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Season 1
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This A&E show is an hour long and features 1 or 2 cases. For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called. Their chance of solving a case is cut in half if they don't get a lead in The First 48. Each passing hour gives suspects more time to flee, witnesses more time to forget what they saw, and crucial evidence more time to be lost forever. We follow detectives from around the country during these first critical hours as they race against time to find the suspect. Gritty and fast-paced, it takes viewers behind the scenes of real-life investigations with unprecedented access to crime scenes, autopsies, forensic processing, and interrogations. It had the Cops style realism that I love, but I've never seen anything like it. The brutality of the violence is shocking, the utter despair of the victim's families will rip your heart out, the chase for the killer is thrilling, the tension between the detectives and how they bust each other is funny, when leads don't pan out it's frustrating, but when things start to come together and people are caught in lies it's very exciting. The official guide is off a little as they show ones from an upcoming season in the previous season and vice versa, so to make it easy I just keep them in number order, not by airdate. I have written detailed descriptions for each episode if you are looking for something specific. 

Season 1 (2004-05)

1 Body in the Park/Ruby Street Shooting - In Philadelphia, Sergeant Irma Labrice and Detectives Leon Lubiejewski and Michael Gross don't have much time to find a murder suspect, and they don't have much to go on--the victim's body was burned beyond recognition. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Detective Bill Kelhower and his team must gather enough physical evidence to crack a murder case because the witnesses to the crime aren't talking. 6/5/05
2 Gangs of Little Havana/Execution in Coconut Grove - A wall of silence from a frightened community hampers efforts to solve a brutal murder; and a mother of two is shot execution-style in her kitchen in an affluent neighborhood. In a visual style more like drama than reality show, we tail Miami homicide investigators as they race time to solve these murders. Who're the suspects? Are the detectives right? With cliffhangers at each break, both cases in this gritty episode will keep viewers guessing until the end. Miguel "Renteria" Gonzalez was subsequently convicted of second-degree murder and has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. 10/16/04
3 Overkill/Left for Dead - Miami homicide detectives race against time in the critical first hours of investigation to find the evidence necessary to charge two suspects in a brutal murder case; and police find a man who's been shot and left for dead, but with no evidence, witnesses, or even a name for their victim, the detectives have got their work cut out for them. Find out if these driven detectives can make their cases. Floyd Walker was arrested a year later and was charged in the death of Carlos Macias. He is awaiting trial. 7/17/04
4 Blood in the Snow Ė In Kansas City, KS, Liza Michie is a young woman found brutally murdered in a snowy cul-de-sac. Detective Keith Wright & Detective Bobby Lane investigate with the help of Capt John Cosgrove & Capt John Ward but are unable to solve the case. 
Swope Park Killing - In Kansas City, MO, Russell N Clarke is man shot and dumped in a bucolic park. Sgt. Barbara Eckert, Detective Ray Lenoir and Detective Dave Needham investigate. They find he was killed in a house and dumped there. As these detectives race against time during the critical first hours of their investigations, they must enter a dark subculture of drugs, guns, and buried safes. 6/17/04
5 Double Murder on Haskell - Kansas, City, KS - Kevin ĎGeechií Brown (43) & Jamie Wilson (25). 11pm a man calls in about a couple murdered at 2209. Capt John Cosgrove leads. Det Terry Mast, Off Thomas Joyce, Det Alexander Kump, Sgt Ramero Moran, Det. Greg Lawson, Det. Mike Vega assists. Investigators track down two suspects and must convince one of them to give up the other - his own father. "Big Pat" Angelo was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.
Back Alley Revenge - Kansas City, MO - Emmanuel ĎStankí R. Todd (23). 7am Saturday someone is shot and 2 men are seen dragging a body. Sgt. Barbara Eckert leads. Det Jeff Cowdry, Det. Darin Penrod, Det Dave Needam, Det. Jim Green, Scott McCubbin, Det Ray Lenoir, Troy Meyer assists. Detectives must rely on inhabitants of a drug-ridden area to help solve a murder, hoping that the word on the street will crack the case. Josh Fields was subsequently convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 19 years. Frederick Johnson AKA "Noodles" was later arrested and convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 10 years. 3/31/05
6 Killing Spree - Detectives pursue a serial killer terrorizing residents of a Miami housing project who are too frightened to offer information to help the police. Alfred Farnell was convicted on 3 counts of murder and 1 count of attempted murder and got 25 years. Curtis Adkins was convicted of 1st degree murder and got 20 years. 9/2/04
7 On Ice/Body in the Canal - Detectives in Phoenix are followed. Included: the murder of a young employee at an ice rink; the murder of an unidentified victim whose body was found floating in a canal. Norris Jemmerson subsequently pled guilty to manslaughter in Michael Strode's murder case. He has been sentenced to 19 years in prison. Louis Pita-Mota was charged with first-degree murder but was later released because of insufficient evidence. The investigation continues. 5/5/05
8 Fire in the Rain/Family Feud - Police try to identify a prostitute whose body was partially burned; and detectives search for two shooting victims who may still be alive. Darryl Gene Orr II was subsequently convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and one count of second degree murder. He has been sentenced to life without parole. 5/7/05
9 Desert Bones/Party's Over - Detectives Dillian and Jewell join forensic anthropologist Laura Fulginiti to determine the identity of a female skeleton found in the desert. And the shooting of a teenager at a high-school party puts Detectives Rodriguez and Kulesa on the trail of a shooter wearing a ski mask. Several months later, Kenny Smith died of complications from surgery. The case is now officially a homicide, and the investigation continues. 12/4/04
10 At Death's Door/Wrong Side of the Tracks' - Miami detectives investigate a possible assassination; and the murder of a prominent doctor's son. Cedric Figgers was subsequently convicted of first-degree murder and has been sentenced to life without parole. 8/26/04
11 Stripper's Revenge - Phoenix, AZ detectives investigate a homicide in which the victim's prostitute girlfriend was originally suspected. Carl Lee Blackman plead guilty to manslaughter and got 21 years.
Dead on Arrival - the search for the killer who gunned down a man in his home. 9/9/04
12 At Close Range/Murder in Motor City - When Phoenix homicide Detective Tom Kulesa realizes a potential witness to a double murder has gone missing, he must race against time to stop another vicious killing; and in Detroit, Sergeant Jo Ann Kinney must turn to forensics to solve the murder of a man found dead in a brand new Cadillac Escalade. Lonny Bassett was subsequently convicted of two counts of first-degree murder. He is serving two consecutive life sentences. 6/16/05
13 Silent Witness/Halley Street Slayings - A store employee is murdered in Miami, and detectives use the store video surveillance system to help their investigation. In Detroit, a couple are killed in their home. 8/25/04

Season 2 (2005)

14 Murder on the Interstate - Miami, FL detectives investigate the murder of a college student. Willie "Lump" Lumsdon was convicted of second degree murder and got 40 years.
House of Santeria - the bizarre death of a doctor. 5/7/05
15 Hostile Takeover - Miami, FL - Eric Lil Lee Leuned (21) is killed in August 2007 in Overtown. On 13th and 3rd a man is shot multiple times at 10pm. Sgt. Altaar Williams leads. Det Manny de la Torriento, Det Eddie Avila, Det. Freddy Ponce, Lt. Connie Ibrajim, Det Robert Laurenceau, Willard Delancy & Rupert Butcher assist. Donta Irvin Boyd & Malcolm Williams were arrested, but charges were dropped because of a witness who was uncooperative. 
Shot in the Back - Miami, FL - Jorge Salgado (41) is found dead on a sidewalk by a whore at 5:30am. Det Emiliano Tamayo leads. Det Ervens Ford, Det Kevin Ruggiero, Laz Fernandez & Dr. Reinhard Motte assist. No one was caught. 4/28/05
16 A Serial Killer Calls - A serial killer directs homicide detectives to bodies he has hidden around Kansas City. 90 mins. 1/6/05
17 Hunt for Teeth/Coyote Blue - In Kansas City, KS, Capt. John Cosgrove and his team of homicide detectives must track down a man suspected of beating his best friend to death with a cinder block--before he can flee the country; Dets. Greg Lawson and Mike York are hot on the trail of their murder suspect they know only as Teeth. Dwayne Roberson was subsequently convicted of first-degree murder and has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. 3/3/05
18 Downstream Drifter - Texas detectives investigate the discovery of a man who was beaten to death and found floating down a river. Joel Gonzales was convicted of capital murder and got life in prison without parole. Andrew Garcia was found guilty of murder and got 50 years.
Murder in Room 162 - a body is found in a hotel room in Phoenix. 6/30/05
19 Roadside Burning/Blood Ties - A Dallas motorist discovers a body; a hard-working migrant is found dead in a parking lot. Torsha Whitaker was subsequently convicted of murder. She is currently serving a 20 year sentence. 4/7/05
20 Deadly Betrayal - With Hurricane Jeanne threatening Miami, Sgt. Joe Schillaci and Det. Olga Rome must solve the murder of the owner of a popular strip club. The club's surveillance video reveals three men ambushing the victim. Schillaci and Rome soon realize this was an inside job--the victim was betrayed by one of his workers. They must race against time to catch the killers before their investigation is halted by the approaching hurricane. All charges against Mark Placide have subsequently been dropped. 3/3/05
21 Twisted Honor - Kevin Gagnon was killed. In Phoenix, AZ Det. Dave Barnes must track down desperate lovers on the lam to solve a savage shotgun murder. Jesse Rubio was convicted of murder and got 22 years.
Vultures - in San Antonio, TX Det. Tom Froelick and his team find a body of a woman in a wooded area and learn that she was last seen alive with a mysterious stranger. Carlos Rey was convicted of murder and got 40 years. 7/28/05
22 Silence in the Grove - In Miami's Coconut Grove, Sgt. Joe Schillaci and his team try to solve a near-impossible case of four men shot while sitting in their car. The shooting left an innocent passenger dead...but the three survivors refuse to name names. Gator was eventually found and charged with murder in an unrelated case. The investigation in to Eli Ellis' murder continues. 
Show Stopper - when Det. Emiliano Tamayo and his rookie partner Det. Kevin Ruggerio find a local celebrity murdered in his apartment, they realize the key to the case is the victim's cellphone missing from the scene. As they work the murder around the clock, Ruggerio learns he must make a personal sacrifice to solve the case. Derrick Lamar Evans was convicted of 2nd Degree Murder and was sentenced to 150 months in prison. 6/30/05
23 Devil's Candy - A Miami detective goes undercover to investigate a murder connected with heroin trafficking. Eddie Green pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 30 years probation. 7/14/05
24 Deadly Attraction - In his final case as a homicide investigator, Sgt. Joe Schillaci teams up with Dets. Mayree Morin and Olga Rome to solve a baffling murder of a man found murdered in his bed. Schillaci and his team soon learn the killer may be a worker for a traveling carnival. They must enter into a murky and dangerous world of "Carnies" to track down the elusive killer...before he leaves town. Clayton Brian Lovell was subsequently convicted of second-degree murder and has been sentenced to life in prison. 8/11/04
25 Murder in the Driveway/Double Shooting in the Beans - In a case of young man shot dead in Little Haiti, Miami Detective Ervens Ford and his team learn the suspected killer is a member of a notorious gang. The team must hunt him down, before he flees the country. And when two teenagers are brutally gunned down in the Pork-n-Beans project, Sgt. Pepi Granado and Det. Freddy Ponce learn there's a witness who saw the murders go down. To solve the case, they must get the witness to reveal what he knows. 9/15/04
26 Fallen/Texas Burning - A death in Miami originally thought to be a suicide is determined to be murder. In Dallas, two burned bodies are found in two separate locations. 6/19/05

Season 3 (2005-06)

27 Baby for Sale/The Barrel - 2 murdered children killed decades apart may be linked. 10/27/05
28 House of Blood/Last Man Standing - A brutal stabbing in Little Havana has Detective Carlos Castellanos following a trail of bloody footprints the killer left as he fled the scene. It will take bloodhounds and a frantic pace to track down the killer in this whodunit. And Sergeant Confessor Gonzalez has a mystery on his hands. A young man is found gunned down in a parking lot, and a trail of blood at the scene indicates a second victim. Who is he and what does he know? Gonzalez needs to find the answers to those questions to solve this case. After this episode first aired, a viewer called Miami Police with information on John Valdespino's whereabouts. Valdespino was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. 10/6/05
29 Fish Out of Water - In Miami, a man from Ohio is murdered
Good Samaritan - a homeless man is stabbed while defending a local restaurant owner. Tyrone Clark was convicted of 1st Degree Murder and attempted murder and was sentenced to 22 years. 10/20/05
30 Custody of the Devil/Duct Tape Murder- In Memphis, Sgts. Tony Mullins and Doreen Shelton get caught in the rumor mill and must separate truth from lies as they struggle to identify the two men who robbed and killed a neighborhood drug dealer. And in Miami, when a daughter discovers her mother's body, Detectives Tamayo and Ruggerio search for the elusive killer and learn that sometimes the harshest punishment happens outside the law. (The title is misleading as it has nothing to do with anything Satanic) 10/13/05
31 Evil Streak/.50 Caliber - In Las Vegas, Detectives Mike Wallace and Mark McNett are called out on a nightmare of a case: a beautiful young woman was assaulted and murdered in her own apartment. With nothing but the physical evidence, they've got to find out if the killer is a total stranger or someone she knows. And in Miami, Detectives Rolly Garcia and Orlando Silva must track down an enormous handgun that was used to gun a man down on a residential sidewalk; the .50 caliber Desert Eagle is such a rare weapon that the Miami crime lab has never handled a case with one before. 11/3/05
32 Fifty Dollar Murder/Murder in Liberty City - In Memphis, TN a store clerk is shot during a robbery at a convenience store. Sgt. Connie Justice and Sgt. Ron Collins find extensive forensic evidence at the scene but none of it points to a suspect. Their only hope is surveillance cameras that captured the violent struggle on tape. They hope this will give them the lead they need to ID the killer. In Miami, Sgt. Jose "Pepi" Granado and rookie detective Armando Aguilar are confronted with a dead victim and a wounded man at two crime scenes just blocks apart. With no on talking, they rely on old-fashioned police work to find a man who knows what happened that night. 12/15/05
33 Foolproof Alibi/Left Behind - Miami detectives search for the killer who gunned down a young father-to-be; and Phoenix detectives investigate the discovery of a woman's decomposed body. 12/1/05
34 Torched - In Miami, Sgt. Mo Velazquez and Detective Freddy Ponce discover an unidentified victim in the back seat of a torched rental car. The investigation takes a bizarre turn, as detectives uncover a kidnapping and robbery plot involving a crew of drug dealers. They must find everyone involved - before they all disappear. Myron Morales plead guilty to attempted robbery w/o a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 10 years. Rene De La Paz plead guilty to kidnapping with intent to hold for ransom and was  sentenced to 10 years. 12/22/05
35 Point Blank Ė In Memphis, TN, Issa is found dead on a swing in the park at night. Sergeants Sharon Maybon and Jessica Burton work with clues from his cell phone found on the crime scene, Sergeants piece together information and locate potential witnesses. The case takes an unexpected turn when they are able to locate and crack an uncooperative witness. Sgt. Ron Collins, Sgt. Jim Currin assist, Steve Smith is the suspect. 
Shoot Out - In Miami, FL David ďDreadĒ Pettinger is found killed. Detective Fernando Bosch and Leo Tapanes investigates a murder that takes him across state lines to Atlanta. What the detectives find out when they get there surprises them all. Lt. Armando Aguilar, Sgt. Moises Velasquez, Sgt. Carlos de los Santos, Det. Mark Smith, Morrie & Smitty Ė suspects. 12/29/05
36 Last Exit Ė In Phoenix, AZ Andre Thomas (41) is found lying dead in the road thrown from a car. Homicide Detective Jeremy Rosenthal has been with the Department for eight years, and this is just his fifth case a homicide detective. He and Sr. Detective Alex Feminia investigate. Patrick Kotecki Ė witness, Louis Allen was driving him, has Andreís blood on his car, but claims he broke a glass, it is a lie and he sends police on a wild goose chase looking for a prostitute he claims Andre was with. Louis fails a polygraph and gets a lawyer. The case is unsolved. 
Out Cold - In Miami, FL Guillermo Reyas (54) is found in front of a bar on a little Havana sidewalk with his skull cracked. Detectives Armando Aguilar and Fernando Bosch investigate. Ruben Bayaverdes is a drunk old witness who saw him, people in the bar canít find the owner, Dr. Julia de la Garza does the autopsy, Sgt. Altaar Willaims assists, Michael is a witness who wonít go to the station and disappears. Another witness says Pepe who works at the bar fought with Reyas and heís arrested. 1/5/06
37 Dead Man Running Ė In Memphis, TN Homer Palmer is found naked shot dead running down the road. Wanda Jones, Shawanna Sutton, Sgt. Ernestine Davison, Crystal Mullins Ė witness. Three months later, a new tip led to the arrest of Frederick Williams, aka "Little Fred." He subsequently pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.
Crash Ė In Phoenix, AZ Ė Eduardo Beltran is shot outside his truck at a body shop. Sgt. Jason Schecterle recovered from being burned all over his face and 27 surgeries to come back. Det. Tom Díaugustino, Det. Carl Caruso, Det. John Shallule, Det. Derrel Branch, witnesses Oswaldo & Maria Escalon give up Arturo Rodlfo Gutierrez the suspect. Esteban Morales AKA Moreno was charged with Conspiracy to commit murder. He plead guilty to 2nd Degree Murder and was sentenced to 22 years. 1/12/06
38 Close Ties - When Phoenix Detective Alex Femenia is called to a scene where three young people are found dead in their home, it is his job to cull through the evidence and determine what happened at this bloody scene. As night falls, the detective waits for the Medical Examiner to arrive to determine if this is the scene of a triple murder or a murder suicide. 
Last Call - In Memphis, TN Sgt Tony Mullins and Sgt. Caroline Mason get their first call of the week. A woman calls 911 to report a dead body laying on the front lawn of a home. When the detectives arrive on the scene the mother of the victim is there and gives the Sgt's a clue, she tells them the last time she saw her son alive, he was with his girlfriend. With the clock ticking it is now up to the Sergeants to locate the girlfriend and find out exactly what she knows. Lewis "Knockout" Mayese was subsequently convicted of first-degree murder and has been sentenced to life in prison. Lonzie Carter has also been convicted and got 14 years. 2/9/06
39 Pack of Lies - Detectives investigate the brutal stabbing of a young man. Homicide charges against Kevin Goode have subsequently been dropped. The investigation continues. 3/2/06

Season 4 (2006)

40 Loved to Death/Unmasked - In Memphis, Sergeant Caroline Mason and her team respond to a convenience store shooting, where surveillance cameras captured the last few moments of a man's life. Investigators must sift through the footage for clues that will point them to the killer. And in Miami, Detectives Fernando Bosch and Ricky Martinez are called to a wealthy high-rise condo, where the crime scene blood-covered bathroom. To track down the killer, investigators follow a blood trail that leads them out of the building and into a hair-raising manhunt. 6/15/06 
41 Inner Demons/Kids with Guns - Miami detectives find a man murdered outside his own apartment. While hunting for the killer, they uncover the victim's inner life, revealing a man torn between who he is and what he believes. In Memphis, a tragic triple shooting leaves two young men dead and one fighting for his life in the hospital. Detectives soon find out that the deadly shooter and his partner may be kids, too. With their only witness in critical condition, they race against the clock to catch the killers before they strike again. Caesar Johnson was subsequently convicted of two counts of voluntary manslaughter and one count of criminal attempt felony and is now awaiting sentencing. 6/22/06 
42 The Boogey Man/Murder on Flowering Peach - Dallas Homicide Detectives respond to a call about a body in the charred remains of a car. Digging into the victim's life uncovers a dangerous lifestyle with questionable friends. With each interview, a new piece of the puzzle is revealed and investigators take one step closer to the killer. In Memphis, Sergeant Tony Mullins and his team find themselves crossing state lines into neighboring Mississippi in their hunt for the person responsible for a home invasion that left one man dead. 6/29/06 
43 The Witness/The Trunk - Miami detectives Ricky Martinez and Fernando Bosch investigate the double homicide of a husband and wife. As they race against the clock to find the killer, they discover that their best witness in the case tragically also has the most at stake. And in Memphis, Sgt. Ron Collins and his team must solve the mystery behind a car discovered on the edge of town. The car's owner had given the keys to her boyfriend three days earlier and he has been missing ever since. Now there is blood dripping from the trunk. 7/6/06
44 Pre-emptive Strike/Unlucky - Detectives must determine if a shooter acted in self-defense; detectives look for a mentally unstable suspect. 7/20/06
S1 Miami City Vice - Following Miami detective Lt. Joe Schillaci as he leads a special-operations team that works in disguise or undercover. Schillaci discusses his new responsibilities and reminisces about his career in homicide. 8/3/06
45 Crossfire Ė In Miami, FL Jessica Dixon (23) shot dead in a convenience store from a stray bullet from a gunfight that happened outside. Detectives Emiliano Tamayo and Ervens Ford find the store's surveillance footage reveals two black man in a shootout in front and one was hit in the leg. They need to find him before it's too late. Officer Paul Noel and Fabrice Nelson CSI were on scene. Sgt. Eunice Cooper, Faheim the witness, Corey Ronnel Harold - suspect, Lt. John Burmaster assists.
School Ties - In Miami, FL Yvon Pierre (22) was shot dead on the street in the middle of the day. Detectives Fernando Bosch and Rick Martinez are investigating the murder of a man. The victim's girlfriend was there and may know the identity of the killer. Sgt. Juan Herrera, Steve Sterling is the suspect caught 4 months later. 8/31/06
46 The Run Around/Night Cap - In Memphis, Sergeant Mitch Oliver and his team respond to the murder of a man shot in his car while parked at a local mini market. In order to track down their shooter, detectives must rely on witnesses who sometimes hide more than they reveal. And in Phoenix, Detective Rosenthal is investigating the case of young man shot dead and left in the parking lot of a local bar. His biggest lead is the bar's surveillance tape. It could reveal who the victim was with the night he was killed. 8/24/06
47 Memphis Blues/Knife to the Heart - Miami detectives respond to the stabbing murder of an elderly man found dead in his home. After collecting key evidence on the crime scene and talking to witnesses, Detective Rolando Garcia starts to suspect the victim's emotionally unstable nephew may have committed the murder. In Memphis, Sergeant Caroline Mason investigates the murder of a young man outside of a liquor store. She uses all her interrogation skills and street smarts to find her suspect. 7/27/06
48 Fool for Love - In Dallas, TX Leonel V is found a badly decomposed in his bathtub after neighbors break in. Detective Rick Duggan delve into the victim's past leading them on a trail lined with love and deceit after finding his safe has been emptied and his door locked. Gary Pfieffer witness, Sgt. Eugene Reyes, Detective John Palmer, Sgt. Gil Garza, Det Eddie Ibarra, Marcella Cortezz & Geraldo Hernandez Ė his ex-girlfriend and new boyfriend who robbed and killed him. 
Dumped - In Memphis, TN Quinton Johnson was found mysteriously dumped in an empty field. Detective Tim Helldorfer, Sgt. Ron Collins, Sgt. Scott Reed, Sgt. W.D. Merrit, Det James Woods, Sgt. Kevin Lundy scramble for leads. Marlon Wright witness leads to Pit Bull 9/14/06
49 The Wrong Man/Five Points Payback - An innocent bystander dies in a drive-by shooting; a man dies by gunshot in a van. 9/21/06
50 Candy Lady - In Memphis, TN Gloria Morris the Candy Lady was found shot through her closed front door. Sergeants Bill Ashton and Caroline Mason hunt for the killer from the projects of the city to the trailer parks of the countryside. Sgt. Tony Mullins, Lt. Tony Armstrong, Det Vikki Saine, Sheriff Bill Kelley, Det Ricky Wilson assist. A man in a gray jogging suit is sought and found, but the case is unsolved. 
Best of Friends - In Miami, FL Ė Cornell Mike (17) is shot in the notorious Liberty City section called the "Pork and Beans". Detectives Ervens Ford and Kevin Ruggiero must sift through the lies and get to the truth before time runs out. Lt.. John Buhrmaster assists, Andrew ďPopĒ Hart is the suspect. 9/28/06
51 Family Affair - In Dallas, TX Felicia Dabney is found stabbed, beaten, and burned on a bed and the victim's 12-year-old niece and her mother are missing. Detective Dale Lundberg finds out the mother Yolanda Wilson is responsible. She went crazy and though people were coming for her. Kelly Maguire, Sgt. Rich Wilson, Det. Steve David, Det. Rick Duggan. 
The Hustler - In Memphis, TN Jonathan Ardey a pool hustler is killed in a bloody motel room. Sgt. Mitch Oliver learns the victim's white Cougar is nowhere to be found. If he finds the car, he'll find his suspect. Sgt. Lauren Robinson, Cassandra Ė wife, Serena Carter is the girlfriend, Maurice Hood is a kid caught in the car and Elliot Fullilove is the killer. 10/5/06
52 Motel Massacre - In Memphis, TN Darrel Smith, Jarret ďFoxxĒ Robinson and Regie Renfroe are shot when a motel turns into a war zone when a gunfight leaves two men dead and another critically injured. Sgt. WD Merritt, Sgt. Tim Helldorfer, Sgt. Lonnie Justice, Lt. Joseph Scott investigate. Two whores Lakeysha Hill & Tosha ďJasmineĒ Taylor were on scene. It turns out Regie was their pimp and the plan was to have Foxxís friend Deango ďTonyĒ Sevier rob them. All three are charged and Regie survives. Pure Innocent - In Kansas City, MO Jontai Hoskins is a 2 year-old baby killed in a car shooting. Det. Everett Babcock, Sgt. Barbara Eckert, Det. Carl Counti investigate. The victimís 8 year old sister says the shooter is her uncle George Haynes who is hiding in Mississippi, Det. Mike Jones goes on Americaís Most Wanted to catch him and does. 10/12/06.
53 Family Secrets/Clipped - Memphis detectives search for a missing couple; and Miami detectives investigate the murder of a young man who was shot behind a barbershop. 1/11/07
54 Broken Alibis - In Miami, FL 7/15/06 - Lazeros "The Prince" Suarez (59) a homeless man is found killed on the sidewalk in front of a business in Little Havana. He sleeps in front of the place after it closes, someone tried to steal his scooter and beat his head in with a baseball bat. Det. Freddy Ponce leads, Det. Mario De Los Santos & Sgt. Mo Velazquez assists. A woman IDs him, a bloody shoe print is found and they think it was another homeless man and they don't change their shoes, so they check all homeless people's shoes. Vladimir Hernandez's shoes match and CSI finds blood spots on them. He says Angel gave him the shoes. Angel Concepcion is brought in and says he did give him the shoes, but before the murder. He was with Juan that night. Juan is brought in to verify his alibi. He says they went out to get money and came back with blood on them. Angel is brought back in. and says he was the lookout while Vladi robbed him. He takes him back to the scene and tells them what happened. Both are charged with first-degree murder.
A Good Woman - In Kansas City, MO - Yvette Goode (50) is found in her house stabbed many times by her son Tom hadn't seen his mom in a couple days. Det. Ray Lenoir leads, Sgt. Barbara Eckert, Sgt. Doug Niemeier & Det. Dave Needham assist. A bloody knife is found and her car is missing. Her car is found the next day, but is clean. Her partner says her nephew Ronald Allison lived with him and was a problem. They find he has a history with knives and is already in jail. They go get Ron and he says he was out drinking all night and came back and she wasn't home. He has a big cut on his hand and doesn't know how it got there. DNA tests are made on the weapon and it matches Ron. Ron is brought back in and says he found the body first and was scared because he was on parole. Tom is told who the killer is and he can't believe he had to do that and they assure him they have the right man. Ron is charged with first-degree murder.11/16/06
55 Houdini/Innocence Lost - A robber shoots a gas-station clerk; a 9-year-old girl is killed while playing outside her house. 11/30/06
56 Wrong Turn/Deadly Dance - A tourist who's in Miami for his son's 17th birthday is murdered; and a shooting at a high-school dance leaves one teen dead and another one in critical condition. 12/7/06
57 Moment of Truth/Cat and Mouse - In Dallas, a woman is killed during a robbery; and in Detroit, a mother and her infant are murdered. 12/14/06
58 Get That Money/Senseless - A young man is murdered in Kansas City, Mo., and the victim's cell phone may lead the detectives to the killer; in Memphis, a woman is killed in the neighborhood where the investigating detective grew up. 12/21/06
59 Easy Prey/Widowmaker - A woman is shot to death in Dallas; in Miami, an elderly man is beaten to death outside of his home. The murder charge against Terrance "Mississippi" Staples was subsequently dropped. 12/28/06

Season 5 (2007)

60 Up in Smoke/Shot in the Dark - A truck fire in Memphis turns out to be a double murder, and there are many suspects to be pursued; in Kansas City, a woman is found dead in the street, but there are few clues to her killer. 1/25/07
61 Fatal Pickup - In Detroit, a double shooting in a vacant lot leads Lt. John Morell and Sgt. LaNesha Jones to an unlikely suspect--a 61 year old man. 
Bad Neighbor - in Dallas, TX Det. Eddie Ibarra must unravel the complex life of a victim riddled with bullets and dumped in a downtown park. Claude Morris was convicted of first degree murder and got 17-32 years. 1/18/07
62 Blood Trail/50 G Murder - In Memphis, TN a woman is brutally stabbed and left for dead in the street. When a witness comes forward with the license plate number of a van she saw driving from the scene, the homicide team must employ unique tactics to lure the suspect in. In Dallas, Texas, Detective Rick Duggan investigates the murder of an elderly man, shot inside his dental clinic. Investigators have little to work with until a woman comes into headquarters with information that seems too good to be true. 2/1/07
63 Live To Tell/Field of Lies - Miami detectives investigate the case of a woman who was raped and murdered in a vacant lot; a Dallas robbery-murder case hangs on the ability of a wounded survivor to identify the attackers. 2/21/07
64 Stray Bullet/Payback - Dallas detectives believe a man was killed in a case of mistaken identity, and they try to find the intended target before it's too late; a rookie detective in Miami tackles a triple homicide. 3/1/07
65 The Good Book/Nightmare - A Miami detective investigates a double homicide that left a third victim clinging to life; a Dallas detective tries to solve a case involving a charred body in a burning car. 3/8/07
66 To Die for - In Memphis, TN a sergeant investigates a murder in her old neighborhood
Highway Revenge - a detective in Detroit tracks a notorious gang responsible for a homicide. Nathaniel Haynes was convicted of first degree murder and got 15-25 years. Robert Simpson got 42-62 years. 3/15/07
67 Final Investment/Writing on the Wall - A man is shot in Memphis, and a girl is the only witness to the crime; the murder of a homeless man in Miami is linked to a gang. 4/5/07
68 Silenced - Dallas detectives investigate the murder of an unidentified woman who was shot to death, and they have only a few clues, including a cell phone found at the scene. 4/12/07
69 Last Dance/Deadly Deal - A gang-related shooting leaves two people dead in Dallas; in Kansas City, a man is found dead in his pickup truck clutching money and drugs. 4/19/07
70 Hard Fall - A former airline executive is murdered in his car in Miami. 5/24/07
71 Reversal of Fortune/Running Scared - In Dallas, a body is found rolled in a carpet and dumped on the side of the road; and a 66-year-old Cuban man is shot to death in Miami. 5/31/07

Season 6 (2007)

72 Blindsided - a Dallas detective searches for a killer who shot a woman in the lobby of her workplace. The detective is given crucial evidence when video surveillance reveals the killer's face. 7/12/07
73 Missing Witness/Who's Knocking - A man is gunned down in Miami in broad daylight; in Cincinnati, OH a man is murdered outside of his apartment. Garfield Howard was convicted of murder and got 23 to life. 6/21/07
74 20 Bucks/Family Friend - A Cincinnati teen watching a street fight is killed by a stray bullet; in Dallas, a victim is shot and left behind a vacant house. 7/19/07
75  Bicycle Bandits/First Shot - A recent high-school graduate is shot in Miami; and Cincinnati detectives search for a man they believe took revenge on a childhood friend. Miliaray Torbert plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and got 20 years. 7/26/07
76 Last Birthday - In Cincinnati, a 58-year-old man is found dead in a hallway, and detectives learn that he was murdered the day before his birthday. 8/2/07
77 Floated Away/Tagged - In Dallas, a man is found floating in a creek with his throat slashed; in Memphis, a 19-year-old man is gunned down in the street. Kristian Iglesias was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and got 5 years. 8/9/07
78 Friend or Foe/Code of Silence - Cincinnati detectives investigate the murder of a teen who was shot in the head while sleeping; and, in Kansas City, detectives search for a killer who shot a man over a dice game. 8/16/07
79 Thrown Away/Crimson Trail - In Miami, the decomposing body of a 14-year-old boy is found in a dumpster; in Dallas, the body of a Honduran immigrant who was stabbed to death is found in an alley. 8/23/07
80 About Face/Backyard Murder - In Detroit, a young man is found shot to death in a yard; and Miami detectives investigate the murder of a young man shot in broad daylight. 8/30/07
81 Stepping Up/Foul Shot - A man is shot in Dallas while trying to protect a friend; in Detroit, a basketball game turns violent and someone is fatally shot.  Leon "Little Cuz" Morrow was convicted of second degree murder and got 20-30 years. 9/13/07
82 Double Life - In Miami, a man is found stabbed to death behind a church and the investigation uncovers a mystery regarding the victim. 9/20/07
83 Shooting Spree/Lady in the Fire - a man is found shot to death behind an abandoned house in Detroit; and a Memphis woman is found dead inside a burning house. 10/11/07
84 Bad Call/Ricochet - Miami, FL Ė Albert Merritt (41)/Memphis, TN Ė Herman ďKeithĒ Rhodes (37) - Detective Freddy Ponce and Sgt. Louis Melancon unravel the mystery of a man found shot dead in his car. The key to the case could be the victim's cell phone. 10/19/07
85 Neighborhood Sweetheart/Hail of Gunfire - Miami, FL Ė Shenique ĎShainí Shorter (19)/Kansas City, MO - Isaac Calvert (18) In Miami, Detective Ricardo John is investigating the brutal homicide of a 19-year old girl. The detectives believe that she may have been murdered to send a message to her boyfriend, an alleged drug dealer. In Kansas City, Missouri, a man is shot dead during a gun fight. Detective Everett Babcock has to unravel the mountain of ballistics evidence on the scene to solve the case. #85. 10/25/07
86 Misled/Somebody's Daddy - Alberto Gutierrez (17)/Jereme Fletcher (27) In Miami, a 17-year-old boy is beaten to death and his body dumped in the backseat of his car; in Dallas, a young man is shot dead in a parking lot. 11/1/07
87 Motel No-Tell/Brotherly Love - Ivan Rangel (22)/Antonio ĎBlackí Span (32) - Memphis detectives search for a murder suspect who may have left the state; a Dallas detective investigates a fatal shooting in a motel parking lot. 11/8/07
88 The Tender Trap/Bait and Switch - Manuel Cordero (52)/Christian Marton (21) - In Miami, a mechanic is shot to death in his shop. Detective Juan Hererra and his team focus on the victim's everyday habits to find a reason why someone would want him dead. In Dallas, a young, small-town farmer is murdered while trying to buy a used car. With only a nickname to go on, Detective John Palmer and his team need to track down the car's seller to help them find their suspect. 11/29/07
89 Fit of Rage/Mean Streets - Cincinnati, OH - Keisha Hogan (34)/Miami, FL - Raul Nervoa (65) Cincinnati detectives investigate a strangulation death; and detectives in Miami try to solve the murder of a 65-year-old man. 12/6/07

Season 7 (2008)

90 Double Time - Jose Castro (45)/Roberto Cruz (40) - In Miami, Detective Ervens Ford is called to a shooting in a Little Haiti cafť. Witnesses say it was a robbery gone bad. But just as Ford and his team close in on their suspects, the team gets assigned to a second homicide investigation. It's a race against the clock for the team to solve both cases. 1/17/08
91 Inked In Blood - Memphis, TN 7/21/07 - Chianne Gast (32) of Top Shelf Tattoos, Chica777 on myspace the tattoo artist is shot to death during a robbery & rape by 3 men. Jamal Williams (21) is the fourth. Rashanda Clark (18) was indicted on the charge of accessory after the fact. 1/10/08
92 Dead Sleep - Cincinnati, OH - Ronny Simpson (51) 2pm a call comes in that a man had his head bashed in on the East End in a yard. Det. Kurt Ballman leads. Sgt. Bob Liston, Frank Fede, Pat Moran, Det. Dave Feldhaus assists. 
Tag Team - Memphis, TN - Darrell McVeigh (19). A call comes in about a fight and his friend was shot 3 times. Sgt. Caroline Mason leads. Lt. Toney Armstrong, Sgt. Tony Mullins & Sgt. Vivian Murray assists. #92. 1/24/08
93 Unnecessary Roughness - Cincinnati, OH 8/12/07 - Ernest ĎYearní Crier (19). Kids are playing football in the Peace Bowl and gunfire erupts nearby at 3pm in Avondale. News coverage captures it. Det. Greg Gehring leads. Det Kurt Ballman & Sgt. Joe Briede assists. 
Stolen Life - Dallas, TX - Coach Samuel West Jr. (63). 1am in the Oak Cliff neighborhood. A woman says a man walked up to them in a pickup asking for money and opened fire. Det. Robert Quirk leads. Det. P.E. Jones, Sgt. Dudley Mosworth, Ofc Trish Allen, Det Dennis Mumford & Det Fidel Perez assists. They work to learn the identity of the person who robbed and killed a popular high school basketball coach. #93. 1/31/08
94 Burden of Proof - Detroit, MI - Barbara Anne Udics (37). A man calls at 7am that his wife and him have been shot in the northwest district. Off Lance Sullivan leads. Off Chuck Zwicker, Latrelle M, Barbara Simon, Sgt. Michael Martel, Off Greg Stopcynski, David Andrews & David Pauch assists. A suspect is identified driving the victim's car. Backfire - Cincinnati, OH - Kevin Stevenson (17). A call of a man shot in the head comes in. Det. Colin Vaughn leads. Det David Feldhaus, Det John Horn & Sgt. Bob Liston assist. They investigate the murder of a young man. 2/7/08
95 American Dream - Memphis, TN - Hocko Velage (52). 7am a man is found in an 18 wheeler dead with the window shot out in a warehouse parking lot. Sgt. Joe Stark leads. Det. Debo Carson, Lt. Mark Miller, Sgt. Kevin Lundy, Sgt. Caroline Mason, Sgt. Connie Justice & Sgt. Tony Mullins assists. 
Easter Sunday - Detroit, MI - Rico Hence (30). On Easter a call of a silver SUV blocking an alley comes in and police find a dead man in the back. Off Lance Sullivan/Sgt. Constance Slappey leads. Off Chuck Zwicker, Off Lester Lee, Sgt. Gordon Hampton, Off Hamilton & Sgt. David Babcock assists. 3/6/08
96 Better Days - Memphis, TN - Maurice Pegues (78). At 7:41pm in the Magnolia neighborhood a call comes of a man dead next to a house. Sgt. Terry Max leads. Lt. Toney Armstrong, Sgt. Joe Stark, Sgt. Caroline Mason, Sgt. Tony Mullins & Sgt. Vivian Murray assists. 
Wildflower - Dallas, TX - Melissa LeSueur (35). A missing womanís body is finally found in a field. Det. Bob Ermatinger leads. Det. Scott Sayers, Det Ken Penrod, Det. Randy Laboda, Sgt. Larry Lewis, Marshall McLemore, Det. John Palmer, Det. PE Jones & Det Phil assists. 3/13/08
97 Last Ride - Dallas, TX - Brandon Lichtmexay (18). 12:30am an illegally parked Lincoln is towed and they find blood all over it. Cops find a man in the trunk. Det. Rick Duggan leads. Det. Scott Sayers, Sgt. Rene Sigalia, Det Ken Penrod, Det. Dan Lusty, Sgt. Larry Lewis, Det. Eddie Ibarra, Det. Robert Quirk, Det. John Palmer & Det. Mark Ahern assists. 
Trailer Trap - Memphis, TN - Lee Trap Davis (35). 7am a woman calls 911 about a dead man at Leahyís Trailer park. Sgt. Terry Max leads. Sgt. Caroline Mason, Sgt. Tony Mullins & Sgt. Bart Ragland assists. 3/20/08
98 Lured in - Miami, FL - Luis Medina (50) is killed at 11:30am. A 911 call from a hotel on Biscayne comes in about a dead man in a room. Det Carlos Castellanos leads. Sgt. Louis Melancon, Det Manny Castillo assists. Mervin Watty  is charged with first degree murder. 3/27/08
Disaster - Memphis, TN - Christopher "Disaster" Hammond (32) is killed at 1:07pm. A 911 call of gunshots and a man down in the street comes in. Sgt. Caroline Mason leads. Sgt. Tony Mullins, Ofc C. Price, Sgt. Joe Stark, Sgt. Barry Hanks, Lt. Toney Armstrong assists. Darnell Galloway (18) is the shooter, but it was self-defense.
99 Deal Breaker - Memphis, TN - Chris Mathis (21) is found lying in the street shot dead by woman driving. Sgt. Bart Ragland leads. Sgt. Tony Mullins, Sgt. Caroline Mason, Sgt. Debo Carson, Det. Kevin Clark, Lt. Toney Armstrong, Sgt. Eddie Bass, Sgt. Connie Justice, Sgt. Barry Hanks assist. Greg, a friend of the victim comes forward. Chris went with him to buy some coke to sell. The dealer got in the back of his red Crown Victoria, pulled a gun, a fight ensued and he shot him. He got in the front and pushed Chris on him and he went out the door and the guy drove off with Chris. They tell his mom and wife. He was working on a barge to support the kid. The next day they find the car, itís been torched. They get the phone records and the last call is to Quentin Johnson (21). Now they have to find him. Day 5 - he turns himself in. He denies having anything to do with the murder. He claims his phone was stolen that day. They say itís BS. He says he doesnít want to give any names. They check his phone records and talk to his sister who talked to him on the phone. He admits Rodrick G. Greenwood G-Money his cousin shot him. He picked him up and Aaron Carr (21) was driving. He says they were going to rob them and it went to a fight and went wrong, then they burned it. Rod will tell you everything, but they donít know where he is. Day 6 - Greg comes in and IDs Rod as the shooter. They catch Aaron and he doesnít know anything. They tell him Quentin put him there. He admits being there, but didnít know it was a robbery, he wasnít going to snitch and get killed. Kim Bell-Morris says they are still aching. Jessica Mathis his sister adn Josalon Mathis the wife are there. Mickie Mathis his mom says he has a big heart. Rod was caught a month later in Chicago. All three are charged with first-degree murder. 
Gunplay - Tucson, AZ - Derrick Burris (16) is killed on East Aurora when a man calls that his friend was shot in the chest on 29th. Det Bill Hanson leads. Det Bob Saunders, Det Kevin Hall, Det Kathi Kelley, Det. Jennifer Whitfield assist. His friend says they went to see a movie and were walking back home and two guys jumped them at the bus stop. They pulled a gun on them and shot. He knows Raymond Godoy (15) from school, they didnít say anything, just shot with a big cowboy gun. They tell the family, then go look for Ray. Heís not home, but they search his house and find a matching gun. His mom says he couldnít have done it and heís staying at a girlfriendís house. They go get him. He says he was sick and just sitting watching TV, youíve got the wrong guy. His mom didnít know about the gun and cries. He doesnít want to talk in front of his mom. His says his cousin Anthony Encinas (18) had a gun and wanted to rob them. He was on probation and wanted no part of it. Derrick thought the gun was fake and grabbed for it and it went off. He ran, didnít mean to do it, just wanted to scare him. Now they have to get Anthony and raid his house and heís home. He says he has no idea whatís going on, it was Rayís idea, he knew the guys, he gave him the gun, he went to grab it and it went off, it was an accident. Lakia Culver his mom still canít believe it. Anthony & Ray both get first-degree murder. #99. 5/22/08
100 Shell Shocked - Memphis, TN - Robert Clay (23). A woman calls 911 to say her boyfriend was shot in her house and thereís blood all over. Sgt. Mundy Quinn leads. Sgt. Kevin Lundy, Lt. Mark Miller & Sgt. Chris Harris assists. 
Cradle to Grave - Miami, FL - Levardos McKenzie (29). On Grand Ave a man is shot dead in the street in Coconut Grove. Det Manny Castillo leads. Sgt. Juan Herrera, Lt. John Buhrmaster & Det Ricardo Ohn assists. 4/10/08
101 Dropped Call - Tucson, AZ - Manuel ĎPonchoí Moreno (26). 7pm a 911 call of a man shot comes in and he dies at the hospital. Det Bill Hanson leads. Sgt. Karen Cutlip, Det Kathi Kelley, Julie Ramirez, Det. Mike Carroll & Sgt. Kevin Hall assists. 
Derailed - Memphis, TN - Diana Franklin (44). A woman calls 911 that her mother has been missing for 3 days. They find her car, the next day they find a body by the train tracks and itís her. Sgt. Debo Carson leads. Ofc Archie Rudd, Sgt. Caroline Mason, Sgt. Tony Mullins & Sgt. Joe Stark assists. 5/8/08
102 Ashes and Snow - Minneapolis, MN - Kristine C. Larson (19) is killed at 8pm. A 911 call comes in about a fire and a body in a car. Sgt. Rick Zimmerman leads. Sgt. Tammy Diedrich, Sgt. John Holthusen, Sgt. Nancy Dunlop, Sgt. Christopher Gaiters, Det Chris Granger, Lt. Amelia Huffman assists. They investigate the death of a woman who was strangled and left in a partially burned car; while racing against time and an incoming snowstorm, they come to the realization that the killer is close by. Zachary Matthews was charged with first degree murder. 5/15/08
103 Bail Out - Dallas, TX - Daniel Barron (26) is killed at midnight in December in the Oak Cliff neighborhood when a call of a shooting comes in. Det Ken Penrod leads. Det Scott Sayers. Det Ray Bennett, Sgt. Larry Lewis, Ofc Dale Ordogne, Lt. Craig Miller, Det Maria Varker, Det. Linda Crumm assists. It looks like a dopehouse robbery, pants are down, shot on the floor many times. They find 2 guns in the bedroom, someone left. They find his drug partner Joey Crews, he was over the house and Chris Wade came over around 4, he hadnít seen him in years and he wanted drugs. They hung out and smoked around 5 hours. He delivered some weed, came back an hour later and he was dead. They talked business, Chris mightíve killed him for it. Chris has been arrested 8 times so they pick him up. He says he saw Joey, went over, smoked a blunt, left a half hour later and went over Didiís house for the night. She confirms his story. They hit the streets. Day 18 - he gets a tip that Callie Marshall was involved so they go get her. She says her boyfriend is in jail and wanted $1500 to bail him out and heard the drug house had major money. Her friend Terome Omar Richardson knew them, had bought from them before. He went in and shot them and kept shooting. They went in and robbed the place. Day 19 - Marshals pick Omar up the next day. He says Joey called him about a robbery, he wasnít there. Ken says thatís not true. He says Callie tried to run in and he started shooting to protect her. He flipped Dan over and he wasnít dead and he told him he was sorry. A week later the family is told what happened. Frank Barron says he wouldíve given her the money for bail. Both are charged with capitol murder. 
Seeing Red - Cincinnati, OH - Fred Tucker (57) is found dead by a woman at her grandfathers house at Marshall St. Det Jenny Luke leads. Sgt. Joe Briedle, Ofc Ryan Smith, Det Terry McGuffey, Sgt. Bob Liston, Det. Dave Feldhaus assists. The scene is very bloody, heís covered in it. The back door was broke open and a long bloody machete was found. The bathroom has blood and dirty clothes like he took a shower. There are bloody shoeprints on the porch. The granddaughter Christina says she doesnít know anything, her mom Connie Tucker was the one who went there and said sheíd never believe what happened. She didnít want to call the cops because she has warrants and is at a hotel. They go out and find her, sheís really hard looking for her age. She says she broke in the back door looking for him. She asks if Mark Roby was home upstairs, but he didnít answer, just a dog. He worked for her dad, they had problems and his dog Rocky was missing and they heard a dog at Markís. They go back to Markís and give the dog to family. In the bathroom they find a shoe print matching the bloody one. They find him hiding in KY. He says heís not violent, Fred was his boss and always made him feel like he was better than him and tormented him. He was drunk and Fred came up bitching about the radio and he grabbed a knife. Then he was covered in blood, he took a shower, looked for a gun to shoot himself and the dog followed him home. He doesnít know why he did it. He got 15 years. 7/22/08
104 Frenzy - Miami, FL - Armando Gutierrez (43) & Vicente Del Risco (74) are killed at 1:39am in Coral Wayne. A 911 call comes in that someone was shot nearby and yelling help in Spanish. Cops find 2 bodies and lots of gunshots. It's a nice area, it rarely happens. Det Carlos Castellanos leads. Sgt. Louis Melancon, Ralph Garcia, Trevor Bonner, Lt. John Buhrmaster, Det Leo Tapanes assists. Eduardo Cohen (63) is charged with 2 counts of first degree murder.
Hard Truth - Cincinnati, OH - Jarrel Grafenreed is killed. A 911 call comes in about a shooting in Bond Hill and cops arrive in a group of people screaming around someone shot. Det Bill Hilbert leads. Sgt. Joe Briedle, Det. John Horn, Ofc Keith Fangman, Ofc Ron Avant assists. Kevin Lawrence was charged with felony assault and murder and got 25 years. 5/26/08
105 Black Out - Dallas, TX - Brandon Brown (22) is killed at 6am. A woman calls about a shooting in an apartment where 3 men are shot and 1 dies on scene. Det Robert Arredondo leads. Det Dwayne Thompson, Lt. Richard Rivas, Ofc William Regan, Lt. Craig Miller, Det. Eddie Lopez, Ofc B.K. Nelson, Ofc Ed Parker, Dep Marquis Fomby, Sgt. Brian McDonald, Sgt. Chris Thomsen & Sgt. Christopher Gaites assist. Eric Harris & Lorenzo Johnson are both charged with capital murder. 7/22/08
106 Breaking the Silence - Cincinnati, OH - Marco Dink Faulkner (26) is killed at 11:45pm. Thereís a shooting outside a bar and a man dies after getting hit 3 times. Det Keith Witherell leads. Det Bill Hilbert, Det Jeff Schare, Lt. Mike Zwick, Ofc Dave Corlett assist. Kelly Dority-Trapp (16) is charged with murder. 
Letters of Intent - Dallas, TX - Jessica Lewalling (23) is killed at 10:20pm. A call comes in about a woman screaming at an apartment who was stabbed. Det Mark Ahearn leads. Det Robert Quirk & Det. Dan Lusty assist. Darrell Billingslea is charged with first degree murder. 7/15/08
107 The Last Fare - Tucson, AZ - Timothy R. Royce (27) is killed at 11:30pm. A cab driver finds an abandoned taxi and a dead man nearby. Det Jennifer Whitfield leads. Sgt. Kevin Hall, Dr. David Winston, Det. Bill Hanson, Det. Mike Carroll, Det. Kathy Kelly, Sgt. Bob Saunders, Sgt. Mike Allen & Sgt. Robert Allen assists. Marisela Pacheco (30), Ruben Archunde (20) and her fiance Jessica Gellegos (16) were charged with first degree murder and Jess is tried as an adult. 7/1/08
108 Last Night Out - Cincinnati, OH - Terry Larkins (23) is killed in Mount Airy at 2:41am. A call of a man is shot in the face outside a nightclub. Det Matt Thompson leads. Det Doug Lindle, Ofc Cecila Charron, Det. Bill Hilbert, Sgt. Colin Vaughn & Det. Dave Gregory assists. Neco Hawkins (16) is charged. 
Death Do Us Part - Miami, FL - Guerline Germain (31) is killed at 2:47am in Little Haiti. A call of a woman is found shot in the head in a SUV with 2 babies in the back comes in. Det Manny Castillo leads. Det Carlos Castellanos, Sgt. Jose Pepi Grenado, Ralph Garcia & Willard Delancey assist. No one was charged. 7/8/08
109 The Last Yard - Memphis, TN - Taylor Bradford (21) is killed at 10pm when his car crashes into a tree on the university campus and paramedics find he has been shot in the chest. Sgt. Eric Freeman leads. Sgt. Mundy Quinn, Sgt. Tony Mullins, Sgt. Ron Collins, Sgt. Eddie Bass, Sgt. W.D. Merritt, Sgt. Connie Justice, Lt. Toney Armstrong, Sgt. Joe Peel, Lt. Mark Miller assist. A woman says she heard a gunshot in the University of Memphis dorm lot and heard him speed off, then he crashed around the corner. The next day itís all over the news and is high profile. A guy from his team says he was a good guy, didnít drink or smoke, but he did get in a fight with Devin Jefferson last year. They have to get him. The next night there is a candlelight vigil for Taylor. The next day Devin is brought in. He says he stole Taylorís high school sweetheart and he was stalking her and they fought over it. He denies getting beat up. He was thrown into a tree, he punched him 10 times and doesnít care if Taylor is dead for what he did to him. He worked all day, went to his girlsí house and stayed there. He has a paper due tomorrow and wants to go home soon. They have the girl there and she says he was with her the whole time, but she asked if he did it and he said no. They have to let him go. At the first Memphis Tigers game they honor Taylor #93. A call comes in that Taylor won a jackpot at a casino. He was bragging about winning $8000. Day 6 - a woman calls who saw it all and wants to meet at The Butcher Shop. She says it was a robbery by 3 men who werenít students - DaeShawn Tate, Victor Trezvent & Courtney Washington. Day 7 - They go out and round them up. Court says he was home all night. They say heís lying and will be charged. He says they all went to high school together. They heard he was flashing money, went out to rob them, got nothing and Vic shot him. He was the driver and didnít see it. Vic says he got scared and shot. Vic denies knowing them and canít understand why they think he did it. They say they didnít just pick him out at random and Court admitted it. He starts crying and says it all couldíve been avoided and he wishes he wasnít there. It was all Devinís idea. He is an old friend of his. He told him the guy had money and nothing wouldnít happen, but he knew something would. He didnít care and didnít want the money and he knew something was up. Dae admits he was there. They go back and get Devin. He says he told them everything. They tell him his 3 friends rolled on him. Everything they knew about Taylor came from him. All 4 of them are charged with first degree murder. 4 months later - Taylorís parents Jimmie & Marva are still missing him. 
Root of All Evil - Tucson, AZ 12/07 - Quinterios Straughter (27) & Aries Straughter (26) are found when the sister breaks in a window of a house in midtown. Det. Jennifer Whitfield leads. Det Mike Caroll, Det. John Dorer, Sgt. Tim Milbourn, Sgt. Kevin Hall assist. Brandice came over to check and broke the window to get in. The bodies are on the floor and all the expensive stuff is still there including money. Theyíve been dead for days. The sister got worried she hadnít heard from her in 4 days. She thinks he went back to selling drugs with a guy called K and thinks itís him. He hangs with a short stripper named Theresa from Kansas. They hit all the strip clubs looking for her. Curves says sheís Theresa Thompson, but hasnít been there in a couple days. They donít want to call and spook her. They check Quinís camera and thereís pictures of him holding stacks of cash, which are missing now. The next day the sister finds an apartment building where Theresa lives. The manager says she moved out, but her friend is still there. She says Theresa left town for KS the day after the murder with K. She knows Q and is hit hard by it. They call Theresa who says she lived with them and sheís in Wichita. They decide to go there to get her and she meets them. Day 3 - they say it looks weird she left town the day after the murder. She says she was already leaving and he jumped on the bus with her, got off in Albuquerque and she hasnít seen him since. They were in a hotel and K left in the middle of the night, said something messed up happened and now he wonít answer his phone and itís suspicious. They believe her, but no one was caught. 7/29/08
110 Moving Out - Memphis, TN - Cedric Smith (44) is found shot twice in a driveway at 1:47am when man calls about a fight and shots fired. Sgt. Debo Carson leads. Lt. Don Crowe, Sgt. Connie Justice, Lt. Mark Miller, Sgt. Mundy Quinn, Sgt. Eric Freeman, Sgt. Joe Peel, Sgt. Ron Collins, Asst DA John Campbell assist. They were moving out, there is a mattress on the ground and furniture on the car roof and a muddy toy gun inside the car. Neighbors heard Cedric fighting with his girl Patricia who is gone. His sister calls in about him and they go tell her. He lost his job and was on bad times. Patricia then shows up. She was with Cedric, Mike & Sylvester in the driveway drinking. Then he snapped and tried to hit her. He had a gun, they got it away from him, she went down, then Cedric was shot. She IDs the toy gun. They go to Sylís house and she says he isnít there. They do find Mike though. He says he hasnít seen him in a day and wasnít out drinking at Cedricís house, he was his girl. They donít believe him and can charge him with this. Theyíll call his girl and sheíll be charged and lose her kids if you are lying. Then he says he shot him in self-defense. He says Ced pulled a gun on them, fought his brother Mike, said he would kill them and he went and got his gun and came back and shot him. They find Syl and he says he got the gun away, found out it was a toy and Mike shot him anyway. Michael Bob is charged with voluntary manslaughter. 
Among Thieves - Dallas, TX - Atanael Compos (28) is found in a truck shot dead after man calls that 2 black men stole his Dodge Durango with his cousin inside. Det Dale Lundberg leads. Sgt. Larry Lewis, Ofc Clayton Reynolds, Det. Dan lusty, Cpl. Bryon Guynn, Det. John Palmer, Det. Eugene Reyes, Det. Rick Duggan assist. They bring in the uncle and he says they went to a baptism and his nephew was drunk, so he gave him a ride. Two men came up with guns and one waited in a silver car behind them. They all got out except his cousin. One guy took the car and the other got in the silver car, he thinks an Infiniti. He didnít know he was dead and canít believe it. A cop calls in about 4 carjackings that night all with a silver Infiniti and they caught someone. They were looking for the car and found a suspect running from a carjacking. They find the uncleís wallet inside. Petrie AKA Pepe denies everything and asks if heís in trouble. Heís got aggravated murder at least. He wants to go home. That wonít happen. He doesnít want to hear about murder charges. He says he was just walking and they got him. Do you hear what you are saying to me? Yes, I just said it. He goes in a ball and tries to hide. They go to his grandfatherís house to search his room. He wasnít home at all yesterday night, he runs with a guy named Eric McCullugh all the time. They catch Eric and he admits he was at the carjacking. He doesnít want to turn on anyone and it was an accident. He says Petrie fought with the victim and the gun went off. He wonít say who the third is. Day 11 - Daniel Henderson and his girlfriend Melanie are caught with stolen merchandise. She says Dan wasnít there at the murder. She admits he tried to stop Pepe from hurting the family. Dan denies everything and wants a lawyer. Heís taken to jail and when they go to book him for murder he wants to talk. Mel begs him to talk. He says all 3 of them were in the car and Pepe was staking them out. Pepe took the car and they followed and Pepe killed him, he didnít know it would happen like that. Petrie Pepe Robinson, Eric McCullough & Danny Henderson are all charged with capitol murder. Melanie Thompson went to jail for robbery. 8/5/08
111 Red Handed - Tucson, AZ - Anthony Montoya (55) is been shot at home and is bleeding everywhere at 2pm when a girl calls finding her grandpa. Det Bill Hanson leads. Sgt. Kevin Hall, Det Thomas Stewart, Det. Kathi Kelley, Sgt. Steve Wheeler, Sgt. Mike Allen, Ofc Tony Winters, Det Mike Carrol assist. Two guys came to the door with a gun, he slammed the door and they fired through it. Chris chased them in his truck and they both crashed. He heard a bang, saw them leave, chased them and they shot at him, crashed and 3 men ran and the driver flipped him off. He had black hair, long shirt, orange sleeves. There has to be a reason. He denies doing or selling drugs. In the black SUV they left it has bullet holes, 2 guns and a gang bandana. Cops catch 2 guys hiding nearby. Suleme Flores (20) & Ruben Smokey Ramirez (18) are questioned. Ramiro Perez Jr. is the owner of the SUV. She says we were supposed to be in the car and something about a shooting, but was on the bus eating pizza. They say she is here because she was IDíed. You can be charged with murder. Did you have a gun or kill anyone? Ramiro did. Heís her boyfriend, she doesnít know why he went there. He just said he shot him. Ruben says Ramiro said a guy owed him money. He knocked on the door, he answered, tried to close it and Ramiro started shooting. He doesnít know why he didnít just ask for the money. Now they have to find him. With time running out he gets a tip where he is and set up. Day 3 - they find, capture and take him in. He doesnít know whatís going on and gives his lawyers number. Heís charged with first-degree murder. 
In Cold Blood - Cincinnati, OH - Herbert Abraham (83) is found by police tied up, strangled and dead at 3pm when a woman calls about a missing 83 year old relative who isnít answering his phone or door. Det Jennifer Mitsch leads. Det. Kurt Ballman, Det. Dave Feldhaus, Sgt. Bob Liston, Ofc Charles Real, Det Greg Gehring, Det Doug Lindel assist. His money is missing, looks like he was getting out of the tub naked. His prescriptions show he stopped 2 days ago. A neighbor says a man knocked on his door looking for #3, it was weird, but he looked normal, white guy, glasses. His car is missing and another car, a Kia is there stolen from KY. They go to KY and talk to the owner Aaron Price. They were robbed, he took an ATM card and used it for gas in OH. They go to the gas station to look for a video of him, but it comes up empty. Two hours later they find the car with a suspect Roger Tucker (37) and burglary tools in KY. He has a prison record for burglary. The neighbor IDs him, but feels bad he couldnít save him. They go to Kenton Co. Jail to interview him. He doesnít know what itís about, doesnít know whose car he was in. He denies hurting anyone, but admits he was there robbing the place. He starts beating his head against the wall and screaming. They bring him to OH the next day. He admits committing burglaries his whole life for drugs. He just got out of prison for it and no one ever gets hurt. It wasnít supposed to happen. Heís a crackhead, a no good mofo. He doesnít know why he did it, he was just scared. He tied him up, but doesnít know he strangled him. They tell the family and neighbors they got him. He is charged with aggravated murder. 9/2/08
112 Lester Street - Memphis, TN - Cecil Dotsun (30), Marissa Williams (27), Hollis Seals (33) Shindri Roberson (25), Cemario Dotson (4), & Cecil Dotsun II (2) are found dead at 6pm 3/2/08. In the rain a mother goes to her boyfriendís house and the door is open and no one answers. 6 are dead, 3 children are injured. Sgt. Tony Mullins leads. Lt. Toney Armstrong, Sgt. Rick Davidson, Ofc Alex McCollum, Sgt. Joe Stark, Sgt. Larry Carson, Sgt. Vivian Murray, Sgt. Caroline Mason, Sgt. Bill Ashton, Sgt. David Parks, Sgt. Connie Justice, Sgt. Terry Max, Sgt. W.D. Merritt, Sgt. Debo Carson, Sgt. Bart Ragland & Dir Larry Godwin assist. Jessie Dotsun AKA Junior got six counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder. 7/15/08
113 Collateral - Detroit, MI - Clarence ĎPoochí Cherry (34) & Gaudrielle ĎAngelí Webster (17) are shot on the east side 3pm and Danasia Brown is shot, wandering around and survives. Sgt. Gary Diaz leads. Ofc Lance Sullivan, Ofc David Babcock, Ofc Mark Amos, Frasier Adams, Sgt. Joe Abdella, Ofc Kelly Mullins, Det. Brooks assist. The girls were both tied up in the house and both had babies inside. He was hit in the car, ran out and dropped, there were 14 shots. There is a trail of blood from the survivor going door to door. Angelís sister arrives and says it has to be Clarence, has to be drugs, heís never around, he doesnít live here. He mustíve gotten into something. They go talk to Danasia. Two guys with guns broke in, taped them up, told Angel to call Pooch and when he got there they executed him and shot them both. She didnít see it, heard it all. She knows the short guy from the neighborhood, not his name, just braids light-skinned. She lost an eye. They go through the database and find a guy that matches the description - Lakari Berry. They bring the picture and she IDs him. Now they have to find him. His mom says she hasnít seen him for months. Heís hiding. Day 12 - heís found at a hotel. Gary lays out what they know and they want the second guy. He denies it all and says heíll see you at the trial and laughs. He gets first degree murder. 10 months later -Vincent Smothers (27) is IDed as the second shooter and is caught. He says it was a contract hit for $10,000. He gets lots of hits all for drugs. He brought Lakari in on it and followed him around. They went to his house and Lakari wanted to take out the women. He went after Clarence and Lakari shot the women. Theyíve never encountered a real hit man before. They go see Danasia and she feels ugly now without an eye and doesnít want to go out anymore. Angel had a kid to live for, she didnít. She wants her back. Lakari was tried and got life. Vincent got first-degree murder. 
Driven to Kill - Dallas, TX - Terry ĎCatfishí Nash (49) man found dead in a field on motherís day after a 911 call comes in. Det. John Palmer leads. Det Scott Sayers, Randy Loboda, Joe Pawlewicz, Sgt. Steve Shaw, Det. Mike Mendez assist. The man was run over by a car, his legs and arms are all broken the wrong way. They find a knife and packages of steaks nearby like he was coming from the store. His sister says he was selling steaks door to door. Cops say Charles Stewart (29) broke into the victimís house earlier looking for money Terry owed him. Charles is picked up right away. He came up from New Orleans, says Catfish was his friend, didnít know he was dead, he didnít do it. He admits kicking the door in and wanting his money, he loves and hates him. He starts crying and says he wouldnít hurt anyone. John says he isnít acting right, tell the truth. He says he was there, but didnít do it. Chris was driving the Jeep giving him a ride. Christopher Wallace (57) hit him, he has no house and lived in Jeep and had little gas. Cops are dispatched to find him. The find the Jeep and him quick. He says he was at Terryís house when Charles broke in. He drove him around to find Terry and they did. Charles fought him, got back in the car and run him over. He didnít do it, he admits not doing anything to help Terry either. Both are charged. 2 hours later Charles wants to talk. He admits tracking him down and Terry tried to stab him and he floored and ran him over. He was driving, panicked and drove off. Charles gets murder. Chris gets failure to report a felony. 8/26/08
114 Unwelcome Guest - Memphis, TN - Ronald Paige (50) is found at 2pm by an assistant manager who checked a room because no one answered and saw a man down. Cops arrive and find him dead. Sgt. Connie Justice leads. Sgt. W.D. Merritt, Lt. Mark Miller, Ofc Marcus Berryman, Nathan Gathright, Sgt. Joe Peel, Sgt. Mundy Quin, Sgt. Ron Collins, Lt. Danny Barham assists. Connie used to live there. Ron was a pastor in AR. They find a wine glass with a bloody knife inside. There is a bloody trail starting in the bed, up the wall and into the living room. His neighbors say he brought homeless people over and gave them stuff. They look for prints on everything. He had over 100 stab wounds. A DVD in the player has prints. It comes back to Andre Harris who was involved in a stealing a truck 3 days ago. They go look for him and Miller gets a tip from Andreís uncle. They find the truck and wait for him to show up. They are talking when the black Blazer passes them and runs a red light. Cops are called and surround him. It turns out it was a woman who just bought a similar one. The next day heís found at a gas station. Day 3 - he wants to know why heís here. He says he bought the Blazer from a lady. He cut his arm while washing the Blazer. They tell him this is homicide and show him a picture of Ron and ask if he knows him. He says he doesnít know him. They can put him in his house. Then he says Ron tried to rape him. He was staying over and Ron offered him a place to stay. He never met him before. He reached for a knife, got cut, stabbed him once, he wouldnít let go and he hit him with a bottle twice before he got out. Andre is charged with first-degree murder. 
Wrecked - Minneapolis, MN - Darby Claar (32) is found by Cops on the sidewalk dead at 2am when a woman driving calls 911 about an accident on Washington Ave and gunshots. Sgt. Nancy Dunlap leads. Sgt. John Holthusen, Sgt. Christopher Gaiters, Sgt. Rick Zimmerman assist. Cops have all the people from the car and truck and will interview them at HQ. Darbyís drunk friend says 2 black guys hit them and cops came. He had a lot to drink and doesnít even know Darby is dead and gets very angry when he is told. He says to get out and heíll go through him. He screams and curses them all out they couldíve told him. The second friend knows what happened. Their truck was hit, they got out and met the guys, it got confrontational and they asked for insurance and a third guy pulled a gun and shot Darby 3 times. Then cops arrived. It wasnít the 2 guys they talked to. The shooter was leaving and didnít think about him and didnít know where Darby was and found him dead. The 2 guys know him. They talk to the black driver. He says he hit him, got out and were exchanging IDs and cops arrived with guns. He says his cousin was with them and he doesnít know where he went or why. He doesnít have a gun, doesnít think anyone else has a gun. He can be charged with half the murder if he lies. Suddenly he says he had a gun, he showed it to him. His name is Tyeric Lessely and he stays with his aunt. SWAT goes and gets him. He asks what heís arrested for? For last night. He says he was with his cousin and got in an accident and he ran because he had a warrant. He heard someone was killed on the news. When he learns heís being charged he wants a lawyer. An hour later he wants to talk to Nancy. He says he ran for it, a guy chased him and said to come back. The guy hit him, they fought, he was drunk and he shot him. He fired twice, knew he hit him. Itís eating him up he might be a father that he took. It was all a misunderstanding. Jonathan & Melissa Claar say he had 1 year old son when he died. He gets second-degree murder. 8/19/08
115 Riverís Edge - Minneapolis, MN - Robert Anthony Bavinck (38) is found by the river after a call from a restaurant on the MS river by a man found a body comes in. Sgt. Bruce Folkens leads. Sgt. Chris Karakostas, Dennis Bernstrom, Sgt. Allen Kramer assist. The area is a homeless camp. It looks like his head was beat in with a rock. They talk to Nathan who found him. He knows Mattie Ann Grassrope who lives down there and found him. They check her record and sheís wanted. He IDs her. Now they have to find her and check the shelters. He had 7 wounds to the head and bled to death. They ID him from the prints. His mom says she hasnít seen him in a year, he was adopted and became an alcoholic. Heís been on his own for 10-15 years. A shelter says Adam Charles Heldt (28) is Mattieís boyfriend who also has a long record. They were going to be tried for robbing and assaulting another guy. Another shelter says they showed up the day of the murder and have it on DVD. It turns out Robert was with them. There is a homeless convention that day so cops go there looking for them. Day 3 - Ryan says he was talking to a guy named Roach who told him while drinking he hit a guy in the back of the head by the river with a rock. He was mad he messed up his tent. He told him he was still alive when he left. He asked him to go see. He heard it on the news and told Roach about it and he said oh crap I just killed a guy. He looks like me and was with a girl named Maggie. He IDs them both from pictures. Cops find them both at the convention and bring them in. She says she was at her friends house that day. They say itís not true. She admits she, Adam and Robert were drinking by the river and she didnít know Rob. Adam got mad that Rob was being loud and he did something to him. She didnít touch him, doesnít know what happened. They say Adam got him involved in this before, do you think he will protect you? No. Itís time to tell us. I didnít see what he did. Adam admits he was with Ryan that night. He slept in a garage, didnít see Mattie until Sat and he was with Ryan then. He lost a day, honest to god. Bruce says he knows what happened. Adam wants to know what happened. No, you know what it is. He wants a lawyer and crawls under the table. They got back to Mattie and say he didnít help you. She says he was going to take all the blame and he probably hit him with the rock, drug him out of the tent, he wouldnít be quiet so he kept hitting him. Doesnít know how many times, Rob was saying help me and Adam got scared and ran. They are both charged. Robís mother wants to know why, but there is no answer. 2 months later Charlotte Bavinck says she adopted him. She shows pictures of him and his life, he even raised money for the homeless, but his life was destroyed by alcohol. Adam got second degree. Mattie got felony aiding. 9/9/08
116 Smoke - Dallas, TX - Oluwasanmi 'Smoke' Ikotun (30) was found at 6:30 am when a woman driving spotted a shot and bleeding body in a parking lot on Overton. Det Rick Duggan leads. Det Scott Sayers, Det Randy Loboda, Det Phil Harding, Det Mike Mendez, Andra Lewis-Krick, Pat Genovese, Officer B.K. Nelson & Officer Andy Caceras assist. There are 2 types of cases - laydown where you have it all and a mystery. They have nothing here. His girlfriend says the family was religious and he was the black sheep. His friend Robert was with him also Dontae Wilson (19) & Xavier Neal (19) who had 9mm guns. He gave him $25 and they left in a grey Chevy Malibu. Rob IDs them both. 30 hours in the victim's car is found torched. They find 20 prints and they match. Day 9 - Xavier is brought in by the gang unit. He knows Rick from the First 48 on TV. He denies being with Smoke or killing him. Rick says they got him in the car with his prints. He says he owed him money, they fought, pushed him and the gun just went off 3 times. Dante didn't do anything. He tried to cover his tracks and screwed his whole life up. Now they have to find Dante. The gang unit cruises around until he calls them himself and says where he is. He says they picked him up with Desteni Carter. Smoke got out to pee, Xavier followed him, shot him and burned his car. He was sitting in the car and didn't do anything. They took his car and money. All 3 are charged with capital murder. 
Touch of Evil - Minneapolis, MN - Tricia Daniels (36) & Robert Shepard (10) are found at 7am when a man came home from work to find his girlfriend & stepson killed and blood all over. Sgt. Gerhard Wehr leads. Randy Hanson, Det. Erick Fors, Sgt. Jerry Wallerich & Sgt. Darcy Klund assist. Joe Williams found his 17 month daughter alive. There is blood in every room, on all the walls, a broken knife, another knife, a golf club, plus bloody foot prints. It's one of the worst scenes they've seen, they don't think Joe did it. Joe says they never fought, he went to work at 9pm and came home at 7am, he has no idea what happened. His boss confirms it. They find Trisha's phone in the trash 2 blocks away. They call the last numbers in the phone and a woman was over that night with 2 guys - Brian Lee Flowers (16) & Stafon Edward Thompson (17). They have to find them. Staf calls in and they agree to come to the station. Brian says they went over, Trish was like a mom to them, they ate, hung out, played video games, left at midnight. He has no bruises. Stafon's girlfriend says he came home the next day all bloody with no shoes on, they tossed their clothes in the alley. Now Brian says Stafon did it. He hit her with club, stabbed her like that. He wanted her car, she said no. He hit Rob with the TV, he wanted no witnesses, the baby was crying. They tell Stafon that Brian put it on him and he denies it. He says Brian wanted money and robbed him. He has no cuts, you do. He says it was from a cat. His hands have cuts all over. They don't believe him. They find his bloody clothes the garbage. Joe is broken and doesn't know what do to. 2 days later the community rallies for the victims. Both are charged with first-degree murder. 9/23/08
117 Snapped - Cincinnati, OH - Gary Ciccone (52) was found at 6pm on the east side after a 911 call of a woman who says 2 guys kicked her husband, he went down the stairs and died. Det Jenny Luke leads. Det Dave Feldhaus, Det Terry McGuffey, Sgt. Gary Conner, Det Colin Vaughn, Dorothy K. Branson assist. He was taken out of his house and beaten down the stairs into the wall. His wife Linda says 2 black guys came to the door for their drug money. She owed them like $10. They pushed their way in, took the phone and she went to get the money. She heard them fighting and when she came back they were gone, he was bloody, beaten and his phone was gone. She knows Keno did it and where he lives. Tor Hardey (15) is the kid. Cops find him the next day. He says I ainít do nothing. They know he did. He went up for his money and she owed him $20. He was mad they texted him calling him a nigger. She tried to get out, he stopped her. Gary cursed him out, they fought, he probably kicked him, he was mad and stopped when he saw blood. His friend Ju was there, but he didnít do anything, he doesnít know about his phone. They find Julian Douglas (17) is the friend. Linda canít ID him, but her roommate Crystal does. They know Tor is lying about Julian having the cellphone. Day 8 - heís brought in yelling he didnít kill nobody. Tor asked him to take him over to a friendís house to get his money. They let him in, everything is cool. Linda said she was calling the cops so he left. He didnít touch him. What about the phone? He didnít take it, Tor mustíve given it to me. He can get the same charges Tor did and he cries and no. Tor got 10 years for manslaughter and burglary, Julian got 3 years. 
Fallen Angel - Dallas, TX - Augustine Angel Plancarte (28) is shot in his car in the parking lot at 5am at the El Lago Mexico bar. Det Eddie Ibarra leads. Det Dale Lundberg, Det Scott Sayers, Det Mike Mendez, Sgt. Pete Bailey, Det John Palmer assist. They find a pistol, meth and 4 phones on him. The bullets came from inside the car. He talks to the security guard who was outside, saw the Jeep Cherokee pull up next to him, went inside and heard shots, went back and saw the Jeep speeding off. His girlfriend Monica says his whole family is in Mexico. He had problems with a guy there and is living in a hotel room. She takes him there and itís like a recording studio. A friend says he owed El Cocho money, a short Mexican with mustache, monobrow driving a Cherokee. Heís Samuel Benitez. They go to the guard to ID him, but he canít. They go to a friend who was there and she IDs Sam instantly. Day 9 - US Marshals find him and he runs. He asks whatís happening? He says he met Angel there to collect $800 from him, but didnít shoot him. He says El Compa did it, heís from the Mexican Mafia sent up to avenge his brother that Angel killed. 3 hours later they grab him. He wants his lawyer. They search his house for evidence and find a gun in the mattress. Alfredo El Compa Diaz and Samuel Benitez both charged with murder. 9/16/08
1 At Close Range - Phoenix, AZ 6/16/04 - Lonnie Allen Bassett (16) killed Frances Tapia & Joseph Pedroza - Det Tom Kuelsa has retired, he has a son the age of the killer. How could a kid that age kill 2 people? The car was against the pole, on fire, was put out and 2 people were shot in the back of the head, executed. First thought was carjacking, not a gang area, quiet, not much crime. It was surprising that all the shotgun shells were in the car and the person who shot them was in the back. Virginia Trumbull the aunt had Francs living with her. Tony Tapia her dad said she went to school and was a mom. She was supposed to be at a family dinner and they let her go, she shouldnít have. Trina Tumbull the mom was furious and Tom calmed her down. He was living with foster parents who raised him when his mom abandoned him. He had a good upbringing. He shot Francis because she wouldnít stop screaming. He doesnít believe it was self-defense. It was a good feeling to tell the family, itís a start to finish. Mom was so happy. Virginia wanted to see him. 11/05 - the trial date was set. Prosecutor Jeanette Gallagher got the case. Her boyfriend was murdered and she knew what it was like. There was no doubt Lonnie did it, but you donít know what the jury is going to do. Tom likes to sit there the entire trial to show itís not a dead body, he cares about the case. Ruth Stevens, Joeís older sister says he was the youngest of five. Gabriel Pendroza says itís hard to fathom heís not there. Belinda Penrose was a juror and says the hardest thing was they all had so much to live for. He came in looking like a kid and maintained the attitude of a kid. It was the first time the family saw him and all had hate. Jena took his testimony apart word by word and it was all a lie. Joe didnít have a gun. They show the gun, the DNA chart, the bloody shoes & the x-ray of Joeís head. Rebekah Parks says he sat there with a smile on his face. He was divorced from the situation. The defense pulled out a letter opener saying it was a shank that Joe had to use on them. Ruth says it was hers, it was in her car, she had to talk. She testified that it was hers using it to open mail as she drove. They reminded the jury he was in a gang, used drugs and carried guns. They made it sound like he was a bad guy. It was like he was bad so it didnít matter he was dead. They were worried he wouldnít get the full charge. Itís hard to take away their life at that age. It took 3 hours to get 2 counts of first-degree murder. That was a relief when they heard guilty. There was no defense for what he did. He will spend his life in prison, no chance at parole. The families meet for the first time in 2 years at their graves. 
Murder on the Interstate - Miami, FL 5/25/04 - Willie Lumsdon killed Malcolm Jamarr Marshall (20) - Lt. Joe Schillaci says what separated him from the other cases was it was so senseless. South beach cut off the traffic to a hip hop festival, they couldnít handle it anymore. From the time you pick the phone up you document everything you pick up because you wonít remember 4 years down the road when it usually goes to trial. Eva Marshall his mom got a call at 2am from his best friend and hung up, she couldnít take it. She called her sister to say he was gone. It was and still is a nightmare. She couldnít go to the crime scene. John Buhrmaster says they work backwards, how did he get here at the end? Det Freddy Ponce says they were just in traffic and got picked on, they had the tag it was big evidence so they put the news out to all the departments. The tag number of the SUV became everything to them. Words killed an innocent young man. Eva says he was premature and had to carry him around on pillow because he was so brittle. His sister Krystal thought he was like superman and protected her. He was sent to private school to keep him from trouble and it didnít work out. Freddy says a BOLO went out and they found it. Joe remembers the moment when they got the call they had the vehicle. He wanted to rush over, trip and get there because he was so excited. It was weird, of everybody there the first one his eyes were fixed on was Willie. When it comes to murder friends are quick to wash their hands of it. From the time they walked in with Willie he denied any knowledge of a homicide. They all know when you go and sit down with someone itís psychological warfare. Joe knew he had 1 mission, to grab the one piece deep inside that was good and bring it out. Getting the confession is about getting closure to him, Willie, the family, everybody that was involved. You get surprised at how little life means and how easy people are killed, you shake your head. 7/31/04 - He was given no bond. It would be 3 years before it went to trial and Joe was worried about the verdict from day one. 7/25/07 - in court the family saw him, he looked at them and said hello. After he was arrested he kept changing his story and saying I want to tell you the truth this time. He wanted to put the gun on someone else. They were able to get a partial print from the gun. Arnold Yen says thatís extremely hard no matter what you see on TV. Herbert Smith was trying to get it down to manslaughter. Marissa Altman says he fired once, he couldíve fired more. He was firing a warning shot, they hit the breaks and it hit the car. John says they were up higher and the bullet went downward. It took 30 minutes to reach a guilty verdict. Joe says he canít put it any simpler, a sense of peace for Eva. Eva says he wasnít targeting her son, but he shot into a car, somebody could get hurt. He killed her only son. She started a scholarship fund to keep his name alive. Joe solved the murder, but never found out the reason to this day. Eva says itís devastating, sheíll never be the same. Reb forgave, but wonít forget. Willie got 40 years and is appealing. 10/7/08
2 Fool for Love - Dallas, TX 5/7/06 - Leonel Via - Det Rick Duggan says who wouldíve thought a sweet young girl could do something so brutal like this. It was one of the worst crime scenes he ever saw, it was intense working the scene. The biggest piece of evidence was the safe in the kitchen. They assumed that it had to be somebody he knew. They shook the bushes to develop some kind of lead. Sgt. Gil Garza says Marsela was fun, vivacious, smiling and very cooperative. Rick says he wanted to make sure he asked about the safe, wanted to see his reaction and what she would say about it. He felt like she knew more than he was telling them, but seemed believable. He knew they had prints from the safe, but didnít know whose they were. Bingo, right away they got a suspect. Gil says her demeanor was different from the day before, knew something was going on. She tried to appear happy go lucky, still had the smile, but it was fake, wasnít genuine. Det Eddie Ibarra says he expected for someone that had feelings for him to show concern, but she didnít. He thought she was getting flirtatious with him. The day before she lied about the safe, it was important he asked about the safe a second time. Sgt. Eugene Reyes says he comes from a small Mexican town with one phone in the middle of town, it was a stab in the dark to find him. They werenít able to find family. She wasnít easy anymore, wasnít smiling very much, posture was different. The fact that he was stabbed that many times and his throat was slashed may be a crime of passion, but there was anger. She was clearly becoming more uncomfortable, a lot more nervous, you could see he had her. When they were in the car with her helping to set up Gerardo so they could find him she was thinking of anybody, but herself. He was more concerned with Marsela even though he knew she gave him up, he still loved her. Eddie doesnít normally do this, to turn his back on a person that committed a murder, but felt safe enough to do it. Some point down the road the case will go to trial and the jury will watch the interview, it doesnít get any more powerful than that, it was genius. It mustíve been strong feelings he had for her, a sad state of affairs to kill someone for her. Dewey Mitchell took the case. They met, had the files, went through the evidence, he had the knife, that was it. Who was leading the train, who was following along? When you watch the confession you see her worrying about her, he wants to know what will happen to her, you donít see that often. His family couldnít believe it. Ana Hernandez his sister wants to know how, heís not capable of doing this. They are a hard working family, some kind of disconnect with her. Ana though it was her and he covered up for him. Mark McClelland represented Gerardo, not a lot of lawyers want to take a case with all that evidence, murder weapon, confession, and on video, almost insurmountable. They wanted a capital murder charge 40 to life. They didnít have the robbery motive down. It was a million to one chance at a lower charge and they wanted to take it. He wanted to make a deal to get him out some time. Dewey wanted to say what was best for people. He was young, had no criminal history, would be deported after his case. Both pled guilty to murder for 33 year sentences. It was all about a relationship, 2 guys and 1 woman who played both of them to get what she wanted, it resulted in a brutal murder. 
Crash - Phoenix, AZ 7/25/05 - Eduardo Beltran - Det Jason Schechterle didnít feel like he had a place until homicide took him in. Heís now retired. He still has his booking photo, looks at it quite a bit, he will stay with him. He shot someone over a minor accident. He thought downtown phoenix, someone shot in broad daylight, should be pretty easy. Det Tom Díaguanno says when they started looking around they had nothing, the victims vehicle and nothing around. They had no witnesses, no one saw anything, he was struck by that. Anna Beltran his wife says the doctor sat down said when he arrived he didnít have a pulse and couldnít recover. Monica Reyes his sister says he didnít have any enemies and didnít understand why. They didnít care if it took 6 months, they would find him. They got information he was in a car accident the day before, he said he was there to get his truck fixed, the people who hit him are coming here to pay him. You canít assume, but it was striking. Those kids were without a father, for what? Every time she looks at her girls she thinks of him. He used to take his oldest daughter to school, now she does. When he died he took a part of all of them, he did something with all of them he canít anymore. When they found the victims cell phone they knew he called the number on the paper in the truck right before he was killed. Branch came up with something like he found the phone in the trash and wanted to return it, a great ploy. Det John Shallue says he was very attached to his ex, so thatís what he started with, his feeling towards her. He was taking to him compassionately, he didnít say you were a murderer. His mom said you get more bees with honey than vinegar, even with a murder suspect. As far as juries and prosecutors they had nothing and needed him to tell the story. Most people wonít tell the truth and gave him the opportunity. He was mad he kept calling, he drove to the body shop beside the victim and Rodolfo shot him. John was in the office trying to find him on the computer and they called that they got him. He had more of an attitude, more standoffish, then he asked about the accident and he admitted he was involved and was there that day. He remembers him saying he knew they were saddling up to get this guy, then planned to go kill the guy. Jason was proud to put in the hours to figure out what happened, the family is devastated and you can give them closure. He was trying to get his car fixed, couldíve been anyone hit from behind and wanted him to pay for the damage. Noel Levy got the case, it was a travesty, nice family, never hurt anyone and was blown away. He had a likely conviction, took the charges to the grand jury and got capitol murder. Esteban wasnít remorseful and was there as an accomplice. Jason wanted to sit there as a family and let them see the suspects, let the family have their day. He didnít want them to plead out, he wanted a trial. They both pleaded murder without going to trial and Jason was bummed. In 2007 Rodolfo was brought to court and the family got to face him. The sister wanted to smack him around. Anna wanted to know the family he ruined, someone that didnít do anything to him. They were moved, so was the judge, 2 violent people were removed. He destroyed their family, wonít get him back, but they are locked up and one else will go through that pain. Alma Beltran says itís upsetting, some people die in an accident, but he was taken. Bottom line is they killed an innocent victim in cold blood. Rodolfo got life, Esteban got 22 years. Then they will be deported. Marsela wrote to Gerardo, but he wonít respond. 10/14/08

Season 8 (2008-09)

118 Coma - Dallas, TX - Priest White (16) & Devonte Edwards (16) are shot at 1:30am at a strip mall on the south side of town. A call came in about a shooting at the Gymroom, a boy is shot dead. Two teens are hit. Det Eddie Ibarra leads. Ofc Charles Moreland, Ofc Gary Collins, Sgt. Larry Lewis, Det Mark Ahearn, Det Robert Quirk & Det John Palmer assist. Priest is on life support. Devonte was hit in the hand and they have him. A guard says there were fights in the parking lot. They were breaking them up and shots were fired. A friend of his says nobody with her had a gun. They walked out and there were fights everywhere. Then there was shooting everywhere. She said to get down and he was hit, she thought it was a joke. She was screaming, heard a guy got shot, they were running with guns. Another woman knows Devonte. The club closed and Matthew Clay Davis got into a fight with him over his girl Derica. They fought and Matt pulled out a gun and shot him in the hand. They need to find Matt. Dev says he was winning the fight, Matt came back with a gun, he ran, was hit and the bullet is still in his hand. He doesnít know Priest. The bullet went through his brain, itís swelling, doesnít look good. They go back to the scene in the day and find a spend 9mm, a live 45, one in a tree, three different calibers. Matt says heíll turn himself in. He admits fighting with Dev, he calls him Te. Security broke them up, he fell and a gun fell next to him. It wasnít his, he picked it up and fired at Dev when he was coming at him just once, he aimed for his leg. He was grabbed into a car, doesnít remember anything or what he did with the gun. He doesnít know about another guy getting shot, doesnít know what he did with the gun. Heíll be charged with aggravated assault in the shooting of Dev. He goes to Devís house. Tamika Edwards says they are taking the bullet out Friday. Eddie wants the bullet, itís very important for the other boy fighting for his life. They get the bullet and hope it matches the other one. Day 17 - Priest wakes up and Eddie goes to talk to him, but he canít speak. Where he was, it couldnít have been Matt. It was from stray gunfire behind him. 9 months later - Jenia Jones says heís improving, he can only say a few words at a time. The shooting is unsolved. 
Disappeared - Dallas, TX - A call comes in about a missing girl Lakendra Lawrence. She is the womanís sister, been missing 6 days. They put her story on the news since they have no leads. Det Maria Varker leads. Det Címon Wingo, Det Eddie Ibarra, Sgt. Gary Kirkpatrick, Det Armando Perez, Lt. Craig Miller & Det Paul Ellzey assist. She wants to find the boyfriend Douglas Edwards. He says he wanted her. He canít help, he doesnít where she is. She doesnít believe him. He didnít go there, then he says he did. Eddie talks to him. Then he says she wouldnít open the door, he called her, she said no. Eddie thinks it was one way, he lost his mind and made a mistake, where is she? Take me to her car, Iíll guide you to her. He wants a couple hours of freedom to see his family before they lock him up. No, I can bring your family here, draw me a map. They bring him a map of the city and he says he doesnít see it. They agree to take him in the car and he leads him to a lake where he wrapped her up in a green sheet. They look until they find her and tell the family. Doug says she was dating another guy, they fought about it, he tried to get close with her, she slapped him, he choked her, she couldnít breath and that was it. He put her in the sheet, stuck her in his car, drove around and left her there. He used to fish there. He is charged with murder. 12/9/08
119 Obstruction - Cincinnati, OH - Preston Saxon (28) is shot by an apartment at 6pm. Det. Terry McGuffey leads. Det Dave Feldhaus, Sgt. Bob Liston & Det Brian Trotta assist. He was hit in the leg and bled a lot, he was also hit in the head. Amanda White saw two guys arguing, one was asking where his gun was. She dropped her keys and ran, heard 2 shots. They find her keys near the scene and give them to her. The manager says a 2008 Silver Saturn outside shouldnít be there. Itís a rental from Detroit, itís Prestonís friendís car. They went there to get some weed from Todd Cooper, heís seen him a few times, he lives with a girl he doesnít know. He set him up. A caller says Todd did it and the girlfriend is Amanda they talked to. They get their phone records and see they talked right after the murder. They keep calling her and she dodges them. 3 weeks later she shows up and she canít ID Todd from the lineup and denies knowing Todd. Brian knows a relative of Toddís, she says Amanda is his girlfriend. They play the tape to her. She says why would I lie? I want out. They say all deals are off now. Day 23 - Todd comes in, he says Amanda is his girlfriend, he knows Preston. He talked to him the day he died, he has his shoes he was going to pick up. Still does. He never sold him drugs, never talked to him, he was at his friendís house playing video games. They know he was there. He keeps going on that he wasnít there. They let him go. Toddís friend says he hasnít been in trouble, just had a kid, is working and keeping straight. He did come over between 3-4pm, doesnít know when he left, they talked, played a game. They say heís lying. He says he met Preston, thought fought over weed, then Todd shot him in the head, ran, left his keys and had Amanda go back for them. Day 24 - they find Amanda and let her mom talk to her and she doesnít like that. She even lies to her mom about it. Her mom screams at her that they know sheís lying. She wants a lawyer. Later Todd turns himself in with a lawyer. 7 months later - April & Epiphany Saxon are still hurting. Todd gets aggravated murder. Amanda gets obstruction and tampering of evidence. 
Flight Risk - Dallas, TX - Heather Franklin (22) is dumped out of a grey car on a service road shot in the head. Det Phil Harding, leads. Sam Martin, Ofc Reginald Jones, James Andrews, Eugene Reyes, Det. Mark Ahearn, Chris Cooley, Det. Robert Quirk, Det. Tim Stewart, Det. Mike Mendez & Sgt. Bryan Whoolery assist. Her cousin Flora Franklin was in the car when she was shot and ran away. They have the car somewhere else, she was shot in the back through the seat. Her mom says she was 4 months pregnant. Flora says she and Fernando Zapala came from Galveston to Dallas with her. He hit her, Heather went stop him, he got mad and told her to get out, pulled a gun on her and just shot her. He got out, dumped her, drove them downtown and left the car. She ran for it. He says he was going to Mexico. They find Fern has many warrants and is on the run. They get wanted poster and go the bus stations and send it to the border. They get a tip he bought a bus ticked to Laredo. They call the police in Austin to stop the bus. Police get him no problem, but he had no gun. Fern says he has some drug cases. Itís murder now. He wants a lawyer. She was pregnant, so itís capitol murder. Later he tells the family Joe M. Adams what they have. 1/15/09
120 Return to Sender - Dallas, TX - Mikael Hudson (19) is shot in a car at 2:40am with another man in a car on the side of the road and one dies. Det Rick Duggan leads. Sr Cpl Jeffrey Lewis, Det Mike Mendez, Ofc Gregory B. Johnson, Det. Eddie Ibarra & Kurt Hibbert assists. They say they were at a gas station, they were chased and shot at 7 times. Leonard Bisor (22) survives. They find a trail of 9mm casings. Jason the driver is OK. He picked them up, went to a club, they left at 2am and a Crown Victoria backed into him. There was no damage, so he wanted to let it go. The other guy wanted to fight and cops broke it up. He went to a gas station, met a girl there and the car came up to him, she saw the gun, he drove off, they chased him, fired and rammed them off the road. The car is full of bullet holes and the backseat is covered in blood. They go back to the scene to look for the car that went off the road. Tire tracks go right into a fence and there is a broken headlight, blue paint and a pile of mail there. The name on the mail is Cedrick Peterson (22). They make a lineup with his picture and the cop who was there IDs Ced as the driver. Leonard also IDs him, but he wasnít shooting. His mom Barbara Bisor is there. He didnít see the shooter. The gang unit goes out to look for him. Day 3 - they find his wife and she gets him on the phone. Heís in Galveston and scared, he wants to come in. She knows where the car is and takes them to it. Ced arrives hours later. They went to the gas station with Eric Edwards (18) and saw the car they hit, heard they had a gun and drove off. It was Eric who shot them. They know he was chasing him, heís an accomplice in this, itís a murder charge. He feels like he is dead now. Eric has no history and Marshals are called in to get him. Day 5 - Ericís dad calls about wanting to turn himself in. He says Ced saw the car that hit him, he got out with the gun, but they backed off. Ced was drunk and like a dummy was driving and shooting out the window. Itís a lie. Then he says he was driving and Ced was shooting. Itís a lie. He knows the guy, his brother Marcus was killed 6 months ago and the one he shot was Little Mike. Then he denies saying that and wants a lawyer. Then he says to go to school, stay off the streets or youíll end up like him. Montoya Hudson says he was the youngest of 10 and it hurts losing 2 brothers like this. Ced & Eric are charged with murder. In memory of Sr. Col Norman S. Smith. Death Camp - Minneapolis, MN - Brian Wayne Lumbar AKA Candyman (47) is found at 7am when a call comes in that a man is dead on the ground. Sgt. Bruce Folkens leads. Sgt. Chris Karakostas & Kari Jorgensen assist. He is on a door in a field, there is lots of blood and a trail of blood leading a homeless camp. Kenneth Miller and Eric A are the friends who found him. Eric has been arrested before for assault there. He lives at the camp, knew Brian for several years, found him there dead. He has cuts he says was from a fight a couple days ago, picked a scab. He was at tramp camp the night before, a shelter. His hands are clean, the cuts are old. Ken saw him 2 days ago, but he doesnít like the camp, lots of drugs and drinking, weapons like the old west. They use tire irons, sticks, golf clubs. A guy called G.I. beat him with a bat last year. Jon Fitzgerald Posey (42) is G.I., heís been arrested for assault. They find him and he plays harmonica for them. He says G.I. stands for Gary Indiana. He saw Candyman yesterday, he was crazy, talked about killing people all the time. He didnít do it. He has a wound on his hand and blood on his shoes they photograph. He says he stepped in his blood looking at the body. There is blood on top though. Then he admits he killed him because Brian came after him trying to kill him. He confesses, he was scared. He hit him, Candy ran, he followed him and hit him again and left. He used a bat. Itís not really self-defense then. He is charged with first-degree murder. 1/8/09
121 Crashing the Gate - Dallas, TX - Kendrick Red (28) & Shirley Jones (27) are shot when a man calls that someone shot his cousin in an east side apartment complex. A gate is broken, a white Cadillac is there with two bodies. Det Randy Loboda leads. Det Robert Quirk, Lt. Craig Miller, Sgt. Eugene Reyes, Det .Mark Ahearn, Lisa Bowers & Det Boux Bland assist. The cousin was in the back seat, they went to the box at 2am to open the gate and they were shot and the car went into the gate. Family arrives and IDs her. The cousin says they were driving around and he fell asleep and didnít see it, didnít know where he was, ran for help looking for a street name. They check Kenís phone and his ex was calling over and over. He went there to sell drugs. She was the last one to talk to him, she lived there. She says she only got his voicemail. She has no idea who did it. A call comes in that Clarence Ray Hines did it, he followed him to rob him and it went bad. His prints are found on Kenís car. Cops go to his house and find him. Day 3 - he knows Red was killed, but doesnít know anything about it. He doesnít do much, works, hangs out, never told anyone he did it, never was in his car. Randy says he has evidence he was involved, so now he wants a lawyer. He shot her for screaming. He got capitol murder. 
6,000 Motives - Miami, FL - Alexio Bello (66) is found dead in a house in Little Havana that is a bloody scene. Det Orlando Silva leads. Det Rolando Garcia, Sgt Confessor Gonzalez, Dr. Emma Lew, Lt. John Buhrmaster, Larry Elmhurst & Agent Wesley Horne assist. There is a small dog inside, Alex was stabbed in the chest, no forced entry. They scour the place for prints and evidence. His brother Hugo saw him a couple days ago with a guy named Jorge who lived with him. Heís 20, white, long black hair. He just met him at a Laundromat and he took him in because he had no place to stay, he had $6000 cash on him for a trip that is gone. They go to the Laundromat to watch the tape and see Alex do his laundry, then Jorge comes over to help him fold it and pack it up. The prints come to Jorge Navarette, he has a record in Georgia, but his photo is bad. He calls GA back for a better photo and gets it. They look for him for weeks, only have an address from Atlanta. Day 26 - they go to Atlanta to look for him. His mother is home, she hasnít seen him months, talked to him 2 weeks ago. She gives a DNA sample. Day 32 - the DNA is a match to Jorge at the crime scene. He is charged, but never found. 1/15/09
122 Blood Money - Tucson, AZ - Wayne Anthony Johnson (20) is shot dead on the ground behind an apartment. Det John Dorer leads. Sgt Jennifer Pegnato-Hill, Det Kathi Kelley, Sgt. Kevin Hall, Det Kelly Pike & Det Bill Hanson assist. A man heard the shots and came out and found him. His girlfriend Candice Devore arrived at the same time and took a cellphone from his hand. She gets belligerent, wonít answer questions or give up the phone and they arrest her to get it. Her friend Meghann Allen says he was going to make a drug buy and they didnít hear from him. When they found him he was dead and had drugs on him and she took them, black tar heroin. Her boyfriend Johnny Manzaritas and Wayne planned on ripping off a drug dealer so they could get high. She doesnít know where he went, he said the dealer Pelon shot him. She thinks Candice knows him. She admits knowing Pelon, but denies the phone is his or she took it. The phone rings looking for Daniel AKA Pelon, so the phone is his. They go find Johnny and find blood on the money in his wallet. He says Wayne robbed the guy before, went to get heroin from him and Wayne went after him and attacked him. The guyís name was Danny, but he had no part of it. He denies any blood and wants a lawyer so they charge him with first-degree murder and he doesnít understand. A tip comes in that Danny Aguilar was robbed of $100 and shot him. Now they have to find him. 1 month later Mimi Johnson & Wayne Anthony Hassel his parents talk about him. Candice is charged with hindering, Meghann with drug possession and hindering. Daniel fled to Mexico and wasnít found. 
Fifteen - Dallas, TX - Juanita Thomas (15) is shot on the street outside a teen club. Det Robert Quirk leads. Officer Kevin Gladden, Sgt. Eugene Reyes, Det. Mark Ahearn, Ofc BK Nelson, Det Wayne Thompson & Det Tim Stewart assist. A fight broke out inside at a birthday party and spilled outside and someone shot. Juanita didnít even know the people there. They find 29 AK-47 casings and 9mm casings. An SUV was stopped racing away and has blood and bullets in it. Neiman Ross is covered in blood, he was in a fight inside, then got hit outside, knocked out and doesnít remember anyone. The driver says he saw a guy hiding behind a car in a white tank top with the AK and shot at them as they were driving. They got hit as they drove. Darnice, Juanitaís best friend was with her when she got hit, held her and didnít know she died. A tip says Suber started the fight and they get him. He denies knowing anything about shooting. He was kicked out for fighting. He hit Ross, then saw shooters, he didnít see a gun pulled out. They offer a $10,000 reward for a conviction. 6 weeks later a man says Don ĎDun Duní Hardge (17) did it. They the witness come and ID him. They find him the next day. He admits being there, but not shooting. He wants evidence, they are all lying, there are no prints, no cameras. Rob says heís not telling everything, but knows he didnít mean to hit her. He admits he lost everything, threw away his life, his girl just turned 5 months. He was shot at and returned fire with an AK. Melvin & Dorothy Thomas are told them got him. Dungia Suber is charged with assault, Hardge with murder. 1/22/09
123 Gone - Dallas, TX - Richard Hernandez (38) is reported missing at 12pm when a woman says her friend has been seen for 2 days, hasnít gone to work, doesnít answer at home. Police check the house and find blood on the floor, but no body. Det Dwayne Thompson leads. Lt. Craig Miller, Sgt. Raymond Beaudreault, Ofc Marshall McLemore, Det Brian Tabor, Det Eddie Lopez, Det Steve Daily, Det Tommy Raley, Det. Bob Erminger, Sgt. Shawn Henderson, Det Bruce Chamberlin, Det Scott Sayers & DA Andrea Hanley assist. He worked at Wal*Mart, lived alone, no sign of forced entry. There is signed of a struggle, blood all over the walls, floors, tub and a blood trail leading out down the area into a dumpster. They have to track where the trash went. They picked up 2000 tons that day so there is no way to search. The stuff in the tub is from his stomach. His sister says itís unlike him not to go to work and heís gay, close to guys at work. A guy from work who is gay says he never hooked up with guys. His debit card is missing and is being used around town. They go to look at the stores the suspect went to for video of him. At Target they find heís a white guy buying a PS2, backpack and bug repellent. They get a picture of him and show it to friends including Rudy Araiza. They donít know him. Rudyís know him 22 years. They go back to his apartment and the groundskeeper saw him the day he went missing walking around and they kicked him out. The manager says heís Seth Winder and used to live there. They look for him and get a call from Carrolton that they found Sethís backpack. Police found the backpack in the garbage with blood on it and bank information for Seth and a phone number of his mom. She says he was just at his dadís with a samurai sword. Rodney Winder says his son isnít there, hadnít seen him in 2 weeks, he is wearing the same clothes for the last 2 weeks, all black. He was kicked out of the army for being crazy, he needs help. They check the sword he left, but it is new. He never says where he goes, he stays in the woods nearby, he was on meth and tried to choke his mom. He gave him a tent to live in. They call a helicopter to look for his tent and coordinate from the ground. They spot a blue ten from the air and have to walk into the trees. It smells like death and bird heads are hanging around. The tent has blood and a sword inside. They find a bloody shower curtain and a receipt from Richardís credit card. Rodney calls them back. He found more stuff with other peopleís ID cards he thinks are stolen. They find his camera with porno pictures of Seth in Richardís apartment. Day 3 - They find Seth used the debit card for a hotel in Lewisville and the Marshals meet them there. They get there and heís gone. They call local police and they find him carrying a 6 pack. They check his backpack for any clues, he has lots of books. Dwayne wants to be his friend, he tells them they both went to the army at Fort Jackson, SC. He doesnít know if he can talk to him. Dwayne thinks he canít reach him. Scott tries to talk to him, then Eddie asks where Richard is. Dwayne has enough and goes in and starts yelling at him. He keeps saying ďI donít knowĒ to everything. The DA says they have enough to file capitol murder charges on him, arrest him and take him to jail. Dwayne briefs the family Rene Garcia, Rachael Enriquez, Peter Moreno, Janie Moreno itís only the third case theyíve had without a body. 1/1/09
124 Out of the Past - Dallas, TX - Felix Aguirre (54) was shot in the head at 2am. A man calls that someone stormed the house shot and his uncle. Det Randy Loboda leads. Sr Cpl Carlos Rivera, Det Scott Sayers, Sgt. Eugene Reyes, Det Dale Lundberg, Ofc Eliza Martinez && Det Bruce Chamberlin assist. His family was there, he has money on him, wasnít robbed, the door was kicked in. Cops caught Nester Hernandez running from the scene. The son heard the door boom open, saw a guy shoot him. There were 3 guys in bandanas, only 1 shot. His wife says in 1992 Felix was arrested for murder, but it was ruled self-defense. Nester says itís bad evening that heís here. He was driving with friends who didnít do nothing. He keeps checking his clothes so they take them for DNA. His shoes match the print on the door. He says maybe someone else has the same shoes. Heís on probation for weed, canít get in trouble. They made him go, he didnít want to. He doesnít know why the went there, it was for a robbery. David & Tomas Hernandez were there. He doesnít know who shot. He gives them an address, his mom warned him not to hang with them. They are all young guys how could they be linked to the murder in 92? At the house they find bandanas, shirts with eye holes cut out and a gun. David doesnít know why heís there or anything. He tells him Nester already told him. He says Tomas wanted to rob him, he didnít shoot him, Tom did, no one was supposed to be there. He doesnít understand why heís going to jail. Tom doesnít know why heís there. He has no job, no money, is having a kid and is sorry about it. He asked the son where the dad was and when he came out he shot him, he doesnít know about killing him. He admits he was paid $15,000 to kill him, the others didnít know about the money, just a robbery. He didnít know the man, didnít ask questions. All 3 are charged with capital murder. Israel Mendez the driver was later caught and got capital murder. 
Feud - Cincinnati, OH - Kevin Leary (23) is shot dead in a car that crashed in the Mount Auburn neighborhood. Det Colin Vaughn leads. Det David Gregory, Capt Rusty Neville & Sgt. Gary Connor assist. There are 8 casings in the street and 1 in the car that donít match. Looks like he had a shootout. A passenger in the car Mookie has left. They spot him and he takes off on them and they have to chase him down. He says heís scared, salty as hell, didnít have a gun. He got a haircut, smoked some weed, Kevin isnít his friend, whatever happened he wasnít there. He wasnít in a car, he was with a friend. They call his friend and it checks out. A tip comes in about who did it - Robert Turnage. Day 12 - Rob is found and says they shot at him while he was walking. It went right by him. He ducked and fired back, the car crashed and he went down, sure he was dead. Heís known Kevin a long time, were friends, but have been feuding for months. The other guy is William Harrison AKA 40. He agrees to come in, wanted to go riding around. They saw Rob and Kevin fired at him, he fired back. When they crashed he took the gun and ran. He hid it in the woods. Rob wonít be charged, but he needs to turn his life around. He was charged with illegal possession of a handgun. 1/29/09
125 Up in Flames - Birmingham, AL - Joseph Scholl (63) is found in a fire at 10pm when a 911 call from the east lake area on Exeter Ave about a vacant house comes in. A truck is burned with a body inside the bed. Det. Jerry Williams leads. Det Chris Anderson, Sgt. Sam Noblit & Det. Roy Bristow assist. The fire spread to the house, the only thing left is caps on the teeth and a license plate. It comes back to Joe, but heís not home. They go to the daughter and son who confirm itís him. A tip comes in he was with a white female Angela Greene. They go to her house, but she wonít come out. Cops watch the house and bust her when she drives out minutes later with Phillip Aaron. Phil knows Joe, he just got out of prison to visit her. There is a gun in the trunk. She denies it. Then a firetruck races by and they say itís her house. It was arson. Phil was there 2 days and denies Joe was there. Then he says he was there and Angela was arguing with him. He heard the gunshots, ran in and put the gun in the car. She took his wallet to buy crack. He put him in the truck and she drove it away with a gas can, he didnít do it. She wants a lawyer. They found Joeís blood on her carpet. They are both charged with capital murder. 
Drive-By - Minneapolis, MN 10/13/08 - Jesse Mickelson (18) is hot at 6:43pm in the south end in the alley from a car. Sgt. Robert Dale leads. Sgt. Christopher Gaiters & Sgt. Tammy Diedrich assist. Heidi Crandell the cousin called, they were playing football in the alley at a birthday party. It was a white car, he was a good kid, not in a gang. They have 6 witnesses, but no one saw the shooter, except he was in the back. They go to Flag Foods a block away and check the security cameras and see the car leaving. His dad Doug also says he was a good kid he was proud of. They have to press the witnesses again. One says the shooter is Smokey AKA Edgar Barrientos (25). He IDs him. Day 11 - Others ID him so they grab him at work. He knows about the shooting and he was linked to it. He says he got in a fight with a guy around there, so they are blaming him. He says he was out of town all weekend and they can call the girl. She says he disappeared at the time of the murder. He wants a lawyer. They tell the family he is charged with first-degree murder. 4/16/09
126 Devil Inside - Tucson, AZ - Margie E. Ortiz (58) was found dead and naked at 10pm after two guys were skateboarding at Veteranís overpass and found her. Det John Dorer leads. Det Jennifer Whitfield, Sgt. Kevin Hall, Det Bill Hanson, Sgt. Tim Milbourn & Det Chris Brown assist. She has cuts up and down the body, blood & 666 on the walls, possessions are strewn about with ID. Sheís homeless, makes it harder. She was arrested for loitering the day before. A street vendor on scene saw her yesterday, doesnít know where sheíd stay. One guy says all she did was bother people for money, nothing bad. They liked her. They get 2 DNA samples from a bottle on scene, 1 of a man. Day 4 - a man assaulted her and said not to resist, heís the son of Satan. He used his belt on her. Another homeless man saw it and broke it up. There is no DNA match in the country. Heís Indian, 5í8Ē, medium height, talked about Satan so they canvass the area. If he goes to jail, someday he will pop up in the system. Month 4 - they get a hit from a lewd conduct charge. Apollo Ortega (23) is on probation and brought in. He lives in a Christian halfway house, got turned him around. He used to not care, was into black magic, worshiped Satan, thought he would be in hell. Heís been there 3 weeks, heís doing godís work now. He blacks out while drinking, doesnít remember anything. They show crime scene photos and know he didnít black out, he was there. He says it wasnít him, it was in his head, it was the child inside of him let loose. He stabbed her in the back, sexually assaulted her and hit her with a block. Someone came out and stopped him. Later he was walking with Margie. A friend of hers was going to get them drugs and ripped them off. He made her strip, cut her up, pulled her insides out and god said he did good. He guesses this is godís will. He is charged with murder and multiple counts of assault in other cases plus another murder. 
Rattlesnake - Birmingham AL - Demarcus Ferrel (19) is killed when shots are fired in the Fountain Heights neighborhood. A man says they were shooting at his son and he canít find him. A car was found in the morning with bullet holes and a body. Det Eric Torrence leads. James Logan, Det Roy Brisco, Det Henry Lucas & Det Chris Anderson assist. There were at least 3 shots. They canvas the area and after 4 hours they get a tip. A witness told him a guy walked up to his car, pulled a gun and tried to rob him. He took off and he fired on him 4 times. They call him Antonio Tim Spencer the rattlesnake. He came back and threatened all the witnesses with harm if they told. Heís only been out of jail 30 days. They go back to the guy who told the second guy and he denies it all. He does admit Tim threatened him and said he would shoot him. He did see him, but not do the shooting. They get a tip heís home and go look for him. Another tip says heís in a red mustang heading to a relative. Heís there and wants to know whatís going on, they need to talk to him. He fights them and kicks the police door closed and they carry him in. He doesnít really know about the murder, he went to the club Tuesday, wasnít there. He just did 3 years in prison. All the witnesses are lying. He didnít walk up to him and shoot him. Who said that? They are. I was asleep then. They charge him and now he wants to talk. He doesnít know why they would lie. He doesnít want to do more time. He wants to go home, he promises he wonít run. He walked up to his car looking for pills. He told him to get his ass out of there and pulled a gun on him. He didnít want to kill him, but just did it. Now let me go home. Thatís not going to happen. Heís charged with murder. 2/6/09
3 After the First 48 - Blindsided Update - Dallas, TX 12/4/06 Karen Lafon (51) - Det Eddie Ibarra lead. Det Phil Harding, Det Ken Penrod & Det John Palmer assist. Inga Dwyer says she lit up a room. Her son Kyle Lafon says his stomach just dropped. Marshall Lafon says she was going to be a grandmother. Lisa Reyes says she just graduated college. They get a lot of crazy tips and have to check them all. Heís Jose Castro (24) ad IDed by his family. They wanted a confession so bad. They were so glad he wouldnít hurt anyone else. Andy Beach prosecuted the case. It was vicious and violent worthy of Capitol murder seeking the death penalty. Mick Mckelsen represented Castro. They knew he was mentally ill and acting crazy, which made the death penalty tougher. He was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. They gave him a deal, no trial. 9/12/08 - sentencing day. He had no emotion and got life in prison without parole. 
Killing Spree Update - Miami, FL 3/13/04 Marlon Lambert (24) - Sgt. Joe Schillaci lead. Lt. John Buhrmaster, Det. Emiliano Tamayo & Arnold Yen assist. There was a string or murders that kept people prisoner. It was in the Pork & Beans, itís compact. They were sending a message they didnít care. Casings found were like winning the lottery. Lawrence Lambert his dad was on vacation when he got the call, it was the worst thing ever. Shaunquella Heath had 2 kids with him. He was the youngest son. A nickname means everything in a case. Theyíll never forget his brother saying you know he did it. Multiple witnesses said Marlon gave him a look and he vowed to hunt him down. Joe was shocked to get the call from Alfred and worried how to move forward. It was intense. He had to be patient and trust he would show up. 15 minutes felt like 3 hours. He never confessed. They had 2 murder charges on him. The first 2 days were everything to them because of fear. Edward OíDonnell took Alfredís case saying it was a turf war. 9/07 - Ellen Sue Vezner was judge on the case. His family showed up every day to support him. They offered him a deal of 50 years for the 2 murders. He took it. Lawrence wanted a life sentence. They werenít sure they could get it. 2/12/09
127 Blame Game - Birmingham, AL - Isaias Rivera Mexicano (30) is shot in a parking lot at 11:30pm on the west side a call of a man. Another was beaten. Det Warren Cotton leads. Det Cynthia Morrow & Det Jody Jacobs assist. Jose says they were flagged down, they got out, were beaten and robbed. Johnny Squeaky Coach Jr. is arrested for parole violation. He says he knows something. William Carrington Jr. & Michael Armstrong were drinking when the car pulled up. Then they pulled guns and robbed them. Will shot and he took off, he had no part of it. They take pictures to Jose, but he says no. A neighbor was upset about it, he says all 3 were there and Squeaky is the leader. They planned robbing the Mexicans, they knew they had money, he heard them do it. Day 4 - they get a tip where they are. William is caught at home. He wants to know what heís charged with. This is a homicide. He wants a lawyer. Day 5 - they get Mike. He says his brother picked him up, they drank, shot dice. Will & John left, robbed these guys, shot and ran off. He was inside the whole time. Will told him he did, he didnít know why. John was holding him and he got away, then he shot him. Jose Martinez the survivor says he was sending money back to Mexico for his son. 
Chasing Shadows - Louisville, KY - Philip Debarry (32) is shot at 1:30am Newberg section and a couple works on him. Det William Brown leads. Det Kristen Downs, Det Leigh Maroni, Sgt. Denny Butler, Det Richard Arnold & Tina Bennett assist. They heard 3 shots, saw a black male leave in a green compact. Christy shows them the building surveillance. Phil is seen walking around, then he spots a guy and chases him down like he has a gun, then heís killed. A man says Phil was robbed by Kenny and came back for the guy. The manager says heís Kendall Kenny Shaw, his girlfriend called about the video. The girl says heís not there and doesnít want them inside. Theyíll get a warrant. She admits he is there. They get him, a gun and casings in the toilet. Ken says he was smoking and a few friends pulled up. They left and a masked man rushed him like he had a gun. He pulled his gun and shot him 3 times. Heís hoping for self defense. Heís never seen the guy before. He knows a guy got robbed of weed, but it wasnít him who did it, it wasnít Phil who was robbed. Laura Guy, Keisha Deadwyer, Karen Krupp his family donít know why it happened. Ken was charged with murder, but plead self-defense. 2/19/09
4 After the First 48 - Downstream Drifter - San Antonio, TX 9/04 Juan F. Trujillo (64). Det Timm Angell says it was so vicious, didnít have to be. There was head trauma, in the water several days, no way to have visual ID. When you donít know who it is, everything goes cold. Sgt. Andrew Hernandez says the body guides you. Lupa Garza her niece says he dressed well. Josephine Trujillo says he liked jazz, was fun until his mom died and he lost it. The crimestoppers tip was the most important thing in the case. It was from Joelís brother, they were tired of him stealing from him. He tells him no matter what you tell me you are going home after to put them at ease. He said he was just a witness. They found bloody shoes, which was crucial. No witnesses means you need a confession. You need to be easy going, honest and let them know they did it. He had to let him go, itís not comfortable, but you lose the confession if you lock them up. Joel couldnít shut up, they told him to several times. Heís typical of someone who has been through the system many times, he knows the game. They admitted to causing injury, stealing from him and throwing him in the creek. Anita Garcia said her son couldnít do that, couldnít believe it. 2006 - David Lunan prosecuted the case, it was either life or death sentence. Joel was more responsible, Andrew was a follower. Joel would reoffend if he got out. They had public defenders. Suzanne Kramer represented Andrew. His medical condition was he had reduced mental capacity. Jeff Mulliner represented Joel, it was bad from what he said. He also had learning problems they decided. They had to stop the death penalty. Joel got capitol murder and robbery. Andrew got murder. Anita doesnít know how it happened, told him not to, wouldnít listen. Maria Beuno his sister canít believe it, hopes heíll come out. Andrew now says he is disappointed, regrets it, has dreams about it still. The family is happy they got the sentences and it was over with. Joel got life, Andrew got 50 years and is eligible for parole in 2029. 
Silenced - Dallas, TX 10/8/06 Crystal Jenkins (25). Det Ken Penord says they started with nothing, just she died of a gunshot. Det Bob Ermatinger says itís not a high crime area. What are the odds someone would kill someone and leave their phone next to them? When a suspect is lying itís a good indication they are going in the right direction. They have to keep going, the case wonít go away. Follow the leads where they take you, have to testify to it in court right or wrong leads. Det John Palmer says if you donít swing you wonít hit the ball. It wouldnít have happened without the internet, it couldíve taken them months. Teresa Jenkins her mom says she went nowhere without her car and when they found it something was wrong. Tonya Sullivan her sister says she was like a second mom to her. Her boyfriend was a career criminal. They were proud she was going to testify, she wasnít a bad person, got around the wrong people and paid the price. She thought she had control and didnít. He gained her trust and had her where he wanted her. The confession is the number one thing they wanted and he thought he was smarter than everyone else. She was doing the right thing and ended up dead. She liked being in the woods, liked being on the go. They knew early on he thought he could beat them. It was a goldmine to show his cell phone was at White Rock Lake when she was killed. The family was relieved she would get justice. Marc Moffitt prosecuted the case, it was the first time they saw someone killing Robbie McClung his lawyer says he was adamant he didnít do it. Adam Anderly was on the jury, it was pressure with the family there to do the right thing. They had a video of them together hours before the murder wearing what she was killed in. The cousinís testimony was key to the jury. They tracked the phone calls and 15 lead right from El Dorado to Dallas, then right back. Richard Franklin Lavelleís other lawyer says they couldnít prove he was on the phone, it couldíve been Jarvis, no idea who had the phone. There was no evidence at the crime scene. The jury was deadlocked after an hour. They went back through the cell phone records. Teresa was worried then. After 3 hours they found him guilty of capitol murder. There was no remorse for Lavelle, he thought he could beat it. They were relived he wouldnít get out. They missing talking to her, holidays are hard, they deal with every day. He got life without parole, but is appealing. 2/26/09
128 Live Bait - Minneapolis, MN - Jermaine Hudson (23) is shot at 11:55pm on the north side. A 911 call saying his cousin was shot after getting jumped in an apartment building. Sgt. Christopher Gaiters leads. Sgt. Robert Dale, Sgt. Tammy Diedrich, Sgt. Ann Kjos & Sgt. Luis Porras assist. His pants, shoes and other things are on a different floor. The cousin says a girl he didnít know called and he went to see her and he waited outside. Then he called him to come in and a guy jumped him from behind, he fought and another guy shot his cousin and he ran for it. He only saw one guy. They bring in the girl who called him right before he was killed. She says she got the phone for Jamiccia, she was with Krystal and they were going to rob some guy. They would lure them and the guys would get them. They go get them. Krystal says she saw it on the news. Then she admits meeting him on the bus, she called him, he came over and then 2 guys followed him and jumped him. She called him twice. No, it was 9 times. She says she doesnít know who told her to call. So they go to Jam and sheís scared. Ricardo Cee-Bo Walker and Lazarus Marshall did it, they will get her, they made her do it. They jumped him and she ran, they bragged about it. They go back to Krys and she confirms it. Now they have to find them. Day 17 - they are both in Anoka Co. jail for a new crime. Ricardo denies everything and wonít talk. Laz also denies it. 4 months later - the Hudson family still are dealing. Six weeks later Cee-Bo confessed. Krystal Shelton, Jamiccia Donnerson, Walker and Marshall get first-degree murder. 
Drama at the Classic - Birmingham, AL - Kenneth Wayne Holmes Jr. (21) was found at dead 2:30am when a call of a wreck on 4th avenue going the wrong way comes in. The car is full of bullets and Ken. Det Cynthia Morrow leads. Det Jody Jacobs, Det. Warren Cotton, Det. Chris Anderson & Det. John Tanks assist. Marco was in the car and uninjured. Ken picked him up and they were cruising the Classic. They went to the store, parked, a guy pulled up next to them, started shooting and Ken was hit, but drove off and they crashed. He saw his face, they call him Booby. Betty Holt & Wanda Parker his mom says he was fighting with his ex and new boyfriend Booby. The girlfriend arrives to talk, they broke up 6 months ago. Booby is Stetory Calhoun. She saw him yesterday and they argued, then left, she didnít tell Booby. She doesnít want to hear it. They get a picture of him from the file and take a lineup to Marco the next day. He IDs him. They call Stet and he shows up. He has 5 kids and 2 more on the way. He says he was there when they started shooting. He had words with Ken once, it was nothing. They donít want to hear it, arrest and charge him. 3/5/09
129 Out of Sight - Minneapolis, MN - Joseph Sodd III (20) is found stabbed in the neck on the ground at 2:16am in the Cedar Riverside area. Sgt. John Holthusen leads. Sgt. Chris Grander, Lt. Rick Zimmerman & Officer Jeanine Bru assist. He was on a moped, itís covered in blood, his ID was stolen. A woman says he had problem with a local gang. Cops look for a knife and find a man sleeping in a van nearby and he has blood on him. He says heís homeless. His parents say he went out with 2 friends to a bar. His friends say he was at the bar until 2am and he left walking to his scooter in the alley. The Somalian homeless man has 73 charges. He was with 2-3 guys and got in the van at 12am. He says the blood is from his hand. The next day they go back for evidence and cops see an assault in progress. They chase the guy down. The victim says they jumped him for his vodka and probably killed Joe. One of the suspects is the homeless guy. Of course he says heís innocent and starts to trash the interrogation room. They calm him down and he denies a murder and wants a lawyer. They turn it over to the news. Local cops say there are violent Somali assault gangs in the area. Cops round them up. One says a guy told him he stabbed a guy. At the station he retracts his story. They turn it to crime stoppers. 7 months later they still have no leads. Unknown DNA was found on him. 
Missing Piece - Miami, FL - Leonard Brown AKA Debo (16) is shot through the chest in the Liberty City area. A call of a gunshot and a man down and bloody comes in. Det Rick Martinez leads. Fabrice Nelson, Det. Emiliano Tamayo, Sgt. Eunice Cooper, Det. Roderick Passmore & Sgt. Ervans Ford assist. His mom says he came home a couple days ago with an AK-47 he said was a friends and she made him leave with it. His friend says they were hanging out at a convenience store, he got a call, left, then heard the shot. He was holding the gun for Audrey Roberts (17). He brought it to his cousin Antonio Wells (16). The next day he told him the gun was stolen. Audrey is wanted for gun charges already. They go to Bishop Johnny Davis pastor of the World Deliverance Church. He knows all the kids, they were in his program and he saw Audrey yesterday, didnít like the way he looked and gives them his number. They go get him. He says the gun was his and Leonard and Antonio fought over the gun and he thinks Antonio shot him. Davis brings in Antonio who says he was innocent and that he was home the whole night. He denies everything and his story checks out. Audrey admits going to get his gun and cries that Ant wasnít there. He had another gun and shot Leonard with it. Heís not hard enough to kill him. He told him not to tell, he took a bath in bleach to get the gunpowder off. He breaks down in hysterics. Now Antonio says he was there, they fought, that was it. Then he says he was afraid for his life, he tried to kill him, he pulled a gun and shot him. He is charged with first degree murder. 3/19/09
130 Shattered Dreams - Louisville, KY - Mohamed Abdul Rahman (31) is shot at 6pm in the Portland section at New York Fashions clothing store. Det Rick Arnold leads. Lt. Barry Wilkerson, Dane Lawrence, Det. Mike Smith, Det Chris Middleton, Det Brenda Wescott & Matthew Clements assist. It was a robbery gone bad and the owner was killed. A warning shot was fired into the ceiling, 2 casings are on the floor, the man was hit once, but there is security cameras. A man in the store says 2 guys came in, fired and wanted money. They are both on the video, but their faces canít be seen. A witness saw them running and one dropped his phone and it broke. They go back and find a Samsung battery, but no prints. He tells cops to look out for the gun and the news that he needs help. At a vigil his wife Sumaya Harun says they fled Darfur for a new life and itís ironic. His brother Fawzi Abdul Rahman has hope. Day 6 - Alexander Ruff is stopped by police and has a gun and black hoodie in the car. The gun is tested and itís a match. Day 7 - they question him. He admits having the gun, but not going to NY Fashions. He tells him he has the murder weapon and the clothes. He denies it, says he bought it from K. Not good enough. Day 8 - he wants to talk again. He says he was the driver, he didnít go in. Two other guys did Kenny and John or JT. They think heís distancing himself from the shooting. Day 9 - the family goes to the media for the other suspects. Alexander is charged with first-degree murder. 
Left to Die - Birmingham, AL - Sandy ďD.D.Ē Das Jr. (29) was shot and died and his girlfriend calls it in. Det John Tanks leads. David Rockett, Det Jody Jacobs, Det Fernando George, Det Marcel Walker & Sgt. Scoot hurmond assist. Pamela Murphy was hit 4 times, is at University Hospital, but is expected to make it. She says 2 guys came over - Little Nephew and Little Boobie AKA Edward Hale were trying to sell a gun to Sandy. They left, came back and started shooting until he ran out of bullets. She played dead while they robbed him. They get Edís name and go get him. He says Dion Williams came to get him, they went to Sandyís, hung out, went home and found out later about the murder. They say she lived and that he isnít the shooter, but he needs to stop playing. He cries. They go to get Dion and bring him back. He wonít talk. Day 30 - Dion says Randall Cunningham was with him, not Edward. He says he went with him to get weed. Dion went in, he was outside and heard shots. He ran to the car and Dion ran with him. He doesnít know Edward, he wasnít there. He let an innocent man sit in jail, he will be charged. Ed is let out, he says it was hard for him to be away from his son, heís glad they caught them. Dion and Randall both got capital murder. 3/26/09
131 Last Wish - Miami, FL - Rolando Santos (46) is killed when a 911 call comes of a bloody man down. Meanwhile there is Charity Boxing for officers hurt in the line of duty and Det Manny Castillo leaves the event. Det. Anthony Reyes leads. Sgt. Johnny Herrera, Det Ricardo John, Ralph Garcia, Robert Butcher, Det. Emiliano Tamayo, Lt John Burhmater, Det Leo Tapes, Et. Orlando Silva, Sgt. Confessor Gonzalez, Maj Manel Orosa assist. It was his birthday and his car is nearby with his hazards on. His wallet is empty, cell phone is missing, want to wait until the sun comes up to get good prints. He lives with his sister and is divorced, one kid, was drunk, then he got pissed, left, never game back alive. They wait for the dew to clear, then it starts to rain so they cover it in plastic, load it on a pickup and race it to the station and get a palm, but itís Rolandoís. They check his phone and the last call was a bank at 11:14pm. He took out $200 a half hour before he was killed. Security shows him getting the money, but heís alone. They have to hit the streets all day. A friend said he got involved in coke. Day 6 - they turn it to the news. Lucinda, Juan Caroles & Gladys Sera speak. A CI says a stolen car has Rolandoís stuff. Itís owned by Erica Aguilar. She comes home and they take her in. Day 7 - They find his phone in her purse. She says itís her car, it was parked there the whole time. A guy gave her the phone, she doesnít like him, his name is Mike, wouldnít tell him where he got it. They call the gang unit and pick him up. He bought the phone from a kid from the street, didnít do anything, wonít talk. They charge him possession of stolen property. Day 8 - his lawyer calls, Mike is flipping out, he bought the phone, didnít kill the guy. An hour later it was Rico who had the phone. Rolando went to Yvette Corpoan (25) a whore who robbed him of $200 and killed him. She told him she was going to NY. Day 12 - she is going to La Cuabao - the Cuban Greyhound tomorrow. They set up at the station and a UC gets on the bus and finds her. Itís Thanksgiving at the station. She doesnít know why sheís there, itís a heavy charge. She admits being addicted to crack, she gave him a BJ, he wanted full sex, she said no, they fought, she grabbed his phone. She denies murder and gets mad. Day 13 - They donít believe her fully. They bring her dinner after 4 hours with a knife. They arenít afraid of giving her the knife. She says he drove her to the park, he lunged at her, she shot him twice thatís it. Gladys asks if she looks remorseful. For getting caught maybe. She gets first-degree murder. No one else was charged. 6/16/09
132 One Heart - 12/25 Little Haiti 7:07pm - Nicholas Ardura (20) is shot outside a store and dies 2 days later. Det Leo Tapanes leads. Sgt. Armando Aguilar, Det Orlando Benitez, Det Carlos Castellanos, Sgt. Ervans Ford, Det Freddy Ponce assist. They have cameras inside the store and show Nick buying something, then 2 guys pass by with guns. A couple friends live above the store and the father of one makes him come down and talk. Nick took a phone call, walked around the corner, then was shot and robbed. They saw a yellow car make a u-turn and take off. An apartment across the street has cameras facing that way and they check the footage. Right before the shooting a Monte Carlo pulls up, 2 guys get out, scope the place out, then drive off. A friend says Nick was selling pot and heard a guy called Barber did it. Donavan Lamont says he was doing good selling drugs and had a rival. He says the Barber is a real Barber, not a nickname and describes the driver of the yellow car. Day 11 - A witness says they call him Dred and it was a drug ripoff. The guyís real name is Emmanuel Darbonne (20) and Barber is B. Brayshun Nwamah drives the Monte Carlo. They go to Bís job and he car is there. After 5 hours he comes out with a holster and he admits the gun is in the car. He says he picked up Jay, then Emmanuel who wanted to go to the store, asked for his gun, he gave it to him and he robbed Nick and shot. He said he got weed and money and lost a shoe. Day 12 - They bring in Emmanuel. He says Jay and B picked him up to get weed, he stayed in the car while they robbed and shot him. He didnít shot anyone. Heíll tell B to his face. They get B and he tells him he has a case open and heís not going down for this you did it. You murdered him, take it like a man. You are putting this on me? You killed him. They talk to B again and he says E set it up. He wanted to get him for selling a lot of drugs. The plan was to rob him, then E chickened out. He and Jay approached him, they fought. The gun went off accidentally and he left his show. J is Tavaris Cromer (23) and is brought in. Bray wanted to shoot him, he said no. When they started fighting he ran for it and heard the shot and hoped Dred didnít die. He cries when he finds out. 3 months later - his mother talks about him. All 3 are charged with first degree murder. #132. 4/23/09

Season 9 (2009-10)

133 Signs of Violence - Marcus Penny (35) of Louisville, KY is found dead in his doorway in the Manslick area by a 911 call. Det William Brown leads. Det Michael Smith, Det Scot Russ, Sgt. Kevn Thompson & Sgt. Denny Bulet assist. He was stabbed in the armpit, deaf, had 2 kids in foster care, door was kicked in, home invasion likely. They find a prison bracelet on the scene and check the guy out. He's home, says he lost a friend, someone just told him, lock him up. He had blood on hands. He has an ankle bracelet they are going to run. He screams and curses at the station like he did something wrong. He doesn't know how the blood got there. They have an ankle bracelet on him and run it, but comes back innocent. A friend Tia says he had a gay friend named George. His sister says you can write down to talk to him. He wants to when the last time he saw him was. He came over to talk to him saying he had problems. He said not to worry about it, doesn't know what happened, lock the door, he did, it was someone he knew. Day 8 - a tip comes in that Michael Knights another deaf guy did it. Det. Leigh Maroni is investigating a case of Darrell Spencer (72) they say Mike also killed. They have to use sign language with 2 detectives. His girlfriend is Marcus's ex, it's hard. Mike cries and says it was self defense, he was afraid of him. He and Justin Murray went there. He was bothering his girl, they went to talk to him and he punched him, knocked him down and knew him and he got the knife from Justin and stabbed him. He then admits Justin used an axe on Darrell. Justin is also deaf. Mike wanted to kill Marc, he got his way and stabbed him to death. He says Mike also killed Darrell. He says he's blaming. 3 months - Pat Rhodes & Jeana Stacy says he was fun. It was hard out of school when everyone wasn't deaf. They are both charged with capitol murder. The man under house arrest wasn't charged. 
Live By the Gun - Miami, FL - Kevin Tooty Ropin (24) of Gwen Cherry housing projects is found shot dead by a 911 call. Sgt. Altarr Williams leads. Det. Frank Sanchez & Det. Juan Carlos D'elia assist. He has 2 kids, was sitting on a chair and was hit point blank. There is a street party right next door that is still going. A lead comes in to the station who was about 30 feet away. Main Man a drug dealer came around the corner and shot him, it was a territorial drug dispute. They go to his girlfriend's apartment and she says he's Aubray Mathis, not there, no alibi and he has multiple charges. The next day the witnesses ID Aubray. A few months ago Tooty was ordered to pistol whip Aubray for selling drugs on their turf. He says he doesn't know anything about it. Day 4 - Aubray shows up and says he was pistol whipped, but didn't kill him. He hung out with Derrick, he's known him all his life, but doesn't know his last name. He rode around a few hours, he needs to come up with answers or he's going to jail. He's arrested, says he's innocent. Derrick denies being with him. He is charged with first degree murder 6/23/08
134 Cold as Ice - William Wagner (45) of Louisville, KY was found shot dead in the back if the head at 4:36am in the Portland neighborhood when a 911 call of a man hurt in the street. Det Rick Arnold leads. Sgt, Denny Butler, Tracy Gutterman, Get Terry Jones, Det Chris Middletown & Det Carl P assist. There is snow and freezing rain on their scene. A neighbor comes home from work at 3am and got his gun, 3 guys ran, EMS arrives and he knew the one guy Bob who told him to be quiet. Bob is brought in. He was staying over Gary's house sleeping on the couch. There was a girl there too. They all get it to check it, then they left him. He's owned guns before, he might've gone and shot Will and took off. David was watching a movie and met a girl who told him about the body. He doesn't know Gary. They tell David a story that Gary is in the other room talking about you. He had no idea that was the Gary Lindsey was the shooter, but sounds like he was trying to cover for him. He's looking at the same charges as Gary. 20 years plus, He says he lied about Gary and let him go and got Gary. They find the girlfriend Kirste, she made the 911 call. She went sleigh riding, went to call Gary, he didn't answer and he wasn't there. She just got the phone yesterday, is weird about it and says she says she is honest, hasn't talked to Gary since the murder. She denies staying at Gary's house last night, she didn't see him until she got the phone. She was wearing the same clothes now and last night. The witness says she was wearing pink, had a lip ring. They call her phone, it doesn't ring. It's his phone, he answers. He tells her he isn't coming in and to charge her. They do charge her and call Kirste's mom. She says she didn't have her phone all day, it was dead. Mom has her phone and proves she talked to her 11:03am. She doesn't know how he got her phone, why would she lie for him? She denies seeing anything, never knew her to lie. They'll hold her until morning for hindering and she will plead. They put her in jail. Long day, but they want Gary. A state of emergency is called with all the snow, so he can't look for him. The next day they go to Gary's house and there is a budget rental truck at Gary's house loading it up, they won't talk and give him his lawyer's card. Day 8 - the lawyer says he will turn him in, but he won't talk. He did tell someone he showed him. Kris is out on bail and won't talk. Week 6 - Kirste's lawyer turns her in. She admits she was with him the night of the murder. They heard a noise, Gary said someone was trying to break in. Bob went with him and they came back after. She didn't see shooting. Week 7 - Bob says Will got out of a car and Gary told it wasn't his car, get out of it nigger. He fired twice, told him he was scared enough, let him go. He said no, chased him and shot him more. Later Will's family talks about him: Suzette Adcok, Jessica Douglas, Jeremy Bree, Brittany Bard. Kirste Craddick Gary Kundset. Bob and David weren't charged, Kirstie Craddock has been charged with hindering of apprehension and prosecution. Gary Lindsey is charged with murder.  6/23/08
135 Road Hazard - Birmingham, AL - Charles Beville (33) is shot dead at 2:30am when a 911 call comes in of a car ran off the road at the Fairfield exit. They find the car and it's damaged bad. The 911 caller died. Det. Chris Anderson leads. Det. Scott Thurmond, Det. Jerry Williams, Det Marcel Walker, Det. Jody Jacobs, Det. Warren Cotton & Det. Roy Bristow assist. A witness saw the car was wrecked and he asked if he needed help. He said he was OK, called police and he was waiting behind him with his caution lights on. Then a black man in a black Cadillac came out, talked to him and shot him. A white Maxima hit him, may not be involved. Erica Beville the wife says he had no problems, he was with the Sho Nuff Riders for a couple years and didn't like it. He would leave it. At a bar they say the Sin City Bikers were after them, they were a bunch of a wannabes. After the fight he saw them the leave in a dark Cadillac. Arrugus Hall AKA Gator was in a Maxima so the other guy could shoot him. They hit his house at 6am. Gator turns himself. He was at the fight and tried to stop his cousin from fighting. They broke it up and they all had to leave. He owns a burgundy car, no one owns a white car or a gun. They all went to the hospital except for coyote - Charlie Joe Wilson Jr. He just got out of jail for attempted murder. The witness picks Coyote of a line up, so now they have to find him. They get him and he was shooting pool, wasn't near the fight, was in his girlfriend's Cadillac took it home right past the wreck. Charlie is arrested for murder Gator was not charged, the Maxima driver was not caught. 
Cold - Louisville, KY - Antigone Graham Smith (43) is found cold when a 9 year old girl told a neighbor her mom is knocked out. Det. Corey Cadwell leads. Sgt. Kevin Thompson, Det. Leigh Maroni, Det. Mickey Cohn, Det. Brian Kuriger, Lt. Barry Wilkerson, Det. Kyle Willet, Det. James Curles & Sgt. Paul W assist. She had 9 kids, 1 year old next to him. His girl came in, heard no heartbeat, yelled 911, she lives with her brother and the boyfriend Don. He's been there a couple months, he's black, big guy, has dreads, went to a store with a surveillance camera that day. They go and get the tape with a good shot. Don Filder (25) is from Lexington has plenty of warrants. Don is caught and the mom was strangled. He's sleeping on the floor, he says they fought all day, she cursed him out for no reason, kids were in bed with him. She wouldn't let him leave and pulled a gun on him. He held her down and said he was leaving, she was fine. When he left. He held the cord so hard her eyes popped out. Maybe he squeezed too hard, it was clothing, they were wresting, things were falling, thinking it was shorts, no way a wire. Day 3 - Andrew Graham, AKA Graham-Brown, Clarice Brown, Henry Brown are told what happened. Don is charged with murder.  6/30/09
137 In Broad Daylight - Birmingham, AL - Demarshell Nicol Taper (34) is found shot in Arthur Brooks park when a call comes in at 1:30am. Det Chris Anderson leads. Ofc Chris Woods, Det Warren Cotton, Det. Sam Noblitt, Det Marcel Walker, Capt David Robinson, Lt Scott Praytor, Cynthia Calhoun & Det. Jerry Williams assist. A witness saw them together and the guy turned on him, they have him at HQ. He says he was sitting there, a couple came in a bight red Mustang with black top, they were there an hour. Then the man fired 3 times and another when he left her there. Her prints aren't in the DB. He goes back to the scene and the media is there so he asks them to put her description out. They find her ID in her bra. They go to her apartment and Tim Cheecks is there, says Dem is his wife, lived there for 2 months. He hadn't seen her all day, she was cheating on him with Carey, she file a restraining order on him. Then he asks what happened and they tell him she's dead and breaks down. They find the report and find he has a red mustang, that's their guy. They find the car and wait for more units so they can bust him. They all put on vests and go to the house and a man answers and shows where he is. He says Dem called, but they were through 2 weeks ago. She wanted to talk one more time, got mad, got out of the car to make a call and he left. They know it's a lie. He says no one saw me, I never got out. Witnesses saw you. No, there was no one there. He says she was stalking him and has the phone messages. The messages are the opposite of what he says, he wants her, loves her. He admits getting mad, losing his temper in broad daylight, wouldn't hurt anyone. He didn't leave her there alive. He wants a lawyer. He's under arrest. Day 6 - Dem's friend said she was breaking it off with Carey and wanted to make it work with Tim. She called right before the murder that he wouldn't let her go. Carey is charged with Felony murder and is awaiting trial. 
Fight Club - Minneapolis, MN - Darius Miller (19) at 3am gets jumpped bad and is shot, more shots are fired. 2 are hit, and he dies outside a strip club on Ricochet. Sgt. Luis Porras leads. Sgt Ann Kjos, Sgt. Chris Thomsen, Sgt. Scott Larson & Kris Reynolds assist. They find bullets in a car and across the street. It was a gun battle between them. The other victim Chris is friends with Darius and he left the hospital, but his family says that he doesn't live there. The 911 caller says Darius got jumped, his friends left him here and security locked the door before shots were fired. They took off when shots were fired. The owner of the club agrees to come in. Then Chris comes in. He says he didn't know those guys, had no gun, doesn't know anyone who had guns, the bouncers know. The owner shows up. They got kicked out of another club, headed toward his club and he said lock the doors. They heard 6 shots, like it was an execution. The call the first club who scanned all their IDs and have a record of them all and get pictures. The strip club has video and shows a guy with a gun come right up and leave. Day 3 - Jerrell Brown matches the description, from the ID. He was busted 2 months ago for a shooting. They compare the bullets at the lab and they match. The violent criminals division picks him up in an hour. He says he didn't do anything. They have it on tape. He says it's a bluff. No it isn't. He wants a lawyer, doesn't matter, you are still under arrest. He is charged with first degree murder. The second shooter was not found. 10 months later his family Bridget Miller, Tajveon Miller, Rashad Elting are there. 7/7/09
5 Update Special: Blackout - Dallas, TX 11/07 at 6am - Brandon Brown (22) was killed. Det Robert Arredondo leads. Det Dwayne Thompson says it's so cold that the guy could sit with you all day, then kill you. Robert says he had little experience, first year, nervous about it. Dwayne knew it was execution style and would be tough. Robert says it was huge having 2 survivors. They knew there were 2 suspects, they robbed them and said one was called Black. They have a witness who knows Black is Eric. He was so adamant he put his finger through it. Eddie says it makes you mad they are taunting you. Dwayne thought they were going close it very quickly. They stayed up a few days, from lead to lead and it was gone. Rob says Beverly Johnson his mom says he was a good son. He was a barber, liked cutting hair. Ricky Brown his brother loved kids, was so happy to find her own. Robert got the name Lorenzo and it was big. When he picked him out of the lineup it was exciting. Rob got a chill when they caught Eric. His first interview with a murder suspect. He knew he was streetwise and didn't want to talk to him. Rob was glad to go to MN 2/08. Eddie went with him, couldn't mess it up like before. He said they robbed drug dealers and shot back. Eddie said he did so much better. Rob felt really good about it. Mona Dixon the aunt was glad he was off the street. Rob would be the first time leading a murder case in court. He prepared for the worst. He gets briefed about going on the stand, it's hard, even knowing the silly things. Eric went to court first. Marc Moffitt says it was clear he was involved, he was the ringleader. One is dead, one is in a wheelchair for life. Phillip Linder says they are all on drugs and can't be trusted. It was under an hour for the verdict and he was found guilty. He got life without parole. Two months later Lorenzo's case. Ballastics would prove he was there. Charles Rebstock says he was firing at drug dealer Edwin V. King says his story was he had no gun, it was all out of fear. Chris goes up first in the wheelchair. He denies Lo was forced to do anything. He was a part of it. He said both shot and left. He doesn't know who shot him who since they were both covered. The autopsy shows 3 bullets, no way there was one shooter. Rob takes the stand and talks about going to MN, he didn't coerce him and played the tape of the interrogation. King tired to hammer away that he was forced to cooperate. The one who was the witnesses didn't show up. Judge Tracy F. Holmes asks where he was. Marc says a lawyer told him not to show up. King lost it and started cursing and said you made me out to be the one who sabotaged the case. Lorenzo takes the stand. He was too scared to jump Black, he was up all night, he didn't do anything until Black told him to. He loaded stolen stuff to the car many times, he could've run. He would've found me, he had nowhere to go. You ran right back up to the room of the guy who would kill you? He acts like he was a victim too. He admits taping them up to execute them and did nothing to help, so he could get capitol murder too. King says he caught up in it, he did what he was told do to, he needs a fair shot. Marc says it's the easiest case they will ever have. Three people were lined up to be killed, because 2 lived they are here. If they died, we wouldn't have found him. He was never going to turn himself in. It took under an hour to find him unanimously guilty of capitol murder. The families hug them. His mom cried because he thought he was getting away. Dwayne says they are the voice of the dead, something was made right. A year later Ricky still deals with it, he carries his obituary in the truck with him every day. Both got life without parole, both appealed. 7/14/09
138 Ditched - Birmingham, AL - 6pm - Leo Garcia (21) was found badly decomposed in the drainage ditch when a motorist changing a flat tire on I20 at exit 124A saw him. Det Jerry Williams Leads. Sgt. Scott Thurmond, Det Marcel Walker, Carl Mauterer, Torey Williams, Kim McDonald, Det Cameron Beedle & Ofc John Newland assist. They were looking for a guy in that area a month ago, if it's him he's a month behind on the case. He goes back to the missing persons car. Martine Rodriguez and he picked up a homeless guy in their car and he robbed them. Leo chased them an never came back. The number and address on the report are fakes. The address comes back to a business and the owner doesn't know him. They talk to Gerardo who brought him over from GA, he worked and lives with him. Martina is really Jose Ryes. He owed a guy money he was going to meet, he wasn't homeless. He had a bloody shirt he said he'd keep as evidence so they wouldn't think he killed him. Jose went to jail and Leo stayed with his wife, they found a letter from her. Jose just got out of jail and didn't want to make a police report. He says he lives with Paige now and will take them there. She says he's not there, but they want to look. She acts surprised about Leo, he was murdered. She cries and denies sleeping with him. But says she loved him and they were going to run away. They were just friends. Jose didn't love him. He has a bad temper and went to jail for domestic on her. Jose gave a different name every time he was arrested. He was stabbed all on the left like he was stabbed in the truck. The truck was repossessed 3 weeks ago. They find him a few hours later at Paige's house. He wants a lawyer first thing. He doesn't want him to think he's a bad person or anything. They'll put him on a 48 hour hold. He wants a cigarette. They get the truck and take it to forensics. There are stab wounds in the ceiling and blood spots everywhere. They go back to Paige and she asks where Jose is. In jail. How long? We'll see. She doesn't want to be in this mess. Jose and Leo went out to get Luna Rocha and came home alone. Leo was owed money from Luna. Leo hit him with a hammer and he ran and Luna stabbed him. She doesn't really believe him, thought he did it. Can't believe he wouldn't tell her if he did it. Luna lives by Hong Kong seafood. He gets the crew that cuts the interstate where the body was found to look for a murder weapon, but find nothing. Day 3 - Leo was owed $70. Luna is found and says he never met either man in his life. He doesn't think his prints would be on the truck. They have to go to Atlanta for Lilian Resendiz, Leo's sister to get DNA to make a positive ID for Leo. She says he was a good bother. Luna got arrested in Homewood and was talking about Leo's murder so now they go get him again. Cops in that town say Luna is bragging he killed them for street credit, but he did it. Week 5 - he admits he was lying before. He knew them a few weeks. They picked him up, they were arguing in the truck. He doesn't know why, they said they were going to get him. He didn't know why. Leo hit him with a hammer in the head he fought back with a knife and stabbed him. Jose stopped, got out and hit him with a metal pipe. Jose is charged with Leo's death. Luna is charged with hindering prosecution and self-defense. Gerardo Espinosa makes a roadside cross on the spot where he was killed. He was nice, quiet and funny. Luna Rocha has been arrested for hindering investigation and is awaiting trial. Jose Reyes has been charged with murder, attempted murder and attempted robbery. 7/21/09
139 Caught Up - Louisville, KY 09 - Camden McCroskey (21) was shot dead in a truck in a parking lot in broad daylight by the Valu City Pharmacy. A man calls 911 who saw it. Det Keith Roberts leads. Sgt. Denny Butler, Det. Terry Jones, Det. Leigh Maroni, Sgt. Kevin Thompson, Stacy Davenport, Ernie Jones & Det. William Brown assist. He was hit and started running from the truck. There are .380 shell casings and a cell phone. An old man heard 3-4 shots, he was calling for help, a black guy with braids shot him, he got in a car and took off. Another says it's a silver Mustang, 6 feet tall, shot into the truck. Shot him 2 more times as he ran. Someone got a plate that comes back to a rental. There is cameras. Michael Vanderhaar stepdad & his mom Kim come in. He lost his job, lost his way, stopped talking to them, started dealing pot, Kenneth Shoats his friend says he was only selling a little bit of weed, but not out of the house because of the baby. The video is far away, shows a drug buy, the victim runs for it, the suspect takes off and drives away. The suspect is still in the truck, couldn't have shot him. Could be a second shooter hiding. Police dashcam footage show the takedown of the mustang. James Stover (25), Randall Best (25) are arrested. His stepdad rented it for his birthday. There is a bag of weed on the seat. James has braids is a felon, has robberies & drugs charges. He says he took his car to Pro Tint, didn't want to sit there, James picked him up and they were pulled over. He denies doing anything, all he knows. It's making him mad, call the tint people. We will. If you were there you go down. He says another guy was with him when he picked him up, doesn't know him. Tall, dark guy, dropped him off in Newburg. James says he woke up at 3pm and picked up Randall, but the car wasn't there. Stepdad could've had it. He knows nothing about a murder. How could you think that? We have witnesses. He says he was never at Outer Loop. Maybe his stepdad was there. Now he wants his lawyer. He calls the stepdad who says he had the car all day. CSI checks the victim's truck and there are huge prints on the door. The prints come back to no one. They charge them both with possession. They check the Newburg lead and call James's mom. She knows a Jeff. Jeffrey Moore (18) for Newburg kept calling the victim right before the murder. Day 3 - That night they find him. He knows James, denies seeing him the day of the murder. He changes his story. They went and got some weed to smoke. He didn't know what was going to happen, James went to the car, he shot. We have it on tape. He was crying that he shot him, he didn't mean to kill him. You get the same charge as James for being there. They don't believe his story. They go to the victim's family. Kim, Michael & Patience Mc are there. Mike wants to know why. He didn't know he got out and ran. They show the child. Randal got marijuana possession, James got complicity for first-degree murder, Jeffrey Moore got facilitation for first-degree murder. 7/28/09

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