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Season 1 | Season 2

This hour show is from Spike TV and  has the look and feel of Fugitive Strike Force or Dallas SWAT. Season 1 was filmed with Group 14 in Detroit. Season 2 was in New Jersey. Narrated by Lance Henrickson

Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 DEA vs. Heroin Kingpin - Monday 6:25am Ė theyíve done 100 raids in the last year. Justin ďCountryĒ Mohr (29) assumes there are weapons inside. John Greer does undercover work, Rick ďWoodyĒ Gatewood does surveillance, Brad Ripken was a street cop, Ron Hoyt knows the streets. They have 2 felony warrants at a crack house and have to expect the worst. Agents work with an informant in an operation to topple a violent drug kingpin in Detroit. 4/2/08
102 Deadly Chase - Tuesday 12:20pm - drug dealers stay up late and sleep until now. This is when they start moving. They are after a mid level dealer and will stop his customers with traffic stops and itís dangerous for them. 2:45pm - they go after a pickup seen leaving the house and chase it down the freeway. He finally stops and they find half an ounce of pot. A traffic stop begets a high-speed chase that results in a standoff involving two drug dealers, an escaped bank robber and a desperate and dangerous fugitive. 4/9/08
103 Operation Pill Grinder - Tuesday 12:15pm at HQ they are briefed on Codename Pillgrinder - a man sold pills to a UC and they are hitting 8 houses at once selling ecstasy. Alpha team is in the city, bravo is hitting a boat, Charlie is hitting a money house. John Pappaminas briefs them on pills coming in from Canada. Itís popular with teens in clubs and ruins the brain. Patrick Kelly says itís a high-risk warrant. DEA Group 14 targets an Ecstasy-distribution network in a vast operation requiring eight perfectly timed raids. 4/16/08
104 Up the Ladder - Wednesday 10:15am - they go to bust a drug distributor who supplies all the houses in the area. He will be armed and they have to assume heíll use it. They pull up to the green house and the guy is on the porch with his feet up. They find 3 guns and a crack packaging station with 5oz. Heís an ex-con facing 15 years. Shadowing DEA Group 14 as they try to dismantle citywide drug rings while facing heavily armed adversaries. 4/23/08
105 Deep Cover - 10:05am - a CI drug dealer was supposed to make a big deal for them and didnít. Now they have a warrant to get him in a crack house. Mohr say itís dangerous to hit a door of a room full of crackheads. Calvin says there could be more of them. There were 3 outside and 9 inside. Crack is a cheap - $5 for a 30 minute high. Ripken says the basement was full of empty crack bags. The dealer was caught. David Shaw says it cleans up the neighborhood, the kids all know where it is. An agent goes undercover to breach an international Ecstasy-distribution ring based in Detroit and encounters a dangerous drug kingpin. 4/30/08
106 Marijuana Grow House - 4:05pm - Dave Shaw goes in SW Detroit to survey a drug house across from a Catholic school selling ecstasy, pot, coke and is known to have guns. Ron Hoyt says it shows disregard. Calvin says lots of their time is sitting and watching. After 8 hours nothing happens so they quit. A Detroit marijuana operation is targeted with the help of thermal-imaging technology. 5/7/08

Season 2 (2009)

201 The Six Million Dollar Heroin Bust - Tuesday 10:15am Newark NJ group 56 - Chris Masters leads a team against street level drug buyers. They work their way up. Dennis Dixon assists, has known him since 5. The woman is a big crackhead, has warrants, born in 68, hope sheíll flip. Bob Stevens says they donít play to lose. Sammy Delgado, Kevin Jacobs & Adrian Zackar fill out the team. They hit the house and find her hiding in a closet. She offers to buy $200 in crack and the guy agrees to bring it. Jim Caspar waits outside. She goes out to his SUV and they block him in. Two guys in the truck act all innocent, he doesnít sell drugs. What about the girl? He just got a truck, came here, his door wasnít open, she got in the back. He curses them out, says heíll be out in an hour, has a bank account of money. They tear the car up and are sure itís up his ass. They donít like that part of the job, never imagined it, but have to do it. 2/10/09
202 DEA vs. The Juarez Cartel - 9:55am Newark, NJ - they have a warrant for a Crip who killed a rival gang member. Heís usually with 2 other thugs. Chris Masters says heís violent, has shot before, will run. Bob Stevens says the other gang wants him dead, they want the info he knows. They hit a house and find a different guy who just got there. He knows the suspect, used to live there. He has nothing, has been in jail before. They find drugs and parking tickets from 3 days ago. He was there. He says it was a month ago. No, these were on the car. He finally gives them a new address. 12:15pm - they have to hit fast or he could be gone, but they have no warrant. Kevin Jacobs says you donít want to announce your presence. They knock, he answers and everyone is taken down. Dennis Dixon doesnít believe there are no guns. They find a bunch in the closet. Friday 2:30pm - they brief about a crack dealer with links to a major cartel the Juarez Seven. They will make a buy and hope to turn him. After 9/11 they turned operations to Mexico to smuggle in on the ground. They are young and ruthless and will cut off heads. They are international, so is DEA, youíll never know what info you can get. 2/17/09
203 Showdown with the Columbian Drug - Monday 11:20am Newark - Chris Masters says the Bloods are running a project dealing drugs and holding people in fear. Theyíve attacked cops who came in there. At least 8 gang members are out there. They want to hit 4 places at once. Dennis Dixon doesnít want anyone to get away. Ray Brown says they will shoot it out at street level, they will all run. A helicopter coordinates the time to jump out. They all run over and put everyone down. All they know is dealing drugs. All 8 are caught, they have $30,000 in crack. Sam Delgato finds a .25 on a guy. Kevin Jacobs says itís not all bad, take them out and clean up the area. 11:55am - Ray says they are going after a heroin dealer. A UC made a deal for Sam to buy $6000 worth. Heís to play a club owner. The guy is looking to move up. Agents set up before he gets there at 1pm. Two guys come over and get in the car, which they didnít know about. They are able to make the deal. 10:30am - the next day the dealer wants to sell some more. He spotted 2 agents, so heís going to be more suspicious. They get there an hour early to check for lookouts. They spot a couple and make a deal for $12,000 worth. They follow them 2 blocks to a house and they grab the drugs. They race out and grab them, then hit the stash house. They find pot, equipment and stolen license plates. A large crowd comes out to watch. 2/24/09
204 The Million Dollar Money Drop - AMonday 9:15pm Newark - they have a warrant for a Bloods gang member with 7 warrants who did a driveby. Bob Stevens says they think he knows where the stash house is. He has 3 brothers and they all carry guns. Jim Caspar says gangs sell drugs for quick money. Ray Brown says they are like the military with a hierarchy. Getting the money shuts them down. Theyíve been arrested 10-12 times each and donít care. They have to knock on the door. Kevin Jacobs says they could start shooting. A brother opens the door and they yank him out, he asks what he did wrong. The suspect isnít there. The brother fights them, asks why he's contained, heís a taxpay, working class. Chris Masters says you have to break them down. He finally says heís hiding at his uncleís house. 10:05am Essex Co. - they race over there. They find him, heís high on PCP and fights them all. They pile on him and he asks why is he on the ground. Any guns? No. He says heís on medication to put him to sleep, forgets what it is. He says the money is rent money. Tuesday 7:15am - he gives up the stash house so they load up and get ready to go. They just got over a million and are making a large gun purchase. They are armed, have dogs and are at the top of a staircase. They donít want to kill the dog and will use mace or extinguishers. Joe Risso says he opened up with the dog. Margarita Flores says they have to check everywhere, kitchen, bed. There are closets of shoes, cases or stolen stuff, paraphernalia. In the attic is a briefcase full of money over 1.1 million. 3/3/09
205 Flip the Stripper - Passaic County NJ 9am - the Bloods gang has taken over a 14 block area with a crack stash house. Dennis says they have taken over, people are scared. They want to get a dealer and have him give them the house. Tony Sarge Deluca briefs them. Chris says they start slow and take over each corner. They move the houses all the time, using abandoned buildings. They spot a dealer and hit him. Heís with one guy and he says nothing, the other tells them where they go in to get the crack. They want to send him in to make a buy. He takes them 3 blocks, but a runner spots him. They chase him down and send the dealer out. They could come out with guns. He comes back with the drugs, so they raid the house. They catch 9 gang members. They find blunts, rips down walls and the place is like a club. There is over $6000 in crack. All face 15 years. 4:45pm - Sammy Delgado meets with a CI about a coke dealer who uses strippers and is messing up his ex. Heís a 3 time felon with kilos. 9:55am - 2 days later they watch the house. Margarita Flores says he had no license, so if he gets in a car theyíll stop him. They use women to transport the drugs, it looks better. Soon after she drives him out. Kevin, Chris & Sammy go to pull him over. Itís dangerous, he could have a gun. He says they are stopping him every day. They search the car and come up empty. He denies having drugs. The girl also denies picking up drugs. They tell her heís gotten other women arrested doing the same thing. Sheís a stripper and makes good money. Everything is in your name so he canít lose. They have no warrant, but she lets them search her place. She says there is a bag of weed, she had the place before she knew him. They go inside and find 2 kilos of coke and tons of packaging equipment, a press, mixers, cutting agents and his own stamp. Itís a lab, no way she didnít know it. Sheís looking at 10 years, heís looking at life. If she testifies she may get a deal. 3/10/09
206 Drug Dealing Deli - 9:15am Northeast NJ - they stakeout a crackhouse. Chris, Dennis, Jim Caspar, Keith Miller will arrest the customers and see if they can flip them. They spot a deal with a SUV and chase him down. They run his info, he denies having drugs. They watch from another angle to see the front female passenger hide something. The driver has warrants and is under arrest. The woman denies everything. They warn her a K9 is coming and could bite her. If she gives it up they can work with her, if not all bets are off. 10:35am - she keeps saying no and please. They saw her hide it. She denies it. Then she says she has to get it, itís in her pants. She agrees to make a buy from the dealer who supplies the neighborhood, she gets drugs, not guns. Whatever it takes to get her out of this. She calls to make the deal and meet. They want to just grab him and not have him see they are coming. They knock him into the snow and he says heís not doing anything, you donít have to do me like this, heís not fighting. Jim went to high school with him, he says he knows me. He smells like weed, he denies having weed. They say a K9 is coming and he doesnít want to get bit and to search him first. They find nothing on him. In his car is a bag of cash and high grade weed. He makes a deal and gives them the location of a BBQ Deli he gets his stuff from in Essex County. Brian sets up to watch. Itís hydro pot that goes for $5000 a pound, comes from Canada, itís much more expensive than the regular stuff. The owner is buying many pounds and dealers get it from him. 3/17/09

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