The Dead Zone Episode Guide

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Season 1 (2002)
Wheel of Fortune
What it Seems
Quality of Life
Unreasonable Doubt
The House
Enemy Mind
The Siege
Here there Be Monsters
Dinner with Dana
Season 2 (2003)
Valley of the Shadow
The Outsider
Cabin Pressure
The Man Who Never Was
Dead Men Tell Tales
Playing God
The Storm
Deja Voodoo
The Hunt
The Mountain
The Combination
Season 3 (2004)
Finding Rachel Pt 1
Finding Rachel Pt 2
Cold Hard Truth
Total Awareness
No Questions Asked
Looking Glass
Speak Now
Cycle of Violence
Tipping Point
Season 4 (2005)
Broken Circle #401. 6/12/05
The Collector #402. 6/19/05
Double Vision #403. 6/26/05
Still Life #404. 7/10/05
Heroes & Demons #405. 7/17/05
The Last Goodbye #406. 7/24/05
Grains of Sand #407. 7/31/05
Vanguard #408. 8/7/05
Babble On #409. 8/14/05
Coming Home #410. 8/21/05
Saved #411. 8/28/05
A Very Dead Zone Christmas #412. 12/4/05
Season 5 (2006)
Forbidden Fruit #501. 6/18/06
Independence Day #502. 6/25/06
Panic #503. 7/2/06
Article of Faith #504. 7/9/06
The Inside Man #505. 7/16/06
Lotto Fever #506. 7/23/06
Symmetry #507. 7/30/06
Vortex #508. 8/6/06
Revelations #509. 8/13/06
Heart of Darkness #510. 8/20/06
The Hunting Party #511. 8/27/06
Season 6 (2007)
Heritage - Johnny receiving visions of his friends in danger at a local festival. While it appears he successfully avoids disaster, a fire later claims two people, altering Johnny's life and the fate of the world. #601. 6/17/07
Ego - Johnny envisions a psychiatrist's shooting and begins to investigate despite a new cop's objections to his snooping around. #602. 6/24/07
Re-Entry - A vision of trouble on a private space mission forces Johnny to work with Stillson to fix the ship in order to bring the astronauts home safely and avert a national disaster. #603. 7/1/07
Big-Top - Johnny becomes involved in a decade-old murder mystery at an "Alice in Wonderland"-themed circus. While there, he realizes that J.J. might have inherited some of his psychic abilities. #604. 7/8/07
Interred - A vision of a man buried alive has Johnny racing to find him in time. Turner reluctantly agrees to help, which inadvertently exposes Johnny to a tragic personal story from her past. #605. 7/15/07
Switch - Johnny has a vision of a woman being thrown from his train while on a trip with Bruce. While trying to save her, he begins to fall for her, despite clues that indicate she is a fraud. #606. 7/22/07
Numb - Johnny slips into a coma after what should have been a simple procedure, prompting Sarah to take unexpected actions to save him. Tom Barnett. #607. 7/29/07
Outcome - With less than an hour to stop a bus-station bomb, Johnny tries to find the source of the explosion with the help of Sarah's puzzle-writing friend. #608. 8/5/07
Transgressions - Faith and truth clash during a murder case involving a young woman. #609. 8/12/07
Drift - A vision involving a racehorse being stolen troubles Johnny on a trip to visit Bruce. Meanwhile, Stillson gets closer to Sarah and J.J., leading Johnny to realize he may have missed his chance to reunite his family. #610. 8/19/07
Exile - Johnny's disturbing vision of his psychic friend Alex sends him to a small town in an attempt to save her, but he needs rescuing himself after he is accused of murder. Meanwhile, Sarah decides to move out of Johnny's house. #611. 8/26/07
Ambush - Johnny steps up his probe into Walt's case in an effort to salvage his relationship with Sarah, and discovers a link to Turner. #612. 9/9/07
Denouement - visions of Walt lead Johnny to his father and a shocking revelation. #612. 9/16/07

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