Crime Scene Clean-Up (2001)

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This hour long Discovery Channel show is narrated by Michael Gaston and follows pioneers who started companies in the field of cleaning up hazardous fluids and material after a death or a crime when regular people have no clue how to handle it after the police leave them.

Episode Description
New York City 61,000 die there every year. Wanda Clemons says you live through it again when you have to clean up your own scene. Dr. Mark Taff MD won't do it. Dr. Gerard A. Catanese MD doesn't normally do it. Sandra Hill says cops told her to do it. Ron Gospodarski says it's retraumatizing. He's a bio recovery specialist who opened a business 5 years ago to clean up crime scenes to help families who are left alone and don't know what to do. He's the first to do it, but there's no way to advertise it. 2/00 - Lillian Hollingsworth (74) was home alone and a 19 year old neighbor broke in and stabbed her.
New Orleans Officer Joe Samaha says they leave it the way they found it. Stacy Deniaola says they don't think about it when they go. Sgt Troy Savage says they do their job and move on. Chief Richard Pennington says there are all kinds of contaminants and they don't deal with them. Tommy Boudreaux runs Clean Scene. Martha McQuitty found 2 men shot at a gas station. It was a robbery where they gave up the money and were still shot. One man's liver was shot out onto the floor. Cops aren't educated on all the hazards. Frank Minyard MD says blood is hazardous and viruses do well outside the body. It annoys him to see them at a crime scene tracking blood into their cars. Five years ago Tommy started the first company in the state.

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