The Enforcers (2002-03)

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This hour long The Learning Channel show features real footage, reenactments and interviews with those involved of high profile police cases.

Episode Description
A Standoff in Terror Examining a 1990 case in Berkeley, Cal., in which a gunman took hostages and faced a SWAT team. Also: a disgruntled parent in Costa Rica holds innocent people at gunpoint. 6/21/02
The Texas Seven John Connolly Prison Kenedy, TX 12/13/00. Larry Todd says itís not a nice place to be, working maintenance is a good job, it gives you freedom. George Rivus (30) and 4 others said they were going to wax the floors. Mark Burgess says he never caused problems while he worked there. Mac Stringfellow says he was doing 18 life sentences. Michael Rodriguez was doing life for hiring a hitman. Laurie Gibbs FBI says he was the money man. Larry Harper was doing 50 years for rape. John Moriarity said he had initiative. The one man who stayed behind was lured out and Patrick Murphy knocked him out. 9/13/02
To Protect and Serve PA 12/9/99 - Troy Oden (29) holds a hostage at gunpoint at a rest stop. In 1989 he was in Las Vegas. He got Vanessa Hall pregnant a couple times. Glenn Pruitt says he was very abusive. Lt. Brad Simpson says she was trying to get away. She filed orders against him and he came after her one day. 11/99 - he came into her momís beauty salon and took Vanessa hostage at gunpoint and took off. He made a rap CD about shooting cops and fighting it out they found. A week later he forced her on a cross country bus to White Haven, PA. She got a note to the driver and he pulled the bus over pretending it was overheating. Trooper James Surmick was in the area. He told Robert Ecker he needed a phone. Cpl Kevin Brennan also arrived. They told him to say they were getting off onto another bus. Andy Morris was on the bus. He saw cops with guns around the corner. When Troy got off James grabbed for Vanessa and Troy grabbed her back and Troy pulled his gun. Police backup and SRT arrived. They disabled the bus. After and hour they got the last people out of the bus. Capt Richard Zenk landed by helicopter and saw what was going on. Lt. Bob Queen of CIRT came in and surrounded the area with sharpshooters. Sgt. Allen Krawczel came in to negotiate. He let her go, but put the gun to his head, then grabbed her again. He wants to get back on the bus and they have CIRT on the bus and he doesnít know it. He runs for the bus and they couldnít allow it. So a sniper took him out. She didnít even look back when it him in the head. She wishes it couldíve ended differently. It was difficult, but she is OK. 9/4/99 - Brad Larson goes to open his pawn shop. Darnell Lee Anderson lost his job and went into the pawn shop and robbed it at gunpoint. 8/7/03
In the Line of Fire Baldwin Park, CA 6/20/01 - Santiago Gutierrez loses his mind and runs from cops for 4 hours. Officer John Tapia was in the lead. He went into a gas station and pulled his Tech 9 on a woman and the owner gave him free gas. They talk to him on a cell phone, but he refuses to give up. When he finally stops he barricades himself on 10 freeway. Troy Lukkes was behind him. They shut down the traffic and he sits there for 7 hours. They give him a phone, but it is useless. Ofc Hugo Bustamonte has a shot to take him out but didnít take it. Chief Michael Brown diverted traffic. SWAT comes in, he comes out firing, they fire back. He lives, but is paralyzed and gets 106 years. Pico Rivera, CA 6/10/97 - Daniel Collins barricades himself in a chemical warehouse. Deputy Steve Remige & Deputy Philip Martinez check the building. Sgt. Bill Marsh says a chemical fire could affect the area. Woody Rodelo worked with him in the warehouse fixing high powered cars and boats. He loved guns and fired them randomly, then got into meth. He lost his apartment and spent all his money on drugs. He became moody and you couldnít talk to him. He saw the Bank of America shootout and TV and loved it. He was evicted, his girlfriend took his car and left him. Woody tried to get him out with cops. He had an AK-47 and cops backed off. SWAT is called in lead by Cmdr Cathy Taylor. 9/25/03
Fugitive Pursuit Albuquerque, NM 1999 - Byron Shane Chubbock was in and out of jail for drugs. John Taberg of the FBI says he made meth, sold pot. He was high up in the Brewtown gang and violent. 4/28/99 - K9 Officer Andy Lehocky pursued him as he tried to escape cops. He rammed them and left. K9 Bark got a hold of him and he tried to choke the dog yelling is this all you got. He was taken to the hospital and he broke out of the gurney and jumped out the back of the ambulance as it was going 40mph. A 1998 bank-robbing spree in Albuquerque finds U.S. Marshals, local police and the F.B.I. tracking a heavily armed suspect. Elsewhere, F.B.I. and police stake out two violent fugitives wanted for murder. 11/13/03
The Texas Rangers Bandera County TX 6/21/94 - Mr. Long is shot dead while he slept. Katherine Long was next to him and called 911. Sgt. James Gonzales arrived, didnít see any signs of a breakin and she wasnít upset. Dep Herschell Moore checked the scene. He finds guns, but they arenít fired and also shells. She says she rolled out of bed and saw a man shoot him with a gun. She gave CPR. He says she doesnít have blood on her and she got very mad. James MacMilan was called in and recommended the Rangers to solve it. They are the detectives who are heavily into technology to solve crimes. Ranger Clete Buckaloo arrived. She didnít act like there was a murder. Ken Crosthwait examines her pajamas and finds back blood spatters that only come when you shoot someone. There is also blood that he spit out. She couldnít have gotten it being next to him, but it isn't damning. Ranger Al Cuellar was brought in. She has a weapon and put it away in a case. She didnít chase him, was very cold and it bothered her. She says the air conditioner was put in by Juan Madina and it was lose, she thinks he did it. She hasn't shown emotion and tells Clete it's because she prides herself on never showing weakness. Juan worked for them 8 years. He went out on a double date camping and sent them off so he could rape his friendís wife Alma at gunpoint. When she heard about it she fired him. They questioned Alma and she said it was the same gun used in the rape. The husband said Juan thought he was getting an inheritance from the Longs, he said he would burn the place down. He found a fire recently and he was shaking down illegals for money. A month later Marshal Tommy Sing investigated a fire nearby that looked like arson. All they found was a wine bottle. Jimmy DeLestineer investigates and finds boot prints leading to Longís property, but Katherine didnít want him there. 2/95 - Jimmy keeps following the case. He finds a piece of paper with a phone number that leads to a coyote. He admits heís picking up Madina tomorrow and has picked him up before. They wait and then pull them over. They arrest him for arson. The woman who is with him says he promised to take her to his mom and he raped her. They question him about the rape of Alma and he admits it saying he did it as a man. He then admits fires give him a sexual thrill and they hold the wine bottle out. The ask about the murder of Long. He was upset about being fired, got drunk, went back to kill her for firing him, but shot him by mistake. He says he gave the gun to the coyote as payment. They admit the gun is in Piedras Nagas Mexico. They take them to the border and tell them to get the gun and bring it back. Eventually they do and the gun matches. 3/96 - Juan got life in prison. Corpus Christi 6/2/72 - Randy Ferenthold was a local rich boy. Mike Cox says he lived like a playboy. 11/20/03

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