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Starting in the mid 1990s Fox started airing specials on a regular basis with real footage of interesting events, disasters and live hype. Back then it wasn't called reality TV, but now there is no escaping the term. There was a lot of great stuff, then by the end of the decade they almost all were gone for reasons unknown. Maybe Fox started taking themselves too seriously? Here's what I have in alphabetical order for ease of putting the sequels together. Some may not have originally aired on Fox, but did later. Los Angeles Fox 11 Weatherman Mark Thompson hosts many.

Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? (8/95)
Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? - New footage (11/95)
America's Trashiest Weddings - Greg & Jesse from Lawton, OK have beer drinking camels, Rich & Lawnie from Coeur D'Alain, ID have a toilet theme, Matt & Heather from Pleasant Hill, IL get married in a hunting tree, Jason & Barbera from Belleville, IL have a Halloween theme in a drive-in, Jared & Jessica from Reno, NV have it in a strip club. Narrator: Mark Thompson. (5/1/07)
Anatomy of Disaster - Earthquakes - CA Observatory, San Francisco 10/89, Anchorage, AK 1964, Emerson Fault 1992, Kobe Japan 1/17/95, North Ridge, LA 1/17/94, Shake testing - Japan, Russia & US, Peru 1970, Philippines 7/17/90, Mexico City 12/85, Tokyo 1923, San Francisco 1906, Los Angeles hit ever day, Tao Chung, China 2/74/95 (1997)
Anatomy of Disaster: Floods - Quebec, Canada 7/96 - 11 inches of rain falls in 36 hours and rips the town up/Florence, Italy 1966 & 1996/Sierra Mountains, CA & Reno, NV 1/97/Georgia 94/Mississippi River 93/Guadalupe River, TX 7/17/87 Baptist Bus of children/Los Angeles River Training 1999 & Officer Grasso rescues a boy/Baldwin Hills, CA Dam burst 12/14/63/Sepulveda dam flood/Snake River Falls, ID/Teton dam burst 1976 (1997)
Anatomy of Disaster: Hurricane Force - St. Croix 9/18/89, Hugo, Guam storm surge, Topsil Island, NC - Fran, Galveston 1900, Bangladesh 1970, Dr. Sparks analyzes damage from Fran, Houston, TX 1983 - Alicia, FL 8/24/92 - Andrew, Surf City, NC - Bertha, Hawaii 8/92 - Iniki, The Future - New Orleans, Florida & Bangladesh (1997)
Anatomy of Disaster: Superstorms - MN 7/85 - tornado forms on water/Supercells/Denver 90 hail storm w/Dr. Morris Wiessman/Decatur, IL football team hit by lightning/Phillip Kurtz on Lana & Bunny who were hit/Apollo 12/Dr. Martin Man/Andover, KS 4/26/91 tornado w/Joe Parsley/Dr. Joshua Wuhrman & Dr. Eric Rasmussen on Project Vortex/Pampa, TX microburst/Dallas, TX - Delta 191 crash w/Dick Yenni/NASA (1997)
Anatomy of Disaster: Urban Infernos - Chicago, IL - 20 story apartment building fire w/Bill Heenan, filmed by Malik Henderson from the inside/New York City - Capt Dennis Devlin talks about the red devil/Chicago, IL 1993 - Paxton Hotel fire where a space heater kills 15 w/Chief Ray Hoff/Boston, MA 11/42 - Coconut Grove fire/Bronx, NY 1990 - Happyland Social Club fire kills 87/Emil Harmschieger inspects clubs in NY/Los Angeles, CA 92 - Rodney King verdict starts riots and fires. Capt Terrence Manning talks about the shooting of Capt Scott Miller who was shot. In 2 days they had 3600 fires/Watts, CA 1965 riots with Chief Ron Anthony/Texas City 4/47 - a fertilizer ship explodes and sets the town on fire killing 700. Irene O'Sullivan and Brad Bycynski witnesses it/Brennan, TX 1992 - natural gas explosion at the Seminole Plant/David Ghormley is a hazmat specialist/James Sledge firefighter school/Brian Krause worked with Red Adair/Kuwait Gulf War oil fires. (1997)
Bizarre World - Seeing is Believing - Lima Peru transsexual beauty pageant, Cindy Jackson gets surgery to become a human Barbie Doll, Spook wears a corset to set the record for world's smallest waist, Brazil - Dr. Fritz says he's the spirit of a Nazi doctor and operates with his hands, Baltimore - Ronald Wade makes the first mummy according to Egyptian instructions, In the name of god - people mutilate themselves in the Philippines. (2000)
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Greatest Secrets Finally Revealed 1 Mitch Pileggi hosts - Lady to Tiger, Levitation, Chinese Lantern, Zig Zag Girl, Exploding Packing Crate, Sawing a Woman in Half, Sword Basket, Metamorphosis, Vanishing Elephant (11/24/97)
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Greatest Secrets Finally Revealed 2 Mitch Pileggi hosts - Crusher/Teleportation/Lady of Steel/Suit of Armor/Shooting an Arrow Through a Woman/Switching Places/Box of Pain/Water Torture Escape (3/3/98) 
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 3 Mitch Pileggi hosts - the bed of spikes (5/98)
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 4 - Unmasking the Magician: The Final Reveal - Mitch Pileggi hosts - the car crush (11/98) It is I Val Valentino!
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 5: Escape from the Ice (5/15/02) Mark Thompson narrates
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 7 - Making a Girl Vanish from a Table, Rising Card Trick, Levitating a Girl on a Floating Table, Unbend a soda can, Woman in circular device, Spirit handkerchief, Making a Girl Appear from a Set of Clothing, Needle through arm, Making an Elephant Appear in an Empty Parking Lot. 10/6/08
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 8 - Head Being Cut off by a Guillotine/Penny through glass/Making a Girl Disappear from a Cabinet/String through cut straw/Houdini Milk Can Escape/Flowers in pan/Making Dancers Disappear from a Stage/Chain Through Neck/Levitating from Building to Building. 10/13/08
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 9 - Mark Thompson intro, Mitch Pileggi narrates. Making a bomb squad car disappear, brings a dead fly back to life, pulling a car registration through glass, assistants revenge, egg cage, magic math slates, rose through the heart, folding quarter in mouth, walking through a fan. 10/20/08
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 10 - women in the fancy dress disappears/Zombie Ball/Cigarette through 50 cent piece/The Twisted Woman/Bending a spoon/Sword through a woman/Ashes through the hand/Coffin through a woodchipper. 11/3/08
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 11 - Teleporting from One Oil Drum to Another/Floating dollar/Topsy-Turvy (Flipping a Box But Not the Girl Inside)/Cutting arm with knife/ESP Writing on a chalkboard/Cutting a Girl in Three/Coin through can/Teleportation 11/10/08
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 13 - Houdini's Magic Steamer Trunk/Putting a spool of thread back together/Making a Girl's Middle Disappear/Transfer flame from candle/Conjuring Pyramid/Make a lightbulb disappear/Catching a Card in the Air with a Sword/Escaping the Blades of Death. 11/24/08
Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed 15 - Making a 1200cc Motorcycle Disappear in Midair/Spinning a Girl Upside Down/Spirit Room with Disappearing Medium/Levitating a Foot off the Floor/ Making a Hummer Military Vehicle Appear From Nowhere (In an Empty Parking Lot) 4/27/09
Busted Everywhere (1999)
Busted on the Job I - man urinates in boss's coffee; baby sitter/thief; security guard strips; dentist gropes patient; lunchtime lovers. (5/97)
Busted on the Job II (6/98)
Busted on the Job III - secretary voids on boss's chair; maid tries on lingerie; cop steals doughnuts; teacher takes preschoolers' food. (11/98)
Busted on the Job IV (1999)
Celebrity Daredevils (2002) Angie Everhart is set half aflame in a fire-retardant suit for 40 seconds/Dennis Rodman drives a car off a 200-foot cliff and he's pulled out on a wire connected to a crane then crashes into rocks/Lorenzo Lamas jumps a motorcycle over 12 PT Cruisers
Celebrity Boxing I (2002) Danny Bonaduce vs. Barry Williams, Todd Bridges vs. Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice), Paula Jones vs. Tonya Harding. 
Cheating Spouses Caught on Tape 1 (1999)
Cheating Spouses Caught on Tape 2 (2001)
Close Call: Cheating Death 1 (10/96) Narrated by Robert Urich. Crash clips. OH 8/17/96 - Baywatch stunt show accident.
Close Call: Cheating Death 2 (2/97) Narrated by Peter Coyote. Canada, Dan Whiteman films an airshow. Jim Simpson was in the helicopter that went down.
Close Call: Cheating Death 3 - Catastrophes Caught on Tape (6/97) Narrated by Peter Coyote. Butte, MT - Terry rigs himself to blow up in his car. Lt. Bob Lee was injured.
Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? (2/15/01) Jonathan Frakes
DNA Judgment Night (6/01) Hosted by John Walsh
Explosions Gone Wrong - BLEVEs - Murdock, IL 9/3/83 - a railroad accident blows up tankers and laucnhes them. Mexico City, Mexico 6/30/97 - a tanker truck is hit by a train in a huge mushroom cloud. Dallas, TX 6/25/07 - a fuel delivery leak starts a fire and explodes. This sets off nearby canisters and launches them. Jim Pharr demonstrates how it happens. Tacoma, WA 10/6/07 - a propane truck delivers to the Atlas Foundry, there is a leak, then the truck explodes. Ian & Greg Swenson were 4 blocks away. FD Kurt Schieferdecker arrived first and it was so loud, then it exploded covering the area with fire and knocking out the power. Puchon, South Korea 9/11/98 - a fire at a propane plant engulfs a tanker and blows it up. It blows up a crater opening the underground storage and 7000 tons of propane ignite. Cameras - Bristol, VA 4/15/08 - a trooper goes to a tanker truck accident. Soon it all explodes. Jacksonville, FL 12/19/07 - T2 chemical lab explodes and cameras inside show the carnage and people hitting the deck. Randy Ponsell’s business next door was blown up. FD John Francis couldn’t believe it was a mushroom cloud. Byron Evetts shows the carnage left over. The water cooling system failed and the mixture overheated. Gas - Toledo, OH 10/30/05 - a gas pump explodes onto a van. Houston, TX 12/13/04 - a woman fills her tank and gas explodes around her. Bellvue, WA 7/5/05 - Derrick Walker redid a 1977 yellow Ferrari and when filling it up the gas exploded and the tank catches fire. It wasn’t fully insured. Steve Fowler says it was static electricity hitting vapors. Don’t pull the handle out. Alexandria, LA 3/5/08 - a man fills gas cans in the back of his pickup and they explode. Steam - New York City 7/18/07 - East 41st & Lexington a 24 inch steam pipe explosion from the street. Helen MacEwan, Marek Schwedt, Michael Kraner, Patti Lui, Lynette Cesaro, Roux Toner, Joseph Mendel thought it was a terrorist attack and people just ran for it. A 35 foot hole opened and spewed forth. It was the water hammer effect. Henderson, NV 5/4/88 - Pepcon Chemical Plant rocket fuel catches fire. David McBride worked next door. It kept getting worse. Frank Quintana worked there. 55 gallon drums started exploding. FD Don Griffie saw it 4 miles away. Dennis Todd was at the TV towers and filmed it. Sheri Purtill was 5 miles away and people were injured by glass flying. The second explosion was 10 times bigger. Boxcars were flipped, they ran out of ambulances. David was told he’d died. 10 miles away there was damage in Las Vegas. Cape Canaveral, FL 8/12/98 - an Air Force Titan 4A with a billion dollar satellite veers off course and they blow it up at 20,000 feet. Matthew Travis was there and was told to move. Cape Canaveral, FL 8/27/98 - a delta rocket launch between hurricanes and blows up crashing into the Atlantic. 1/7/97 - a Delta 2 rocket exploded right after launch and covered the area in flaming debris. One booster failed. 3/15/09
Ghosts Caught on Tape: Fact or Fiction? - Host: Jonathan Frakes, with Sharon Boo's car wreck photo ghost, Rose Benvenuto 11/98, Colorado 1996 - Steve Lee catches moving lights in his yard, Sao Paulo Brazil 1998 - orb over the city, Gettysburg PA - David Oester's orbs, Venice CA 1992 - Rev. James Michael Stanton's demon clock, Prague CGI hoaxes, Dr. John Hutchinson's lab tests of moving objects, Guan Gyang student film ghost, Moore Park CA 9/89 - Daniel Hobbitt catches a shadow, McPike Mansion mists, San Diego CA - Hotel Del Coronado moving objects, Belgrave Hall - ghost is really a leaf, European TV, 1970s lab tests (2000)
I Survived a Disaster 2 (5/97) Hosted by Dean Stockwell. North Hollywood Bank of America Shootout with recreation footage inside the bank. Bill Capizzi went in for $10. February 28, 1997; the Oakland Hills firestorm of October 20, 1991; the near-crash of United Flight 811 on February 24, 1989, when a cargo door exploded, two engines blew and decompression caused deafening winds inside the cabin; and the worst hurricane to hit Hawaii in the 20th century on September 11, 1992.
Lie Detector (6/98) Mark Fuhrman found innocent about the OJ Simpson case.
Plastic Surgery - Gambling with Your Looks - Elaine Young, Leah Carlson, Alicia Moran, Mileydi Piemienta, Jeanette Bernal, Michelle W, Lucille Lacovelli, Alex Baez (2000)
Powers of the Paranormal Live on Stage - Joel Bauer: persuasion, James Van Praagh: psychic medium, Joe McMoneagle: remote viewing, Jan Bardi: psychic, Michelle Guzy: hypnotherapist, Tom Silver: hypnotherapist, Uri Geller - bends a spoon & fixes watches, Bill Burns channels Marilyn Monroe & Andy Kaufman with Bob Zmuda, Lynn Margolis & James Doherty. (2000)
Riots: Mobs Out of Control - Host: John Bunnel. Lt. Pete Durham says people want a violent message. Dr. Kris Mohandie says people need to find a better way to protect social issues. Minneapolis, MN - a large group of blacks attack a young boy, then they attack 2 white detectives who investigate it. The attacker jumps on their car to try to get to them. Backup arrives and then they attack a reporter and cameraman who is filming it. The female reporter is punched in the face. The camera films the attack and his nose is broken. Westwood, CA - USC Bruins fans celebrate their victory. In 10 minutes it went from 5 people to 1000. They attack a radio station 102.7 van. They smash it and turn it over. Cops block streets, people jump off poles and try to take down a traffic light. Cops shoot tear gas at them and they break it off. 20 arrested, 12 injured. Capt CW Jensen says it’s totally uncontrollable. (1997)
Robbie Knievel’s Building to Building Death Jump Live (2/99)
Robbie Knievel's Grand Canyon Death Jump (5/99)
RSVP The Greatest Party Disasters 1 (12/96)
RSVP The Greatest Party Disasters 2 (2/97)
Run for Cover (1998) Bob Vermigilio is a cameraman who goes to a bank robbery. When he gets there cops are having a shootout with the robbers in an oncoming van, but he didn’t even realize they were shooting. A female hostage jumps out and the van crashes into a car and comes right at him. He runs and the van flies by him and slams hard into a tree and gets pinned between 3 trees. Then SWAT arrives and finds them pinned when the engine slammed back on top of them. It was a father & son team in body armor with armor piercing bullets. A female cop was shooting at them in the street and that’s why they crashed.
Secret’s of the World’s Greatest Escape Artists (4/96)
Shocking Behavior Caught on Tape 1 (2/99) Mark Thompson narrates - a man playing guitar on stage smashes a heckler with the guitar and is kicked offstage/Urinating in someone's pool/Valet urinates in a gas tank
Shocking Behavior Caught on Tape 2 (5/99) Mark Thompson narrates - kids who graduated from high school are flying to Mexico and have a wet t-shirt contest on the plane. Then the flight attendant comes out and says contestant #5 is dry and needs more water. They go into the cockpit for judging. #3 wins $50. The crew lost their jobs when the tape showed up/In a cubicle a man slams his computer monitor then knocks it off the desk with the keyboard/At a child's first birthday party a clown goes to the bathroom, then decides to take money from a baby bank. He has no pockets and shoves it inside his clothes/Spring pageant at an elementary school - in the cafeteria the janitor films the lunch ladies showing their breasts and fooling around with the kids nearby. They got fired after they were caught/On 10/26/98 a man in a department store goes down to look up a girls' skirt, then he gets an aluminum pan to reflect up her dress. Security escorts him away and the woman doesn't care and keeps shopping/A man has brought his TV in for repairs 5 times and wants a refund. The girl won't help him. So he leaves, then comes back in and tosses the TV on the floor splitting it in half/A man stole his neighbor's wife. He walks by with a pot of water and tosses it on him. The ex comes back and sprays him with a house. He asks what are you afraid of, you like water don't you? He runs away, then comes back, hops the fence, attacks the guy and takes the hose. He then hops the fence and falls to the ground/On 2/20/99 - a man tapes his female roommate making calls on his phone. Then the male roommate comes in and steals change from him. She picks her nose and wipes it on his bed. Then she takes a cup of urine and pours it on his pillow. He moved out after seeing it/Allen Cardoza PI says they find more shocking things than they thought. A man's toothbrush was always wet, he thought it was his roommate. Turns out the guy was scrubbing the toilet with it and putting it back/In Russia women go to see male strippers get naked. Then women come up and get naked with them on stage. One guy just rips a woman's panties off/Martin Fiebert Phd talks about a sex on the beach contest college students have on Spring Break - they dirty dance, take their tops off, drink and grind. One girl says she didn't take anything off in court and is caught topless on tape/A PI films a man whose wife thinks he's cheating. He's set up by a woman who sits next to him in a bar. He says she's gorgeous and kisses her. He takes his wedding ring off, they go to a private table. He says he has the penthouse. Then they makeout on the street and the wife files for divorce/Security camera footage - In the back courtyard of a hotel wedding the bride goes off with the best man and he takes her up against a wall and takes her top off. The groom comes looking and he runs off/On 8/13/95 - a cop pulls over a guy who comes out with assless pants/A Valley County deputy talks to a cross dressing man who won't answer questions. All he wants to do is scratch his balls. He squirms around and the cops crack up trying to read his rights/On 5/5/93 a cop pulls over a DWI in a truck and puts him in his car. He then throws up in the police car 3 times. The cop asks what's he doing in there boy?/At a baptism in church a priest gets mad at a woman and calls her a jerk, an idiot, to get out and splashes holy water on her. She hits him with her bag and he throws a cup of holy water on her and smacks her around/A man sets up a camera in a women's bathroom. He moves it all around and covers it in toilet paper, but was caught/On 1/27/97 - a woman changes clothes on the street and a friend holds up a jacket in front of her but the security camera catches her breasts. Lynelle Goodreau says she gets off on it/A group of college women are naked on a boat putting on a show and people spray water on them. 3000 people watch then cops pull them away. Other girls jump off the back of boat/A cop holds a woman on each shoulder as they kiss each other and people take pictures. He then cuffs the women together and cops a feel/City employees count money from parking meters, but the steward loads it into his pockets. He shows his assistant how to load up his pockets. They were caught depositing tons of change in the bank upstairs/A man dances in a store/In an elevator the doors won't close, then it won't open. The phone doesn't work, so the guys rip it out and smash it/On 9/26/97 at a pee wee football game a group of parents start fighting in the stands. A black woman attacks a white woman and then military police run over to break it up/At a telemarketing firm a man comes up to a guy and unzips his pants behind him, then he walks over and pokes him with his penis. He pushes him away and is fired for sexual harassment/The Naked Mile - a group of students strip down in the street and run/An attractive, long curly blonde haired white naked woman on drugs walks down the street into traffic and acts crazy and throws her arms up/At a bachelor party they get a massive fat stripper and she wraps her breasts and legs around the guy. She says they call me the Avalanche and smothers the guy with her breasts/At a wedding the groom Paul Rosen vomits all over his friends shoes. He says it came over him right away. Don't drink and marry/Another wedding - the groom passes out at the altar and they have to finish the ceremony sitting down/A black wedding - the police arrest the groom at the altar after he says I do. He has a warrant for robbery. Some family starts fighting and says that ain't right/At a reception they have trick candles on the cake. Then the bride & groom are sprayed with silly string and the candles ignite it all over them/On 7/11/98 an arsonist sets fire to a dumpster in a park where children play/A neighbor steals panties from a woman by taking her key/On 3/22/99 a man in a department store grabs female underwear and goes into the ladies dressing room, then comes out with a purple bra. He feels the padding and buys it/A fat white man is brought into the police station for a BAC test and drops his wallet, then goes to pick it up and falls down into a wall head first putting a hole in the wall. He gets up and falls backwards out the door/Broward Co. FL - a drunk woman does a strip show in jail. They tell her she's being taped. She can't believe they are telling her this now. She thought only they could see and wants to know when they started taping. It's all on tape/A man in jail is arrested for DWI. He says he has to use the bathroom right now. If you deny me then I will piss on the floor. The female cop can't accompany him. He pees right on the floor. They can't believe he did that and make him clean it/On 5/4/96 a man stands in his doorway with his robe open flashing a neighbor across the way and police run over and grab him/A girl fight in the street - a girl found out her best friend was sleeping with her boyfriend and throws her into the bushes. Then another girl gets into it and they start pulling each others hair and a top comes off/At a party a group has a contest to see who can fill up a trashcan with vomit first/In a parking garage a couple starts undressing against a car, then have sex on another car. When a car goes by they go on the ground and start to dress/At a football game a couple has sex in the cheap seats and are caught by cops/A guy and 2 girls at a baseball game start giving each other hand jobs while a guy next to them watches/At another baseball game in the top row a woman takes her pants off and swings her legs open for her guy next to her to have sex, but he won't do it.
Stopping the Stalkers (4/98)
Surviving the Moment of Impact 1 (2/98) Hosted by Sheriff John Bunnell. Weather related accident clips. St. Paul, MN - people film a bad snowy intersection across from their house where car after car skids, people almost get hit and cars crash.
Surviving the Moment of Impact 2 (4/98) Hosted by Sheriff John Bunnell. Do: Identify police helicopters. If they are overhead it's covering something you don't want a part of. Kevin Means San Diego PD talks about dangers.
Surviving the Moment of Impact 3 (2/99) Hosted by John Bunnell. Weather related accident clips. Avon, OH 11/10/96 - a cop spins out on a right turn in the snow. 1/9/97 - APD cop spins out almost hitting a mailbox.
Surviving the Moment of Impact 4 (5/01) Hosted by John Bunnell. Accident clips. Weather 1st rain - Livonia, MI 7/30/00 - a cop goes to help an SUV on it's side when another car skids out into it.
Terror on the Job (1998)
Totally Embarrassed (2000) This is like a best of Busted on the Job
Train Wrecks (5/99) Hosted by John Bunnell
UFOs The Best Evidence Ever Caught on Tape 1 (7/97)
UFOs The Best Evidence Ever Caught on Tape 2 (2000) Erech's floating lights in AZ/Flying saucer next to WTC/Chris Miller/Thomas Sabourin/NASA satellite tether 2/25/96 spinning discs/Beijing China 2/3/95 - Jim Courant/Kai Metzger 5/29/93/Silburry UK 5/98/Lima, Peru 2/9/99/Ecuador 5/15/96/Monterey Mexico 12/3/94 - Santiago Yturria/Mexico City 12/8/99 - Carlos Diaz/Medadek Alien 9/94/Jeff Broadstreet's Alien interview/Israel 9/96 - Michael Linderman/Kabutz 8/96 - Barry Chamish/Israel TV 9/30/92/Giblar Jet vs. UFO/Tel Aviv 9/26/96 shooting
Video Justice: Crime Caught on Tape! 1 - Films of crimes in progress help convict the perpetrators; DWI incident; convenience-store robbery; car theft; insurance scam involves murder; vandalism; mugging; drive-by shooting. (5/12/97)
Video Justice: Crime Caught on Tape! 2 - Films of crimes in progress help convict the perpetrators; robberies; police stings; peeping toms; pyromaniac. (10/30/97)
When Animals Attack I (4/96) Robert Urich
When Animals Attack II (11/96)
When Animals Attack III (1/97)
When Animals Attack IV (5/97) Louis Gossett, Jr.
When Animals Invade Your Home - Narrated by Mark Thompson. Todd Hardwick from Pesky Critters goes to Homestead, FL about a monkey trying to get into a house. It’s an African Rhesus monkey running around from house to roof. They have deadly bacteria if they bite you. It runs fast from tree to tree at 40mph. It climbs on top of a power pole and Todd shoots it. It takes a high voltage wire to escape. The adrenaline kicks in and negates the drugs. After 2 hours it kicks in. He catches it, but got blood on him and a cut. A 9 foot Columbian red tail boa wraps itself around a golf cart. Todd tries to get him in a garbage can, but it won’t go. He uses a hook and a towel over it's head to grab it and put it in the can. A 25 pound Columbian iguana invades a house and sits on a chair. Todd grabs it and gets whipped by its tail. It gets away and he has to grab it and put it in a bag. Todd and his wife made a sanctuary for all exotic pets that got too big at his house. Then he gets a call of an alligator in a sewer. He pulls him with a pole and has to pull him all the way out to work on him so he yanks it to the street and tapes it up. It’s missing an eye so he goes to the sanctuary. Heavy rains make pastures overflow with water. Cows are in the water and attacked by gators or drowning. They use airboats to herd them and cows ram the boat. They string up cows and calfs and it takes 15 hours to move them. Miami - he goes to a call of a 7 foot gator in a parking lot. All the cops are standing in a pickup truck watching. He gets a pole on it and it rolls so he lets go of the pole and goes back when it tires. An African Oryx was going to be shipped to Africa and escaped. It attacked the owner and got away. He’s never seen one before. Jill is taping and wants no part of it. 12/14/08
When Cameras Cross the Line (2000) Mark Thompson
When Chef's Attack - Hidden Videos of America's Scariest Restaurants (2001) Anthony Bourdain hasn't seen this type of behavior in 25 years. Brendan Keenan says they are urban legends. Fred J says any food that comes back they vote on it. Danny says it's a slap in the face if you send it back. Debra Ginsberg says customers hand you napkins of vomit, syringes, blood & urine. George Reynolds the LA health inspector has found overflowing toilets and rodents in ingredients. Vito doesn't like inspectors. A cook pees in a relish container. A woman cuts a cucumber with her mouth. A man drops a tray of burgers on the floor and picks it up and puts it back. 5/15/97 - a cook drops a tray of food, cleans it up and puts it back. A woman combs her hair and puts hair in the salad. Then she files her nails in the salad. A dog licks a cake on a tray. A women needs an extra tomato and pulls one out of the trash. A cook putting fries on a plate drops them on the floor and scoops them back on the plate. A cook sticks a burger under each armpit and sends it out. In a donut shop Mike D vomits on the table and equipment, he wipes it with a rag and touches the donuts with it. He says he had a 102 temperature and had to work, it was from bad fish sticks. Bourdain says cooks are heavy drinkers and in the 80s were into coke. Danny says he smoked pot. Two cooks throw food at each other, then hit tomatoes like golf balls into a pail. Three guys throw meatballs into a pot. One guy licks all the soft boiled eggs in a tray. A woman plays the knife game in the office. In a supermarket a man bowls with a watermelon in the aisle. One guy sticks carrots in his nose and his friend throws food on him, then he sprays whipped crème on him. Bourdain wanted to be a chef when he saw the cook banging the bride right before the wedding. A couple undresses and has sex in the kitchen while Noah M's wearing his chef's hat. A couple in the kitchen, she comes over kisses him, then comes back with her pants off. He puts her on the chopping table and she wraps her legs around him. At an elementary school the janitor films two teachers getting topless in the back room 10 feet from the kids. Noah M talks about having sex with the waitress in the back and there are lots of places to hide in the storeroom. He was caught before, but never fired. Two stressed chefs start hitting each other. Frieda once pulled a butcher knife on a fellow waitress. In England a British guy says he wanted one, you did 2, you are stupid. He won't be a chef, more like a pedophile because he's French. He kicks the guy, punches him and tells him to get out of the way. One guy slaps another in the head to get to the oven. One guy sprays cleaner on burgers. A night manager at a bakery pulls out bread, steps on a rat and then sprays the bread with cleaner. Earl worked at a Chinese buffet, he drops a fresh batch of food on the floor and pushes it back on the tray with his foot. His boss told him if no one saw it, put it back. He pulls something out of his shoe. A cook puts out his cigarette ashes into a pot he's cooking. Another puts out a cigarette in a burger. A cook making 6 hotcakes is drinking booze and smoking a cigar. He puts the cigar out in a hotcake, then he serves it. Peggy just had a baby and was mad they asked her back, so she put breast milk in their coffee. 1/1/96 - at 4am a drunk cook trashes the kitchen where he works and throws bar stools. A woman sticks frozen patties in her blouse. A man shoves food in his shirt. A guy tries to stick a case of beer in his pants. A man crawls around a bar, drinks and steals from the cashier. Rupert the busboy urinates into the ice machine because a cook bet him $20 he wouldn't do it. He would do it every time. A drunk black man robs a restaurant and gets stuck in the cooling vent. A kitchen worker cleans plates with his tongue. A Mexican busboy pukes on plates. He was in a hurry and just put hot water on them. Bruce works a sno cone cart in the park. He stops to urinate into a bottle and put it in his cart. His boss says that's OK, but if he leaves his cart he could fired. He would use the same jar all week. A cook cuts himself with a knife and bleeds on the food. A man spits into food 3 times, then urinates on it. At a pizza restaurant the cook spits on a pizza, then another guy comes over and does it. A pizza delivery guy trips at the door of a house and drops the pizza on the ground, then he cleans it up and hands it to them. A Chinese food driver drops food on the sidewalk and puts it back in the box 2/4/95 - a cook spits in the food, wipes his hands on his pants. A man making cheesy nachos spits in it. Food going back gets spit in. A man making bread sneezes into his hands and keeps going. A bartender has a spill mat that catches everything and puts it into a drink and gives it out for free. A female bartender spits into a drink, the picks her nose and swirls it around in the drink. She says it was a love potion. Two guys throw meatballs against a wall and lick the blender blade. Tips - avoid the clam chowder. You can put anything in it. 2 - don't get stuffed anything. They grind up all the junk and shove it in there. 3 - check the bathroom before you eat. 4 - tip well. Don't go back to a place you tip badly, they will remember.
When Disasters Strike II (2/28/97) Narrated by Peter Coyote. Clips of disasters, Edison, NJ 3/24/94 - Durham Woods - Tanishia & Roland Laird talk about the gas explosion that blew up their apartments.
When Good Pets Go Bad 1 (11/98)
When Good Pets Go Bad 2 (2000)
When Good Times Go Bad 1 (1997) Cambridgeshire, England 5/91 – Mike Smith skydives tandem with a student. Ronnie O’Brien was filming. The small chute wraps around Mike’s neck knocking him out. Ronnie has seconds to fly over and cut the chute and pull the reserve. Grand Blanc, MI – a man bungee jumps off a cherry picker and the line breaks, He bounces off the bag and breaks an ankle. Excelsior, MN – a 23 year old woman has the bungee cord wrap around her neck and is knocked out. Eugene, OR – Tim McMahen & Greg Jones develop bungee diving. Two men skydive together and one man bungees from the other. The cable snaps and Greg breaks his back and falls to the earth at 120mph. He opens his chute at the last second, but he won’t make it. Tim hooks on to his chute to slow him down. He’s bleeding from the head and can’t respond, but survives the jump. Speculator, NY 1993 - Kaija Johnson stretches across a river chasm on a line and gets her hair caught in pulley at the middle of the rope. She smelled something burning. Jim Pavoldi had to help her by going out on the line and yanking the pulley apart. She says she’s a magnet for brushes with death. Oahu, HI 1992 – surfers go out to ride massive waves from a storm. One man goes down and is knocked out as tons of water pound down on him as he flips over. Jetksi’s were used by lifeguards for the first time to rescue him. Tauranga, New Zealand 12/31/96 - Mary Mollard watches a man climb up rocks when a blow hole sweeps him off into the water. He swims away from the rocks and is saved. Trinity River, CA 5/91 - Naomi Downey and other rafters go down the rapids. John Lane kayaks ahead and films it. The first raft goes over, then the second goes over and people spill out. The raft starts spinning and Naomi is trapped with the raft as it spins. When she loses grip it throws her out. They throw lines to her and it takes 3 of them to reach her. She’s pulled out lifeless, but survives. Port Everglades, FL 4/97 – a Bayliner rental boat starts to sink and is sucked under the front of a barge and smashed under it. It took 39 seconds for all 9 of them to be tossed out. US Coast Guard Frank Mauro was nearby and dove off grabbing a trapped girl. Another boat pulls a couple out, then more of them jump in to pull others out. Rammstein, Germany – at an airshow a plane crash turns into a fireball. MD – a F117A Stealth Fighter loses a wing and crashes. The pilot waits to get away from the crowd before bailing out. Fairford, England 1993 – two Russian Mig-29s collide in mid air and crash. Australia – on a dirt track race a car crashes into the crowd. Santiago. Chile 1997 – at a Deep Purple concert a group of people climb a scaffold and it collapses. Hong Kong – at a parade a man driving a float loses consciousness from the heat and crashes. Salt Lake City, UT – a wagon goes out of control at a reenactment of the Mormon journey west. Joplin, MO – in a parade a covered wagon goes out of control when the horses bolt throwing 2 kids. Tampa, FL – a woman riding a horse on a football field hits band members. Tel Aviv, Israel – an Australian team going over a bridge to the stadium goes into the toxic water when it collapses killing 2. Atlanta, GA 1996 – Mark Field was filming at the Olympics and noticed a bag left alone and was going to check it out when the pipe bombs inside blew up. He was hit by the nails and screws. One hit is lens, instead of his eye. Many people go down and he still has nightmares about it. Hoosier Park, IN – at a horse race a horse goes off the track and into the crowd. Southwell, England – a jump horse goes off the track, into a crowd and stomps on a baby carriage. Shelbyville, IN – Mindy Settles wins the fair queen pageant. Soon after she does harness racing for fun. She was in the lead, then the horse got spooked by a white line and went down. Mindy was thrown over the upside down horse and hit the ground. She was OK and the horse wasn’t hurt. Later the horse had a baby named Mindy. Concord, CA – 33 students go down a water slide in a park and the tube collapses. Brussels, Belgium - at an amusement park a rollercoaster gets stuck upside down for 2 hours. The people have to be cut from their seats. Some have to stay on when they get it running and are in shock. Palm, Bay, FL 2/1/90 – at a circus an elephant goes wild into the crowd with kids riding on it. St. Louis, MO 6/10/89 – at a circus a performer falls off a spinning wheel and lands hard. Berlin, Germany – Mathias Traber high wire walks in the rain and falls off, but hangs on the wire 160 feet up and slides down a cable. Los Angeles, CA – at Griffith park Erik Galvez films the pony ride. Then a robber starts shooting at the owner who is chasing him with a lead pipe. He runs into the woods and gets away. His 6 shots miss. China – at a zoo a Panda attacks one man, then pulls a jacket off another sitting next to the cage. Anchorage, AK 7/94 – Kathryn Warburton climbs over 2 safety fences to get close to the polar bear cage and Vickie the bear gets a hold of her waist and bites her leg. Sammey Seawell worked there and hit it with a branch. It bit so hard it broke her leg. When it was on the news everyone was mad at Kathy, not the bear. Devrock, Ireland 2/8/95 – 3 chimps get out of the zoo and roam around the parking lot. They go to a snack shop, then tear apart a gift shop. A man fights one back with a chair. Spain – bulls hit people in a ring. Sydney, Australia – a store having a sale opens the doors and people pour in running everywhere and causing chaos. Sydney, Australia – at a bellyflop contest a dock of spectators collapses into the water. Onbashira, Japan – during a festival people ride giant 10 ton tree trunks down a hill that are going to a temple. They are all thrown off and run over in a display of manliness, but no one is killed. Richmond, Canada 9/19/92 - Daryle & Rosina Warkentin are getting married. It starts late as Daryle the fireman rides in on a firetruck with his friends. During the ceremony they smell smoke and they see there’s a fire across the street. They go into gear and start to put it out without uniforms before the local fire company can get there. On their honeymoon they went to Universal Studios and an attraction with fire was thought to be so real, but the roof was on fire.
When Good Times Go Bad 2 (1/99) Narrated by Mark Thompson. Tampa Bay, FL - at a circus a female trapeezist falls 20 feet.
When Good Times Go Bad 3 (9/99) Narrated by Mark Thompson. Alamo, TX - Joaquin Herrera records a man setting himself on fire.
When Stunts Go Bad 1 (5/97) Narrated by Robert Urich. Gary Davis intro. Charlotte Speedway, NC - Doug Danger motorcycle jump test crash
When Stunts Go Bad 2 (1997) Robbie Knieval intro. Red Wing, MN 6/21/97 - Robbie jumps his bike over 200 feet, hits the end of the ramp and breaks bones in his hand. Portland, OR 7/1/95 - Bubba Blackwell jumps 15 cars, hits the end of the ramp, flips and the bike comes on top of him and rips his collarbone out.
When Stunts Go Bad 3 (2003) Cornwall, England - Matt Kangaroo Kid Coulter tries to jump a paddlewheel boat with an ATV and misses. He hits it, flips over and lands facedown in the water. Next time he builds a bigger ramp, makes the jump, but misses the end ramp, gets his leg caught and breaks it. Dumont Dunes, CA 4/1/94 - Seth Enslow does a jump in the sand dunes, goes over 300 feet, slams down, he’s thrown, his head hit the handlebars and cut his mouth and nose.
World’s Deadliest Swarms (11/97)
World’s Greatest Animal Outtakes Unleashed 1 (1/97)
World’s Greatest Animal Outtakes Unleashed 2 (5/97)
World’s Greatest Hoaxes - Secret’s Finally Revealed (9/99)
World's Most Dangerous Animals I (1/25/96) narrated by Stacey Keach - Grizzly, Polar, Black, Brown Bear, Rattlesnake, Alligator, Tiger Shark, Black Widow, Tarantula, Killer Bees, Scorpion, Mountain Lion
World's Most Dangerous Animals II (5/7/96) - Crocodile, lion, Great White Shark, Box jellyfish, Sydney Funnel Spider, Pit Bull, Boa, Guinea Worm, Human Botfly, Killer Whale, Pilot Whale, White Tailed Deer
World’s Most Dangerous Stunts 1 (8/96)
World’s Most Dangerous Stunts 2 (3/97)
World's Most Daring Rescues (1997)
World's Most Incredible Animal Rescues 1 (1997) Host: James Brown - Missoula, MT - a golden retriever fell in the icy river. FD Tom Ziegler responded to go out. The dog goes by and he swims out, but gets swept down river too, but eventually gets out. Twin Lakes, MO - a spaniel named Tinker also goes through the ice. Firemen in a boat can’t get close enough so Bruce Britt throws a lasso and captures it. Owner Shari Childers couldn’t believe it and thought he was a cowboy.
World's Most Incredible Animal Rescues 2 (1997) Host: James Brown - Monterey, CA - Billy & Ryan Martin’s boat capsizes and ends up on shore upside down. Their St. Bernard Buck is trapped inside. Eric Strum a lifeguard breaks out the small window to try to get in, but it’s too small. Their truck gets stuck in the sand trying to tow it so fireman use a saw to cut a hole in the fiberglass to get it out.
World's Most Incredible Animal Rescues 3 (1998) Host: James Brown - Mobile, AL - Officer Donald Gomien went to a trailer fire and was met by a dog who beckoned him. He grabbed a puppy, then he went back. They had to pull the metal off the side of the trailer to get to them, some were smoking and it took 45 minutes to find the last one. Sharon Cunningham the owner was happy.
World’s Most Shocking Medical Videos (2/99)
World’s Most Shocking Moments Caught on Tape 1 (11/98) Hosted by John Bunnell. Explosive courtroom drama, animal attacks and stunts gone seriously wrong. A usually peaceful practice turns violent as riots break out among the monks, and a reporter getting to the heart of the story finds more than he bargained for when he ends up caught in the line of fire.
World’s Most Shocking Moments Caught on Tape 2 (1/99) Hosted by John Bunnell. Air-show disasters, animal attacks and stunts that went awry.
World’s Most Shocking Moments Caught on Tape 3 (5/99) Hosted by John Bunnell. Buildings damaged by earthquakes, vehicular and airship accidents, a lightning strike, an amusement-park ride stalled with riders upside-down, citizens attacking carjackers, incidents with bulls, a broken vaulting pole, and parachuting mishaps.
World’s Scariest Explosions (9/99)
World’s Wildest Chases and Shootouts (1/99)
World’s Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 1 (6/98)
World’s Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 2 (11/98)
You Gotta See This! (1996) Daisy Fuentes hosts - It is a bird's eye view with people wearing helmet cameras in each segment. Chicago - a bicycle messenger goes through traffic. Amy Chow does gymnastics. Michael Fishman from the Roseanne show at Six Flags Magic Mountain on the Viper rollercoaster, Dive devil & Batman rollercoaster. Tony Campbell Olympic hurdler. Simon the Australian pole vaulter. A man rides a killer whale. Curt does a demolition derby in a 1976 Chevy impala. Patty Shire has quintuplets. Circus - Revas flyers on the trapeze and the wheel of destiny, the tiger cage, Ginny Montoya on the solo trapeze and the human cannonball. Surfers on 20 foot waves. James Dawson the red knight jousting & dueling at medieval times. Brent Barry of the Los Angeles Clippers slam dunks. Paris Valley airport - Mike does stunt flying. Chicago's Busy Bee restaurant - view of the cook. Marine infiltration course. Venezuela - Angela basejumps from 3000 feet up. Bullriding - on e man is thrown and kicked in the head, a clown climbs a fence, a woman does barreling riding. Chicago Cubs - Scott Bullet #11 hits fast balls. Jetski racing. Frisbee dog. Lifeguard Lt Brad Bass rescues a swimmer, a helicopter drops into water. Hector Macho Comacho boxes. A window washing on the 98th floor. Harness racing.

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