006)
Superbowl XL - NFL Nation (2006)
Superbowl XL - Poseidon Trailer (2006)
Superbowl XL - Running Scared (2006)
Superbowl XL - Shaggy Dog (2006)
Superbowl XL - Sierra Mist Airport Checkpoint (2006)
Superbowl XL - Sprint Cell Phone with Crime Deterrent (2006)
Superbowl XL - Sprint Music Downloads (2006)
Superbowl XL - Toyota Hybrid (2006)
Superbowl XL - V for Vendetta (2006)
Supercross IV at the Kingdome (2/93)
Sure Card - Get Credit (11/90)
Sure Card - no interest (9/90)
Susan Plechette is Maggie Briggs (1984)
Swifts Franks - baseball standup players offer (1950s)
Swiss Crème Sandwich - the yoo hoo family (1950s)
Swiss Miss - instant coca mix (1971)
Take Tea and See - it's hefty and hearty (B/W) 1950s
Tales from the Crypt - Arnold Schwarzenegger (1993)
Tampax - cheerleader tryouts (10/86)
Tampax - special days (10/86)
Tang - how they drink it in outer space (1950s)
Tang Instant Breakfast Drink - Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck shooting gallery animated (B/W) (1960s)
TCBY Treats (5/96)
Tennis Magazine (10/86)
Terminator 2 TV Spot (5/91)
Terms of Endearment TV spot (1991)
Texaco Sky Chief Gasoline - Jack Benny & Dennis Day - who else would buy 1 gallon? (1970s)
Texas Instruments solar calculator - Dracula in coffin (10/86)
The Boxer TV Spot (12/97)
The Facts on Pregnancy booklet - kids playing Hang on in arcade (10/86)
The Jewel Case - Freehold (12/93)
They Came from Outer Space - Jail (11/90)
They Came from Outer Space - making a commercial (8/90)
They Came from Outer Space Show (7/90)
They Came from Outer Space with Elvis Presley (8/90)
Those Funky '70s CD Collection (12/90)
Thrifty - woman thinks a rental car is a gift
Thrive Mix03 CD (1/07)
Tide - cleanest under the sun at the beach (B/W) 1950s
Tiger Electronics - Bugs Bunny (1991)
Tiger Quiz Wiz getting them out as fast as they can (12/93)
Til Tuesday - Welcome Home LP (10/86)
Time Life - Mysteries of the Unknown - a women in Wisconsin is doing the dishes 2 mins (12/88)
Time Life Books - The Old West w/Belt buckle offer (1984)
Time Life Books - The Vietnam Experience w/Martin Sheen (1984)
Time Life Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons collection
Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown
Tiparillo Aeromatic Cigars - machine that can tell all items w/Fred Willard (1970s)
To Grandmother's House We Go w/Olsen Twins (1992)
Tombstone Movie Spot (12/93)
Tootsie Roll Pops - kids say it's triple good (1950s)
Tootsie Rolls - Give Your Tootsie a Tootsie at the tollbooth (1971)
Top Job - grease gone, dirt gone, problem gone (1970s)
Top Job - new stronger smell, cuts the grease & gets the dirt (1970s)
Tower Records - We are the World (7/85)
Tower Records Clockwork Orange Ludovico - Jawbreaker (1/96)
Tower Records Clockwork Orange Ludovico - Rob Zombie (1/96)
Town Hall of CA (8/90)
Toy Soldiers TV spot (12/90)
Toyota 100,000 miles challenge (9/90)
Toyota 4x4 Total Recall (8/90)
Toyota Corolla Fastback - Frankenstein monster (1970s)
Toyota Corolla March 94 Sales Event (3/94)
Toyota Corolla with Martin Sheen (2/93)
Toyota Corrola Value Package (11/90)
Toyota Hilux - more powerful in Australia
Toyota Paseo 1992 model (9/90)
Toyota Rav4 - a car to make your own, couple fights
Toyota SR5 Sport - Frankentruck w/5 speed transmission (1970s)
Transformers Optimus Prime Set w/DVD (2/07)
Travelocity - Roaming Gnome seats left myth (1/07)
Triaminic - the right relief without worry (4/98)
Trident - Chew on this Ad (12/7/92)
Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD Game - w/Star Wars Episode III Clip (11/23/05)
TRON 20th Anniversary (2/02)
Truth - tobacco kills 20 times more people than murder (1/07)
Tums Ultra - women in a Diner - Fasted than Pepcid AC (1992)
Tunes Breathe Easy - Darth Vader (1996)
Turkish Taffy - the best way to crack it (1950s)
Twizzlers Show dances (4/98)
Tylenol PM - asleep at work (1/07)
Tylenol PM - Mom can rest easy (1995)
Tyson Looney Toons Meals (1990)
Ultimate Romance Line (12/90)
Ultra Brite Toothpaste - girl wants to be a hit with Wally, needs sex appeal (1970s)
Ultra Liquid Cheer - boat signal flags (12/92)
Ultra.Dance08 CD (1/07)
Unicef - Cards (8/90)
United Buy & Cell Furniture Warehouse (12/92)
United Nations - Think it's All Talk? (1992)
Upland Mortgage 1-800-upland1 (4/98)
Upper Deck 1991 Set Collector’s Showcase (1991)
UPS - moving at the speed of business (1996)
US Air - You’re going places (1996)
Valtrex - it's about suppression (4/98)
Value Village - buy more, spend less (2/93)
Van Halen Cabo Wabo (1990)
VD is for Everybody - from the Ad Council (Color) 1960s
Vel - couple's kitchen test (1950s)
Verizon - Dead Zones The Shining Jack with Axe Parody (12/08)
Verizon - Dead Zones The Shining Style Twins Parody (10/08)
Verizon Super Pages - Apes and 2001 Thus Spake with Yellow pages in space like a monolith (2001)
VH1 Promo - Keeping You Connected to Your Favorite Music (12/97)
VH1 Save the Music our future sounds a lot better (12/97)
VHS Foundations Forum 91 - Phil Anelsmo/Ozzy Osbourne/Jerry Cantrell/Suicial Tendencies/Dweezil Zappa/Warrior Soul/Ugly Kid Joe/Wharron Enter
Vicks Formula 44 - black family (12/92)
Vidal Sasson - We'll give you the hair you take it from there (12/93)
Video Games Awards 09 - Tron & Star Wars (12/09)
View - Leslie Nielson & Bee Gees (4/98)
Visa - A Chorus Line (1990)
Visa Cotton Club w/WTC (1996)
Vitalis V7 - Bob Allison (1950s)
Vitalis V7 - Brooks Robinson (1950s)
Vitalis V7 - Gail Cogdill of Detroit Lions (1950s)
Volkswagen - Nigel from Spinal Tap (11/06)
Volkswagon 411 - big enough for King Kong (1970s)
Volkswagon Bus - big enough for your family to escape - Frankenstein monster (B/W) (1960s)
Wal*Mart Ever Start Battery (5/96)
Walkfit Exerciser from Nordic Track - I don't like to exercise (1992)
Wall Street Journal w/Free Guide to Planning (1995)
Waltons & Rescue 911 on the Family Channel (1995)
Washington Natural Gas $200 off on furnaces (12/92)
Waterbed Gallery Sale (11/90)
Waterbed Gallery Suite Savings (12/90)
Waterproof Sea & Ski SPF2 (7/85)
Weight Watchers - brand new woman (12/92)
Wendy's Dave Thomas on the lookout for new Food (1990)
Western Union - when you need money fast (5/91)
Western Union - woman engaged to tow truck driver on talk show (1996)
Westinghouse Frost Free Refrigerator - woman shows off the new model (B/W) 1950s
Westinghouse Revolving Agitator - washing machine test (B/W) 1950s
Wham-o - shoop hula hoop & Frisbee (B/W) 1950s
What Turns Women on 900 (11/90)
Wheaties - Reporter, it's Bran News (1970s)
When Disasters Strike promo (1996)
When Time Ran Out Trailer (11/90)
White Castle - Driving Through (10/88)
Wild America VHS - Precious Moments & free Beauty of Butterflies (1992)
Wild Animal Games & Family Challenge Shows (1995)
Wilkins Instant Coffee - puppets aren't going to drink anymore (B/W) 1950s
William Dippolito Law Offices (12/92)
Willow the movie TV premiere on Fox (1991)
Wilt Chamberlin basketball game - Jekyll & Hyde (1960s)
Windex - Tarzan & Jane, what's a window? (Color) 1960s
Winkles Pantyhose - bank robbery w/Vic Tayback (1971)
Winston Cigarettes - Fred & Barney don't want to watch the women work Flintstones animated (B/W) (1960s)
Winston Cigarettes - tastes good animated matchbook couple (B/W) (1960s)
Winston Cigarettes - tastes good song (B/W) 1950s
Wiseguy on CBS
WMAL AM630 Bill Trumbull & Chris Core giving away big bucks (1984)
WMAL AM630 Frank Harden & Jackson Weaver $100,000 Giveaway (1984)
Wonder Bread - It Wouldn’t Be America Without it - LA Olympics (1984)
Wrigley's Doublemint Gum - ice skaters
Wrigley's Spearmint Gum - mind experiment
X-Files has moved to Sunday Night (1996)
X-Men at Jersey Shore Comics (12/93)
Yamaha DX100 Keyboard like a race car (10/86)
Yamaha Electric Guitars - It’s Your Turn to Play (7/85)
Year in Rock 88 (12/88)
Yellow Pages - John & Mary's animated song (B/W) 1950s
Yellow Pages - man has his nose extended
YMCA - 16 and pregnant (4/98)
Yo! Club Mtv Raps (89)
Yo! Mtv Raps - grammys (89)
Yo! Mtv Raps - Stop the Violence (2/89)
Yoplait - it is so good (12/97)
Your Heart Association - Johnny Smoke, how many more will die? - animated (1970s)
Yugo - cheapest car in America (10/86)
Yugo - did you know? (10/86)
Yugo - go cross country (10/86)
Yugo - the perfect car (10/86)
Zatarain's - mom thinks she's at Mardi Gras (1/07)
Zenith Starsite 2001: a space odyssey apes (2001)
Zocor drugs (1996)
Zoom Box w/Star Wars Episode III Movie & Game Clips (11/27/05)