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This MSNBC hour long show goes to Solano prison to tell the stories of 5 inmates involved in a controversial therapy program where they reveal the details of their murders for the first time. From the makers of Lockup.

Episode Description
I Put Fear in Your Life Vacaville, CA Solano Prison - Arthur Shawn Mefford (50) tied up a man and terrorized him 27 years ago, he couldíve hurt him worse, but has never spoken about it. Heís serving 54 to life after 3 strikes. He did drugs, shot up for 20 years, chased women and ran over those who wouldnít help him. He thought a house was empty, broke in and a man was there. He knocked him out and went through the house to rob it for 15 minutes. He lets his mind handle it. 4/13/08
Monster in the Mirror There are 6000 inmates there. Ronald Brook is serving life for first degree murder and has been in for 30 years. He kidnapped Susan Worthan and another girl at gunpoint. He was mad she was talking to another guy when he went back. In prison he thought he was dead and wouldnít last long. As a kid he moved a lot and couldnít make friends, his parents were miserable. Mosquito bites gave him blisters and his mom put alcohol on him and he screamed in agony and his dad wouldnít help. He wonders how he became a monster. 4/13/08
The Last Living Face John Robb (53) is doing 25 to life for killing Skip Burton. He had anger problems and was threatened by an associate, so he killed him. In 30 years he hasnít gone there so he wonít go back. Week 1 - His parents would fist fight, they divorced at 7 and he hated being ignored. His dad told him to protect his sister. He was abused and thought it was normal. He was sent to San Quentin and put in the hole. The warden told him if he didnít behave he would be killed. 4/20/08
Murder Amongst Friends  Jack McGarey murdered his best friend Luke with a machete since no one remembers the dead. They met when they were 12, he was the cool kid, they messed around all summer, then Bob shot himself in the head playing with a gun and died. No one ever talked about him again, he vanished. He never saw the body again. There was no love in his life, so he shut down. He was 17, had a girlfriend for the first time that was serious. They were together 6 months and she meant everything to him. She used to date Luke who said he would beat her. He decided to kill him and called his friend Cyril to do it and 2 weeks later he wanted to. They had made a pact never to let anything get between them, but this was different. He is a worthless piece of scum for killing his best friend. Heís not that monster any more. Week 16 - he gets a visit from his wife of 10 years. Sheís come 1220 times. They met 10 years ago at an inmates wedding and dated 22 months before getting married. They canít be alone yet, but can have contact. Heís hoping for parole. Her family doesnít know she married an inmate. 8/6/07 - A bunch of Mexicans jumped the whites and Jack was in the middle of it and sent to ADSEG. Itís the first time cameras have gone into the hole. His face is beat in, three guys jumped him, hit him in the face, kicked him in the ribs and waited for cops to save him. Heís up for parole in 5 months, itís worth getting out more than defending himself. Wounds heal, reports donít go away. Week 18 - he misses group because of it. Week 19 - he is let out to a new cell and got a 115 report that he was in a riot. He has to appeal to the officer who got him or he might not get parole. The trauma assessment is the hardest part, he has to write a letter to the family explaining everything he did. He thinks his is the worst story in the group. The plan was to bring him to a levee and kill him. He was hiding in the dark walking around the machete. Cyril pushed him down the embankment, he was trying to climb up and Luke pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the leg. He hit him with nunchucks in the head and they ran because the cops appeared, but Cyril couldnít run because of his leg. But there is a part he doesnít want to tell. He ran a quarter mile and didnít see anyone, so he ran back and Luke was trying to crawl away. He told him he had to kill him or heíll get in trouble. He said he wouldnít tell. He started hitting him in the back of the head and it stuck in the back of his head. He kept hitting him one more time to make sure. He heard the cops and ran. His hands were almost cut off. He didnít fight back though, he couldíve and heíd be alive. He got 16 to life and now itís year 21. He doesnít even know how to say how sorry he is. Final session - he has to say all the things Luke will never have. He didnít feel anything for a long time, he doesnít want to get over it all and dishonor his memory by letting it go away. He was denied parole in 2008 and is not eligible until 2012. 12/24/08
The Orchard Execution Eddie Haro (50) in Solano, CA is Native American and has done 21 years for 2 kidnappings and murders because he was there. He is a welder and says he has 5 job offers lined up. He hurt his back, got involved in drugs. He used drugs and sold them out of the house and it inferred with his family life. He was using crank, but he has trouble speaking about it. His wife Pattie is still waiting for him. His dad was sick and he was supposed to be there for him and died before he got out. The night before parole he is scared. He meets with his lawyer for the hearing. They will ask about the murders again and he needs to tell his story. Cecilia Kletke, the wife of Joe Flores & in law of Gilbert Flores who was murdered will be there. The pain is so great she canít deal with it. She was depressed for 10 years, it still hurts. She wants them to know she forgives him and doesnít think heís a danger to society. He walks them through the crime and she says what happened to her and he waits. She hopes he can save a life if he gets out. He didnít tell them everything though. She hopes he gets out and she can move on with her life. They deny him parole because heís not admitting it all. Week 21 - he writes out his story and realizes his mistakes cost lives. He was at work and his wife called that they were robbed. He was numb, then he got home and saw them and was mad. He told them to call the police. She said no, theyíll know where his drugs are. He made more bad choices, then 4 people showed up. They went to the house of the people who robbed him, but there was nothing there. Two guys showed up and they made them take them to where his stuff was. They took them out into the orchards instead and he thought that was odd. They pulled them out of the car and wanted to know where the stuff was. He stayed in the car when they pulled a gun on them he went into shock. He didnít call the police. Then they opened fire and kept shooting and they went down. They got their monies worth. Only one broke into his house and they killed them over a drug debt. The gunman got first degree murder and he got 2 counts of 15 to life for kidnapping and murder. He denies they were kidnapped. Since they werenít he hasnít ever admitted responsibility. Now he does. In prison they are always telling you what to do, he wants to show people he can change and live life in a good way. They donít believe his story, they believe the DAís story. That was his third parole hearing. He is still inside, no guarantee he will get out. 12/24/08

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