Gimme My Reality Show

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Season 1

This hour long Fox Reality Channel series features 7 D-list celebrities who were parts of other shows vying for their very own reality show on the channel.

Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 Gimme My Online Video! - The celebrities attempt to create a shocking and titillating online video and post it on YouTube to see who gets the most hits. Bobby Trendy is eliminated. #101. 10/7/08
102 Gimme My Publicity! - Susan Olsen with Barry Williams, Ryan Starr & AJ Benza each create a publicity event for their second challenge. Ryan is sent home and has a breakdown, AJ changes his mind and doesn't want do to it. #102. 10/14/08
103 Gimme My Pitch! - Kato Kaelin, Traci Bingham & Gretchen Bonaduce produce a video to pitch their reality show. Susan Olsen loses #103. 10/21/08
104 Gimme My Results! - America's vote is revealed and Gretchen Bonaduce wins a reality show 'Reinventing Bonaduce' on Fox Reality Channel. #104. 11/4/08

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