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This TLC show also plays on the Discovery Channel and is filmed in Las Vegas, a town like no other, and millions of people come and go each year. However, mixed in with this influx of law-abiding citizens looking for a good time are a number of fugitives: Criminals on the run love to head to Sin City. Standing tall and ready to track them down are the U.S. Marshals Nevada Fugitive Investigative Strike Team, North Las Vegas Police Department S.W.A.T., and the self described “Bounty Hunters” of Gator Bail Enforcement. Fugitive Strike Force features the most exciting and engaging stories from these three very different fugitive hunting units, as they investigate, track and arrest fugitives, suspects and criminals on the run in Las Vegas. It's all real, no reenactments. It has a Cops feel to it and the scenes with the US Marshals are usually very exciting. They lie in wait looking for the suspects to show up and pounce. The bounty hunters are real characters, biker looking guys with no sense of fear. 

Season 1 - 2006

Ep# Description
1 Officer Down - U.S. Marshals – Dave, JK, Frank C, Mark Espinosa, Brian K – 8:45am at HQ a call that 2 fugitives – Jamell ‘Respect’ Baker & Tyleek ‘High Five’ Scott arrested in Toms River, NJ 4/6/06 have been seen in Vegas; a female felon pulls a gun on the marshals, nearly triggering a shootout; in North Las Vegas, a SWAT team launches an assault on a suspected crack house. 10/3/06
2 Shots Fired - U.S. Marshals – Dave Diliberti & John JK Kozisek are looking for Marcus Deon Carpenter AKA Smooth, a wanted murderer fugitive from Seattle who has been seen in town and assist police officers pinned down by a gunman with an automatic weapon. 10/10/06
3 Repeat Offender - The US Marshals attempt to apprehend a fugitive caught in a car with... his grandmother. An alleged white supremacist wanted on gun charges is taken by surprise when the Marshals storm his driveway. 10/17/06
4 Nothing Left to Lose - Jason Scardale, Wayne Cawthrone and SWAT check a gang of 8 guys, 1 has a gun, Lt. Dave Jacks Barricades/US Marshals - Joe Gardner, Dave Dilibirti, JK & Russell Johnson go after a wanted meth user for parole violation. He has a pipe in his sock and says it's incense/Jody Grant is a probation violator on PCP and bust him in a post office/Bounty Hunters - Joe Initso, Jason Pollock, Russell Stoll go after a wanted meth couple and the woman turns in her ex thinking they'll let her go/ US Marshals - John Paul Pedregon is a wanted fugitive from CA for drugs with no license/Jon Minnich committed sexual assault on a 13 year old hiding in a hotel. They have the desk clerk call him at work to see if he still needs the room, he does, she breaks down at being scared and repulsed and they catch him. 10/24/06
5 Cons and Scams - U.S. Marshals: Harold Wayne Goodspeed is a parole violator/Credit card skimmer - JK, Brian Kobries & Steve Carpenter go after him. He's in a new development with no signs and they are spotted before they can catch him. Homer Langrill is wanted for wire fraud - Brian Montana, Steve Minnic and Frank Castiglia hunt him. Three days later his girlfriend the flight attendant gives him up and he's caught walking his dogs. NLV SWAT - Sgt. Duane Eamon & Travis Synder are going to assists with a jail house search for contraband. On the way a car cuts them off and they pull them over. Lt. Ray Czak, Sgt. Gary McDorman, Jason Scarale, Sgt. Lawrence Scaturro assist. Bounty Hunters - Johnny Anderson is wanted for FTA on $10,000 bond on a pool cleaning scam. Russel Stohl assists and he runs away from his hotel and gives up to save his motorcycle. U.S. Marshals - Jazzland Landers is a fugitive bank robber who left her court ordered halfway house. She wants to know how they found her, but they won't tell. She says she's nice and should be set free, but she has to go to jail. 10/31/06
6 On the Run - U.S. Marshals – John JK & UC are looking for a black male fugitive from PA wanted for armed robbery. His mom gave them a Christmas card with a return address, which is unheard of. A man suspected in an international conspiracy to import heroin is tracked; a Las Vegas SWAT team busts a crack house. 11/7/06

Season 2 - 2008

Ep# Description
7 Multiple Warrants - US Marshals - Frank Castiglia & Jeff Tabor go to the firing range. Robert ‘Robbie’ Reiger is wanted on 13 arrest warrants. They’ve been dealing with him their whole career. He has a rap sheet with 19 arrests, has been in prison most of his life and is facing 40 years. They make calls and get locations to check. Police warn them he might do anything to avoid capture. They spot his car and have the police put a ticket on his car and attract attention to make him pop out. Nothing happens. Marshals discover a career criminal hiding in a bathtub; bounty hunters track down a first-time offender, but miss a major arrest; a SWAT raid on an apartment uncovers guns, drugs and children. #201. 1/29/08
8 Attempted Mayhem - US Marshals HQ - Jeff Tabor & Frank Castiglia are talking to deputies in LA who think fugitive David Cayetano is hiding there. In 2002 he was the driver in a driveby where the shooter was caught. He is most likely at his mother’s house. David got a driver’s license in his half brother’s name. John JK joins them and pretends his truck is broken. They spot the mother since they always go to see their moms. The Marshals search for a multi-aliased fugitive wanted for homicide, then chase down a suspect who tried to bite an officer's ear off. North Las Vegas SWAT helps out the Narcotics Unit. The Bounty Hunters close in on a burglar who went on the lam. #202. 2/5/08
9 Hit and Run - NLV US Marshals - SWAT HQ - they are looking for a blind man wanted for raping a 5 year old while babysitting. He failed a lie detector and confessed. The warrant is from 6/10/06 out of South Dakota. JK & Mike Villegas go to his sisters’ house to look for him. After hours they find no one is home. Joe Gardner finds the girlfriend’s myspace page and it has tons of info about her and the suspect being with her. Police call with her real name. Bounty hunters search for a California girl; Las Vegas SWAT launches day and night raids against alleged drug dealers. #203. 2/12/08
10 Aloha Marshals - NLV SWAT – they did a buy at a house and have a Class 3 warrant for meth and guns. Travis Snyder, Rob Dixon & Cawthorne go out to scout the house. They see people going in and out and film around the house very close up. They have a briefing about seeing guns during their buy. They will cut the power to disable the cameras. They use bangs on both floors from both side and the door won’t open so they shoot it open. Alarms go off from the bangs. They call out in English and Spanish. A couch was against the door and no one was home. Vegas and Hawaii Marshals team up to track a suspected drug dealer; bounty hunters find a fugitive in a hospital emergency room. #204. 2/19/08
11 Zero Tolerance - US Marshals - Dave Diliberti gets a call of 3 guys who raped a 13 year old girl after getting her drunk in San Bernardino. They are 15, 16 & 20. These cases turn to a priority over all others. They know he called a cell phone in Vegas and he calls the phone company 5 times before he can get any info. They have to send a subpoena and get the address overnight. JK & Jon Minnich join them. The guy in Vegas isn’t involved and they have to get the warrant for the adult in the FBI system before they can grab them otherwise they can’t put him in jail. North Las Vegas SWAT arrests a woman accused of selling drugs in the presence of children; a veteran marshal starts his first big case after returning from Iraq. #205. 2/26/08
12 Shotgun Effect - US Marshals – Jeff Tabor was sent there for a year, 5 years ago. They look at the criminals background and can determine where they will be. Frederick Carr got 5 years probation, didn’t check in and violated parole. Pat Sedoti, Jerry Fairweather, James & Jerry think he’s at his girlfriend’s house. They problem is they are outnumbered. They wait until night when backup arrives. People go in and out and then he pulls up. They run after him and he takes off into the house and hides. The North Las Vegas SWAT team storms an apartment and finds drugs and weapons; and marshals flush out a fugitive with the help of air support. #206. 3/4/08
13 Thicker than Water - US Marshals - Dave Diliberti gets a call of a man wanted for murder in Santa Barbara, CA. He argued with a 60 year old father with 4 kids and shot him in the head while in his car. Pat Sedoti goes to his cousin’s house. JK & Gary Segall go to the uncle’s house. SBPD catch his brother who doesn’t like him and press him for info. The uncle comes out, drives away and picks up the cousin from work. Frank Castigla & Jeff Tabor join so they can interrogate both of them. North Las Vegas SWAT raids a drug den near a school; a case of mistaken identity puts a fugitive in marshals' custody. #207. 3/11/08

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