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This is the Daily Show for conservatives starring Kurt Long (Curt McNally) and Jennifer Robertson (Jennifer Lange) as the hosts on the Fox News Channel. It features comments on real news with sketches in between. Created by Joel Surnow of 24 fame. The show had some funny sketches, but was never all funny. It was cancelled and stopped airing 9/23/07.

Ep# Description
1ANK01 Pilot 1 - President Rush Limbaugh and Vice President Ann Coulter acceptance speech 1/21/09, Tracking Ed Begley Jr's hybrid car's progress to the studio, Homosexual children's books & more, ACLU gives Neo-Nazis the right to march in Skokie IL, BO - Barack Obama Magazine, Lenny (Dom Irerra) sells Che Guevera & Mao t-shirts, Hollywood Helping Humanity with Leyla Milani for sale for your cause, Six degrees of global warming, ACLU - pregnant women can use cocaine 2/18/07
1ANK02 Pilot 2 - President Rush Limbaugh and Vice President Ann Coulter list the accomplishments of their first 100 days, To Catch an Underaged Predator, Hollywood Helping Humanity with Ken Davitian for fat child actors, Dr. Harvey Jenkins on Banning school recess activities, Hollywood Helping Humanity with Leyla Milani for third hand smoke, Ken Davitian for providing homes for stars who want to leave the US because of Bush, Dr. Franklin Roberston on what links the London terrorists 3/4/07
1ANK03 Gabriel Andrews - Political Image Consultant loves John Edwards, Dennis Praeger for The Road to Surrender Collector Plate Series from the Franklin Mint, ACLU - bans nativity scenes from city property, Conspiracy Corner - Lorenzo Lamas on how 9/11 happened, Hollywood Helping Humanity with Lorenzo Lamas for muffin top, Dennis Miller The Buck Starts Here - the war on terror in Iraq. 5/20/07
1ANK04 Rutgers vs. Duke  - who deserves the biggest apology, Georgina Ryan demonstrates women sexually harassing men at work, ACLU - defending sexual predators, Blaming the Greensburg KS tornado on President Bush, John Kerry hits on Queen Elizabeth, Laura Ingraham for OxyClinton, A Closer Look - Gale Garcia Taylor defends pregnant women at work, Dennis Miller - random thoughts on the left  5/27/07
1ANK05 President Rush Limbaugh surrounded by bikini babes after first 6 months in office, Stephen Kearns the presidential historian defends Jimmy Carter, ACLU - defends NAMBLA, Sensitive Plays - Wizard of Oz Unplugged & more, Gus McCauley for Americans Against Guns, Hollywood Helping Humanity with Lorenzo Lamas for send a gay kids to a Barbra Streisand concert, Dennis Miller - more random thoughts 6/3/07
1ANK06 Rush Limbaugh's loyalty test for the hosts, JFK Bomb Plot update - what do the terrorists have in common, HHH with Lorenzo Lamas for Excess Diversity, ACLU - against the boy scouts, Guy White - caught reading Ann Coulter, Evolving Male - Coequal couples, Dennis Miller on Harry Reid 6/10/07
1ANK07 Compact fluorescent lightbulb hazard report, Evolving Male - Father's Day,  Lorenzo Lamas on Joey Buttafuco & Amy Fisher dating, ACLU - changing the LA County cross logo, Guy White - recycling, Conspiracy Corner - New Orleans Levees, Dennis Miller on global warming 6/17/07
1ANK08 New warning/Ready for a Woman President with experience? Nancy Reagan 2008/Al Gore III/UK Terrorist/Clintons/ Teacher Sex/Obama/Spice Girls/iPhone/Attorney Mike Sutton co-founder of Feminism for the Equal Rights Amendment/ Clinton Pardons/HHH with Lorenzo Lamas for Fuller Figure Foundation/New Dawn Credit - the world is ending in 5 years, so be debt free/Campaign contributions by journalists/iPhones/Immigration Bill/Space Shuttle & Michael Moore/Poison Ivy/New Study - women in their 40s/Mount Everest/ACLU for The Dream Act - college half price for illegals/Guy White - Bush Derangement/WTC replacement rejections with Yujira Shinato’s Art Deco, Clifford Elliot’s Twin Towers & Abraham Hasan’s Target/Dennis Miller - Mike Nifong. 7/8/07
1ANK09 Live Earth ratings/Al Gore III & Live Earth/Al Gore’s bong/Woman slays husband/Helicopter crashes into East River/North Korea’s missile program/Anthony Sawyer for Live Earth’s accomplishments/HHH with Ian Ziering for Education/Create your own Gun Free Zone/Running of the bulls/Alabama child DWI/Democrat Gay Conference/Cindy Sheehan vs. Pelosi/Joe Biden/Hot Dog Eating Contest/Miss NJ/ACLU - against cross at war memorials/Guy White football pool/Authors - Marshall Brightman - The God Scam, Janet Gold - In God We Don’t Trust & Craig Kurlander - I Hate God!/Dennis Miller - random thoughts: Bush vs. Leftists, Rudy’s 3 wives, Bashar al-Assad, Pelosi, Gore, Clintons, Michael Moore, SUVs 7/15/07
1ANK10 Dennis Kucinich vs. John Edwards/Lindsey Lohan/Senate sleepover/Guiliani/Gay democratic debate/ Philadelphia Phillies/Pauly Shore/John Edwards Poverty Tour interview/HHH with Ian Ziering for unused carbs/Rosie O’Donnell Al Quida/Marijuana/Padres gay night/Oprah for Obama/Man swims to north pole/John McCain/Sara Gore/Obesity Study/Vodafone/A Closer Look - Jay Thomas interviews people on presidential candidates/ACLU for forcing to teach the Quaran/Guy White - tries to come out/Informed Consent - Illegal Immigration: Prof Whitaker vs. Lorenzo Lamas/Dennis Miller - random thoughts: Hilary’s war vote, AA call, but/however, Hollywood hates Bush, Iran’s nuclear program, Mahmoud, Russia the enemy again, Hoffa, SUVs, killing terrorists first. 7/22/07
1ANK11 Dick Cheney’s Presidency a Look Back July 21/George Bush’s colonostopy/Underdog/Torture tactics/Ward Churchill/Oprah Winfrey & Obama/Madonna’s adoptions/Cincinnati Janitor’s strike/Alligator hunt/Feature Story - Gloucester, England floods/New CIA interrogation techniques/El Qaida Mexican Restaurante & Cantina/John Edwards/Iran & Syria/ England floods & JK Rowling/Senate overnight/Valerie Plame/George Bush & terrorists/Artificial weather/Elizabeth Edwards & Hilary’s cleavage/Live Earth - Lohan & Gore in rehab/WTA conference & Shatner/A Closer Look - Salman Rushdie becoming a knight ceremony/Next CNN debate questions/HHH with Lorenzo Lamas for weird celebrity baby names/Guy White - tips for fitting in at a liberal company/Robert McGee, Cable News Producer who picked the questions from the CNN youtube debate/Congressional options for Bush/Dennis Miller - random thoughts: terrorist industry & coming of age, radical environmentalists, Saudis, Hollywood & Iraq, The War, Pelosi, Al Gore, George Tennant & Harry Reid 7/29/07
1ANK12 Impeach Abraham Lincoln/Sean Penn/Obama & Hilary/Rosie O’Donell/Summer/NY Flooding/WI Terrorists/Armless drunk man/Feature Story - McCain Campaign Manager at Headquarters/Astronaut Drinking Games/Dharmony.org/Star Jones/Barry Bonds/Pelosi/Homeland Security/Lindsay Lohan/Hamas/Johnson & Johnson/A Closer Look - Chicago surgery for Obama’s foot in mouth/China lead finger paints/ACLU - Rights for Illegals/Guy White - I hate myself/Informed Consent - World Hunger/Countries Obama wants to attack/94 year old earns master/Bullies/Polygamist/Britney Spears/Space Shuttle/Al Gore/Dennis Miller - President Bush’s approval ratings. 8/12/07
1ANK13 Rush Limbaugh is Running America/Karl Rove leaves/Osama Bin Ladin/Obama on Canada/Straw Poll/Cancer Study/Barry Bonds/Elizabeth Edwards/Disney price hike/Oldest parachutist/Feature Story - Positive Progress in Iraq/Least popular items at Iowa state fair/Road to Surrender commemorative plate collection/OxyClinton fights HAS - Hilary Ambivalence Syndrome with Laura Ingraham/Australia Jedi religion/Prince Frederick von Anhalt robbed/Rosanne Barr sex tape/Pavarotti transfusion/Cellphone gun/Britney Spears custody/Redneck Games/Karl Rove’s accomplishments/Guy White - tips to pass at a liberal company/Conspiracy Corner - Fill’er Up Gas Laws/Leaders Obama will call/Dennis Miller - random thoughts: Bush & Mozart, Radical Islam, The UN, Tax Cuts, France, Ignore each other, Politics in Hollywood, CT Rape trial. #13. 8/19/07
1ANK14 Edwards vs. Coulter/Obama vs. Hilary/Obama’s Prepared/Winfrey debate/Tyra Banks/Kid Nation/India 90 year old dad/UK woman on hold 20 hours/Cosmo Gay article/Feature Story - Hurricane Dean in New Orleans/Might still be alive/Bush’s VFW speech/Vick vs. Congress approval/Steven Seagal/Tom Cruise movie accident/Al Gore straw poll/A Closer Look - the Making of an Al Quieda video/Town Hall - who are you going to vote for? Identity Politics/Guy White - Carbon Neutral Wednesday/The Evolving Male - Tim & Marcia Davenport return with sympathy pregnancy simulator/Dennis Miller - War in Iraq vs. War on Terror. #14. 8/26/07
1ANK15 El Rushbo Cologne/Alberto Gonzalez Resigns/Gerald Ford Stamp/Mississippi Obese/Egyptian Footprints/93 year old coke dealer/Scotland’s slogan/Anchor Woman/Senior Sex Study/Feature Story - Liberal Groups Against all of Bush’s employees/Keys to fixing Iraq/DNC Home Partisan Test/ Alberto Gonzalez Deported/Fidel Castro/Bill Clinton’s support/Clinton’s New Book/Oldest Person to Climb Everest/Chinese products/A Closer Look - Washington Tonight on Castro’s death, Hilary, Edwards, Fred Thompson, Bush/Short list for new attorney general/Guy White - political dress Friday/YouTube Republican Debate with Robert McGee/Castro’s Predictions/Dennis Miller - random thoughts: Radical, Buts, Praying, Edwards, Craig, Iraq/Iran, College, In Flight Movie, Death Threats, Global Warming. #15. 9/2/07
1ANK16 Therapy for Hating Alberto Gonzalez Resigned/iCrash Car/Hilary on Letterman/John Edwards healthcare/Iowa Same Sex Marriage/Leona Helmsley’s dog & John Kerry/UN Workers Report/Embryos/Ted Kennedy sings/Katie Couric in Iraq/Feature Story - Smush Bush Blog/Al Qaeda Attacks on US Soil since 9/11/Scared Safe DVD series/Mrs. Tennessee bit by snake/Smoking Pot/Joe Biden/Leona Helmsley’s dog & Obama/Bill Clinton VP/Jerry Lewis Telethon/Fruit & Alzheimers/Minneapolis Bathroom Alert/Sean Penn’s Celebrity Blame American First Cruise/Guy White - Polar Bears/Informed Consent - The War in Iraq: Historian vs. Bumper Sticker Writer/Already Rejected By Democrats/Dennis Miller - Random Thoughts: Larry Craig, Far Left, Global Warming, Chunky Poor, Michael Vick #16. 9/9/07
1ANK17 General Petraeus testimony/Bin Ladin & Katie Couric/Bin Ladin & iPhone video/Bin Ladin & Chevy Chase/Bin Ladin in Malibu?/Democratic debate in Spanish/John Edwards intelligence/Al Gore’s private jet & Peta/Paul McCartney & Zellweger/Feature Story - Vice Presidential Historian on Barrack Obama/Britney’s VMA excuses/Do-Nothing 110th Congress Commemorative Plate Series/Guy White - Pronouncing Spanish Countries/Biden on Britney/Burglaries of Congressional offices/Al Gore endorses Obama/Emmys/Indiana Jones IV/Al Gore’s Next Book/76 year old woman lost in mountains for 2 weeks/A Closer Look - Kansas Secular University commencement address/ Half Hour News Hour’s History - April 8th, 1958 - First Day on Cuba, June 27, 1974 - Global Cooling, July 16, 1986 - Reagan/Dennis Miller - Random Thoughts: Lohan, Feminism, Democrats and socialists, Iraq/Iran, Liberals & terrorists, Money for Art, Robert Bryd is obsolete #17. 9/23/07

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