Driving School (1997)

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This half hour BBC series follows people training for their driving test, including some of the worst drivers in the country.  Narrator - Quentin Willson

# Description
101 Maureen's husband Dave the bus driver takes her out. She's failed the driving test 6 times and spent $10,000 on lessons, 80% of her income. Joan Rodwell has to watch from the back with a dog in the front. She's had 110 lessons and it taking the test for the third time. Maureen tries to turn, but is going too slow and they keep passing her, then she hits the curb and almost crashes into a car trying to turn. Dave is horrified. Maureen cleans gas stations, mostly bathrooms. She wants to be able to drive to get other cleaning jobs. Joan is taught by Paul Farrell, her 5th instructor. He collects toy cars. Linda Clark from Linda's Learning is Maureen's instructor, she does 1 hour a week. Joan has to go reverse around a turn and is scared. Maureen has to park at a curb. She's taken 400 lessons and is taken the test again. Danny Waring wants to be able to pick up his girlfriend. Maureen makes Dave get up in the middle of the night to test her. Pam runs Streetwise driving school and has 20 students, she wants Paul to work with her to help her out. The written Theory Test is 35 multiple choice questions in 40 minutes and Maureen must pass it first. In 20 minutes everyone is done but her. Pamela Karr teaches Danny how to drive a clutch for the first time. Joan has to take the road test for 30 minutes with Paul in the back. She leaves in neutral and keeps revving the engine. She starts over and finally gets it to move. He tells her turn right at the light, she says go straight. Then an emergency stop. She passes and is ecstatic. Maureen waits for the test results and is in a panic. She fails and wants to give up, she's spent too much money. She says she's a bloody idiot and cries. Pam calls up Paul about a job teaching twins.

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