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This A&E hour long show started at the same time as Court TV's Texas SWAT. For Season 1 it was  called Dallas SWAT, For the next season they went to Detroit and Kansas City, making it hard to still call it Dallas SWAT. Now they call it the SWAT franchise. The show when it's action packed has a Cops feel to it. Most of the time they are sitting there waiting and negotiating with barricaded suspects. Sometime it's as long as 7 hours before they enter and it's so annoying and frustrating. 

August 1, 2007
Dallas - A Dallas cop featured on A&E cable TV series "Dallas Swat" has been fired after investigators accused him of having sex with a prostitute. Investigators claimed Senior Cpl. Johnny Baker (Ep #7), who had been with the department for 17 years, had sex with a prostitute in a Garland, Texas, motel room in February while he was working an off-duty job, the Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday. "All of the circumstances of these allegations are very troublesome," Police Chief David Kunkle told the newspaper. "There's a variety of things that he did to violate the public trust." Baker has denied paying for sexual favors and all other wrongdoing. A woman claimed Baker paid her for sexual contact during the 18 minutes they spent together in a motel room police detectives had followed them to. She said he paid her for sex on one previous occasion, the Morning News article said.

Season 1 - Dallas (2006)

1 Sr Cpl Robert Cockerill explains what SWAT is, when cops need help, they call them. He then works out for 90 minutes. Rich Emberlin at home on his day off. Operation: Next-Door Neighbor. Team members charge into a house to apprehend a murder suspect; and, in the off hours, one of them has girlfriend troubles. Officers include: Simon Alvarado, Nancy Bardin, J.D. Byas, Steve Clagget, J.T. Curtis, Duane Easterling, Alex Eastman, Rich Emberlin, Larry Gordon, Joe Guzman, William Huntley, Sgt. Paul Junger, Randy Lancaster, Vince Lee, Jason Perez, Jim Rose, Terigi Rossi, Robert Sartin, Steve Solaja, Todd Stratman, Andre Taylor, Misty Vancuren, Todd Wellhouse 1/5/06
2 Terigi Rossi changes at home. He’s from Boston, they came up and recruited for Dallas and he did it, was scared, didn’t know it he’d like it, but did. He’s ex-military, loves Howard Stern. Operation: Double Team - narcotics search warrant. Paul Junger briefs them, the door has bars and an 8 foot brick fence around it. Steve Claggett says they don’t want a level playing field, they want it in their favor. There’s supposed to be an 18 month child so they can’t use flash bangs and break windows. They have 2 teams hitting front and back at the same time. They get in with little effort. A woman is there with her child. Eddie Fuller says they found pot. She was arrested, but the suspect wasn’t there. A negotiator faces a tough challenge when a suicidal murder suspect barricades himself on a hotel ledge. Meanwhile, another team surrounds the home of a drug dealer and tries to figure out how to enter without endangering the life of a baby inside. #2. 1/12/06
3 Andre’s fitness training/Operation: Suicidal Man - Vehicle Assault – Alfredo Hernandez in a black of his SUV with a gun to his chin/Randy at home/Operation Massage Parlor: Vice warrant with 11 suspects/Campisi’s Restaurant/Andre and his kids/Operation Two Door Pull: Narcotics Warrant/Andre goes to Yoga class/Andre’s coffee break. The team tries to bust a house of prostitution; a man threatens to kill himself. 1/19/06
4 Gun fire training/Operation: Tunnel Rat – Scott McDonald does helicopter surveillance/Sniper Rifle Training – Chris D’alesandro/Operation Smoking Gun – Burglary of Assault Weapons: Tim Houston, Spanish male with 3 people/Sgt. Thomas Sible Mongolian BBQ dinner/Operation Tunnel Rat – speed freak in a double trailer with a meth lab and underground a bunker/Operation Hit the Door – small house with 84 year old, guns, drugs and a coke lab/Operation Double Trap – 2 story apartment with 2 drug house – 1 where the sell, 1 where they smoke, a flash bang sets a couch on fire and 12 people are caught in 1 room/Dance class/Katrina evacuees/Operation Turf War - Narcotics Search Warrant at a FEMA house – 11 people are awake inside at 6am and 2 are arrested/Chris at home 1/26/06
5 Rich Emberlin loves flying and volunteers for aerial surveillance, but it’s not fun work. Operation: Eye for an Eye - Narcotics search warrant for Big Dawg. There are 4 suspects. He was going into the Air Force but had an eye injury that kept him out. They fly over and the suspects are outside. He misses flying and wants to get his license. He hasn’t flown since 1994 and wants his girlfriend Jeanette to join him. Sgt. Eddie Fuller briefs the team. They hit the house a year ago. The house is caged and they will pull them. They have cameras pointing toward the street and they will see them and can run into the woods. They will use the chopper to make sure they can spot the runners. The team executes an arrest warrant on a gang of suspected crack-dealers; the team finds its tactical skills put to the test. 2/9/06
6 Senior Cpl. Rich Emberlin cooking at home/Operation: The Cage - his team face a gang of alleged crack dealers who have built a fortified cage around their house; Senior Cpl. Christian D'Alesandro heads an effort to persuade officers to pose for a charity calendar.. 4/20/06
7 Rich Emberlin trains at night in full gear, it's a necessary evil. Everything is geared toward training. They get a call of a man who has gone crazy and is ranting about the government and knows it sounds crazy and shots out the window. Operation: Gunfight - barricaded person. Sam Dugger wanted for shooting. A man has barricaded himself in his apartment and is shooting multiple rounds out the window trapping some cops who Rich Emberlin and his squad must rescue. Rich goes on a shopping spree with his daughter. Officer Johnny Baker helps to execute a narcotics warrant at a home where two young children reside. 4/27/06
8 Misty trains with D'alesandro/Operation Dallas vs. Dallas - armed barricaded suspect. Officers respond to a disturbance call; officers execute a search warrant on a house suspected drug-dealers use. 5/4/06
9 Steve Clagget is developing a high entry team. He wants them to rappel out of a helicopter 100 feet up to prove they aren’t afraid of dying. Vince Lee doesn’t like heights. Christian D’elasandro & Paul Junger like it. Operation: Drop Everything – vice warrant on a strip club The Swedish Institute that is a front for a whorehouse. Also: an undercover drug sting.6/1/06
10 Rich's Golf Outing/Operation: Trigger Happy - Barricaded Murder Suspect – Ishmael Moreno/Paul Junger trains with Randy Lancaster/Operation Hide and Seek: Armed Barricaded Suspect – The “Game Hunter”/Four SWAT members are shot across town/Operation Nasty Neighbor: Armed Barricaded Suspect/Paul’s weigh-in and pizza party. Officers help Dallas homicide detectives search for a suspected murderer, who may carry an assault rifle; an alleged drug-dealer shoots several team members. 6/8/06

Season 2 - Dallas, Detroit & Kansas City (2006-07)

11 Dallas - Steve Clagget trains a group/Joe Guzman at home/Operation Family Ties – Andre Johnson AKA Dre for aggravated assault. He fought with his wife and she left him. He took a bunch of sleeping pills and went in the garage to kill himself in his car. They find out he's an ex-cop and has a shotgun/Operation Man Trap/Operation Controlled Chaos – Gold Tooth Senior Corporal Joe Guzman must prevent a disturbed ex-cop from getting himself killed. Meanwhile, Senior Corporal Rich Emberlin wonders if his back problems will force him to give up his career, and the team's Tool Master Todd Stratman tries to develop a better method for quickly entering drug dealers' fortified lairs. 9/21/06
12 Dallas - Stairwell Training/Operation Tight Squeeze: Narcotics Search Warrant/Senior Corporal Larry Gordon’s Memorial Day Weekend/Operation Dog Gone It: Barricaded Person – Ghost Man -  home intruder with a startling method of entry/Larry’s day off – he talks about his brother Clifford serving a 60 year prison sentence/Operation Smackdown – Twisty Mark is a black tar heroin dealer - Officer Andre Taylor is out to stop him/Huntsville Prison Visit – Larry takes his kids to see their uncle for the first time. He's in prison for violent crimes/Operation Little House – Tara Austin. officers investigate a heroin dealer. 9/21/06
13 Dallas - Sgt. Eddie Fuller’s last week/Training/Operation Big Bang: Narcotics Search Warrant – Juan Arguro – they break into the wrong duplex/Operation Baby Blast: Barricaded Armed Robbery - Calvin “Carnelieus” Francis/Operation Say Goodnight: Narcotics Search Warrant. Deadly narcotics and arms warrant; barricaded robbery suspects; suspected drug dealers. 9/28/06
14 Detroit - Larry “Smooth” Davis, Joseph “Brain” Weekley, Randal “Batman” Hampton, Todd “Merlin” Swank, Jason “Diesel” Brasgalla, Sgt. Ramon Valdez, Timothy “Malibu” Dollinger, Jonathan “Ricochet” Bibbs, Kevin “Condor” Shepherd, Tarran “Old School” Foster - Room Clearing Training/Weight Training/Operation Random Shots: Barricaded Gunman – Lone Gunman/Diesel’s School Paper/Operation No Deal: Narcotics Search Warrant – Jerald Mellerson/Ricochet gets his SWAT tattoo retouched/Diesel passes his class/Operation Bad Withdrawal – Sticky Fingers is wanted for an ATM robbery, they smash into the first house and Ricochet breaks Old School’s finger with the ram. The house is empty, he’s caught at his girlfriend’s house/Old School goes to the hospital. A gunman, possibly schizophrenic and off his medication, barricades himself in; a narcotics raid. 10/5/06
15 Dallas - Rappel Training – Keith Reig/Operation 18 Wheeler – Hijacked Truck & Hostage – Samuel Scott Jones, driver Christine with dog. A black man forces a woman to keep driving until cops knock out tires and the engine and eventually the convict gives up/Firing Range Training/Operation Dog Day Afternoon – Narcotics Search Warrant – 4 door pull to get 2 dealers/Johnny buys a paintball for his son/Operation 50 Cent House – Narcotics Search Warrant - John Doe/Top Gun Competition – Eddie Sartin competes, but forgets his gun and comes in third. 10/12/06
16 Dallas - Sniper training – J.D. Byas/Operation Face Off – Armed Barricaded Fugitive – Christopher Stout, Reig fires gas, Officer Mike Morgan finds a shotgun/Gym training/Operation Double Hit - Narcotics Search Warrant – Jack & Miss B, 2 SWAT units hit 2 houses at once and #2 is empty/J.D.’s house and dog/Operation A Family Affair – Barricaded Armed Suspect – Jane Doe, killed her husband and called 911. They find her inside after she killed herself in bed/Operation Watchful Eyes - Narcotics Search Warrant – The Guard, The Doorman & The Cutter, screaming mad neighbors interrupt and dogs are under the house/J.D. goes to the SPCA for a new dog, but gets none. 10/19/06
17 Dallas - Operation Hotel Hell - Armed Barricaded Suspect - Ronald Robinson. He shoots a cop in a hotel and takes his girlfriend hostage. They talk to him for a long time, then he shoots her in the leg and himself in the head and dies/Operation Neighbor Hoods - Narcotics Search Warrant - John Doe, 2 pulls rip the front of the house off on the one side, 1 man is charged/Emberlin has back surgery at Southwestern with Dr. Alex Eastman & Dr. Kevin Gill/Operation School House Rock - Narcotics Search Warrant - Christian Alvarado & Jane Doe - 4 team assault on a 3 part house across from a school with 5 arrests/Emberlin gets out of surgery/Operation Bad Medicine - Barricaded Gunman - Grey Beard is suicidal, off meds, bi-polar and on meth - eventually he surrenders. 11/2/06
18 Detroit - Operation Stepladder - Narcotics Search Warrant – William Berry - Diesel, Brains & Condor go to a house with no stairs, a pitbull, crack and a customer inside has been using coke for 31 years/Diesel’s kids double birthday party/Operation Bad Neighbor - Barricaded Gunman – John Doe, shot at a neighbor then ran in his front door. They find the door nailed shut and he wasn’t there, but is caught 5 days later/Malibu works out/Operation Gate Crasher – Internal Affairs Search Warrant –Shawn Buzz Morter wanted for impersonating police – 2 targets 3 blocks apart. They go through a window at the business, but he’s not there. #3 is his house and he’s caught with a fake police tow truck in the driveway he uses for scams/Sean Woody Howitt prybar training/John Highlander Collins goes to sniper training at old Tigers Stadium/Operation Check Mate - Search Warrant – Big Al, bank fraud. Det. Barry Troszak, Det. Kevin Woods & Louis Galasso assists, he’s not home, but they find loaded guns and paperwork for 1 million in scams/Diesel’s day off. 11/9/06
19 Kansas City - Operation Rise and Shine – Narcotics Search Warrant – Jimmy D & Tommy. Sgt. Chip Huth leads, Officer Owen Farris rams, 6 man team, house has cameras, gate, blocked door, 2 felons are found in the back with guns, money, drugs and pills. Both are charged/Chip has his braces done, couldn’t afford them when he was younger/School Shooter training - Sgt. Joe McHale/Operation Check Out – armed barricaded person - William. Sgt. Timothy McClure was called to a hotel for a man cutting the manager in room 115. Sgt. Jim Carmody and his team deploy after he won’t answer the phone. Rita Olsen-Stawichi calls him on the PA. After 2 hours they smash the window and he starts stabbing himself with the broken glass. They hit him with rubber bullets, yank him out and he’s a bloody mess. No charges/Officer Mike Glass goes to training to search cars/Operation Drug Car – narcotics buy/bust – Ice Princess & Prince Valiant. Sgt. Paul Hamilton leads a buy in a parking lot. A second car, red SUV is encountered and a flash bang is used and windows are broken out. Officer Aaron Hendershot tries to kick in a window. The gray SUV is towed and a pound of meth is found/Plans at home are cancelled for another search warrant/Operation Big House – narcotics search warrant – high level drug suspect with kilos of coke and 100s of thousands of dollars. There is a door, a foyer, they toss a flash bang but there is another door and they people had just left – TV and computer were still on/Glass takes his daughter to a shooting range. 11/16/06
20 Kansas City - confrontations with alleged drug dealers. Also: An officer hears his unborn baby's heartbeat for the first time. 12/7/06
21 Kansas City - Tim Davis' morning run is interrupted by a barricaded gunman who has taken two women hostages, his sister and his girlfriend. Then gunshots ring out inside the home. Sgt. Chip Huth serves a warrant on an alleged drug dealing team of brothers armed with a gun. Chip tries to teach his two unruly dogs, some basic obedience rules. 1/11/07
22 Detroit - Elijah 'Goldmember' Hayes is doing gas training on the new guys. They fill a room up with tear gas and make them take their masks off to get a feel for it and they come out choking. Tear gas is used to force a man out of a house during a domestic dispute that turns violent when the suspect opens fire on the officers; an officer returns to his old neighborhood to try to end an escalating gang war. 1/25/07
23 Kansas City - Team members serve two drug warrants in the same apartment complex; and an officer is called out in the middle of the night when an armed man barricades himself inside a house. Also: a high-speed car chase involving a suspected drug dealer. 12/21/06

Season 3 - Dallas, Detroit & Kansas City (2007)

24 Dallas - 8:12pm they get a call for a last minute operation. Andre Taylor says it’s for drugs. Terigi Rossi says every warrant is dangerous. Operation Pandora’s Box narcotics search warrant for Arturo & Joel who are drug dealers. A man armed with a scoped rifle barricades himself in his home and may be holding a child inside. 7/26/07
25 Kansas City - Operation Nowhere to Run - car chase for Darrius Price. 9:20am – Sgt. Chip Huth says they are searching for a homicide suspect. Two squads combine forces to go after a meth lab, and the confrontation gets tense when a suspect flees. Serving a routine drug warrant turns into a potentially life-threatening situation. 7/12/07
26 Dallas - Steve Claggett says they are training with explosive breach charges. They blow the doors out so they can get in faster. They aren’t allowed to use it yet, but one day they will. Operation Uninvited Guests – armed barricaded person for Robert Burrough & James Henley. A team approaches two armed individuals who are believed to have robbed a convenience store, where they have barricaded themselves; and a team conducts a high-risk narcotics search. Explosives-breaching drills. #26. 8/2/07
27 Detroit - 4:30am Operation: The Crusher - search & arrest warrant for Vincent Byron Calhoun AKA The Crusher wanted for murder. An attempt to capture a murder suspect on Detroit's most-wanted list results in a fiery showdown. 7/19/07
28 Kansas City - 10:31pm - Sgt. Chip Huth gets a call of a man with a hand grenade. Operation Hired Bomb - traffic search warrant for Howard Eads & Biff. A home believed to be full of guns is searched. 8/9/07
29 Detroit - 7:18am Elijah ‘Goldmember’ Hayes arrives for work. He rollerskates and the guys saw the Austin Powers movie and gave him that name. Joseph ‘Brain’ Weekley, Randall ‘Batman’ Hampton, Kevin ‘Condor’ Shepherd & Sean ‘Woody’ Howitt all goof on his nickname and say theirs are better. Operation – Bunker Buster - narcotics search warrant for Omari Dixon. A narcotics warrant is served at a house suspected of containing drugs and also being fortified with weapons. Also: an attempt to break a copper-theft ring. 8/16/07
30 Dallas - 11/27/06 at 7am Terigi Rossi prepares for a warrant. Operation Boiling Point - narcotics search warrant for Kevin Whittaker. A bank-robbery suspect barricades himself in his garage; and a narcotics search warrant is served. 8/23/07
31 Kansas City - 8/30/06 - Sgt. Paul Hamilton briefs the team about a car thief who is trying to make a sale. Operation Who’s Chasing Who? Auto theft search warrant for Lawrence Phillips & Jennifer Cutter. A high-speed car chase is part of an attempt to stop suspected auto thieves. Also: a friendly barbecue contest between the officers. 8/30/07
32 Dallas - 2:30am Cpl Jason Perez is called for a warrant with the FBI. Operation Heroin Attic - barricaded persons for Teodoro Ortuno and Blanca Cantu. A team assists the FBI in a siege on an alleged heroin ring; and a warrant is served on a home that has been approached several times and is fortified with each visit. 9/13/07
33 Dallas - 8:45am briefing for a difficult drug warrant. Steve Claggett says it’s different. Operation Getting High narcotics search warrant for Remmy & Mo Mo. After 15 years in the division and 25 years on the force, Steve Claggett spends his last week on the Dallas Police Department and plans his retirement. But before saying farewell, he and the team must bring down a suspected drug operation. Meanwhile, a new SWAT member, Sgt. Ed Spila, gets his trial by fire when he faces a barricaded suspect wanted by the U.S. Marshals. 9/20/07

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