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Too Late With Adam Carolla - Seth MacFarlane #128. 10/5/05
Mad TV - Seth MacFarlane appears in a live-action "Family Guy" sketch with the cast. #1205. 3/24/07
Talk Show with Spike Feresten - Seth MacFarlane #118. 3/24/07
X-Play - The Stewie vs. Wolverine Episode - a look at the Family Guy game. #6128. 1/12/07
Family Guy Subway Ad 12/07
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Family Guy Star Wars DVD Ad - Hosted by Darth Stewie 12/07
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Season 1 (1999)
Death Has a Shadow #101. 1/31/99
I Never Met the Dead Man #102. 4/11/99
Chitty Chitty Death Bang #103. 4/18/99
Mind over Murder #104. 4/25/99
A Hero Sits Next Door #105. 5/2/99
The Son Also Draws #106. 5/9/99
Brian: Portrait of a Dog #107. 5/16/99

Season 2 (1999-00)
Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater
Holy Crap
Brian in Love
Love Thy Trophy
Death Is a Bitch
The King Is Dead
I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar
If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin'
Running Mates
A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks
Fifteen Minutes of Shame
Road to Rhode Island
Let's Go to the Hop
Dammit Janet
There's Something About Paulie
He's Too Sexy for His Fat
E. Peterbus Unum
The Story on Page 1
Wasted Talent
Fore Father

Season 3 (2001-03)
The Thin White Line Pt 1
Brian Does Hollywood Pt 2
Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington
One If By Clam, Two If By Sea
And the Wiener is...
Death Lives
Lethal Weapons
The Kiss Seen Around the World
Mr. Saturday Knight
A Fish Out of Water
Emission Impossible
To Live and Die in Dixie
Screwed The Pooch
Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?
Ready, Willing, and Disabled
A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas
Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows
From Method to Madness
Stuck Together, Torn Apart
European Road Show
Family Guy Viewer Mail #1
When You Wish Upon a Weinstein

Season 4 (2005-06)
Stewie B. Goode/Bango Was His Name-O/Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure #405/06/07. 5/21/06
North by North Quahog
Fast Times at Buddy Cianci High
Blind Ambition
Don't Make Me Over
The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire
Brian the Bachelor
8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter
Breaking Out Is Hard to Do
Model Misbehavior
Peter's Got Woods
Perfect Castaway
Jungle Love
Brian Goes Back to College
The Courtship of Stewie's Father #419. 11/20/05
Fat Guy Strangler #420. 11/27/05
The Father, the Son and the Holy Fonz #422. 12/18/05
Brian Sings and Swings #421. 1/8/06
Patriot Games #425. 1/29/06
I Take Three, Quagmire #423. 3/12/06
Sibling Rivalry #424. 3/26/06
Deep Throats #426. 4/9/06
Peterotica #427. 4/23/06
You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives #428.4/30/06
Petergeist #429. 5/7/06
Untitled Griffin Family History #430. 5/14/06

Season 5 (2006-07)
Stewie Loves Lois #432. 9/10/06
Mother Tucker #431. 9/17/06
Hell Comes to Quahog #433. 9/24/06
Saving Private Brian - Brian and Stewie find themselves in boot camp; Chris and his rock band have a hit with their single ``Evil, Evil Monkey.'' #434. 11/5/06
Whistle While Your Wife Works - When Peter's boss tells him he needs to pick up the pace, Lois goes to the brewery to help him. #435. 11/12/06
Prick Up Your Ears - Lois volunteers to teach a sex-ed class at the high school when she learns that Chris has some incorrect information on the subject. #501. 11/19/06
Chick Cancer - Stewie marries his old friend Olivia; Lois introduces Peter to chick flicks. #502. 11/26/06
Barely Legal - Meg falls in love with Brian---then becomes obsessive about it---after he takes her to a high-school dance when no one else will. And Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland and Mort join the Quahog police. #503. 12/17/06
Road to Rupert - Brian inadvertently sells Stewie's teddy bear Rupert at a yard sale, prompting a cross-country odyssey to get it back. And Peter loses his driver's license after crashing his car doing an Evel Knievel-type stunt. #504. 1/28/07
Peter's Two Dads - Peter stops drinking (but starts smoking crack) after accidentally killing his father while drinking heavily at Meg's birthday party. But is the dead man really his father? #505. 2/11/07
The Tan Aquatic With Steve Zissou - After Chris is bullied by a rival paperboy, Peter recalls his own days of being bullied---and becomes a bully himself. Meanwhile, Stewie stays out in the sun too long without sunscreen and becomes very enamored of his tan. #506. 2/18/07
Airport '07 - Quagmire moves in with the Griffins after losing his job for crash-landing his plane. Naturally, it was Peter's fault. He wanted his pickup truck to fly, so he siphoned off the jet fuel from Quagmire's plane. Hugh Hefner has a cameo as himself. #508. 3/4/07
Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey - After Peter hurts himself trying to fix a flat tire on former president Bill Clinton's limousine, an appreciative Clinton sets out to show the depressed Peter a good time. Then Clinton has some fun with Lois as well. #507. 3/11/07
No Meals on Wheels - The Griffins open a restaurant that finds a niche---with Joe and his handicapped friends. But Peter wants to attract a different crowd. Meanwhile, Peter buys a pair of pajamas with feet. #509. 3/25/07
Boys Do Cry - Lois is hired as church organist, but at the service Stewie becomes ill after drinking too much sacramental wine, and congregants think he has been possessed by Satan. So the Griffins hightail it out of town with exorcisers in pursuit. #510. 4/29/07
No Chris Left Behind - After Chris is expelled from public school, he's sent to the same snooty boarding school that Lois' dad attended. Meanwhile, a chicken picks a fight with Peter. #511. 5/6/07
It Takes a Village Idiot - Incensed by Mayor West's complicity in oil-company pollution at Quahog Lake, Lois decides to challenge him in the upcoming election. #512. 5/13/07
Meet the Quagmires - Death transports Peter back to 1984 for a night. When he returns, he's married to Molly Ringwald and Lois is married to Quagmire. And that's not all that's different. #513. 5/20/07

Season 6 (2007-08)
Blue Harvest - a Star Wars spoof in which Luke Skywalker (Chris Griffin) enlists Han Solo (Peter) for a mission to take a Death Star back from Darth Vader (Stewie), and rescue Leia (Lois) from his evil clutches. Brian takes Chewbacca's role while Quagmire is C-3PO and Cleveland is R2-D2. #601. 9/23/07
Movin' Out (Brian's Song) - Brian and Jillian move into an apartment together. Stewie soon joins them, to help with the rent. Meanwhile, Meg starts working in a convenience store and gets a job there for Chris, who hits it off famously with the manager. #602. 9/30/07
Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air - Peter builds a men's-only clubhouse after Lois and her friends start hanging out at the Clam. The women soon take that over, too. Meanwhile, Joe has a leg transplant. #603. 10/7/07
Family Guy Clips 100th Episode - Highlights of past episodes. #604. 11/4/07
Stewie Kills Lois - A jealous Stewie considers matricide because he didn't get to go on a cruise with Peter and Lois. Later, suspicion falls on Peter when he tells the gang at the Drunken Clam that he had recently taken out a life-insurance policy on Lois. #605. 11/4/07
Lois Kills Stewie - After Lois returns to Quahog---alive---and tells the court who really shot her, Stewie takes the Griffins hostage before going on the lam. (But that doesn't stop Stewie from auditioning for "American Idol."). #606. 11/11/07
Padre de Familia - Peter's an illegal alien: It seems that he was born in Mexico and his mother never filled out his U.S. citizenship paperwork. So he's fired from the brewery and goes to work at the Pewterschmidt estate. #607. 11/18/07
Peter's Daughter - After nearly drowning in a flood, Meg is treated by a cute hospital intern and they hit it off, despite Peter's efforts to thwart them. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie decide to buy a dilapidated house and renovate it. #608. 11/25/07
McStroke - Peter is paralyzed after suffering a stroke caused by eating too many fast-food hamburgers. And Stewie sets out to be the most popular boy at James Woods High School, even though he's a baby. #609. 1/13/08
Back to the Woods - When James Woods returns, seeking revenge, and steals Peter's identity as the head of the household, Peter sets out to ruin the actor's career. #610. 2/17/08
Play it Again, Brian - When Brian wins a writing award, he, Lois and Peter head to Martha's Vineyard for a vacation; Brian professes his undying love for Lois, which tests his and Peter's friendship. #611. 3/2/08
Former Life of Brian - Brian looks up an old girlfriend and discovers that he's the father of a misbehaving 13-year-old son---who soon moves in with the Griffins. #612. 4/27/08
Long John Peter - Peter decides to become a pirate and, with his four pirate sidekicks, lays waste to everything he encounters in Quahog. Meanwhile, Chris falls for a veterinarian's assistant, and she likes him too. #613. 5/4/08

Season 7 (2008-09)
Love Blactually - Brian tries to take it slow when he meets the girl of his dreams, but when Cleveland sweeps her off her feet, Brian vows to do whatever it takes to win her back. #701. 9/28/08
I Dream of Jesus - When Peter searches every record store in Quahog for his favorite song, he runs into a familiar face and wants everyone to know he is friends with Jesus. #702. 10/5/08
Road to Germany - Brian and Stewie try to bring Mort back after he accidentally steps into a time machine, but things go from bad to worse when the trio discover they are in Poland on the day of the Nazi invasion. #703. 10/19/08
Baby Not on Board - When Peter wins a year of unlimited gas, the Griffins go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, but one of their own gets left behind. #704. 11/2/08
Man With Two Brians - After watching Jackass, Peter and the guys film their own pranks; after Brian gets hurt, the family worries he is getting too old; Peter brings another dog home. #705. 11/9/08
Tales of Third Grade Nothing - Peter's boss Angela (Carrie Fisher) sends him back to the third grade so he can meet the requirements for a promotion; Brian, Stewie and Frank Sinatra Jr. open a club in Quahog. #706. 11/16/08
Ocean's Three and a Half - Bonnie gives birth to a baby girl named Susie; Joe borrows money from a bookie to pay for Bonnie's medical bills. #707. 2/15/09
Family Gay - Peter takes part in medical experiments to make some extra money. #708. 3/8/09
The Juice Is Loose - Peter cashes in an old raffle ticket and wins a golf outing with O.J. Simpson. #709. 3/15/09
FOX-y Lady - Lois gets a job at Fox News but is fired when her expose on a liberal filmmaker implicates a conservative radio host. #710. 3/22/09
Not All Dogs Go to Heaven - The Griffin family heads to the annual ``Star Trek'' convention, but Stewie, angry when he can't ask his favorite cast members a question, builds his own transporter and beams the cast to his bedroom. #711. 3/29/09
420 - Brian launches a campaign to legalize marijuana after his arrest for drug possession. #712. 4/19/09
Stew-Roids - Stewie starts hitting the gym with Peter after Joe's infant daughter beats him; Chris starts to date a popular girl at school and realizes that popularity is like physics. #713. 4/26/09
We Love You Conrad - Brian is distraught when he discovers that Jillian is getting married. #714. 5/3/09
Bones - The Critic in the Cabernet - Brennan asks Booth to be the father of her child; Stewie Griffin offers the couple advice. 5/7/09
Three Kings - Peter imagines his friends and family in three of Stephen King's most famous works. #715. 5/10/09
Peter's Progress - A psychic reveals that Peter had a past life in the 17th century as Griffin Peterson, a gentleman who lived in the newly founded colony of Quahog. #716. 5/17/09

Season 8 (2009-10)

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