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This hour long Biography Channel show show is like a laid back version of Cops mixed with homelife drama shown on Dallas SWAT. In each episode viewers ride shotgun with the female officers from the Naperville, Illinois Police Department. Located in the Chicago suburbs, Naperville's 18 female officers fight a full gamut of big city crime.

# Description
102 Crash Makeover - Sgt. Betsy Brantner-Smith says 2 female cops were transporting prisoners and the bus hit the ice and crashed killing them. Injury Accident - Sgt. Lisa Burghardt looks for accidents in the ice. She gets a call of a bad one. One says her eye is bleeding, the other says her airbag hurt her. They are neighbors and want to just go the hospital and not wait. They spun out and t-boned hard. Officer Tracy Nance likes being the first person there and the hot calls. Driving Altercation - a woman says the guy blew the stop sign and almost hit her, then cursed her out and she blocked him in so he couldnít leave. The guy acts like he didnít know what was going on. Her 14 year old says she called her a cunt. He denies it. She wants to press charges. If he apologizes sheíll let it go. He admits he did it. She thinks the woman pushed too hard, couldíve just gotten the plate. Betsy and Julie want to give Tracy a makeover since sheís never gone to a spa. She says itís a luxury from afar. Suspicious Person - Betsy has to make herself up. Officer Billy Carlson backs her up where a man is in his truck passed out. He makes no sense and wants to finish his cheeseburger and doesnít want to show ID. Billy comes from the other side and yells at him. Itís like heís ready to attack. He says heís done nothing wrong, just eating. Donít eat while sheís talking to you. Youíve been arrested before. Heís blocking the driveway, kinda crazy. He hasnít been drinking. EMT arrives to check his blood sugar. There is a big hatchet under the seat. They clear him, tell him not to eat, just leave. Hit and Run - Tracy goes to make a report. A man says he parked his car on the street overnight and was rearended. He has parts from the other car on the scene. Sheíll make a report and look for a car damage. She finds an abandoned Nissan with a ton of damage in the front. She has it towed to the station. Lisa gets a call about polka night at the Holiday Inn with drunks. Her son calls wanting her to cook for a party when sheís working. Street Patrol - she spots a guy walking in the street and wants him to go on the sidewalk. He says he lives around there and is just walking. She then spots a guy riding his bike in the street without lights and tells him he canít do that. He can barely speak English and wonít listen. She gets out and says no one can see you, walk it on the sidewalk. Julie says sheís good at talking her way out of things. 10pm is the calm before the storm. 10/12/08
103 Breaking in the Rookie - Sgt. Lisa says snowy and rainy days mean more accidents. She canít go faster 25 because of the snow accumulation. Domestic - the call is of a woman fighting and pushing her mother down. The woman is drunk and pulled out, says the cuffs hurt, sheís numb and to call her neurologist. She wonít get in the car because it hurts, go ahead and knock my legs down. She wonít listen to the men and Lisa helps pull her from the other side. She says the cuffs were too tight, but there were fine, can get a finger through them. Lisa follows them to the station and she kicked the window out. She was drinking, pushed her mom down in front of the kids. Officer Tim Boogerd says heís been there before, every time she drinks she gets obnoxious, same thing. Lisa says not to drink if you are angry. She warns her to help herself. Itís been going on for 2-3 years. Sgt. Besty has to work at being feminine. Canít have enough lipstick. Domestic dispute - a mom called about her 15 year old daughter who wonít listen. Theyíve been there before. The stepdad says she wants to runaway. The girl says they want her to do everything and they donít do anything. She has a bad attitude because of what they do to her. She is making her live here, she doesnít want her to be here. Betsyís mom and her didnít get along, then she died when she was 25. Her mom can die, she doesnít care. She wonít stay here. Betsy says to sit down or sheíll arrest her. They can take her to her aunt. Theyíve taken the door and lock off so she canít hide. Betsy says to take everything until only the mattress was left. They need to have a family talk. Julie Lardino has been there 10 years. She always works through scenarios in her head first like getting a gun pulled at a traffic stop. Fleeing suspect - they are looking for a man involved in a break-in - 6í4Ē, black man, home invasion, victim held him at gunpoint, but he fled. The suspect might not have a gun. They get a call heís walking on Iroquois by Chuck E. Cheese. Cops have him at gunpoint. He says they had a shotgun on him, he was scared, wasnít running, he was trying to get to the phone. They look if he dropped something. They had to use 2 cuffs on him. The victim is a record producer and the suspect was a bodyguard of an artist he screwed over. 10/19/08
105 The Trouble with Teens - Officer Mike Geiger gives Sgt. Betsy the paperwork instead of Sgt. Ken Keating, he's more important. Juvenile Incident - a call of kids throwing rocks at cars. She spots them walking and he says he threw cheese, not a rock. Officer Dirk Wolgast backs her up. He says the other guy threw the cheese. He has a warrant for FTA burglary. He says it wasnít as an adult, heís 16. Betsy wants to have a botax party and talks to Dawn and Stacy about coming. Warrant Arrest - Officer Mike Wasilewski needs her to serve a warrant on a girl who has been hiding for a month. She says she has been trying to pay for it, she called the court. Her pants her falling down, she canít pay, has to go to jail. Sgt. Lisa has 4 brothers and needed to survive. Aggravated robbery - a woman says she was robbed of $550. Officer Vince Clark has her. Taisha says she was counting the money in her car for her rent and a guy approached her and took it. Lisa wants to know the real story. Officer Nawrocki says she went in to buy money orders after the robbery, but the machine was down. It doesnít make sense. Lisa says her story doesnít add up. She says it doesnít have to make sense, thatís what she did. 30 minutes later - she confesses she made it up. They give her a ticket for a false report. Car Burglary - a man says a GPS was stolen from his car. Another guy says he saw the guy running, he doesnít know him. He called him James though. He says where he grew up everyone was James. John says he doesnít have it, didnít take it. They look around and Tracy finds the GPS on top of a converter box. The owner saw him by the car and he was standing next to it. John what are we supposed to think? I stole it I guess. Heís arrested for not making sense. Suspected DUI - Lisa goes to Officer John Reed who has a 17 year old drunk girl. She says she hasnít drank since 2, but blows a 0.095. Sheís arrested. Her passenger says her mom told her to never take a breath test. Youíve been drinking then. No. They find hard liquor in the van and ticket them. Julie & Stacy work graveyard, but Julie isnít working nights after this. Tailgating - a woman is very close and they stop her and she says no English. Stacey says she was in honors Spanish in high school plus Math and Science. They are driving and then someone rearends them. Are you kidding? The woman says she was trying to fix her light. They werenít moving, no damage, but they have to call her boss. Officer Kevin Kenrick takes pictures and gives them a hard time. They have to give her a ticket. Julie goes clothes shopping. 11/2/08
106 Bulletproof Fever - Betsy & Dawn ride together and talk about salons. Sgt. Ken Keating calls them in to salt the lot. Speed - Ofc Billy Townsend sets up a radar in a 45 and tells Betsy which cars to get. They stop the silver car and he knows he was going real fast, 55. It was 60. He just dropped his mom off, already has 2 tickets. Ofc Billy Carlson drives with Dawn. Itís like having older brothers all over. Traffic accident - Ken says the cars are stuck together, heíll try to get them apart. A woman was waiting at a red light and got hit from behind. The SUV who hit her thought she turned and didnít look. Julie is grumpy from not getting sleep. Her cousin Vanessa goes on a ride along with her for the first time. Tracy Nance looks for speeders at school time. Pedestrian hit by car - a girl says this guy wouldnít get out of the road and jumped on her car and damaged the glass. The two guys come back and Brian says she just hit him and broke his PSP, he had to be hit hard. She denies it was broken, he dropped it when he ran. They donít know who to believe, just write the report and thatís it. Vanessa wants her to pull people over. She makes a stop of 49 in a 30. The guy moved from NY, but didnít change the license. He gets a speeding ticket. Well being call - Dawn goes to check a guy. Heís wandering around, acting drunk, says itís OK, he didnít drink, lives on Lyle. His name Brian is tattooed on his neck. He has blood on his neck he says is from chopping. EMS checks him - either home or hospital. Ofc Luke Swanson offers him a ride. Sgt. Lisa welcomes Vanessa and offers her a ride along too. Car accident - Betsy goes to a mail truck that hit a tree. 11/9/08
107 DUI's and Don'ts - Sgt. Lisa Burghardt says some girls donít wear makeup because they are afraid to look too girly. They have 140,000 people in town, 190 cops. Sheís been there 22 years, wasnít too many female cops then. They bring a drunk in a car and he asks if you are a big boy now. Yeah, you be a big boy and get out. He says are you kidding. They search him and he mumbles, curses them and is embarrassed. Officer Robert Carlson says he thought he was home, but he was passed out in his car. Lisa wonders why he was embarrassed. The guy wants her to close the door, she says she canít. He says sheís out of her mind. Maybe heís on crack. He blows a .337, heís toasted, 4 times over the limit. Sgt. Betsy Smith says sheíd rather run into an ex-husband than an ex-hairdressor and she has 2 ex-husbands. What do you say? She gets a call of pandering. She stops a woman for conning people out of money with a gas can. Sheís looking for her husband, heís over there. Officer Cory Cullian talks to a guy named Dave Smith who says she and Larry beg people for gas money. He has her kid since his brother was killed by a deer. Sgt. Ken Keating tells her pan handling is illegal. She says not to do it anymore. She has soup money coming in. Officer Tracy Nance says itís fun driving around keeping people safe. She pulls over a green Saturn for no plates. She has a temporary tag, but didnít see it. She doesnít have her license, name is Rebecca. Her license is revoked for DWI so they will seize the car. Itís her boyfriendís car, but he knew it. Sheís been arrested for it twice before, she keeps doing it. She wants a suitcase in the trunk. She was going to her parents in TN, has an 8:30 flight. Itís her third time so itís a felony. Sgt. Julieete Fabri can let her go with a warrant if she wants. She doesnít feel comfortable that she will come back. She checks her stuff and finds flight tickets. She has to turn herself in by Thursday, but canít get the car back. If she was a flaming wench she wouldnít do it. 11/16/08
109 Bulls-Eye - Sgt. Ken Keating asks Sgt. Betsy if she has a riot helmet. Sure doesnít have one that fits. She tries a few on that are tight. Four car collision - a woman said her eyes hurt, took off her glasses, was rubbing them and hit the stopped cars. It was too late. No one was hurt. They work on cars to remove bumpers, parts and trunks. Officer D.J. Andries writes up tickets as traffic backs up. Officer Billy Carlson and Officer Billy Townsend give Officer Dawn a hard time for braking to miss a squirrel in Chicago. Run it over, itís small. They call her Miss Daisy. Public assistance - a woman had a fight with a friend, doesnít know where she is and needs a ride to the train, but sheís at the station. She says a couple met online, found her, she stayed over and wanted to do a threesome. She wants nothing to do with her. She needs to go to metro. They say itís only 2 blocks away. She feels like an idiot. Itís sad that she would just meet someone. Cmdr Greg Watkins warns them about paintball, 3 ended up in the hospital last time. Julie never did it and Jen convinces her. Ken says sheíll run the place someday. Possible Arrest warrant - a car is stopped. Officer Greg Schubrych says there is an open court case from 1995 about his license that was suspended, but he has one now. Itís valid, he has no idea about it. Itís $5000, 10% down. Heís been stopped by police since then and has gone to court since then. Sgt. Lisa - Ken says sheís tough, not beating around the bush, he interviewed with her when she was 7 months pregnant. Suspicious Person - a woman says a white man in a hoodie was yelling at her and chased her into her apartment. Officer Michael Sharkley says she was out front with her dog and he told her to put it inside, he didnít like the barking and chased her inside. They go look for him. They find him walking a Chihuahua. He runs the animal shelter, he said it was a nice dog, she was 30 feet away and she got weird and ran away. Just a miscommunication. 11/30/08
110 The Joys of Motherhood - Betsy shows her new uniform to Cmdr Mike Anders. The bars indicate 28 years which is daunting. Public Intoxication - itís a 17 year old girl who fled. Ofc Jason Ogonovich catches her. Ofc Mark Winter says the parents are divorced, itís a problem. She blew a .22 and they think she could go to the hospital. Her dad says she can sleep it off. She doesnít want to be with her dad. She can go to jail. Sheíll wait for mom. Criminal trespass - Julie hates her lunch, loves her job. Kids hit a house with snow and ice. The owner chased 3 guys, but lost them. Other cops catch them and they deny it. She cuts them loose because theyíve been busted for worse crimes before and admitted it. Tracy does radar patrol and catches a 61 in a 35. She says sheís going to the beauty shop, needs her hair done. She gets a ticket. Tracy is a single mom and has to pick up Megan from school because sheís sick. Dr. Kurt W checks her. She has strep and is contagious. Dawn works beat 3, has no permanent one. She gets an accident with injuries call and a helicopter is called in. They block the whole road for 8 ambulances. Speeding - Carolyn Lane says there is always a surprise, she likes it. She stops a 40 in a 25. He says he set his cruise at 30 at the light and wants to see the radar. She shows him blinking 36. He wants to prove it, wants her to apologize it. He records with his phone for the judge before he signs. She has enough of him. Burglary in Progress - Stacy knows she isnít their best friends out there, just wants thanks. Someone was seen trying to get in a garage. A man says he was trying to get in his car. He saw 2 different guys. Stacy knows him. He was drunk and taken away then. She drives around to see if heís still there. 12/7/08
111 For Better or for Worse - Sgt. Betsy Brantner-Smith says a 1 dimensional person canít do this job. Speeding - Officer Billy Townsend shoots the laser at a silver car going 68 and she pulls them over at the Showplace as he parks. He was arguing with his wife on the way to the movies and she took off on foot. She tells him he better go in and kiss her butt. He gives him a ticket. She said you are a dumbass and left. Sgt. Lisa Burghardt prefers patrol, has been to homicide, suicide and armed robberies. Suspected DUI - Officer Bill Barrett stops a car. He gives the driver a FST. Sheís in high boots, says her kidneys hurt, she has to pee and fails. She says she had a couple beers and they donít understand and cries. She had no sense leaving her boots on. Her sister is also drunk, canít drive and has to find a ride since they are towing her car. Officer Tracy Nance wants to keep it safe. School Zone Speeding - a woman is doing 42 in a 20, didnít see the flashing lights. She gets a ticket, itís a mandatory court appearance. Sheíll have to pay another $150 then. She canít believe it, thatís why the courts stink. There are also $200 in court fees she didnít mention. Officer Dawn Yorke is going to a halfway house, interesting area. Domestic Dispute - the man says he pays the rent every month, she stays with him, how can she up and put him out? He was in the hospital 4 days, all his stuff is inside. She says he jumped on her, heís not allowed to be here. She has his stuff on the curb, he wanted the ambulance to drop him off here, he canít be here, heís an abuser. He says sheís lying, she canít do this, he didnít do anything wrong. His problem is he married her. She says he has a drug warrant. He does have a warrant and they arrest him. He says tell the landlord he wants his money back. She says he wonít be here hitting her, they have no kids. He has a long criminal history. Officer Julie Lardino says her dog has ear problems and keeps waking her up. Intersection Car Crash - she spots a white van hit a car and the old man pulls over and says he though he hit a grey car. His front wheel is bent, he staggers out, says heís OK. The other car turned, thought he could make it, maybe yellow. She canít find the other guy, he finally turns up holding his head from bumping it. He doesnít want an ambulance, says he was turning and got hit. He has trouble remembering his address and then wants an ambulance. The van is towed. 12/14/08
112 Red Alert - They have 18 female officers. Officer Dawn Yorke goes to get Officer Luke Swanson lunch because heís stuck at the desk for 12 hours. They call her mom. She has to call him from the drive thru to see if he wants cheese. Disorderly Conduct - she goes to the Jewel Osco because of a man wandering around. He came in and out and scared a cashier, he was looking in the store and cars outside. She finds him, he says he was getting groceries. She says you accused her of cheating you. He doesnít think so, they are putting words in his mouth. He wants to leave. She wants to know why he is looking in cars. He was interested, no tampering. That is unusual, donít do that. His license is suspended, he has 11 arrests, no warrants. They donít want him back, never saw him before. You can tell heís not right. Officer Julie Lardino has been there 10 years. She wanted to be a lawyer, but didnít have good scores. Notice of Eviction - she pulls up and there is all Mr. Goodall's stuff in the parking lot. They told him to be out on 2/26, but it took 2 extra weeks. The stuff is getting picked through, people are lining up. She never saw that before. Legally they can put his stuff out. Goodall is in his truck parked on a curb nearby. Do you have somewhere to go? No, heís been drinking. Do you have friends to call? No. She knows heís feeling lost, so she lets him sit there. Sgt. Betsy Bratner-Smith has been there 20 years. Injury Call - She gets a call of someone not breathing at Bar Louie. She says the door slammed on her figure and it hurt so bad she passed out, she doesnít need an ambulance. It was a bathroom door. They tell the ambulance to slow down. Sheís excited about the cameras. It was very dramatic. Sgt. Lisa Burghardt is stopped by a black woman asking if she can pick through the evicted guys stuff. She says she can, she wonít get arrested. Domestic Dispute - itís someone theyíve dealt with before who has been drinking and fighting. A window is smashed out and a knife is involved. They say there is no knife involved. Officer Vince Clark says Jamie confronted his brother Hugo and his mom got in the middle. No one saw a knife, he was screaming he had one. His mom says heís bloody from punching out the window, she doesnít want him charged. Jamie is arrested for throwing the first punch. His sister says why arenít they taking Hugo, heís the drunk, they hit each other. They will charge him with drinking. Your mom wonít charge him with breaking the window. Heíll have to go to court tomorrow, they shouldnít stay together for 72 hours. There is no magic dealing with domestics. Officer Tracy Nance has been there 17 years, they went from 1 car to 4, changed a lot, fun job. Vehicle Lockout - 90% of lockouts they can do with someone else, but itís more convenient to call police. She uses a slimjim to get it open. The daughter locked her dadís keys in the car and was scared, she thinks itís neat and wants to be a cop too. Shoplifting arrest - Dawn goes to Wal*Mart for an uncooperative shoplifter. She went to self checkout and folded up a bunch of pants and only scanned one. She has no history of doing it. The guard offered her a chance to pay for it and she mouthed off, so he called the cops. Julie goes for a pedicure with Vanessa and Michelle. Betsey, Tracy & Julie have to requalify with the ASP baton and Officer Sean Furgeson trains them. He shows them how to hit with more power, the angle to go down. Julie opened it once, but never had to use it. Redman training - a man in a full suit attacks and she beats him. Itís a full minute of fighting. Officer Michaus Williams says he would want them all in a fight. Domestic Dispute - Officer David Patrick joins Betsy about a 14 year old runaway. They explain if you left without permission they can order you back. They bring him home from Elmwood park. The man says heís his nephew and heís taken care of him since he was a baby. He told him he had curfew and he cursed him out. They are tired of the abuse. They have his second grade picture where he wanted to be a cop. Heís not bad, he needs structure. Well-Being Check - Tracy & Julie go to a call of someone not feeling well that canít be found. No answer at the house, they look in the windows. His keys and Jeep are there. They find him wandering around. Your friend Jacobson called that he was sick needing help. He says it wasnít him, he just talked to him. They both lost their wives in the last in the month. He calls him and he admits he was worried, didnít want to lose him. It was the wrong guy. He is glad he has two beautiful women there though. Stolen Vehicle - Dawn goes to the firehouse because a man came in to say his car was stolen. It was in the 411 parking lot and he came back and it was gone. There was only 1 set of keys, he thinks he left them inside. They know him there, wouldnít have towed it. His house keys are in there and he doesnít know the plate #. It turns out he was in the hospital a week, he is Goodall, the one who was evicted in the beginning. Now they donít know if it was stolen. The tow company didnít take it. Missing Child - Officer Scot Donofrio is there. Betsy talks to him. He says he thinks the guy in the red house might have seen her. She goes there, the girlís name is Madeline. He saw her when he was walking his dog, she pet the dog, he doesnít know her name, where she is or where she lives. Sheís 9, blonde hair, could be missing, couldíve gone to someoneís house. They need a picture and to find out what is going on. Mom thought she was in her room, nothing is missing. She has a webkins page they want to check. Betsy gets a radio call that they found her. She was at Maplebrook school, but didnít tell her. She was mad she ran errands all day and had to put groceries away and didnít want to. Betsy explains they both have kids at home and they were staying here to look for her. How easy it would be for someone to grab her. Stalled Vehicle - Tracy goes to her and says someone is bringing gas. Sheíll stay back so someone doesnít hit her, people are flying by. A man arrives with gas. Her job is to protect her from getting hit. Officer Stacy Malec is worried about hitting a deer. Sheís been there 8 years, was with the FBI 5 years. Obstruction in Road - a tree is down and powerlines are out. She has to check if they are related. It turns out they are not related. She calls for it to be moved and waits for them since she canít move it. Fundraiser for Fallen Officers - Betsyís husband Officer Dave Smith is hosting the world doughnut cop eating championship. Itís all for charity. The winner eats 16. 12/21/08
113 Irish Luck - Officer Julie Lardino is worried about her hair. If people are serious sheíll be empathetic. Fight in progress - a black woman is yelling that her boyfriend was arguing and grabbed her in the face, pushed her, her son got mad and said that was my mom. Officer Sherry Meina arrives. She grabbed a crowbar to defend her. He son gave him $5 for gas and he wants it back, thatís what itís all about. He doesnít want the son in the car with him, he warns him not to get in his face again. He pulls out a $20, but they have no change and have to go to the bank. Betsy Smith got new sunglasses from her friend who doesnít like the ones she wears and asks if they make her look better. Suspicious Vehicle - a neighbor says a strange car is parked in front of Officer Yorkeís house. They have to be sure they arenít followed home. They spot him going fast with one cop chasing him. He is at least 10 miles over the limit, she asks for a license and he gives and ID. Officer Issac Spellman assists. Officer Tracy Nance arrives to search the car. His license is suspended, doesnít have one and reeks of pot. There is fabreeze and McDonaldís, must have the munchies. Officer Dawn Yorke calls in, she is off, was home, but the car wasnít there when she looked. Officer Stacy Malec says they always work St. Patrickís day and hate it because break up lots of drunk fights. Suspected DUI - they go to a call of a car in the field behind the firehouse. Capt Gary Burke saw her drive there and get out. She got in a fight with her husband, she had a few beers, knows where she is, didnít want to go home, went the long way. She gives her a FST. She says to do the alphabet from C to X and she goes CBAXYXW. Iím not drunk. Officer Kevin Fosana assists. She says she is in a fight with her husband who is a cop and freaks out in the car and kicks and bangs her head. They go in to stop her from hurting herself and she says they donít understand, her husband is a cop heís going to kill her. She starts doing it again. Do I have to call a paddywagon? She cries and curses just because she had a couple drunks. She reeks of alcohol and failed all the FST test and look where she drove. You can still hear her banging. They put her in a wagon and she still yells her husband is a cop. Then you should know better. She is going to have a headache. She is glad they are ruining peopleís lives, smashes the van at the station and blows a .243. 12/28/08

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