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Not to be confused with Smoking Gun TV, this hour truTV show features 20 clips of people doing crazy things with comments by celebrities who got  in trouble by doing dumb things themselves. Includes regulars Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Gary Busey, Leif Garrett, Judy Gold & Tonya Harding. It also features comedians and legal experts like Andrew Goldberg, Bill Bastone, Ron Kuby & Curtis Sliwa. The legal eagles disappeared and others come and go over time including: Daniel Baldwin, Joe Brat, Michel Bryant, Bryan Callen, Helio Castroneves, Adrianne Curry, Dustin Diamond, Nick Dipaolo, John Enos, Susan Felber, Amy Fisher, Jami Floyd, Ardie Fuqua, Dr. Jeff Gardere, Daisy Gardner, Godfrey, Will Hines, Dave Holmes, Adam Hunter, Billy Kimball, Lynne Koplitz, Ali Landry, Brad Loekle, Roger Lodge, Michael Loftus, Loni Love, Lenny Marcus, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth,  Kevin McCaffery, Wendi McLendon, Scott Nevins, Chuck Nice, Tom O'Riordan,  Matt Pack, Chelsea Perreti, Vinny Parco, Chelsea Peritti, Natalie Desslee Reid, Mickey Sherman, Streeter Siedel, Karriane Steffans, Mike Trainor, Verne Troyer, Bruce Vilanch, Rich Voss, Jimmy Walker & Patricia Walsh Smith. 
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Season 1 (2008)

Title Description
Criminals 1 20. Big Time Booster: Upper Darby, PA 10/8/07 - an enormous white lady with too many tattoos starts shoplifting everything in sight. She even uses her granddaughter to help shove it in her baby carriage. She was caught and got 30 days. 19. Bait Car Maniac: 6/6/04 - a guy takes a bait car and starts screaming like a demon and yelling ďIím coming!Ē, he speeds, yells get the fó out of the way and pulls out a .357 and starts dry firing it. He gets so wild heís lifting out of his seat. #101. 3/13/08
Criminals 2 20. Safes are Heavy: TX Ė a man breaks into the back of a Chicken Express. He takes the safe and rolls it out on an officer chair. The chair dies and he rolls it end over end to his truck. Then he has to lift it into his truck, but itís too heavy, over 300 pounds. So he decides to push it home with his truck, but he only made it 2 blocks. 19. Wall of Death: UK 2/11/96 - at a mini mart a man reaches over and punches the cashier in the face and robs the register. So they put in a wall that goes up with the touch of a button. The next time a guy robs them the wall goes up, traps him and they beat him. #102. 3/20/08
Criminals 3 20. Manís Best Friend: Gloucester, MA - at a 7-11 a man lingers around outside and when the register is opened he runs in and jumps the counter to rob them. The old cashier grabs a hammer and whacks him. He fights and then a customer jumps over, grabs the hammer and beats him too. He runs out and leaves his dog behind and cops get it. 19. Junk in the Trunk: SC 9/12/06 - men rob a liquor store at gunpoint. Cops stop the car, the he pulls over and he pops the trunk showing all the stolen booze. He gets out and closes it. The cop goes to arrest him and he takes off. He comes back and arrests the passenger. The driver was caught soon after. #103. 3/27/08
Criminals 4 20. Crash & Grab: Alice, WI - a man crashes his car all the way through a liquor store, jumps out, grabs some bottles, shoves them in the back and goes out in reverse. Police caught him. 19. Itchy & Scratchy: FL Ė a trooper arrests a drunk and asks him a question and he says his nuts itch, can I scratch them? No. Can you scratch them for me? No. He tries to rub his legs together and wonít pay attention to anything they say. #104. 4/3/08
Drivers 1 20. Gate Gaffe - a woman driving a van driving through a gate hits the side of the gate and flips over. 19. Mall Maniac: Augusta, GA - a man crashes his 2003 Ford Escort through a mall door and drives around inside after is closed. Then he crashes out another door and cops are waiting for him and he gets out and starts punching the cops. Cops then beat him with a baton and arrest him. #105. 4/10/08
Drivers 2 20. Jeep Oops - Mike has a brand new red jeep he wants to drive up a large angled boulder. He goes straight up in the air, flips over, crushes the roof and traps him. 19. Itís a Stretch: Germany - a woman stops for gas and yanks the hose across the trunk of her car to get to the other side. The hose recoils and it pulls her back over the trunk and onto the ground. #106. 4/17/08
Daredevils 1 20. ATV: All Terrain Vidiot - in a NJ sandpit a man tries to make a jump and crashes into a dirt wall. The bike is destroyed. 19. Gorilla Goofball - Lakewood, WA - B&I Mall used to have a live gorilla named Ivan. A man dressed up as a gorilla and runs around, then grabs a boy and runs off. The parents chase him down and call the cops. Isiah Michael Jackson was the culprit and he got 30 days house arrest. 18. Caravan Carnage - Hertfordshire, England - a race with cars pulling 30 old hollowed out trailers that flip over and get destroyed. #107. 6/5/08
Criminals 5 20. Purebred Punks - Wilshire, CA - 2 men come up to a house to rob it, but only want to steal the Yorkshire Terrier puppies. A hidden camera inside shows they have to chase them down and put them in a bag. 19. Heads up - a man tries to rob a liquor store, but the 2 women know he doesn't have a gun and smack him over the head with bottles and one breaks. They chase him out. 18. Crutch Crook - Albuquerque, NM - a man goes into a bank in a ninja outfit with a gun on a crutch. He wanders around until they give him a backpack with money. The 30 year old was caught. #108. 6/12/08
Partiers 1 20. The Big Bounce - Baytown, TX - a man is arrested for being drunk and he tries to run out of the police station and crashes headfirst into a door and flies backwards. Cops then hogtie him. 19. Oh, Romeo - FL cops pull over Phil for being drunk and he says he's Tyronne Williams a crazy son of a bitch. His age is 95 years old and hides his face, Phil who? I f-ked your mama, that's the only physically defect I have. He then does Romeo and Juliet and puts a cone on his head and says I'll do balance and dances around. 18. Win, Place, Show it all - Sydney, Australia - at the Jockey Club track a naked man runs on the field to beat the horses and falls on his face. He was celebrating his bachelor party. (Originally was Rednecks) #109. 6/19/08
Criminals 6 20. Handy Heist - Kennasaw, GA - a man goes into a convenience store and asks for cigarettes, hands the clerk a note for a robbery and puts his hand in jacket saying it's a gun. The clerk gives him $470 and he shows him there is no gun. Then they attack him and tackle him on the way out. 19. Bingo Beatdown - Sydney, Australia - two armed robbers enter a bingo hall to rob it, but there is a biker convention in the room next door and they pour out after them. One hides behind a bar and is beaten up, they throw them out and the cops arrive. 18. Too Close for Comfort - an armed man comes around the corner of video store to rob it. He walks right by the clerk who grabs him and attacks him. He pushes him over the counter and gets pepper spray and sprays him down. He drops the gun and leaves. #110. 6/26/08
Drivers 3 20. Duffer's Detour - Las Vegas, NV - a man steals a bait truck and then realizes he's caught. He runs, hops a fence and goes onto a golf course while a helicopter films it all. Then he tries to get away in a golf cart. A groundskeeper chases him and he dumps it and runs, but is caught. 19. Calm Down Ma'am - IL - a woman can't find her driver's license and flips out. You do believe me that I have it don't you? She had to write a check for $1 and had her license, he gave it back to her. She doesn't have $75 for an illegal turn. 18. Husband Hunting - Las Vegas, NV - a woman tries to run over her soon to be ex. She goes to her job and misses him in the lot, so she chases him through the hotel lobby and hits him in the leg breaking his ankle. Then she reverses it out. #111. 7/3/08
Daredevils 2 20. Flying Potato - Prince George, BC - at the downhill race 3 guys ride a couch attached to a bike and flip end over end. 19. Slip Sliding Away - Valdez, AK - at the downhill championship a woman falls and rolls down the side of a mountain. 18. Stunt Manboobs - CA - a guy tries to stand up on his yellow motorcycle and he falls off and the bike passes the truck filming him and flips over. #112. 7/10/08
Competitions 1 20. Waging Bull - in Mexico 4 guys play bull poker and one runs for it right away. One guy is thrown by the bull, then another hit takes out the whole table. 19. Eggnoggin - in England they play Russian roulette with eggs. Whoever hits themselves with the hardboiled egg wins. 18. Frozen Dinks - Winter Park, CO - on the last day of Spring Splash skiing down a mountain across a pool. Some use snowboards to win $1000. 17. Ballcycles - Cycle ball is played with bicycles and soccer balls in Germany. #113. 7/17/08
Competitions 2 20. Sport-a-potty - at a horserace people do the urinal run across the tops of porto potties while people pelt them with full beer cans. 19. Tuff 'n Tiny - Colorado Mutton Busting competition - kids wear a helmet while riding on a sheep. 18. Caged Heat - Lithuania Beauty Queen of Cell Block A competition. Christina (21) wins. 17. Booty Call - Stagnating Call championship in Germany, making male stag calls. 16. Big Ballers - Cannonball Championship in Denver, CO. Fat men jump into a pool. 15. Moscowww! - Annual Sideshow performer of the year competition with piercing, contortionists. #114. 7/24/08
Criminals 7 20. G-String Theory - Avada, CO - two guys want to get into a convenience store that isnít open yet and the clerk wonít let them in. Then they come back with thongs on their head and break the window to rob the place. One guy has a pink backpack and fills it with cigarettes. 19. Whiz Kid - FL 3/12/02 - a cop pulls over Mr. Foster. He has a cooler and mumbles everything. He wants to check the cooler and wants to see if he peed himself and the guy falls asleep standing up. 18. Fudge & Jury - Annapolis, MD - a woman breaks into Uncle Bobís Fudge Kitchen and steals cookies and fudge and falls down carrying it all. She goes next door to a hotel. The cop says she had so much it was falling out of her pockets and shirt. #115. 7/31/08

Season 2 (2008-09)

Criminals 8 20. All Alpha-Bets are off - a cop stops a car going the wrong way and has the man say the alphabet from C to Q. He keeps going past Q, he makes him do it again and again and goes crazy in the back of the car. 19. Roofed - Los Angeles, CA - a man goes crazy on the roof of a burger place throwing paint cans at cops. 18. Pimp'd Out - Houston, TX - a pimp yells at a karate instructor who tells him and his whore to leave the area and he flips out, the whore holds him back and the instructor knocks him out with one chop. 17. Drunk M**** F**** - FL - a man is arrested for DWI and at the station they interview him. He was driving under the influence, but wasn't driving. The woman jumped on his lap and he pushed her off, but the cop was there. What merformance test? She gives him a FST and he wants the cop to close her eyes. #201. 10/9/08  
Fans 1 20. Revenge of the Nerds - Hollywood, CA - May 2002 - some punks mock on the losers on line for Star Wars Episode II. Fans come back and confront them and knock one out. The guy says his mom is on line with him and he's no geek. 19. Popped Warner - Corpus Christi, TX - a coach knocks out the referee at a pee wee football game, one woman with a camera kicks another woman in the ass and a fat man goes wild. 18. Great American Ass-Time - at a baseball game seventh inning stretch a woman in a thong does a striptease in the stands. 17. Press Interference - after an Australian rugby game a reporter talks about the loss and fans make fun of him from behind and tackle him, then a group of guys attack him.  #202. 10/16/08
Drivers 4 20. Back Stretch - New York cops chase a white stretch limo that blows a transmission and in reverse until he hits a tree. 19. Highballs - Augustus is given a FST and canít handle the follow the pen test, he says both of his eyes are made of glass. 18. Smokiní Hot - Pasadena, CA - cops chase a carjacker and when he stops he smokes surrounded by cops and they send the dog in to get him. 17. Out, Out (of my) Damn Space - Danburry, England - two people go for the same parking space and they fight about it. The red car then pushes the white car out of the spot, as the man in the white car pushes his car with his hands from the back. 16. From Russia, with Love - a man carries his bride down the road while the photographer drives next to them taking shots. Then a huge truck barrels into their white car and rips the back off. #203. 10/23/08
Daredevils 3 20. Head on Humiliation - UT - a guy tries to jump a Chevy on a bicycle in a desert canyon and hits the other side and falls down onto the truck. 19. Altar-ed Course - Edmonton, Canada - a man skydives to his wedding with his best man. He lands in the trees, the best man crashes into parked cars. Heís really sorry after. He broke his wrist and had internal injuries. 18. Suspension Bridge - Aspen, UT - 3 guys build a ramp to ski across the metal rail on a bridge. One guys falls, the last guy falls backwards, gets caught and falls into the ice on his head. He bit his tongue. 17. Horsing Around - Argentina - men ride wild horses and are thrown off fast and hard. One guy is slammed on his face and flipped over. One guy is rolled while riding. 16. Bottoms Up - a man paraglides into a wooden fence in front of his family. A woman says he has a really bad back already. 15. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - Buenos Aires 850 race. The green car 21 goes to win and waves to the crowd and crashes into the wall right before and breaks the car, he canít even push it across the finish line and throws the helmet at it. Someone helps push it. #204. 10/30/08
Competitions 3 20. Airheads - San Francisco, CA - a street Luge race that goes up to 70mph and they added a ramp to launch them 100 feet in the air and many wipes out hard. The winner gets $5000. 19. Hydro Smooch - Riccione, Italy - an underwater kissing championship to see who can stay longest underwater wins. Winner is 1:51 mins. 18. Bull Nelson - Portugal - in a ring men try to take down a wounded bull with their bare hands. It takes 8 Fercados to slow it down. 17. Pin the Thai on the Donkey - blindfolded Thai boxing. Three guys punch wildly and the ref gets hit more than most. 16. Kickiní Little - Thailand - midget kickboxers. One really small guy does handstand kicks and punches without a glove. 15. Happy Flails - Turkey - for the arrival of spring men whip each other. One guy whips the crowd. #205. 11/6/08
Drivers 5 20. Disorient Express - CA - an 18 wheeler is on the train tracks when the light changes and gets plowed into by a train. 19. Aches on a Plane - Baton Rouge, LA - a Cessna runs out of gas and lands on a street. He fills up a can at a station, fills the tanks and then goes to take off from the street and his wing clips an emergency vehicle, is ripped off and goes into the trees. 18. Alpha Dog - a drunk man is stopped and says a guy cut him off and rammed him off the road. He fails the FST, then says a dog came flying out and he turned to miss it. What about the guy? No, a dog. 17. Tar and Driver - Nelson Gonzalez is a welder going to work in his van, he lights up a cigarette and his van is recorded exploding. He survived and was sitting, waiting for help. The van was destroyed. 16. Break the Bank - TX - a truck pulls up to an ATM and the load heís towing is too high and he knocks down the entire overhang onto the ground and his truck. 15. Tax Breaks - New Haven, CT - the bootfinder is a computer program to find cars to boot. A woman's car is flagged, she runs over, jumps into the car and runs over CJ and keeps going. #206. 11/13/08
Partiers 2 20. A man in uniform - AR - at the police station a drunk woman tries to come on to the cop during a breath test calling him a good looking mofo. She wonít blow the machine, she will blow on him though. After she blows the machine up and wants a victory kiss. 19. Dondered and Blitzered - Auckland, New Zealand guys dress like Santa to protest the ban on public drinking by getting drunk. They fight and one takes his pants down. Police arrest them. 18. Fore Play - Stroudsburg, PA - a man has a private golf course and hires strippers to be caddies. They give lap dances and get topless. 17. Eastern Bloc-Heads - in Russia 2 guys have a party all night and hang out on the balcony with music playing and hang over the edge the next morning. Then one guy falls down and crashes into the ground, gets up and goes back in. 16. Red Eye - in the UK a guy does a flaming Absinthe eye shot. His face catches on fire and his friends laugh at him. Brad Leokle says what is this Clockwork Orange? He asks how his hair is. 15. Flash-Cam - FL - two girls are busted for DWI and in the back of the car one of them dares the other to flash the camera. She does and asks itís not recording right? You owe me a shot. Her breasts are huge. The cop comes back and they ask if it was recording. He says yes. She says you owe me 5 drinks now. #207. 11/20/08
Shoppers 1 20. Door Jam - Boise, ID - 1am black Friday sale at the mall is packed to the rafters. The guard doesnít open the other door double door and the can barely squeeze in and a woman begs for them to stop saying it all needs to stop. 19. Toy Meets Girl - two sisters go up to a claw grabber machine and one kid climbs inside the machine. She gets on top of the toys and then climbs out. 18. A Fridge too Far - Australia - 7 employees in a store hold coupons for fridges and a massive group of people run into the store looking for them and attack each other for them. 17. Crossing the Line - Louisiana - at a black Friday sale a woman tries to cut in line and a bleach blond woman pushes her back, she goes around her and a black woman pushes her, then they choke and slap her. 16. Vienna Sausage Party - Vienna, Austria - for a clothing sale people have to arrive naked to buy them. They run across the store and climb on the counter. Only 5 people get $385. 15. Pet Shop Boy - Largo, FL - a family goes into a pet store and some distract clerks while another sticks a dog under his shirt. A GPS chip leads cops to their house. #208. 11/27/08
Animal Encounters 1 20. No Child Left Behind - a family goes on vacation to Amish country. David, the kid goes behind a horse and his dad tells him not to get behind him. The horse then kicks the kid and he runs away crying. After he interviews David kid about getting kicked. 19. Panda-Monium - China - at a zoo a guy sitting next to the panda cage is attacked from behind and the bear starts pulling him by the jacket and takes it back with him and rubs it on his head. 18. The Earth Mooved - a farmer is in a pen with his cows and one cow jumps on his back and starts having sex with him. The son filming laughs at him. 17. Monkey Butts - South Africa Zoo - Charlie the chimp smokes cigarettes in a cage. The zookeeper says he learned from seeing people do it and they throw them in. People laugh, itís funny to see. 16. Seeing Red - on a safari baboons jump on a tour group and steal food from the peopleís bags. Kids scream and cry while their red butts are in their face. 15. Hook, Line and Snicker - FL - surfers catch a shark and try to get the hook out of itís mouth and it bites down on one's hand hard. He says one minute his hand was in and got bit, he wasnít thinking. #209. 12/4/08
Meltdowns 1 20. Unchecked and Unbalanced - Congressman James Otto is interviewed for a Scandinavian talk show that is a joke. They ask about Hilary taking a cigar. He tells them to get the fók out of his office, they are wasting his time, get out or heíll throw them out before he beats the fók out of them. 19. Bjork Chop - Bangkok, Thailand - Bjork gets off a plane and in the airport a reporter says, 'Welcome to Bangkok' and she attacks her, pulls her hair and throws her to the ground while her kid watches. 18. Slam Spade - TX - feuding neighbors have a camera set up. One is mowing his lawn while the other beats him with a shovel over and over and he puts his legs up to block him. He runs for it and the guy got 10 days in jail. 17. Toes on the Nose - during a stock car race one driver is knocked into the wall and he runs back and does a flying double kick through the windshield of the guy who hit him, then starts punching him through the window. He canít get out, then he does and comes over and starts slapping him. 16. I an not an Animal - Alberta is pulled over and wonít take the ticket, says to mail it to her and tries to take off. They have to yank her out. She flips out because of her cat in the back. Thatís a live animal and so am I. Her friend Judy arrives to take her car back for her. 15. Call Me Crazy - FL - Antonio Cobb is in court for making obscene phone calls. He says heís innocent and head butts a phone on the wall and screams. They mace him and everyone leaves holding their nose. #210. 12/11/08
Criminals 9 20. Family Values - Jolly Pirate Donut Shop, WV - a man walks in, leaves, comes back in wearing the same outfit with his dad, but with plastic bags over the heads and hands. They steal a display of scratch off tickets, try to grab the register and itís still plugged in. Son has to pull it out. 19. Toy Story - Milwaukee, WI - a man goes into a pet store to rob it. He says to put all the money in the bag, the cashier says no. What you mean no? Itís a toy gun. She pushes the panic button. He asks where are you going? Right here. He goes to leave and he says open the door. They canít. Itís automatic when the alarm goes off, nothing can be done until the police arrive. He begs them to open it and he goes out the back door. They tell him not to and he still gets caught. 18. In Flagrante Patio - OH - a man gets naked and sticks his penis through the umbrella hole a the table in a man's yard and is caught on film. A cop says itís 100 yards from a school. He got 6 months in jail. 17. Clean Sweep - UK - two guys with hammers try to rob a store. They go after the clerk and an old woman grabs a broom, hits them out and chases them out. 16. Power Tool - a man goes into a department store and is caught grabbing a drill and sticking it under his coat. He goes for the door and guards are waiting for him, so he goes and puts it back. A guy comes running over and takes him down with his leg. They cuff him. 15. Iíll Bet the Pot - Fresno, CA - at a casino a man is out of chips and tries to bet with a bag of pot. The dealer says no and he dumps out some of the pot for less. Police come over and arrest him. He says he has a prescription, but he has no card. They ask if he gets frequent flyer miles and what he was thinking and he says he doesnít know what they are talking about. #211. 12/18/08
Employees 1 20. High School - FL - the principle of a high school buys drugs in his office and asks if he wants to hit it there. The undercover cop films the sale. He usually takes the drugs from the kids and uses it. Heís arrested and says heís very sorry. 19. Tinkle Bells - TN - a mall santa takes a cigarette break out back and pees in a corner. 18. Return to Sender - a mailman is caught stealing Christmas cards with cash in them. He sticks them in his soda cup as inspectors are following him. They arrest him and he asks what for. Mail theft. Do you have any proof? They open the cup. 17. Knee Jerk Reaction - Brooklyn - a man falls off a 12 foot ladder and files for disability for over 19 months. Insurance men follow him limping in a brace. When he gets to his car he throws it off and races away. Then he goes to kickboxing class. He has to pay it all back. 16. Free Parking - Cleveland, OH - at city hall employees stick nail files into the meters back and forth for free parking. Channel 3 news caught then and goes to interview those caught and they all have no idea what they are talking about. They were all fired. 15. Punch Drunk - TX - cops go to a car where a man is asleep inside. He says he had a little bit to drink. Heís also a cop and fails the FST, so the arrest him and he backhands the cop and another cop tackles him. He says his whole career is over now. #212. 12/25/08
Recordbreakers 1 20. Over the Moon - Donington, UK - Fiona Beale jumps her motorcycle over 12 tractor trailers and goes over the landing ramp, slams into the ground and is tossed. She says she feels brilliant. She broke her ribs, pelvis and back. She landed 90 feet further and her dad says sheís over the moon. 19. Hammer and Prickle - Victor Raviav from Israel lays on a bed of nails and they put 719 pounds on him to set a record. He does it and they break the top slab on him. 18. Get Out the Note - Kenny G wants to play he worldís longest saxophone note and it lasts 45 minutes. He asks not bad? at the end. 17. Glass Chin - Ashretha Furhman has 85 records. He puts 76 beer glasses on his chin to balance them, but breaks them all over and over in front of his house. 16. Grape Nut - Steve Spaulding the grape guy catches grapes in his mouth from 15 feet for 30 minutes. He gets 1203. 15. Tongue Twisters - Santiago, Chile - 9000 people at once kiss for a record. #213. 1/1/09
Drivers 6 20. Open Field Arrest - Denver, CO - a bank robber runs, crashes his car and runs away down the street, a cop chases him, throws him down and a UC car hits them both with his car. The crook is knocked out and the cop goes on the hood. 19. Mack Truck - Portland, OR - a guy goes up to a black Bronco and drops his pants and starts humping the grill. Then he turns and offers his butt to the truck. 18. Safety Squeeze - an ambulance is at a crash scene in the rain and a car tries to get pass the ambulance and cops on either side and crashes into both of them. The cops jump out of the way. The guy canít get the car to stop. The EMT comes out the back to see whatís wrong and says he got whiplash. 17. Last Exit - Los Angeles, CA - a man runs from cops on a motorcycle doing 130mph and crashes into the back of the bus. A helicopter covers it. The bus driver says he wasnít hit that hard, seen worse. He wasnít killed. 16. Girl, Interrupting - FL - Joan, a drunk woman, wonít do a FST, wants her lawyer, wonít turn around. She has the right to remain silent, Iím a good girl, I donít hear him. She pokes the cop and says he not to touch him again.15. Maybe Iím A-tased - cops pull over a white Cadillac for armed robbery and the driver wonít come out. He says heís rather not. He finally gets out and says he can show them in the car and wonít put his hands up. They tase him, he falls and his head goes through the back window. #214. 1/8/09
Criminals 10 20. Camera Un-obscura - a black man breaks into a house in a hat, glasses and rubber gloves not knowing a camera is there filming everything. He stands there and looks around a while, moves slowly looking around and only takes a laptop. 19. Harm and Hammer - CA 9/20/08 - at a convenience store a man pays for something, then pepper sprays the cashier and takes a hammer to the register, then the clerk, then the register again. He keeps hammering and gets nothing. 18. Batteries Not Included - Clearfield, UT - a man goes into an adult sex shop, then comes back 4 hours later wearing the same pants and waving a gun. He has the cashier fill a bag with sex toys. He puts her in fuzzy cuffs, but she escapes. 17.Kuldip at the Bat - Bethlehem, PA - the convenience has been robbed by the same guy 5 times in 3 weeks. He comes back to rob them again and they bring out baseball bats and start beating him. After they show the bat and laugh, he said he didnít need the money anymore. He was arrested. 16. Lights, Camera, Arrested - a man breaks into a surveillance camera store with a shirt over his head, but not his face. Heís caught on 21 cameras and arrested. 15. Final Countdown - Boots and Sonnyís hot dog stand, SC. A man comes in and tells the manager to open the safe. He says he doesnít know how. He gives him a 5 count to open it, but canít count. The manager slams him back into the counter and another guy helps knock him down until the police arrive. #215. 1/15/09
Drivers 7 20. Hard Way - NM - a car is stopped for expired plates and the driver is a wanted a felon. The cops says he can go the easy way or the hard way. He runs for it and the cop grabs him and body slams him 7 feet down into the street hard. He howls in pain after. 19. Grandma Theft Auto - TX - a 69 year old woman steals a bait car and adjusts everything. She says Jesus, Jesus please god, no my god, no Jesus when cops get behind her. 18. Monkey See, Monkey Do - Buenos Aires Fiat 600 race - a green car goes off the track, hits a wall, goes in the air, over a fence and rolls. Then another car hits the same place and launches tree height and smashes nearby. 17. Alien Invasion - AZ - a white van full of illegals runs for it, blows an intersection, t-bones a truck, then 20 illegals jump out and run. A helicopter films it all. Cops hunt them all down as the try to run in a large pack. 16. Americaís Least Wanted - a man crashes his van into his ex-girlfriendís house trying to kill her as cops chase him. 15. Whereís the Fire - St. Louis - a big building is on fire and two fire trucks t-bone at an intersection racing toward it. One goes on itís side and the hose spills out. #216. 1/22/09
Daredevils 4 20. Tropic Blunder - FL during tropical storm Fay a man tries to kiteboard and is rammed into the ground and into a wall. 19. Snap Judgment - Scandanavia - a man bungee jumps from a crane over the water and the cord breaks and he slams. After he says he was trying to impress Tonya Harding. 18. Das Boat - Germany - a man jumps his boat over a 148 foot island and it just flips over and hits a house. 17. Rocky Road - UT - Red Bull rampage freestyle biking. Guys go down a sharp rocky hill and fall hard for $10,000. 16. Norway, No How - a man does a ski jump for his family and lands headfirst in the snow. 15. Flying Off the Handlebars - a teenager sits up on the handlebars of his motorcycle and it goes faster and he goes flying onto his back. #217. 2/12/09
Partiers 3 20. Party on Fire - at a childís party a female clown does a fire trick with her hand and her clothes catch fire and tries to slam it off. A kid stands there not moving the whole time. 19. Wrestlemaniac - WI - at a party a guy tries to break a table with his back, slams hard and gets up in pain. 18. Teenage Wasteland - FL - Trooper Phil interviews Danny at the police station. Heís wasted, doesnít know his name, says 17 Jackson is his DOB. He gives his address for everything. He tells him to put his head back and how does he do that. He says which way, you are seducing me, you are so cute. 17. Flaming Lips - a kid takes a flaming shot, then drinks right before and his whole mouth catches fire, he spits it out and the counter catches fire. He says it burns his face. 16. ...and she Loves Bruce Doull - Melbourne, Australia - during the rugby finals and a hairy woman runs out onto the field naked only with a scarf. The guys get mad and push her away. 15. Noggin Floggin - NJ - guys put $100 in a liquor bottle, winner breaks it against their head. Guys bash away on their heads in agony. Then they break it on a chick that looks like Marilyn Manson. #218. 2/19/09
Criminals 11 20. Tase Me, Bro - TX 4/29/06 - a naked black man is jumping on cars. Cops arrive and he wonít listen. They tase him over and over to no effect. He keeps saying I love it, I love it tase me. He jumps on the police car and they tackle him. 19. Un-Macho Muchachos - Los Angeles, CA - a man goes to rob a female clerk with a gun. He punches her in the face and she holds onto the gun the whole time. His partner comes in and watches, then leaves. She gets the gun away from him and hides behind a snack rack. 18. Check, Please - Ocala, FL - a man robs a bank by handing a note saying he has a gun. He does the same thing at another bank later. He wrote the notes on the back of his own personal checks saying Patrick Johnson, they go to his house and bust him. 17. The Dim Knight - Tulsa, OK - a black man robs a supermarket in a Batman mask. He fires his gun and it jams, so a man jumps him and they roll out into the lobby. He comes out of his mask and shirt. They fall out the door and old man comes by on the phone, leaves, then comes back to kick him. 16. Rolling Plunder - Dallas, TX - a man in a wheelchair comes in a convenience regularly and then decides to rob it with a bat and a knife. He slams the register with a bat, but canít reach the money. He steals condoms and energy drinks and rolls away. 15. Liquid Caper - NE - at the police station a man drinks whiteout to beat the BAC. Cops come back and catch him and he still blows a .287. #219. 2/26/09
Drivers 8 20. Telltale Sign - MO - cops go to a DWI who was hitting signs. He drives right by cops with a sign stuck in his grill. He doesnít know how much he drank. 19. Guilty as Discharged - an obese man fails a FST, fights and his peppersprayed. In the back of the car he has snot hanging 8 inches. He begs please, please officer wipe my face. He says if you mess up my car Iíll charge you, I wouldnít touch you with Krypton as nasty as you are. 18. Drag ĎN Roll - Bakersfield, CA - a man races his vintage blue car, crashes into the wall and flips 11 times. 17. Black-Ice Capades - Columbus, OH - cops chase a DWI in the icy rain. He spins out, keeps going, takes a turn, wipes out, hits the cop, keeps going, spins out again, backs up, rams the cop head on, does it again, gets rammed some more, the passenger gives up, he runs, but canít hop a small fence and gets tased. 16. Bait and Glitch - Canada - a man gets in a bait car with a stick shift and canít figure out how to use it and moves it up and down all around with huge eyes. 15. Noyz in the Hood - Oakland, CA - people install whistle tips in their mufflers that make noise when they go fast. People get them installed thinking they are just decoration. He says itís like an alarm clock, people should be up anyway. #220. 3/5/09
Competitions 4  20. Feather Busters - Men sit on a pole over muddy water and beat each other with wet pillows. One guy falls before he gets to the start. 19. Winksmanship - London, UK - world championship of Tiddlywinks. Patrick Berry & Ed Wynn are winners. 18. Old Yellers - Spiveyís Corner, NC - Annual National Holleriní Competition. $3 entertainment all day long. Ropey Morgan (82) wins. 17. Death Penalty - Austria - in the Alps the underwater hockey championships under the ice without oxygen. Finland wins. 16. Shuck and Jive - Pasadena, CA - 1 opens oysters, 1 swallows for 10 minutes. Winner has 93. 15. Eye of the Beholder - Columbia - National Ugly Contest to win $200. #221. 3/12/09
Daredevils 5  20. Disintegration Ray - AZ - James Ray dragboat races, wipes out, flips over and over and rips in half. His capsule is airlifted away. 19. Snow Capped - Snowmobile Snowcross Winter X Games in CO. Jason Jones gets stuck and the guy behind him lands on top of him and throws him off. His shoulder is dislocated. 18. Super Bad - Billy Super Smith says itís like shaking hands with the devil. He jumps 20 cars and goes through a napalm filled truck in the middle. He gets stuck in the truck when it blows up. 17. Saul Down Hill from Here - Zero Gravity Event in Australia. Kain Saul does a backflip on a bike off a 50 foot ramp. He makes it half way and falls on his head. 16. Debased - Oslo, Norway - a man basejumps from the Radison hotel, hits a lightpole on the wall down and slams to the ground. He punctures a lung. 15. Friendly Fire - New Zealand - Jody Hooker sets himself on fire for his birthday. His friends have no experience and use too much fuel and canít put him out. Blankets and extinguishers donít work for a while. #222. 3/19/09
Criminals 12  20. No Rifling Matter - AZ sandwich shop is closing and 2 guys come in with rifles. One stays behind the register a while, goes to run out, gets confused and the clerk jumps him and the gun goes off twice, he loses the gun and money. 19. North Dallas Forty-Thousand - 7 guys go into a convenience store with a chain and use it to pull out the ATM while the store is open. Both clerks push the alarm. They also got stamps when they yank it out. Cops find the stolen SUV with the ATM inside. 18. Boob Job - two guys stick 3 breast pumps in a cart and run it out the door. Then they come back for more stuff and are caught. The assistant was given $50 to help. He says he stole $15,000 worth of pumps. 17. Swimsuit Issuing - WA Java Girls coffee shop with bikini girls. A guy pulls up in womenís underwear playing with his stuff. He comes back with the underwear over his head and they throw hot water on him and he says oh yeah. 16. The Candy Man Canít - CO - a man goes to buy a candy bar, grabs for a penny, then pulls a small knife and slowly tries to rob the cashier. The kid slaps his hand and he leaves forgetting his candy and money. 15. Early Withdrawal - South Korea - a man tries to rob a credit union wearing a motorcycle helmet. He drops his gun and the two girls mace and beat him because the face plate was up. #223. 3/26/09
Drivers 9  20. Crop Circles Explained - OH - cops chase a stolen red Lincoln Continental for 4 hours. He goes offroad into a corn field, gets stuck, then runs on foot as a helicopter covers it. 19. What a Pill - FL - a woman is stopped at a traffic checkpoint. She mumbles and the cop asks if she is ill. Ill? If you mean being under the influence then yes. She asks her a battery of questions if she is on anything. Sheís on the pill thank god. She used to be a teacher. 18. Tumble Dryer - MS - a man steals a washing machine and runs from cops towing it in a trailer. He loses control and the machine goes flying off and breaks apart. Cops say he did it on purpose. He then goes into a cemetery and is caught. 17. Down in the Pumps - SC - cops chase a car and ram him into an Exxon gas pump and it catches on fire. They push him out and have to break out the windows to get him. 16. No Way Out - a woman calls 911 that sheís locked inside of her car. Sheís at a house and the keys donít work, sheís having a panic attack. He tells her to push the unlock button and she says there is none, then finds it. 15. No Passing on the Right - KS - a cop stops a van and a car comes around on the grass and plows into the van and knocks the cop down. He was DWI. #224. 4/2/09
Partiers 4  20. Almost Kilt - Glasgow, Scotland - guys go from bar to bar and one crosses the street to go to a Subway and gets hit by a bus never looking. 19. Drink You Under the Table - Lacy is drunk and in her underwear. She rolls around on the kitchen table and it falls over. She says she was thinking about sex. 18. One Hit Blunder - IL 9/11/93 - a college student is given a FST and while walking a dugout falls out of his pants and has weed in it. He says it has a little bit, should assume it was in his pocket, but he is serious heís fine to drive. 17. Track Terror - England - a helicopter finds a man fast asleep on the train tracks with his head on the rail. They divert a train and he still doesnít wake up. Police come to get him, heís passed out drunk. 16. Thin Yellow Line - FL - a man is brought to the station and is drunk. He wonít do a breath test saying he has go to the bathroom. He then pees while standing there. She canít believe he did that, will make him clean it and stand in it. He wants his attorney. 15. Acting Squirrelly - a squirrel eats a rotted pumpkin and gets wasted. It tries to climb a tree and falls, then runs around in circles. #225. 4/9/09

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