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Season 1

This Discovery Channel show follows the firefighters of Boston, MA's busiest firehouse - Engine Co. 37 and Ladder Co. 26. Each year these two companies respond to over 4,000 calls. Many are routine, but many also expose the firefighters to significant hazards. Ross Huguet narrates and some dangerous footage was reenacted. If Cops followed firemen this would be close to what you get, except there is a lot of personal interaction on and off the job which isn't on Cops. It's not necessary on Cops, but this show shows what happens on the job when there aren't fires, which isn't as often as we'd think.


Season 1 (2005)

1 Huntington Ave. Express - Huntington Ave. Express – Capt Paul Carey goes to a sixth floor fire. Joe Minehan goes to two men who are shot. Lt. Neal Mullane & Dan Espinoza go to a three floor office building fire with poisons. The motor on the roof overheated. Neal Mullane Sr. cleans his pool. Lt. Colin Kelly works out. Wed 9:12pm Capt Steve Paschal goes to a car fire. Thurs 8am – Joe Mahoney & Timmy Shields build a bench. Joe tells his wife it's done, no problems. He built his own house, so he doesn't think it should be hard. Sun 3:18am – a closed pizza parlor catches fire. Sat 9pm – Vernon Allen makes dinner for the guys at $10 each and Alvin Smith won’t pay since it used to be $7. He could accept the price going up $1. Freddy Adams and Lt. Kevin Kelley get St. Patrick’s shirts since they can’t wear their dress uniforms in the parade. 2nd floor fire from burning hot dogs. Tues 4:30pm – Jamaica Plains 3rd floor apartment fire caused by a bed. Wed 9:30am – Joe loses a part, so he has a welder complete the bench. Matthew Westlake has KTS disease and is adopted the department. St. Patrick’s 2005 – false alarms, drinking. Grant Westlake brings Matt back in. John Hurley at the parade where other units also wear shirts to support them. 9/20/05
2 I Eat Radiation for Breakfast – Mike Keates, Neal Mullane, Capt Steve Paschal & Freddy Adams go to a Research Center that has a hazardous fire on the top floor of the brick building. They have to break through the roof. On return they have to go through detox and send their gear away. They don't like to part with their helmets since they are personal. Keates joins Ladder 26. A car accident with women involved. Tommy Carroll is tested for radiation. Ladder 2 – Kevin Minor's first day of training. On Albany St. a Jeep Wrangler is on fire. Mon 1:02am – Dan Espinoza goes to a fire at a Center St. restaurant that spreads to an Ace Hardware store. Tues 9am – open house at the station with their kids. Carey talks to Kevin. Wed 3:27pm - Timmy Shields goes to an apartment fire that turns out to be a mattress. Tommy’s hockey practice. Kevin cleans up. Colin trains Kevin. Guns ‘N Hoses charity hockey game - Boston FD vs. NYFD - NY wins 5 to 1. Philena Manseau’s car fire & foam training. Their gear returns from detox. Kevin cooks. Sat – Joe Minehan goes to a Dorchester basement fire – Linda Bannister & Lutrice Dixon are tenants. 9/27/05
3 Captain Chaos - Capt. Paul Carey becomes temporary chief. Lt. Brian Cobb & Joe Capobianco go to a man laying across the subway tracks. Jeff Clark doesn’t want to spend $10 on dinner either. A brush fire near Fenway Park – Robert Kloss is a witness. Vernon’s locker is filled with cut paper and a sign about not paying $10 for food. He says it's a lot of work for a prank. Joe Mahoney is put in charge. A man falls on the subway tracks and breaks his back. Fire in a restaurant chimney. Paperwork. House fire under a sink. Jeff leaves the company and Vernon blames it on his price for dinner. Glen Campbell decides to buy the food and cook it for less than $10 which includes dessert. He says Vernon is wasting money. Lt. Kevin Kelly picks up Steve Mitchell from #42. Dinner vs. Tiger. Carey returns, but wants to take the test to become chief. Steve cleans up and says his dad used to work there. A scrap metal warehouse has an electrical fire. They have to cut locks on the garage doors to get in and find propane inside. The building is unsafe so they ‘surround & drown’ and eventually go in the loft and get shocked. 10/4/05
4 Ladder vs. Engine - The guys hang out in the sun then go to a massive gas explosion at a college dormitory. Mike Atkins & Timmy Shields find witness Lee Roth who says it blew out doors & windows. Five minutes later they have to go back for a basement fire. Brighton – a second floor wooden apartment fire. They get mad when the owner walks right in the middle of their work. Kelly’s nephew’s 18th birthday party. A tiny fire in a field. Freddy says he came there after 9/11. Steve Craven does fire drills. Engine vs. Ladder basketball game with Mullane, Kirby & Kates. Engine wins 3 to 1. A fat woman sprained her ankle and they have to babysit. Another minute of basketball. 12 straight hours of calls – a car fire, hospital transport, false alarm and heroin OD. Freddy wants to  transfer out. A woman has her alarm off. An angry old man hates his country. Kevin paints a bench in front of the firehouse. Soldering in a basement sets off an alarm and they find smoke alarms are illegally covered. They are called back to it. Five tripped alarm calls in a row. An alarm goes off in a movie theater and the manager tries to just turn it off instead of calling it in. They shut him down for 2 hours and the entire crowd of people has to leave and wait outside. A flooring company van catches fire and blows up. Freddy leaves and hits on some rugby girls. #4. 10/11/05
5 Got Fires? - A lack of fires has the guys at Huntington Avenue on each other’s nerves. Arguments break out and pranks turn destructive until the tension is released by a huge three story apartment blaze. 10/18/05
6 They're Dropping Like Flies! - The Huntington Ave. firefighters are plagued with injuries. One goes down when exposed to toxic fumes, another is electrocuted, and a third breaks his hand. 10/25/05
7 11/1/05
8 Changing of the Guard - The firehouse says goodbye to longtime Captain Paul Carey. His replacement brings about some changes that the guys aren’t happy about. The firefighters battle a huge porch fire. 11/13/05

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