Disorder in the Court

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This Court TV, now truTV hour show features 20 clips and comments by lawyers and people who work on law shows making fun of the clips. After a few specials the show completely lost it's way and now features more segments not about court than court. Two years later Smoking Gun's World's Dumbest would copy the format exactly, just without a host. Hosted by Ashleigh Banfield.

1 20. A Father’s Revenge - 3/1/02 - Dewey Brennan’s wife and 2 kids were murdered by Larry Parks. He makes a speech, then goes flying after him. It takes a dozen cops to hold him. 19. Antonio Cobb vs. Telephone - 1/19/93 - he was stalking his ex on the phone and got 3 months. On the way out he headbutts the phone off the wall. Even in cuffs he fights cops and they spray him. 18. Lawyers, Guns & Money - 03 at the Robert Blake Trial outside William Strier starts shooting at his lawyer Gerald Curry who hides behind a small tree as he gets shot multiple times. 17. Robert Blake Sings the Blues - outside of court he eats a hotdog, takes a guitar from a guy and starts playing Over the Rainbow. 16. Tigger on Trial - 8/04 - Jeff Kaufman is the lawyer for Michael Chartrand on trail for touching a girls breasts in a Tigger suit at Disney. They put the suit on to show it’s big and bulky and wouldn’t work. 15. A Family Fights Back - Jacksonville, FL 1997 - Jason Stevens kidnapped and killed 3 year old Robert Sparrow. He’s singing papers when people run over and start pounding him. 2006
2 20. Chair Attack - Springfield, MA 5/1/98 - Alfred Gainer the Springfield Strangler is sentenced. A man jumps him, beats him down, then slams him with a chair. He got 4 life sentences. 19. Puppy in Court - Justin & Josh Mulder are on trial for torturing a puppy. They bring in a live dog to show what they did. Judge Thelma Moore declares a mistrial. 18. The Drevermann Interrogation - Point St. Lucie FL 5/06 Henry Deveremann burns down a church and defiles it with satanic symbols. On his confession tape he goes to sign the papers, then stabs a detective with a pen and fights them. He’s found guilty. 17. Ohio Brawl - OH 11/16/06 - Jason Howard killed his girlfriend and 2 children. The victim’s brother flies through the door and starts attacking him. Cops hold him back, then the cousin comes in and punches him and attacks. They are charged with assault. 16. Lawyer vs. Lawyer - Seattle 04 - in court 2 lawyers start arguing and then it goes to pushing and punching. The female bailiff stops them. 15. 911 Call - 12/06 - Derrick Allen (22) broke into a house and kidnapped and tortured a woman and child. She calls 911 and she is heard screaming and he is yelling at her. The victims' dad Clifford goes after him. After he says he heard the tapes and lost it. 2007
3 20. Defenseless Defender - W Palm beach FL - Hector Revas was doing 25 for murder and he tunneled out of prison with 6 inmates. In court he says his lawyer was against him. He was considered delusional, found guilty, jumps up and punches his lawyer. He was found insane, but went back to jail. 19. Jumped Jailer - Brazoria, TX - Derwin Amboree is taken to the station for DWI and fights the cop 1 on 1 and beats him in the hallway. He gets him down and the cop sprays him with pepper and he still fights. More cops arrive and take him down, he gets 8 years. 18. Tennessee Injustice - Dale Martis is a suspect in the death of Mickey Wright. After 3 years a tip comes in he burned and dismembered them. 4/11/06 - in court he makes a deal for second degree murder only getting 15 years. After 6 years the family doesn’t get justice and flips out yelling this is the South! In the hall one man kicks the ceiling out, the family says it is because the victim was black. 17. Comic Strip - 7/15/05 - in bond court Nicole is waiting her turn and just rips her clothes off and spins around. The dress comes off with velcro and she has nothing underneath. Judge Gerald doesn’t even notice. 16. Christmas Rage 8/2/907 - Michael Christmas is in court for murdering his brother-in-law. Cops found the gun in his room. In court people start screaming and a fight breaks out between families. 15. Nearest Exit - Portland, OR - Wayne Trent (24) is at a bail hearing for impersonating a cop. His bail is $250,000. When he’s cuffed he takes off out the door. He’s tased on the steps and goes down. He calls for his mom. His bail was then doubled. 2008
4 20. Head Shot - Covington, KY 2/6/08 Peter Hafer stole $50,000 in jewelry from a K-mart. He doesn’t like his public defender and he tells him he doesn’t get to choose. Then he punches the lawyer in the face knocking him down and out. Bailiffs yank him off and the beat lawyer doesn’t have any ill will. 19. Rosales Rage - Castlebury, FL 12/5/07 - Antonio Rosales assaulted and choked a 4 year old girl and at the trial he tells the lawyer you don’t know that and smashes a keyboard into a monitor and overturns a desk. 18. Turning the Other Cheek - at Victory Church Rev Bill Joe Doherty is preaching when Steven Rogers comes over and punches him in the face. He goes back to the podium with his eye bleeding and says praise god. The keyboardist keeps going and he says he didn’t see it coming. 17. Professor Pain - Tom Lowry represents himself suing 3 church leaders. He has mental problems, speaks in slurs, then he yells and gets agitated. The judge says to remove him and 5 cops come and grab him and he wants it on record, then they tase him and he screams and goes down. 16. Taiwanese Cat Fight - Sue Chi Yang is in parliament complaining about another woman. The woman comes over and smacks her in the face, then another woman attacks her yanking her hat off and a brawl ensues. 15. Kenner Chaos - GA murder trial. A woman was beaten, tortured and killed for 3 days. The guy gets 3 life sentences then he flips out and tosses a table and attacks. They grab him and he says I can’t believe you are doing this in front of my mama as they cart him out. 2008
5 20. Bond Court Beatdown - FL 6/8/08 - Mitchell Lee Simpson appears before Judge Maria Espinosa by CCTV. He is denied bond and turns and assaults the next guy in line for being there. 19. Taiwanese Takedown - an election for speaker of the house in congress. A debate breaks out and a man does a flying tackle on a speaker and 2 women chase him away. Then a brawl breaks out. 18. Pee Wee Punchout - Corpus Christi, TX - during pee wee football a father runs out on the field and tackles the coach. Parents flood the field and brawl. 17. Jailhouse Rock - Sharpes, FL - Leon Parker is arrested for battery in the Brevard Co courthouse. Cameo Jones enters the booth with him and Leon attacks him even though he’s cuffed. He says he will kill him when he sees him. 16. Michigan Mayhem - Battle Creek, MI - Michael Fisher killed his wife and son. In court he is found guilty of first degree murder. He jumps up and attacks a cop trying to get his gun. He pulls on it and cops pile on him and tase him. The family runs in fear and he laughs. A month later he gets life without parole. He says he has no remorse, he should’ve killed her 2 years ago and will kill them all. 15. Meet the Press - Shane Howell killed his grandmother. Reporter Charmaigne Brown arrives to cover the story and is assaulted by the family. 2008
6 20. Chaos in Kalamazoo - Servon Palmor (16) is on trial for home invasion and terrorizing women with his friends. SWAT got them out. He is found guilty and gets 50 years. He says he’ll be out. His brother starts screaming all you honkies are crazy. The judge says to arrest him and he fights, people are all over. He says he can take them, they couldn’t mace him. He got 90 days in jail. 19. Minor League Basebrawl - Durham, NC - at a Durham Bulls game a batter is hit at the strike out domestic violence night. The man charges the mound and a bench clearing brawl ensues and one man is knocked out. 18. Opposition Party - Venezuela’s socialist party wins and protests ensue. In parliament a brawl ensues and everything is used as weapons - velvet ropes, metal rails, fists & feet. 17. Parent Punch - 6/06 a 2 year old is taken from his parents because of drugs. At the foster parents house the kid disappears, they say she walked out. The foster parents won’t help and the birth parents confront them. The foster dad says it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for their negligence. The birth father starts pounding on him. The kid is never found. 16. Hell-o-ween - at Southern Illinois University SIU they have an annual Halloween party and 100s fill the streets. Women on shoulders flash heir breasts and start getting attacked, then a riot ensues and people starts fighting, turning over cars, lighting fireworks. No bars are closed. 15. Parlimentary Mosh Pit - Japanese parliament debates sending troops to Iraq. A call for order comes and then everyone starts piling on and pounding each other.
7 Best of 2008. 20. Head Shot - Georgetown, KY 2/08 - Peter Hafer punches his lawyer in the face. 19. Transference - Milwaukee, WI 5/14/08 - Benny Bennett (17) in a mask runs onto a bus and assaults the driver. 18. Meet the Press - Union County, SC 3/08 - Sean Howell kills his grandma and the reporter Campbell Brown goes to interview the family and they assault her. 17. Palm Beach Payback - Louis a father of 7 and is beaten and killed. In court the brother of the victim attacks the murderer. 16. Metro Melee - Buffalo, NY 9/08 - on a subway going home from a concert a fight breaks out. 15. London Calling - Wembley Stadium 4/08 - Tibetan protesters attack the Olympic torch as it comes by. 12/08

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