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The E-Force episode guide covers 12 episodes of the show made for the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) in 2005. It's Cops meets Animal Cops taking place mostly on the water. They follow the FWC (Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) on their calls. Though it only lasted a short while it did document significant events - hurricanes Dennis & Katrina and accurately shows what is rarely seen - Katrina's devastating path through Biloxi, Mississippi. They show so many different kinds of calls - poaching, fishing violations, plane crash recovery, hunting violations, possible, drug smuggling on land and sea so it keeps it interesting. Narrated by Michael Ferreri

# Description
1 Plane Recovery & Angry Youth - 7:30am Marathon - Officer Dave DiPre does a radio show every week to recruit other Fish & Wildlife officers on 1300AM. He is a regular weekly guest on the popular local talk show about fishing and the Law. Then, out to the ocean, where, on rocking, choppy waters, Dave and the FWC team must recover the remains of the victims of a small plane crash at sea and give closure to the victims' loved ones. Angry Youth - A 14 year old boy has run away from home and anchored his small boat in the middle of a coral sanctuary. Matt The Rookie Cushing must dive down to extricate the boy's anchor from the fragile, endangered coral. But Matt is more than just a tough cop - he counsels the boy on facing his problems and not just using the ocean as an escape. Lobster Ladies - Tom Hill stops a couple of feisty fisherwomen who have caught some lobsters. But they won't let us leave until they've shown us the facts of life - the difference between a man and a woman lobster. T Copter Pilot - The Fish & Wildlife Commission helicopter was involved in this episode's search for the plane wreckage, and we meet the copter's pilot. His job is to be available 24 hours a day to sweep over the Florida Keys for anything from a search to a rescue at sea. Fish Thrower - Tom stops two fishermen who, he suspects, may be catching illegal fish. The cop is furious when they accidentally throw fish back in the water before Tom can inspect them. Swimming Dolphins - Officer Scott is all smiles when a family of dolphins uses the wake of his boat as their own playground - leaping and diving through the waves.
2 Body in a Bag - Florids Keys 4pm - Officer Matt Cushing & Dave DiPre say it's the best job. They get a call that someone found a wrapped package, what might be drugs
3 Hurricane Katrina Relief - Biloxi, MS
4 Alligator Training/Diver Rescue - New officers go to Alligator School and learn how to handle vicious, wild alligators hands-on.
5 Tortured Turtle/Lobster Stakeout - Whale Harbor Channel 3:30pm - Officer Tom Hill spots a dive boat that might be poaching lobster.
6 Drunk Crawls Home - at Bartenderís Weekend a drunk guy tries to crawl a mile back to shore over the seagrass.
7 Bartender's Weekend - Officer Chris Mattson says restaurant people and bar owners come out for Hospitality Weekend to do a lot of drinking.
8 Spear Fisherman - Officer Liz Reisz finds a large group of men illegally spear fishing.
9 Hurricane Dennis 7/7/05
10 The Orion - Lt. Brett Jones drives their biggest boat built in 1970, it has facilities to stay out for 4-5 days, radar, security.
11 K9 Detective - Lt. Chris Rodriguez and K9 Dice work together. He's certified for deer and lobster for whomever has illegal ones hidden.
12 Sanctuary Sweep - Corbet Wildlife Management Area 11am - Officer Jeff Haynes drives Big Green a truck with 5 foot tires that can go through any area and the deepest water they have

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